I voted today. It was quick and painless. There are benefits to having a last name that starts with the 2nd half of the alphabet. The lines are always shorter. The lines were respectable for midterm, but I expected longer considering people seem to be so angry about one thing or the other. I try to keep in mind the kitchen table issues that matter to me. I want the money I earn working to come to me. I worry about healthcare, paying for law school and buying a home. I worry about the quality of education for my 10 nieces and nephews.

But it isn't always about me. I make good money, live well and can take good care of my own needs. Meanwhile, 104 American soldiers died in Iraq last month. Doesn't it make sense that I put what I think is best for the families of those 104 and the soldiers still over there ahead of my personal needs this time? I believe strong moral character is important, but we didn't have much chance of that with our two senatorial candidates. I still voted for what I thought was best and in the end, that is all you can do on election day. Still, it would have been nice to get a printable receipt.

Here's some last minute election day news:
Those damn voting machines are going to mess up everything! Yahoo! News: I.D. Rules, Machines, Early Voting Problems. And I'm just not trying to hear it about these I.D. rules. There is nothing wrong with requiring I.D. to vote. It only makes sense, so stop complaining and get some I.D. NYTimes: In the Land of ‘Every Vote Counts,’ Uncertainty on Whether It’s Counted Correctly
WAPO: Primary Bugs, New Glitches Fueling Jitters In Md. and Va.

It will be a shame if Ford loses and I think he will. I'm sure bitter black women and racist white folks all over TN are saying, "That's what he gets for chasing after white girls," but you all need to stop and think of the foolishness of your reasoning. WTF does that have to do with your taxes, with all the manufacturing jobs leaving your state, with bringing our men and women home (not in coffins) from Iraq or with affording college for your kids? This is what you should vote on and you know better. What is the cost if liking white girls is the reason why Ford loses? Forward thinking and common sense in my opinion. If he loses TN, your whole state is SUSPECT. WAPO: Underdog Ford Gets a Little Help From His Illinois Friend. Overall, I know the racist commercial hurt him, but I think he would have had a better chance if he ran on the "I like girls and football" instead of "pray for me" platform he did.

I'm really curious about what is happening in Boston. I know that people tend to focus on the Hill races for Senate and Congress, but Governors are the ones who become President. We will find our first black president emerging as a leader in this role. I don't know much about Deval Patrick, but I want to see if Mass has the guts to do this. They went out on a limb and elected a Republican Mormon last time, so they can at least say they don't stick to the mold. Bay State makes history today: Healey, Patrick in final rally to get gov’s seat
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