Let's all pray for people in Texas because if Rita hits there, it's going to be ugly. There's always hope that she will calm down, but the way she sped up, I don't think they'll be as lucky. Whenever I think of Houston, I think of Lakewood Church. I'm sure they're helping out all they can. It is a wonderful church.

A little while ago, I told you about a new black conservative group, Low Country & Chesapeake Society. Unfortunately, the group folded, but one of its founders has created a new blog. South Of The James

South of the James offers "a different perspective on politics & life in Metro Richmond, Virginia, the US, and The World beyond." and includes many of the best posts from the Low Country movement website. Give it a look.


I wrote about young black Republicans lifting their voices at some black colleges last month. TWO TAKES ON THE GOP & AFRICAN AMERICANS. At BlackAmericaWeb, Tonyaa Weathersbee has something to say about it.
Young Black Republicans Want to Trade One Plantation for Another


At BookerRising, I read about the controversy blooming over this cartoon drawn by a student at the University of Florida.

If a black student had drawn it, most would probably laugh. But after finding out it was a white student, madness ensues. Students are protesting, writing letters, you know the whole gamut. I don't like the cartoon because I don't like the use of the N-Word at all and I don't discriminate whether the user is white or black.

The thing I'm wondering is if those people up in arms over this guy, who appears to be on the conservative side of the aisle, were as offended when so many leftist cartoonists, mostly white, drew such racist cartoons about Condi when she was promoted to Secretary of State. I doubt it.

Now a bald spot on head (alopecia areata) at

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