The other day I found a website buzzing around about TN Congressman Harold Ford. Fancy Ford. It was put together by some scared and I feel safe in saying jealous Republicans who want you to know the 'truth' about Ford.

So now, I see the OH SNAP! from the left who took it one further and created Very Fancy Frist. Now this would be more effective if it was actually on someone running against Ford, but those will all be a bunch of nobodies, so Frist is the obvious choice.

I'm not condoning all the spending by Ford; fancy indeed. He does seem to be fast and loose with the money if the allegations are true. Most politicians on The Hill need to take it down a notch. I've always thought that he had a bit too much of a national profile for a local candidate. Eyes too big? Will that hurt him this November?

I do sense the racial overtones of the Ford site with the pretty playboy bunnies on the home page and I do sense a bit of a non-Senatorial party animal based on the NBA All-Star weekend appearance, but I won't make accusations because that would be presumptuous. I'll leave those to Wonkette. Yo, That Kid Is Buck Wild!

I can see Ford's ancy handlers now. "You need to be seen with a good black girl, so the people of Tennessee won't think you're gay and won't be afriad you're another powerful black man who can't help himself when it comes to their precious white belles. And by 'precious white belles' we mean Playboy mansion whores. And by 'good black girl,' we mean not someone you met at the NBA All Star weekend in Houston, because we all know wasn't nothing but hoochies up and throughout that joint."

Seriously though, over-practiced politician aside, I like the guy. Here's the real stuff:
Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.: 9th District of Tennessee
Harold Ford Jr.For Senate
Harold Ford Jr. For U.S. Senate 2006 Unofficial Grassroots Blog
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