I've mentioned this phenomenon before, healthy HIV patients. Reuters: "Elite" HIV patients mystify doctors. I have a close friend whose partner has been HIV Positive since 1985, when they really didn't have effective medicine for it. He has had common colds before, but bounced right back. He is fit and athletic. He travels around the world as a consultant which provides a challenge for even the healthiest person's immune system. He can afford the best drugs. He's a Harvard MBA and makes over $300K, so he might not be the average HIV patient, but the doctors don't believe it's the medication that makes the difference. It's him and they are constantly poking and prodding him to find out why he is still so healthy. I hope people like him continue to allow the doctors to poke and prod because there might be a key here just waiting to be found.

Although I believe it is the federal government's responsibility to guard and protect our borders from illegal immigrants, I'm beginning to see the answer may lie in the local and state authorities. They seem to be the only ones that are actually getting things done. The problem is, when one town or state enforces it's laws, the illegals just move to another. They continue to be a burden on the social system. And according to the Congressional Budget Office, the government's bill isn't going to do much but put us more in the hole financially. Yahoo: Immigration bill's cost pegged at $127B. How can you justify giving illegals tax credits? What about all the back taxes they owe for payroll wages? It's all very confusing and seems to be rewarding the wrong things.

I mentioned a few days ago that whites were favored to win the racially themed Survivor, but it looks like the Asians are pulling ahead. Quality stuff, guys. Gambling911: Survivor Cook Islands: Whites the race favored to win
Gambling911: Survivor - Cook Islands: Asian Americans listed as favorite race
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Was MLK a Democrat or a Republican? A big surprise that each side would lay their claim to him. Not to disappoint, I would consider him a Independent. MLK was interested in supporting whoever was for civil rights, justice, creating economic prosperity, opportunity and independence for everyone. He would have to be an independent. Here is one of the more recent articles on why he would be down with the Red. HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE: Why Martin Luther King Was Republican by Frances Rice

In the WAPO, Juan Williams wants us to Banish The Bling in an attempt to regain our culture from those who hijacked it and want to make the equivalent of being black a BET UnCut video. Go 'head Williams. Tell it like it is.

When you get a conservative to admit that Bill Clinton was right about anything, I guess it's news. With most of them still thinking he was and still is the Anti-Christ, it's a hard pill to swallow to admit he actually did a pretty good job. Of course welfare reform is about the only thing that conservatives will agree with Bill Clinton on. Bill Clinton Was Right

Word on the street is they bit my thesis...No, sorry that's something else...It's actually that the crackdowns on illegals, their employers and others who enable them is having some affect. I mentioned last week that the town in Pennsylvania being sued for actually enforcing immigration law is reporting that illegals are leaving the town. Reuters: Town sued over strict immigration law Towns take aim at illegal immigration

More and more towns are doing it. I think the towns and states like Georgia will be effective, but I'm suspicious of these federal government raids. I think they are more about publicity than substance.
Chron: Chertoff: Crackdown deterring illegal immigrants
WAPO: Chertoff: Policies Deterring Illegals

On a lighter note, the Black Panthers are making a comeback and are stronger than ever. Can you say tired? Yes, while the black family is falling apart, our men are shooting each other down like flies, our children are dropping out of school and having babies, the focus should be on hating Whitey. That will definitely make things better in our community because hate and blame always leads to good and never bad. Philadelphia Inquirer: New Black Panthers are united and defiant
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Democrats have high hopes for November. James Carville says if the party can't get it done this time, it should basically just dissolve. That's my interpretation at least. Didn't he say something like that in 2004?

Bloomberg: Democrats See Victory in U.S. House Races, Senate Within Reach
Quando: A big win for The Big D?Post Chronicle: Judgment Day Coming -- For The Neocons
Redstate: Where Have You Gone, (INSERT NAME HERE)

Even K Street is reading the Tea Leaves and starting to be nice to Democratic lobbyists again. WAPO: Democrats' Stock Is Rising on K Street

The Hill says the CBC will become relevant again if the Dems win. The Hill: Powerful role for CBC if Dems win

I would say I'll believe it when I see it. If anyone can mess up a sure thing, it's the Dems.

If they do win, what's going to happen? They don't have much of a chance to win the Senate, so they'll still have to deal with them. Also, they are going to be so bent on revenge for being the red-headed stepchild for so many years, they'll be too busy sticking it to the Republicans to actually work on the issues. NYTimes: Issues Await if Democrats Retake House.

In general, I don't think it's good for one party to run the Congress, Senate and White House, but when all you want is to win, after you do, what comes next? Revenge? Turning the tables? Is that what voters are going to the polls for? Don't they care more about financing their kid's college education, buying a home, lowering crime? Those in Congress don't care about what the people are voting for. They are on The Hill in their own world and it's all about them. Do you think Democratic leadership gets together to discuss how they're going to help America when they win in November? No, they are strategizing on how they are going to get back the Republicans and if the people are lucky, they might benefit a little bit.
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Congratulations to 24 and The Office, two of my favorite shows that won Emmys last night. I can't wait until 24 comes back in January! Jack Bauer is crazy and it's great in a fictional sort of way. Meaning that on the show I think it's sexy, but in real life, I'd be scared of his ass. At first I was not happy to hear that Wayne Palmer, younger brother of David Palmer (hottest President ever) was going to be the President in the 6th season/day. I've already suspended enough disbelief for that show. I mean who can drive through L.A. traffic and get to the other end of the city in less than 10 minutes? Now Wayne, who's only political job we can speak of is Chief of Staff to his brother during one administration is going to be President of the United States?
TV Guide: Official 24 Scoop: President Palmer Lives On
New and Returning Characters for Day 6 of 24
However, after hearing the director's explanation, I kind of understand. He's doing this as a JFK and RFK kind of thing. The country loved President Palmer and he was assassinated as part of a terrorist plot against the U.S. (which of course Jack saved us all from...again). Although RFK had much better credentials than Wayne Palmer, sentiment and emotion would have swept him into office if he had lived long enough. So, I'll accept Wayne as President. Now that David Palmer is gone, I only watch it for Jack anyway. Also, Regina King is joining the cast and I love me some Regina. CinemaBlend: Palmer Updates For Season 6 Of 24

In other good news, reports say that the numbers of young black men in college are going up. Most importantly, the numbers of them graduating from college are going up. I hope this is true. As great as we sisters are, we can't continue the progress alone and we need snuggling study buddies. Black Voice News Online: More Black Males Entering and Graduating College: HBCU's Growing Lure

Okay, I'm thinking this is the last time I'll be writing about Cosby and his rantings. I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of his accusatory style, but I do understand his message and I totally agree with it. Some of his more recent "calling outs" have been a call to absent fathers to "Claim Their Children!" and I can't agree with him more. How can you be a man and not take care of your kids? How can expect people to respect you when you are not fulfilling the most basic, but most important duty of a father? And I'm not just talking about financial support. I'm talking about parenting. BSun: Cosby calls to absent fathers
Washington Times: Cosby exhorts students, parents

Also, here are some more interesting opinions on the Survivor: The Race Season. I'm done talking about it, but you can see from the titles, what I was saying. Whites are favored to win. It will get ugly. Survivor Cook Islands: Whites the race favored to win
L.A. Times: NYC Officials Want New 'Survivor' Pulled
Artsandentertainment: A different approach
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I don't even know what to say about this. I am not surprised but I am disgusted. Kids are so impressionable and this kind of thing really affects them. I hope they sue that bus driver. I want her to have to show her face and try to weasel out of what she did.
The Shreveport Times: Black Students Ordered to Give Up Seats To Whites : LOUISIANA SCHOOL BUS DRIVER ORDERS BLACKS TO THE BACK
The Shreveport Times: Red River Parish parents upset with handling of bus incident

I think one of the signs of the Apocalypse is when Pat Buchanan starts to make sense. His new book on illegal immigration is getting a lot of publicity. Like those of his kind, he uses fear more than reason, but there are some legit reasons to be afraid because I agree that Mexicans illegally immigrating here aren't interested in becoming a part of America. They want to make American become Northern Mexico.
Washington Times: Buchanan warns of flood of illegals
Wonkette: Breaking: Pat Buchanan Wary of Brown People, 'Times' Reports

I didn't know there was a macaca-gate, but this mess is still going on. What difference does it make? No one will ever learn their lesson. A few months from now another high profile politician will make some racially insensitive, or incomprehensible enough to be construed as racially insensitive statement and a media melee will commence.
WAPO: Allen Calls Webb Aide, Apologizes For Remark
Hotline On Call: The Monkey Is Not Dead. We Repeat. The Monkey Is Not Dead
NYTimes: Senator Apologizes to Student for Remark
WAPO: Fairfax Native Says Allen's Words Stung
WAPO: Another Day, Another Dozen Apologies From Sen. Allen

Those people in Houston are so sick and tired of the Katrina evacuees. Now there are complaints of them destroying the apartments and rooms meant for them. Apartment Owners Complain Ordinance Unfairly Targets Them. Apartment owners all over town are piping hot mad. Again, what is the surprise here? Did people believe that just because these folks moved from New Orleans to Houston they would change their behaviors and morals? Yes, a few of them I'm sure took this chance to change their lives and are better for it, but most are just back on welfare with no regard for the property in which they live because they aren't really paying for it.

Is this really where we want to go folks?Daily Mail: Asian students' shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny I agree that airport security needs to focus more on safety than political correctness, but can we start booting people we think are Arabs off of planes because we just don't like the look of them and we're mad about 9/11 or the fear the next 9/11? I'm worried about this.
Daily Mail: Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed

I didn't even know this heifer was still alive let alone writing columns. Eagle Forum: Criticism Of Evolution Can't Be Silenced

And where in the HOT HELL does Saddam get off getting upset that someone accused him of rape or his soldiers of rape under his command? He thinks because he hung one rapist that excuses the mess his sons did? They raped women, IRAQI WOMEN, for sport. We know about the rape rooms JACKASS! This b*&^ is just too much. These trials just need to be over so they can hurry up and hang his butt. DNA India: Saddam threatens prosecutor over rape claim
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The WAPO's Harold Meyerson seems to have found the love of his life in TN Congressman Harold Ford Jr. WAPO: This Year's Southern Prodigy. Yes he is a good looking man, but Meyerson is smitten.

Also, the Chicago Tribune is writing about the whole thing, which although entertaining to read is childish, immature and in my opinion only points out how scared the Republicans really are of Mr. Ford. Chi Tribune: When `fancy' is a fighting word

High profile PG County executive Jack Johnson has found himself in a little controversy.WAPO: Prince George's County Executive Aids Friends. You mean politicians giving jobs to friends? Unheard of. He says he is simply hiring "first-class people." I better not see any cousins or anything on the county board is all I'm saying.

Charter Schools are having a bit of a problem right now. I'm still in favor of them because I think its right for parents to have as many choices as possible when it comes to their child's education and they shouldn't be held back because other parents don't care enough to do it or the powerful teacher's lobby says 'this is how it is so suck it.' WAPO: Janey Questions Charter Schools

Also, in the category of stuff any idiot with eyes could see, D.C. has hella immigrants. WAPO: Area Immigrants Top 1 Million

If you don't know it yet (even though the news is everywhere), Senator Obama of IL is going to Africa, including stops in Kenya where he went to find his roots. Senator Obama In Africa. I enjoyed reading about that experience in his book. It was very personal and the conflicting emotions he had about what he was experiencing and discovering gave me insight into how his mind and heart works which is why I still like him even though I think he's a little too liberal politically. I have a feeling with a staff and cameras, this experience will not be the same, but hey, things change and what's important is that attention is being given to the Motherland by somebody who is not a Hollywood actor or rock star.

The Chicago school system is moving away from desegregation requirements and it might sound bad, but I think it's probably not a big deal. Yahoo News: Chicago schools lose desegregation rules. Schools should focus on making each school competitive and strong and not just making sure there are different colored faces sitting at the desk. Hispanics are coming on strong in Chicago and many blacks are moving into the suburbs, so it isn't like the school system isn't going to be diverse at all, but I don't think diversity is the priority for a public school system in as dire straits as the Chicago one is.

The judge's reasoning:
"The current demographic makeup of Chicago and its student population bears virtually no resemblance to that which gave rise to litigation between the parties in the first instance."

Was it a good move to have President Bush come down and campaign now? Swann was trying to woo some Democrats, especially black Democrats to his side. Bush is not their favorite person, or for that matter anyone's favorite person according to the polls. Oh well, I'm sure he was charming in a simple kind of way. WAPO: Lynn Swann, Happy to Be on the President's Team

Also, in Hazelton, a town is being sued because it chooses to enforce illegal immigration laws. Reuters: Town sued over strict immigration law. Yes, that's right. Someone is suing the city because it won't give permits to businesses that hire illegal aliens and it fines landlords who rent homes to them. The next suit will be against the city for making people who commit crimes go to jail. That is so racist!

The city is like 'ya'll can bite it' because whatever they are doing, it seems to be working. Towns take aim at illegal immigration

I get the feeling some people are going to have a problem with this. The Sun Online: Pygmies joining Brits tribe. Brits are less anal about this stuff than Americans are; I think everyone is less anal about everything than Americans are. A pygmy tribe from Africa is going to plopped into the middle of modern London life and observed. Big deal. London is all about fashion and soccer. Bring that family to America and we'll have some damn comedy. My prediction: Their kids start talking back in two weeks and they each weigh 250 lbs by the end of the month.

And yes I read the WAPO a lot.
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Everyone saw Spike Lee's HBO special on Katrina, right? If you didn't, you should see it. HBO: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts. Even if you don't agree with the angle that he takes, Lee is showing his genius at filmaking. The man has skills. I was surprised that there was humor in it, but you know how we are. We find a way to laugh at things because that's what gets you by. Parts are painful to watch but it does remind you of a lot of things that are wrong with our country. Some things don't make sense to me, but no matter what it comes to, my biggest lesson is that you can't rely on the government whether you think you should or not. No matter how hard it may be, we have to build a life that allows us and our family unit to be our own saviors in a time of crisis.

As far as the conspiracy theories, it isn't his job to promote or dispute them. The truth is the poor black community's belief in conspiracies against them are entrenched in their way thinking and says a lot about the hopelessness they feel. It is a part of the damaged psyche of living in poverty and violence that has to be addressed in order to be overcome.

I think the second part airs tonight.
News Times Live: Spike Lee's Katrina documentary both heartwrenching, funny
SacBee: Nicholas Kulish: Spike Lee's New Orleans disaster
BlogHer: Spike Lee's Hurricane Katrina documentary examines race and politics in the aftermath of the storm
SFGate: 'WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE': Sense of shame, injustice spurred Lee into action
The Raw Story: Spike Lee: Chertoff 'real culprit' of KatrinaABC News: Spike Lee's Katrina 'Requiem' Mixes Anger, Sorrow
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Who is the real enemy of the white race? The various people of color taking over the country or the Jews? I thought it was agreed by all nutjobs that the Jews are to blame for everything. I mean it's so obvious. Well, maybe not. The right-wing is having a heck of a time trying to figure this out and it's tearing the party apart.
AlterNet: A Split In the Racist Right

Racism isn't just for Republicans anymore. The World is Flat and everyone can share in the joy. Former Clinton staffer Lanny Davis talks about the racism he has witnessed from the Left during the Lamont v Libermann campaign. This is nothing new. Democrats have always gotten away with their racism more than Republicans. Because they have the majority of minorities in their party, they don't believe they have to watch what they say or do and most 'so called' black leaders aren't going to call them on it.WSJ: Liberal McCarthyism: Bigotry and hate aren't just for right-wingers anymore

Wonkette has a little fun with Tramm Hudson, Republican candidate running for the Congressional seat currently held by our favorite crazy Katherine Harris. He doesn't think blacks can swim. I agree with Wonkette that we should keep that district seat crazy, so he has my vote. Wonkette: Racism Week Continues at Wonkette
Redstate: Tramm Hudson Destroys Himself

I was disappointed to hear that former Atlanta mayor and civil rights leader Andrew Young made about Koreans, Arab and yes wait for it...Jews have been screwing us for the longest. Not entirely untrue, but not something you want to spit out without context. As a former politician and a current spokesperson for a company with the profile of Wal-Mart he should have known better. Well, he had to quit which doesn't happen too often to non-white people who make such comments. Usually when a black person says something like this no one has the balls to say anything; the same people who would lose it if a white former politician and spokesperson for Wal-Mart said something like, I don't know..."Blacks don't know how to swim. They've never been good swimmers." International Herald Tribune: Wal-Mart envoy quits after racist remarks
L.A. Times: Young to Quit Wal-Mart Group After Racial Remarks

And didn't we all know this shirt was coming out? I actually like George Allen, but he made this bed so he's going to have to sleep in it. Wonkette: T-Shirt War Ceasefire Fails
The Macaca Shop :
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I will be out of town until Monday, so I'll leave you with this:

Africa is thinking of getting a 24-hour news station. Besides all the soccer updates, I think it will be quite depressing.
Yahoo: Africa mulls 24-hour TV news channel by next year

There's an HIV/AIDS conference going on headed by Dollar Bill Gates and President Clinton, with a lot of prominent speakers saying mostly the old, but some new. They seem to be very hyped on a vaccine. Now how about that cure?
Yahoo: AIDS-HIV Full Coverage
WAPO: Black America Must Confront AIDS Gates: Women key to fighting AIDS

They found all those missing Egyptian students, one after he got into a argument at O'Hare airporta few days ago. Not a good move. They still say this had nothing to do with terrorism; just some kids who used student visas to get in the country with apparently no intention of actually going to college. Isn't that still against the law? I say ship them back ASAP! Yahoo: All missing Egyptian students in custody

Talking about crazy, FOX News seems to have an inordinate amount of people that make you have to rewind your DVR to see if they really said what you think they said. News Hounds: Fox News Airs Call for 'Muslim-Only' Line. This joker suggest that we have a Muslims only line at the airport. Yes, I'm sure that will makes things MUCH BETTER!
"It's time to have a Muslims check-point line in America's airports and have Muslims be scrutinized. You better believe it, it's time," Gallagher said, garnering tepid audience applause."


Senator Allen put his foot in his mouth and is trying to back out of it. I'm still confused by this whole thing. I don't really understand what macaca means and it is being googled the heck out of. I thought it was stupid. What flies in parts of Virginia, won't go if you're looking for a national future. Somewhere Nelson from The Simpsons is pointing and saying "Ah ha!"
WAPO: Allen Quip Provokes Outrage, Apology
WAPO: Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide

I love 24, LOST and CRIMINAL INTENT, but now that the school season has started, I'll have to cut down on my television. I'll have to pass on some of the new shows coming out. Some will be easier to pass on than others, such as this choice offering by MTV following criminals in training around. Viacom: MTV News & Docs Premieres New Documentary Series, MTV Juvies

I can't stand Barbara Walters no way, but if I got on the show and she started in on me about my hair, I would ask her what it feels like to be 80 and look 95. Philadelphia Inquirer: Hands off the hair!.

This is old news. There are colored people everywhere now. We used to be in like 10 places in the entire country, but the switch has been flipped. Study: Diversity rises in suburbs
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In the literary world, FOX News analyst Juan Williams, who I sat near at a Nats game last week, is getting a lot of pub for his new book, Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What We Can Do About It. I hear from some it's a fresh even-handed look at what's wrong in Black America and what should be done. I hear from some it's the same old 'black folks are so messed up' speech with no solutions. They are saying he's doing the same thing that Bill Cosby was doing, but I doubt that. Juan has his pulse on the news and I'd much prefer someone like him making these points than an entertainer. I haven't read it yet, but Juan seems like a smart guy. To stand up to those neo-cons on FOX as much as he does, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. It's on my list.

Oh yeah, and speaking of Cosby. He wrote a response to Michael Eric Dyson's latest criticism of him at The WAPO. I smell a steel cage match. Poynter Online: Bill Cosby

In BOOKWORLD, the WAPO does a review of Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete by William C. Rhoden. I saw him on The Colbert Report and I wasn't impressed. He says sports is like slavery. I hope in the book he does some miraculous job of explaining how a free, rich, spoiled, entitled, worshipped athlete is the same as a plantation slave who is forced to work, beaten, has to watch his wife be raped and his children sold to the highest bidder. WAPO: Golden Shackles

In the magazine world, we have BLACK BOY MAGAZINE: Building, inspiring and Motivating You To Greatness. Whatever happened to telling a baby to just have fun and be happy? Although the cover is cute and it's refreshing to see a black baby on a magazine cover for once, can you really create an entire magazine on one type of child? What about BLACK BABY or BLACK CHILD or CHILD OF COLOR? I don't give this magazine a long shelf life, especially considering the cover model is the co-publisher :), but I appreciate the effort. Finally...A Magazine For Black Boys!
Jossip: Black Boys Eat Cookies Just Like White Kids
Black Boy Magazine

Have you heard about those sites that women can go to and warn other women about bad men? It's a "Don't Date This Guy" kind of thing. Well they have one now for men who are not taking care of their kids. is a real site and it calls out good for nothing pieces of s*#* who don't take care of their kids. The home page is really harsh, but hey I have no sympathy for men who don't take care of the kids. Just to be fair, I think there should be a, but let's face it. Most of the mommas are taking care of the kids, so they will always win that war.

On the subject of black fathers, we dig on the bad ones and we should. Men who don't do right by their kids deserve to be shamed, but what about the men who do take care of their kids? No, they don't deserve kudos because you don't get kudos for doing the least of what's expected of you. Only a race with such low expectations of itself would consider a man who takes care of his kids exceptional. However, for those good fathers doing right, like the National Fatherhood Initiative's tagline - "Fathers Change the World One Child at a Time," we have your back. Here are some good books on black fathers doing it right and why we love them.
Black Fathers: A Call for Healing: Books: Kristin Clark Taylor

The Pursuit of Happyness: Chris Gardner
The Shirt off His Back: Parry Ebonysatin Brown
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Bringing up crime in the black community is exhausting. All you ever get is everyone pointing the finger and demanding this or that change, but nothing happens. Every now and then someone has the guts to admit that it is up to the people who live there to make their collection of homes and streets a "community," but they get slapped back with screams of injustice, racism and what the government is or isn't doing. There are many things at play here and only the ignorant can believe it is one thing or the other. But one fact that can't be denied is that our communities were stronger, safer and better when our families were intact, so I suggest that is where we start. And honestly, until we as black men and women (we are both responsible here) put our families back together, we don't have a right to complain about anything. And our children will keep dying.

There is nothing special about being black. We are not an exceptional race. Despite what other races might think, neither are they. We are all just like everyone else and no race is stronger than it's moral choices. As other races degrade their traditional families the same will happen in their communities. It already is. We are idiots if we believe that we can continue to make the choices that we are and expect things to get better. And don't look around your little world and say, "Things are better. Look at my life." Go further. Look further and then do something. And if you utter a "White people (INSERT COMPARISON HERE)," you're part of the reason nothing gets done. White people have their own problems and they are not thinking about us. They do not care that our families have fallen apart. They will just build more jails to deal with the consequences. Let's focus on us, find the problem with us and find the solution in us. Then make all the comparisons you want. And don't even get me started on the ones who say there really isn't a problem.

Here are some recent interesting commentaries on crime in the community:
BAW: In the Death of Young Irvin J. Harris, There's Enough Blame to Go Around
Booker Rising: Crime, Victimology, Personal Responsibility, And Misplaced Community Outrage
Our Weekly: Buried Alive Under Three Strikes
WAPO: Sweeping Crackdown Said to Gut Gang in Md.
Yahoo: Katrina victims blamed for Houston crime

Last week, TIME had a good article on TN Congressman Harold Ford's chances for the Senate in November. He's dealt with many comparisons to IL Senator Obama even though he's been around for much longer. Every hopeful in politics is being compared to America's most-adored politician. This week, TIME has good article on the influx of Obama-wannabes or Obama-like politicians. Here Comes the New Wave of Barack Obamas
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A lot has been going on in Pennyslvania where Lynn Swann is running for Republican Governor. The press hasn't been as enamored of him as I thought they would considering he's such a legend there. Also, black leaders and the Republican thing. You know how that goes. But they certainly can't say they don't know where he stands on the issues anymore. He's written a book and he is making some strides according to The Herald.
Post-Gazette: At Capitol, Swann touts book outlining his vision for state
The Herald: Swann sways some in Democrat stronghold
Philadelphia Inquirer: Swann puts his message, policy ideas in a book

Well you know now that her camp has blamed the Jews and the voting machines, McKinney is eager to get something started. She wants a recount. You know what? I hope she gets it. I hope she gets it and it turns out she lost by an even greater number than previously thought. Atlanta Progressive News: McKinney Pursuing Legal Challenges to Elections in Georgia

But don't count her out just yet. For some crazy reason, there are people who think that McKinney is still going to make her mark. So Tupac conspiracy theorists, don't give up hope. Your savior is not dead yet. I mean I guess he is, but McKinney isn't.
Dallas Morning News: Congresswoman's Future Called Bleak

Dollar Bill Jefferson might not have it as easy as he thought. The case against him is taking a little long, which makes me think it might fall through. There is some incentive for voters to vote him back in office because his longevity gives him seniority and that means something on The Hill. However, based on what's in his freezer, he isn't using that seniority for the good of those people. Now it looks like everybody and they mama is getting in line to run against him. BAW: Candidates Line Up to Challenge Embattled Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson
Louisiana Weekly: Jefferson's ever shrinking re-election chances

Also, people aren't so quick to come back to New Orleans. I bet a lot of the poor folks aren't planning on coming back until the state sets them up. They aren't trying to find any jobs. They want to know what government housing is going to be furnished and waiting for them with a mailbox to receive that welfare check on the first of the month. And don't give me any shit because you know I'm telling the truth. Most of them have gotten on welfare wherever they moved to and they aren't going to come back unless they can get welfare in New Orleans. The city is better off without them. It doesn't need any takers. It needs workers, business owners and taxpayers. I also wonder if the reluctance to return has anything to do with all the news about the crime rate that has gone back up as others are moving back. I bet Houston isn't happy about this. The crime rate has risen steadily since Katrina survivors have settled there and it doesn't look like they want to leave. That's messed up. United Press International: Return of New Orleans residents slows

Hurray for the Chief of Police in Washington D.C. WAPO: Chief Links Need for Curfew to 'Irresponsible' Parents. The council is getting a lot of lip from some residents about the new efforts to combat the horrible crime in the district. They want to blame the cops, the government, everything else but themselves. I grew up in one of those places where people felt responsible for their neighborhood, it's reputation and the way their children behaved. If unwanted people showed up, they were dismissed by the residents or the cops were called on them every single time until they didn't want nothing to do with our street. So I was happy to hear it when Chief Ramsey placed some of the blame on not just parents, but irresponsible parents. If you are handling your business at home, you will not be offended by this. There were six kids in my family and my parents had control (and none of us were getting beat either), so I have no sympathy for these parents out here that say they can't control when their under 16 year old comes home.

And oh yes, the cameras are going up, so you better watch your stuff D.C. Keep it tight! First 4 D.C. Crime Cameras To Be Set Up This Week. Like I said before, the only issue I would have with this is if the cameras can see into people's homes. That is not right, but I assume the ACLU would be all over this if that was possible.

Also in the D.C. area, the WAPO is showing the stats that anyone with eyes could have figured out. Us colored folks are taking over. By 2010 minorities will be the majority in the area, including the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. WAPO: Data Show Minorities' Movement To Majority

It seems like every race comes down to race these days. Even when both candidates are the same race. Unless of course they are both white then people focus on the scandals. God forbid we should give a damn about the issues. Here's a article on the Senate race in Maryland and the issues of race along with moving that seat from blue to red. And from the pic it looks like Mfume is actually getting out there and campaigning. Somebody must have told him something. I'm still rooting for Steele. The open Maryland Senate seat could go red or blue, but from Baltimore to Bethesda, the talk is black and white

Barack Obama is going to be on the cover of Men's Vogue. Big woop. He's a good looking guy and that's like finding a needle in a haystack on The Hill. Have you seen these Senators? Fugliness abounds. WAPO: Mussed for Success: Barack Obama's Smooth Wrinkles BARACK OBAMA TO GRACE COVER OF MEN'S VOGUE


Okay, so hearing a small town that wants to be an example of racial harmony is not news, but when you hear that town is in Indiana, it is. No offense Indianans, but ya'll know racial harmony is not your strong point. So good luck with all that. Small Indiana town singing tune of racial, ethnic harmony
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I have to say I'm disappointed. Didn't I tell you that McKinney would blame racism for her defeat? I know she was already claiming the voting machines were rigged. Turns out, she also blames...DRUM ROLL...The Jews. Ahh, the safety net of Anti-Semitism. Her father also blamed the Hebrews for her defeat in 2002. Blaming the Jews has been done to death this month. Couldn't she have been more original? How about the white gay midgets? No one picks on them nearly enough. McKinney Supporters Blaming Jews

Although I love the City Building Games, this stupid video game culture is on crack. It's like some men (and you know they are all men) are sitting in a room somewhere thinking how can we come up with something that makes doing wrong even more fun? The newest game is "BULLY", by the makers of that wholesome Grand Theft Auto, and it's coming out in October. So for all those people who suffer irreparable damage from being pushed around by a bully, you can relive that in Rockstar's new game. In the end, it's just a game and parents don't have to buy it for their kids and they don't have to let their kids play it. So no need to blame the company; blame punk ass parents who can't say no to their kids. Reuters: "Bully" video game to be released in October.

This fool is still saying something. I'm disappointed he hasn't been run over by a truck yet, but you can't have all your dreams answered. DJ Star, who lost his radio gig for saying he wanted to sexually assault the 4 year old daughter of a radio rival (and offered $500 to anyone who would help him find the girl) wants us all to get over it. Meanwhile he claims he wants to go mainstream. Good luck with that. New York Daily News: Get over it, disgraced DJ says to critics

This the most horrible s*#@ I have seen in my life. When my friend, who is now dead to me because of this, sent this to me, I wasn't warned properly. When I scrolled down and realized what I was looking at, I wanted to scream. I think I'll be itching for a year now and I'll never sleep peacefully again. My solution? I don't know where this is, but I would torch that whole damn city. Torch it!!!!!!!!!!! This is f*&%^)@ disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dagen d larverna kom till Flogsta

Ignore this. I just need Technorati to give my blog its props. Technorati Profile

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When I posted about the MTV cartoon controversy showing the Snoop-like character leading two black women on leashes, I didn't think it would get a lot of play. Politopics: MTV Shows Black Women On Leashes. Yes it does depict two black women as dogs on leashes, on all fours and defecating on the ground. That's clearly offensive, but it's MTV. They are expected to do that kind of thing and as I mentioned before, we've already seen Snoop do it in real life. Well, the leading on leashes part at least. MTV took creative license with the on all fours and defacating part. I imagined MTV was happy for the publicity. Now that the channel is 25, you would think they would love anything that made them seem rebellious. But the story has been getting some pub and it looks like MTV is rethinking the idea.
iWon News: MTV Ponders Fate of `Where My Dogs At?'
Yahoo: MTV draws fire for cartoon of black women on leash
MSNBC: Black leaders call MTV2 cartoon degrading

Did you hear about these 11 Egyptian students who came to the U.S. on student visas and not one showed their ass on campus in Minnesota? We need to start rethinking this student visa thing if this is going to happen. First question is how often does this happen in general? And how often does this happen with students from states that sponsor terrorist? I mean one or two, maybe. I can see someone stepping foot in America and just being so enamored with the glamour (of Minneapolis?) and going wayward. But all 11 from the same country? SUSPECT!!!!! I guess they caught a few, but I'm not satisfied. With the 5-year anniversary of 9/11 coming up, we need to be suspicious of everything.
Newsday: Search targets 11 Egyptians in U.S. Three Egyptian students in custody; 8 remain missing

I LOOOOOOOOOVE this headline on the story from Rush Limbaugh's site: EIB Terror Warning: 11 Egyptians, 6 Named Mohammed, Vanish After Arriving at JFK; If They Had Viagra, Customs Would Have Stopped Them

Over at OUR WEEKLY, a weekly magazine for the middle-class black western suburbs of L.A., Contributor Kwaku Person-Lynn tells us that it was Pope Nicholas V who created the slave trade in 1455 with a Papal bull giving the King of Portugal permission to possess lands and enslave its inhabitants. He wrote that letter in January of 1955 and died in March of that year. Karma? Interesting read. Our Weekly -
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Well it looks like Katherine Harris has taken over the previously shared mantle of resident crazy and all around entertaining Congresswoman for now (because we all know her ass if out of there in November). McKinney lost her runoff to opponent, Hank Johnson. I wonder why she thinks she lost? Let me guess....RACISM! She'll find a way to work it in there. Or maybe her opponent was a conspirator in the government plotted murder of Tupac and they wanted to silence her before she exposed the truth. Sons of bitches! And I guess the PC Word for 'crazy' is now 'fiery.' Also, to preserve the ghettoness, her aides made sure to get into a scuffle with reporters on their way back to headquarters after the loss. Class act.
iWon News: McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat
L.A. Times: Georgia Rep. McKinney Loses Democratic Runoff McKinney Supporters, Media Scuffle

The NY Times talks about the new laws enacted in several states, 15 in just the past year, that have...I guess you can say loosened the laws on self defense much to the delight of the NRA. Okay, as a law student, I am aware of the rules of self defense, one being exhausting all other recourse, so I'm curious about how someone who shoots a neighbor over an argument about garbage bags doesn't get prosecuted. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for defending yourself and loved ones against harm and if someone tries to break into my home, I don't care if they just want to steal a TV, they have signed their death warrant. But if someone can claim that they felt their life was in danger with no other recourse because their neighbor was being a jackass about garbage bags, then we might as well have a right to shoot someone who looks at us wrong. I can hear it now, "Your honor, I know he was only a 10 year old kid, but he gave me the evil eye!"
NY Times: 15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense

I was heartbroken to hear that Ex-Aide to the President, Claude Allen, recently plead guilty to shoplifting. WAPO: Ex-Aide To Bush Pleads Guilty. I was praying for that evil twin theory to work out. It would have been the story of the year. I don't think I would have been able to contain myself. But alas, the story will disappear in the annals(sp?) of Ex-Aide history. Meanwhile, ex-aides to members of Congress continue to be a pain in the butt.

Katherine "I couldn't love her more because she's so nuts" Harris has had ex-aides throwing all her business out in the streets since the beginning. I've already posted about the record turnover in her Congressional office, not to mention all the people who have quit her campaign in the last year. They say it's like working for the Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada, but without the sense of fashion. One Ex-Aide (one of twelve who quit the campaign) is talking to the Palm Beach Post. PBP: Ex-Harris aides provide peek into campaign

She even has people asking her opponent racially charged questions to hopefully get him angry or something.NBC2 News: Harris campaign accused of provoking racial spat
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This is a sad story. Suspected illegals die in Arizona crash. I know the hardliners will say, "serves them right." I know it's hard to shed a tear for someone who dies while in the act of knowingly and willingly committing a crime, but this is bad. Nine dead and twelve wounded, including a pregnant woman. We have to get better border patrol to try to keep this from happening. And I know a Chevy Suburban is big, but how in the hell do you fit 22 people inside one?

How is it that Snoop Dog has stayed in the limelight for so long? He's like 40 isn't he? Although I thought Gin & Juice was the bomb in college, I'm sick of all that gangsta rap now and I'm sick of people trying to commercialize and animate them and then get mad when a controversy comes up. The latest isn't really about him, but a character that is supposed to be based on him. It's an MTV cartoon "Where My Dogs At?" which depicts a Snoop-like cartoon character leading two women around on leashes before scooping up their poop. "Seinfeld's Jason Alexander voices Snoopathon Esquire III, who struts out of his Caddy with Parkay and Marjorie, two bikini-clad black women wearing dog collars and leashes." points out that we've already seen Snoop with two black women on dog collars before. I haven't seen the cartoon, so I'm only going to say it sounds offensive, but it also sounds like MTV being MTV and saying thanks for the pub.

Do you remember this ad? It was splashed all over the news and internet a while ago.
It's Sony's new ad for their WHITE PSP that is replacing the BLACK game. This is about equipment color, but it sort of struck me as aggressive and really turned me off. That was until I saw the other ads in the campaign that no one wanted to print. See Below. Not that a like it, because I still don't, but I was less WTF about it when I saw the entire campaign. It doesn't matter what I think because I wasn't the target customer.

The ad campaign was in The Netherlands, which has a large African immigrant population. They probably got about 4 or 5 complaints there, but the U.S. had a fit. What a surprise. Now Sony has pulled the ads because of the complaints and apologized.
GameDaily BIZ: Sony Pulls 'Racist' PSP White Ad
GameSpy: Controversial PSP White Ad Pulled

Also TIME magazine has a spread on Congressman Harold Ford, who recently found out he will be facing the somewhat moderate (by TN standards) Republican Bob Corker (pictured) in the November race. Corker is a self-made millionaire (and I'm sure he'll point out that Ford was born into his fame) in his fifties who was also a mayor of Chatanooga. The article talks about his chances and TIME seems to think they are good despite the racial and family issues. Why Harold Ford Has a Shot
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Good things began to happen with welfare when President Clinton enacted reform, but much more needs to be done. Criminals have found ways to abuse the cards in the same way they did cash. Women continue to have children they can't afford and there are still millions who are resigned to a life of welfare and have given up any hopes of building a life for themselves. Here is one way in which a change in welfare is working towards something good; putting people through college. WAPO: Welfare Changes A Burden To States

Nobody ever really talks about black lobbyists, but this WAPO article wants to start a discussion about why there are so few of them. WAPO: Number of Black Lobbyists Remains Shockingly Low. I know, your first thought would be that it's good we aren't in such a scandalous profession in great numbers, but you're wrong. Lobbying is a constitutional right (air grievances to Congress) and lobbyists play a huge role in making and passing legislation. You can say it's wrong and shouldn't be, but while it is a fact, we should all want ourselves to be fully represented at the decision making table. The WGRG is the only black lobbyist organization out there.
Washington Government Relations Group

On the topic of illegal immigration, I think the Democrats might have a point here. L.A. Times: More Hearings, More Stalling, Say Democrats. Republicans are scared to death of what might happen in November, although I wouldn't put it past the Dems to F even this up, and they are trying to stall on the illegal immigration issue. What are these meetings really for? You all know how you feel about this issue. Have some balls, say where you stand and take it like man/woman.

WTF? When did this happen? Washington Times: Senate votes to fund the fence. I thought general consensus was that an actual wall was a little over the top. Even Bill O'Reilly thought it was unAmerican. You know the media is salivating at the idea of finding an illegal immigrant among those who will actually be doing the labor of building this wall.

Also, this is good news that the U.S. is putting the pressure on employers. NY Times: U.S. Puts Onus on Employers of Immigrants. Rounding people up and giving them a court date to which we all know they won't appear doesn't do anything. There are many parties that aid in the crime of illegal immigration and all should have to suffer for it.

The minimum wage bill is having some problems in the Senate. The minimum wage hasn't increased since 1997. It's $5.15. If you walked the streets, you could probably find more than $5.15 within an hour's time. Many states have raised the minimum wage several times since 1997. Don't you think it's about time we do this nationwide? Yes, there will be rippling effects, but why are people so damn afraid of moving forward? Raising the minimum wage is the greater good. Higher Minimum Wage No Longer Seen as Sure-Fire U.S. Job Killer Democrats block minimum wage hike Senators split on minimum wage
NWAOnline: Congress shelves wage/tax bill
Here are the state's minimum wage laws: DOL WHD: Minimum Wage Laws in the States

Fred Seigel shares his commentary after reading Shelby Steele's "psychologically brilliant" book White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. I haven't read it, but Seigel's comments have brought me the closest to wanting to. NY Sun: The Debilitating Effects of Rights Without Responsibility. What's the saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Isn't that the truth. Good intentions can be excused by the creation of many of these social/government programs in the 60s, but what explains the insistence of liberals that they maintain. We look at the black poor more than 40 years later and the shit just aint working.

Diversity Inc ask the question: What Happened to the Black Middle Class?
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The argument for castration. Ohio Man Claims Right To Have Sex With Boys. INSERT NAMBLA JOKE HERE. Or maybe we could just shoot him and others like him. It would be the merciful thing to do; to put someone who is so mad out of their misery. We do it with dogs don't we?

Exactly what is the point of making everyone who collects medicare prove they are an American citizen? Of course it is to weed out the illegals and that is a good thing. However, I am concerned that this law will hurt poor, old blacks in the south like the article says. WAPO: Medicaid Rule Called A Threat To Millions

What is this bullshit? NBC Fathers Comic Brood. The destruction of the black family is not comedy fodder. The fact that so many black men have several children with several different women only builds an argument for them being more related to animals than humans. So why is there going to be a comedy show about it? I shouldn't be surprised since TV has gotten so vile, this is probably just what was expected. And read this:
Griffin will produce and star in the half-hour, based on the actor's own experience as a father of multiple children with different women.

HIS OWN EXPERIENCE? So he's admitting that he's a complete loser. I guess if someone pays him to exploit that fact, they're the real losers. And let me guess, he's never been married to any of these SEVERAL women. I've never boycotted a show's advertisers or written a letter, but I think it's time to start. I'm sorry, I just don't think millions of black children going to bed every night without a father in their home is funny. But that's me. Considering who the star is, I'm sure the show will get cancelled after 3 episodes anyway.

Black folks find a way to get mad about anything. When I heard that Angelina Jolie would be playing the role of Mariane Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl, I didn't really think anything of it. It will be an interesting story. Her husband was brutally murdered on film while she was carrying their baby. It moved the nation. I've seen Mariane and knew she had some color to her, but didn't think much of it. In today's America there are so many people around looking like something, but actually something else or a combination of this and that. It doesn't mean anything. But don't tell some black folks. Because Mariane has some black ancestry, some black folks want a light-skinned black or biracial actress to play her.

First of all, if you can get Angelina Jolie, you get her. She's a huge star. I am a woman with an UNBLEMISHED record of staunch heterosexuality and even I'd give her anything she wanted. She's totally hot! Also, look at her. Let her sit out in the sun for a few hours and she could pass for a mix of something. Then again, the production company belongs to Brad Pitt, who is her boy toy of the moment, so he's probably going to give her anything that will make her stick around a little longer.
Angelina Jolie to Play Woman of Color
Remember Anthony Hopkins turn in The Human Stain? The essence of his blackness and the burden placed on him for his living a lie was believable. He seemed black to me. Wentworth Miller is of course part black, but it was really the acting that made you believe. In the Jolie film, her race isn't even the story, so I don't doubt she could pull it off fine.
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Nature is just the most fascinating thing in the world. It's complete disregard for us is intriguing. I believe in global warming and I wonder if this is the just the beginning. There is no way to know for another several years, but I can say that I'm concerned.

Everything interesting is local, so here it is:

1,000 men marched through the streets of Chicago demanding a better education for their kids. Chicago Defender: Hundreds March Through Downtown Streets For Education. The Chicago public school system is not up to snuff; big surprise and they are fed up. I just hope that all these men that are demanding Mayor Daley do more for their kid's schools are doing their part at home. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but you put 1,000 black men in one place and I'm betting most of them don't even live in the same home with their kid, let alone help them with their homework and schooling. Hopefully if these men care enough to do this, they are the exception.

There just aren't enough words to express how much I love this chick. Between her and Cynthia McKinney, Congress would make the best reality TV show on the planet! Katherine Harris, who came into the public eye during the Bush v Gore debacle of 2000, is such a mess, Florida Republicans are withdrawing their support for her campaign. They've been asking her to drop out forever. The turnover in her office is obscenely high. There's just so much. She's Wonkette's favorite person in the world and the laughing stock of The Hill. In letter, Florida GOP told Harris she can't win
Herald Tribune: Harris' staff quick to quit
Wonkette: Katherine Harris Doesn't Tell Staff She's Under Investigation, Assumes They Figured It Out On Own Ex-Aide: Harris Hid Subpoena

A Prince George's County High School Coach moonlights as a pimp. And not the good kind. He pimps the underaged girls. WAPO: Coach Accused of Being a Pimp. He's also a pedophile for having sex with the 14 year old girl himself before pimping her out. Oh and I forgot, he's also a Metro Bus Driver. And he also admitted to being a drug dealer (had 2 lbs of weed on him) to supplement his income. At least you can't call the brother lazy.

Cynthia McKinney is trying to start something with the AJC, accusing them of libel because they said she "whacked" the Capitol Hill police officer in the now infamous incident. She needs to just let that go. She can only look bad no matter what angle she takes. But this is McKinney, so I'm sure she'll blame it all on racism. Editor & Publisher: Congresswoman Sues 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution' for Libel.

McKinney is really a soul sister to Harris because people are tripping over themselves to support her opponent. I only hope it works. AJC: Donors line up to support McKinney challenger

We'll find out tonight who will be the Republican running against Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. in the Senate race for Bill Frist's seat. Whoever it is, I hope Harold grinds them in the dirt.
WAPO: Fight for Frist's Seat Crucial in Larger Battle for Senate Control
NewsChannel 5 Network: Long Lines Expected At Polls

Residents are under a deadline to gut their own houses before the city does it. WAPO: Empty, and Fulfilled. I sincerely doubt if there was anything of value, it is still of any value, but you know someone will not pay attention to the deadline no matter how many warnings and then scream bloody murder when their house is bulldozed. They sue for money or scream racism. I think there are probably a lot of people who want to go through their houses before the deadline but can't. They are so psychologically scarred that it's physically affected them and they aren't getting the help they need to deal with it. It is a shame, but the city has to clean up and move forward.

FEMA has told Fairfax to bite it. They are refusing them flood aid because the county's affluence has led them to believe everyone has enough money to do it themselves. I work and live in and near Fairfax County and there was hella flooding around here in late June. Basements were totally jacked up, cars were flooded and people's businesses were destroyed. Fairfax is a well to do county, but there are plenty of working class and some poor neighborhoods that were flooded as well. I think it's okay to deny aid to individuals based on income, but not entire counties. No, it wasn't the 9th ward in New Orleans, but it was pretty messed up. Honestly, I shouldn't be complaining because I've always been an advocate of states being in charge of this kind of thing, so maybe it's for the best. WAPO: FEMA Denies Aid to Homeowners, Tells Fairfax to Help Its Own More

I think the headline says everything:
Reuters: Theme park calls off "Muslim Fun Day"
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Although Congress is on hiatus for the summer, despite only working about 5 days all year, at BlackAmericaWeb I found this interesting legislation that Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MI) has introduced. BAW: Legislation Would Provide Help To Start Minority Businesses. More social programs based on racial preferences? You might say that, but these are the type of programs that ultimately will make themselves obsolete if they do what they're supposed to. And really, if this program works, it isn't just minorities who benefit. The entire American economy grows stronger.

"U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), a staunch supporter of opportunities for minorities in America, introduced a sweeping commercial enterprise bill Wednesday to help black students, entrepreneurs and all people of color open new businesses."

BET looks like it's trying to turn around. First, they cancelled the After Dark show which was absolutely disgusting. Now, they are venturing into cartoons and Vin Diesel is hooking them up. Hollywood Reporter: BET draws up Diesel deal for ani 'Hannibal'. Now I know that in Hollywood there was a picture deal with Diesel to play Hannibal in the movie of his life. It never panned out. This was also going to be a vehicle for Denzel Washington, but he's clearly to old for it now. And from an ethnic standpoint, Disesel would be more accurate. Diesel seems determined to get the story to some screen in some form.
Yahoo News: Diesel in deal for "Hannibal" cartoon at BET

Now, I'm curious as to how Hannibal will be depicted in cartoons considering his entire history story is about going to war, but creative license could turn this into a love story. Whatever the case, Hannibal's story of taking on the Roman Empire is an impressive part of history (elephants or not) and it's an image that would serve young black kids better than most of what is on that channel.

I generally avoid posting about reparations because I get all hot and bothered. The concept just really insults me. When people start talking about money, I wanna slap them in the face. At least half brain-dead people agree that money isn't the issue. Like Eddie from Barber Shop says, giving us money won't do anything but make Cadillac the #1 dealership in the country. In Our Weekly, a local newspaper for the middle to upper class blacks suburbs of View Park, Ladera Heights, etc. has a little commentary on the alternative to money. I still disagree, but here it is:
Our Weekly: A Reparations Alternative. Here's an equally weak anti-reparations argument. The OBSERVER: The Case for No Reparations

Spain has recently gotten into the reparations game with victims of the Civil War. I wonder how the American reps movement is going to try and spin this to their advantage. NCTimes: Spain approves bill allowing reparations for civil war and dictatorship victims.

The UN Council is doing the same for victims of Iraq during the 1990s under Saddam and his foolishness. NewsBlaze: UN Reparations Panel Pays out Nearly $396.5 Million for Iraq's Invasion. According to the article, they've been doing this for a while and it totals now in the billions.
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So Castro could be dying, WW III is still going on, Mel Gibson has gone nuts, folks making minimum wage are about to be less ridiculously poor and the entire earth is melting. Also, I think I hear something weird going on in my car so I had to turn the radio up really loud.

Governor Mitt Romney has had to apologize for making "Tar Baby" comments about the big dig project. I didn't know people still used these stupid phrases, but enough with the apologies. Everyone knows he didn't mean anything racist by it, but there are just some people who feed off of racism and have to make it the issue. It's not the issue here. The big, money burning, horrific, sorry excuse for a construction project that has now killed someone is the problem. Don't let PC take center stage.
AP: Gov. Apologizes For 'Tar Baby' Remark

Everything old is new again..unfortunately.
AP: Shootings Tarnish Image of New Orleans

In the latest of the "yes it does hurt America" series part 3,672, illegals are completely trashing the environment on their criminal trek to the United States. Just ask Arizona. Guess who has to clean it up? Yes, you the taxpayer of the states they are immigrating to. Certainly not them. That's the whole point of illegal immigration isn't it? Get all the benefits and the leave the responsibility to the legal citizens. Crossers burying border in garbage

Is anyone getting the feeling that this joker might get away with this? He's highly likely to get re-elected and this article makes me think that this investigation is about to go bust. You decide. NOLA: Jefferson probe temporarily delayed

Last Thursday, the city recorded its 226th murder. That is craziness if I've ever heard it. They need to make some serious changes in Philadelphia. They might want to take a second look at that mayor they keep re-electing. Mayor Addresses Residents About Gun Violence. They can't find anyone better in that city?

China is saying thanks, but no thanks to the 40,000 illegal immigrants the U.S. has rounded up and wants to send back. Harsh. So they can't stay here, I get that, but do they have to back to China? Won't Canada take them? I heard Canada will take anyone. Seriously, last time I was in Vancouver it looked like half Chinese. China Tests U.S. Immigration Plan

To make things worse, I read this and wanted to cry. iWon: Cubs Ship Maddux to Dodgers for Izturis. Come on, we just got him back. I have been an enabler in this marriage of me and the Cubs, but I still think this was a bad move. I know, I know the guy is good and is much younger. Still I have to mourn.


Is it me or is Reggie Bush not just the finest young thing I have seen in a while? My baby knows I love him, but DAYUM, boy is hot stuff.
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