Atheism is trying to pimp it's brand and seems to be doing well in the book department at least. WAPO: Is God dead? Atheism finds a market in U.S. I'll admit I read End of Faith by Sam Harris and thought it was a good book. It was far and away the best argument made in favor of atheism and especially against religion. Didn't convince me. My faith is too strong and real. This is something I think people like Harris don't get. My faith in God is as real as this chair I'm sitting on. It is not some hope or fantasy or mental formation. It is concrete and substantial in every way.

Harris second book, Letters to a Christian Nation, is doing very well also and is based on all the hate mail he got from so-called Christians who were upset about his book and that it did so well. These people are the reasons why folks turn away from religion and God. Their letters are so full of hate and violence and are supposed to be in defense of Jesus. Shameful.

Speaking of religion, should there be religious based tax breaks? Religion has become such a big business these days with the mega-churches, books, touring churches(I did see Joel Osteen when he came to MCI Center - I love me some Joel), shouldn't they be treated like businesses?
NYTimes: Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books

You know I love me some Jesus, but sometimes leaving him out of the discussion can help get the message across better. Abstinence is not just a moral choice, it's a smart, healthy and practical choice for young people who have goals and plans and this program doesn't want to get all religious on you so it can make that point. WAPO: The Abstinence Shtick, Minus Jesus. VIRGIN is NOT a dirty word.

On the opposite of Jesus and love, we have hate and racism; the Devil's favorite tools to get his work done. Yes I did just get a little preachy, but you know he loves this stuff. Courtland Milloy, a black columnist for the WAPO attended a recent KKK rally and shared his experience. WAPO: Hate Is Always in Style At a Gathering of the Klan

Speaking of hate, racism and discrimination in all their glorious forms, LaShawn Barber comments on a white student who is suing a college for racial discrimination. Every year you're looking at one of these cases ultimately making it to the SCOTUS to try and overturn Affirmative Action and one will eventually get it done. Student Sues For Racial Discrimination

We also have the vote suppressors coming out of the woodwork now that the election is coming. I'm feeling a little left out. It used to be they would focus on my people and try to scare us away from the polls. The Hispanics are just getting all the attention now. BREITBART.COM: Note Warns Calif. Hispanics on Voting. If I see one of those "you don't have to vote on Tuesday if the lines are long. You can come back Wednesday" pamphlets like the ones left in black neighborhoods in Chicago in 2004, I'm really going to be jealous.

Wonkette comments on a Congressman from Iowa who refers to illegal immigrants as stray cats. I kind of get what he was saying and I hate PC Police, but check the language buddy. Comparing human beings to animals...not cool. Wonkette: Stray Cat Blues.

Counterpunch is a far left liberal site and one of their writers has a big problem with the trend of "Ghetto Fabulous" parties among white kids. Robert Jensen: Racism and Cheap Thrills at UT Law School. Personally, I think this type of party just reeks of negativity whether black or white kids have it, but I wouldn't necessarily call it racism. The writer might come from a generation where everything is considered part of a white culture or black culture. For young kids today, there is a mixing bowl of pop culture and terms like "ghetto" is a part of that culture. They wouldn't differentiate it from a "Trailer Trash Fabulous" party where everyone would dress up like Britney & K-Fed or Wynona Judd, which I'm sure they throw all the time. It's making fun of and disrespecting a certain aspect of our American culture, but not necessarily racially motivated. Besides, when I hear Ghetto Fabulous, all I think of is Kimora Lee Simmons and she's only half black.

If a black man feels compelled to write a column about how he got a cab no problem in New York, you know there's still a problem. An Arm in the Air for That Cab Ride Home - New York Times

And lastly, to get back to the Devil, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOHH: Update: R. Kelly Hearing Postponed. This man has totally made a deal with Satan and can't nobody tell me otherwise. This is not coincidence or luck. Satan is hooking this boy up and has been for some time, which is how he got into this situation in the first place.
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