I'm on my way home to Chicago for business, so I won't be back until next Wednesday. Until then, here is some local news.

Atlanta Representative Cynthia McKinney got into a scuffle with the Capitol Police yesterday because they didn't recognize her and wanted to stop her to check her I.D. Something tells me that McKinney, who always shows her street if you ask me, can throw down. I hope none of the officers was hurt. Lawmaker scuffles with Capitol police
"Members of Congress do not have to walk through metal detectors as they enter buildings on the Capitol complex. They wear lapel pins identifying them as members.

McKinney routinely doesn't wear her pin and is recognized by many officers, the police official said, adding that she wasn't wearing it when she entered a House office building early Wednesday."

Interesting article on how blacks view the immigration issue at Black America Web. Blacks in Los Angeles Have Mixed Reaction to Massive Immigration Rallies. Many of these illegal immigration activists are aware of the concern within the poor and working class black community about what illegals mean for their economic future and they are putting forth an effort to reassure them that it has no effect, but come on. They may not be educated, but they aren't stupid. This effects them, as well as legal immigrants, a great deal.

United we stand, divided we fall. Post Gazette: Black leaders divided even on need for unity

Last week I posted about the horrible death of the young New Orleans mother who escaped Katrina with her baby and was trying to build a new life in Houston, only to be killed. It was a sign of the increased crime that New Orleans residents have brought with them to Houston and it is taking its toll. Here is a little more:
Yahoo: Houston grows weary of Katrina evacuees
Freep: Houston has a problem with Hurricane Katrina evacuees Evacuee sought in double slaying
KWTX: Hurricane Evacuee Arrested In Houston Murder

This is just a small article that talks about lack of GOP attention to the black community in Chicago. While I'm not a fan of showing up at church on any given Sunday as proof that you are aware the black community exist, I think it points out an important issue. While the GOP power base is very interested in the black vote (Ken Melhman has put forth a strong effort to connect) and is backing candidates, what do the actual Republicans think of them? It's great that Headquarters want to open the umbrella, but until the local citizens who are Republicans and the small town candidates open their arms, Melhman's work will be for nothing.
Chicago Defender: GOP M.I.A. in Black Community

This is some foolishness out of nowhere that I thought I would share. Now, I'll be the first to say I don't want to know about a candidate's consentual sex life, but if you're going around beating sisters down on the regular, I want to know. By the way, this is old boy from MTV's Real World that got kicked out of the house because he 'humiliated' a female cast member; whatever that means. New York Daily News: B'klyn race no place for ex-abuser
"It's not often that a journalist gets to confront a candidate for public office with the classic entrapment question, "When did you stop beating your wife?" But in the case of Kevin Powell, a candidate for Congress in Brooklyn who describes himself as "a recovering misogynist" with a history of physically abusing women, a variation on that question must be asked."
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The National Urban League has come out with its annual State of Black America Report:
This year's report on The State of Black America continues to examine the equality gaps, as researched in the Equality Index, that remain virtually unchanged at 0.73 from last year (2005) between Black and White Americans.
To combat this gap in equality, the National Urban League Opportunity Compact addresses the scourge of poverty and lays the groundwork for economic empowerment of African Americans and others in four areas: homeownership, jobs, economic development and our children.

The State of Black America 2006 report opens with four essays addressing these four components. While each essay stands on its own as an independent policy analysis, together they present a cohesive and systematic approach for closing the nation's equality gaps. Also, included in this year's report are essays on Hurricane Katrina and poverty, race and healthcare disparities, racial disparity and prison boom, and the state of civil rights.

You can read the abstracts and executive summary at the National Urban League website. Coverage is not too extensive, but here is a little bit: Blacks losing ground financially, study finds
Chicago Tribune: Report: Racial gap persists

This article suggest that maybe the South Dakota case won't make it to the Supreme Court as abortion foes are hoping because the state is looking to get the law on this November's election through petition.
Argus Leader: Drive For Abortion Vote Starts
Yahoo: Opponents of S.D. Abortion Ban Seek Vote

Meanwhile, in Kansas City---Kansas City Star: House OKs birth control funding ban

It was sad to read this article at CNN. Fewer physicians offer free care. Of course this affects all poor people, but especially It all just underscores the need for healthcare reform. I don't know if Universal Healthcare is the answer because it doesn't fit with the way we do things, but maybe healthcare should be the one exception when it comes to those rules.

Also, here's an article on what the CBC recently did to bring attention to health care in the black community. Urban Mecca: Congressional Black Caucus To Host Black Health Empowerment Project

And here's a blog post about all of us sorry a#^ black folks that don't work out (and yes I said us because I am one of them) even though we have access to a local gym or, in my case, have one right in my building. The SuperSpade: Black folks and the gym (or lack thereof). I will be dusting of my FIRM Workout tapes this weekend, cause you know you have to get in shape before you go to the gym. Summer is around the corner.
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That immigration thing just blew up like I said it would. Okay, everyone said it would, but check out this picture from Los Angeles. It's one of many. Some are even speculating that the estimate of 12 million illegals is really more like 20 million. 20 million people who are using our social services but not paying taxes? Something has to be done.

Down in the Big Easy, the political scene is getting a little murkier if that is at all possible for New Orleans. A judge has refused to delay the vote, which is a problem. The residents of New Orleans have a right to vote and it can't kill anyone to move it back just a few more months. Not only is this wrong, but it will be yet a nother damaging political tool used against the administration. Judge rejects New Orleans Election Day Black Leaders Want Improvements for New Orleans Mayoral Election New Orleans hopefuls lack solutions
MSNBC: In New Orleans, Chasing Votes Is a Nationwide Hunt
Louisiana Weekly: New study disputes that blacks are not returning; suggests Nagin will be Re-elected Evacuee Educates Others About New Orleans Election

A long time ago, I posted about this chick that committed fraud online to get access to Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele's credit report. She was thinking..Uh Uh, he's a brother, so you know his credit is jacked. What an idiot. I can't imagine what she was smoking that told her this was a good idea. The issue kind of slipped under the covers, but some recent activity has bought it back to the uhm...well not the front page, but a few people mentioned it.
WAPO: Democrat Pleads Guilty in Steele Case
Washington Times: Party worker pleads guilty
WAPO: Researcher Will Face Charges in Steele Case
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The immigration issue is going to blow up this week and will be covered non-stop. Some are saying this is the new Civil Rights Movement. It is a very important issue for me. Hispanics march in Milwaukee against immigration bills
Washington Times: Bush seeks 'civil' immigration debate
Bloomberg: U.S. to Detain Families Crossing Border Illegally
NY Times: Bush Is Facing a Difficult Path on Immigration Chertoff: China won't take back deportees
WAPO: Immigration Debate Is Shaped by '08 Election

This issue has become bigger than many expected and has become so a lot faster than most anticipated. This November (and especially in 2008), I can see this be THE ISSUE that would turn red states along the border against Republicans or it could shore them up for Republicans depending on who does all the voting. It will have business implications for small and large companies, social services implications, legal and court consequences and will touch all of us at the cash register.

We're going to see a big fight between social conservatives and capitalist conservatives. It remains to be seen if Democrats have the smarts to take advantage of this, but it's almost a gimme for them. And if Bush uses his only veto during his administration to this point, then it is on, let me tell you. Add to all of this, not just the idea of building bigger walls, filling up jails with people who would now be considered felons, imposing humongous fines on companies, but we're talking about detaining mass amounts of people in 'facilities' in the case of China and shipping them back to their countries, but their countries refuse to accept them and...well, this is going to get worse before it gets better people. You need to know where you stand and have a good moral reason for standing there because you will be pushed.

I kind of glossed over the entire Claude Allen debacle and I wasn't alone. It didn't seem like the press had a taste for it. It's just kind of a sad pitiful story. Unless of course the 'evil' twin theory actually turns out to play a factor. In that case, I see Movie of Week written all over it. TMP: Oh, Now This is Just Weird
Michelle Malkin: HE HAS A TWIN BROTHER?

What I did see was a series of articles on the "Black Republican," this species that intrigues yet reviles so many. Here is some of what I'd pass on:
The Wilmington Journal: Are Black Republicans Self Destructing?
WorldNetDaily: Reviled But Free
NCM: No Requiem for a Black Conservative
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Here are some recent books lighting up the bestseller lists or just curiously enough about race and politics to take a look. I'm reading Dyson's book right now, but I can't vouch for the others. Just thought they would be interesting to share.

Tavis Smiley's The Covenant with Black America is blowing off the shelves and has made it to #6 on the hot shot NY Times Bestseller List (non-fiction paperback). They are actually on backorder. According to Monica Lewis at BlackAmericaWeb, this is a sign that black folks are serious about talking about the issues facing us. The Covenant with Black America Hits Number Six on Best-Seller List. It's a collection of essays on the issues important to us and worth a read. I've put it on my list.

Star Parker has a new one out (hat tip: Booker Rising)titled, White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay. Her premise: The problems of the inner city is now the plight of America. Maybe this is her attempt to get white folks in the suburbs to care about how bad rap music is? Because if they turn against it, than the industry is out of business because their kids are the ones making those folks rich. I'm sure it covers more than that.

I just started reading Michael Eric Dyson's Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster. As expected, it is more about using words eloquently than giving solutions, but I will withhold full judgment until I'm done. So far, it's about how it's all our faults that black people are poor and I agree with it to an extent. We allow poverty to continue as long as it doesn't bother us to much and we take no blame for it. However, I fear that Dyson's theme appears to be the reason they are poor is because there isn't enough money in government programs to support him. He's spending a lot of money on Bush's spending cuts. I'm sure I'll end up disagreeing with everything, but he's a good speaker and writer and I like reading well-written books.

I don't know much about Taylor Branch's At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68, but the cover was compelling to me. It was all over the place at Border's, so I made a note to take a look at it. I probably won't read it, because I think Branch spends too much time writing about King. He's written other books (Parting the Waters, Pillar of Fire) and how new could this one be? Still, he writes what he knows, so if you're interested, check it out...

A while ago I recommended reading The Fate of Africa: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair by Martin Meredith. It's a long book, but it's great if you want to understand what has gone so wrong over there since the promise independence and really want to grasp the lost potential that exist there. It is a continent on the verge of extinction if things don't radically change. A new book,The Trouble with Africa by Robert Calderisi, is out discussing why foreign aid isn't working and although I haven't read it, I'm sure it brings out many of the same points the Meredith's book did. The systems of government are so corrupt over there it's almost unbelievable.
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This is such a sad story to hear. A young black single mother, Tyeisha Martin, who escaped Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and was building a new life for herself in Houston was murdered. Her story of hope and a new chance was enough to make Seventeen magazine want to write an article about her. Seventeen: Make a difference

I think it all hurts so much because for all the tragedy that Katrina brought, it also brought opportunity. For some people, just getting up and out of that crime-soaked atmosphere opens their eyes to a real life and many are getting a chance to start life anew without crime around every corner. Unfortunately, others aren't able to escape it even when they want and others have chosen to bring it with them and spread the misery crime brings in their new location. I pray for her, her family and especially her baby. Young mother slain months after escaping Katrina Deputies Identify Woman Found Dead In Ditch Officers stymied in evacuee's killing

This one story is tragic enough, but what really gets me is how many deaths in Houston are related to New Orleans evacuees based on the Chronicle article above. I shouldn't be surprised considering how much crime existing in New Orleans. It was 10% above the average went meant that more than a good number of the population was engaged in crime. It wasn't as if those criminals would stop committing crimes just because they move to another time. This meshes with all those reports of increased crimes in areas with high number of New Orleans evacuees.

This is why New Orleans isn't bending over backwards to get evacuees back. All evacuees are not created equal. There is probably much less crime in the city now (although the TIME article below says its coming back) and as many of the evacuees return, they will bring their crime with them.
MSNBC: Houston Wants Katrina Evacuees to Move On
After Welcoming Evacuees, Houston Handles Spike in Crime Crime Returns to Big Easy
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With St. Patrick's day just passing, a less-seen face in the immigration made themselves more visible. There are an estimated 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the U.S. and they have something to about the escalating battle on the issue.
NY Times: An Irish Face on the Cause of Citizenship

I don't care if you are from Europe, China, Mexico or Africa, illegal is illegal and it is a strain on the American system of government and services. Yes, some immigrant groups are more likely to work and contribute while some seem more likely to grab the first aid they can, but they are all illegal. It isn't about work ethic. I think legal immigrants of all races who took the long route, did it the right way would feel the most threatened by this. And what about those signs say, "No human being is illegal!" Nice try. No one said 'you' were illegal, but that doesn't mean your presence in the states is not illegal.
BAY AREA: Irish join battle over illegal immigration / St. Patrick's Day vehicle for activists seeking reform
NY Sun: Irish Illegal Aliens Win Clinton as Ally of Immigration Law Change
SFGATE: Senate coming to grips with immigration bill.
Boston Globe: Was this land made for you and me?

Last year, a big deal was made out of the little 13 year old twins, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, in Bakersfield California, who have a music group called Prussian Blue. ABC News: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate. They are white supremacists and sing songs about Hitler and wear Hitler t-shirts. After their coverage on television, they had to go underground because of threats and were so surprised that people had a problem with what they were doing. Anyway, now their Daddy is trying to fight for custody because he doesn't like that their mom is teaching them this stuff. A little late, but anyway... It's basically child abuse if you ask me.

Now, a lot of sites are trying to get more publicity for this little black girl named Autum Ashante who is the underaged racist du jour. She recently read a poem about white nationalism and said some offensive things about white people when she was interviewed. She's only seven, so she's got a little head start on the twins, who began performing at age nine.
Gawker: Little Girl Sticks It To The Man; The Man Not Amused
NY Post: Better or Verse
Newsday: NYC leaders support black girl who read white nationalism poem

Where do kids this age get all this anger? Of course their parents. It's such a shame that people are allowed to poison their children this way. Being young is hard enough, to have hatred so entrenched in their soul at this age, who knows if they'll be able to clean their hearts ever? What's also a shame is that many black folks will call the white twins racist and the black girl brave.

I feel sorry for all these kids and our future.
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Feeling pretty sick right now, so I have to take a break. I hope to be back tomorrow.
Meanwhile, enjoy these little yum yums:

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As everyone knows, Washington knocked Illinois out of the tournament and I'm devastated. I wasn't too optimistic they would make it to the final four because UConn is just such a great team, but I thought they would make it to the Sweet Sixteen at least.

Oh well. I guess it's over until next year. I still have my Cubs to look forward to. Don't laugh.
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I chose not to write about the whole flack with Claude Allen, former advisor to George Bush not because it's sad, but because everyone else wrote about it and I couldn't think of anything clever to say. Here is what the bloggers had to say about him. They're the most interesting because they don't have to bother with facts and stuff like that:
AlterNet: No Requiem for a Black Conservative
TPM Cafe: Crime Wave Engulfs Bush White House
The Left Is Right and Other Observations: Wanna know more about Claude Allen?
Anderson@Large: It's Hard out Here for a Black GOPer Politics, Race, and Grace

The House was arguing over the new Medicaid Prescription drug plan today and with a father on Medicare with Parkinsons, it bothers me that so many people are having a hard time with this. Daddy knows what plan he wants and luckily has the money to get all the drugs he needs, but I really worry about a lot of seniors who aren't as lucky. Washington Times: Medicare education sought for blacks

The Immigration issue is just a daily thing. Here is an interesting article over the controversial Guest Worker program. I think Bush is totally wrong on this and I hope legislation works against it. You can't condone what's wrong. Yahoo: Senators Divided Over Guest Worker Program

I wanted to share this editorial I saw at about backwards black folks and how we need to check ourselves and change our ways if we are to make it in this country. BlackPress: Rewarding our Friends and Punishing our Enemies
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My Picture Posting Thingy Doesn't Work, So Sorry For No Pictures. I'm Looking Into It.

Much Ado in New Orleans with the elections coming up, including Mayor Nagin's expensive plate fundraiser and criticism for one of his opponent's campaign ads. NOLA: Nagin's fund raising; Who's out of the races; Candidates on hand

Can someone be an innocent victim if they are stigmatized for associating with a polarizing figure many consider hateful, racist and anti-Semitic? Askia Muhammad would say no, but Askia believes that Minister Louis Farrakhan is a very, very good person based on this editorial about the controversy surrounding pressure on the Governor of IL to make Claudette Muhammad pay for being buddies with Farrakhan. Chicago Defender: Hands Off Farrakhan. My thoughts? As adults we must be careful with the company we keep. It wasn't as if she didn't know what Farrakhan stood for.

We've been following former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell's trial for a while. This trial has been a long time coming and has caused significant divisions within the Atlanta communities, bringing up allegations of racism, entrapment and of course racketeering and bribery. The jury ended with a split decision last week and that just causes more problems for those trying to figure out what Campbell will ultimately mean to Atlanta. AJC: Jury's still out on Campbell's legacy

Had to go to BET to find out about a missing black girl, but I'm going to spread it as far as I can. Let's face it, you won't be hearing about her much anywhere else.
Missing Teen: Eboni Johnson

Here is a disturbing story about young black boys in Maryland's juvenile jails. I'm sure MD isn't the only state where this is a problem, but it has to be fixed. Kids are stuck in jails and they don't belong there. Many of them are very young with mental or emotional problems who belong in a hospital or other treatment center, but none are available. Meanwhile how much additional damage are they experiencing while they wait for space? Baltimore Sun: Most-troubled kids languish in youth jails
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DCist has an amusing story on Marion Barry's quick slip. He avoided years in jail for messing around with the I.R.S., so he should consider himself lucky. Stay Out of Trouble, Marion!. He's had so many problems this year, here are just a few of my favorites:
Wonkette: You Can't Blame Gentrification for All Those White Lines
Now if only he can find some way to millions off that gasification machine. ABC 7 News: Barry Shows Gasification Machine, But Can't Turn It On
WAPO: Robbed at Gunpoint, Barry Harbors 'No Animosities'

I'm against illegal immigration because it is illegal and has placed a huge burden on our government and social system. It has created a serious labor problem for legal immigrants and working class minorities. Still, I'm not so stupid that I don't know many are against illegal (and legal) immigration because of racism. They don't want all these black, brown and yellow people flooding this country. They fear the inevitable which is the browning of America. One can still be against illegal immigration, speak out against these people and not be a hypocrite or a flip flopper. The intent makes all the difference.

Here's more on what they are afraid of: - Sun Belt, suburbs get more diverse
Washington Times: Senate panel OKs new border fencing in Arizona
Online NewsHour: The Browning of America
NY Times: Whites to Be Minority in New York Area Soon, Data Show
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So as of July, it will be illegal to have an abortion in South Dakota unless the life of the mother is in danger. L.A. Times: South Dakota Governor Signs Abortion Bank. This is not really a stretch for South Dakota, considering its current abortion situation. WAPO: S.D. Makes Abortion Rare Through Laws And Stigma.

Still, I was very disappointed to hear that exceptions aren't being made for rape and incest. It seems like a reasonable next step from legal abortions. I wonder if SD allows rape victims to take the morning after pill because usually if someone is this radical about abortion, they would not.

I do believe there will be a small minority in SD who have responded to this law by saying, "stock up on condoms," or "let me get my BCP updated," but they should have been doing this already. I seriously doubt anyone said, "let me be a more moral person." Desperate women will do what they feel they have to do even if they don't have really don't have to.

Those with money will go to the next state to get their abortion. Those without money will go to the local alley or go on the internet and try to do this themselves; resulting in maybe two deaths instead of one. Internet opens new back alley

Those who have no choice, but to bring a baby to term will most likely give it up for adoption (unless they try to get rid of the baby some other way, which we have to be ready to accept might happen) and SD government services has to be ready to take care of the ones that won't be adopted; which will most likely be the ones with problems and minorities. Will they raise taxes? Cut spending elsewhere? This souls must be paid for somehow.

For those who choose to keep their baby after they have it, we'll have to deal with increased welfare rolls because the women who are already too poor to travel to the next state for an abortion, can't afford to take care of a baby.

We'll have to deal with a court system flooded with child support cases and the increase in domestic violence associated with these types of cases. A significant number of abortions are performed on single women, so child support will be a big issue. We already see men's groups are trying to give men the opt out of child support. Male activists want say in unplanned pregnancy. I expect this cry will get louder as more states follow SD.

Is South Dakota prepared? If so, then good. If not, it better start getting prepared. I do believe that as people adjust to a changing legal system, lifestyle choices will change somewhat, but it will take a long time to change the morality of a country that has taken decades to degrade. And there will be millions who will refuse to go back without a violent fight.

Don't get me wrong. I believe abortion is a bad thing, but I've never believed making it illegal was the answer. Yes, there are some women who are irresponsible idiots and use it as birth control. Yes there are selfish women who are willing to kill a baby because it isn't convenient, but I believe the majority of girls and women who have abortions do so because they don't believe they have any other choices or that the other choices will be too much to bare. Why not focus our energy on changing that perception?

On the same subject, here is some good news about parental consent, which I am very much in favor of:
NY Times: Scant Drop Seen in Abortions if Parents Are Told
Yahoo: Study: Law Lowered Abortion Rate in Texas
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The other day I found a website buzzing around about TN Congressman Harold Ford. Fancy Ford. It was put together by some scared and I feel safe in saying jealous Republicans who want you to know the 'truth' about Ford.

So now, I see the OH SNAP! from the left who took it one further and created Very Fancy Frist. Now this would be more effective if it was actually on someone running against Ford, but those will all be a bunch of nobodies, so Frist is the obvious choice.

I'm not condoning all the spending by Ford; fancy indeed. He does seem to be fast and loose with the money if the allegations are true. Most politicians on The Hill need to take it down a notch. I've always thought that he had a bit too much of a national profile for a local candidate. Eyes too big? Will that hurt him this November?

I do sense the racial overtones of the Ford site with the pretty playboy bunnies on the home page and I do sense a bit of a non-Senatorial party animal based on the NBA All-Star weekend appearance, but I won't make accusations because that would be presumptuous. I'll leave those to Wonkette. Yo, That Kid Is Buck Wild!

I can see Ford's ancy handlers now. "You need to be seen with a good black girl, so the people of Tennessee won't think you're gay and won't be afriad you're another powerful black man who can't help himself when it comes to their precious white belles. And by 'precious white belles' we mean Playboy mansion whores. And by 'good black girl,' we mean not someone you met at the NBA All Star weekend in Houston, because we all know wasn't nothing but hoochies up and throughout that joint."

Seriously though, over-practiced politician aside, I like the guy. Here's the real stuff:
Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.: 9th District of Tennessee
Harold Ford Jr.For Senate
Harold Ford Jr. For U.S. Senate 2006 Unofficial Grassroots Blog
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Remember Obamamania? He was the second coming, but everyone warned not to be too quick to drink his koolaid. Then he disappeared from the mainstream although us geeks who watch C-Span and Chris Matthews got our regular doses. Seems like he's paid his freshman dues and is coming out of the cave. It all started when McCain went all Lee Van Cleef on Obama over the lobbying reform rift. Now we're seeing a lot of articles about Mr. Illinois and not just out of Chicago:
Chicago Tribune: Stepping off the sidelines, into the spotlight
The Hill: Dems cool on Obama bill Democrats see Obama as face of 'reform and change'

I think it has been under the radar because Rep. Conyers (D-MI) hasn't been much of a newsmaker outside of his district in a while, but there is a growing controversy coming out of his office as well. A former aide has refiled some old allegations against him from like two years ago. My question, is this stuff Conyers is accused of illegal or just mean?
WAPO: Ex-Aide to Conyers Refiles Ethics Complaint
Former Conyers aides press ethics complaints
The Hill: Conyers' Ethics Troubles Explode

Maryland Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele is showing his conservative roots. WAPO: Steele Wants More Md. Funding for Faith-Based Programs. I think he's safe here. Faith Based programs have been very successful and seem to have majority approval.

Here's a bit about Lynn Swann that sounds very hopeful. I haven't heard much of his platform, but the GOP really loves this guy, so I'm sure Mehlman has sent in his best to coach him. He has the charm and you know he has the love. Now, if he can get the black folks in PA to show him some love, I'm thinking this guy is going to be one of the few bright spots for the Republicans after voting day this November. Post Gazette: Swann part of the rise of black Republicans Whites warmly receive Swann -

I don't think anyone was surprised when we heard that TN Congressman, and Senate hopeful, Harold Ford rushed to the Baltimore harbor to make a commercial about the U.S. Ports. Baltimore, because there are no ports around TN. He got some opportunistic flack about it, but I'm sure it helped. The press really loves to dig into him. But somebody needs to take a midol instead of feeding this site: Fancy Ford
Chattanoogan: Harold Ford Jr.'s Achilles' Heel
RedState: Harold Ford: Empty Suit

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Illegal immigrants is on the tip of everyone's tongue this day. I think it's going to be one of the top three issues this November and especially in 2008. The situation is seriously getting out of control and legislation to reform immigration laws are going to change the face of labor in this nation; not to mention the face of this nation in the literal sense.

WAPO: Build a Fence -- And Amnesty
FREEP: Illegal immigration is a one-way flood over U.S. borders
Monsters & Critics: Report: 11.5 million illegals in U.S.
WAPO: Immigrant Bill Sends Chill Through Rally
Chicago Tribune: 1 in 20 workers in America illegally
VOA News: Opponents Rally Against US Immigration Bill Loose border saps county coffers

There are a lot of New Orleans issues coming around, including the demolition of homes after no one has come to do anything about them, voting and whether or not 2008 hopefuls are even paying attention. Bush has been there 10 times now since Katrina and they all still hate him. Race is playing a role when it comes to voting in November because as with most elections, whites vote for the white candidate and blacks vote for the black candidate. Both sides are wrong, but with NOLA still missing most of its chocolate, allowing misplaced New Orleans residents to vote absentee is a big issue. And there is the issue with complaints about President Clinton and Daddy Bush's charity not coming through.

Chicago Defender: Satellite voting for foreigners, but not for New Orleans evacuees? N.O. mayor asks for help with absentee voting
WAPO: Churches Still Await Katrina Aid

NY Times: Demolition of Homes Begins in Sections of New Orleans
The Hill: White House hopefuls skipped Katrina visit
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3.07.2006 Dodge City showdown at funeral
When I first read about this group of jackasses protesting at the funerals of dead soldiers, I was livid. I still am, but I am pleased to hear that steps are being taken to do something about them. These crazy people are shepherds for the devil. How they can live with themselves by doing this to these families? These are mothers who have lost their baby! So the media has to be PC and they call this an "unheard of level of disrespect," but that doesn't even begin to cut it.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of how black their hearts must be to preach "God's Hate." I support the Patriot Guard Riders and it looks like their ranks are growing due to the publicity!

Army Times: Bikers Drown Out Funeral Protestors Patriot Guard Riders To Shield Avery's Family

Daily Home: Patriot Guard Riders to attend White funeral
Minnesota Daily: Protests and funeral laws
Columbia Daily Tribune: In rush to look patriotic Missouri lawmakers hand Phelps a victory
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The Oscars mean nothing to me, so my favorite part was seeing those it meant everything to. This was my favorite winner.
Cape Argus: Tsotsi wins Oscar
News 24Tsotsi families over the moon.

I know George Clooney meant well with his speech, but it wasn't really accurate. Hollywood is still very biased against well-rounded black stories. Yes, we've had success for folks like Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and Denzel, but we shouldn't be able to count on one had the number of blacks who have won Oscars since Hattie McDaniel. Even that year she won the Oscar, there was rampant racism in the industry. And about civil rights, well Hollywood was not on the forefront. It was the churches and community leaders with a few black actors that made it a movement. Still, I get what he was trying to say and he's hot so I'll let it slide.
Newsbusters: Clooney's Oscar Speech: ABC Supports With Film Clips Instead of Fact-Checking

I will admit that I turned away as soon as Luda finished his introduction of Three 6 Mafia, but I saw some of it from YouTube today. Coonery is coonery even if it has an Oscar slapped on it. I was however when Queen (who looked great as usual) announced they were the winner. Who in the Sam Hell heard that song and said, yes, that's the best song of this Oscar year? You're average Disney yearly piece of crap would sound better than that.

So of course they acted like a bunch of straight fools when they got their awards. Hello, this is not the SOURCE awards! You could at least take your damn hat off! Yes, and be sure to thank Jesus because you owe it all to him. If there is anything Jesus loves, it's those speaking on behalf of men who sell their sisters for sex.

I decided to check the blogs for reaction to this:
Cake and Ice Cream: Three-6-Mafia's Oscar Performance...

Postgraduate Musings: "It's [Not As] Hard Out Here for a Pimp"

RELLAVENT: Its Hard Out Here For A......Black Person

Booker Rising: Coonery Wins At The Oscars.

Ohnotheydidnt: Being a pimp is really fraught with difficulties that non-pimps seem unable to understand.

Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation: Note to Academy: You're Not Racist. We Get It.

On a related note, talk about it being hard out there for a pimp. Pimps in D.C. must face further prosecution. Can't a brother force an underage sister into sexual slavery in peace? I mean, he's only trying to put food in his babies mouths.
WAPO: Area Juvenile Sex Rings Targeted Using Anti-Trafficking Laws
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I have been under the weather lately, so I'll keep the commentary short:

It's always amazing to see how people can live in such hypocrisy. Using slaves to build a monument to freedom and democracy has to be on the top of the list. Memorial eyed for slaves who helped build Capitol.

Speaking of honoring slaves, here's a nice story about honoring a man born a slave who because the first black to serve a full term in the U.S. Senate for Virginia; a state which is also the only one to put forth a black Governor. Slave-turned-senator to be honored.

Katrina charities are running out of money. Many of them have been more useful than the government in helping Katrina victims get back on their feet and start over. However, this is going to be more of a serious problem then people think because those thousands of impoverished people who have been living off the government well before Katrina are used to someone else paying for their life. What are they going to do? WAPO: Two-Thirds of Katrina Donations Exhausted.

Speaking of Katrina, here's an interesting article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about what the writer feels we can learn from government's unfulfilled promises. Katrina Aftermath: Can We Learn From the '40 Acres and a Mule' Myth?. Yes, the people should own, not rent, those rebuilt houses (whenever that happens), but you can't pay a mortgage unless you have a job. So let's talk about jobs before talking about owning houses.

I found this picture of a little love sucking on her binky at a Carribean festival on the web and thought I'd share it. It's the only thing that can put a smile on my face today considering I think I have Ebola.
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This crazy b*^#@ should get life! Hampton Roads: Woman charged with shooting self to cause abortion. This is one of those disgusting stories that I have to apologize for sharing, but must share. This poor baby girl. I wish I had more words, but I don't. Yes, I know....I know depression is a serious illness, so maybe she should have been monitored, but then put whoever should have been watching her in jail. It's just....that poor baby.

So the Minister Farrakhan made a speech and it was controversial. Really? Well, get my smelling salts. CBS2CHICAGO: Farrakhan's Saviors' Day Speech Raises Controversy. It's also causing some real controversy for the Governor who is already growing through some relationship problems with the black community. Chicago Sun Times: Farrakhan's words shouldn't cost appointee.

I have an idea. Let's put MF on the list of people who need to start becoming less newsworthy and save ourselves the time.

This is an AP photo I saw at Yahoo today from Saddam Hussein's trial. What's so funny? Oh yeah, hearing about how you gassed and murdered hundreds of innocent people certainly brings me to laughter. Too bad your sons are dead, cause I'm sure hearing their rape room victims testify would've been HILARIOUS! Good times.
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Identity theft is a very serious things. It can ruin lives and cause years of pain and financial hardship. The rates at which it is increasing is extremely scary. I don't think the people in charge of policing and protecting can keep up. This article is about a recent study looking at the effects of I.D. Theft on African Americans. Identity Theft Knows No Boundaries.

Black Enterprise says BE: African-Americans Trail Whites in Gaining Wealth and looks at some of the causes. It comes the "average white family" to the "average black family." There in lies the problem. The "average white family" has two parents working and contributing to its wealth, while the "average black family" has one. The greatest way for blacks to attain wealth is to get married.

Interesting article on how Mommies are having a hard time getting jobs and getting paid what they should based on a recent Cornell study. JS Online:Moms are getting jobbed in interviews.

"Moms, you might want to take off your wedding ring before going on your next job interview. Oh, and try not to talk about your children, no matter how proud you might be of little Quentin or Suzy."

I was a corporate recruiter in a past life and I can say that women who played up being a mommy were definitely a turn-off, but not mommies themselves. In a professional setting you sell your skills, business victories and professional competencies; not how you spent your weekend managing a soccer game and ballet lessons on the same day.
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