The Black Commentator is all up on Congressman Ford again. At least this time they aren't just picking on him. It's an overall assessment of the Congressional Black Caucus, but you know they can't go without digging into Ford again. I'm telling you, it's one of those I'm-uncomfortable-with-how-much-I-like-you-so-I-act-like-I-hate-you things. I don't know if there is any such thing; I think I just made it up, but you know what I mean.

CBC Monitor: Watchdogs of the Black Caucus

I'm cool with Ford. I think he's a pure politician, so he's too prepared and rehearsed for my taste, but he's sensible and centrist, so he'd have my vote if I lived in TN.


Marcia Davis writes about the CBC's focus at their annual legislative conference in the WAPO. At the CBC Conference, A Whirlwind of Emotions. There is a schedule in place and it will stay pretty much in tact, but this is a prime opportunity to discuss what we can do for ourselves. I hope it isn't a blame game or pity party. Most of the CBC is quite liberal, so I'm afraid their answer to what they saw in New Orleans will be more government programs.

Everything does need to be put on the table, but the focus should be on what we need to do for ourselves. What are our priorities? A thought: We need to STOP depending on the government in times of peace and crisis.
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