This article at Alternet isn't particularly about black women, but it is an issue many black women face; dating down. If you look at the workplace, and especially at the college potentials, many black women have made it farther up the ladder professionally than black men. We're all told we have to get a certain type of man. This also becomes a social issue, because with professional success comes access to more culture if you choose to take it. It makes it hard for a college educated, professional woman who spends her day discussing mergers & acquisitions, while battling the glass ceiling & deciding on how to expand her 401k to come home to a man who wants to talk about rap, sports & how his manual labor boss dogged him that day. It's the same for men. If you are a well-educated, professionally successful man, how much do you have in common with a waitress or UPS delivery woman? Well if you're looking for real love, substantive love that can hold you down and keep you warm inside & out, you have to look past all that and find a way. According to this article, many women are doing just that. AlterNet: Independent Women Can Choose to 'Date Down'

My favorite magazine ask a very important question. With the big ta da! Marriage is financially beneficial for men, women & children. Of course it is. There is no arguing that an intact family unit is more financial stable than all this baby mama, baby daddy, child support not till after I see a blood test nonsense. And financially is only the beginning of the benefit. Honestly, it's quite simple. Until we get our traditional family back in order, we might as well just shut up about everything else. BE: Can Marriage Stem African American Poverty

When I saw this headline, I was ready to cuss someone out, but not anymore. I just think it's kind of sad. Why I'm Good with the "N" Word. If us using the word somehow marks the ascendancy of blacks in America, then it wouldn't anger people so much when a non-black used the words. It still packs the power it did 40 years ago because it is just an ugly word. You can't get past it or make it anything else. No matter who uses it for whatever reason.

Well damn, we can't win for nothing. Blacks HIV Risk Dramatically Higher Than Whites Despite Safer Sex Lives
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