The Black Commentator has its conspiracy theories all sharpened and ready to go for the 2006 elections. The Black Stake In 2006 Elections.

"The GOP has already launched 'Fear the Black Menace' as the subtext of their mid-term election defense strategy."

I can see it now. "If you don't re-elect us, your kids will start playing that rock and roll and sitting next to black kids in the cafeteria!" Honestly, the most publicity I've seen from the GOP regarding 2006 has been for their three highest profile black candidates in MD, OH and PA. Their too busy being scared to death to launch an anti-black campaign. Actually the article is more about Democrats and how awful they are because let's face it, the BC hates everyone.

I saw this title for an article at The Baltimore Sun, Cosby's quest for solutions, and was curious because all I've heard from Cosby is what everyone is doing wrong. I've never heard any real solutions and saying things like, "You need to get your act together," is NOT a solution. So I read the article and it's really about Mr. Cosby getting into a cat fight with a pro-Dyson heckler at a recent CALLING OUT session Cosby held here in D.C.

Then Cosby gives some deserved criticism to Dyson who acts as if he has Cosby's number while sitting on his perch at the overwhelmingly white University of Pennsylvania. Cosby and his wife have done more for blacks, especially poor blacks trying to get an education, through their scholarships, fellowships and other charitable acts, than Dyson could ever do teaching white kids at Penn and writing books about how much he can't stand 'elitist' like Cosby. Just because you can work the pen well, doesn't make you right. On the other hand, I got to the end of the article and still found no real solutions offered.

Black folks are used to knowing where it is safe to go and where it isn't, so this is no surprise. Daniel Cohn-Bendit on the Racism Debate in Germany: "A Black Person Doesn't Feel Safe Everywhere". Trust me, no need to worry about us keeping an eye out in Germany. I like how they refer to their violent racists now as far-right groups. Uhm...okay. I guess Nazi is kind of old school.

When I read this article, STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community, I wasn't surprised. Maybe two years ago, I would have been, but not today. The reason why? Two years ago, I was waiting at the Metra to go into the District and a man, clearly on the wrong side of 80, came up to me to tell me how 'lovely' I was. I said thank you. Then, he persisted in telling me how 'sexy' I was. Getting a little uncomfortable, but he's an old man. I knew I could take him if he got frisky. To top it off, he starts talking about how he was a 'player' in his day and how he had four or five women just like me going at one time. Then he says, and I quote, "I kept 'em begging for more. But that was before. I'm 82 now. I couldn't come if you called me." Old people are nasty.
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Hope everyone had a nice holiday break. As usual, I'm out of it when it comes to news, so I'll leave you with a group of stories about people in politics while I get up to speed.

Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) wrote a commentary for BlackAmericaNews on his views of how we should treat illegals who are serving in our Armed Forces. I am completely in favor of expediting citizenship for men and women who are putting their lives on the line to protect America, but my question remains: How are they in the army? Can anyone from anywhere join the American army?
BAW: Immigrants Who Serve in the Military Deserve to Be on the Fast Track to Citizenship

I think we also have to look at the illegal immigrant parents of these American children who are serving our country. When they come back from Iraq, what do we tell them? I know you put your life on the line for our country, maybe lost a limb or two, but while you were gone, we declared your parents criminals and we're going to split up your family. Thanks for your service.

James Meeks, a state Senator from my home state of Illinois is putting forth an education plan that will ruffle some feathers. Chicago Defender: Meeks' Education Plan Will Force 'Black Leaders' To Put Up Or Shut Up. You know those so-called black leaders that don't really want to get behind anything substantive, but prefer to spend their time telling what's wrong with everyone else's plan and blaming INSERT WHOEVER here for why things are so bad. The Chicago Defender says those leaders might not like Meeks so much now.

Former Senator and VEEP candidate, Jack Kemp, has something to say about black republicans, emancipation, Washington D.C. and civil rights. I'm a fan of Kemp and I thought he was really the father of compassionate conservatism. Kemp talks about the same stuff that Christine Todd Whitman talks about in her book, It's My Party Too, how the Republican party was taken over by Goldwater Republicans and hasn't been able to redeem itself in the eyes of blacks since. District of Columbia: a civil rights issue by Jack Kemp

The Hill, which I read because Roll Call is DEAD TO ME, has an interesting article on Minnesota state representative, Keith Ellison, who may become Congress' first Muslim, representing his district, but also taking a step ahead for the more than 5 million Muslims living in the United States. He's running in Minnesota, so....I guess, good luck? Keith Ellison may become Congress's first Muslim
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Democracy does have a flaw. What the people want, they get. As in the case of voting for whatever official they like. Problem is, people are stupid. How does democracy make up for that?

Picked this up from Wonkette, my guilty pleasure. Cynthia McKinney's Block Party. Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is having a set and from the guest list, I would expect there to be metal detectors, so come prepared. And OH SNAP! She is having it at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center. Girl is consistent if nothing else. "I love me some Tupac!" I can just imagine the words of wisdom and positive, forward-thinking advice being shared here. In case you wanna show up:

I like to occasionally visit the gossip blogs because I like to read about things that aren't any of my business. Found this at Celebrity Baby Blog. Sinead O'Connor (whose music I do like) is single-handedly trying to even out the white vs black multiple baby daddy stats. Celebrity Baby Blog: Sinead O'Connor expecting fourth child. Also, I thought she was a lesbian. Also, I thought she was a nun prior to becoming a lesbian. Although she does actually know who all the daddies are, so I'm not sure how that plays into the judging.

Usually the National Journal is full of boring policy stuff and yes, I read it anyway. However, you gotta check this out. Hotline On Call: Have A Heart. I am NOT LYING to you. This candidate ran against his opponent by saying the man's heart condition made him unfit to lead. Dick Cheney has had like 10 heart attacks. Although he is being kept alive by drinking the blood of puppies, shoots old people in the face and is an overall ineffective leader... The point is...nevermind, still it's mean.

This fool. Clarion Ledger: White supremacist challenges Kennard's exoneration.
Barrett, a Learned lawyer who says all black Americans should be deported and returned to Africa, predicted he will win the legal battle to reinstate Kennard's conviction. "There's going to be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth," he said.

Enough said.
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Okay, life wouldn't worth living without the likes of Georgia's Cynthia McKinney or Florida's Katherine Harris in our Congress. We need the crazies who slap police officers and wanton women who wear tight sweaters while riding on horses. However, Congress is a serious house and there is serious business to be had. That being said, US Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona is quickly becoming my favorite member of the House.

Yes, I watch C-Span every single day. For the past few days, Flake has been standing virtually alone in protesting all the earmarks on the recent appropriation bills; those put in there by Democrats and his own Republican party. Five million for this, a few hundred thousand for that. Flake has been forcing those members of Congress who give thier local Radio Shack half a million bucks to study something or those who give the big oil companies tens of millions for research which is inexcusable under any circumstance because they have money coming out their asses, to justify it. Yes, I think every single one of his amendments to get rid of these earmarks were shut down, but I applaud his attempt. The spending is out of control and somebody has to start saying no.

The word for the day is hypocrisy. So the A.C.L.U. defends free speech, except when you have something bad to say about them. Then, it's zip it. NYTimes: A.C.L.U. May Block Criticism by Its Board. Insert your own ironic joke here.

Here are two very interesting articles on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the black community. The MSNBC article is disheartening, but real and the Chicago Defender article talks about what Illinois is doing and could be a guide for other states.
MSNBC: The Crisis in Black America
Chicago Defender: New State Law Helps Fight HIV/AIDS in Black Communities

Lou Dobbs at CNN has just developed some serious attitude. He is really fed up. Next thing you know, he'll be calling the President the B-word. Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell.

Racism and a baseball bat, not good bedfellows. Picked this one up from New York Daily News: Bat and white at Nick's trial. I hope he gets convicted and is given as many years as possible.

This was an interesting article on how the Jewish people are making their voices heard on the Darfur tragedy. It makes sense considering this is a holocaust that is going on. Washington Jewish Week: Jews out front for Darfur rally.

I'm not sure if this article was timed to coincide with the debate on illegal immigration, but who was it that said blacks aren't doing the low-rung jobs? Well in Anne Arundel county, as I'm sure in many counties across the nation, they are overwhelmingly doing them. WAPO: Most Blacks in Low-Rung School Jobs

No pictures for the stories, but here is one to put a smile on your face. Isn't she such a princess? Beautiful.
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I don't know if Omaha thought that segregating the school district by race would go under the radar, but I certainly hope not. We've been reading about the protests from the students in the Omaha school district themselves, students at schools as far away as Florida and now the NAACP wants to take them to court. At all these local rallies, we see pictures of black students protesting. I guess the white students and their parents are okay with it? I wouldn't be surprised. Racial segregation in the 21st century...not a popular idea. NAACP sues Nebraska NAACP: LB 1024 Is Unconstitutional

Wonkette misses Cynthia McKinney, although she does tease with her references to Tupac on the House floor. You gotta love her, but honestly--if she gets reelected, I'm going to go down to her district and have, as my father called it, a serious talking to with those people. Wonkette: Come Back To Us, Cynthia McKinney

"Mr. Chairman, the Congressional Black Caucus budget is a better statement for our country’s values. Educators are asking for a fully funded No Child Left Behind because America’s children are being left behind; seniors deserve accessible health care, but Medicare part D is leaving everyone confused; and veterans are only asking to receive the health care that recruiters promised them and that they deserve. But, you know, Tupac observed a long time ago that there’s money for war, but we can’t feed the poor."

I think there was a b*#^& in that sentence, but she wisely left that out. BTW - Isn't her indictment supposed to be coming down any day now?

There were a number of notable articles on illegal immigration in the papers yesterday, so I'll just list them. Exclusive: A Compromise Plan on Immigration
Yahoo: Some Immigrants Fear Guest Worker Program
WAPO: Senate Backs Fence, Guest-Worker Curbs
New York Daily News: The Rev. Al Sharpton: Immigrants, blacks must march as one
WAPO: Immigration Bill Expected To Pass Senate This Week

This article stands out as it is about people IN AMERICA who are organizing to help illegal immigrants cross the border now that the national guard is coming. They better get arrested too:
KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona - Surge of volunteers expected to help illegal immigrants cross desert
You want to volunteer? Volunteer for something that isn't criminal.

Is it true that illegal aliens can get financial aid at college? This is what I've read, that it already exist in many states and other states have legislation pending that would allow "undocumented students" to get financial aid? What will they use for their parent's tax forms? Most illegals don't pay taxes and the ones that do are paying them will stolen or fraudulent social security numbers. I find this hard to believe. How could it be? Every school has a limited amount of financial aid, especially in the form of grants (which you don't have to pay back) available to it, so if some of that is going to illegals instead of American kids, that means American kids have to take out more student loans and graduate with more debt, all because illegals are using up the financial aid that should have been theirs. How can people be okay with that?
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I was soooooo happy to hear my favorite book of all time, BELOVED, by Toni Morrison was judged the best work of American fiction in the last 25 years. I read this book for the first time in my late teens and before that I had no idea what gifted writing really was. It was the first book to reach inside of me. The first book where, when I would stop reading it, I would have to pause and really think. It should be on every English or American Lit course booklist at every college and university on the planet, not just America. This book is a gift.
NYTimes: What Is the Best Work of American Fiction of the Last 25 Years?

On the subject of novels, I saw this sister on Oprah a week or so ago. It was an episode about marriage and especially about women who lose themselves in their marriage and what the cost is. Dr. Robin L. Smith came on and got real about the realities of marriage and what people need to ask themselves and each other before they go into it and while they are in it. This is her book and this is her bio page at Oprah's site. 'Oprah & Friends': Biography of Dr. Robin Smith

Remember that jackass DJ's comments last week about attacking the 4 year old daughter of his rival? He was fired and arrested, but it remains to be seen what will really happen to him. I still have my fingers crossed for castration. I certainly hope he isn't getting a paycheck from anywhere. However, Clear Channel, his previous boss, is now feeling it in the pocket. Clear Channel asked to donate money over N.Y. DJ's on-air remarks. You tell me how this fool makes almost $6 million dollars? Or I guess I should say made.

It all comes down to money. The relationship of women's equality and money was most noted at the end of WWII when the men came home from the war and the country told its women to go back home. They didn't have to work anymore now that our men were back, but women said, "Hold up. I like getting a paycheck. I like have a career. I think I'll stay." As women found themselves making their own income, they realized they didn't have to stay with husbands who were cheating, being abusive and squandering their children's futures. They realized they had a choice, and some women made the choice to be like men; and nt in a good way. This Chi Tribune article shows how money has changed what women want in men. ChiTrib: Never mind portfolio, women want eye candy.
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Two of the top stories dominating the news today are both about New Orleans. Democrat Mayor Nagin was re-elected by a respectable margin and Democrat Congressman William Jefferson is embroiled in a new corruption scandal. I guess it's just more of the same.

I feel sorry for the people in Jefferson's district who probably held some hope that he was spending his time on The Hill rallying on their behalf in their greatest time of need. It appears he was getting paid. BTW - Congressman, putting money in the freezer is so gangsta! Oh, I forgot --- allegedly.
Congressman William Jefferson, 2nd District of Louisiana
Yahoo/Wonkette: William Jefferson and the Mystery of Congressional Corruption
LA Daily News: Congressman accused of accepting bribes
All Headline News: FBI Says Lawmaker Caught On Tape Taking Bribe STATEMENT OF CONGRESSMAN WILLIAM JEFFERSON

I wish Nagin luck. The fact that he survived this with all the mistakes he's made and all the turmoil surrounding the reconstruction, voting, etc. is enough to make me want to give him another chance. The people of N.O. have spoken and I hope he's up to the task. Yeah, you'll say this was a vote of the lesser of two evils, but what election isn't?

Freep: And in the end, Nagin forgiven Nagin revels in his unconventional win
KNX: Nagin Promises Fence Mending After Re-Election as NO Mayor
Chi Sun Times: Nagin wins back some white voters
L.A. Times: In New Orleans, `Opportunity'
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Bill Clinton is coming out with a new book about activism and service. This guy is really beginning to win me over. He had me in the beginning (I was young, what did I know), but he lost me and I thought it was for good. But the work he is doing through his foundation for AIDS, Africa and Childhood Obesity, really have me admiring this guy again. Besides the fact that he is a genuis. I still haven't read his 10,000 page biography and I can't say I ever will, but I will read this new book when it comes out.
WAPO: Bill Clinton Lands New Book Deal With Knopf
NYTimes: Clinton Plans to Write Book About Activism and Service - New York TimesNew York Daily News: Best-Sellin' Bubba inks deal for 2nd tome

Bill O'Reilly, who I don't talk about nearly enough on this blog, is being taken to task for some comments he made about white privilege. The truth is that most of what this guy says is taken out of context and put on the stake because people hate him so much, but I can't feel sorry for him. He's so incredibly arrogant and seems even more so when he's wrong. My favorite is how he can decide the quality of a person's character as a human being based on whether or not that person will come on his television talk show. The audacity.

From Are The New York Times and left-wing thinkers out to do away with white privilege? Bill O'Reilly seems to think so. During the May 16 edition of FOX News' "The O'Reilly Factor," the ever-opinionated O'Reilly said The New York Times and "many far-left thinkers believe the white power structure that controls America is bad, so a drastic change is needed." He followed this statement by saying, "According to the lefty zealots, the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide, a rainbow coalition, if you will." His comments stemmed from a discussion of opposition by the Times and others to deploying the National Guard to help secure the border, Media Matters for America reports. This is not the first time O'Reilly has claimed to expose the "hidden agenda" behind the immigration movement, which he says is "the browning of America." During the April 12 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, he said "there is a movement in this country to wipe out 'white privilege.'" During the May 1 edition of "The Radio Factor," he alleged that the organizers of the May 1 nationwide pro-immigrant protests have a "hardcore militant agenda of 'You stole our land, you bad gringos,'" and that the organizers seek to 'take it back by massive, massive migration into the Southwest.'"

I'll admit that I try to watch his show (flipping between him and Olberman on MSNBC) but can barely get through an episode without yelling at the television. But when the man is right, he's just right and he hits it on the head. I know it drives people crazy, but he makes some very good points. Media Matters: O'Reilly claimed to have exposed the "hidden agenda" behind the immigrant rights movement: "the browning of America"

Are women forever pregnant? According to the federal government we should always act is if we are either pregnant or about to be. Is this somehow tied to John Gibson's request that white people have more babies? Hmmmmm. Can you just hear the grinding teeth of the feminists? This reminds me of that episode of Absolutely Fabulous when the nurse asked Edie "Have you recently had or are you due for your period?" Well yes, both.
WAPO: Forever Pregnant.
Fiat Lux: "Forever Pregnant" ?!?!
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Don't get me wrong. I believe the best solution to dealing with the illegal immigration problem is to cut off all their non-emergency resources and opportunities, but I'm curious as to how this possible new law in San Bernardino will work. California city votes on immigration issue.

If I'm a landlord and someone shows me the right papers, how can I be fined if they turn out later to be stolen or really good fakes? Maybe the fact that the person I was rented to can't speak any English, yet their Social Security card says they were born in Peoria, IL should tip me off, but I doubt they are that easy. Curious as to how this will change things, but I still think it is a start.
Examiner: San Bernardino to Vote on Immigrant Plan

I'm always skeptical of The Heritage Foundation's analysis because they are so biased to the right and the 'findings' always seem to confirm their political views. Doesn't make them much different from other think tanks, but you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Example, this report, Senate Immigration Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Legal Immigrants over the Next Twenty Years, which claims the Hispanics from outside the U.S. (not the baby-making ones in the U.S. John Gibson is scared of) will completely take over the U.S. in 20 years based on current legislation in process.

"If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years—fully one-third of the current population of the United States."


Not that Bush's speech was that successful, but pro-illegal groups are trying to unite to form a visible and loud counter. Immigrant Supporters To Counter Bush Speech. This isn't going to be as easy as they might think. They're like Democrats; a lot of very divergent opinions under the same roof. You have the group who want Amnesty and those that are like "Screw amnesty, I aint paying no fine, no taxes." You try to get those people to agree to learn English. They'll just say, "You want English? Press ONE for English and leave me the F alone."

Here's a really horrible story of hiring an illegal gone wrong. Women beware. Yahoo: Handyman Gets Life in Suburban N.Y. Murder. With these people living in "the shadows" as Bush says, it's harder to catch them than it would be someone who has a documented trail and legal identification. It's hard enough to catch those guys. Thank goodness this guy was an idiot and got himself caught. Note, I'm sure this could have also happened with a perfectly legal handyman, but that fact won't bring her back.

Found this image at Before & After Amnesty. Hmmmm.
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Can I just preface all of this with...WTF!!!!

A lot has been written about John Gibson's comments on FOX News about making babies last week mostly by the leftist blogs. Conservative blogs don't want to touch it and I don't blame them. Gibson mentioned two recent reports that show how Hispanics are making so many babies and how almost 50% of all American babies born now are minorities. So he urged "we need to make more babies" and "do your duty."

I wasn't surprised that this is what he believes, but I was a little surprised by how blatant he was. Anyone with a pea for a brain would know he's talking to white people. He's telling white people to make more white babies with other white people so they can keep their pure white majority.

I think what would be good is all those millions of white Americans who are making babies, but are making them with their black, Hispanic, Asian or other non-white American spouses should send a picture of themselves with their bi-racial babies to John and say, "I hear you brother. I'm a white American doing my part, making all the babies I can."

Idiot. Procreation Not Recreation
John Gibson: Make More Babies!
Media Matters - Gibson: "Make more babies" because in "[t]wenty-five years ... the majority of the population is Hispanic"
WAPO: Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities
HuffPost: Jamal Simmons: Fox News Should Fire John Gibson for Making Racist Remarks

The Democrats have another crackpot candidate claiming the Holocaust didn't happen. Candidate: Holocaust didn't happen. Guess he won't be asking Senator Obama to come campaign for him.

To compliment our bigoted wanna-be politician, we have a teacher in South Carolina who feels he's gotta keep it real and let his students know that blacks are inferior. WLTX News 19: Reading, Writing and Race. The truth can hurt, he says.

"Intellectually, yes they are," said McCuen. "This has been confirmed over and over, and this is a generalization. Again, there are some blacks who are more intelligent than individual whites. But as a rule, that is true. I-Q tests prove it over, and over and over."

Good luck in your job search jackass.

DJ Star of Power 105 in New York. I won't say what he did. You can follow the links if you have the stomach for such vile words. New York Daily News: Hip-hop jock's sick rap. At least he was arrested, although he came out of the precinct looking like he was a big G (see picture). Tell me again why castration is illegal? And don't give me that B-S about things said in the heat of verbal combat. Only a sick bastard would even play threaten to sexually assault a baby girl. I hope whoever is stupid enough to hire him gets picketed and boycotted.

Just remember fool, God is just and he heard your a**.

Newsday: DJ Star out on bail, facing charges for on-air comments

Sorry for the cursing, but this is too far beyond the pale.
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There is a lot being said about Corey Booker's mayoral win in Newark good and bad, but it appears that most people are optimistic about this injection of change and youth in NEWARK VOTERS EMBRACE 2002 MAYORAL LOSER Winner's slate has unfinished business
Philadelphia Inquirer: Newark vote is a defeat for era of racial politics

Oprah not withstanding, replacing housing in New Orleans isn't going as well as people thought. I'm not surprised. I was optimistic at once when they got the water out much earlier than they forecasted, but since then nothing has been living up to the expectations and hopes. This city is not recovering at a rate that people need to believe it can be what it once was. And what is up with all these "Katrina Cottages"? What will that look like if you have blocks and blocks of them? Replacing lost housing is off to a slow start

And more about the upcoming election. Why does it always have to be about race? Nola: RACE TO THE FINISH

I actually think Bush helped himself last night and the flash polls say he did as well. I don't think it is so much that people agree with him, but they know where he stands and he made some action points. Will any of this get done? Well if you're a Congressman hoping to get re-elected in November, something better get done. But Bush was speaking out of both sides of his neck. The guest worker program is just not going to work. However, the sight of soldiers rounding men, women with babies and children up onto buses and shipping them to Mexico seems unAmerican and unChristian. This really is a much more difficult issue when you get past the anger and gut reactions. Bush calls for 'comprehensive' immigration bill
WAPO: Bush Set To Send Guard to Border
NYTimes: Bush's Plan to Seal Border Worries MexicoAP Wire: Bush, his critics overreach on Father's message lost on Bush
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5.15.2006 has a piece on Atheists for Peace and their progressive leanings. Somehow I get the feeling, Democrats aren't really looking to tout this group's support.

"With the exception of Jews and African-Americans, no demographic group in the United States voted more heavily against Bush and for Gore and Kerry than did atheists, who make up 10 percent of the electorate. Atheists tend to be disproportionately progressive. So do atheistic countries."

Some prefer the Federal Government handle the illegal immigration problem. Others prefer the states make it their job. I'm in favor of the states, but I have a feeling that states like Arizona just can't do it on their own. Most states can't. The NY Times examines individual state proposals on illegal immigration and it doesn't look good. State Proposals on Illegal Immigration Largely Falter. None are as sweeping at Georgia, which doesn't take effect until summer 2007, so we'll have to see if they actually enforce it. Of course the result will only be for illegals to move to another state.

Plans don't seem to be working too well on a micro-local level either. KVOA News 4, Tucson: First night of posse patrols nets one arrest

The pro-illegal groups want to make it seem like it's just an "immigration" issue and not a "legal" issue. "A day without immigrants." They want to make it seem as if they are two in the same. However, there are legal immigrants out there who are against illegal immigration and they are making their voices heard.
WAPO: Dissonant Voices Inside the Border

Also, found these pictures floating around the net. Thought they were interesting.

WAPO ask if this is The Year of the Black Republican?, regarding the campaigns of Lynn Swann, Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell. I won't argue this could mean a lot for black republicans if these three men win, but they'll have to do better than this to make it their year. There are a good number of smaller office black Republicans running as well. If they could win, not that I want them all to, and the Republicans in general lose in November, maybe the party where see an opportunity and go after more minority candidates. Who knows? We'll have to wait until November to see if even these three have a real chance.
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Here are some interesting articles on the national scene:

Final Call has been following the concerns of black farmers closer than most news outlets. They were recently in Washington D.C., "We want our land!" Black farmers protest, to make sure their voices and concerns about racism from the Department of Agriculture and discrimination against them are heard. Their previous protests resulted in a court settlement seven years ago. They have been in this legal hell since then and I'm not sure why so many of them aren't getting paid even though the courts have ruled in their favor.
"Of the 94,000 Black farmers who won the settlement, more than 81,000 still have not been paid, complained John Boyd, president of NBFA. Ironically, even as USDA denied more than 80 percent of the claims it agreed to pay, practically all the cases appealed to a special court-appointed monitor have overruled the agency in favor of the Black farmers."

For all the problems I have had with Bill Clinton, and there have been many, I feel he has really redeemed himself through his work with his foundation. He is using his considerable skills in communication, influence and his intellect to make a real difference in the areas of HIV/AIDS and childhood obesity. Like President Carter, I think this man's true legacy will be what he has done after he left office.
MSNBC: Bill Clinton: Fighting the Plague. He has my support.

My cabinet is more diverse than yours! Bush vs Clinton - this has been an ongoing debate as to whose staff has more diversity. Clinton had a more diverse cabinet. Big surprise and so what? Between the two, Clinton was the only one who was willing to appoint people who weren't his best friends or didn't even belong to the Democratic party. Bush's desire to put his buddies in important positions has limited his scope in terms of all types of diversity, including race. WAPO: Bush's Appointees Not As Diverse as Clinton's Either way, what did either Administration's appointments do for black Americans and the issues facing us?

Say what? HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson has never been a favorite of some, but most don't know anything about him. Well, we do now thanks to his idiotic comments at a recent speech he gave to a group of black businessmen and women. DBJ article prompts calls for resignation of HUD secretary, investigation. This is reminiscent of Senator Lott's statements because Jackson said this on April 28th, but it just this week has blown up.

Even a fool would know better to suggest that he would not give a company a contract because he didn't 'like' the President. Even if we all knew this was going on, with this climate and the White House under such ethical scrutiny, how could he not know it was going to cause a problem? Now we'll have calls for investigations as well as Jackson's resignation. He made this bed.

If you plan on killing a white person, make sure to stay out of that sun. Or stock up on the bleach cream.Reuters: Execution likelier for blacker US murderers The blacker you are, the more chance you have of getting executed for murdering a white person. So says a study given to idiot students at Stanford University.
"Using scores given by white and Asian-American Stanford undergraduates to rate facial features of 44 black men tried for murder in Philadelphia over 20 years, researchers found that 57.5 percent rated to have "stereotypically" black features such as dark skin were sentenced to death."

Since most black defendants are judged by mostly black juries, how would this compare to a study given to white and Asian-American privileged Stanford kids under the age of 21?

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I'm back. I've been out of the loop for the past few days, so here are some interesting articles while I research what's the latest. See you tomorrow.

I am always amazed at the level of racism in the hearts of some people. When I read stories like this, I wonder how they could sleep at night with their hearts so black, but it makes me feel good they are trying to make up for their mistakes. Town works to heal old wounds

"In the 1950s, white residents of rural Prince Edward County were so incensed at the order to integrate public schools that they closed theirs -for five years. Now, several decades and many attempts at reconciliation later, the central Virginia county is playing a different role as a national example of good race relations. Several Congress members recently visited Farmville, Va., in Prince Edward County, to learn what this area has to share about racial healing."

Tookie's legacy lives on!!!!!!! Barbara Becnel Running For Governor of California . This woman was a strong supporter of now executed, unapologetic killer gangster Tookie Smith. Good luck, hon. At least you have the support of ThugLifeArmy, a site promoting...the Thug lifestyle. How nice.

The O.C. is not showing the Hispanics any love. What's up with that? This is the same county that spawned Proposition 187 and the MinuteMen project. Neither are about racism to me, but judge for yourself. L.A. Times: O.C. can you say ... 'anti-Mexican'?

Muslim Sororities? Okay, I'll bite.
Introducing a Rare Kind of Rush.

This is pretty much a damn shame. Everyone wants to believe that all those boys in Iraq are American heroes who bleed red, white & blue and love their country. The truth is, there is a good number of men in the American military because they were losers in life and it was the military or jail or death. There are white supremacist in Iraq, there are Crips and Bloods, Disciples and whatever that 13 Hispanic group is called. They are leaving their gangs symbols and signs all over the place. A straight up shame. Chi Sun Times: Gangs claim their turf in Iraq
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Yes, I am back from exciting Minneapolis, but only for one day. I am off to even more titillating Indianapolis. I know you all wish you were me. Be back Thursday.

This may be out of left field, but didn't we all see this coming? Tell me again, why we wanted Puerto Rico to be part of the Union? - Puerto Rican schools, government offices close

I can't wait until Friday to share this, so here you go. As only FOXNews can, they ask the question if illegal immigration is as bad for blacks as slavery? Hmmmm, let me guess...I'm gonna say no. Of course this is from Hannity and Colmes, so you know all kind of foolishness gets discussed on there. Is Illegal Immigration as Dangerous for African-Americans as Slavery Was?

Okay, I was listening to Imus in the Morning and TN Congressman, and Senate hopeful, Harold Ford Jr. was on. Imus was teasing him about his personal life, which he keeps very secret, but he did discuss planning a wedding after the elections were over this year. They talked about who would be the preacher and Ford invited Imus to the event. Absolutely nothing about the girl. Rumor says the woman in question is white, so Ford would want to keep her under wraps until after he is elected Senator. Older white voters wouldn't be in love with the idea. Come to think of it, neither would older black voters and younger black voters, considering the majority of them are black women. This is the south still, new or not.

It would have been nice for him to marry a sister, but the heart wants what it wants and love is where you find it. For someone who has dipped in the swirl before myself, I can't say anything about it. I hope he gets elected; I think he's earned it. All I care about is that he behaves better than most of his family has in the world of politics.

Parents in the Milwaukee, WI school district have a problem with the voucher program. I'm in favor of vouchers because I'm in favor of anything that gives parents more control over their children's education, but no system is perfect, so we have to see what is working - do more of that, and fix what isn't.
JS Online:Testing theory or testing patience?

Oh no, here we come with the reparations conversations again. Actually, they never went away. The media just decides when it's interested in revisiting them. JURIST - Forum: Taking Reparations Seriously. Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.

Fortune has an article on black billionaire Robert Johnson and his venture into the finance world. TV networks, sports teams, hotels...Boy is buying up America. Go on and do what you gotta do. Mr.Johnson Goes to Wall Street. I found the first sentence interesting.

"My obit's already written," says Bob Johnson. "I can read it to you right now." He puts down his silverware. "Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, died yesterday. He was the first black billionaire, but throughout his career he was criticized for putting music videos on TV."

He should be called to task for permitting that soft porn at BET, but it isn't all he has done and it certainly isn't all he is being thought of for. You just don't get the choice to be known only for the good.

Local branches in Pennsylvania aren't doing so well. Could it have anything to do with the image of the organization as an old-thinking liberal political arm? New Pittsburgh Courier: NAACP Branches Having Mixed Success. Or is it just my Monday morning attitude.

I don't know why Omaha thought it was a good idea to segregate. The argument given is not sufficient and although I find articles out there that show an understanding of their intentions, I'm not finding many in favor of it. NorthernStar Online: Segregation Just Doesn't Work Period

Is this our national scandal? Young Black Men In Crisis: Renewed Drive To Break The Cycle of Drugs, Jail and Death
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I have to go to Minneapolis for the rest of the week. I know you're jealous.
Until then, here is some local news.


At African-American News & Issues, Darwin Campbell writes about a black politician in Texas who is rising in the ranks of power. State Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) was recently elected by his peers to serve as President Pro-Tempore of the TX Senate, making him second in line to the Govenorship, behind the Lt. Governor.

"He is considered one of the 25 most powerful people in Texas politics and has been known as one of the Ten Best Legislators in Texas."

African American News&Issues: Building Bridges Most Important Priority of State's Most Powerful Black Leader

The very extreme left site,, has something to say about IL Senator Barack Obama and what the writer refers to as his 'game'. It appears this particular writer has a bone to pick with Obama after the senator seemed to distance himself from fellow Senator Dick Durbin's recent Nazi reference, as senators seem prone to do. If it isn't Nazis, it's slavery. So Obama only considered the statement a 'mistake' and the writer felt he should have done much more.
Alexander Cockburn: Obama's Game

Not politics as in the kind on The Hill, but definitely politics in every other sense of the word. There are a lot of rumblings in D.C. around the search for a minority owner for the Nats. By minority, I'm referring to race, because regardless of what Mayor Ray Nagin says, D.C. is Chocolate City. The good news, according to the WAPO, the D.C.-area has many potentials to choose from.
Black Executives Seek Stake in Nats' Future.
Smulyan Promises Black President for Nats

The school segregration issues in Omaha, Nebraska have created a lot of controversy and one of the primary legislators in favor of re-segregating Omaha's school district into what equates to white, black and Hispanic sections, State Senator Ernie Chambers is under fire as far as Florida. South FL Sun-Sentinel: Broward students call legislator they viewed as segregationist to explain himself.
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Today is our day without immigrants. I haven't seen a difference left and D.C. is full of immigrants.

I am in favor of legal immigration, that is what America is about. However, I hope the illegals who take off work get fired. And what's up with illegals taking a day off from school? Their parents aren't paying taxes, so what are they doing in our schools anyway? Who loses if they don't come to school? More attention for the American students who stay, so I hope they take tomorrow off too.

I know this is mean, but I'm sick of the PC Police telling us that we can't hurt people's feelings by saying what we feel. Do you think these illegals give a damn about our feelings? Have you seen some of their signs? Have you heard some of the chants the TV news stations won't play?

"We demand your rights! We demand your jobs! We demand your future!"
"If you don’t give us America then you are racist pigs!"

They are DEMANDING our resources and REFUSING the responsibility that comes along with them. See how easy it is to try and make these people citizens. They don't want to be responsible for paying taxes for the services they use in great quantities. They are saying
F*#@ you and your laws, I'll take what I want.

Things are going to escalate and they will become more violent. I've already seen on the news and internet that Minutemen have been attacked with counter-protesting. This has garnered an incredible amount of sympathy for this group and their numbers are swelling. They even got the brothers involved. As the violence increases, at least they won't be able to claim this is a civil rights movement. They'll be on their own where those in the wrong deserve to be.

The more violent they get, the more people will really see the threat and decide that having cheap labor when you need help moving furniture isn't worth it. They will press their local and state government to do what Georgia is doing and we'll finally get some law and order on this issue.

iWon News: U.S. Prepares for 'Day Without Immigrants' Millions expected to join walkout
ChiTribune: Local activists hope for 500,000
WAPO: Immigrants Divided On Boycott
Yahoo: Some Fear Immigration Protest Backlash Immigration issues coming to a 'big stop'
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