Everyone is writing about the additional tributes to Rosa Parks marking the upcoming anniversary of her not giving up her seat and Bush signing off on her statue. Although it would have been nice for the media to give her her props while she was still alive it still warms my heart. This picture in particular touched me:

WAPO: Montgomery Marks Rosa Parks Anniversary
CBS 2: L.A. Marks Rosa Parks Anniversary With Tributes
SeattlePI: Bush signs bill for Rosa Parks statue

Today is World AIDS day and it's an important day to note for black women in particular. We are the ones contracting it the most and the numbers are horribly frightening for ourselves and our children. I recent heard a commercial on a black radio station where they ring off a group of little children/babies saying, "Thank You Mommy" and it was for pregnant women to get tested for AIDS because they don't have to pass it on to their children.

Here are some articles discussing women and HIV/AIDS (not all of them are gloom and doom):
Chicago Tribune: The new face of HIV/AIDS: Black women

Black AIDS Institute - Getting Real: Black Women Taking Charge in the Fight Against AIDS
Final Call: Taking on HIV's best-kept secret
ContraCostaTimes: Black women urged to take charge of AIDS fight HIV and AIDS and African America Women
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