These fools are trying to get people to support Venezuelan President Chavez by telling them to buy CITGO gas. They say its a way to stand against Bush, but there is no principle in supporting one jackass over another. Common Dreams: Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

For those Jack Bauer addicts, of which I am certainly one, there is a prequel coming out. It's in comic book form and I'm not a comic book fan, but I love me some crazy Jack. ComicBookBin: Welcome Back Jack!

You think this is funny? It's not. I was chased by a squirrel across an entire courtyard once. He literally chased me. I was running and when I finally got inside and closed the door, he was standing on his hind legs at the door looking up at me. : Squirrels Go On Attack At South Bay Park

I wish this woman would be forced to go on national television and explain this. WKYC: Police: Mom forces children to steal. She isn't unique unfortunately. Criminals are allowed to have children and they teach their children their morals. I'm sure she'll have her son's slinging rock and her daughter's stripping as soon as she thinks they are old enough.

I believe T.O. when he said he didn't try to kill himself. Rarely would one survive if they took 35 pain pills no matter how fast the EMT got there. Also, his stomach would need to be pumped, which it seems didn't happen. Also, hospitals have to keep someone for 24 hours after a suicide attempt. They can't force anyone to stay, but they are supposed to make them stay. The liability is too strong if that person leaves early and tries again. Now the police are correcting their own account. Owens says saga was a big misunderstanding
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I know you're sick of the George Allen story, but I couldn't help myself. has a little game called the George Allen Insult Generator. You select from a group of a identifiers and ask him to insult you with some incoherent word. I put in black and he called me an Ebonezer. No harm. Almost sounds like a compliment. I put in woman and he called me a twunt. Now I don't know if that is from Mars or Pluto, but I know an insult when I hear one.
Slate: The George Allen Insult Generator. By Christopher Beam, Torie Bosch, and Josh Levin

In Monthly Review, Ron Jacobs does a good review of black power activist, Rod Bush's, new book, We Are Not What We Seem: Black Nationalism and Class Struggle in the American Century. Jacobs seems to think that Bush's opinion is that the problem is about Race & Class. Bush comes from that group-think of it's all race, only race and always race, so I find this interpretation interesting. Monthly Review: Ron Jacobs, "It's Not Race or Class -- It's Race and Class: An Interview with Roderick Bush"

Every American soldier's death in Iraq or Afghanistan is heartbreaking. This one caught my eye because of its unique situation. This sister was a second lieutenant and the first female graduate of West Point to die in Iraq. Emily Perez was killed while patrolling southern Iraq near Najaf on Sept. 12 when a roadside bomb exploded under her Humvee. She is local, from Prince George's County and has a long history of family members who have served our country. WAPO: West Point Mourns a Font Of Energy, Laid to Rest by War
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There are reports that Dallas Wide Receiver Terrell Owens tried to commit suicide on Tuesday. If this is true then I do feel sorry for him. I can't stand the guy. I think he's a big ole p-word, but if he really tried to kill himself than I guess I was wrong and there is more to it. I knew a girl in college who tried to kill herself because she couldn't deal with being molested by a relative as a child and her parents, instead of helping her, tried to put her in an institution. She was also an obnoxious, self-centered person and it wasn't until she attempted to kill herself that she came clean and we realized how people who are very deeply damaged behave in certain ways to seem invulnerable. Now it could just be an attempt to gain sympathy or another ploy at being the center of attention, in which case, he is deeply disturbed and an even bigger p-word than I thought. Owens attempted suicide
Post Chronicle: Terrell Owens Hospitalized: Attempted Suicide? T.O. tried suicide, report says

To piggyback off the topic, if it is at all true, here is an article on mental illness and blacks. Beacon Journal: Mental illnesses hit blacks harder

An interesting story on crime and hopefully justice in Africa. This man from one of Kenya's most prominent white families is on trial for the second time in just over a year for shooting a black man on the family's 100,000-acre farm. The black man was poaching some gazelle or something on his land, but was not posing a threat to any person. The charges were dropped in the first killing. I'd be surprised as hell if he doesn't get away with it again. SeattlePI: White Kenyan tried for killing black man

Looks like Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder isn't going to keep up his strip anymore now that he's gone Hollywood. That's a shame because I think the comic strip is much funnier than the animated series.
WAPO: Syndicate Says 'Boondocks' May Not Return
Boondocks Animated Series The Boon MORE BAD NEWS FOR ‘BOONDOCKS’ FANS: Newspapers are told not to count on it coming back.
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I'm sorry to be gone so long, but I've been a little under the weather. I'm at a remote location, so posting will be sporadic this week.

I didn't know that Farrakhan was even sick. He's lost over 35 lbs since being diagnosed with an ulcer. Can't stand the man, but don't wish bad health on anyone. As someone who is seeing their father get ill as he gets older, I pray for his family. Ailing Farrakhan to followers: Carry on without me

Am I beating a dead horse with this thing? I know George Allen is the man who has no chance of being President now even though I once thought he was the Republican's best choice, but these punches just keep on coming. Should we care about what people did in college? Besides, he says they're all liars. I think you have to be careful with this stuff because racism is a taint that is just about impossible to wipe off. Teammates: Allen used "N-word" in college Allen denies racial epithet

Yet another article on how the odds are against us when it comes to health care. Yahoo News: Race affects uterine cancer survival . Now this article states that even given equal treatment, black women are more likely to die than white women from this disease which sucks, but in general the odds are against us because we aren't seeking or receiving the care we need. This is why we have to tell every black person we know, including ourselves, to go to the doctor no matter how inconvenient it may be. We have to learn to demand our care and not accept whatever care someone wants to give us. This is especially so for black women, we get the worst care out of everyone. Use the resources available to you. There tons of resources on the web that can help you figure out what questions you need to ask your doctor and how to describe your symptoms so the doctor can help you the best they can. Go to the library if you don't have a computer at home or work. You are the customer and you have a right to health care. Go to the doctor!

This is not at all related to anything, but I thought I would post it. I am NOT in favor of vigilantism, but who is gonna shed a tear for this prick? Residents beat man accused of showing porn
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It was just gossip at first, but when the NY Times picked up the story about Secretary of State Rice possibly dating Canadian Foreign Minister MacKay, they sort of legitimized it. Also because she's a single woman and he was voted Canada's hottest politician, someone was bound to make fun of their obvious closeness. If he was all old, fat and ugly, no one would have said anything. It seems like more of a thing the British Tabloids would do than Canadian. Then the official newsletter of the Embassy got all up on it. Embassy: Is It A Foreign Affair?. Granted, this is great stuff for blogs, but is it news?

Either way, Canadians are pissed off. The comments generally revolve around, "How could he date a war mongering killer?" I just think he's a very flirtatious man, but hey if she's getting some, more power to her. He's okay-looking for a Canadian. He's got her all up on his website and everything. The Honourable Peter MacKay. Maybe she did put it on him.

Below is the YouTube clip of Stephen Colbert making fun of the relationship on The Colbert Report. It's hilarious. You'll have to turn your volume up, because it's kind of low.

There's also this clip, YouTube - Condi & Canada MFA: Make Love AND War?, of the Canadian newscast making something out of it. They are all up on each other though.

So yesterday, Chavez from Venezuela called Bush the devil and said the podium still smelled like sulfur from when Bush was there. BREITBART.COM - At U.N., Chavez Calls Bush 'The Devil'. I'm still trying to figure out if this man is truly dangerous or just a jackass. Because if he's dangerous, then I am offended. If he's a jackass, I'm amused. Either way he can still kiss my ass.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when a foreign country disrespects the Presidency, you gotta say something. We don't have to call a jihad or anything like that, but no matter how you feel about the President, you gotta have a problem with foreign countries disrespecting the office. You know, it's like that wayward cousin you have that isn't any good and you've told him to his face he aint worth s*$# and you can't wait till he gets outta of your house, but if someone on the street starts talking bad about him, you'll tell them to shut the hell up because that worthless SOB is family.
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Generally I am in favor of Bush's faith based initiatives, but as someone who believes in limited government, I've always had some reservations about it. Government needs to stay as much out of our lives as possible. Faith based help actually works, but will that continue now that the Government is attached? With government comes regulations, risk, rules, all that stuff that privately weren't as big a problem. Does the government's involvement make things better or worse? 9 out 10 times I would say worse, but I hope I'm wrong here.

I thought of this topic after reading this article in the WAPO where it says that few black churches are actually benefiting from Bush's faith-based initiatives. I also found it interesting that the report says liberal leaning churches are more likely to apply for funding than conservative churches which conforms to the liberal idea of bigger government is better. WAPO: Few Black Churches Get Funds
White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Speaking of faith, if you belong to the local religion, politics, there is a new site that will allow you to further waste your day on something other than the work you're supposed to be doing. Legistorm is the only website that gives very detailed descriptions of congressional staff salaries. We all know what House and Senate members make, but there has always been speculation about staffers. Low level staffers make nothing of course, but some of the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff salaries are about the same as the Representatives themselves. LegiStorm

Princeton has joined Harvard in dropping early admissions. Again, the reasons generally are that because you have to commit with early admissions before you know anything about financial aid or other school packages, the poor white or minority kids are at a disadvantage. Probably true, but if you can get into Princeton or Harvard, get in and deal with the money later.

There are people who are pissed over this. There are still a significant amount of people who believe that being rich and white means you get first crack at the best spoils and those people don't eff around when it comes to their kid's education credentials. So even though this is not an affirmative action plan, but simply giving everyone an equal chance, they see it as affirmative action because they don't want their kids to have an equal chance. They want their kids to have priority. They see it as lessening their advantage and the more prestigious schools that do this, I think we'll start really hearing some boo hoos.
The Daily Princetonian: Early admissions dropped
WAPO: Princeton Drops Early Admissions
WAPO: Jay Mathews: Class Struggle - Six Reasons to Keep Early Admission An Ivy League Without Early Admissions?
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Yes, people do actually go to Iowa even when they don't have to. Can you imagine? So, the love of the land according to just about every political survey, IL Senator Barack Obama, was in Iowa this past weekend at the invitation of IA Senator Tom Harkin. Everyone seems to want him to run; especially the media. I think Obama's smart enough not to allow himself to be used by the party for a temporary high. They know they are going to make some gains in November, so they feel like the good old days are back and they can do whatever they want.

Obama might be ready for a Vice President's role, but not the presidency. Experience isn't everything, but it does count for something. He's in his 2nd year as Senator. He hasn't even been a governor yet. He comes back from Iowa getting a lot of pub for his demand to toughen security. Sounds like a candidate to me. And some are getting worried that he's getting too popular.
Taipei Times: Obama mobbed in Iowa, stirring 2008 speculation Obama In Casual, Down-Home Mode On Iowa Visit
SouthernIllinoisan:Obama wows fans in Iowa
STLtoday: Obama Watchers Worry, Could He Be Too Popular Obama Urges Tougher Stance on Security
Chicago Sun Time: Poll: Obama for president -- but when?

I know I haven't given my favorite far left site, The Black Commentator enough attention. Here are a couple of recent articles on how the world is coming to end, if you're black your life sucks, why don't you know it and we'll tell you who is to blame. One is from Ralph Nader and I didn't know they let white people write for them.
The Black Commentator: Where Were You When They Took Your Rights Away?
The Black Commentator: A Product of Deep Poverty, Despair and Discrimination - AIDS in Black America

On that positive note, I leave you with a picture of a kitten who looks like he wants to beat the crap out of somebody.
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Sorry, I'm running around the District all day and I'll be in class until 10pm, so I can't post. I'll leave you with links to my favorite sites when I'm feeling the Monday blues! - The cutest!!!!!!! - Some of the cutest!!!

And of course, stop by and check out my baby at the Panda Cam. I know, I know. He's huge and fat and all that, but he's still a baby and I wuv him!
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I certainly hope this story isn't true, but I'm glad to find a story about Reggie "he can get it" Bush so I can post some more pictures of him. Boy is fine! Is it true that he is dating Nia Long? I only heard rumors, but if so, she is my new hero.
Chi Tribune: Bush, family got big benefits
iWon: Reggie Bush and Family Accepted More Than $100,000 From Marketing Agents

Have you heard about this craziness? This woman's son went missing. She says he was stolen from his crib, but I guess some of her story doesn't match up. She went on Nancy Grace, probably expecting to get some help looking for him, but Nancy lit into her and did her thing which is why I can't stand her. Anyway, the mama went home and committed suicide. So did she kill herself because she was overcome with grief over her missing baby and Nancy pushed her over the edge, or did she do it because she's done something wrong and couldn't live with herself anymore? I'm thinking if my baby is out there and needs me, I'm staying alive no matter how hard it is. I still can't stand Nancy Grace.
BREITBART.COM: Mother of Missing Boy Commits Suicide
Nancy Grace: Show didn't cause suicide

Harvard has decided to end early admission because it seems to be unfair to poor students. In early admission, you have to commit early, even before you know what your financial aid package might be from Harvard or from any other school you've applied to. If a school cost $30-40K per year, what is left over after aid kicks in can make a huge difference, so maybe poorer kids can't do early admission. I don't know. If you can get into Harvard, you go and figure it all out later, but I can understand why this might be a problem. Harvard ends early admission Harvard drops early admissions

Southern Women don't like President Bush anymore and if this transfers to the entire Republican party, they have a big problem. The only women they get are Southern women. Southern women breaking up with Bush

This guy, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, just won best political blog in the Black Weblog Awards, so I thought I would turn you on to him. Here's his website. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Looks like we're getting that fence whether it's a good thing or not. NYTimes: House Republicans Will Push for 700 Miles of Fencing on Mexico Border

Was this study sponsored by the genuises behind Hooters? Whatevah! The Daily Mail: Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study

Survivor was on last night and I didn't watch, but I already heard people complaining and spouting off on the radio this morning. The NAACP said it will reserve its judgment for now. However, President Bruce Gordon said:
"There are countless race abuses that exist in the entertainment community every day," Gordon said. "For the media to give airtime to the format of a TV show when it is silent on the absence of African Americans on Sunday morning news shows is shameful."

Oh Snap! I'd hate to see what he has to say when he's ready to pass judgment.
L.A. Times: NAACP's Stance on 'Survivor'

The Onion is hilarious. If you ever need a break and want to laugh at a purely cynical and sarcastic view of news and life, check it out. It's like The Daily Show in print. The Onion: Report: Majority Of Americans Unprepared For Apocalypse
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Although I try to make a post that has nothing to do with policy or politics, I find that everything seems to be political or can have some political implications. So, for what it's worth:

Don't mess with a lawyer. Last month I introduced you to Now we have This is a general site for women to warn other women about men that aren't any good. I could have used this once, but you know it's just a waste of time. First of all, how do you know it didn't work out because of you and not him? Second, women can be so stupid about men. You can tell them anything with proof and all that and they won't listen to anyone. Somehow, despite all this, this site is really popular and one you know some brothers just don't take criticism well. This one says it has caused him pain and suffering and he wants compensation! He will next be seen on BAW: Black Attorney Slammed on Files Suit Against the Site

Here is a website that list its version of the Best of the Web for issues covering Africans, the Caribbean and Black America. Until they add me, I will not blogroll. Just kidding. Some very interesting sites. - Celebrating Excellence in the African and Black Internet

It's funny because I was reading the review for this book, The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids: Alexandra Robbins, and recognized a lot of this from the school that I went to. I went to a very good public school, one of the tops in the country and it was very competitive with a lot of "your grades will shape the rest of your life" going on that was just a bit much, but I wish the desire to overachieve was more prevalent in our neighborhoods.
WAPO Book World Review: Stress Test
Book World Live - "The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids".

"Forget the impoverished teenagers stuck in anarchic schools that would shame the worst Third World potentate; it's the kids with a shot at Harvard who've really got problems. They have too much homework in too many classes, extracurriculars that require their leadership and parents who feel entitled to a sticker from a name-brand college on their car. And then there are SAT prep classes to attend, recruitment calls from Ivy League coaches to field and prom to dread."

Brad Pitt says he and Angelina use Carol's Daughter products on their little bit Zahara and recommends it for white folks who have black kids. Celebrity Baby Blog: Brad Pitt opens up about his family life. He goes on about how it gives her hair such a nice luster and smells so good. Spoiled. I like Carol's Daughter products too, but my allergies can't take the strong fragrance.
Carol's Daughter - Personal and Beauty Care Items Inspired By Nature And Produced With Love

According to this study, if you are a fan of hip hop than you are likely a whore. Reuters: Hip hop music fans have more sex: study | Health

TV One is getting into the reality business with shows that seem more suited for BET. Are they bucking to the competition? I thought they were going to be above all that. Snoop Dogs Youth Football League, Bill Bellamy hosting a stand up comic thing, Black Men Revealed where black men play dominoes while trash talking about women and I Married A Baller about women married to athletes. I guess that's better than My Babies Daddy Is A Baller. I'll still probably pass on all of them. Four skeins get the nod from TV One
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I was surprised that Fenty won by such a large margin. I really thought Cropp had more support than she really did. So everyone seems to think Fenty is going to change the District. I think he's a strong candidate and let's face it, the Democratic winner will be the mayor, so no need to say, "if he wins".
WAPO: Diverse Majority's Choice Signals a New Era -
All Headline News: Fenty Wins DC Democratic Mayoral Primary

I don't know what to think about the Maryland Senate race. I really thought the Democrats were going to fight fire with fire and go with Mfume, but they never turned around. They decided they wanted Cardin and they got him. They made the same mistake with the Governor's office last time around and I think they'll lose. On the other hand, they just didn't want Mfume, so that is that. Either way, the people voted and Mfume lost by enough of a margin to say they didn't want him either. And of course, Steele won hands down.
WAPO: Cardin Wins Md. Senate Primary - washingtonpost.comGuardian.UK: Rep. Cardin Beats Mfume in Md. Primary
Washington Times: Cardin to face Steele

Sometimes you can't win for trying. Senator George Allen dug himself into a hole with the whole Macaca thing, which I'm sorry, but I'm still confused by. It is about the oddest word I've heard in a while. Of course this brought up many things from his past that show an allegiance to "The Old South" which may or may not hurt his chances in November depending on where in Virginia you vote. So his camp decided to try and work on his image by putting together Ethnic Rallies and calling them "Ethnic Rallies." Yes, they actually used that term on their website and you knew someone would have something to say. I don't even know if the term was created by them, but it seems like an odd thing to call it. Also, he recently had to turn down a leadership award for diversity because of his recent fuss.
Wonkette: George Allen's Ethnic Rally
Examiner: George Allen to speak at ethnic Allen holds 'ethnic rally'
WAPO: Va. Senator Turns Down Leadership Award

I posted last week that everyone seems to be punking out on the illegal immigration issue. The Republicans are too scared of what will happen in November that they have decided to focus 100% on scaring the hell out of everyone with the threat of imminent terrorist attacks. Honestly, I think they'd get more out of scaring them over the reality of illegal immigration, but that's me. Not everyone is punking out, but some are too scared to go ahead with what they promised to do, some are just picking their battles as they try to survive and others are taking it up a notch.
L.A. Times: House GOP Makes Border Security Its Priority
NYTimes: Immigration Overhaul Takes a Back Seat as Campaign Season Begins
KVOA News 4: Judge pulls Proposition 405 from city's November ballot
Yahoo News: Phoenix anti-illegal immigrant group plans appeal
Reuters: Town strengthens illegal immigration law
Reuters: U.S. immigration overhaul impossible: Senate leader
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I know I said I think Cynthia McKinney is a little crazy, but she aint no punk. She is still fighting her fantasy fight. Outgoing congresswoman hints at challenging Georgia voting laws

That Louisiana school bus driver that told all the black kids to move to the back so the white kids could sit up front is retiring early. I'm disappointed that she wasn't fired, but at least she's away from the kids. I know the parents will probably still try to take action against her. I wish we could hear from this lady. I would really like to look in her face and hear how she can live with doing that to those children at such an impressionable age. BAW: Black Community Up In Arms Over Embattled Bus Driver's Early Retirement

Finally! SixShot: R. Kelly Trial Date Set R. Kelly trial gets start date

Also in Chi Town, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr might be running for mayor! This is gonna get interesting. Chi Tribune: Jackson Jr. steps closer to mayoral bid

Go on girl. Do what you gotta do. With her bare hands at that. Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands

Go on girl. Do what you gotta do as well. Although this is not an endorsement of guns, which I do not believe are a good thing to have. But try and tell that to this chick. Women are fierce! Woman in wheelchair on way to gun practice shoots mugger

Also in NY, this is fishy. How is it that the advertising industry has such a problem hiring blacks? In New York? Some of the greatest, most creative and well-educated black minds are there and the industry is acting as if it's based in Ames, Iowa and just can't find them. 2% my ass. SUSPECT! NYTimes: Ad Firms to Hire More Black Managers in City

People don't like to discuss the issue of how to compensate people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes because we don't like to think that we would send an innocent person to jail. I've heard about times when DNA proved without a doubt that a man didn't rape someone, but the victim and her family wanted to fight to keep him in jail. There is also the idea that the person probably belongs in jail because they've probably committed other crimes otherwise it wouldn't have been so easy to convict them. People make mistakes, including juries and judges and when you take someone's freedom away for something they didn't do, they deserve to be compensated. Jail is an ugly place, as it should be, and no one should be there for something they didn't do. This man in Houston is trying to do something about how the state makes up for these mistakes even though they can't give these men and women back the years they were robbed of their freedom. Chron: Ex-con fights for bill to help the wrongly convicted

People are voting for the Democratic candidate for Mayor today. I live in NOVA, so I'm not eligible, but I would vote for Adrian Fenty. He is favored to win, even though he recently got the endorsement of former Mayor Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry, who was recently arrested or pulled over or detained...yes, again, for something. An endorsement I think Fenty could have done without. Fenty's major opponent Linda "you want a new stadium, you can kiss my ass" Cropp looks like a street fighter who knows her people, but not a thinker. Someone needs to have both the brains and the brawn to deal with District politics and the heavy weights with heavy money and Harvard educations from MD and VA that try to push their way in. We'll see what the voters have to say.
WAPO: D.C. Primaries: D.C. Mayor (
ABC 7 News: Fenty, Cropp Square Off in D.C. Primary
WAPO: Fenty Wins Endorsement Of Barry for Top City Job
Baltimore Sun: Former D.C. mayor Barry cited for traffic offense

It is also on in Maryland and they've already got voting problems in Montgomery County. Steele is home free for the Republicans, but there is a race between Cardin and Mfume for the Democratic seat, not to mention 16 other candidates who don't have a chance.
ABC 7 News: Md. Primary Sets Stage for Radical Change in Political LandscapeWAPO: Voting Delays at D.C., Md. Polls -
ABC 7 News: Voting Delayed in Maryland
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Sometimes it seems like last year, sometimes ten years ago, but in actuality it was five years ago today that we were attacked. Every single one of us was attacked. The randomness of the people who died that day was a message to all of us. They wanted to kill you, me, your daughter, your son, your mother. And they would have if they'd gotten the chance. They'd still be doing it if we gave them the chance.

We haven't been attacked since 9/11 and if you think that's a coincidence, you're probably an idiot. It's because we have stepped up our game to defend this country. Some lessons are harder than others. 9/11 was a lesson that we learned and although I don't believe we have responded in the very best, we are making changes.

I think it's good to remember bad things so that we can never let our guard down and forget the taste and the feeling of that day, but I do not believe we should define ourselves by it. That is the problem I have with this administration. Bush and his team have made the choice to define America by 9/11. From that day forward everything about America is before 9/11 or after. I think it's wrong and dangerous to define an entire country by an act of war and hate.

I agree with Thomas Friedman in The World Is Flat, where he said defining ourselves by the worst thing that happened to us only leads to anger, isolation and hate. No we cannot forget 9/11 and we have to face the realities of a new world now that it has happened, but we are a country defined by July 4th not September 11th. We need an administration that remembers this.
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The Black Blogs were announced last week and here are the winners. I like some of these and I'll be adding them to my blogroll; especially the political ones. I already love Young, Black & Fabulous. It's my guilty pleasure.
The 2006 Black Weblog Awards

The CBC Foundation works with a lot of worthy causes and it has created a new website, AVoice, that shares the history of black issue politics as well as the CBC itself. It talks about civil rights, apartheid, voting rights, all important moments in history worth knowing and sharing with the young ones especially. I really like the title. Avoice New online library focuses on legislative history of African Americans

Tracey Edmonds just got a new job and I'm glad to hear it. She's going to be the first black person to head a major movie studio. She's got a new boyfriend too, which I hear is not so new, but who knows what the truth is. I was sad to hear she and Babyface got divorced, but I think she has come a long way from being a girl in his video. She is a smart, accomplished woman that works hard and has a lot of respect in the industry. I will forgive her for the Lil Kim reality show she is responsible for. So now Bob Johnson has tapped her to head OUR STUDIO and make family films for the black community. Good move. Tracey Edmonds to Lead our Stories Films TRACEY EDMONDS HAS STORIES TO TELL: Film/TV exec heads production company launched by BET founder Bob Johnson.

Now, muslim women can rest assured, they can even be ashamed of themselves in a hospital setting because if you're having chest pains or giving birth, what's most important is that no man can see your wrist. That would be immoral. BREITBART.COM: British hospital introduces burka-style gown for Muslim patients

I guess I am sort of feeding into his master plan by posting about him, but DJ Star is still mouthing off about how everyone hating him is good for his image. So he wants to be known as a pedophile and degenerate. Talk about a grown ass man, this piece of crap is 42 years old and doesn't have the sense of a 12 year old.

No surprise, as all boys who don't know how to be men do, he's playing the race card by saying, "I'm a confident man, and people don't like that," Torain says. "I'm a confident man of color; people hate that even more." No Jackass, you're a sick, perverted pedophile who announced on air that you wanted to sexually assault a four year old girl and offered the people of NY $500 to let you know where she went to school.

What's hate got to do with it? -
He also filed a lawsuit for $55-million lawsuit against the Congressman who played a tape of what Torian said for "gross, wanton and malicious" defamation. Play that tape in any court and I'd like to see a jury that would award him anything. Also, isn't he supposed to be going to court on criminal charges for endangering a child? I mean how many sickos could have searched that girl out for the $500.00?

You can mug all you want, but you're a sick f#^! and your final judgment will make that very clear to you. So smoke your cigars while you got 'em because if there is one thing you can count on, it's that GOD IS JUST.
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There are rallys going on all over the country aimed at stopping the government's efforts against illegal immigration. There is one in D.C. today at 4pm. Some are calling it the Million Illegal Alien March. Basically what they are saying is that they want the government to stop enforcing its immigration law. They want the raids to stop, all the efforts to deport illegals to stop. They think if they can get enough people to rally, they will have some influence. No matter how many times they say "immigrants" they can't erase the word illegal just because they don't say it. Legal immigrants are the American Dream. They are the reason that this country has promise and stands for something. They are an example of how doing right offers rewards in line with responsibilities. It is a disgrace that illegal aliens use them as a cloak, a shield.

I suppose the strategy today is to say if a large enough group of people really, really want to commit a crime and continue to get away with it, they should just rally to make the government feel bad about enforcing the laws against that crime? Don't ignore the sign in the photo I have next to this story. This is only one sign of many that CNN won't show, but is a true reflection of what is going on here. They are not trying to be Americans. They are trying to make America become Northern Mexico.
Washington Times: Illegal aliens marching for right to break the law
WAPO: Rally May Gauge Future of Immigration Movement
ABC 7 News: Rally Planned Near Capitol Low turnout for protest at state Capitol in Phoenix
MercuryNews: Labor Day immigrant rallies draw fewer supporters

Maryland may want to look at what the District is doing to curb crime because the crime problem in that state is getting worse. WAPO: Gang Figures Rising In Md.. Whereas, crime has dipped in D.C. after the emergency efforts by the city council. They increased camera activity and enforced a curfew, doing for the kids what their parents should be doing for them. Now parents who are punks to their kids complained, but Chief Ramsey told them to stuff it. WAPO: Ramsey Lauds Tougher Policing. If they were doing their job, we wouldn't be in this situation. Now what are they going to say? I'm sure some will say it's a coincidence, but it's like that town in California that put up a wall on the border to prevent illegal immigration and crime went down by more than 20%? What is that town's name? It's starts with a San (I know almost every town in CA starts with a San), but it's a true story and pro-illegals are saying it has nothing to do with curbing illegal immigration. Either way, if I'm living in the District, I'm glad I have a police force that isn't afraid to stand up to parents who don't want to raise their own bad ass kids.
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I feel like Niecy Nash on Clean House. Just foolishness everywhere I look. You all don't even know. Well, enough about my life.

Is there a backlash against black conservative Democrats? It's always been said that many blacks have values that relate more to conservative values (which makes a lot of moral choices we make confusing like 70% of our children born out of wedlock, idolizing gangster rappers, etc.), but vote and run Democrat because we have an assumption that this is the real big tent party. Well, some of the more conservative Democrats are getting challenged by more liberal black candidates and being told they can't represent blacks anymore. Case in point, MD Congressman Al "He left me for a white woman" Wynn is being told just that by his opponent. I know the in-italics comment was wrong, but I had to put it in there for a chuckle.
Washington Times: Black Democrats: Not liberal enough?

Black Enterprise is considered a magazine for economic and career news. How to get paid, etc. Occasionally they will get into social and political issues that are relevant to areas of economic prosperity. But here's an article on young black boys and what the B.E. Board of Economists believe can be done to improve their fortunes. You might need a registration, but its free and shame on you if you aren't already registered at The sight is awesome. Can Young Black Men Be Saved?

The GOP is punking out on immigration reform.NY Times: G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration Didn't I call it? Are they giving up because they already know they're going to take a hit in November? They are so desperate to stop the bleeding before it starts, that they are planning to go back to the fear tactics that worked so well in 2004. They will find the most eloquent and un-obvious ways to say, "If you don't vote for Republicans, Al Queada will kill us all. Seriously, Democrats love terrorists!". The sad truth is, if you can make people afraid, they'll do anything you tell them to.

Even Hazelton, PA, a town I thought had some real balls in pushing forward with their immigration legislation, which is considered some of the harshest in the country even though all it is doing is following the law, has decided to hold off. Punks everywhere!BREITBART.COM: Pa. City Delays Immigrant Crackdown Law

After 2 years, the IRS says 'my bad' in the whole NAACP case. Now far be it from me to stand on the side of the IRS, the biggest pimp on the planet, but I think they made a mistake here. The NAACP has become an extremely partisan political organization and that is not cool. This has just redeemed them in the eyes of their far left leaders and we'll be hearing more of their partisan comments between now and November and lookout 2008.
WAPO: IRS Ends 2-Year Probe Of NAACP's Tax Status
Milwaukee Biz Journal: NAACP 'vindicated' by IRS tax-exempt finding
The Chronicle: IRS Clears Civil-Rights Group, According to NAACP
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Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I sure as heck didn't.

ILLINOIS BY WAY OF KENYA is talking about the ugly underlying of tribalism in Kenya and ties Senator Obama's trip into the topic. It's so sad how something so meaningless has led to so much suffering and death, but we've done the same thing in our country over slavery. Skin color, tribal difference. Kenya: A Madman Baying in the Wind?

They also got into a bunch of name-calling which is so sad and typical. IOL: Obama an 'immature puppet', says Kenya

Do you ever wonder why sometimes on the local news if a white man is a suspect, they'll just say "a man," but if it's a brother, they'll say, "a black man?" What is that about? Voters in Ohio are wondering the same thing about a polling question by workers for the Republican nominee for state auditor. Beacon Journal: Poll question called racist.
A question in the telephone survey reportedly asked whether the respondents' opinions about State Rep. Barbara Sykes of Akron, the Democratic nominee for state auditor, changed when they were told she was president of the black lawmakers' group.

I'm a sucker for any article with Macaca in the headline because it is just such an odd word. Max Blumenthal at The Nation says that Senator Allen only wishes Macaca was the worst thing he had to live down. There's more and pictures to back it up.
The Nation: Beyond Macaca: The Photograph That Haunts George Allen

In London, a black activist is urging readers to boycott the BBC over what he considers a racist (people just throw that word at everything don't they?) television show on black boys. He's upset because in one episode where a teacher is trying to deal with one of his black students and gangs, he suggest that some of the blame might belong to the current black culture. How is that racist? Truth isn't racist just because you don't like the sound of it. This Is London: Boycott BBC over 'racist' drama says black campaigner

A woman, a black woman, has jumped into the fray for the mayor of Chicago race. Although the city has been plagued with more scandals than usual(and usually there are tons), the job is still Daleys until he doesn't want it, but this will be interesting. SunTimes: Court clerk joins mayoral race

And then there is this guy. He has taken back his remarks that black women get abortions at an "appalling rate." Although any rate is appalling if you ask me, you need to back up your facts if you're going to take it there. If you have the facts, then don't apologize, but you gotta bring them with you. Beauprez apologizes for abortion remark
"I've seen numbers as high as 70 percent - maybe even more - in the African-American community that I think is just appalling," the congressman said in an interview broadcast Monday on public radio's "Colorado Matters" program.

Interesting find in Boston. An archeological dig has uncovered an old townhouse in Beacon Hill that is giving some insight into the life of a free family in 1840s Boston. Robert Roberts was a free black man who was an active abolitionist and worked as a butler for Gov. Christopher Gore. He's also a published author. He wrote "The House Servants' Directory" in 1827. Is it me, or is it not funny that the image they showed was a woman finding an empty sasparilla bottle. Why not show a bible or a hairbrush? Come on, now. :)Yahoo: Dig offers clues to 1840s black family

Also from Boston, here is an article on the temporary reprieve from killings during the month of August. BostonGlobe: For one month, the killings quieted

The residents of Houston are so ready to get rid of Katrina evacuees. Yahoo: With bulk of Katrina evacuees, Texans begin to feel burden. I'm sure they were happy to hear about this. Nagin opens Houston center to help evacuees return. They wanted to be a refuge, a temporary place of peace for these people who nature gave no choice to. They didn't expect all the cost, overloaded schools, housing problems, sharp increase in crime and other nonsense to continue forever.
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I could have told you this. Daily Mail: Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil, says Vatican exorcist. But my question to the Vatican is what possessed you to turn your back to what they were doing for so long?

Schools across the country are now suspending kids for their offensive clothes. They are missing classes and this is not good.My Way News: 128 Students Suspended at Ind. School. Of course you have your people who are saying this is racist, but I'm sorry. I live near a mostly white, middle-class high school and those kids dress like a hot ghetto mess every day. WOAI: Low-Riding Pants Could Mean Legal Trouble

I don't have a problem with dress codes, but I suggest they start laying fines on the parents because then I'll bet Mom or Dad, who doesn't want to be bothered or is too scared to tell their kids what they can and can't wear, might speak up. I went to a public school, but in my house there were school clothes and there were weekend clothes. If jeans were too raggedy, skirts too short, my parents wouldn't let us wear them to school, but when we were hanging out on the weekends, we could almost wear what we wanted as long as it wasn't nasty. I'm in favor of school uniforms. Take the clothes out of the mix.

This is bull*#@%!This Is London: President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docudrama I am not a fan of George Bush, but I don't appreciate this docudrama showing him being assassinated. The presidency of this country means something. It meant something even when Clinton was getting blow jobs and now when George Bush seems to screw up everything. It was there before Bush and it will be there after him and for that, the office deserves our respect. I'm not saying they don't have a right to make the film because I believe in freedom of speech no matter who or where you are. I'm just saying they can kiss my ass.

Couldn't they have just had a presidential figure assassinated? No, they had Bush because that's what they wanted to see. I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this does bother me. And this is a stamp I found at Disgusting.

Best real newspaper headline that doesn't include the word Macaca. Editorial: Earmarking the $*@% out of the public -

This is just...ouch. I would say it's right under getting dumped by a Post-It Note. BREITBART.COM - RadioShack Uses E-Mail to Fire Employees

Is it true that Saddam was forced to watch the South Park cartoon film that shows him and Satan as lovers? U.S. Marines have been airing it in his cell. To quote a favorite character from another famous cartoon, The Simpsons, "Ha Ha!" What I find interesting is that the same people who will argue for the movie that shows Bush getting shot will probably be upset over this and think it's unfair.
Yahoo UK: Saddam's cartoon capers
Newsbusters: Outrage Over 'South Park' Torture Of Saddam
Defamer: Exposing Saddam Hussein To 'South Park' Movie Well Within Geneva Convention Torture Guidelines

I love my hometown of Chicago. The city, the people, the neighborhoods, the culture, the sports, the politics and most of all the best food on the planet! Honestly, I think it is the best city in the world and if it wasn't for the weather, you couldn't drag me away. But the city is as cold as a b*@%$ and kind of racist. Cubs (my team!) manager Dusty Baker sucks. I said it. He's doing a really bad job this year and I don't have a problem with the stupid hate mail. Every manager gets it when they stink, but why does it have to be racist? Can't we just hate for hate's sake? Come on people, hatred in itself is satisfying enough. Keep it clean and leave the racist crap alone. Chi Trib: Unfriendly confines of racist hate mail

Speaking of cubs, here's a little curious cutey pie to hold you over this wet holiday. See you Tuesday!
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