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Things appear to be getting better in this little situation. iWon News: North Korea Threatens War Over Sanctions

The ghost of Ward Connelly strikes again. BAW: Voters Urged to Reject Deceptively-Named Initiative Ending Affirmative Action. I love how they name these initiatives to sound like the opposite of what they mean. They know people are generally idiots and will not research a damn thing, so when they show up at the polls and see something called "Michigan Civil Rights Initiative," they are gonna press the little button. I mean, I don't know what it is, but civil rights are good. The bill is actually an attempt to end all Affirmative Action in the state. I'm not in favor of race-based preferences, but I do believe measures should be in place to give disadvantaged youths (mind you, not adults) a chance to compete. Think of the kids in public schools in Detroit competing with the kids in private schools in Bloomfield Hills. I don't care what race either is, they don't have a chance. UPDATE: Sorry about the ghost thing, Ward is still alive.

I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't think this is cool stuff. ABC News: Earthlings Invade Mars. I'm not a science geek and I don't want to be, but I love discovery and these pictures bring the universe closer to us. And it's funny to me how these images would make someone lean more toward the Big Bang theory, because to me it only reinforces my belief in God.
WAPO: Opportunity's Panoramas of Martian Crater Thrill Scientists

Welfare reform works. It's been said a million times since Clinton enacted it, but it is the truth. It doesn't promise riches or even an easy life, but it promises freedom and when you are free, what you can do is endless. If you are on welfare, you are not free and your choices are made for you. If you are being fed, clothed and housed by the government, you are government property. WAPO: Many Leaving Welfare for Jobs

Most minorities in this area are homeowners. WAPO: Most Blacks, Hispanics in Area Own Homes. Most of my friends and family are black and middle class or upper class and everyone owns at least one home, while quite a few are investing in condos to rent for taxes and additional income. It's pretty much always a win-win situation. Property is the American dream, it's financial security and it's retirement income. Everyone has done it, except for the idiot me who decided to sink my money into law school. But one day, when the albatross of this obscene tuition is off my back, purchasing a home will be my #1 priority. And don't mention student loans because I will cry and ask you for money.

There have been a lot of articles on TN Congressman Ford in the last week or so as Democrats begin to imagine they could actually win this seat and the debates begin, but everyone wants a sister to register, so I can't really link them all. I am Pro-Ford but was very skeptical he could win this seat in TN. If he does, TN will take a big step forward by putting substance ahead of race. Tennessean: Poll: Ford takes slight lead in U.S. Senate race
WAPO: Democrat courts conservatives in Tennessee Senate race
WBIR.COM: Corker, Ford highlight differences in second debate Rep. Harold Ford Fires Back At Republicans

If this is true then I don't even know what to say. It's beyond obscene. How many by Coalition troops (31%)and how many by insurgents who seem to kill a minimum of 50 people a day? This has turned into such a mess. I hope it is inaccurate. Study: War blamed for 655,000 Iraqi deaths -
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