I don't even know what to say about this. I am not surprised but I am disgusted. Kids are so impressionable and this kind of thing really affects them. I hope they sue that bus driver. I want her to have to show her face and try to weasel out of what she did.
The Shreveport Times: Black Students Ordered to Give Up Seats To Whites : LOUISIANA SCHOOL BUS DRIVER ORDERS BLACKS TO THE BACK
The Shreveport Times: Red River Parish parents upset with handling of bus incident

I think one of the signs of the Apocalypse is when Pat Buchanan starts to make sense. His new book on illegal immigration is getting a lot of publicity. Like those of his kind, he uses fear more than reason, but there are some legit reasons to be afraid because I agree that Mexicans illegally immigrating here aren't interested in becoming a part of America. They want to make American become Northern Mexico.
Washington Times: Buchanan warns of flood of illegals
Wonkette: Breaking: Pat Buchanan Wary of Brown People, 'Times' Reports

I didn't know there was a macaca-gate, but this mess is still going on. What difference does it make? No one will ever learn their lesson. A few months from now another high profile politician will make some racially insensitive, or incomprehensible enough to be construed as racially insensitive statement and a media melee will commence.
WAPO: Allen Calls Webb Aide, Apologizes For Remark
Hotline On Call: The Monkey Is Not Dead. We Repeat. The Monkey Is Not Dead
NYTimes: Senator Apologizes to Student for Remark
WAPO: Fairfax Native Says Allen's Words Stung
WAPO: Another Day, Another Dozen Apologies From Sen. Allen

Those people in Houston are so sick and tired of the Katrina evacuees. Now there are complaints of them destroying the apartments and rooms meant for them. Apartment Owners Complain Ordinance Unfairly Targets Them. Apartment owners all over town are piping hot mad. Again, what is the surprise here? Did people believe that just because these folks moved from New Orleans to Houston they would change their behaviors and morals? Yes, a few of them I'm sure took this chance to change their lives and are better for it, but most are just back on welfare with no regard for the property in which they live because they aren't really paying for it.

Is this really where we want to go folks?Daily Mail: Asian students' shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny I agree that airport security needs to focus more on safety than political correctness, but can we start booting people we think are Arabs off of planes because we just don't like the look of them and we're mad about 9/11 or the fear the next 9/11? I'm worried about this.
Daily Mail: Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed

I didn't even know this heifer was still alive let alone writing columns. Eagle Forum: Criticism Of Evolution Can't Be Silenced

And where in the HOT HELL does Saddam get off getting upset that someone accused him of rape or his soldiers of rape under his command? He thinks because he hung one rapist that excuses the mess his sons did? They raped women, IRAQI WOMEN, for sport. We know about the rape rooms JACKASS! This b*&^ is just too much. These trials just need to be over so they can hurry up and hang his butt. DNA India: Saddam threatens prosecutor over rape claim
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