What is the most memorable thing about Dr. King for me? When he made his speech; his last speech the night before he died. When he was telling the crowd that he wasn't worried about himself because he had been to the mountain top and he had seen the promised land. He looked like he was about to cry; his eyes were watery like he was about to be overwhelmed and turned and walked away. That is an image that I always see when I hear his name. It touched me. He was a wonderful speaker.

One of the things I hate about MLK day is all the people who decide they know what Dr. King would say if he were here today. He would be in favor of this or he would be against that. My favorite are the politicians who look so proud of themselves as they repeat the obligatory INSERT MLK QUOTE HERE in their speeches around this day.

So it should be no surprise that I be the exception to the rule for the purposes of this post and say I think King would be very disappointed in the much of the state of black America today. I think he would say we have lost our focus. I think he would say that those of us who have realized the dream have completely forgotten those who are still reaching for it. I think he would say many have played right into the hands of those who know that keeping us divided prevents us from moving forward.

No, I don't think King envisioned an America where all black people would walk hand in hand because he wasn't a fool and he knew that there are those of us, like there are those of every race, that are nothing but straight fools. Still, I think he would have expected more than this when it comes the personal and moral choices we make and the content or lack of in our arguments with each other.

He would also be very disappointed to hear that I have to go to a conference instead of celebrating his holiday, but that's a post for another day. I will be out of here until Wednesday, so I'll catch you later. Here are some assorted articles on the man, the holiday and issue related:

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