So, Tookie is going down next month. Well, he is. I'm not clapping about it or anything, but I won't be delicate about it either. We're talking about a mass murderer (based on the murders we know of) who threatened the jury that convicted him.

After years of bragging about his crimes in prison, he found INSERT RELIGIOUS SAVIOR HERE or he just got half the sense he was born with back and made his life more than a complete waste. Good for him, but he still has to suffer the punishment for his heinous crimes. If he's genuine, then what is waiting for him is better than any deal he, or any of us for that matter, could ever get on this planet.

On the other hand, this joker was spared the needle by Virginia Governor Mark Warner, who has declined to pardon any death row inmates previously in his administration. Robin Lovitt avoided being the 1,000th person to be executed since capital punishment came back in 1977. During a robbery, he stabbed a man with a pair of scissor. Well, in his defense, it was just one person. I'm sure the victim's family will find some reassurance in that.

In Maryland, a group of protesters are trying to get Gov. Ehrlich to grant clemency to convicted killer Wesley Eugene Baker who is supposed to go down for the count next week. He killed a teacher's aide in front of her grandchildren in a Baltimore County mall parking lot. I wouldn't cross my fingers on this one.

The reason they want his sentence commuted? Because the death penalty is racist. So, for the white men and women on death row, you're on your own.

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A lot of people said that by the time Christmas rolls around, everyone will forget about Katrina. That people will be sick and tired of seeing these "unfortunate" people who make them feel guilty for their comfortable life. That is how it goes sometimes. When a tragedy hits, the initial outpouring is compassionate but as it is thrown in their face day after day people begin to resent the victims for reminding them that they haven't given enough or that their country isn't the dream they would like to imagine. Then, as soon as the media moves on, they forget it all together.

I've also been hearing from Katrina victims who talk about being forgotten while they try to clean up, find a life for themselves. We've all heard about FEMA's continued mistakes with not delivering trailers, not dispensing the hundreds of billions designated for the victims.

It isn't all bad news. While many members of the media continue to harp on the story, others around America have continued to keep this alive and give. Millions More Movement Launches Mobilizing Effort On Katrina Evacuees Jack and Jill of America Foundation Donate To HBCU Students Displaced By Katrina
The MidWeek News: St. Peter's Aids Hurricane Victims By Sharing A Home
Most Donors Say Disaster Relief Giving Has Not Affected Other Charitable Giving in the Past Year: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Bluefield Daily Telegraph: Big Easy Launches Free Wireless System
The Daily Eastern: Eastern students spend break helping Katrina victims
Soundslam News: Holiday Party Meets Katrina Benefit Courtesy of Kevin Powell Event
East Katrina puppies find new homes in Westport

Welcome to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Official Web Site
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Back in the saddle again. Hope everyone ate too much and fought with at least two family members. As I take some time to get my bearings and figure out how to lose the extra 10 lbs of eggnog milkshakes I gained, here are some snippets not related to politics; at least not directly.

Here's a recent article on the rising trend in plastic surgery. It caught my eye because of a recent episode of Nip/Tuck where a neo-Nazi chick railed against the plastic surgeons for helping non-whites look white and take on white features so that whites found them attractive, married and made babies with them. She accused plastic surgeons of destroying the white race. She denied that she was a Nazi; she said she was a Purist. Clearly chick is whack, but it's interesting that this is the view of some; probably a lot more than we'd like to think. Black Atlanta: Hispanics Lead In Ethnic Plastic Surgery
MYNIPPON: Plastic surgery for women of color
This is about the black guy on Extreme Makeover: Jet: Plastic surgeon-turned reality TV star lifts faces and spirits


So Friday was Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday. I saw this press release on African American Shopping Today, which just added soul food recipes to its website, website. This is supposed to be a very popular black shopping site. I've never heard of it. There is of course, the African American Shopping Mall. I knew about this site, because refer is the word my Daddy still uses for weed. Always makes me laugh.

Guys, I would recommend you check out Carol's Daughter. She'll love you for it.


In her Color of Money column, Michelle Singletary writes about Debunking Cosby on Blacks, saying Cosby was wrong about most of what he said. She quotes Michael Eric Dyson from his book, Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?


Speaking of books, there's a new one out explaining How Today's Black Men Graduate From College. The lack of black men in and planning on going to college is frighteningly low. The streets offer quick cash and colleges are still a place where black boys feel they are trying to operate in someone else's world. Even at black colleges, there are more girls than boys further creating a gap of economics and job viability between black men and women when it comes time to marry. Okay that was a little political. Sorry.
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Yes, I'm phoning it in, but I've got to pack and get the heck out of here. So, I'll leave you for the holidays with some interesting recent articles on black women.


Frederick Penn is a self-esteem expert. He has the skills to make you a stuck up! Here is a BlackNews article about teaching 1,000 DC/Baltimore mothers how to develop & speak self-esteem to their children to reduce and eliminate crime. Is that really the problem? Can Mothers Learn Self-Esteem To Eliminate Crime In Their Neighborhoods?

As black women, we have to be aware of our health risks, which are many. When something hurts, don't just think of it as part of life...See a doctor! And oh yeah, put those sweats on and move your butt! Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk In Black Women

Can we say that too much? No. Even though we've heard that HIV/AIDS numbers are lowering among blacks in the U.S., we have to still remember they are disproportionately high among blacks and black women are the fastest growing group. Also, here's more bad news on black women and STDs at Black America Web. CDC Report Shows Increase of Syphilis, Chlamydia Among Black Women


Okay, whatevuh! The statistics show that less than 30% of us are getting married anyway, so what's the problem? The unhealthy downside to marriage for black women. So now, being married will make you sick, sisters. We can't catch a break, can we?
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Maria Luisa Tucker writes about hip hop politics at Alternet with Where Politics and Hip Hop Collide. She illustrates how the movement has continued beyond the Vote or Die slogan with Detroits re-elected mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

"Last Monday night, Kwame Kilpatrick went on a club crawl of Detroit's liveliest bars and nightclubs. On Tuesday night, the 35-year-old African American ex-football player partied again until the early hours of the morning, this time at an election party. He was celebrating his own victory. Kilpatrick, America's first "hip hop mayor," had won a second term in office."

I'm younger than the mayor and this image kind of bothers me. Tucker categorizes the issue in three areas; the celebrities, the divide and the future. Ultimately, I believe that most hip hop (not all, so let's not start that argument) is too destructive and immoral to want it to be the dominant cultural voice of black politics. After all, how can a music genre exemplified by the celebration of illegal and irresponsible lifestyles be a good influence on politics which shapes the laws and governs society?


After hearing that a group representing 1.5 million Jews came out against Associate Justice candidate Samuel Alito this weekend, New York Post: Major Jewish Group Comes Out Against Alito, I was curious to find out more. Oh yeah, it's the reformed Jews.

I also found this interesting article about the NAACP taking a stand on Alito. NAACP chief's 'antenna up' over choice of Alito. Okay, well more of an antenna, but still there is something to say, although less than about Roberts.

"I sense that this is a nomination that may not be consistent with the America that Rosa Parks sat down to create," president and CEO Bruce Gordon said at a lunch in his honor, a day after he and many of his guests had attended services to honor the late civil rights pioneer.

I think/hope we are near the end of plucking Mrs. Parks from the air for the quote du jour. The NAACP takes this so seriously, they have issued an ACTION ALERT. Watch out now.

Alito is clearly going to pass the process and I'm not sure that's a good thing. He's certainly qualified, but I fear there is an activist waiting to be released as soon as he puts on that robe.
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I found out today that yesterday was National Adoption Day. If I'd known, I would have posted about it.
Black Adoption Placement and Research Center More women interested in adoption
The Olympian: Today is a day to celebrate foster parents, adoption
New Data Show 38 Percent Increase in Interest in Adoption Among Women in the United States

Adoption is a concept that strengthens my faith in God. Even when you hear stories about cats adopting squirrels or apes adopting kittens, it warms your heart. Don't get me started on the show Adoption Stories; get out the tissue.

Children don't need a perfect home, but they do need a good home. Even an okay home is better than no home at all. There is some controversy around the issues of black adoption and interracial adoption, but both are misleading. As far as interracial adoption; love and a family is most important.

Yes, it would be ideal if a black child was adopted by black parents so they understand their culture, but lacking this opportunity a loving non-black home is better than being a ward of the state. Also, more non-black families are taking steps through counseling to support their children's cultural needs by making sure they are connected to other blacks through local churches, community organizations and making sure there are black men and women in their kid's lives on a regular basis.

As far as black adoption, I've mentioned before that the numbers are deceiving. We have to get our act together when it comes to documentation. It stems from slavery when a parent or parents were sold, their children are adopted by slaves left behind or children sold are adopted by slaves in their new family. There is no documentation, but the love and family is still there.

Go into any black neighborhood and you'll find kids living in homes in an adopted situation, but with no legal acknowledgement or documentation. We do a lot of "taking in," so the thought that there just aren't black people out there adopting isn't true.

A friend of mine who has adopted two children told me that she and her husband prayed about having children and although they were perfectly capable of having their own, God told them that their children were already born and waiting for them.

You love what you take care of and children will love who takes care of them. That being said, when my time comes, I'm getting a cat. After all, what could be cuter than these little fellows?
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Personally, I was surprised that Kilpatrick won re-election in Detroit. After reading article after article on how fed up the citizens of Detroit were with his scandals, I had faith they would act on their words. Maybe the media blew it out of proportion (which we know happens often). Either way, he's slipped back in there with the help of Jesse Jackson, Michael Eric Dyson and Farrahkan among others.

DETNEWS: Mayor's got star power

So what do Kwame Kilpatrick and George Bush have in common? Ask Rochelle Riley. City should expect leadership, not victimization


It certainly isn't as if Louisiana needed any more problems; especially racial problems. Then again, it would be pretty consistent with everything else they've done. This state really needs new leadership. Now the Louisiana Black Caucus is mad at some of the choices the Governor has made regarding aid and it's focused on race. Louisiana Weekly: Rift Showing Between Blanco and Black Lawmakers


It's about growing black business in Mississippi, a worthy effort. The Clarion: Miss. Black Chamber to 'fill void'. The MS Chamber of Commerce is trying to spread the wealth outside of Jackson.


So voters in Cincinnati made a statement at the polls. That city is in much need of a good mayor and hopefully they've got one in new Mayor Mark Mallory, a black moderate. They kicked out a couple of very polarizing city leaders. They've been saying they've had enough and hopefully they'll be rewarded for doing more than just saying they've had enough. Cincinnati Enquirer: Voters heed call to get rid of 'chaos at City Hall'


Boston is another city that perplexes me with its racial problems. They've just made a few statements with recent elections; some good and some bad. Boston Globe: With diversity come success and setbacks for 'new' Boston's politicians
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In my opinion, TV One is better than BET's television station. Less porn is always a good thing. The Hilltop Online: Can TV One Become a Better BET?


Well I guess it worked. THNT: Corzine defends cash for black churches. Still, wouldn't want to be married to him though.


It's a shame we need s study to tell us this. It's as simple as bread on butter, but we as a people have a real problem accepting this. We haven't always had a problem with this, so we can get back to it if we want to. The Washington Times: Marriage found to improve blacks' lives


The Founding Fathers didn't solve the slavery problem. Could they have done better?
Well hell yeah, but interesting article. WSJ Opinion Journal: Fractions and Free Men. The focus here is on James Madison.


So now the Black Commentator is mad at everyone. Everyone is against the black man. Dems Join GOP to Muzzle Black Speech. "Immunity Sought For Uncle Tom Behavior" When in God's name will we stop with this stupid, divisive word that only pleases racists who benefit from blacks combating each other?
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Keep an eye out this week for Congress' action on the Voting Rights Act. They plan to change some things and reauthorize some provisions. It may seem like a simple thing and done deal, but quite a few members have something to say about what has happened to the Act over the last 24 years and not all are in agreement over how to prevent some of it from happening again.

Washington Times: Congress plans to renew voting-act provisions
USDOJ: The Voting Rights Act Of 1965
U of M News Service: Racial Discrimination Lawsuits Indicate Voting Rights Act Still Needed : Renew the Voting Rights Act by Jack Kemp


Okay, this one is old, but interesting enough to share. I should have put it under THIS WEEK IN CRAZY, but better late than never. John Parmele Jr., an independent (white) candidate for the 82nd House District in the Hampton area of VA said he believes blacks are partly to blame for racism because they commit more crimes than whites. John Parmele - About My Platform

A tid bit to entice: Parmele made the comments in response to a question about abortion during an interview with The Virginian-Pilot. He said he didn’t think abortion should be used as a method of birth control, adding that some people didn’t understand about birth control, “especially some minorities.”

“They have kids … and then we end up paying for them on the tax dole,” he said. “That’s just the nature of the culture, I guess, to have a lot of children.”

That not enough? Here's a little more:
Parmele said he also is bothered by blacks asking to be called African- American. He said he still used the word “colored.”

“Every 10 years, they want to be called something else,” he said. ''They’re just Americans. If you want to be an American, stop specifying who you are.”

Hampton Roads: Candidate says blacks bring racism on selves

The incumbent in the overwhelmingly white district beat his ass on the 8th.
The Virginian-Pilot: Results: Purkey wins re-election in 82nd House District
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Isn't it a blogger right of passage to alternate blaming the administration with blaming congress? Oh yes, we have to throw in the occasional psychotic governor or "so-called black leader" to point fingers at. I don't like to think of myself as that negative and when credit is due, it's due and that's that.

Congress did something admirable and effective earlier this month. Read that sentence again, because it isn't written often. They offered and overwhelmingly approved legislation curbing the government's power to take private property for economic development. Bill Attacks Seizing Of Land
KRT Wire: Bipartisan vote shows support for private property
South FL Sun-Sentinel: 89% want to see curbs placed on eminent domain
Salem News Online: Setting Limits on Eminent Domain
Palladium-Item: Property is not quite as sacred as it used to be

When the Supreme Court ruled, in the New London case, that it was okay to take someone's home, no matter how long it had been in their family, no matter what's it's value to them, if the local government believed that the ground upon which it stood would be better for business, I was floored. I really didn't think something like that would happen in America. If there is anything we own, it's our home. We sink or swim with it, but it's ours. So now, if a developer is really in with the municipal or local government and says, I really need this space for my strip mall and look at how much money in retail tax it will bring the city, you could be done for.

I'm not one to make a lot of racial assumptions, but I don't doubt that this would be particularly troublesome for poor and black neighborhoods and that is why the topic is in POLITOPICS. People in these neighborhoods are already seen as prey to some business developers. Why would the Supreme Court help them?

This is why we have a system of checks and balances, which hasn't been too much on display in recent years.

So, the House has passed legislation making it harder for local governments to rip your homes from your arms. Even for those local governments that will try to go through with it, let's hope that the local media makes it as public as possible, so others who aren't aware of this law will continue to be outraged. I haven't met one person; black or white, rich or poor who thinks this is a good idea.

Props to the House and the Senate better follow!
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I first heard about Raleigh, NC activist and former NC State professor Kamau Kambon on the Bill O'Reilly show. Bill was red and fuming because on October 14, Kambon told a panel at Howard University that the solution to many of the problems faced by black people is the extermination of "white people off the face of the planet," and this needs to be done because...

"White people want to kill us. I want you to understand that. They want to kill you," he said. "They want to kill you because that is part of their plan."

Carolina Journal: Activist: Exterminate White People
WorldNetDaily: Professor: Exterminate white people
Technician Online: White people have nothing to complain about

Of course Bill is going to get livid about this because he always take every non-sensible thing said by random black people to be some call to arms. Come on now. By the simple utterance of these words, the man made himself irrelevant. That some idiot would say this is not the problem. The problem is that there was slight applause in the room. This is unnacceptable at a respectable institution by any respectable black person.

I'm betting there was at least one white person in that room because it was Howard. How would I feel as a black person in a room of mostly white people if a person advocated killing black folks? Exactly, so Howard representatives should have gotten up and walked out then and there and issued an apology to everyone who attended. Does anyone know that they have? None of the several articles I read mentioned more reaction than the slight applause.

Opio Sokoni organized the event and he was the one on Bill's show. I think Bill wanted him to act up, but he remained calm, intelligently denouncing everything Kambon said.

"No one could have ever known that this former North Carolina State University professor would go off the cuff and make such immoral and unproductive remarks. We were all taken off guard, especially since he had said earlier that black people were not niggers but imitation niggers. If this is the case, his comments were not pro-black but imitation Hitler."
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COMPLAINT AGAINST COMBS (not child-support related) -- SLAVERY APOLOGY (Barbados Style)


Someone is taking legal action against Sean Combs and this time it isn't a child support issue. A complaint was filed with the FEC against Combs' group, Citizen Change, a non-profit which is not supposed to advocate for or against another candidate. Combs held out for a long time during the 2004 campaign, but eventually events held under the Citizen Change banner advocated voting for Kerry and beating Bush, according to the complaint. Then you got to bring the IRS in and all hell breaks loose 'cause you know they don't play.

To add to it all, Combs is accused of pimping products through the organization as well. Maybe he was confused on what the word non-profit meant. : NLPC Calls For Investigation of Sean 'Diddy' Combs Sean Combs used get-out-the-vote campaign to hawk products Diddy's Vote or Die Cry Questioned


Far be it from me to tell someone in another country how to handle their business, but I was a little disturbed when I read about 50 white men and women in Bridgetown, Barbados marching, bound and shackled, in a symbolic gesture of apology for slavery. Too dramatic? Can you be too dramatic when dealing with slavery? These people marching were descendents of British slaveowners, so I think it's better than just some random white folks apologizing just for the sake of white liberal guilt and some attention. White Slaveowner Descendants Apologize For Slavery In Barbados

The bound and chained part is a gesture that makes me a little uncomfortable, but maybe it should. I wouldn't be so arrogant to assume how someone should clean their souls or clear their conscience, but gestures are just that; gestures. How much can they really mean? And can they have the opposite affect of what was intended?
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Back from Chicago, my home town. Had a great time mixing business with pleasure. There is so much in the news these days, but out of concern for all of those politiked out on election day here in the V.A., I'll do a non-politics (although I'm very interested in what went down in Detroit).

Terrell Owens is such a joke. Today he released a "real" apology. Here is thetext of his statement. Still leaves a little to be desired, but the point is it is too little too late. The apology he put forward earlier this week was so sorry it was insulting.

Now he did it and he's trying to get back in there. I hope they say no. The damage he has done to the team will last for a while. It was like watching a child, dressed like a man, throwing a tantrum over and over again. The self-centered comments almost made me feel sorry for him because he's so pitiful. He thought he was going to get paid, but now what? Not only will the Eagles not pay him, but he's going to lose money for at least the 4 games he'll be suspended and no team will ever pay him more than the Eagles were going to.

Yes, he'll probably get picked up because he has awesome talent and NFL team owners are desperate, but they won't pay him all those dollars he was demanding the Eagles give him and he'll never get anything more than a year. Which, of course he will ruin because that is what he does. It's what he's done everywhere he's gone.

The Eagles aren't the victims here. Owens was a fool before the Eagles brought him in for their first meeting; an unaplogetic fool. They were like those women who steal a man away from his wife and then start tripping when he cheats on them. What did you think was going to happen? Eagles fan lose.


There's a new book,Beside Every Great Man...Is A Great Woman: African American Women Of Courage, Intellect, Strength, Beauty & Perseverance , that Profiles 31 Black Women of Courage. Actually, they are just women who choose to work alongside their husbands, so I'm not sure if that title isn't a bit much. It looks like there are some very interesting women to read about. There's Kimora Lee Simmons who is the ultimate example of how money can't buy class (although her two girls are as cute as pie) and Tracey Edmonds, who although a notable talent, reading about her only made me think of how her marriage is kaput now. Sad thing.


This one made me laugh. Rapper Cam'ron, who was recently shot at during a botched carjacking here in D.C. doesn't believe it was a carjacking after all.

"I always move cautiously, like somebody is after me, anyway," he explained. "Not saying somebody is after me, but you gotta realize you in a position of power. It's like the modern day. ... It's like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. I hate to use them as examples, but they both got murdered and they both were great leaders. Right now [rappers are] in a position where people like [Minister Louis] Farrakhan and Dr. Ben [Chavis] call us up to speak to the youth."

'Nuff said. - News - Cam'ron Says He's Not Sure Incident Was A Failed Carjacking After All
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I was in seclusion when the news that Fed Chair Alan Greenspan was going to retire. Well, actually I was in Seattle, but when there's a 3-hour time difference, I never catch up, so I give up on the news.

When I finally heard he was giving up the mantle of probably the most powerful job in the world, my first thought went to Fed Vice Chair, Roger Ferguson, who you may or may not know is a brother. A few years ago, I saw a profile on Ferguson that basically placed him as the man in place to succeed Greenspan when he decided to step down.

I was eager to see the reaction to him taking the throne, but then I found out...what the heck? Who is this Bernanke dude? What's up with that?

Maybe it's because Ferguson is considered to be a Moderate Democrat and Bush is going conservative all the way? I know Bernanke was already in the fold, but still, gotta say I'm a little disappointed. Top candidates to replace Greenspan
Reuters: Bush Said Eyeing Greenspan Successor
MSNBC: Bush nominates Bernanke as next Fed chief - After Greenspan
Bluefield Daily Telegraph: Who Will Fill Greenspan's Shoes?
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October was National Coming Out month, which mostly consist of gay mags and organizations outing people against their will. Not a fan of the practice.

The biggest coming out was basketball star Sheryl Swoopes, divorced single mom telling the world she's a lesbian. I say big because of her recognition because I think we can all agree that a lesbian hoops player is no surprise. Honestly, I have no problem with the gayness of it all, but personally, I think it's all about the money. It can't be a coincidence that she comes out at the same time she becomes the spokesperson for a lesbian cruise line. Swoopes Cruises out of the Closet

The only thing about it that bothers me is what about the spouse of the person who comes out of the closet? Coming Out - Not A Cause For Celebration For Straight Spouses

I've watched Oprah and cringed at the stories of men and women who get married, have children and build this family for 10, 20, 30 years or more, only to come out as gay saying they've been denying themselves. This has to create such a feeling of inadequacy and wasted life in the spouse. Did you ever want me or were you just trying to force yourself to be straight?

I remember that Stepford look on the wife of the former New Jersey Governor McGreevey when he told the world he was gay. I ached for her. Now Swoopes is divorced, and maybe this is why, but I still wonder how her ex-husband is dealing with this. Shock over Swoopes turns to indifference
Straight Spouse Network
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Even though I generally post commentaries every day, I'm going to designate Tuesday as Black Commentary Day and yes, I will include articles from the Black Commentator. Here are some I find interesting or ridiculous enough to share.

WAPO OP-ED Columnist Eugene Robinson ask the question, What Rice Can't See. He's confused by her allegiance to W and tries to answer his own question after observing her as part of her entourage during her recent trip to Alabama.


I have to say I'm a little disappointed in Gregory Kane's commentary at BlackAmericaWeb where he ask, Would the FBI Be Probing Vikings Sex Party if Players Were White? No. Kane is one of my favorite commentators, but this one was disappointing. That whole sex party story is too disgusting to discuss, but I just don't see how one can prove that the FBI would care more based on the color of the player's skin. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but there is no proof, so where does the definitive "NO" come from?


There's a lot of nonsense going on in Detroit and it's disappointing because there was a lot of hope when Kilpatrick appeared on the scene as the "hip hop" mayor. He was going to be a bridge or something like that. Thinking of all the scandal that has accompanied his time in office makes me forget. Here is Rochelle Riley's opinion of what the future holds. Crisis awaits next mayor. She's basically saying that it doesn't matter who is coming, they are going to have a hell of a mess to deal with.


Most of the time I make fun of the articles at the black commentator because they are so old school liberal that they can't really be taken seriously. The truth is, many of the articles are smart and at the least informative. I haven't agreed with anything I've read there and I don't even consider myself a conservative. Nevertheless, I visit this site regularly to keep my mind open. Here is Associate Editor Bruce Dixon's latest on how blacks are the core of the Left. Where the Left Lives - Black America is the Core. When will people accept that everything isn't about black vs white?
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