Some of the New Orleans looters are being prosecuted and sentenced. Katrina looters get 15 years in prison. I was hoping they would go after the big screen TV and other non-essential items looters, but I guess they get what they can. Now, if we can get those people who bilked FEMA out of $1.4 billion, we'll be getting somewhere.

I don't even know what to say about this guy. "Tennessee mayor spewed racial slurs, attempted to set up foes for arrest, and tried to boost his town's traffic ticket revenue by specifically profiling soldiers and Hispanics, according to a lawsuit seeking the politician's ouster from office.". Is he on crack or something? On MLK day, he said to someone, "Happy James Earl Ray Day." Nuts.
TSG: Coopertown Mayor's City Hall Of Shame.
Tennessean: Scope of charges against Coopertown mayor shocks even foes

So when I read this article, I was conflicted.Dallas Morning News: Black Leaders Plan To Protest Against Christian Conservatives. I do not want to agree with anything that has Jackson's, Sharpton's and Lowery's approval because I'll assume it's ultra liberal, completely out of context and probably ridiculous. But they may have something here.

"Prominent black leaders said Monday they will organize against Christian conservatives they say have used gay marriage and abortion to distract from larger moral issues such as the war, voting rights, affirmative action and poverty."

I agree that, like Congress debating the flag burning issue, many of the issues the conservative Christian movement is focused on are not unimportant, but are not the most pressing right now. No, you can't push morality aside because there are other problems, but like Sharpton said, "There are no gay people coming to our churches asking to get married, but there are plenty of people coming with problems voting or their sons in jail." Did I just quote Al Sharpton? What is wrong with me?

I guess what bothers me is that men like Sharpton, Jackson & Lowery are so focused on things like the Bush Administration, war and voting and aren't focused on issues like putting our families back together and...oh, what's the point?
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Lou Dobbs has been calling the President names and making all kinds of accusations in defense of border control, fair trade and protection of the middle class. His 'you want a piece of me' attitude is why people like him so much. Now he's going after elected officials, school administrators and parents for ignoring the declining performance of our children in schools. Dobbs: No summer vacation for our failing schools

After that group called Mafia or Killers or something won an Emmy for 'It's hard out here for a pimp,' we all thought it would get easier out there for a pimp. Now Senator Grassley from Iowa wants to make it hard again. He's hating the player and the game. Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes. Personally, I wouldn't tax the whores, considering they are already paying taxes to the pimp.

Some idiot Metro Transit Authority Board Member referred to gays as sexual deviants, a word I thought was reserved for people who get aroused by eating fruit off the feet of dead people or something like that, and Maryland Governor Ehrlich fired him. I'm sure he figured no one would know since he was only on TELEVISION when he said it. I mean, who watches TV these days? The Gov did the right thing. I am NOT the PC Police. I hate political correctness, but being against gay marriage is one thing. A comment like that is another. I'm sure this guy is just stunned. "What did I say that was wrong? What?"
WAPO: Metro Board Member Fired for Comment on Gays.
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Blogger Cobb ask the question, Cobb: Where Blackness Goes From Here and wants to know what the post-modern black movement should be about.

Today it seems we must be reminded that blackness is an intellectual construct. If it becomes anything other than that, it will essentially be racial, and there is no good to come from that degeneration. I wonder (out loud) if the bulk of African Americans, looking at them as an ethnic group, wish blackness to go in that direction. If they don't, then there are great challenges to get that intellectual spark going again.

I think all of this discussion is fine and good, but ineffective if we don't address the state of the black family. An intact family structure with the support it entails is the key to progress socially, economically and intellectually for every race. Nothing else will work out for us if we don't put our families back together.

Here is a kind of old, but interesting article on our obsession with home ownership.NY Times: Today, Homeownership Is Next to Godliness No one can deny that it is the first step to acquiring wealth and security. I personally would buy one if I wasn't in law school.

However, I see so many people getting in over their heads with homes they can't afford. No one wants a 'starter home' anymore. They all want to live large off the bat. Close to 60% of their income goes towards a mortgage and they can't build a savings or beef up their 401k. And God forbid someone loses a job. Others don't want to move out of the 'cool' areas so they buy something really small for an obscene price and end up eating Ramen noodle soups every night throughout their adult life. This will of course cause them to die of a heart attack early because those things have about 1 million grams of sodium each.

Here's another take on the Black vs Brown tension between black power and rising Hispanic dominance. MSNBC Politics: Black-Latino Tensions Rise. This can go any number of ways and I have to say I'm not optimistic. Black folks can't even get along with each other. Hispanics appear to be more unified, even among different nationalities, than we are with each other. They also have more intact family units (about 34% of children born out of wedlock opposed to our 70%)than we do and that structure of support is going to give them the edge.
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My mother always told me that if I feel joy at someone else's misfortunes, that only says bad things about me and not them. Well I must be a horrible person because I smiled from ear to ear when I heard that Rush Limbaugh had been detained at the airport for alleged illegal prescription. I was crossing my fingers, but alas, it was only Viagra. His junk probably doesn't work as well after taking the hard stuff all those years. Still, his name wasn't on the prescription,, nothing there either. He was let go. It brought me joy for a few minutes, so I'll just have to go to confession for that.
iWon News: Limbaugh Detained at Palm Beach AirportYahoo: Rush Limbaugh's Attorney Roy Black Responds to Media Inquiries.

This is why I can't afford to buy a house here!!!!Yahoo: Washington area richest, most educated in US: report.

So we all know how much I love Wonkette, Politics for People with Dirty Minds. You can tell when I've been reading it a lot because I end up cussing too much on my blog. It's a bad, bad influence, but a good read. There are a million D.C. blogs and half of them talk about The Hill, but now Congress has it's own blog, actually posted by members. The Hill Blog. When I heard about it, I was all excited. I was looking forward to being able to read Congressman Patrick Kennedy telling us how he's doing in rehab or Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. giving us the low down on all the hotties he met at the Playboy mansion. Then Congressman Jefferson and Leader Pelosi would get this posting feud going back and forth, name calling will commence and 'your mama' references will bring them to blows on C-Span. This is what kind of stuff is actually there:

June 26, 2006

Re:Iraq & Kerry, Dems Choose Posturing Over Principles
Posted by N.H. GOP Sen. John Sununu | Sununu's Website(s)

We Welcome The Bush Administration's Support
Posted by Calif. Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters | Waters's Website(s)


Gonzalez and The Administration Must Stop Stonewalling
Posted by Fla. Dem. Rep. Robert Wexler | Wexler's Website(s)

Veiled insults and smartly crafted 'you want a piece of me' statements don't really get me going, but it will have to do. At some point, someone is going to snap, put something ugly up there and I'll copy and paste it before they can get their staff to go in and delete it. A girl can dream.
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My power went out last night while I was watching The 4400 and I am pissed. Since that hot kiss between Shawn & Isabelle last week, I am INTO this show. Nothing beats a great kiss. Anyway, I didn't get to finish it or watch The Dead Zone because the power never came back on. I'm not bragging or anything, but I live on the penthouse floor of my building, the 16th floor. It gets hot at the top and it wasn't like I was getting any air from opening the windows. Just a monsoon. As I got in my car this morning, I turned on my radio, starved for news, and found out that it's much, much worse for thousands more. Mother Nature is just having a fit with the entire East Coast.

Until I get my power, I'll probably be reading by candlelight. Here are some books for thought. Getting It Wrong: How Black Public Intellectuals Are Failing Black America by Algernon Austin. Also, Living Black History: How Reimagining the African-American Past Can Remake America's Racial future by Manning Marable. I do not endorse the comments of either book, just like to keep the mind open to what others are saying.

And this is completely out of left field, but didn't I mention before that China is taking up everything in Africa? They need the oil to feed the needs of their growing middle class and that army of, what is now, 2 million? Seriously, we should care about this. Is it only me and Lou Dobbs? WAPO: In Africa, China Trade Brings Growth, Unease. It would be funny to see all these Chinese people walking around Africa.

Vibe magazine is trying to bring some class to the male wardrobe. Vibe Spins Off V-Style in Fall. Thank you! I'm so sick of the 'gangsta' look or an entire wardrobe of athletic gear. Why is it a brother only brings out the nice clothes for special, special occasions? I was happy when Kanye brought the preppie look back, but even he messed that up. Have you seen him lately, rocking the handkerchiefs around his neck and all? He looks like he's going to play golf all the time. For me, nothing looks better than a black man that is clean cut and wearing a nice suit.
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I know my posting hasn't been cool this week, but I've been in Florida on business. I'm back now. Here are some issues I'm looking at today.

This brings a new wrinkle to the mix. I'm sure you've heard the black comedians talk about how, after 9/11, maybe a brother could catch a break with racial profiling. That wasn't going to happen and terrorists knew this. This is why they are going so hard after more Caucasian looking recruits. I'm just curious what this will mean for black Muslims? It's so scary as an American in general, but especially because Chi-Town is where I'm from and Sears Tower means so much to our city's identity. And is it me, or did that "white devil" thing become passe years ago? Indictment: Suspects wanted to 'kill all the devils we can' Attorney general: Alleged plotters viewed 'their home country as the enemy'

And this, as I have told ALL my girlfriends one million times, is why you have a separate key only for valets.
First Coast News: Stalker Hides Under Woman's Bed for Two Days. God only knows what he could have done to her if her boyfriend, now husband, hadn't been there. She will never feel completely safe again. I would have given him more than three years.

Remember how the voting rights act was going to be the one thing that Democrats and Republicans could come together on? What were we thinking? WAPO: GOP Rebellion Stops Voting Rights Act. Voting Rights Act Renewal Delayed
New America Media: House Leadership Pulls Voting Rights Act From Floor Vote

So the minimum wage hike was shot down. Good job, Congress. You got to make sure those poor and working class people stay in their place. It's not like they deserve a living wage that kept up with inflation. If they were worthy of that, they'd be in better jobs. The men and women of Congress are smart enough to know that, in order to have the American society they dream of, they have to make sure there are millions of Indians who have no chance of becoming Chiefs no matter how hard they work. LA Times: Senate Republicans Block Boost in Minimum Wage : Increase to minimum wage fails in Senate
The Boston Globe: Partisan fight impedes minimum-wage bills

So did Nike go a little far with this ad? Some may say yes. It doesn't particularly offend me, but it clearly offending some people. But notice how no one was killed over it. Notice how no buildings were burned down and no riots were started over it. The Daily Mail: Nike attacked over Rooney 'warrior' picture
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The creator of the controversial cartoon, Boondocks, which I'm sorry is not as funny as the comic strip, has a problem with the Emmy's recognition of blacks, but is going to try and get his props from them anyway. Oh yes and he curses. How clever and original.L.A. Times: Boondocks Campaign Shames Emmy Voters 'Boondocks' Producers Campaign To Win Emmy

The NAACP has a problem with TV in general yet again as the report on minorities in the industry comes out with disappointing numbers. TV is the ultimate bottom line business, so how do you put diversity forward there? It's working on shows like LOST and Grey's Anatomy, but all those UPN shows would be cancelled after two episodes on ABC, CBS or NBC with the same numbers. TV has to make money. What is the solution?
NAACP News: Takes A Closer Look At Television Diversity
Chicago Defender: NAACP and the Networks: Can We Change The Script?
EURWEB: NAACP Says TV Still Lacks Color: Analysis of Fall Season Shows More Blacks Are On Dramas And Less Fill Sitcoms
TV Week: NAACP Decries Lack of African American Stars Networks

So what is going on with illegal immigration? You might think it's dying because it isn't on the news every five seconds like it was when the reform bill the President wanted and the Senate passed got dropped kicked by the House, but it hasn't. It is sill a major headache for all involved and a primary focus of pols running this year. So much so that Congress is actually going to work a few days this summer to work on it.
NY Times: House Adds Hearings on Immigration
Washington Times: Pennsylvania city to target illegals via employers, landlords
Washington Times: Immigration enforcement
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As with everyone who has lost a loved one in this war, our prayers go out to the families of the two soldiers whose bodies were most recently found in Iraq. This is different of course because it appears they were tortured and mutilated beyond identification. We are left to wonder about their last moments and we can't thank them enough. soldiers' bodies mutilated, booby-trapped

Former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell was convicted of tax evasion earlier this year, but was recently sentenced to 30 months. I guess I was surprised because I thought he'd get off. I'm not saying he should have. I don't know the facts of the case, but I do know a lot of people from Atlanta and they felt that there was a new black renaissance going on when Campbell was mayor. Black Atlantans have always done well dating back centuries, but it was 'on' for a while there. Much in the way many blacks in the District still have loyalty for Marion Barry, which is completely beyond me, because he produced so many jobs during his D.C. reign. I still hear blacks in D.C. say, "All I know is when Barry was mayor, every brother who wanted a job, got a job." When people relate a good time to a particular leader, they will forgive him/her anything. I have digressed, but I still doubt he'll spend a day in prison. He's too pretty. Campbell gets 30 months in prison
Baltimore Sun: He got what he deserved
The Wilmington Journal: Campbell Defiant after Stiff Sentence

Crime jumped everywhere and some violent crimes such as rape are at pre-Clinton administration levels. This is not good news. We are seeing crime in places where it hasn't traditionally been a significant part of the culture. An example is in Montgomery County, MD where some of the richest and most powerful beltway players and business men/women live and work; many of them black.
WAPO: Crime Jumps In Early 2006

Yet another black politician whose education proposal will put schools under the fire. This time it's Deval Patrick who is running for the Governor of MA. Although the problems with our education system are not the exclusive responsibility of the schools, they do need a shake up. The education lobby is a huge, fat bully that cares more about maintaining its power than eating humble pie and doing what's best for the kids. Patrick's plans focus more on rewarding schools than the teachers which offers an interesting twist to the issue. Boston Globe: Patrick proposal would reward school performance, not teachers

So TN Congressman and candidate for Senator, Harold Ford, Jr., had yet another party/fundraiser not in Tennessee. He continues to get flack for most of his money coming from out the state giving his opponents more ammunition for the "he doesn't have TN values" arsenal. I still hope he wins. I can't wait for Tony Snow to get him and Barack Obama mixed up at White House Press Conferences. Besdies, who can turn down a party given by the Clinton? They like the kid and D.C. money is just as green as Memphis or Nashville money. Clinton, political bigs raise money for Ford
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I will be in Tampa and St. Pete all week, so my posting will be sporadic.

Over the weekend, The WAPO made some waves with an article on IL Senator Obama and what the Democrats hope he can be for them. I think 2008 is only a VP slot for him. No matter how good Obama looks, the rest of the frontrunning Dems aren't going to let him skip in line. Obama's Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice

What is that again? Illegal immigrants are basically law abiding folks. Aside from coming here illegally, they aren't criminals. Dozens Illegally Used Calif. Woman's ID.

This book caught my interest because, let's face it, there is still a very unfair game being played here. AWOL : The Unexcused Absence of America's Upper Classes from Military Service -- and How It Hurts Our Country. Yes, the American army is a volunteer army, but a significant number of it's 'volunteers' are there because economically they had very litle choices. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but we all knwo this will ensure that the army is made up of the less affluent of America.

Rich people don't want to talk about it because they're afraid someone might try to do something about it and poor people don't want to talk about it because they don't like facing the fact that they are getting screwed over this. Or rather, killed. Besides, if it wasn't for the army, how many poor people wouldn't have a chance at an education and a better life so their kids have more choices than joining the military when they turn 18?

My favorite magazine, Black Enterprise, puts their 2cents in on the black Republican question that November will answer. BE: Ones To Watch: Black Republicans Vie For Senate Seats - Can The GOP Overcome By Betting on African American Candidates?

I also forgot that last week was sort of a holiday for getting your swirl on! As someone who has dipped in the vanilla once or twice myself, I should have remembered. So go ahead, miscegenate your brains out! You've got a non-porn website and everything. Loving Day: Celebrate the Legalization of Interracial Couples
WAPO: Loving Day Recalls a Time When the Union of a Man And a Woman Was Banned Loving outside the lines
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Tongue in cheek, I hope, article in the ChiTown Tribune on the power of FEMA and what it can do to save the horrible state of marriages today:And now, FEMA fixes marriage.

Jay-Z has banned Cristal from his 40/40 clubs and hopes to start a boycott of the product. He is responding to Frédéric Rouzaud, the managing director of Louis Roderer Cristal, who said the hip hop's love of his drink as "unwelcome attention." Jay-Z said he sees this as racist because to Jay-Z and his crowd, rap is the essence of black now; the only 'real' black experience. Millions of blacks would disagree, but try telling a rapper that hip hop is just a form of music that most people relate to thuggery anmisogynyny whether they like it or not.

I'm not against the boycott because this is how the market works. Neither am I against Rouzaud's statement. There is nothing wrong with a company of a high class product not wanting to be associated with gangs and hos. As you know, I'm an author and in my last book I wrote a scene where a very wealthy black family was celebrating an engagement. I initially wrote that they broke out the Cristal, but I changed it sounded ghetto to me. I've come to associate that product with hip hop too and for me, adding Cristal lowered the class level of the entire scene. Jay-Z Boycotts Cristal, Bans Drink From 40/40 Club.

Remember when someone said if you want to find a good man/woman, go to church. Well, those of us in the know are aware that thugs and hoochies show up in church on Sunday, so scrap that. But you can't even find a thug in church anymore because men just aren't coming. WAPO: Empty Pews: Where Did All The Men Go?. I remember how my Daddy would always go to 2nd service at church because he said it was more civilized. There was a whole class thing going on and it was a shame because there is no place for that in church. The working class went early, the middle and upper class went to 2nd service. Daddy said the early birds had a little too much hooping and hollering going on. But come football season, you know Mr. Winters was all up in that early bird service so he wouldn't miss the Bears game. Although that has nothing to do with the article, the point is, he still went.

Now this is just wrong. I don't care how you feel about illegal immigration, no one should have to die. I wasn't too happy to hear the tanks were out there until I read about all the people who die trying to get here. Yes, I know they shouldn't be doing it and general consenus says if you die in the act of willingly and knowingly committing a crime, that's what you get. But come on. I remember seeing two border agents who stumbled on a dead young woman with her little baby. She had given her baby all the water she had and had passed out and died. The baby had been sitting next to her mama's dead body for several hours just crying away. KVOA News 4: Vandals drain desert water tanks intended for illegal immigrants
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So, what is this going to be like an every couple of months thing where we make it seem like something is getting done? Like the raids a couple of months ago, will all of these men and women be released and 'asked' to appear in court again or will they actually be made to go back to their country? Will these employers really be fined any amount of money that will make them not want to allow this to happen again? You can raid all you want and you'll get your good publicity for now, but at some point the results of the raid are going to need to be more than the raid itself. Let's follow this and see what happens to these illegal employees and their employers.
WTOP: Immigration Raid Nets Dozens at Dulles Airport. Nationwide immigration raids net over 400 in San Diego Dozens Arrested In Immigration Sweep
MSNBC: Immigration raids in Las Vegas
Chi Tribune: 75 illegal immigrants seized here

I wonder if anyone used their FEMA money to pay child support? Doubt it! Why do what's right when doing wrong is so easy and sanctioned by our very efficiently run government agencies? If you're surprised that the FEMA money for Katrina was abused raise your hand. Didn't think so. If you're surprised it reached over $1 billion, raise your hand. A few of you? Not me. This whole credit card idea was a disaster from the start and don't call me a bandwagon jumper. Read my posts!
WAPO: Fraudulent Katrina and Rita Claims Top $1 Billion
LA Times: A Vacation, Sex Change and 'Girls Gone Wild' -- Thanks, FEMA

FREEP: FEMA fraud debated
NPR: FEMA Paid $1.5 Billion in False Aid, Report Says

So the money was used by low-lifes to get their party on, vacation, buy the s*#$ they've been wishing they could have all their life but weren't willing to work for it themselves, football tickets, strip clubs and divorces. Someone even used the money for a sex change operation. I'm sure they needed a pick me up after having their house flooded in. If life gives you lemons, turn them into a vagina or penis.

It's all such a shame and much of it can be traced back to failure to check identity of applicants. Will employees at FEMA be penalized for that? Can we learn a lesson here? Don't give people cash! Maybe if this was a more local organization, it would have been able to keep a better tab on what was going on. And just because something horrible happened to someone doesn't mean they are a good person in need of all our unquestioned assistance. Yes, we help them. The quality of a person's character doesn't make them deserve to have their house flooded. But you have to watch what is going on. I hope those people are caught and prosecuted and forced to give the money back so that the true victims of Katrina, who are trying desperately to rebuild their lives, can have it, but I'm not holding my breath.
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I didn't even know that black brokers had a beef with Merrill Lynch. It might be easy to assume that because the King at ML is a brother, black brokers would get a break. The same with American Express, but corporate discrimination is a part of the institution and is not necessarily determined by who is in charge. And sometimes when a minority or woman is at the top they feel they have to push away from these things in order not to seem like they are some kind of social activist for their minority group. Or it might not even be a legit beef. Who knows? Black Brokers, Merrill Lynch Cant Settle Lawsuit
Netscape: Merrill Discrimination Suit Continues

Now that law school is a part of my life, I've become painfully aware of the burden of financing an education. I was lucky to have a Daddy who paid for my undergrad, so I graduated without student loans. Now, I'm on my own and it is a pain. In my search for resources, I came upon this site, The Shropshire Group, which not only helps with financial aid, but many of the other crucial steps to a successful law school degree pursuit. We need more of us in law school so every little bit helps. Former Law School Admissions Dean Creates Nonprofit For Minority Applicants.

I love this stuff. You can't make it up and Wonkette always makes it funny. New White House spokesperson, former FOX boy, Tony Snow, got a lot of flack for using the 'tar baby' comment a few weeks ago. It didn't really phase me, but of course he had to know people were lying in wait and he should check his terms of reference. Whatever. So now, we see that he did the all black people look alike thing. Wonkette: Cynthia McKinney Will Give Tony Snow Something to Cry About. Or maybe it's just all black women. Or maybe it's just all obnoxious black Democrat Congresswomen.

Sister is getting paid!! I didn't even know this was her show. I might actually start watching it to support a girl. Yahoo News: "Grey's" creator in $10 million production deal
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Oh well, I guess Karl Rove isn't going to get indicted. So we will never get to see a picture like the one on the left. At least not for a while. What are you gonna do? Things don't always work out the way they should. Ultimately, his heart is still black and that will come through in the end. After all, God saw that "John McCain Has A Black Baby" crap Rove pulled and that had to piss Him off. Rove will get his. Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case
WAPO: Karl Rove Won't Be Charged in CIA Leak Case

The WAPO started a series on Black Men a couple of weeks ago and I put in my queue and forgot all about it, so sorry. Here it is. It has a lot of articles, personal interest stories, profiles, slideshows, commentaries and stats about black men, black boys, racism, fatherhood and more. It's still going on, so there is more to come. It's an important enough series for everyone, but especially if you are a black man, love a black man or are trying to raise a black man. Being a Black Man.

So to my surprise, this Congressman Jefferson (D-LA) has turned into a bit of a big tiff on The Hill. I wasn't surprised that the right stood up against the FBI. After all, with most of them up to no good, the last thing they want is for the FBI to come into their offices. They aren't defending Jefferson at all, but it does put them in a hard position to hold this to the sun for all to see at the same time fighting the way in which it was exposed. While members of Congress can't do much, the CBC is getting pissed off and the pundits are having a field day with it; especially the problems being caused internally because Jefferson won't do the right thing and step down. Come on, brother. They found $90K in your freezer. I don't care if you got that money from your Auntie, it's ghetto and you need to step down. Jefferson Showdown Only Hurts Democrats Call for lawmaker to step down irks black caucus
Chi Sun Times: Black Democrats object to attempt to oust pol
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Thank Goodness Congress paid attention to those complaining about the horrible protestors saying disgusting, unforgiveable things at military funerals. Even a mentally challenged squirrel knows this was just plain wrong and something had to be done. It never ceases to amaze me how evil people can be, but the fact that they claimed such evil in the name of God promises a very special punishment for them. God is just. Chattanoogan: Frist Hails Signing Of Bill On Respect For Military Congress Bars Funeral Protesters
PeoplesDefender: New bill is a balance between free speech and common decency

Also, it looks like people are trying to sue those protestors. I hope everyone who was tortured by their taunts while trying to bury their loved one does the same and make them go bankrupt. BREITBART.COM: Marine's Father Sues Funeral Protesters

Liberia is just leaping ahead without looking both ways. They elect a female president, which is way cool. And now, they are recruiting women for the army. With all the strife and sexual violence going on in parts of Africa, maybe its time women learn to arm themselves and use a gun. Liberia recruiting women for new army

The ACLU rushes to the rescue again. This just blew me away. Sex offenders sue over playground buffer zone. How dare they? You see, this is the kind of shit that makes people want to take the law into their own hands. I guess I'm naive, but if we are to live in a world where sexual predators have rights based on their being sexual predators, just put a gun in my mouth. Why won't anyone consider castration? I want this story to go national and I want the names and faces of these six people plastered on every newspaper, magazine and website. ACLU Sues Indianapolis Over Sex Offender Ban.

Get this party started already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJC: McKinney probe enters 3rd month. I don't know about you, but I can barely contain myself dreaming of the all the press conferences flanked by conspiracy theorists and race-baiters. I have my DVR ready and waiting. Oh, the drama!

I know this picture is wrong, but someone sent it to me and I couldn't resist. I'm so sorry. I promise I'll go to confession on Sunday, but I can't help myself. It's Friday.
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Good Job, guys! Airstrike Kills Al-Zarqawi. It's always nice to hear about something we're doing right. You all know that the White House is having cocktails right about now. He really needed this, but more importantly, this is good for the morale of the troops, the confidence of the Iraqi government and just to stick it to Osama a bit. This isn't the end of evil in Iraq, there are thousands ready to take his place, but it is justice for all the killing he has done and it does weaken them. He was THE MAN in Iraq and this will unsettle them. Hopefully we can take advantage.

A lot is being written about the changing face of New Orleans as that city tries to rebuilt itself. It doesn't look like Mayor Nagin is going to get his chocolate city back. Census outlines face of today's New Orleans
NYTimes: Reports Reveal Katrina's Impact on Population
Personally, I don't think they should try to rebuild those projects because they will only become projects again, with all the crime and the poorest and most destitute living there; again dependent on the government when the next disaster strikes.

The truth is, no one wants the poor back. Especially with a city that is struggling financially. The last thing it needs is thousands of people who are coming back only to be taken care of. We want to believe that they are all coming back to look for a job and roll their sleeves up to rebuild their homes, but that's not the reality. Thousands of them are coming back expecting the house to be there ready and waiting for them, having been fixed by the government, to move in and a welfare check in the mailbox with food stamps so they can get back to the life they are accustomed to, no matter how dreary that life was. They aren't looking for a job application at all. The city can't afford those people right now. It needs business owners, people with disposable income to shop, dine out and working taxpayers to come back. They want the poor to disappear, but that won't happen. They may become another state's problem, which Houston is suffering from, but they don't disappear. They have to be dealt with.

And this kind of mess doesn't help. Media Matters: Boortz: "Thousands" of Katrina victims are "deadbeats"; "so many" have "turned out to be complete bums, just debris". I know, I know. This guy likes to say this stuff to rile people up and get them upset, but come on. He had to apologize for his McKinney smear a few months ago and I know he's suggested that some female Katrina victims turn to prostitution to get back on their feet. Don't worry folks. God is just and he heard every word.

Yesterday, I mentioned Generation AIDS and how a Canadian study shows blacks respond to chemotherapy differently. In keeping with the black health theme, here is an article on Black Mental Illness, which isn't about being more mentally impaired, but the kind that can come up on you because of physical illness, stress and other things. Louisiana Weekly: Mental Illness in the African American Community
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Last week I mentioned Keith Ellison, who might be the first Muslim elected to Congress this year. I hadn't heard of him until then, but now he's in the news again because of his comments on the Nation of Islam. Ellison Denies Charges Of Anti-Semitism. I knew this relationship would be trouble. If you're going to be associated with this group, you will have anti-semitism slapped on you whether it is deserved or not. You can tell something about someone based on the company they keep.

The Supreme Court is taking up Affirmative Action again. Does anyone not think this policy is on its last legs? Racketeering Lawsuits & Affirmative Action
All Headline News: Supreme Court To Examine Affirmative Action In Schools Another Swing at Affirmative Action

On the illegal immigration front, we always talk about how unfair having illegals here is to everyone else. This article points out that illegals don't necessarily have it that good here either. Katrina rebuilding exploits illegals Still, it's better than where they came from, so what's the point?

On the 25th anniversary of HIV/AIDS, USA Today has a good article on where the AIDS Generation is, what they are doing and what we can look forward to. Profile: Generation AIDS. And in other health news, a recent Canadian study shows that blacks respond to chemotherapy different.United Press International: African-American chemo reaction differs

Michelle Malkin talks about the bad news regarding the Kelo case and how its going forward. This is the Supreme Court ruling that your home can be taken from you if some developer decides he'd rather build a business there. This is an example of activists judges reinterpreting the constitution and the American people are the losers. Like I've said before, I believe this will end up really hurting minorities in poor areas because many of those areas are close to prosperous housing and those people would much rather get rid of the poor blacks and put a Macy's up. A DEFEAT FOR KELO

Also, Ann Coulter is the devil's concubine, but that's a story for another day.
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Here is an endearing story about kids in Prince Georges County beating the odds and winning scholarships to the University of Maryland. We always hear so much about PG County kids going the other way. I thought I'd share something different. There is a lot of good going on in PG County, it is the wealthiest black county in America, but there are some really bad areas and those are the ones that tend to get all the attention. WAPO: Stories Differ, Goals the Same

Tampa Bay is getting it done with its African American business directory, which was started as a school project, but has flourished into something very useful. It's a small community in the Tampa area, but as with every small community, there are a ton of black business owners doing their thing. African-American business directory completed - Tampa Bay Business Journal:Hopefully folks will check this directory first when they need goods and services. They are also listed on a website. Tampa Bay African American Business Directory.

USC's Center for Religion and Civic Culture is participating in a study that will look for tomorrow's black leaders. EURWEB: USC Launches Program For Emerging African American Leaders: A New Program for Clergy and Lay Leaders Begins Today. I'm always skeptical of the term "black leaders," but this program seems to be on the local level and is really just teaching people how to be leaders in everything they do, so I support it.

Would the people of the District vote for a black Republican mayor? Candidate Dennis Moore thinks so. Moore doesn't have a chance, but not because he is a Republican. He's just completely unknown and there are already some very prominent frontrunners. The city is overwhelmingly Democratic, but it is also a city with a lot of grievances on the local and national level. If someone can offer solutions, I think they'd have a chance. D.C. Wire: Black Republican For Mayor.

Here is an article on patronage and race towards the efforts of diversity. Chi Tribune: Defense makes point of ethnicity in politics. Chicago has such a messy racial history. I love my hometown, but it remains a very segregated city. This article is discussing the fallout of a trial currently in progress for four ex-officials in Mayor Daley's office.

"Patronage armies of white, black, Latino and Asian city workers allegedly competed with one another for city jobs and promotions dispensed by aides to the Irish-American mayor. Pro-Daley campaign coordinators have testified about how their racially based political groups intentionally mirrored the city's polyglot patchwork of neighborhoods."

An update on Patrick Deval, the Democrat running for Massachusetts Governor. Boston.Com: Democrats give Patrick resounding endorsement. We already knew he had Ben and Jennifer Affleck's support. Now the DEMs are firmly behind him. I'm still not very clear on how much of a real chance he has. When I think of Massachusetts, I think of Boston and I don't think of a friendly place for black people. But that's just me.
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Just got back from Jackson. I swear if I have to get on another plane anytime soon, I will put a gun in my mouth. I was in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, so I have no idea what is going on in politics right now. I'm sure someone somewhere is talking about immigration, so here:

The NY Post writes on the obvious. The GOP and Bush are having a domestic dispute worthy of an episode of COPS over this immigration thing. GOP GETS ALIEN-ATED FROM PREZ. This is like the NY Times finally figuring out that people are sending bricks to their congressmen to suggest they should build a fence even though it was on the blogs well over a month ago. Way to stay on top of things.

Herndon, VA which has rapidly become majority Hispanic, is home to one of the controversial day labor workplaces. I'm against any support of illegal activity, but I think because the community is mostly Hispanic they were supporting it. Race or right again? Our people do it all the time, so do others. Doesn't make it right. Well in the recent election, many of Herndon's residents, a majority to be exact, said enough of this nonsense and swept into office a slate of candidates opposing illegal immigration and efforts to support it. The new mayor has a job ahead of him. WAPO: Mayor-Elect Seeks End to Day-Labor Anger, Return to Town's Roots.

Here is a very local look at what the immigration issue means for two candidates in Utah. OpinionJournal: Is Cannon Fodder?. Horrible use of puns, which the media is expert at, but we will find this a primary theme in the November elections. Candidates will have to take a side and the voters (not the people-because a lot of people talk mess but don't vote) will decide what happens.

This is way out of left field and offensive enough to catch my attention I'm sorry to say. has an article on tracking illegal immigrants with chips. Proposal to Implant Tracking Chips in Immigrants. I'm just as disgusted with our governments handling of tracking people who are caught here illegally, but let's remember, these are human beings and this is not 1984.
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An interesting commentary in The Chicago Defender on why the black family on Desperate Housewives didn't work out. Besides of course that they are completely dysfunctional and psycho because all of the families on the show are that way. Chicago Defender: Alfre’s Great Escape: she couldn’t possibly be this desperate.
Of course she's too good an actress for that show, but everyone loves to do the juicy, soap-opera type role every now and then. I just didn't like her character too much. She was evil, unlike the other mothers who are just nuts. I hope Wisteria Lane gets another black family soon. Also, the bad son, who we thought was the good son, was pretty hot.

So what is this I hear about rappers ganging up on Oprah? Please fools, you can't even begin to touch her. By dissing her, you'll only make people respect her more.
BREITBART.COM - Ice Cube Joins Voices Against Oprah
The Post Chronicle: Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Ludacris: Oprah Winfrey Has Problem With Rap

I'm going old school on you, but you know you loved SAVED BY THE BELL. The snobby sister on the show has resurfaced and is suing a tabloid that said she was on drugs and in rehab. I personally can't say I've seen her since that movie she did with Bill Bellamy a long, long time ago. The funny thing is, just about every newspaper on the planet picked this lawsuit story up as if she was the star of the century.
E! Online: Lisa Turtle Just Said No
WAPO: 'Saved by the Bell' Actress Sues Tabloid
As anyone else would be, she is very sensitive to this type of thing because she's a very religious person and has had to quit jobs on shows like The Bold and the Beautiful because they wanted her to do sex scenes. Sticking by Christian principles must be hard in Hollywood. Especially for black women when the only roles are hoochie mama #1 or hooker #2.

Also, saw X3 last weekend and it was great. I love the special effects in the movie and the I love the underlying message about differences. Granted, being black wouldn't allow me to walk through walls or read someone's mind, thus stealing their government's top secrets, but the moral is the same. The experience was only marred by the fact that my local AMC theatre charges $7.50 for matinee now and matinee starts at 4:00 p.m. in stead of 6:00 p.m. Sons of b*#@('s!
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