Do you guys remember the Maryland case where a woman, seeking a restraining order against her threatening estranged husband was ridiculed by a ridiculous judge. Although she had proof that he was threatening to kill her, the judge was recorded as telling her this was frivolous and she should just get a divorce and denied the order. Well, the fool set her on fire a few weeks later, almost killing her.

Now the judge was dismissed from the bench and given administrative orders the day of the attack, but in my opinion that wasn't enough. The husband was convicted today on several counts and he'll be away for probably the rest of his life. Despite that, the victim has had to suffer through countless surgeries and will probably be in pain the rest of her life. I want to hear a comment from that judge who, at the time, was said to be very unfair to women in domestic disputes. WAPO: Jury Finds Man Who Set Wife Afire Guilty - Future Of Judge In Burned Woman Case In Jeopardy

Okay, so I'm in favor of deporting illegal immigrants, denying them benefits with the exception of emergency healthcare and penalizing companies for employing them. I'm not a big fan of the big, brick wall. However, apparently many are so in favor of it, they are offering to send bricks to their Representative.
Send-A-Brick - Secure our Borders! Of course, Wonkette has something to say about it.
We Don't Think the Immigration Bill Failed For Lack of Bricks, but If It Keeps You Off the Streets

Lastly, I just thought this was hilarious, so I needed to share it. Hey, at least their honest about it. MSNBC: Nigerian referees OK'd to take bribes: Official says bribery acceptable, but refs shouldn't let cash influence decisions
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It appears that a little bit of Claude Allen, former domestic policy advisor to Bush and current shoplifter with an evil twin, was brought back into the newsophere with an article by Lynne Duke in the WAPO.
The Enigmatic Man

But what I love is what Wonkette has to say about him.

Claude Allen: A Riddle Inside a Mystery Wrapped In an Prick

Good Riddance.

Because colleges and universities are charging your soul for tuition, we appear to be returning to the day when only those with money, or who come from money, can afford college. For others, financial aid is the only way they can afford school. This need isn't exclusive to minorities, but of course minorities make up a great deal of students applying for financial aid.

So if you're planning to go to college, or go back to grad school, don't do drugs 'cause the government can and will deny you aid. - Drug convictions costing students their financial aid

Oh yeah, and Cosby is calling out folks again. iWon News: Cosby Urges Parents to Take Active Role
AP Wire: Bill Cosby to speak to two meetings in Greenwood
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I'm a strong believer in 'real' personal responsibility, not just the catchphrase that conservatives spit out just to insult without even knowing what they mean. I also know that no one lives in a bubble, so we have to help each other. But I have to wonder if all of this extra attention paid to helping black men is really helping them?

When I say men, I mean men, not boys. Of course this doesn't apply to children, but everywhere I turn there are programs and services aimed at 'saving' the black male. Although not explicitly stating so, it gives the impression that this is one group of people who are so helpless and victimized that the rest of us have to constantly try to 'do' for them. We all, especially black women, have to change who we are and what we want out of life to accommodate who they want us to be and what they need from us.

Does this national pity for the black male really help them? We all feel so sorry for them, make allowances for them and want to take care of them. But doesn't that work against us respecting them? You don't respect someone who always needs help. Yes, we have the upmost respect for those black men who are doing their thing and especially those who are trying to help other black men, but I fear at some point people are just going to give up; a lot already have.

We are willing to do what we can for boys, but once they grow up, America is going into 'black man fatigue.' Companies are skipping over black men and going right to black women, Hispanics and Asians to increase their diversity. Look at politicians, who can't see anything but the Latino vote now. Look at all the black women who are dating and marrying outside of their race because black men aren't offering them more than a chance to be a baby's mama.

Of course some will say black men have no responsibility in this, it's all what WE are doing to THEM. But again, this attitude portrays them as completely voiceless and weak. Why is it that everyone is responsible for their outcomes, except the poor black men? It's like they are being set up because this view does not elicit respect, only pity and compassion.

My father grew up as a black male in Mississippi in the 30s & 40s and never complained or asked for help. He faced several hurdles and obstacles, mostly because his family wasn't poor and the white folks hated him more for that. He made mistakes, but never blamed anyone or anything else. This is why I respect him so immensely. He said, "If you can't respect a man, then he is a boy." But respect can't be demanded or derived from pity. It can only be earned (or bought-let's not pretend otherwise).

It really makes me wonder because the black race can't move forward if our men are left behind, but it appears that they are just becoming too much work. What are people doing (with men, not boys) that is making a difference? How can we spread this success in a way that will reverse this image of black men as in need of every damn thing? What are black men responsible for themselves?
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Too lazy for pics today.

Deval Patrick, Democrat candidate for Governor of Massachusetts was written up for the innovative marketing techniques his campaign is using, but will being on the cutting edge of technology be enough to help him? New media, new frontier - Candidates battle Web blogs, cell phones, iPod buzz
His campaign hasn't been very smooth.
Hub Politics: Armenians Give Patrick Thumbs Up Despite Ties To Genocide Deniers

The L.A. Times writes an interesting article about illegal aliens who are actually paying taxes. Interesting. I think the truth still lies in the illegal status, but a major, if not THE major, contention between citizens and illegals is that they are utilizing America's social services without paying for them like we have to. So what is the reaction to this?

Yes, we all know that Prince George's County is the most affluent black county in all of America. PG County still has some areas I wouldn't even venture into during the bright of day, but it is also a mecca for professional blacks and retailers are finally seeing the light. Here's some recent news: Baltimore Sun: Area among leaders in black firms

On the other end we have Prince William County which has nowhere near the black clout that PG County does, but is becoming the new attraction for black families and professionals. It used to be "the affordable county" in the D.C. area, but now the average house is around $500K, so its just like everywhere else. WAPO: In a Pocket of Prince William

Here's good news for both counties:

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I'm back and very backed up, but Vancouver was wonderful.

It is so on. Hijacking the civil rights moniker will not be easy for illegal immigrants. Okay, there has been a conspicuous silence among blacks about the immigration issue and I mentioned in previous post why some people think that is. How is this effecting my dollar? There is also the issue of respecting the law, but mostly I believe it's the dollar issue. Are blacks threatened by the influx of illegal immigrants? Yes, poor and working class blacks are.

Organizations like the National Association of Black Journalists came out with a statement saying that it discouraged the use of the term "illegal immigrants" and preferred "undocumented workers" in journalism. That ticked me off because first of all, a literal, definitive term is not an insult and second, they aren't all workers and the pressure on the social services programs they use up can tell you that. But I digress.

Then the NAACP came out with its statement,
NAACP News: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Not Include Criminalization of Undocumented Workers - March 31, 2006, but most organizations, politicians and so-called leaders backed away. Now, people are talking. I found these articles on the net and at my favorite blog, Booker Rising, showing that blacks are not going to be on the side the illegals want them to be.
Chicago Tribune: Blacks split on support for illegal immigrants
Corruption Chronicles: Blacks Oppose Illegal Immigration
Ex-offenders offended by efforts to help illegal immigrants

Remember Chris Rock's famous skit? Who is more racist? Black people or white people? Black people, because we hate black people too. In the same vein, who is more racist? Liberals or conservatives? Well, liberals says Alicia Colon in her commentary at the NY Sun. NY New: Are Liberals The Worst Bigots of All?

She makes a point. Some of the most
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I try to keep an open mind, hence the title of this blog, but here are some random articles from far left wing websites that I find somewhat entertaining and somewhat infuriating to read.

The paper is Out of Bounds Magazine and the name of this section is CounterPunch. It has a nice anti-establishment feel to it. The article is about how blacks are pawns of the white media and used to further divide us against each other, but I love the sneak preview of the special report mentioned at the top of the page, How Iraq is Being Destroyed. It's such a shame considering it was just a middle eastern heaven before we showed up. But don't you know it's all about the white man using us to fight each other? If it wasn't for the white man, we would all be radical liberals demanding more from the teat of the racist government because that's what being black really is. CounterPunch: How The Media Uses Blacks To Chastize Blacks

Now you know any reference to 'crazy' and 'liberal' wouldn't be complete without several references to one of my favorite sites, The Black Commentator. You know they were in an orgasmic tizzy over this McKinney thing. Racism! Racism! The CBC has sold out to the white man!

This probably is better suited for a RIDICULOUSNESS or CRAZY FOR FRIDAY post, but 'a source' is suggesting that the officer who made Cynthia McKinney stop at the Capitol and was thusly pummeled for it, had to know her because he was given a picture of her during training. He was in his third year, so that was three years ago. Uhm....okay. I won't even mention that she looked vastly different than she did in the picture because that is irrelevant. To further bolster the racism claim, the officer's last name is McKenna, so according to the source, "No one believes that a man with a name that similar to hers would not know who she is."
I love crazy people.

I'm off to Vancouver, so I won't see you until next week. Have a great weekend and pray that I make it through customs.
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Getting into a top college is hard and getting financial aid can be even harder. You have to use whatever advantage you have and the recent technology that can trace your heritage via DNA Testing has become a tool the really desperate are turning to. For all those people who thought, "if only I had some black in me," your dreams could be coming true. Now, if the testing comes out as you want, you can check the box and wait for the lowered bar to flow your way. I wish this had been around when I was trying to get into school 'cause I know I have some Native American on my Daddy's side of the family. It's a path to gold I tell you!
NY Times: Seeking Ancestry in DNA Ties Uncovered by Tests

With sweeping legislation, Georgia is putting the smack down on illegal immigrants. Governor Perdue recently signed a bill requiring legal status verification for adults who seek many state-administered benefits, sanctions against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and requirements that all companies with state contracts check employee immigration status. The law also requires police to check the status of people they arrest. This is starting in the middle of next year, giving illegals plenty of time to save up and move to another state. This is the problem. Unless it's national, it only moves a problem from one state to another. However, if Congress fails to do what they are supposed to, more states will follow.
In other immigration news, here are some interesting articles:
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As much as I would love to blame racism for not scoring 180 on my LSAT, I have to believe that the wonderful education I've been able to receive during my lifetime makes that a weak argument. However, race and test scores are still a very hot topic in America especially with the 2nd anniversary of No Child Left Behind in the news:

Okay, so those four articles were sort of all over the place, but my general opinion: We have to test. We have to have standards. Globalization and competition requires us to invest the education of our children of all races and challenge them to work harder, smarter and be more innovative. This includes black kids. Yes, it will be harder because of social situations and no, it isn't fair, but that doesn't make any difference. What has to be done has to be done. We owe our children that.

Instead of lowering standards, we have to raise standards. I'm not going to repeat President Bush's "soft bigotry of low expectations," because I believe it's mostly a B-S catchphrase, but we have to test our kids. We have to know what they know and do what it takes to make sure they can compete. Affirmative Action and programs like it are going to die very soon. Anyone with a brain can see that. We have to get off the nipple.
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Not as interesting as the Watermelon Math mishap at Bellevue, but another sorority gets in trouble for being "racial". AP Wire: Sorority on probation for racially-themed award . This just doesn't bother me, but I know it will probably upset other people. I'm just curious to hear what qualifications one has to win the "blackest" member award? A couple of baby daddies? A weave? I'm sure it was insensitive and I don't know if the date the winner of the award appreciated it because he was black.

So the voters of Detroit wanted the Hip Hop Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick back and they got him with all his glory. Now they are claiming the figures in the budget he put together don't add up. What a surprise considering all the controversies his administration was involved in last year. Everything he does is going to be questioned and getting anything done will take twice as long.

This is some story that I hadn't heard of until recently. Racial bias was recently ruled out as a component in the death of a white NYU student killed when he was struck by a car in Harlem after running from a gang of black kids allegedly screaming, "get the white boy." The case says the group of 4 boys harassed the kid and demanded money with at least one of them hitting him. He was running from them when he was hit and killed. Obviously it wasn't bias on the part of the driver of the car who had nothing to do with it, but if this was a black kid in a white neighborhood, guess who would be all up in arms over this? I guess it isn't racial if its the other way around. NY Sun: Bias Ruled Out in the Death of NYU Student

Credit checks aside, the Democrats are planning to get down and dirty with Michael Steele as November is quickly on the horizon. Somebody is very scared and I hope the voters of Maryland can see through this and it ultimately helps Steele.

Things not going as good for Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania. Can't say whether that is good or bad because I know nothing about his politics. I am in favor of more blacks in the Republican party getting powerful and despite what other think, Governors are very powerful people in the party. It isn't all about Capitol Hill.

Getting into a gang in the ghettos of L.A. is easy. They're everywhere and have a hand in everything. In some neighborhoods, they are not only the largest employer, but the only employer. When boys are young, they believe there is a family there and can be seduced by the life. However, when they get a little older and get some sense in their heads, some of them want out. As one would suspect...Not so easy.
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Now people, come on. Even if you can't stand Condi Rice, you have to have a problem with this mess. This math problem was put together by a professor at Bellevue Community College, and no I don't believe it's a coincidence that it involves a black woman and watermelon.

Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300 -foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. The height of the watermelon above the ground t seconds later is given by formula h= -16t2 + 20t + 300

a. How many seconds will it pass her (she's standing at a height of 300 feet) on the way down?

b. When will the watermelon hit ground?

Michelle Malkin: WATERMELON MATH

I told you this story was coming back! I just knew that with Congresswoman McKinney's foolish beat down of a Capitol cop that her real claim to fame would resurface. Forget about flying Isaac Hayes in for a party using campaign funds. The Tupac story is her legacy!

AJC: McKinney digs into Shakur shooting

BTW- Tupac's wax figure is now on display. Those things freak me out how real they look:

Why won't this story go away? Congressman accused of using staff to baby-sit. I know this is convenient for the GOP as Conyers continues to yell fraud in the 2004 election and call for Bush's impeachment, but is it really a story. The guy was a jerk to work for, but compared to Katherine Harris (FL) and Tim Murphy (PA). I wish my boss would ask me to babysit his kids just so I could laugh in his face.
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I'm too lazy for pictures today. Use your imagination. :)

At Black America Web, Gregory Kane has something to say about the Stop Snitching theme we've been reading about for a while, but from a different angle. This isn't about t-shirts or websites, but about why her last album tanked.
BAW: Commentary: Maybe if Your Stance is 'No Snitching,' the Public at Large's Will Be 'No Buying'
Or maybe the album was just awful.

Desiree Cooper of the Detroit Free Press is as angry as everyone else about that 911 call where the operator scolded the kid for playing around while his mother was dying, but she has a request.

As a guest commentator at black Republican TX Railroad Commissioner Michael William's site, Joseph Phillips (Denise's Husband) criticizes the NAACP for their late entry into the immigration debate and calls their stand "anemic"and criticizes the organization overall for lacking substance.
I found it interesting that no where in the NAACP statement does it mention "enforcement of the law." I guess that would be a violation of the illegal's rights. Here's the official statement:

At the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto wants to know if a black republican can win in a blue state? Brother From Another Party. Of course he's talking about Michael Steele although technically Lynn Swann is trying to do the same thing. Yes MD is more Democrat than Pennsylvania, but tell that to Erhlich. I think Steele can and should win. The leading Democrat, Ben Cardin, is unimpressive.
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They're trying to kill us!
Chicago Tribune Black-Oriented TV Has More Fast-Food Ads
No, seriously, where you place commercials is not random. They cost too much money for advertisers not to pick the shows for a reason. So, what's up with that?

Can a sister get a vitamin made just for her? Oh, I guess she can: WAPO: Science or Sizzle?
"The GenSpec brand of dietary supplements, proclaimed to be the "first genetically specific product line," aims distinct products at blacks, whites and Hispanics, and at men and women within each group."

I'm sure someone will have a problem with this because "We're all the same!" Obviously we aren't, because even if you get past the inequalities in healthcare, certain races are predisposed to certain illnesses and conditions.

Looks like the immigration protests are gaining some steam. Republicans are getting real scared and now Congress seems willing to take the felony card off the table. It should still be a felony if someone is caught entering this country illegal, but just send them back.

On another note, found this pic online of students at UC-Berkeley (of all places) protesting the protestors. Thought it was interesting.

Here's an interesting article by Betty Baye in The Courier-Journal in KY on White Guilt and Black Orthodoxy.
Critic laments the results of white guilt and black orthodoxy. Baye reaches back into Zora Neale Hurston's wonderful essays to respond to black conservative Shelby Steele's recent appearance on PBS and promotion of his upcoming book, White Guilt : How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era, which you know white conservatives will just eat up. Baye predicts a bestseller and so do I; not to mention at least a 1/2 hour segment on FOX News. I'm being ugly about a book that I haven't read which is not cool, but I wonder if this book actually has some solutions or is just an indictment of how helping black people is hurting them and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. I've heard enough of that.
Some blah, blah, blah about black women and black marriage in the WAPO.
Never thought I'd see this day, but the white boys are starting to look better than ever to a lot of sisters!
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It appears that current Secretary of State and wanna-be Governor has a financial relationship with the company that provided the controversial voting machines in Ohio, were some Democrats claim the fix was in for the President. Although I don't see any proof of a fix, although I wouldn't put it past either party with how ugly and desperate the last election was, I am uncomfortable with Blackwells power and involvement in the election results and this relationship. It doesn't require the level of vilification his opponents will unleash, but I can't feel sorry for him. He should've taken care of this. Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock

Oh, there are so many stories to tell about this town, but I'll be predictable and share yet another police misconduct article. This time they picked the wife of a cop. I'm not taking sides, just telling the story, but in IMHO, the N.O.P.D. had a chance to clean up a reputation that is an embarrassment to the industry, but I don't think they are interested in doing it. Just as the residents of N.O. are bringing their crime back when them as they return, it looks like the N.O.P.D. is getting back into the swing of things.
BAW: NOPD Faces New Brutality Claim After White Officers Beat Black Cop's Wife

Oh yes, Bill Cosby riled folks up in N.O. at a recent visit because he did his thing again, telling them they need to "Cleanse themselves."

Cosby told the crowd, "It's painful, but we can't cleanse ourselves unless we look at the wound. Ladies and gentlemen, you had the highest murder rate, unto each other. You were dealing drugs to each other. You were impregnating our 13-, 12-, 11-year-old children. What kind of a village is that?"

So people are angry with him...again. Look, I have no problem with what he's saying because I believe every word of it, but I don't like the underlying tone. You don't fix things by constantly berating people. Granted, a lot of them are the primary source of their own pain, but most of them are mired in a situation they were born into and are surrounded by every day. They need more than "you should do should stop doing that." They need action steps, resources, information and encouragement. It's easy to be out of their world and look in and say, "get up, fool," but if you think that's all it takes, then you are the fool. - General statement, no offense to Mr. Cosby, who I personally like as an actor, but whose personal reputation I can only say...well, you know what I mean.

Gawker has a funny take on a recent descriptions of white protests in the same vein as "black people loot - white people find" that we all enjoyed during the Katrina crisis. This time I guess it's, "black people stage riots - white people engage in melees."
There are a lot of Senate hopefuls in the St. Louis area who are trying to woo the black vote and it isn't even October. Yes, I'm being a smartass, but black voters came out in record numbers in the last election, so folks aint playing around this time. Just under 75%? I don't care who they voted for, hats off to St. Louis brothers and sisters. Back to the politicos...I just want to be spared the patronizing photo ops as they visit black churches and try to act like they've been there before. Can't say I know anything about either candidate, but current Senator Talent (R)has the respect of many blacks in the area because of his funding support of groups like The Father's Support Center, which helps African-American men become better fathers.
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Voting begins today in New Orleans for displaced residents and goes through Thursday. I really hoped the judge would let them push this back until mid or late summer, but at least folks are getting some support.
Yahoo: Voting to Begin for New Orleans Mayor N.O. vote kicks off across Louisiana Voting to Begin for New Orleans Mayor

Also, this is a little old, but more evidence that even those attached to the music industry have had enough with the soft-core porn on BET.
AOL News: Former BET Star Says He Left Show Over Vulgar Music

In the latest outrage, you have to ask yourself if these people are even worth trying to help. Anti-snitch campaign riles police, prosecutors. This anti-snitching campaign isn't new, Wikipedia: Stop Snitchin', but it's so enraging. I shouldn't be surprised, but it is painfully disappointing and extremely idiotic. Why so many of us try to protect those who are terrorizing our community, recruiting our young boys into violence and selling our young girls for sex, just tells me we don't want things to get better.

They have a website and everything. I guess this is now a respectable thing to do because we all know that, in the black community, if something makes money, then it's good. STOP SNITCHING [DOT] COM.
NPR: A Hip-Hop Backlash Against 'Snitching'.
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I haven't referenced BlackAmericaWeb in a long time, but there are some interesting series going on at the site; including some with refreshingly honest discussion about black men. Here are some of the most interesting:

These are on the state of black men in America, what the government should be doing and what they themselves need to be doing or need to stop doing.
New Revelations on Black Men Aren't a Wake-Up Call, They're a Get-Up Call
The True Crisis for Poor Black Men Lies in the Destructive Choices They Make
We Must Not Be Shy in Demanding That the Gov't Address Black Men's Plight

This is a little old, but a theme we are hearing around the country, not just for black folks. The housing market is pricing a lot of people out. I guess Bush's ownership society has its limits. I don't want the bubble to burst, but let out a little air so more people can get in on the dream.
Soaring Housing Costs Dashing Hopes, Dreams of Growing Black Middle Class

I saw Senator Obama speak at a luncheon in Chicago earlier this week and he spent about 5 minutes talking about immigration. Here is BAW's take on his opinion and who is on his side.
NAACP, Barack Obama Call for Earned Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. sees potential in the new Liberian government. They have a long way to undo the damage of Charles Taylor, but we need to find any allies we can in Africa and work them to bring any part of that continent into the New World Order. Jesse Jackson Jr.: Congressional Support for Liberia's New Government an American Link to Africa

Sticking with Africa, here is an interesting commentary on Sudan. Ordinary People Like Us Can - and Should Help Stop the Genocide in Sudan. I know that most Americans, black and white, suffer from Africa fatigue. They don't want to admit it, but they are sick and tired of it. Why can't those people get their act together? They just don't seem to want civility, order or peace. It's not that simple. Again, if you want to understand more about Africa and the cycle of violence, read The Fate of Africa: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair: Books: Martin Meredith . It will explain a lot and make you want to give Africa another chance.

They also chime in on the Cynthia McKinney debacle. I read in The Hill that the Congressional Black Caucus held a meeting last night to deal with her foolishness and that she was told to tone it down, but clearly isn't listening. She is completely alone on this where she should be. There is also legislation in the works to praise the Capitol Police, in response to this incident, for their hard work and Democrats, including the CBC will have to vote on it and it is a direct vote against her.
BAW: Is McKinney Brouhaha About Racial Profiling or a Politician s Arrogance?
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Just got back from Chicago and very backed up, so I'm taking the path of least resistance and discussing a topic that has been discussed too much already.

Now that Atlanta Rep Cynthia McKinney has put herself out there, it's all coming down on her. My opinion, regardless of the jacked up hairdo, the woman wasn't following the rules. This is not the local Whole Foods. This is the U.S. Capitol, a major target of not just terrorists, but everyday crazies. If you are going to not wear required I.D. and bypass security and then not respond to verbal warnings, you need to get jumped. I don't care who you are.

I worked at a company for 5 and a half years where there were basically two security guards there the whole time. Do you think even once I could walk past without showing my employee badge? No. Those same people who knew me, knew my name, knew my mama's family was from Chicago and my daddy's family was from Mississippi made me show my badge. If I left it in the car, I had to go get it. If I left it at home, I had to go to the security clearance room and get a DAY PASS badge.

Follow the damn rules.

All in all, I think she has made a fool out of herself by playing the race card because she didn't follow the rules. That's like speeding and saying she got pulled over because she was black. The rules are there for our safety and hers and in the end that will be what comes through. Bad choices from her all around.

So now all the nonsense about her flying Issac Hayes in for a party or something using funds inappropriately surfaces and she has to give the money back. I'm waiting for the media to jump back on her fight to get Tupac's death investigated by the Feds. That's good stuff, there because you know The Man was afraid his dropping knowledge would change the world. With the new do, she even looks crazy now.

Jon Stewart lampooned McKinney a bit on The Daily Show last night. Was pretty funny. Here's what others are saying about it. Some serious, some anything but:

Wonkette: Don't Even Begin to Twist My Words, Wolf: Cynthia McKinney in The Situation Room
Washington Times: Chief says officer was right to halt McKinney police chief faults McKinney for escalating incident
NY Times: New Maneuvers by Lawmakers Over Cynthia McKinney's Altercation Security on Capitol Hill is no joke
HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE: DeLay Says He'll File Ethics Complaint Against McKinney Chief: McKinney should have avoided confrontation
The Hill: McKinney rebuked by her leader
Daily Kos: Omigod, the Nigra Woman's outta Control!
Booker Rising: On Cynthia McKinney
Wonkette: Pour Out a Little Liquor for Cynthia McKinney
Q and O: Cynthia McKinney: Profiles in Crazy
Michelle Malkin: The Party of Police Haters McKinney Event Called Illegal
Daily Kos: Cynthia McKinney is an Embarrassment
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