It was just gossip at first, but when the NY Times picked up the story about Secretary of State Rice possibly dating Canadian Foreign Minister MacKay, they sort of legitimized it. Also because she's a single woman and he was voted Canada's hottest politician, someone was bound to make fun of their obvious closeness. If he was all old, fat and ugly, no one would have said anything. It seems like more of a thing the British Tabloids would do than Canadian. Then the official newsletter of the Embassy got all up on it. Embassy: Is It A Foreign Affair?. Granted, this is great stuff for blogs, but is it news?

Either way, Canadians are pissed off. The comments generally revolve around, "How could he date a war mongering killer?" I just think he's a very flirtatious man, but hey if she's getting some, more power to her. He's okay-looking for a Canadian. He's got her all up on his website and everything. The Honourable Peter MacKay. Maybe she did put it on him.

Below is the YouTube clip of Stephen Colbert making fun of the relationship on The Colbert Report. It's hilarious. You'll have to turn your volume up, because it's kind of low.

There's also this clip, YouTube - Condi & Canada MFA: Make Love AND War?, of the Canadian newscast making something out of it. They are all up on each other though.

So yesterday, Chavez from Venezuela called Bush the devil and said the podium still smelled like sulfur from when Bush was there. BREITBART.COM - At U.N., Chavez Calls Bush 'The Devil'. I'm still trying to figure out if this man is truly dangerous or just a jackass. Because if he's dangerous, then I am offended. If he's a jackass, I'm amused. Either way he can still kiss my ass.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when a foreign country disrespects the Presidency, you gotta say something. We don't have to call a jihad or anything like that, but no matter how you feel about the President, you gotta have a problem with foreign countries disrespecting the office. You know, it's like that wayward cousin you have that isn't any good and you've told him to his face he aint worth s*$# and you can't wait till he gets outta of your house, but if someone on the street starts talking bad about him, you'll tell them to shut the hell up because that worthless SOB is family.
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