I'm back. I've been out of the loop for the past few days, so here are some interesting articles while I research what's the latest. See you tomorrow.

I am always amazed at the level of racism in the hearts of some people. When I read stories like this, I wonder how they could sleep at night with their hearts so black, but it makes me feel good they are trying to make up for their mistakes. Town works to heal old wounds

"In the 1950s, white residents of rural Prince Edward County were so incensed at the order to integrate public schools that they closed theirs -for five years. Now, several decades and many attempts at reconciliation later, the central Virginia county is playing a different role as a national example of good race relations. Several Congress members recently visited Farmville, Va., in Prince Edward County, to learn what this area has to share about racial healing."

Tookie's legacy lives on!!!!!!! Barbara Becnel Running For Governor of California . This woman was a strong supporter of now executed, unapologetic killer gangster Tookie Smith. Good luck, hon. At least you have the support of ThugLifeArmy, a site promoting...the Thug lifestyle. How nice.

The O.C. is not showing the Hispanics any love. What's up with that? This is the same county that spawned Proposition 187 and the MinuteMen project. Neither are about racism to me, but judge for yourself. L.A. Times: O.C. can you say ... 'anti-Mexican'?

Muslim Sororities? Okay, I'll bite.
Introducing a Rare Kind of Rush.

This is pretty much a damn shame. Everyone wants to believe that all those boys in Iraq are American heroes who bleed red, white & blue and love their country. The truth is, there is a good number of men in the American military because they were losers in life and it was the military or jail or death. There are white supremacist in Iraq, there are Crips and Bloods, Disciples and whatever that 13 Hispanic group is called. They are leaving their gangs symbols and signs all over the place. A straight up shame. Chi Sun Times: Gangs claim their turf in Iraq
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