That's basically what it is and will be for the next week, so I might as well give in.

Remember last week when I said Tony Snow was SUSPECT because he mentioned only the black Congressmembers who would be taking over committees if the Democrats won a majority? Well I guess VP Cheney said the same thing and Charles Rangel, one of the Democrats mentioned, wants to meet him outside. NY Post: RANGEL & VEEP IN ALL-OUT WAR.

Why are the Democrats already fighting over who is going to run what when they haven't even won anything yet? This is how you lose s#*^ you haven't even gotten yet. Who even knows what those voting machines will say (double wink to Rove)? And why is the media saying the fighting is about race? WAPO: Fights Brew Over House Posts. Like I said before, none of this is about us. They don't give a d*&^. It's all about them, only their world and who can get what for themselves. Ridiculous.

And the voting has already started with the glitches. I say we just go back to folded pieces of paper and having someone other than senior citizens on the wrong side of 75 counting them. Glitches cited in early voting

I haven't decided which campaign, TN or VA, has been the dirtiest. I kind of lean towards VA because both sides have been so ugly to each other, where in TN, it appears the Republicans have out-uglied the Dems and it sadly appears to be working. All in all, I wish there was a third viable candidate for VA and wish Ford would win TN, but I have a feeling I'm not getting any of my wishes this time around.

Where has the Boston Globe been? Virginia's race: a bellwether gets down and dirty
You better believe it. He's going to cling to anything he can. Although he's probably given up any hope of a Presidency, he needs that Senate seat. Hampton Roads: Incumbent Allen ties himself closely to Sen. Warner
After everything I've read and heard about Jim Webb, I'm surprised that the gender gap is so small. Some of the mess he has said about women as an adult male is just ridiculous.Hampton Roads: Gender gap disappears in tight race for Senate
Have you read some of Webb's stuff? Ewww. DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2006®: ALLEN'S REVENGE: EXPOSES UNDERAGE SEX SCENES IN OPPONENT'S NOVELS. At least all the sex in the books I write are with two consenting adults and prefer to leave more to the imagination. Well, mostly. ANGELA'S OTHER NOVELS.
I would say they were inappropriate for more than just radio. WCNSNews: ebb Says His Novels 'Inappropriate' for News Radio

Don't know if this will do him any good cause Cardin is beating him by a bunch, but I knew that Steele would benefit from frustration with the Democrat's choices for the state. WAPO: Black Democrats Cross Party Lines To Back Steele For U.S. Senate
Even if they aren't voting him, many of them aren't dogging him. Washington Times: Black Democrats pull punches in Maryland race. I mean, not yet.

No there is not a Senate race in Illinois, but Barack is still on everyone's tongues. These people Barack in 2008 need to just stop. He was only trying to get you to buy his book, idiots!
See, the Chicago Sun Times knows what I'm talking about. Chicago Sun Times: Behind the Obama scene: How he is using book tour to cultivate national network.
More on how everyone, everywhere loves him. SFGate: Obama finds many fans in Bay Area / A possible presidential candidate in '08, charismatic Illinois Democrat meets with admiring throngs on book tour
And of course all the hateration!The Hill: Obama is overrated

Does Deval Patrick really have a chance? I guess I'm not giving Mass enough credit, but I say he doesn't and it's too bad. He seems like a good guy. Chicago Defender: Deval Patrick Refuses to Compromise Integrity or Racial Pride

Dollar Bill Jefferson is not down for the count yet! His seat actually offers a lot of seniority for the people in his district, so there might be some selfish incentive for them to vote him in again. I don't think it's right, but I get it.
NYTimes: Though Weakened, New Orleans Lawmaker Is Ebullient and Defiant
New Orleans CityBusiness: Jefferson Gives Each Party A Reason To Sweat Election
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Before I get into it, let me state that 100 American soldiers died this month alone and we've still got two days left. I have a feeling November is going to be worse. It's not enough that this administration stop saying "stay the course," they better stop doing it.

Right now is about the time where everyone can barely stand to watch television or listen to free radio because of the onslaught of political ads; most of them dirty and almost all of them with distorted facts. Just hang in there. Next Tuesday, we'll be able to be done with all of it. I still can't believe I have to decide between mysoginistic Webb and macaca Allen. I was prepared to vote for Allen only 3 months ago, but I just can't see it now. Then there is Webb, the erotic genre author. Who says a man putting a boys p*** in his mouth is not a sexual act? I'm just depressed and November 8th can't come soon enough. Here are as many non-November 7th related articles I could find.

An Egyptian born British billionaire has started a plan that would rate the governance of 53 African counties each year and will award the leaders of the best run countries with $5milion over ten years after they leave office, plus $200K a year for life. BBC NEWS: Prize offered to Africa's leaders. "We need to remove corruption and improve governance," Mr Ibrahim said. This sounds completely idiotic to me. I think it's a great idea to get all 53 countries on a grid and rate them by categories that are deemed good or bad leadership and create some kind of international aid or recognition for those that work to make a better country, but how will you know it's for real and not like Iraq when people were beaten to death if they didn't come out and act like Saddam was the best guy in the world everytime he came through their neighborhood? I'm sorry, but most African leaders are so damn corrupt that they will kill people and do worse to make it appear that they qualify for this prize. Also, WTF with giving the money to the leader after he leaves? Give it to the country, the government or something instead of one person.

Roland S. Martin writes about the disparity of government contracts for minorities in the city and how angry many black people are about it. He says something quite simple that makes all the sense in the world, but will likely not be followed.
But anger and righteous indignation will not lead to more contracts. What Black aldermen should immediately do is find out why African Americans are not getting their fair share; work politically to eliminate the obstacles; and lastly, call on Black business groups to step up.
It seems that anger and righteous indignation is what we do best and too many of us are hell bent on "staying the course."Chicago Defender: Black Chicago must not depend on others for economic development

The Miami state legislature (bless their hearts) is trying to get some attention. Racial slurs and controversy will get you a mention in the local papers, but you're going to have to have a sex scandal or at least a video of something if you want to play with the big boys. It's Miami, I know you can do it. Arza won't heed calls to resign

Fenty is already acting like he's mayor. He's mucking around with the big wigs and firing people in a fit. That's so D.C. of him. WAPO:Fenty Gets School Reform Tips From Bloomberg
Washington City Paper: FENTY FIRES SPOKESMAN

This is the bomb API, you guys don't even know (my Napoleon Dynamite imitation). If you're a fan of, you'll love this for D.C. has won numerous prizes and I know the guys who created it. Real smart. You can track any type of crime by location, street, whatever. It helps when deciding where you want to live, what route you will take to and from work, or just morbid curiosity, which let's face it, we all have. WAPO: Plotting Crime, Street by Street

You thought it was easy to sponge off the Canadian government? Now the UK is attracting Americans who prefer a socialist-type way of running things. The Sun Online: Now even Yanks claim UK asylum. People are doing it for all kinds of reasons. The article states that some blacks are seeking asylum in the UK because they feel that racial discrimination in the U.S. is keeping them from living the life they want. Take your whining a## on out of here then. And good decision by the way because there is no racism in the U.K. and they LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Americans there as well.

7-Eleven Pulls Drink Named CocaineWho in the heck thought it would be a good idea to put it on the shelves in the first place? It's not even remotely funny.

We talk a lot about our soldiers and what this administration's pride and unwillingness to admit they've made huge mistakes is costing them in lives and debilitating injuries. We also have to remember the women in the countries we are occupying and what toll this is taking on them. Granted anything is about better than the Taliban. When I found out how they treated women I wanted to go over thre and kick each one of their asses myself, but the Taliban is slowly regaining control of Afghanistan. What happens to the women who thought they were free, took off their burkas and began to live the life that God gave them a right to? What about women in Iraq who are the primary victims of a chaotic, lawless environment? iWon News: Women Under Attack in Iraq, Afghanistan

One man who is a Seventh Day Adventis and called the "Black Superman" of his ward, is trying to do something to curb gang violence in Toronto, and yes they do have gang violence in Toronto. I'm sure it's mostly graffitti and stuff, but still. Ole' boy's photo looks like it was taken in 1920. And I'm not going to even start about a suit that gives a brother a little more breathing room. But go on and do your thing for your community Mr. Sweeney. More power to you. NOW Magazine: Caped crusade

This is such foolishness, I'm just gonna let ya'll read it and leave it at that. I'm not even mad at the kids. I want to string up their jackass parents because that's where they picked it up from. WKYC: Pee Wee football game marred by alleged racism
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When I read this article, I wondered if there wasn't some victim ideology playing out here. BAW: More Whites Appealed Katrina Insurance Outcomes Than Blacks. No one can say for sure because these people are under so much pressure, but you know what I mean. Where conservatives say that blacks embrace the life of a victim and therefore expect to be dogged out, wrong, discriminated against which is why they don't try as hard as people who don't see life that way. This article compares whites and blacks who were victims of hurricane Katrina both getting screwed by their insurance adjusters. Whites were far more likely to keep pushing and get rewarded for it, while blacks were likely to accept whatever little bit, if anything, the insurance companies offered and leave it at that. I can't say that not being aware of the option is a excuse. This is your home we're talking about. I wouldn't have given up there; not for my home. I would have at least called a lawyer, taken the case to Legal Aid or something.

Why anyone would want to play the game on Capitol Hill is odd to me. It's such a cannibalistic culture up there in my opinion. However, if you want to play safe without having any pervert/pedophile/infidelity/playboy parties/$90K in the freezer skeletons coming out of your closet, check this site out. Fantasy Congress. You join a 'league,'draft a team of real U.S. Members of Congress (you know I'm picking Obama, Ford Jr. and my favorite crazies Katherine Harris and Cynthia McKinney) and have fun as you compete to score as many points as possible. As the Members of Congress you drafted put real legislation through the lawmaking process they will score points for your team. Honestly, it could give you a little lesson on how Congress works. Although you probably learned everything you need to know watching the "I'm just a Bill" skit from Schoolhouse Rock. Don't act like you don't remember it.

In the L.A. Times, God's entourage is about how private faith is going public among Hollywood's African-American elite. Look, I'm the last person to say don't get your Jesus on, but I just don't know if people want so see Hollywood actors getting all religious on them. It's hard to match up seeing you sexing it up on screen, cussing every five seconds and shooting up or shooting out and then come talking about the Lord. Yes, we know it's acting and we know it's your job, but the conflicting images this presents can be a little unsettling. It's like those rappers who sing about how their b*%#$ better have their money and then talk about "I want to thank Jesus for..." Jesus isn't cool with you talking about pimping even if it is 'just a song.' Let me stop before I start asking for a witness up and through here.

I know I'm playing the race card here, but White House spokesman Tony Snow is suspect. I hate labeling folks because they say a word here and there because I don't believe in PC. Say what you mean so we know where we stand, right? But something about Tony Snow makes me think...I'm sorry, but he's suspect. Maybe it's a little of the RNCC's ridiculous stunt with the Harold Ford, Jr. commercial, but I'm reading this article, GOP denies playing race card, and thinking, Hmmmmm... In my mind, I hear, "You don't want these n*##@9& running important committees do you?"

And for our foolishness award of the week, I don't know a lot about Congressman JD Hayworth(FL), but he gets half the award for sending some fool as his representative to a debate/forum to Temple Beth Israel who promptly told the audience of Jews that Hayworth, a Christian, is a "more observant Jew" than some audience members there. This act garnered a lot of boos and a bunch of folks walked out. Turns out this jackass, Jonathan Tratt, also has a record for being part of a criminal gambling ring. For saying he didn't know about this, Hayworth gets the other half of the award. Arizona Republic: Hayworth spokesman has a record
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When Ruth Simmons was named President of Brown University, she became the first black person to hold that post in the Ivy League. She made a commitment to diversity and excellence and part of that was putting together a steering committee on slavery and justice. The result? The school wants to erect a memorial to symbolize it's history of slavery (how the school was funded in party by slave commerce), acknowledgment of the benefits that still exist today because of that past and a commitment to diversity now and in the future. Needless to say, some are happy about this and some aren't. Big surprise.
Yahoo! News: Brown U. report seeks slavery memorial
Brown University Committee on Slavery and Justice Home
NY Sun: Slavery Funds Helped Found Brown University
Eyewitness News: Black leaders in Rhode Island praise university slavery report
US Newswire: Slave Reparations Critic Blasts New Brown University Report

Under the radar, columnist Armstrong Williams, settled his indiscretion from when he was being pimped by the White House to write and speak about Bush's education policies favorably. Like I said then, he would have been a mouthpiece for Bush for nothing, so whatever. He only had to fork over what he was paid, which is a good deal for him because it wasn't that much anyway. Some would say this would taint him forever, but come on. He's not a journalist, he's a political pundit for the right. If anyone takes his, or any other political pundit's, words without a grain of salt, they're an idiot. Columnist Settles Education Dept. Case Armstrong Williams Settlement Not Enough, Says Congressman
AlterNet: So long suckers, I'm off to the fake news biz

Another person writes a commentary on why they gave up on Hip Hop music, which they used to enjoy. WAPO: Why I Gave Up On Hip-Hop. It's a common theme that has a lot to do with maturity and especially with having kids of your own. Of course I'm not a fan of most hip hop because it's disgusting. It's violent and too sexual. It promotes the worst aspects of black and American culture in general. The rap that is any good hardly ever gets any radio play. But I'm an adult, so if it comes on the radio I can ignore it or change the channel.

However being in the car with my teenaged niece, I became so sensitive to how filthy this stuff is and how their impressionable minds just soak it up like a biscuit with gravy. The only songs that weren't about drugs, violence, promiscuous sex and pimping and were about positive love were one or two R&B songs, but even most of those were about having sex and explicitly explaining what kind of sex. And these are the radio versions. I cringe at what the explicit versions sound like. The only clean songs were the silly pop songs. You can only enjoy so much Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch and Nick Lachey before you lose it. Bring back old school hip hop!
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First and more important than any piece of news on this planet...Jack is coming Back!!!!. Check out the trailer for Day Six of 24. FOX Broadcasting Company: 24. I'm still not feeling Wayne as President, but I've accepted so much unbelievable crap on that show because I love it.

What a sad state for the D.C. public education system to be in. WAPO: Bleak College Graduation Rate Is Found. When I saw this:
Only 9 percent of D.C. public school freshmen will complete college within five years of graduating from high school, a figure far below the national average, according to a report to be released today.
I thought it was some kind of a joke. And just because your kid is tucked away at a suburban school or a private school, don't think this doesn't matter. These kids that aren't getting educated are going to become adults in our society who have to use other means to get ahead. Then it touches you and you want something done. We need to want something done now.

When I read about the letters Hispanics were receiving in Orange County trying to suppress their vote by saying if they were immigrants, legal or otherwise, they will be arrested if they vote, I thought it would die down. This kind of s%#& happens in black neighborhoods every election season, at least every important one, and no one seems to care. However, this has ballooned into a huge incident and someone is going to have to pay. BREITBART.COM: GOP Calls for Withdrawal of Candidate

Reuters: China becoming "like Africa" with AIDS scourge. Will anyone care more that it's happening in China than they have about Africa? I doubt it. Hell, we have our own AIDS problem with black women in the U.S. and no one seems to care. Just ask Dick Cheney.

No sooner than Obama is crowned the king of kings, he starts talking about when he smoked weed and nut-job fundamentalists are pretty confident that he is the Anti-Christ because everyone loves him so much. The weed part is cool, because no one gives a crap, but the fundamentalists s*$# scares me because these people are serious. I love the LEFT BEHIND book series as much as anyone, but if they see some type of prophecy in this brother, he better beef up his security.
NYTimes: Obama Offers More Variations From the Norm
Cynical-C Blog: Barack Obama, The Antichrist

Michael Steele is going a little overboard with this, "I hate Republicans too" thing, don't you think? WAPO: Steele Takes a Head-On Jab at His Party
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Honestly, I just need to clean out my queue full of political articles and I found out a lot are about these two, so I'm devoting a whole post to them.

There are a gazillion articles on IL Senator Barack Obama since he appeared on MTP this Sunday, and personally they make me a little nervous. I mean, they aren't even AP copies you usually see, so journalists all over actually pulled up their sleeves and wrote about him. I like Obama. He's a little left for me and he's probably a little left of the politics of most Illinoisans, but they voted for him for the same reasons I like him. They see character, intelligence, charm, dignity, a great American story and someone not yet tainted by Washington. It didn't hurt that he was running against a psycho, but he would have beaten the other guy too.
New York Daily News: Hil better watch her Barack! Obama Needs To Slow Bandwagon
But he is a junior senator, people. He's two years old in political years because the local stuff in Illinois doesn't even begin to compare to the juggernaut of D.C. It looks to me like the media has just decided to fall in love with him all over again and set him up for something he probably isn't ready for just to watch him fall (with a little push from them)so they can write Pulitzer Prize articles on the Rise and Fall of America's Black Hope. They do that. Is he falling for this? Does he really know what its going to be like when the media turns on him? They've loved him from the beginning, with a few here and there getting ugly, but when you become their collective target, it is debilitating. Can he handle that on a national scale? Barack Obama's Stardom Will Last Beyond 2008
NYTimes: Obama Considers White House Run
STLtoday: Obama now says he might run for president
Chicago Tribune news: Audacity of a hopeful
LA Times: Obama admits he's thinking '08
NY Sun: Obama Announces He May Yet Seek Presidency in 2008
NY Times: Obama Considers White House Run Illinois' Obama revisits idea of 2008 run for White House
Look what happened the last time we put someone so fresh in the White House? I mean, look what's happening. Clearly Obama is smarter than Bush and there is something to be said for freshness, but the world is a mess and our place in it is uncertain because of the mistakes made. Voting for someone just because you want to make history or because he seems like a decent guy isn't going to cut it. I want someone who can sit in that White House and knock heads around and fix the domestic and international mess we made. Can Obama show any clear indication of doing that between now and November 2008? Or maybe he's just pimping his bookThe Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream Obama.It's #1 on

I do love seeing pictures of Obama with his young family. Very nice. This is something that our other much-talked about of late Senate hopeful, the Congressman from TN, could have used. People love a family man, but he's doing okay without it. It's funny how no one gave a damn until it looked like he actually had a chance. Now, everyone wants to do their Junior piece. He's on the cover of Newsweek for Pete's sake. So far, he's ahead, but not by enough. In my opinion he's still losing. Unless he's ahead by 10+ points because people lie over the phone. White southerners who won't vote for him because he's black can't give any other reason, so they say they will vote for him. They probably agree with his politics, but are too embarrassed to admit that it doesn't matter. So he gets this jump in the polls and it really means nothing.
MSNBC: Moderate Dems Have GOP Running Scared - Newsweek Politics
MSNBC: Black Candidates and White Voters

Julia Allison: GOP's New Priorities: Making Sure Congressmen Call Back, Open Doors
Washington Times: National parties roil Tennessee race
The Tight Senate race gives old baggage a new life
Not that I don't think he should win. He definitely should. He's been working it hard enough. I do feel a little squeamish about all the God/Jesus/Pray For Me stuff, but I'm from the Midwest and although we love us some Jesus, we like to keep it a little more private than Southerners. Here in D.C. people look at you like you just cussed if you mention J.C. in public. Getting back to the point, he does have the GOP desperate enough to make fools of themselves trying to make him look bad by running ugly ads and trying to get old girlfriends (only the white ones because you know why) to talk, which means they know he has a really good chance.
The Cooper calls on Corker to force GOP to pull ad
LA Times: Three states could swing Senate control
National Review Online: Ford and Corker: The Ad War and the Question of Temperment Ford camp's answers vary on Playboy party
Telegraph UK: Black senate candidate breaks down race barrier in Tennessee
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BAW: What Was the Greatest Black Conservative Organization Ever? The Black Panthers. Uhmm, okay. I usually agree with Mr. Kane, but...let's just say I wouldn't tag the group as the "Greatest" because that is a positive term for me. Then again, I'm just not a BP fan, so I would use a different description altogether. Just because they hated Dems doesn't mean they were conservative.
Exhibit A for that is the cover of a June 1968 edition of the Black Panther newspaper showing the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy after he had been shot in California. A picture of a pig replaced Kennedy's head.
Wouldn't win any points with me.

Thanks to BET's entertainment president, Reggie Hudlin, now white kids in states like New Hampshire can learn the value of a booty shake and find out what is the latest in Keyshia Cole's life of drama. Reggie is trying to get BET on the cable lineups in areas that previously don't carry it because they have about 1 black person for every 100,000 white people. iWon News: Hudlin Trying to Move BET Forward. So now, while they are sitting down for Sunday dinner, little white girls can ask their parents, "Can I be a video ho when I grow up?" Equality is lovely isn't it?

This was certainly a sad story to read.BAW: Blacks Seeking Escape from Abusive Relationships Have Poorer Outcomes. One of my sisters was in a relationship that was verbally abusive. He would put her down and make her think that she should just be grateful to have a man. You know all the BS lesser men try to convince women of so that they'll stay with them. Then he hit her. Once. She left him and this fool actually came to my Daddy's house talking about he came to get his woman. With my Daddy at the door with his gun and the rest of us standing behind him, the man just walked away and never bothered my sister again. How many women have no one to go to who will do that for them? Instead of stuck in an abusive relationship, my sister has married, has two kids and lives the gloriously boring life of an American suburban housewife (her dream, not mine). I wonder if she'd still be alive if she didn't have us at that moment to support her.
Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community
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From the title, you can tell I watch a little too much of Clean House with Ms. Niecy Nash.

This is some of the most foolish mess I have read in a while. Republican Ad Calls Black Women "Ho's". These radio ads are just getting out of line with how they degrade black conversation. There was the one with two sisters talking about how MLK was a Republican and they were saying things like, "Yeah, girl" "For real, girl?" and other stereotypical phrases that make you imagine they were chewing gum and rolling their heads while waiting at the bustop outside government housing. Now this foolishness.

What does it mean? 10,000 refugees from Burundi coming to U.S.. We take in 10,000 refugees from one country (which in itself is going to be a huge financial burden to whichever communities they settle in), then another 10,000 from where else? Where will they be housed? Are they going to be split up? They'd have to be. There is no one place that can handle an immediate influx of 10,000 people. Do they know they will be separated? We know they don't want to go back to Burundi, but do they want to come to America? I'm just thinking out loud, but I think once you start doing this, how do you stop? I don't believe bringing them to America is necessarily the best choice and I'm concerned about the taxpayer burden.

When you read stuff like this, you know that Jesus is coming soon. Seriously folks, infants? Who are these people? They are walking around us, sitting in cubicles next to us, living in our neighborhoods and getting off on child and even infant pornography. It blows the mind. CNN: 125 arrested in child porn roundup

Black Voices held a heated and opinionated discussion on White celebrities going to Africa to adopt African kids. Adopt-An-African. The question was asked, why aren't black celebrities doing the same? I can't bring to mind any black celebrities who have even adopted black American kids, but I can name a few white celebrities who have like Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hugh Jackman (kid is half black), Donna Mills and Jane Fonda to name a few. This may be because it wouldn't stand out. When was the last time a black celebrity went to Africa for anything other than putting on a concert? Either way, adoption is a wonderful example of the potential of the human heart. The human connection is so much more than blood. Love is where you find it.

Here's Wonkette poking fun at the very sad fact of who is representing us up on The Hill. I'm so through with all of these jokers, this wouldn't even be funny to me if it wasn't for Katherine Harris making #1 on this list. She is so nuts, I can't help but love her. Wonkette: America's Dumbest Congressmen, Give or Take 525.

With Republican chances so slim, you knew they were going to play the scare-the-hell-out-them card sooner or later. I'm surprised it took this long. You know the truth is that if you can make people afraid, you can get them to do anything you want them to. They will go along with anything you say if you make them believe you're the only one that can save them. It's an evil, but smart tactic that works. BREITBART.COM: GOP to Air Ad Warning of Terror Attacks

I already knew I was a fat ass. Now it's time you accept that you are two. We all are. BREITBART.COM: One billion people overweight, 300 million obese worldwide. Yes, fat people are harder to kidnap, but barring that, we need to do something with ourselves.

CNN: Cult leader says he's too obese for execution. What they need to do is give him an injection of whatever it was they gave me at the hospital when I had to go in for an MRI and I'm claustrophobic, so I knew I was gonna freak out. The world could have blown up and I wouldn't have given a damn. Inject him with that and then turn his lights off. Better yet, screw him and just do it like you would anyone else. A little pain never hurt anyone.

Why do Republican jackasses have to go and say stuff like this, AIM: Republican Gays are Closeted Dems and make themselves look like they are still in 1950? I forget, for guys like this, the 50s were the good old days when gays lived in secrecy and lies and blacks knew their place.
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Atheism is trying to pimp it's brand and seems to be doing well in the book department at least. WAPO: Is God dead? Atheism finds a market in U.S. I'll admit I read End of Faith by Sam Harris and thought it was a good book. It was far and away the best argument made in favor of atheism and especially against religion. Didn't convince me. My faith is too strong and real. This is something I think people like Harris don't get. My faith in God is as real as this chair I'm sitting on. It is not some hope or fantasy or mental formation. It is concrete and substantial in every way.

Harris second book, Letters to a Christian Nation, is doing very well also and is based on all the hate mail he got from so-called Christians who were upset about his book and that it did so well. These people are the reasons why folks turn away from religion and God. Their letters are so full of hate and violence and are supposed to be in defense of Jesus. Shameful.

Speaking of religion, should there be religious based tax breaks? Religion has become such a big business these days with the mega-churches, books, touring churches(I did see Joel Osteen when he came to MCI Center - I love me some Joel), shouldn't they be treated like businesses?
NYTimes: Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books

You know I love me some Jesus, but sometimes leaving him out of the discussion can help get the message across better. Abstinence is not just a moral choice, it's a smart, healthy and practical choice for young people who have goals and plans and this program doesn't want to get all religious on you so it can make that point. WAPO: The Abstinence Shtick, Minus Jesus. VIRGIN is NOT a dirty word.

On the opposite of Jesus and love, we have hate and racism; the Devil's favorite tools to get his work done. Yes I did just get a little preachy, but you know he loves this stuff. Courtland Milloy, a black columnist for the WAPO attended a recent KKK rally and shared his experience. WAPO: Hate Is Always in Style At a Gathering of the Klan

Speaking of hate, racism and discrimination in all their glorious forms, LaShawn Barber comments on a white student who is suing a college for racial discrimination. Every year you're looking at one of these cases ultimately making it to the SCOTUS to try and overturn Affirmative Action and one will eventually get it done. Student Sues For Racial Discrimination

We also have the vote suppressors coming out of the woodwork now that the election is coming. I'm feeling a little left out. It used to be they would focus on my people and try to scare us away from the polls. The Hispanics are just getting all the attention now. BREITBART.COM: Note Warns Calif. Hispanics on Voting. If I see one of those "you don't have to vote on Tuesday if the lines are long. You can come back Wednesday" pamphlets like the ones left in black neighborhoods in Chicago in 2004, I'm really going to be jealous.

Wonkette comments on a Congressman from Iowa who refers to illegal immigrants as stray cats. I kind of get what he was saying and I hate PC Police, but check the language buddy. Comparing human beings to animals...not cool. Wonkette: Stray Cat Blues.

Counterpunch is a far left liberal site and one of their writers has a big problem with the trend of "Ghetto Fabulous" parties among white kids. Robert Jensen: Racism and Cheap Thrills at UT Law School. Personally, I think this type of party just reeks of negativity whether black or white kids have it, but I wouldn't necessarily call it racism. The writer might come from a generation where everything is considered part of a white culture or black culture. For young kids today, there is a mixing bowl of pop culture and terms like "ghetto" is a part of that culture. They wouldn't differentiate it from a "Trailer Trash Fabulous" party where everyone would dress up like Britney & K-Fed or Wynona Judd, which I'm sure they throw all the time. It's making fun of and disrespecting a certain aspect of our American culture, but not necessarily racially motivated. Besides, when I hear Ghetto Fabulous, all I think of is Kimora Lee Simmons and she's only half black.

If a black man feels compelled to write a column about how he got a cab no problem in New York, you know there's still a problem. An Arm in the Air for That Cab Ride Home - New York Times

And lastly, to get back to the Devil, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOHH: Update: R. Kelly Hearing Postponed. This man has totally made a deal with Satan and can't nobody tell me otherwise. This is not coincidence or luck. Satan is hooking this boy up and has been for some time, which is how he got into this situation in the first place.
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I know I sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists, but why do you think Karl Rove just announced his confidence that Republicans will keep control of both the House & Senate despite every possible sign saying that they won't at least keep the House? Washington Times: Rove foresees GOP victory. Why are Rove & Bush seeming not at all concerned about the November elections? WAPO: White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects. Maybe it's because they know something we don't. Maybe it's because they know that no matter who votes for whom, the voting machines are going to say that Republicans won. Boing Boing: Diebold voting machines can be beaten with a switch-flip. Just a thought. Let's face it, Rove is a lot of things, most of them bad, but he's not an idiot and he gets the results he wants when it comes to elections.Why would he publicly predict a victory in both the House & Senate unless he knew there was going to be one? There is no plan by this White House regarding what to do if they lose either the House or both the House & Senate. Why not? Bob Cesca: If You're Gonna Cheat -- Cheat With A Smile!
scootmandubious: Why Are These Men Smiling?

I know I sound like I should have my tin foil hat on, but it strikes me as curious. If we have the same thing in 2004 where the exit polls say the Dems won, but the voting machines say the Republicans did, it's going to be a huge mess. I mean, would you put it past them? Martin Lewis: "The Untouchables" - Karl Rove unleashes $100 MILLION war chest
Google Search: Diebold e-voting machines hackable

I just added this pic of Rove being carted off by cops 'cause I love it.
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They are just sick, I tell you. Sick. Living in D.C., we don't get Bears games, so I was really looking forward to Monday night. When I got home from school and saw the score of 23 to 3, I was like, "Son of a...." I have to work better on my faith. The Bulls have won the most championships, but the Bears are this city's true love and always will be. My team is just sick. I did feel kind of sorry for Denny Green, the way he broke apart at the press conference.
iWon: Bears 24, Cardinals 23 Cardinals reach an all-time low in collapse Bears rally from 20 down to stun Cardinals
Chicago Tribune: Bears pull off Monday night miracle
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Perfectly amazing: 6-0 Bears stun Cardinals

Also my beloved Cubs, to whom I have been a faithful, long-suffering wife my entire life, got a new coach. I liked Dusty Baker and all, but the team was just awful. To slide that fast after making it into the playoffs just a few years ago is inexcusable. He had to go. So despite rumors that Frank Robinson of the Nationals was coming to ChiTown, it looks like Lou Piniella is going to be our coach. And yes, Wrigley Field is the best show in baseball.
Chicago Tribune: Cubs hire Piniella
The Seattle Times: Mariners: Piniella in Chicago: The best show in baseball
Chicago Tribune: Now the hard part: Top 5 Things Pinella Must Do

Meanwhile, those dread White Sox have their own problems. White Sox Shortstop Wanted In Shooting. Not that I'm gloating or anything.

It was kind of nice to have a black coach for the Bears and Cubs and a Latino coach for the Sox at the same time.

People need to calm down freaking out over every little thing someone says. Steve Lyons lost his job for talking like he has since he was playing in Chicago. Every time that boy would get a mic within ten feet he would say something "inappropriate." What does racially insensitive mean anyway? I've also heard the new phrase "ethnically inappropriate." You can't say anything anymore. Reuters: Fox Sports fires baseball analyst for remarks Shame on Fox frauds for Lyons firing

Although I would agree that you probably shouldn't cheer on fighting like Lamar Thomas did this past weekend. What happened in Miami was more like a riot than a fight and for an announcer to be like "That's what I'm talking about!" is not cool. I understand that the brother was emotionally involved because it was his team and probably wished he could be on the field, but come on now. I would have suspended him, but I don't think I would have fired him. Lamar Thomas Out Of A Job As Analyst
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ex-Cane canned for 'analysis'

This kitty is fierce. He should play for the Bears.
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These hotly contested local races are going to be off the chain for the next three weeks and honestly I'm just not fast enough to keep up with them. Although I'm bummed that my two choices are Webb or Allen for Senator, there are some exciting things going on locally and it isn't all about November elections.

TIME magazine has IL Senator Obama on the cover and the media has fallen in love again with the Democrat's Messiah. I don't have anything against Obama. I think he's too liberal for my taste, but I don't doubt his character or integrity and of course I'd love to see a brother running the show, but this is too soon. It isn't realistic and I just see this ending badly. Also, should he be smiling while holding that T-shirt up? The Fresh Face
CNN: The Democrats' fresh face
Wonkette: He's As Qualified As the Current Guy

Republicans are looking for a voice in District politics. WAPO. . . In the District, a Virtual Shutout. Good luck with that. I think with Fenty being the young, business-minded person he is, he would be more inclusive of Republicans if their ideas and efforts are going towards bettering D.C. He is now a big-time, small-time politician. It's going to be harder for him to get things done without compromise.

So they are hiding in fake border patrol cars now? I hate to harp on stereotypes, but how do you fit 30 of these jokers in one car? AZCentral: 30 found in fake Border Patrol vehicle. And again. WOAI: More than 50 Illegal Immigrants Found in Home. I'm sorry, but a sister needs some elbow room.

Democrats in Louisiana are having a hard time post-Katrina. After Katrina, La. Democrats suffering

If it's voting time, it's time to start thinking about Katrina evacuees and how to get their votes to count. In Atlanta, they are starting to do just that. I wonder what Houston is doing? It seems to me that after a year, it might be time to start saying that those people are no longer citizens of Louisiana, but Houston. They seem to have decided to stay. AP Wire: Clergy, civil rights groups announce absentee ballot campaign for evacuee voters

Old boy was on This Week with George S. talking junk about Harold Ford again. As soon as he said he was not going to be bring Junior's family into it, he started talking about his Daddy. I wasn't impressed. According to the Washington Times, Corker has made some charges to hopefully make a difference over these last few weeks. Washington Times: Campaign revised in Tennessee

Mayor Daley says he wants cameras everywhere in Chicago, especially if the city gets the Olympics as it wants to in 2016. For me, I don't mind cameras as long as they can't be manipulated to look into people's homes or backyards, I don't think they are a violation at all. And even if they don't prevent a crime from happening, they can make it easier to catch the criminal and put them in jail. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: By 2016, cameras on 'almost every block'

There is a lot of speculation around why Mark Warner dropped out of the 2008 Presidential race before he even entered it. General consensus is that he's got some skeletons in his closet of the Clinton variety. Observe my low expectations: At least it's not of the Foley variety.
WAPO: Democrats Work to Fill Ideological, Electoral Void
Radar Online: Mark Warner's Clinton Problem

If you're an immigrant, legal or illegal, in the O.C. you can take a class to learn how to get on Food Stamps in Four Hours. They are lining up of course. This is total B.S. and you know it, so don't even start with me. LA Times: Food-Stamp Program Finally Speaks Their Language

And don't forget about this Bama. William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson is being squeezed out by his own party. About a dozen people stood up to challenge his seat once his very ghetto move of putting $90K in the freezer was made public. The movement on his case is going so slow that I'm beginning to believe nothing is going to come of it. So he might dodge one bullet, but after eight-terms in Congress and all the seniority that comes with it, Jefferson's family has left him ass out. The party endorsed state Rep. Karen Carter. Louisiana Rep. Jefferson Loses Democratic Endorsement

So what is it supposed to mean that the Little Rock School Board has its first black majority? Will it make any difference in the school system? This is like Dems & Republicans on The Hill. It's all about who beats who, not about who can do what for the reason they're supposed to be there in the first place. Want me to be glad that the school board has it's first black majority? Make it the reason grades go up and resources improve. What, you say race can't make a difference in that? Then why is it a story? NYTimes: Little Rock School Board Has First Black Majority
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Can't believe it's Friday again already. Pics are still not working real well. Don't know what to do, so sorry.

It's pretty disgusting for any doctors anywhere to do this, but in Israel, considering what the Nazis subjected the Jews to in the area of experimentation, you would think they would be highly sensitive to this kind of thing. Again, wouldn't anyone? Haaretz: 4 senior physicians arrested for illegal experiments on elderly patients

Now I can't say I'm surprised that Ellison's opponent would try to go the "yeah, but he's a Muslim" route, but not this obvious. BAW: Commentary: Attempt by Muslim Candidate's Opponent to Link Him to Terrorism a Reminder of the Ol' Days. His muslim status and previous membership in the Nation of Islam has been plastered all over Minnesota, not to mention the U.S. after he won the primary and he still seems to be doing well. I guess Republicans want to take it up a notch.

Non-Muslims having sex in a Mosque. Reuters: Couple jailed for sex in mosque. Sounds like a stunt for the Howard Stern show, but seriously, you know how sensitive these folks can be. Every time someone makes any criticism of Islam, they want you beheaded, start burning buildings down and rioting in the streets. And these two jackasses aren't even married, although I doubt that would ease the insult any. I hope the two idiots named in this case have protection.

Remember Lawrence "got a million chances and spit on them all" Phillips? Personally, I can't believe this fool hasn't gotten himself killed yet. He's still getting in trouble like it's his job. What a f*&#($% loser. LA Times: Ex-NFL Player Convicted of Assault

This doesn't mean anything to anyone who doesn't live in D.C. Metro, but I swear if I come across another broken escalator on the Metro I am going to file a lawsuit. It is insanity. Do you have any idea how far down some of these Metro stations are? You have to walk a mile to get to the street sometimes. And what if you have on cute shoes? You know you can't walk in those. I thought it was on purpose, like maybe they were saving money on electricity by only running 50% of the escalators at a time, but appearantly these suckers are really broken that often. It's really ridiculous. WAPO: Hoofing It Out of the Subway -

Nazi Croations are forming Swastikas at soccer games. There will be consequences. I know no one cares about Croats. They are miserable and angry and that is a breeding ground for racism and anti-semitism, but this is inappropriate. Much like my generalized comments about Croats. The Sun Online: Football: Nazty Croats form swastika

It's been a while since I honored the old kitty pics on Friday blog tradition, so here is one I found particularly touching.It won't post here, so go to the link. Iraq Kitty Pic
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No pics again. Blame Blogger. They suck!!!!!!!!

I am hugely curious as to what led to this. Officials: Former Virginia governor will not run in '08.
You can close down this site, Mark Warner for President, and this one, Mark Warner in 2008!.

Honestly, I thought Warner was the Democrat's best shot because he appeals so much to moderates and business-minded Republicans while standing proudly as a Democrat. I wonder if the Hillary camp saw the same thing and has been pushing him to get out. I wonder if there is a scandal that would be exposed unless he fell out of the race. I wonder if he doesn't just think the job sucks and doesn't want it. Either way, I'm 0 for 2. I once thought Allen was the best shot for the Republicans as well. Might as well start scheduling the McCain/Clinton debates now. Hell, why not just give it to McCain because you know Hillary aint getting it. Has anyone spoken to John Edwards recently?
WAPO Sources: Warner Won't Run for Presidency in '08

If you like the reverse discrimination cases going on in the workplace and at colleges all over, you'll like what's happening in Macon, Mississippi. The justice department is hearing the first federal lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act accusing blacks of suppressing the rights of whites. NYTimes: U.S. Says Blacks in Mississippi Suppress White Vote. Who knows what is true and what isn't here. I do know one thing, with the violent and shameful history the state of MS has when it comes to supressing black votes, this is probably going to get ugly. It will be about the past and about race, not about fairness. Also, I think the suit is total B-S, but that's me.

So how long has this debate been going on? Immigrant blacks do better than American blacks because...there are a list of reasons why people believe this happens.
This article at BlackAmericaWeb talks about the issue and suggests that blacks could learn a lot from immigrants. BAW: Commentary: American-Born Blacks Could Learn a Lesson or Two from Our Immigrant Brethren.

That Damon Wayans skit on In Living Color was accurate. West Indian immigrants work their asses off while many black American men complain that they aren't going to work until someone gives them a job deserving of them or are waiting around for their reparations. Okay, that's a huge generalization but you know what I mean. They are more likely to have an intact family than us, which will always lead to better results if all else is even. Their children do better in school as well. The burden of slavery is a false argument here because no one living here was ever a slave and every black person whether they be a black immigrant or a black American deals with the residuals of slavery in U.S. Immigrants also deal with immigrant discrimination on top of racial discrimination. One group seems to let it be more of an obstacle to them than the other.
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Some pictures are working, some aren't. Sorry

Things appear to be getting better in this little situation. iWon News: North Korea Threatens War Over Sanctions

The ghost of Ward Connelly strikes again. BAW: Voters Urged to Reject Deceptively-Named Initiative Ending Affirmative Action. I love how they name these initiatives to sound like the opposite of what they mean. They know people are generally idiots and will not research a damn thing, so when they show up at the polls and see something called "Michigan Civil Rights Initiative," they are gonna press the little button. I mean, I don't know what it is, but civil rights are good. The bill is actually an attempt to end all Affirmative Action in the state. I'm not in favor of race-based preferences, but I do believe measures should be in place to give disadvantaged youths (mind you, not adults) a chance to compete. Think of the kids in public schools in Detroit competing with the kids in private schools in Bloomfield Hills. I don't care what race either is, they don't have a chance. UPDATE: Sorry about the ghost thing, Ward is still alive.

I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't think this is cool stuff. ABC News: Earthlings Invade Mars. I'm not a science geek and I don't want to be, but I love discovery and these pictures bring the universe closer to us. And it's funny to me how these images would make someone lean more toward the Big Bang theory, because to me it only reinforces my belief in God.
WAPO: Opportunity's Panoramas of Martian Crater Thrill Scientists

Welfare reform works. It's been said a million times since Clinton enacted it, but it is the truth. It doesn't promise riches or even an easy life, but it promises freedom and when you are free, what you can do is endless. If you are on welfare, you are not free and your choices are made for you. If you are being fed, clothed and housed by the government, you are government property. WAPO: Many Leaving Welfare for Jobs

Most minorities in this area are homeowners. WAPO: Most Blacks, Hispanics in Area Own Homes. Most of my friends and family are black and middle class or upper class and everyone owns at least one home, while quite a few are investing in condos to rent for taxes and additional income. It's pretty much always a win-win situation. Property is the American dream, it's financial security and it's retirement income. Everyone has done it, except for the idiot me who decided to sink my money into law school. But one day, when the albatross of this obscene tuition is off my back, purchasing a home will be my #1 priority. And don't mention student loans because I will cry and ask you for money.

There have been a lot of articles on TN Congressman Ford in the last week or so as Democrats begin to imagine they could actually win this seat and the debates begin, but everyone wants a sister to register, so I can't really link them all. I am Pro-Ford but was very skeptical he could win this seat in TN. If he does, TN will take a big step forward by putting substance ahead of race. Tennessean: Poll: Ford takes slight lead in U.S. Senate race
WAPO: Democrat courts conservatives in Tennessee Senate race
WBIR.COM: Corker, Ford highlight differences in second debate Rep. Harold Ford Fires Back At Republicans

If this is true then I don't even know what to say. It's beyond obscene. How many by Coalition troops (31%)and how many by insurgents who seem to kill a minimum of 50 people a day? This has turned into such a mess. I hope it is inaccurate. Study: War blamed for 655,000 Iraqi deaths -
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Was the nuke test even real? Does it matter? Not to me. He still needs to be dealt with. We have enough crazy heifers acting up on the world stage right now. We don't need him elevating an already cautious situation. Japan and China need to handle this fool.
Washington Times: U.S. doubts Korean test was nuclear North Korea threatens to fire nuclear missile Nations talk of tough measures against North Korea
I would be such a shame if someone who looked as ridiculous as this could start WWIII. Seriously, he looks like a Korean nana.

I'm sorry. I forgot to mention Buck O'Neil died this past weekend. It's a shame he couldn't get into the Hall of Fame before he passed. BlackSportsNetwork: Love for Buck
The Seattle Times: Every star should tip his hat to Buck O'Neil
Washington Times: Gone, with amazing grace
President Bush's Statement on Passing of Buck O'Neil

Kenya wants more black Americans to tour there and they are starting with Atlanta. As good a place as any. I'm not too crazy about how they treated Obama. Yes, in ways he was treated like royalty, but the government ticked me off by acting childish. Eastandard: Now Kenya targets African-American tourist markets Kenya: Now Kenya Targets African-American Tourist Markets

What does George Curry have to say about the remains of the Senate primary race in Maryland? Louisiana Weekly: Election Day Should Be Hammer Time. A lot of people have a lot of things to say about the Mfume/Cardin ordeal which was a done deal long before Cardin beat him. Although the voters seemed to be clear in who they wanted by the margin Cardin won with, I think the Democratic party will have a price to pay for being so obvious in their dislike of Mfume and trying so hard to back just about anyone they could get their hands on that wasn't him, not caring about the racial implications. I would like for Steele to win Maryland, but it seems unlikely.

Ghettos, gangs and race wars in London. Something tells me this is not Guy Ritchie's type of movie. TimesOnline: Spread of race ghettos fuels gang warfare. Seriously though, go watch SNATCH if you haven't seen it. It's a great movie.

I didn't even know this was going on, but I would love to get my hands on one of these T-shirts. I watch both shows almost every night they are on and I love them both. Colbert is a straight fool. When he goes off on one of his rants and ends up making his "fake conservative" viewpoint so comical, it's priceless. Jon continues to be smart about his political jokes, but clearly a socialist and not my cup of tea. But he isn't stupid or uninformed. He means what he says and he knows not just what he's asking his guests, but why he's asking it and what his answer would be. Yahoo: Stewart dispels rumor of White House run

Now that the race-baiting is over, Survivor is getting its sponsors back. Do we think this is why that segregated theme only lasted a few episodes? The Enquirer: 'Survivor' gets back P&G ads

One of the greatest gifts you can give your kid is financial literacy and you can't wait until they start getting their first paycheck. Money.CNN.Com: World's most powerful women on how to raise money-smart kids. Being aware of finance, saving, credit and all of that is incredibly valuable and can save them from making so many mistakes including the credit card disaster that so many kids encounter when in college. I was one of those "it's free money" kids and my Daddy had to bail me out. Learned my lesson then, but would have loved to have learned it before.
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Congratulations to Donovan McNabb and the Eagles over T.O. who played about as well as I could have on any given Sunday. Also, my Chicago Bears kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish the people of North Korea had this option. There is growing opposition to Chavez in Venezuela. To put it in ways he can understand, he's like the George W. Bush of Venezuela. Oh, he already is, but you know what I mean.
BBC NEWS: Mass Venezuela opposition rally

FEMA is such a joke, but it's not a funny one considering this is taxpayer money that could be used for something useful or at least less idiotic. Investigation shows FEMA spent millions on puppet shows, bingo, yoga

This is what makes people look down on Main Stream Media. It is completely ridiculous that they are even doing this in the first place. DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2006®: ABC Takes Karr Back To The Schoolhouse. Then you read nonsense like this..."ABC canceled a planned interview with Karr on Friday after he jumped out of the car at the school." Jumped out of the car? Foolishness.

So how is someone supposed to feel about something like this?AP: Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy's. They are suing because Wendy's didn't complete paperwork on time that would have allowed them to get eventual legal status. Is it Wendy's job to help get their citizenship? They were here illegally and that is completely on them. Can they say, now that you didn't do what you should have so that I can become legal, you owe me money. Aren't they obligated to be legal in the first place?

You know hoes can smell money for miles. Hookers follow workers' dollars
For prostitutes working the streets of New Orleans, the post-flood era has sparked a boom in business, largely owing to the influx of an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 out-of-town workers away from their families with money to blow, police said. It's "like the Super Bowl" for sex workers, said Deputy Chief James Scott, commander of the Police Department's Intelligence Division, from his division's headquarters in a trailer.
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Why is it that traffic is lighter on Friday mornings? Who are these groups of people who don't have to work on Friday? I want to know who they are and how I can get one of their jobs. At least I don't have class on Friday.

I think I shared this before, but here is the wax museum's depiction of Tupac and I think it's totally creepy real. Most of their statues scare the mess out of me. Like straight out of The Twilight Zone. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Dlisted: Wax Figures are Creepy

If any of this is true then it is some bullshit. I always knew The Washington Times was suspect, but this isn't even funny. The Huffington Post: George Archibald: Washington Times Editor's Wife Confirms Racism Allegations

I knew this was all a front. WAPO: In Border Fence's Path, Congressional Roadblocks.
No sooner did Congress authorize construction of a 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexico border last week than lawmakers rushed to approve separate legislation that ensures it will never be built, at least not as advertised, according to Republican lawmakers and immigration experts.

I know people will say he needs to just mind his own business and leave people's religion alone, but I'm with Shaw on this. To me, the veil is not about religion, it's about putting women beneath men and making our God-given beauty something that belongs to a man. It belongs to us. If a woman wants to cover it, cover it. If not, take it off. TimesOnline: Jack Straw calls on Muslim women to lift their veils

Apology or not, this man should be shot and I apologize for even bringing the story up. BREITBART.COM - Man Apologizes for Courtroom Feces

I know they are just picking on Ford because they are desperate and need to pick on him, but if he didn't pass the bar than he is not really a lawyer so he shouldn't call himself one. You have to be licensed to practice law, right? I mean I know something about Contracts and Torts from my classes, but I'm not a lawyer am I? Personally, I can't believe after all this I still have to take a Bar Exam. Why can't I just skip to the Bar Exam? Chattanooga Times Free Press: Ford Calls Self A Lawyer, But Did Not Pass Bar Exam.

Anyway, this picture has nothing to do with the story. It's from a campaign stop in August where Clinton was helping Ford out, but I thought I'd show it because he looks pretty handsome here. Everyone is always talking about how hot and photogenic he is and I sometimes just don't get it. Not that I thought he was ugly, but it seems like most times people are making him out to be better looking than he is. But in this photo for some reason, he looks kind of hot. On the other hand, I guess it's all relative. If you compare him to other members of Congress, he's hot as hell.

Will they make up their mind? I thought that smoking weed messed up your long term memory and made you sterile. Or was that just my parents trying to scare me? MSNBC: Marijuana may help stave off AlzheimerÂ’s - Alzheimer's Disease

Uhhhhm, I'm gonna disagree with this one. Wisconsin lawmaker urges arming teachers

I'll leave you with Kitty With An Attitude pic for the weekend. I will be in Chicago Monday & Tuesday. Hope I can post. If not, see you Wednesday.
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Why do I feel like it's Friday. I guess wishful thinking.

I didn't think he had much of a chance, but Deval Patrick ran away with the Democrat's nomination for Governor of Mass. I'm really curious what chance he has next month. We know that Dems own Mass up and down, but then how did a Republican Mormon get elected Governor? If the citizens go with their instinct, I think they'll vote for Patrick, but elections are about more than that. Boston Globe: Patrick wins Democratic primary by a wide margin

Guess who is telling Illinois Senator Barack Obama he needs to slow his roll? None other than WV Senator Robert Byrd. Is this guy still around? I thought he was dead. I agree that the Dems are getting a little too excited about Obama getting on the ticket in 2008 because it's a little early, but Byrd is the last person I'm going to listen to on the other side. If Barack had less class, meaning if he was more like me, he would tell Byrd to kiss his a**.
Washington Examiner: Byrd To Obama: Slow Down, Senator

Now Earl Ofari Hutchison has a problem with Obama being the savior of the Dems as well. At least I'll listen to his argument. Byrd can just...well, you know. The Huffington Post: Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Despite What Oprah Says, Obama Not the Right Tonic For Democrats

The WAPO has something to say about the lack of party identification in MD's Republican candidate for Senator, Michael Steele's ads. Here's what Paul Farhi had to say,
"The spots never mention that Steele is running as a Republican, or that he is the second-highest-ranking member of his party in Maryland. Or that he was once chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. Indeed, the word "Republican" doesn't appear anywhere on Steele's Web site, and his official bio omits his tenure as party chairman. When Steele won the Republican Senate primary last week, his campaign's official news release reported only that he won "his party's primary" without bothering to say which one."
We all know why he's doing it, but I would love if all candidates would omit their party affiliation from their ads. I know, utopian wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be nice if people had to rely on the message instead of the blue or red label. But then again, the message usually so full of crap and warped stats that... Do your own research and fast forward the commercials. With Steele, it doesn't matter anyway because his opponent Cardin's ads make it very, very clear that Steele is a Bush-loving, pro-life Republican.

And now that it is officially "on" in Maryland, Steele is coming after Cardin and vice versa. The first issue...drumroll please....race. Washington Times: Steele assails Cardin's bid to link Katrina, race

Also in Maryland, these fools are wasting their time. There is no way Mfume is going to support Steele even if he does want the Dems to pay for acting like they didn't know him. WAPO: Black GOP Groups Woo Mfume to Back Steele

Corker is coming after Ford hard now that Ford is ahead in the polls. I think the Republicans are really getting worried about Junior. I didn't think he had much of a chance either. Not just because he's black and this is TN, but because he doesn't fit into the comfortable mold of a politician at the Senatorial level; no wife and kids, etc. I also expected there to be a backlash because of his family name and scandals. I'm glad he seems to be overcoming it for now at least, but Republicans aren't. I think they are looking for subtle ways to play the race card here, but time is running out, so I wouldn't be surprised if they took the ugliness up a notch this last month. To be honest though, the recent Ford attack that Corker is responding to is a little mucky and beneath Ford if you ask me.
Memphis Commercial Appeal: Corker Terms Ford Ad 'Blatantly False'

Oh Snap, I guess that violence turnaround isn't lasting. I'm still in favor of the cameras and the curfew. Police: Cameras Not Helping Fight Crime Much. Maybe they just need more.

You had to know at some point, the non-minority groups were going to have a problem with Senator George Allen. It's like everyone get in line. At some point are people going to start feeling sorry for Allen? I know I'm writing about this fool almost every day too, but it's better than writing about what's his name from FL with the IMs and the pages and stuff. Foolishness. WAPO: Now, Even Allen's Apologies Are Getting Him in Trouble
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I was out sick yesterday, which is a good thing because none of the topics of the day were anything I wanted to talk about. My file is getting really backed up, so I'm going to shoot off a lot of articles at once.

Will an all-women talk radio station be as popular as Lifetime Television is? I don't think so. Women are visual. We like to see things. Reuters: Greenstone launches all-women radio talk network Radio By Women For Women

Here is an interesting site that allows you select the right candidate for you based on the issues. An odd concept, huh? You don't get to pick a party or a name. You can only say where you stand or where you want your candidate to stand and this generator finds the candidate that most closely matches your values. Selectors: 2006 and 2008 candidates

Spike Lee has found some calling in New Orleans because he's going to stay with the reconstruction effort for another television series. This one will be a scripted drama. Yahoo: Spike Lee develops post-Katrina drama for NBC

The NY Times has another article on the Senate races next month featuring Harold Ford, Jr., the candidate the Dems are placing a lot of hope on. I think Ford should win, but I would still be surprised if he did. If Tennessee is ready to come into the 21st century, it would be nice. Also, I doubt they ever thought that Virginia would be in play, but thanks to Macaca, it totally is. NYTimes: New Hope for Democrats in Bid for Senate

I refuse to feel sorry for George Allen. If he had been born in the South I might have even said he was a product of his environment and has grown since. He has supported many "black" causes, such as funding for HBCUs and this latest legislation, Wash Examiner: Allen Unveils Bill to Help Black Farmers. But he was born in California. He came to Virginia to go to college and adopted his "Old South" penchant as an adult by choice.

Racial segregation for sport has ended. Survivor has dropped the race gimmick. The white supremacists will be very angry. Based on what the Southern Poverty Law Center was observing from hate websites, they were really looking forward to this season. They wanted to either prove racial superiority or get whites angry at minorities if they lost to them. Now, not only is the segregation over, but you know there's gonna be all types of interracial flirting going on. Ha Ha.
iWon News: Survivor' Ends Segregation Game
ABC News: 'Survivor' Ends Segregation Game
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