So, what is this going to be like an every couple of months thing where we make it seem like something is getting done? Like the raids a couple of months ago, will all of these men and women be released and 'asked' to appear in court again or will they actually be made to go back to their country? Will these employers really be fined any amount of money that will make them not want to allow this to happen again? You can raid all you want and you'll get your good publicity for now, but at some point the results of the raid are going to need to be more than the raid itself. Let's follow this and see what happens to these illegal employees and their employers.
WTOP: Immigration Raid Nets Dozens at Dulles Airport. Nationwide immigration raids net over 400 in San Diego Dozens Arrested In Immigration Sweep
MSNBC: Immigration raids in Las Vegas
Chi Tribune: 75 illegal immigrants seized here

I wonder if anyone used their FEMA money to pay child support? Doubt it! Why do what's right when doing wrong is so easy and sanctioned by our very efficiently run government agencies? If you're surprised that the FEMA money for Katrina was abused raise your hand. Didn't think so. If you're surprised it reached over $1 billion, raise your hand. A few of you? Not me. This whole credit card idea was a disaster from the start and don't call me a bandwagon jumper. Read my posts!
WAPO: Fraudulent Katrina and Rita Claims Top $1 Billion
LA Times: A Vacation, Sex Change and 'Girls Gone Wild' -- Thanks, FEMA

FREEP: FEMA fraud debated
NPR: FEMA Paid $1.5 Billion in False Aid, Report Says

So the money was used by low-lifes to get their party on, vacation, buy the s*#$ they've been wishing they could have all their life but weren't willing to work for it themselves, football tickets, strip clubs and divorces. Someone even used the money for a sex change operation. I'm sure they needed a pick me up after having their house flooded in. If life gives you lemons, turn them into a vagina or penis.

It's all such a shame and much of it can be traced back to failure to check identity of applicants. Will employees at FEMA be penalized for that? Can we learn a lesson here? Don't give people cash! Maybe if this was a more local organization, it would have been able to keep a better tab on what was going on. And just because something horrible happened to someone doesn't mean they are a good person in need of all our unquestioned assistance. Yes, we help them. The quality of a person's character doesn't make them deserve to have their house flooded. But you have to watch what is going on. I hope those people are caught and prosecuted and forced to give the money back so that the true victims of Katrina, who are trying desperately to rebuild their lives, can have it, but I'm not holding my breath.
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