I certainly hope this story isn't true, but I'm glad to find a story about Reggie "he can get it" Bush so I can post some more pictures of him. Boy is fine! Is it true that he is dating Nia Long? I only heard rumors, but if so, she is my new hero.
Chi Tribune: Bush, family got big benefits
iWon: Reggie Bush and Family Accepted More Than $100,000 From Marketing Agents

Have you heard about this craziness? This woman's son went missing. She says he was stolen from his crib, but I guess some of her story doesn't match up. She went on Nancy Grace, probably expecting to get some help looking for him, but Nancy lit into her and did her thing which is why I can't stand her. Anyway, the mama went home and committed suicide. So did she kill herself because she was overcome with grief over her missing baby and Nancy pushed her over the edge, or did she do it because she's done something wrong and couldn't live with herself anymore? I'm thinking if my baby is out there and needs me, I'm staying alive no matter how hard it is. I still can't stand Nancy Grace.
BREITBART.COM: Mother of Missing Boy Commits Suicide
Nancy Grace: Show didn't cause suicide

Harvard has decided to end early admission because it seems to be unfair to poor students. In early admission, you have to commit early, even before you know what your financial aid package might be from Harvard or from any other school you've applied to. If a school cost $30-40K per year, what is left over after aid kicks in can make a huge difference, so maybe poorer kids can't do early admission. I don't know. If you can get into Harvard, you go and figure it all out later, but I can understand why this might be a problem. Harvard ends early admission Harvard drops early admissions

Southern Women don't like President Bush anymore and if this transfers to the entire Republican party, they have a big problem. The only women they get are Southern women. Southern women breaking up with Bush

This guy, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, just won best political blog in the Black Weblog Awards, so I thought I would turn you on to him. Here's his website. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Looks like we're getting that fence whether it's a good thing or not. NYTimes: House Republicans Will Push for 700 Miles of Fencing on Mexico Border

Was this study sponsored by the genuises behind Hooters? Whatevah! The Daily Mail: Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study

Survivor was on last night and I didn't watch, but I already heard people complaining and spouting off on the radio this morning. The NAACP said it will reserve its judgment for now. However, President Bruce Gordon said:
"There are countless race abuses that exist in the entertainment community every day," Gordon said. "For the media to give airtime to the format of a TV show when it is silent on the absence of African Americans on Sunday morning news shows is shameful."

Oh Snap! I'd hate to see what he has to say when he's ready to pass judgment.
L.A. Times: NAACP's Stance on 'Survivor'

The Onion is hilarious. If you ever need a break and want to laugh at a purely cynical and sarcastic view of news and life, check it out. It's like The Daily Show in print. The Onion: Report: Majority Of Americans Unprepared For Apocalypse
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