Looking for a Tie Die Dyshiki Pants Set? No, seriously. How about a game of Prosperity? Black Enterprise has an article on iZaniamarket, the ethnic ebay wannabe. BE: If You Build It, Will They Come?.

Street and Industry bills itself as where the block and the boardroom live with tabs such as The Deal Room and Power Directory. I think it's supposed to be some type of black news/business blog, but looks kind of like a rap video on the web.

Don't even get me started on how many sisters need to read up on this article. Chicago Tribune: Too sexy for work?

When I heard about all the NFL head coach's openings this upcoming year and saw how well three black head coaches did this season, I was thinking there would have to be some brothers moving up. I mean ten spots. Come on. Well, not so fast. ABC News: Despite Openings, No New Black Coaches. Florida Today; Minorities Get Shut Out

The history of African American greek life on campus is going to be celebrated at Vanderbilt University. Yeah, Vanderbilt. VNS: 100 Years of African American Greek Life To Be Marked At Vanderbilt. The first black greek The first African American Greek organization in the United States, Alpha Phi Alpha, was founded at Cornell University in December of 1906. I hope we hear about more campuses celebrating black greeks from my source, The Black Greek Network.
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