I know I said I think Cynthia McKinney is a little crazy, but she aint no punk. She is still fighting her fantasy fight. Outgoing congresswoman hints at challenging Georgia voting laws

That Louisiana school bus driver that told all the black kids to move to the back so the white kids could sit up front is retiring early. I'm disappointed that she wasn't fired, but at least she's away from the kids. I know the parents will probably still try to take action against her. I wish we could hear from this lady. I would really like to look in her face and hear how she can live with doing that to those children at such an impressionable age. BAW: Black Community Up In Arms Over Embattled Bus Driver's Early Retirement

Finally! SixShot: R. Kelly Trial Date Set R. Kelly trial gets start date

Also in Chi Town, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr might be running for mayor! This is gonna get interesting. Chi Tribune: Jackson Jr. steps closer to mayoral bid

Go on girl. Do what you gotta do. With her bare hands at that. Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands

Go on girl. Do what you gotta do as well. Although this is not an endorsement of guns, which I do not believe are a good thing to have. But try and tell that to this chick. Women are fierce! Woman in wheelchair on way to gun practice shoots mugger

Also in NY, this is fishy. How is it that the advertising industry has such a problem hiring blacks? In New York? Some of the greatest, most creative and well-educated black minds are there and the industry is acting as if it's based in Ames, Iowa and just can't find them. 2% my ass. SUSPECT! NYTimes: Ad Firms to Hire More Black Managers in City

People don't like to discuss the issue of how to compensate people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes because we don't like to think that we would send an innocent person to jail. I've heard about times when DNA proved without a doubt that a man didn't rape someone, but the victim and her family wanted to fight to keep him in jail. There is also the idea that the person probably belongs in jail because they've probably committed other crimes otherwise it wouldn't have been so easy to convict them. People make mistakes, including juries and judges and when you take someone's freedom away for something they didn't do, they deserve to be compensated. Jail is an ugly place, as it should be, and no one should be there for something they didn't do. This man in Houston is trying to do something about how the state makes up for these mistakes even though they can't give these men and women back the years they were robbed of their freedom. Chron: Ex-con fights for bill to help the wrongly convicted

People are voting for the Democratic candidate for Mayor today. I live in NOVA, so I'm not eligible, but I would vote for Adrian Fenty. He is favored to win, even though he recently got the endorsement of former Mayor Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry, who was recently arrested or pulled over or detained...yes, again, for something. An endorsement I think Fenty could have done without. Fenty's major opponent Linda "you want a new stadium, you can kiss my ass" Cropp looks like a street fighter who knows her people, but not a thinker. Someone needs to have both the brains and the brawn to deal with District politics and the heavy weights with heavy money and Harvard educations from MD and VA that try to push their way in. We'll see what the voters have to say.
WAPO: D.C. Primaries: D.C. Mayor (
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WAPO: Fenty Wins Endorsement Of Barry for Top City Job
Baltimore Sun: Former D.C. mayor Barry cited for traffic offense

It is also on in Maryland and they've already got voting problems in Montgomery County. Steele is home free for the Republicans, but there is a race between Cardin and Mfume for the Democratic seat, not to mention 16 other candidates who don't have a chance.
ABC 7 News: Md. Primary Sets Stage for Radical Change in Political LandscapeWAPO: Voting Delays at D.C., Md. Polls -
ABC 7 News: Voting Delayed in Maryland
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