The D.C. gossip blog, Wonkette, has a humorous take on IL Senator Obama's grammy win last night for his Dreams of My Father audio performance. We Hear He Brought In Jon Brion For His Next One!
"Upon receiving the award, Obama said 'You got beef, McCain? Take it up with the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, bitch!"

Citing the racial divide highlighted during the Katrina disaster, the Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific American caucuses on The Hill have combined forced to create one Tri-Caucus of color. Although they are maintaining their separate caucuses, they feel working together, they can get more done for the disenfranchised minorities. Getting more done working together rather than apart. What genius. I know, there's no cause for me to be ugly. I hope they get something done. It will be interesting to see how the black caucus members observe Hispanic group which has to acknowledge both parties represented in their caucus BAW: Minority Lawmakers Band Together Post-Katrina, Create Separate Caucus
ABC News: Minority Lawmakers Unite After Katrina

Despite repeated efforts by FEMA to inform hurricane Katrina evacuees that the deadline to reapply for housing aid extensions was coming up, thousands of them did not renew and are getting kicked out on the street. There are many reasons why they wouldn't renew; mainly because they found a real place to live or they are sick of waiting on FEMA who has been dragging its ass on those trailers they keep promising and are just going to go back home without them.

But as I read some of the articles on this story, some evacuees now on the street were claiming that this wasn't fair and is just another example of this administration's racism against the blacks and the poor. One brother, who found himself on the street with a plastic bag holding all his belongings said of his situation, "The pressure is on." What? The pressure is on now?

That was disappointing; especially after hearing that FEMA says it contacted every hotel room it was paying for at least six times about the deadline and requirements to renew. So they say.
Yahoo: Thousands of Katrina Victims Evicted
BET.Com: 4,500 KatrinaEvacueess Booted From Hotels
CNS News: Katrina Evacuees Evicted, Liberal Groups Cry Foul Homeless again in New Orleans
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