Back in the saddle again. Hope everyone ate too much and fought with at least two family members. As I take some time to get my bearings and figure out how to lose the extra 10 lbs of eggnog milkshakes I gained, here are some snippets not related to politics; at least not directly.

Here's a recent article on the rising trend in plastic surgery. It caught my eye because of a recent episode of Nip/Tuck where a neo-Nazi chick railed against the plastic surgeons for helping non-whites look white and take on white features so that whites found them attractive, married and made babies with them. She accused plastic surgeons of destroying the white race. She denied that she was a Nazi; she said she was a Purist. Clearly chick is whack, but it's interesting that this is the view of some; probably a lot more than we'd like to think. Black Atlanta: Hispanics Lead In Ethnic Plastic Surgery
MYNIPPON: Plastic surgery for women of color
This is about the black guy on Extreme Makeover: Jet: Plastic surgeon-turned reality TV star lifts faces and spirits


So Friday was Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday. I saw this press release on African American Shopping Today, which just added soul food recipes to its website, website. This is supposed to be a very popular black shopping site. I've never heard of it. There is of course, the African American Shopping Mall. I knew about this site, because refer is the word my Daddy still uses for weed. Always makes me laugh.

Guys, I would recommend you check out Carol's Daughter. She'll love you for it.


In her Color of Money column, Michelle Singletary writes about Debunking Cosby on Blacks, saying Cosby was wrong about most of what he said. She quotes Michael Eric Dyson from his book, Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?


Speaking of books, there's a new one out explaining How Today's Black Men Graduate From College. The lack of black men in and planning on going to college is frighteningly low. The streets offer quick cash and colleges are still a place where black boys feel they are trying to operate in someone else's world. Even at black colleges, there are more girls than boys further creating a gap of economics and job viability between black men and women when it comes time to marry. Okay that was a little political. Sorry.
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