Yes, people do actually go to Iowa even when they don't have to. Can you imagine? So, the love of the land according to just about every political survey, IL Senator Barack Obama, was in Iowa this past weekend at the invitation of IA Senator Tom Harkin. Everyone seems to want him to run; especially the media. I think Obama's smart enough not to allow himself to be used by the party for a temporary high. They know they are going to make some gains in November, so they feel like the good old days are back and they can do whatever they want.

Obama might be ready for a Vice President's role, but not the presidency. Experience isn't everything, but it does count for something. He's in his 2nd year as Senator. He hasn't even been a governor yet. He comes back from Iowa getting a lot of pub for his demand to toughen security. Sounds like a candidate to me. And some are getting worried that he's getting too popular.
Taipei Times: Obama mobbed in Iowa, stirring 2008 speculation Obama In Casual, Down-Home Mode On Iowa Visit
SouthernIllinoisan:Obama wows fans in Iowa
STLtoday: Obama Watchers Worry, Could He Be Too Popular Obama Urges Tougher Stance on Security
Chicago Sun Time: Poll: Obama for president -- but when?

I know I haven't given my favorite far left site, The Black Commentator enough attention. Here are a couple of recent articles on how the world is coming to end, if you're black your life sucks, why don't you know it and we'll tell you who is to blame. One is from Ralph Nader and I didn't know they let white people write for them.
The Black Commentator: Where Were You When They Took Your Rights Away?
The Black Commentator: A Product of Deep Poverty, Despair and Discrimination - AIDS in Black America

On that positive note, I leave you with a picture of a kitten who looks like he wants to beat the crap out of somebody.
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