Congratulations to 24 and The Office, two of my favorite shows that won Emmys last night. I can't wait until 24 comes back in January! Jack Bauer is crazy and it's great in a fictional sort of way. Meaning that on the show I think it's sexy, but in real life, I'd be scared of his ass. At first I was not happy to hear that Wayne Palmer, younger brother of David Palmer (hottest President ever) was going to be the President in the 6th season/day. I've already suspended enough disbelief for that show. I mean who can drive through L.A. traffic and get to the other end of the city in less than 10 minutes? Now Wayne, who's only political job we can speak of is Chief of Staff to his brother during one administration is going to be President of the United States?
TV Guide: Official 24 Scoop: President Palmer Lives On
New and Returning Characters for Day 6 of 24
However, after hearing the director's explanation, I kind of understand. He's doing this as a JFK and RFK kind of thing. The country loved President Palmer and he was assassinated as part of a terrorist plot against the U.S. (which of course Jack saved us all from...again). Although RFK had much better credentials than Wayne Palmer, sentiment and emotion would have swept him into office if he had lived long enough. So, I'll accept Wayne as President. Now that David Palmer is gone, I only watch it for Jack anyway. Also, Regina King is joining the cast and I love me some Regina. CinemaBlend: Palmer Updates For Season 6 Of 24

In other good news, reports say that the numbers of young black men in college are going up. Most importantly, the numbers of them graduating from college are going up. I hope this is true. As great as we sisters are, we can't continue the progress alone and we need snuggling study buddies. Black Voice News Online: More Black Males Entering and Graduating College: HBCU's Growing Lure

Okay, I'm thinking this is the last time I'll be writing about Cosby and his rantings. I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of his accusatory style, but I do understand his message and I totally agree with it. Some of his more recent "calling outs" have been a call to absent fathers to "Claim Their Children!" and I can't agree with him more. How can you be a man and not take care of your kids? How can expect people to respect you when you are not fulfilling the most basic, but most important duty of a father? And I'm not just talking about financial support. I'm talking about parenting. BSun: Cosby calls to absent fathers
Washington Times: Cosby exhorts students, parents

Also, here are some more interesting opinions on the Survivor: The Race Season. I'm done talking about it, but you can see from the titles, what I was saying. Whites are favored to win. It will get ugly. Survivor Cook Islands: Whites the race favored to win
L.A. Times: NYC Officials Want New 'Survivor' Pulled
Artsandentertainment: A different approach
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