While Republicans need to just give up on hoping that Condi runs, here's a USA Today article on how Parties Putting Minority Candidates on A-List. Candidacies that were once discouraged are now a strategic priority. Ken Mehlman has put forth a commendable effort to select strong black Republican candidates like Michael Steeleto get behind and the Democrats are building more of their support for men like Deval Patrick.

Blacks running for governor: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is a front-runner in his state's Republican nomination race. In Pennsylvania, former Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver Lynn Swann is considering a Republican bid. And Deval Patrick, a former top Clinton administration Justice Department official, is vying for the Democratic nomination in Massachusetts.

Blacks running for Senate: Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. is the leading candidate to win the Democratic nomination in his state. Michigan's Keith Butler, pastor of a large suburban Detroit church, has lined up the support of key Republicans — including former vice-presidential candidate Jack Kemp.

Hispanic candidates: In addition to Menendez, New Mexico's Democratic governor, Bill Richardson, is seeking a second, four-year term. Richardson is often mentioned in the media as a possible 2008 presidential contender.


On a smaller scale, here is an interesting article about Ernie Chambers in Mother Jones. The Importance of Being Ernie. Don't know who he is nor do I read Mother Jones, but I saw this headline and had to take a peek: For 35 years, the lone African-American in the legislature has been almost singlehandedly changing Nebraska. .


The Black Commentator is continuing its war against the Congressional Black Caucus because they were all that was left to hate. The CBC Monitor is Watching: Making Black Politicians Accountable. I think someone at the CBC said something about someone at the BC's mama. Yes, that's what I think, but just in case the rest of Congress was missing being the focus of BC's ire, don't worry. You're still on the s&*# list. The 'Most Corrupt' Congress Ever: Including Elements of The Black Caucus


Not as if TX Republican Congressman DeLay needed more trouble, but now the redistricting that he spearheaded is coming under investigation. I've always been suspicious of the redistricting fever that hit Republicans. I wouldn't say it was racially motivated because the purpose wasn't to dilute the black vote. It was to dilute any vote that would work against Republicans. If there had been another non-racial classification for that, it would have been the target. It's not about race; it's about votes. Although with DeLay, there is no telling.

Chicago Defender: Redistricting Map: It's the Purest Form of Racism
L.A. Times: Redistrict Fight Will Go Before High Court
Star-Telegram: U.S. Supreme Court will hear Texas redistricting appeal
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It's good to be back. A lot has been happening, so I'll share a bunch of interesting articles with you today and find a few interesting things to focus on in the days ahead before I leave you again for New Years:

I think the Donovan McNabb controversy is almost over, but here is an interesting article by Gregory Kane at Black America Web where takes a nice stab at Jerry Monedsire for his STUPID comments about McNabb not being black enough before he really lights into him and all those like him. Blacker-Than-Thou Negroes Hate Themselves More Than They Love Us. Good one, Kane.


At, there is a press release/article on depression and Katrina victims. The holidays have got to be hard on them. They want to be in their homes with their families and their traditions. It's something to think about for all of us who kind of dread the burden of spending a few days with our nut-job families. - Depression Plagues Hurricane Katrina Victims


Good news out of the 4th Congressional district in Atlanta. While Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was busy devoting all her time to giving Tupac his props, somebody has decided to run against her. AJC: Johnson to challenge McKinney in 2006. I know nothing about this Johnson, but he plans to campaign on local needs, including transportation funding, health care and education. That's all fine and good but the 4th district would prefer you spend your time telling them what you're going to do for Biggie and INSERT MOST RECENTLY SHOT RAPPER HERE.

He'd have my vote, but I would vote for a ripe, furry peach over McKinney.


I'll admit, I don't write nearly enough about Africa on this blog and that's wrong. Sites like Booker Rising write about what's going on over there all the time. That's going to change for Politopics. I just finished reading THE FATE OF AFRICA, a book (close to 10 million pages long) about the fate of Africa from independence to now. This continent needs more of our attention. Yeah, I know...We got our own problems, but damn folks. We have to do more.

Here is an interesting article written by IL Democratic Senator Barack Obama and KS Republican Senator Sam Brownback giving their opinion on what the administration has been doing and still needs to do stop the genocide in Darfur. WAPO: Policy Adrift on Darfur


At Black Enterprise, there is an article about a recent Slavery Disclosure case and an attempt to force companies doing business with Alameda county in CA to disclose whether they ever profited from slavery failed. Slavery Disclosure Ordinance Defeated. I think this is such a dangerous and unproductive movement and opens old wounds for the sake of opening them. So what happens if you just purchased a furniture company that was created ten years ago and (before you purchased it)merged with another furniture company that started in Atlanta in 1850 and no doubt used slave labor in some capacity?

So now you can't do business with the county or you can, but not until you open your wallet and give something up to the black community. Does this apply to black-owned companies as well? Whatevuh -- Seinfeld is on. I gotta go.
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The time has come for me to say goodbye. - Sound of Music

Don't act like you don't love every song from that movie. I'm not saying goodbye, just see you later. Off for the holidays. I will see you next Wednesday.

By the time I get back I will have seen Tai Shan, the epitome of cuteness. I have abandoned my hopes of kidnapping him so I can have him all to myself, but I will NOT let them send him to China in two years. OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!

Pictures below - couldn't you just die?

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I've been holding out on this topic because I hate talking about what everyone else is talking about, but I've been reading some interesting things about how quickly this boiled down into racism. For one, I am not on the side of the unions. They were asking for too much. They are not special and although their job isn't easy (might be hard to tell when you see so many of them sleeping on the job), they don't work harder than most people. Who the hell doesn't want to retire with full benefits at 50?

Anyways, they held the city hostage and made business and people who have done nothing but pay the taxes for their pretty good salaries. They say they were tired of not being treated with respect? Well, now everyone hates them. Good luck getting respect now.

I shouldn't have been surprised when racism reared it's ugly head. Blogs and websites, especially the rants and rave at various Craigslist NY-related threads quickly reverted to the nigger, lazy monkey, etc.

Merry Christmas!

NY Times: Race Bubbles to the Surface in Standoff
Hardbeatnews: NYC's Strike Enters Day Three As Union Stays Tough MTA Strike: Investigative Reporting, Craigslist Style Strike Strains Civil Discourse
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Walter Williams talks about the Betrayal of the struggle at, which is condemnation of those who act as if racism still permeates every aspect of our lives and keeps us from getting anywhere or anything.

"While not every vestige of racial discrimination has been eliminated, it is nowhere near the barrier it was yesteryear, but you'd think discrimination is everywhere listening to some of today's black politicians and civil rights leaders. One wonders what those blacks, who lived during the era of gross discrimination and are now deceased, would think about so much of today's behavior, rhetoric and excuses."


Also at, Armstrong Williams writes about Self Sabotage Preventing More Black Entrepreneurs, the mentality of defeat before even trying. Again referring to the belief that racism still paralyzes us and prevents us from getting anywhere.

"During a recent speaking engagement at a DC high school, I talked about the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit...Nearly every student in the audience was black. Their response was heartbreaking. One student after another told me that the white people would prevent them from becoming successful entrepreneurs. These kids were only teenagers, and they had already given up."

I agree with much of what conservatives say about how we are our own worst enemy when it comes to what is keeping us behind. The victim mentality is paralyzing and those who embrace it seldom get anywhere. I just think too many conservatives speak as if blacks are all idiots and if we'd just WAKE UP! all our woes will evaporate and the path to success will be revealed. Although our lives are more determined by economic class than race, racism is still a part of daily life for many blacks. It's better to acknowledge that, come up with ideas and solutions to dealing with it (because it is never going away) and put it in its proper place than to either say it doesn't mean anything or they are just imagining it.

Oh yeah, Wal-Mart is totally racist. :-)Check this out: The Ledger: Wal-Mart Manager Gets Fired.
Besides the store always looks like a bomb was dropped there.
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I wrote about race and policy for Pop & Politics, a pop culture political website. They have some great articles on there. I haven't written for them in a long time, but here's a few good articles.

Jessica Jones says that It's Okay To Leave The Plantation. Actually it's her opinion of the book by the same name written by C. Mason Weaver. Weaver is a Republican and he loves him some Republicans. Jones has a big problem with this and lets you know why. Needless to say, she has a great future at The Black Commentator.


Speaking of my favorite over the edge of the left website, at the Black Commentator, Tyrone Simpson has something to say about Thomas Frank's popular book, What's The Matter With Kansas: How Conservatives Won The Heart of America. Why Liberal Whites Worry Black Progressives. Simpson reaches back for his answer.
"The most compelling evidence that half of the nation’s electorate has raised arms against the other in what author Thomas Frank refers to as “The Great Backlash” comes not necessarily from pop pundits hired to encourage the revolt like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, but from the testimony of a less polished commentator like John Rocker, the once brazen Atlanta Braves relief pitcher who was impelled by a heated sports rivalry to voice the rage ostensibly responsible for the ascendancy of our present president."

Okay, but Ann Coulter is still a shepherd for the devil.


Here is some good news on expanding access for African Americans to healthcare resources that are focused on us. is a black health portal created by Reginald Ware who found Heart and Soul Magazine which went away for a while, but is back. You can find a black doctor if that's something you're looking for. More importantly, there are answers to health issues. Kind of like WebMd which is one of my favorite sites.

And oh yeah, Brett Favre should retire. Go Bears!!!!!!
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Not really political, but news from Chicago is that IL Senator Barack Obama has received a Grammy nod. When I heard it, I wanted to laugh but then I remembered that I laughed when I was told Issac Hayes won an Oscar.
Chicago Tribune: Obama nominated for Grammy
Yahoo: Obama Nominated for 'Spoken Word' Grammy


I was a little disappointed to hear that former (as of last Thursday) NJ Senator future NJ Governor Corzine selected Menendez instead of Gill to replace him in the senate, but I'm happy that at least another minority is added to the mix. At least for now. They are already contemplating his odds on actually get elected since most voters said they don't think he should serve a full term as an appointed Senator. He might do fine. He certainly looks like he'll fit in. Corzine Picks Menendez for His Senate Seat, Party Official Says - Politics - N.J. Senator-To-Be Menendez Already Working Behind Scenes
Newsday: Soon-to-be Sen. Menendez welcomed to the club
Daily Record: Menendez History May Be More Fiction


This website is a trip. The first thing you see when you hit the home page is BUSH DOESN'T CARE. BUT WE DO. Besides the erroneous use of periods, I am not at all inspired by this website.

Here we have our first MySpace reference. I'm sure more will follow now that this is the hot new site for connecting and expressing. Black Conservatives
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Walter E. Williams writes a commentary on "Dead End Jobs" what they mean. Dead-end jobsIt's a big issue in the black community because it is always put forward as the only alternative to selling drugs. "What, am I supposed to go flip burgers for minimum wage?" Uhm...yes. Williams goes through a list of famous people who started in one of those so called "dead-end" jobs. As a community, we need to give due respect to those young men and women that are in McJobs to reinforce the ethic of honest work.


Okay, so maybe I wasn't the only one who was tripping when I saw the Minister Farrakhan giving praise to Jesus at Rosa Park's funeral. Yes, I am aware that many non-Christians believe that Jesus was a cool cat while not accepting he is the son of God, but Farrakhan was laying it on thick. Here's another article with excerpts from his speech in November in support of Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick, who amazingly was re-elected. Don't even get me started on that.

Final Call: Jesus: The Guide for the Public Servant. Jesus was the ultimate example of service to all, so there is no reason why someone has to be a Christian to appreciate that.


At the unofficial blog for Congressman Harold Ford Jr. for Senate, they have the New Republic article everyone is talking about (the NR site is subscription only). The New Republic: How Harold Ford Could Win.

Interesting article. It's nice to read something about him that isn't written in a TN paper because every time I read something from The Commercial Appeal or The Memphis Flyer, I sense an undercurrent of resentment towards him. I can't explain it because so much of what they write seems like they're kissing up to him. I just feel like they're jealous or something. Anyway, I hope Ford wins even though I can understand some of the recent concern about the out-of-TN fundraising issues.
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Reading my favorite blog, Booker Rising, I saw this post about another death penalty case that really caught my eye. I'm sure the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of Hollywood aren't interested. After all, this guy isn't a gang banging murderer; just a man shooter someone he thought was intruding in his home. Not at all as glamorous.

Corey Maye is a black man on death row for shooting a man who broke into his house. The man was a cop, executing a warrant at the wrong address. How you can turn this into a murder deserving of the death penalty is completely beyond me, but if there is any case worth getting behind, this is one. Maybe it's a Mississippi thing, but still too backwards to comprehend.

No, this man is not a model citizen, but that has NOTHING to do with this case and anyone who says it does can go to hell. Something is clearly wrong here and it's sickening to think this man could be executed. Even pro-death penalty advocates should get behind this case.

The case is gaining momentum, so I'm doing my part to add to it:
Booker Rising: The Cory Maye Case Travesties of the Death Penalty and Drug War
ROBERT GEORGE COMMENTARY: Mississippi Madness Cory Maye
Balloon Juice: This is obscene
Daily Kos: Innocent Man Sentenced to Death in Mississippi! The Maye Case So Far : Here's the Latest, Most Accurate Summary Post
National Libertarian Party: Christmas Presents from the Drug Warriors
Wikipedia: Cory Maye Maye: "An Interesting Test Of The Power Of The Blogosphere."
Blackhacker : The Case We Should be Talking About
Left in the West : Time to Grab the Cory Maye Case
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Just got back from a quick trip to Chicago, so let me throw a few interesting roundup articles at you while I get my act back together. Prison, jail and executions are the topic of the day:

So Tookie was executed and I'm not shedding a tear. I doubt his redemption because I don't think you can have redemption without repentance for your sins and you can't have repentance without an admission of your sins. I'm glad it's over and I hope that all those who spent so much time focusing on keeping him alive with focus that same amount of energy fighting gangs and their influence within the communities they terrorize. Doubt it.

CBC World News: Pope, many Europeans express outrage over execution of 'Tookie' Williams
Guardian Unlimited: Gang killer 'Tookie' is executed
Mercury News: Los Angeles 'quiet' after Williams execution
Times Online UK: It Took Them 11 Minutes To Find A Vein
Slate: Why Executions Happen at Midnight - Capital punishment and the witching hour
AlterNet: Why Arnold Killed Tookie


So now, what about this brother? BAW: Court Agrees to Hear Appeal from Death Row Inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal. No, he didn't start a gang, but he did kill a cop. I wonder where the stars will come from? Hope he wrote a book.

Looks like somebody's trying to save him. MUMIA ABU-JAMAL'S FREEDOM JOURNAL
The Mobilization To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal


Here, Earl Ofari Hutchinson talks about the recent Supreme Court decision to ban teen executions. Was that really up for discussion? Are we executing children? Hutchinson also wants to talk about the choice of no parole for teen criminals. I think you'd have to have to hard heart to okay sending a 16 year old to jail for the next 60 to 70 years; even for murder. No-Parole Sentences Hammer Black Teens

When Katrina hit the N.O., I saw a video showing the transporting of criminals from the prison and I wondered what would happen if they started and riot and broke free. Wouldn't make a big difference, since there were so many criminals that weren't in prison running around free. So, after the fact, as they try to track people down, put the prisoners back in prison, I wondered about people they were tracking, like registered sex offenders, those under house arrest, etc. Here is an article about the people in New Orleans that don't want to get found and what reasons that might be.MANY 'MISSING' DON'T WANT TO BE FOUND
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After reading that the NAACP is supporting Tookie Williams in the execution debate, I was hesitant to ever write about them again. Honestly, I'm very angry about that and don't see how I can support the organization any longer.

But I have no spine, so I gave in because I read that Bush meet with NAACP reps as well as other civil rights advocates to discuss the interest in the black community (which are the same as interest everywhere else) and Katrina.

CNS News: Black Leaders 'Encouraged' After Meeting With Bush
Chicago Defender: Bush Meets With Prominent African American Leaders
NAACP News: African American Leaders Meet with President Bush to Discuss Critical Issues Facing the Nation
I just don't like the term "black leaders." Black leaders - says who? The good news; I like how the Chicago Defender points out that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were not even invited.


The Congressional Black Caucus has a problem with Bush's nominee for Associate Justice Sam Alito. Newsflash: It also gets cold in Chicago in the Winter. So this was all but expected, but the CBC is saying Alito is "hostile" to civil rights. That's important to note because the word "hostile", for me at least, denotes a specific aggressive opposition to civil rights. Not such a big deal considering on Obama will actually get a chance to vote.

Democratic Congresswoman also held a news conference to show their opposition to Alito. It looks like things are going to get harder for him. I still think he'll get in, but a smooth transition is pretty much out the window now. Congressional Black Caucus Calls Alito Hostile To Civil Rights
WAPO: Congressional Black Caucus to Oppose Alito
WFMY: Congressional Black Caucus to Oppose Alito Nomination
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Some leaders in the NAACP are switching from the Donkeys to the Elephants. BAW: Detroit Black Press Under AttackTrading one smelly animal for another is not really news, but it will create more diversity in leadership thought. There are other NAACP who are Republicans or consider themselves conservatives with no party affiliation.

So hopefully they will speak up at the news (hat tip to Booker Rising) that the NAACP has officially come out in favor of clemency for Tookie Williams. L.A. Times: NAACP Calls for Sparing Williams. What kind of messed up message is this sending? I'm disappointed in Bruce Gordon. I thought he would be a new vision to the organization. Obviously, he's taking it further to the left.

Did anyone watch Katrina victims testifying before Congress earlier this week? Much of it was touching to hear how helpful folks were to the evacuees and how some lives have begun to return to normal. You could see the pain and suffering from the crack in their voices and the tears in their eyes. They wanted so badly to be heard above the rumors, the lies and the generalizations.

Unfortunately, you know there had to be some who were just there to complain and accuse and demand. Some didn't want to answer any of the questions, just say whatever it was she wanted to say. The levees were exploded. Their ordeal was the same as the Jews in concentration camps, FEMA was the Gestapo and it was a deliberate attempt at genocide. No one is arguing these folks were put through conditions unnacceptable for anyone in a civilized society, but I got so sick of hearing this, I turned away.

Those people (not everyone there was like this) reminded me of those people (we all know them) who only contribute to a bad situation by making it worse. Who prefer to spend time blaming and accusing than finding solutions and who attack the very people who are trying to get to the truth to actually get something done. Whatever. FEMA still sucks and Congress better let those people defer their mortgage loans a little longer. Hurricane Katrina Victims Testify Before Special House Panel; Blame Racism For Slow Aid Survivors of Katrina say racism slowed aid
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As the multi-millionaire, current Senator, future Governor of New Jersey (and wife cheater-oner) Jon Corzine decides who to appoint to replace him after he takes office next year, many are suggesting this could be a significant statement on the part of Democrats in their commitment, for lack of a better word, to blacks. This is so because one of the candidates is state Senator Nia Gill, a black woman and Congressman Robert Menendez, who is Hispanic.

There have never been two blacks in the Senate at the same time. Wouldn't it be interesting if Gill was there and Congressman Ford of TN joined if elected next November? Do you think it will cause white flight? Because some of them get that way when too many of start moving in.

Or he could just go and pick another rich white guy.

Here's what some are saying about it: Corzine pick could signal commitment to black voters
ET: Black for U.S. Senate?

MyDD: NJ-Sen: Corzine Is Considering Nia Gill
Yahoo News: Corzine May Tap Minority for Senate Seat Corzine 'leaning' toward Menendez for Senate seat
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I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball watching Saddam act a fool in court. He is straight up clowning. Any additional humiliation we can cause him would be greatly appreciated.

So, in keeping with the good mood, here is some good news in race and politics issues:

We are all concerned about the number of black boys entering college and the numbers dropping out. Even at predominantly black colleges, the girls outnumber the boys by growing degrees. Of course, college isn't for everyone, but the underrepresented looks far from normal. There are clearly issues to address to help our young men in this situation.

Ohio State is starting to do that. They've created an African American Male Resource Center for young black male students to help give them the tools they need to make it to graduation and beyond.

The Lantern: African-American center inspires new male leaders
onCampus: African American Male Resource Center offers support through graduation

Hopefully more Universities will do the same. Now, we've got to get more high schools encouraging them to strive for college.
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In November's edition of This Week In Crazy, I talked about activist and former professor Kamau Kambon telling a panel at Howard University that the solution to many of the problems faced by black people is the extermination of "white people off the face of the planet."

Well, after a little buzz, he's come back to explain himself. Louisiana Weekly. The article said he didn't intend to start a firestorm by suggesting the we exterminate whites because they are trying to kill us. Hmmmm, okay. The article discusess the racist, angry responses by whites; you know the ones who already hate blacks and love it when one of us acts a fool so they can spit out their racism and act like it's in response. Finally, Kambon responded:

"I speak for no one, EXCEPT for the millions of Afrikan men in those dungeons who refused to submit and were put three to four in a cell and were left there for all of the other enslaved Afrikans to see them die a slow and painful death," Kambon wrote." "The millions of Afrikan women who were selected by the white commander of the dungeon to be raped repeatedly and sometimes left to die in their own blood."

Okay, well that makes complete sense.

In unrelated ridiculousness, FEMA has had to pull out of the ninth ward in New Orleans because they are being threatened by the residents for various reasons. FEMA Pulls Out of Lower Ninth. Now what is this about? Regardless of the messed up leadership by FEMA in the beginning of the tragedy, those people on the ground are just trying to help. The day to day workers and volunteers are not responsible for the delayed trailers and they aren't responsible for the failed levees. It isn't their fault that you're going to have to start your life over.

So who are these fools threatening to go get their guns and come back and shoot them? They are the same fools who were destroying New Orleans' 9th ward before Katrina came. They are the same no good criminals who would go get their gun and come back and shoot someone just for stepping on their feet. They're coming back to NO and bringing their lawlessness with them.
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Everyone is writing about the additional tributes to Rosa Parks marking the upcoming anniversary of her not giving up her seat and Bush signing off on her statue. Although it would have been nice for the media to give her her props while she was still alive it still warms my heart. This picture in particular touched me:

WAPO: Montgomery Marks Rosa Parks Anniversary
CBS 2: L.A. Marks Rosa Parks Anniversary With Tributes
SeattlePI: Bush signs bill for Rosa Parks statue

Today is World AIDS day and it's an important day to note for black women in particular. We are the ones contracting it the most and the numbers are horribly frightening for ourselves and our children. I recent heard a commercial on a black radio station where they ring off a group of little children/babies saying, "Thank You Mommy" and it was for pregnant women to get tested for AIDS because they don't have to pass it on to their children.

Here are some articles discussing women and HIV/AIDS (not all of them are gloom and doom):
Chicago Tribune: The new face of HIV/AIDS: Black women

Black AIDS Institute - Getting Real: Black Women Taking Charge in the Fight Against AIDS
Final Call: Taking on HIV's best-kept secret
ContraCostaTimes: Black women urged to take charge of AIDS fight HIV and AIDS and African America Women
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