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So, since everyone was talking about Bush at Indianapolis Black Expo, Mehlman at the NAACP and Mfume at NAMME (which is where I was), I won't talk too much about it. I think it is odd for Bush to pick the Indy event over NAACP, especially considering they have a new leader and his conversations with Mfume after he won the 2004 election. I mentioned in my blog about that meeting, saying it was probably just talk on both sides and unfortunately that was true.
FT Times: Bush to Appear at Black Expo in Indy
The Wabash Plain Dealer Online

Mehlman has been the architect of the "no, we DO like black people" Republican campaign, so he's the best person to go in place of Bush, but let's face it. It was a snub, which is code word for "scheduling conflict."
CNS News: RNC Chief's Planned Speech to NAACP Called a 'Mistake'
Washington Times: Party leaders apologize for overlooking blacks

I was at the NAMME event and sat in the front row for Mfume and his comments. Mfume always presents himself so well, he makes you want to like him. I know people who have worked at the NAACP and to a one, they can't stand him. They say he's elitist, thought a lot of the work was beneath him, treats people disrespectfully and still womanizes. Sounds like a perfect candidate for Senator to me. News - Mfume Accuses Dems Of Cultivating Opposition

On a more serious note, the Democrats need to straighten it up and get behind him. He's not the ideal choice, but he's the only chance they have. If they think they're going to win with the guy they are currently backing against Michael Steele, they're nuts. They can't afford to lose a Senate seat in MD after the Governor debacle.

Steele has put forth a concerted effort in Baltimore and Prince George's County to be seen and connect with the community. He's already gotten the white Republican vote, but he will also get the votes of many Black Democrats. This is especially so if their slight of Mfume persists.

Baltimore News: Democrats Fret Over Next Year's Primary
WBOC: Mfume Accuses Democrats of Cultivating Opposition Mfume sees plot to block candidacy
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