Here is an endearing story about kids in Prince Georges County beating the odds and winning scholarships to the University of Maryland. We always hear so much about PG County kids going the other way. I thought I'd share something different. There is a lot of good going on in PG County, it is the wealthiest black county in America, but there are some really bad areas and those are the ones that tend to get all the attention. WAPO: Stories Differ, Goals the Same

Tampa Bay is getting it done with its African American business directory, which was started as a school project, but has flourished into something very useful. It's a small community in the Tampa area, but as with every small community, there are a ton of black business owners doing their thing. African-American business directory completed - Tampa Bay Business Journal:Hopefully folks will check this directory first when they need goods and services. They are also listed on a website. Tampa Bay African American Business Directory.

USC's Center for Religion and Civic Culture is participating in a study that will look for tomorrow's black leaders. EURWEB: USC Launches Program For Emerging African American Leaders: A New Program for Clergy and Lay Leaders Begins Today. I'm always skeptical of the term "black leaders," but this program seems to be on the local level and is really just teaching people how to be leaders in everything they do, so I support it.

Would the people of the District vote for a black Republican mayor? Candidate Dennis Moore thinks so. Moore doesn't have a chance, but not because he is a Republican. He's just completely unknown and there are already some very prominent frontrunners. The city is overwhelmingly Democratic, but it is also a city with a lot of grievances on the local and national level. If someone can offer solutions, I think they'd have a chance. D.C. Wire: Black Republican For Mayor.

Here is an article on patronage and race towards the efforts of diversity. Chi Tribune: Defense makes point of ethnicity in politics. Chicago has such a messy racial history. I love my hometown, but it remains a very segregated city. This article is discussing the fallout of a trial currently in progress for four ex-officials in Mayor Daley's office.

"Patronage armies of white, black, Latino and Asian city workers allegedly competed with one another for city jobs and promotions dispensed by aides to the Irish-American mayor. Pro-Daley campaign coordinators have testified about how their racially based political groups intentionally mirrored the city's polyglot patchwork of neighborhoods."

An update on Patrick Deval, the Democrat running for Massachusetts Governor. Boston.Com: Democrats give Patrick resounding endorsement. We already knew he had Ben and Jennifer Affleck's support. Now the DEMs are firmly behind him. I'm still not very clear on how much of a real chance he has. When I think of Massachusetts, I think of Boston and I don't think of a friendly place for black people. But that's just me.
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