Obama's backlash has begun. Everyone was loving on him, but conservative leaders are urging a very popular pastor of an Orange County church to rescind his invitation to the Junior Senator from Illinois because of his stand on abortion. And what is the point of the writer from the L.A. Times not just pointing out that he is a liberal politician, but he has to add "black" in there as well, as if to say, "Even worse, he's a black liberal politician. Welfare for everyone!" Obama is a smart man, he had to know this was coming. Also, he's hanging out with Luda, so you know every GOP office is hanging this picture on the wall. Actually, I kind of like Luda. I just can't stand the lyrics of his raps. I like his acting, he seems like he's a smart guy & he's funny.
WAPO: Church Is Urged to Disinvite Obama
LA Times: Evangelical pastor, Obama join forces to battle AIDS
Forbes: Famed Pastor Defends Invitation to Obama
WAPO: Obama, Ludacris Talk About Guiding Kids

Interestingly enough, Hillary has stayed out of the spotlight while Obama has it. HIDE AND SEEK. You know her camp is like, "now aint this some s$#*." She'll just wait it out. The backlash has already begun and she has all the $$ anyway.

I used to feel the need to apologize for liking President Clinton again because of all the work he is doing with AIDS/HIV in Africa & childhood obesity in America, not to mention the other charitable work his foundation is doing. Because for so long, I could only dog him. I don't need to apologize anymore. I genuinely like & respect this man again and I'm proud to say it. The more I read about how he is using his powers of persuasion with those of deep pockets as well as getting the pharmaceutical & drug companies to cut prices on drugs dramatically or donate them for free, the more I like him. Because he's doing this in bulk. He's not getting one little million here or one shipment of drugs here. He's moving mountains. Now he's made a deal for an HIV drug for kids. It still cost $60/year, which is a lot in some countries, but not a lot for those foundations who will pay that price & donate the drugs to the kids for free. Clinton launches child HIV drug

It's not as if I was standing in judgment of him, but I believe that moral character is a very important thing in a leader, and although on the face of it, he'd done a good job as President, I was very disappointed in his weak, moral choices. I was also disappointed in his lack of action on Rwanda, but he has apologized countless times for his failure to act there, so there is no justification for me to keep holding that against him. That would be wrong on my part. Clinton continues to be a hard worker who uses his gifts/advantages to change things for others and he's still a dreamer which I why I liked him in the first place.

I know no one cares about this, but it's killing me. Allison Stewart, a sister and host of the The Most, on MSNBC just got married to Bill Wolff, who is like some huge big wig at MSNBC. I don't care about their marriage, you know good luck, congratulations, God bless and all that. What I do care about is that the article says they are both 40 and I know this chick is not 40. I'm searching everywhere to find out what her age is and I can't find it. Little things like this drive me nuts. Please help! MSNBC's Stewart & Wolff Get Hitched

All I can say is damn! Pastor who gave eulogy accused of murder
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Bush is considering a bill giving the tax-paying citizens of D.C. a vote in the House, but not in the Senate. I think we've heard the phrase "Taxation without Representation" so often that we don't pay attention to what it means. It's total B.S. that D.C. is paying taxes but have no say in Congress, where they decide who pays taxes and how much. This is long overdue. WAPO: Bush to Study Bill That Would Give D.C. Full Voting Rights

Also in D.C. Adrian Fenty is really getting to work. He's appointed a 39 year old single mother to take over as Chief of Police; a very interesting move. She gets high praises all around, so we'll see. WAPO: Fenty's Pick for Police Chief Has Made a Swift Ascent.

Also, Fenty and his beautiful family made the cover of Washington Life, one of the social magazines in the area for the snobbies. I was excited that blacks made the cover two issues in a row. Last month, socialite Katie Rost was the cover model & this month, it's Adrian & his perfect-for-political-life family. His wife is a lawyer with a hot shot firm and they have two little boys. Inside they have a spread of the kids playing in the yard & all that. He's definitely going to go far with this set up. Kind of sad, made me think of Harold Ford, Jr. If he had this picture to put on his campaign materials, I really think he would have won TN, which he deserved to win regardless of his family status. I'm just saying.

Speaking of Junior, where the heck is he? I haven't seen or heard of him since the loss which I'm sure still smarts. You know he'll be back because he's young, smart, in demand and very ambitious. He probably wants to forget all about that infamous "Call me" ad, but Paul Abrams thinks he should sue. Harold Ford Jr.: Sue the RNC for Libel.

Regarding Junior's political future, The City Paper in Nashville reports that he is probably going to be a professor for a while and will possibly run for Senator in 2008 against Alexander. The campaign is already pointing out Alexander's flops such as his failed bid for the #2 spot in Senate Leadership. Always working it, Junior. I think it would be good for him to teach at Vandy, UT or Memphis State for a while.
The City Paper: Professor or Senator Jr?

Lastly in TN, the Nashville Scene has a good article about the outing of non-voting blacks.Nashville Scene: The Outing of Black Non-Voters. Hmmm, could this be in relations to Junior's loss at all? The Tennesee Tribune is Nashville's big black newspaper and they listed hundreds of names of non-voting residents from the city's north side (the black side). Shame is an under-rated tool, but damn. Putting people's business out on the street like that? I can't stand people who don't vote, but they still have a right not to.

Boston University is offering a white scholarship to make a statement against minority-based scholarships. The Daily Free Press: BU Group Offers White Scholarship. Yawn. Go ahead. It really doesn't bother me. I know there are plenty of white kids out there hurting for money who can use every $250 they can get. They come from poor or working class families or are trying to get through school on their own. If it was sponsored by the KKK, that would be a different thing, but this doesn't bother me.

Colorado Congressman Tancredo wants to start something with Miami. Congressman calls Miami a `Third World country'. I know this guy is a staunch fighter against illegal immigration, but he seems to have something against immigrants in general. I'm sure the majority of people of color in Miami are legal citizens or legal immigrants and he is disrespecting them as well. Besides, Miami is one of the most prosperous areas in the country & the growth there is not poor, immigrant growth. They are building like crazy to meet the demands of wealthy professionals and retirees.

What can Michigan look forward to now that they have adopted a ban on racial preferences generally across the board? Ask California. Ten years after the state passed a similar measure outlawing preferential treatment for minorities, the number of minorities, particularly black Americans, winning government contracts and being admitted to public colleges and universities has dwindled in the state. I still bet the best minority business are surviving & doing well and the smartest minority kids are still getting into college. The key is figuring out a way to get the other business & students up to par with the best, not just accepting they will never be, and lowering the standards. More on the study: WAPO: New Focus on Affirmative Action

The N.O. has faced a lot in the past year. A lot of serious decisions had to be made about the direction, the makeup and heart of the city. Public housing was a serious issue in New Orleans. It was a huge problem with crime, blight and a tax drainer. Now that many of NO's poor are coming back & wanting their government housing, what is the city going to do? Yahoo! News: New Orleans weighs fate of historic public housing

The cameras are just taking over. NYPD has installed cameras in Harlem. Why it gotta be Harlem? Personally, I wish we had some cameras to find out what the hell happened when they shot that unarmed groom on his wedding day one trillion times. Although somehow, I have the feeling any camera in that area would have been conveniently out of service (after the fact) on that day. Seriously, even though they have some bad apples, I'm on the side of the cops, so I'm cool with cameras as long as they can't see into people's homes. NY1: NYPD Installs Sky Watch In Harlem Neighborhood

I'm completely against burquas because I think they are demeaning and degrading. The female body is God's greatest work of art. He made us beautiful, so we shouldn't hide it. And he didn't just make women for the sexual pleasure of a man, so to say this is to preserve her beauty only for her husband is a crock of you know what. However, I'm not sure that the idea in the Netherlands to ban burquas is the right thing. The feminist part of me wants them to do it, since this isn't an Arab country. However, I fear that it might isolate those few women even more. If they can't wear burqas, will they be allowed to even leave the house? Dutch seek ban on burqas in public

Don't say I didn't warn everyone. Every time an article about China buying up Africa comes out, I add it to Politopics, just so no one will be surprised when they rename that continent China II. And Africa is going to only be the beginning. China is going to be the only superpower left in the future. Just watch. The African Executive: China Bags Africa.

Some kid got kicked out of school for being an atheist. It all stemmed from someone arguing over whether or not leprechauns existed. Seriously, leprechauns. Although this is totally unfair, the story isn't all that mindblowing. I'll just use any excuse to post this picture because I think it's hilarious. Wrong, but hilarious. Student expelled after challenging woman's belief in leprechauns

Soriano's coming to the Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!Yahoo! Sports: Suite deal: Soriano's filled with perks
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I heard someone on the radio refer to Jesse Jackson as a Civil Rights Ambulance Chaser. They were saying that when JJ Money was first approached about the Michael Richards blow up, he said we should all be focused on more important things. Then the story was running top on every news station and suddenly Jackson has to be a part of it. He invited Richards onto his radio show. Who even knew that JJ Money had a radio show? My bad. Now he's calling press conferences and appearing on cable news shows. You know it was some clueless non-black person who said, "If you have a racial problem, call Jesse. He's the leader of the black community." Cause you know it wasn't one of us who said it. And also, JJ Money says we aren't allowed to use the N-word anymore...Well, at least in public. And I know the picture has nothing to do with the story, but it cracks me up.
iWon News: Black Leaders Seek End to Use of Slur
All Headline News: Michael Richards And Jesse Jackson Insist "N" Word Must Be Banned
AP Wire: Black leaders seek end to use of racial slur in entertainment

Another angle on this whole incident is Richard Cohen's who says that Richards comments, as well as Mel Gibson and Trent Lott have offered a silver lining. New York Daily News: Hey, Kramer - thanks for everything. The reaction has been pretty overwhelmingly negative to what they said and Cohen sees this as a sign of progress. Personally, I was surprised when I went to different message boards and saw the discussion on the topic. Maybe one or two people were defending Richards and using the tired, "Well black people say it," argument, but each time, the other 90% of users disagreed. These aren't black sites & based on the Avatars, I'm assuming they were overwhelmingly white. Hell, even Rush Limbaugh lit into Richards. These were also sites & blogs frequented by people under 35, so it may be a generational thing. But there were many posters who said they weren't going to buy the DVD that just came out or they weren't going to watch Seinfeld reruns anymore (which I couldn't offer, because I love that show) or that they were disgusted that people can be that disrespectful. Then of course all the topics switch back to Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears.

So FOX is so jealous of The Daily Show & The Colbert Report (both very well done) that they want to make a news parody show of their own. Jossip: Fox News Prepares Blatant Daily Show Rip Off, Tainted With Red. It won't work. You can't do this stuff in reaction to something else. Either it's a genuine idea or it's not. Jon Stewart never made a conscious decision for the show to have the attitude it did. He is the attitude and the supporting cast picks up on that attitude and each adds their own little flavor to it. Stewart's socialist political ideas, comedic talent & sense of humor have combined to make a smartly crafted fake news show with just enough boyish immaturity not to take it seriously.
Forbes: Fox News Preps News Satire Show
They would have to get the equivalent of a conservative Jon Stewart and I don't think you'll find one. Conservatives are too against everything to be funny. And conservatives aren't willing to make fun of themselves. Stewart always dogs the Democrats and before this last election, he never missed an opportunity to call them all losers who can't win anything or come up with any good idea. He still cracks blow job jokes about Clinton, their sacred cow. You will never see someone on FOX saying the equivalent about Republicans on a regular basis. Won't happen.
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Hope everyone had a great holiday. Back to work, back to school. I'm trying to accept reality, so I'll just leave you with a lot of articles on illegal immigration.

Some of this stuff is excessive, but some of it is on point. This is the issue we face. You have the people who are reasonably trying to protect their community & jobs from illegal immigration because it's ILLEGAL and drains limited resources. Then you have people who just don't want Mexicans (and they are ALL Mexicans to those people no matter where they come from) in America and are using illegal immigration as a cover. Two different intentions reaching towards the same goal. As I read these articles, I have to ask myself who's intent is behind these moves? It's not very clear.

CNN: Town makes it illegal to fly a foreign flag Council Passes English As Official Language Measure
NYTimes: Immigrant Protection Rules Draw Fire Dem Congress may scrap border fence Va. case highlights fraudulent marriages

BTW - I love UGLY BETTY and I'm very curious to see how they handle the issue of their father being an illegal immigrant. This story in TIME deals with the issue. Ugly, the American. I'm not sure why someone would suggest that Betty & her sister be deported. They were both born in the U.S., so they are citizens and adults. However, the father is a different story. He is here illegally, but he puts a face on illegals that many would prefer not to see. They want to see the pregnant girl in line for food stamps and welfare or the grungy-looking guy hanging out in front of the 7-11 looking a little too long at the white women passing by. It isn't that simple. You should watch the show. It's funny in a not so obvious way.
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Jackie Jones at BlackAmericaWeb wants you to ask whether or not this change in Congress means anything for black people. My opinion. They are going to be too busy sticking it to the Republicans to get back for all the years the Republicans were sticking it to them to do anything of any good for anyone else. They are in their own little world up there, people. No matter what race you are, I wouldn't expect to see much anytime soon. BAW: The Big Question: Will Democratic Gains in Congress Equate to Political Gains for Blacks?

Montgomery County in Maryland is awesome.WAPO: Black Enrollment in AP Surges in Montgomery. Black student enrollment in Honors or AP classes is so high that now, it's more likely that a black student in the county will be taking an AP test than a white student elsewhere in the nation. These numbers are encouraging. When I was taking AP classes, it was like me and that one other black guy and all the other black students said we were trying to be white. I know there were other black students who wanted to take AP classes but were probably afraid of being labeled. I didn't give a s%#*. Label me all you want. I knew who I was. It's great to see that has changed. The national levels are very dismal for black students, so we need to take a lesson from the parents, teachers, kids and community that have all played a part in making this happen.

For everyone who was disappointed to see a site like pop up, maybe you'll try The logo for this site is "where minorities unite." Again, not a huge fan of segregated, but I see the value in having this type of site in addition to your regular Myspace addiction. Also, as it grows, the site plans to donate a percent of its profits to minority organizations such as the United Negro College Fund.

Is this crazy or what? This is a sad situation all around, but hell, you can't go shooting at the police. Whether you're 9 or 92. I'm thinking, they didn't have to kill her, but I don't really see how you can just shoot to disarm a 92 year old. Any shot is going to kill her. I see a family lawsuit in the making. BREITBART.COM: Woman, 92, Dies in Shootout With Police.

This is a little late, but the New Republic Online talks about the demise of all the hopes the GOP had for their candidates this mid-term. Dream Deferred: Why Black Republicans Keep Losing. To their credit, Michael Steel put up a good fight and made it a serious race. Can't say so much for Swann & Blackwell. It just wasn't the year for Republicans black or white. I hope they don't give up and just switch their focus to Hispanics. I'm hearing rumblings that this is the strategy. This was supposed to be the year that Melhman's work paid off and they had all these hot candidates. Now that it flopped, they are just going to give up on blacks and try the same strategy with Hispanics for 2008.

You can't blame a man for keeping it real. Congressman Adam Putnam (R-FL) wanted to know why the "White rednecks" didn't show up to "vote for us." Hotline On Call: Putnam Wants To Know: Where Were The Rednecks?. I guess he saw how well it worked in TN. You may be offended by that statement, but appreciate his honesty. This is like the Republicans in Arizona who didn't want free flu shots available at polling stations. They didn't pretend like it was unconstitutional. They just came out and said this would get more minorities to come and vote and we don't want that to happen, 'cause it doesn't' help us. Like I said, it might offend you, but you need to know who you're dealing with.

This is crazy enough to leave for Friday, but since I won't be here, I'll hook you up now. I found it at Michelle Malkin. Michelle Malkin: Jihadi word search puzzles...coming to a school near you?. A Spanish teacher at Smithfield-Selma Senior High School resigned this week after handing out some kind of weird translation word search puzzle that would uncover all this Jihad stuff.
"There were words like 'kill,' then I saw it said 'destroy America,'" Eric Herrera said.
As they read on, students found the puzzle contained a paragraph that contained the following phrases:
"Sharon killed a lot of innocent people," a possible reference to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
"Palestine is not a terrorist group."
"Allah help destroy this body of evil making humanity miserable."
Is that crazy or what?

Even though I believe that the focus on Capitol Hill will be payback for a long time, eventually they will have to do something in the 90 days they actually work in the year and I agree we will be better off with the Democrats in control of Congress AS LONG AS there is a Republican in the White House. We are a better, more prosperous country when we have a Divided Government. Compromise is the only solution and more moderate ideas are considered under this system. RealClearPolitics: The Welcome Return of Divided Government

Rangle is back with his "Bring Back The Draft" speech. Hey, with N. Korea acting a fool, and Iran, Iraq & Syria acting like BFFs, we may be in the business of war for a long time to come. Unless of course the real powerful people can't protect their kids from it. As long as the war on the ground is being fought by 19 year old poor kids, it all seems reasonable. Take Brett out of Harvard to spend a hot summer in Syria getting shot at by guys were tank tops and slippers (cause insurgents don't wear uniforms), maybe war doesn't seem like the only option. Let's talk about this some more first.CNN.Com: Top Democrat: Bring back the draft

People just to chill the hell out! Beef With Burger King Manager Gets Teen Shot.

Is this one of the Seven Signs? Weather Officials: Snowflakes Spotted In Central Florida. Seriously though, I get that itch on the back of my neck that Mother Nature is about to have a fit this Winter.

Have a great Turkey Day!
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When I heard about Michael Richards, I was at first like, Seriously? OMG! WTF!, but then I thought about it. He never seemed too balanced to me anyway. Maybe he's pissed off because his co-stars are all still in the game one way or another and he's performing at Laugh Factory. Honestly, he's a horrible standup, so I'm not surprised he got heckled.

So this half-assed apology on Letterman justed doesn't cut it for me. Get me straight, I don't care if he apologizes or not, but since he has, I'm just saying that to have Jerry Seinfeld come on Letterman and smooth your intro is not cool. First of all, you want to apologize? Why not go on the Today show or at least some show that more than 2 black people actually watch. I love Letterman, okay, but you know Letterman isn't going to get serious with this guy. Also, WTF with Jerry greasing your wheels? You are a grown ass man. Don't get someone to set up your apology for you. If you can stand on your own and shout N*%%#$ seven times in a row, then you can stand on your own and apologize for it. That being said, I still love me some Seinfeld and I won't stop watching it.
iWon News: Richards Apologizes for Racial Slurs
CNN: 'Kramer' apologizes for racist tirade
Defamer: Behind The Scenes Of Michael Richards' Apology Tour

Now that FOX has decided to take off the Simpson interview and killed the book, I can talk about it without completely going off. This apology was pretty weak too. As if they didn't know all of this would happen before they decided to do this horribly tasteless venture. They just thought somehow they would get away with it and wins November sweeps. Even more than the interview, I'm glad the book isn't going to come out because although I know a lot of people would be too embarassed to buy it in the stores, they would be curious enough to buy it online and it would sicken me to see that book move up the bestseller list.

People always think about the saliciousness of a situation and don't really realize what they are supporting. Look at this picture. This is what really happened and there are two children whose continued harm makes this apology after the damage is done, ring weak.iWon News:O.J. Simpson Book, TV Special Canceled
MediaPost: O.J. Project Cancelled: Advertisers, Affiliates Have Final Say
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Mary Mitchell at the Chicago Sun-Times wants black men get their s*$# together.
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Enough of this selfishness: Time for black men to act like men. I agree that the reason there is less marriage in the black community is more because of men than women. Most of the black women I know who are educated, professional women want to get married and have children (in that order). Most of the black men I know who are educated and professional...not so much. But we can't put it all on the men. What about the women who don't demand that respect? If men couldn't have any of the benefits of marriage, and I'm not just talking about sex, unless they got married and stayed married, there would be more marriage in our community. So it clearly isn't just men.

Stanley Crouch is feeling what Mary Mitchell is talking about. He has a 30 year old daughter who complains about "marryable black men" and he gets what she's saying. He wants black men to grow up. New York Daily News: Memo to young black men: Please grow up. I just think black women need to stop thinking that black men are our only option.

London has a DNA database and it's filling up with black men. What's behind this? Race watchdog groups want to know. Are they trying to genetically criminalize black males? Gulfnews: 75% of young black men on database. "An estimated 135,000 black males aged 15 to 34 will be entered in the crime-fighting-database by April, equivalent to as many as 77 per cent of the young black male population in England and Wales."

A program in Toronto is trying to deal with black men not doing their part as fathers and help them along the way. In this area, most of the blacks are of West Indian descent. Project helps men cut it as fathers

Final Call covers a Town Hall meeting to discuss how American policy has declared war on black men. Of course, the 'this country is out to get you. White men in white offices in white suits are making white laws to keep you down' sort of stuff. Uhm...sounds productive. Final Call: Town hall meeting focuses on improving life for Black men and boys

To piggyback on the theory that the world is conspiring to get rid of black men, Ronald Childs wants us all to know it won't happen.Louisiana Weekly: Accept It Everyone: Black Men Aren't Going Anywhere Who the hell said we wanted to get rid of them? We love black men. We just want them to get their act together. BTW, at the rates they are killing each other and getting themselves put in jail by committing crimes, they will be gone sooner than any other group in this country.
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I am not going to even mention this O.J. s*#^, because that is so beyond anything I am even willing to give...Ugh, I'm getting pissed just thinking about it. I would say that O.J., the Publisher and FOX News can all just go to hell, but after this they certainly will, so it isn't necessary.

Smart Mom Publications is pimping Cathy Middleton's new book, Girl Get That Support, for all those baby mamas out there that weren't smart enough to procreate with a responsible, reliable man. Apparently, ole girl is an expert at sticking it to deadbeat dads and has one more than a million dollars in support for her clients. Yes, everyone is in favor of making deadbeats pay up. Nothing is more low and pitiful than a man who doesn't take care of his kids, but read these quotes from her release: She offers "easy to understand tools and strategies single mothers can use to win big child support dollars." Sounds more like someone looking for a big payday than support for a child from a deadbeat. She gives tips to "single women on how to change their financial future through the collection of child support." Does that sound like child support from a deadbeat or teaching women how to get paid by having someone's kid?

Final Call is suggesting that there is a balm in Gilead that can reverse the aids epidemic. I know this is serious foolishness, but I can't help but laugh everytime I read the word "balm." Who told you to put the blam on? Did I tell you to put the balm on? The basis for this claim is some woman and a scripture. "Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?" (Jeremiah 8:220.
Final Call: Can we reverse the AIDS epidemic?

Also, this woman says her cat is supposed to have had sex with a dog and has given birth to kuppies (kitten/puppies). This is from a UK news outlet known for it's outlandish claims, but it usually can back it up. It finds that weirdest things out there that are proven to be true like midget cats, black and white twins, etc. They have given the DNA to a lab to test. The babies next to cat do look like puppies and not kittens. That all being said, this b((* is lying. Daily Mail: Did this cat breed with a dog?

Glenn Beck is not getting enough ratings over at CNN HN, so he invites the nation's only Muslim member of Congress on his show and tells him that, although he hasn't done anything, because he is Muslim, he has to prove to Beck that his is not working for the enemy. Congressman-Elect Ellison kept his poise while still taking a stand for himself, but he's a better person than me. I would have made Beck look like the fool that he is straight is. Because of what Beck asked, the clip made all the national news stations, but if it had been me, it would have made the 11 o'clock news because there would have been a serious misunderstanding. Jackass.
Media Matters: CNN's Beck to first-ever Muslim congressman: "[W]hat I feel like saying is, 'Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies' "

As of Nov 7, newly elected Rep. Mark Olson, a Republican with the Minnesota State Legislature showed up in court with a Bible in his hand seeking forgiveness for giving his wife a beat down. I guess that election win high can only last so long before things get back to normal. He said he wants the court, the public, his wife and God to forgive him. This man has a future in D.C. which recently kicked out a good number of wife beaters and mistress stranglers. There is a void, so I would encourage him to look at a run for the Capitol next time around.
Star Tribune: Olson asks for forgiveness after assault charges

All I can say to this, DailyMail: Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth, is WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the church starts to officially legitamize a disregard for life, we've hit the lowest we can go. And yes this is the same paper that said a cat had kuppies, so take it with a grain of salt.

Read this and think what you want. I don't care if they don't have to do the Pledge before a student meeting, but I think their reasons are stupid. Reuters: Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance.

If you're like me, you are loving NBC's TO CATCH A PREDATOR series, when they run up on perverts who think they are meeting underage girls and boys for a rendevous. No matter how many episodes of this show they air, everyone still falls for it and they deserve to fall for it. They are sick and deserve everything they get. Well now the show is in a little trouble because one pervert who was caught communicating sexually via e-mail/IM or whatever with an underage boy (who he thought was 13). Dateline staked out his house and followed as the police busted in. When the perv realized what was happening, he shot himself dead. The family is suing NBC and a huge deal is being made of it.

I am not moved by this. There is nothing that they did that gave that man no choice but to kill himself. It was just another wrong choice he made in a series of wrong choices. His family has no one to blame but him. DATELINE STING CONDEMNED IN TEXAS Dateline Sting Leads to Suicide
SeattlePI: Following suicide controversy, "Dateline NBC" suffers layoffs.
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This has been a bad week. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't posting this week because I was on jury duty. So much for thinking that being in law school could excuse me. In this area, everyone is either a lawyer, in some legislative/policy role, works with the Defense, DEA, FBI, CIA. So me being a measly 1L was not impressive.

Now that the trial is over, I'm allowed to talk about it. The worst part is this was a murder case. A murder case involving four black teenaged boys from the ages of 14-18. One kid is dead, the other almost died and will be in pain for the rest of his life. One kid is probably going to be in Juvenile D until he's 21 and another will probably be in jail for the 25 years or more of his life. VA is not a probation state. The defendants were not hard SE D.C. boys growing up with violence all around them. They were boys from a 2-parent, suburban middle class home with part time jobs who happen to roll with 45 semi-automatics and 32 caliber pistols. One had a history of shooting off BB guns, glocks and it was a matter of time before someone would actually get hurt.

VA has harsh laws and that is something I am in favor of, but it makes it hard when the defendant is a kid who looks and sounds like one of my nephew's little buddies. The trial was one and half days. We deliberate for a little over one day and returned a verdict after 8pm last night. We went back and forth over this and reminded ourselves we can only based our decision on the facts presented and the law. That being said, we all agreed that 1st degree murder and aggravated malicious wounding was too harsh for the circumstances and the evidence the prosecution offered. We went with 2nd degree murder and unlawful wounding as well as some gun charges.

When the verdict was read, both parents started crying and the father left the room. These parents had moved out of Alexandria to Falls Church, hoping to get a new start for their sons, one of whom had a history of fighting and had already gotten in trouble for shooting off a glock earlier this year and giving his 14-year old brother a loaded pistol. Both of their boys are going into the system, but I don't doubt their actions made our verdict just. The family has one other boy, who looked around 10 years old or so. I thought about him a lot and I thought about the father of the dead boy who had to leave the courtroom when they put the picture of his 18-year old son on the projector to show where the bullet went into his head.

This was started because boys on their bike were trash talking each other. Now how many lives are ruined? I know what I did was right, but I also know I won't be the same.
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Sorry, I have jury duty. I'll hit you up later in the week.

Until then, enjoy cute pictures.

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Interesting article on how maybe the prison system benefits from the racial polarization they are so famous for. When blacks, whites & Hispanics start banding together, it makes it harder on the guards. Racial solidarity threatens prison officials

If you are a black or white woman, take this survey. Women In Black & White. The people behind the survey are trying to get a look at how black and white women view the world so they could possibly begin to address the conflict between us and how it has affected the women's movement in the U.S. I think there exist an underlying animosity between white and black women. Neither of us see each other as sisters. I think some black women feel anger towards white women because society tells them that no matter how beautiful, smart or good you are, you can't compete. Of course it's B.S., but people of all kinds buy into these types of ideas.
When I was in college, a white acquaintance (which I call her because we were never that close and I haven't spoken to her since college) lost her white boyfriend to a black girl. She admitted that most of her anger was about race. She just couldn't imagine if a white man can have a white woman, why would he settle for a black woman? In her mind black=less than. She told me this because I think she thought she could confess and make herself feel better. Also I think I was the only black person she knew. She knew it was wrong and asked me why she felt that way like I could do something for; explain something to her. I could only tell her she was wrong and she never spoke to me again. Oh well.

I don't believe this article at BlackAmericaWeb. BAW: Guess What? Single Parents Spend As Much Time With Their Children as Married Ones. I understand what it is trying to say and I know there are some really good single parents out there, but I don't believe that single parents spend as much "quality" time with their kids as married parents. Not working single parents at least. If you're not working and provided for by the state, which a good number of single parents are, you got all day, so of course you're spending time with them. But most single parents work. Most single parents also do absolutely everything they can to make up for a missing father or mother and much better for a kid than two bad parents, but that's not the issue here.

I don't think you can count how many times you are together as time. You can be in a house with a parent, but if the kid is in the living room playing PS and mom is in the bedroom upstairs paying the bills, they aren't "together." Even when it comes to quality time, is a kid better off if he is spending 40 hours a week with one good parent as opposed to one who is spending 20 hours a week with a good mother and 20 hours that same week with a good father? I think the latter kid is getting more.
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Do you notice how President Bush is now surrounding himself with the people who were the only ones who thought a war in Iraq wasn't such a good idea like Scowcroft? Newsweek: The Bush 41 Boys Are Back In Town - Bush's Father Exerts His Influence. These are the same people who warned Daddy Bush not to go into Iraq in 91. These are the same people that Rumsfeld practically had banned from the White House before we went over there because he had already made up his mind that we were going and anyone who suggested we think twice about it was his enemy.

The arrogance of this man is sickening to me. I believe it is his arrogance that made him willing to let men and women die in Iraq. No, I don't think he wanted them to die, but I think he saw nothing, not even their deaths, as worse than admitting that he was a failure, that his choices, his decisions have been wrong and that we should scrap his whole strategy and go in a different direction. He should have been gone at least a year ago, so I say this is too little too late.

I was listening on the radio into work today about people who worked with Rumsfeld discussing how he enjoys humiliating reporters that ask him any question that would suggest he admit to a mistake. Those same people say that is how he operated his own team, not just talking down to someone who challenged his choices, but not giving up until they were humiliated. Nothing means more to him than his pride and power. He brought an old way of doing things into a new army and has made a mess it will take more American lives to clean up. And Dick Cheney is an asshole too. Rumsfeld finally undone by his inability to adapt
AdelaideNow: Rumsfeld falls on his swordThe Age: Rumsfeld's humiliating exit

Yahoo! News: Baquet resigns as editor of L.A. Times. That was quick. I was enjoying the idea of Baquet, a black man at the helm of such a hugely important newspaper, but I guess it was not to be. I still don't understand why people at the Times think they are exempt from the job cuts that are happening to everyone else everywhere, but oh well. This industry is bleeding in diversity at the top and this was a loss for all of newspapers, not just the L.A. Times.
LATimes: Times editor is out after fighting cuts

I'm a creationist, but I do believe that evolution plays a role in the world. We have evolved and so have animals. Look at this dolphin and his fins. It could be a birth defect or it could be the beginning of another species that will be the dominant dolphin a few hundred thousand years from now. Are these lower fins going to turn into webbed feet, then regular feet, then...Dolphins are highly intelligent animals, you know. Okay, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm just saying that it's curious. Dolphin with four-wheel drive stuns the scientists

Like you, I'm very happy to have my life back and not have to sit through endless political commercials. You just don't know. You may live in one state, but when you live in the D.C. metro area, you get hit with VA & MD. Thank God D.C. has no real representation in Congress (I'm just kidding. I really think that sucks).

My girl Katherine Harris is gone along with Cynthia McKinney. I only have a few more weeks of the crazy when they come back next week. I know there are some other nut jobs out there to replace them, but they were unique and special in my heart. You have to admit that you'll miss them too. AP Wire: Harris goes home but won't rule out a comeback

Dollar Bill Jefferson is in a runoff. Amazing stuff, folks. Vote makes Jefferson underdog in runoff

Virginia has finally been decided and Webb wins. Seriously, the lesser of two evils phrase is overused in elections, but it applies here. ABC News: AP Calls Virginia for Webb, Dems Celebrate Reported Senate
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Waaaaay too busy to post today, but giving a few thoughts.

I'm really disappointed in TN. They had a chance to be better than their state has a reputation for being on the issue of race and chose not to be. Congressman Ford would have been a leader in the Senate and that would have only meant good things for their state. Corker isn't going to be able to do anything. Nothing he's seen in Chatanooga can prepare him for D.C. Ford knows that game and he would have been able to make moves right away. He would have been a freshman, so it would all have to be behind the scenes, but he would have used his capital in D.C. to be more than the average freshman Senator. Corker isn't going to know which way is left or right for years. I'm also angry at TN because although Ford is mostly their loss, Ford was going to be a national candidate and that would have benefited moderates everywhere. I'm sure he'll find his way back to D.C. I don't think he knows how to be anything but a politician, but he should be coming back as the Junior Senator from TN. Shame, shame, shame.

Keith Ellison won in Minnesota, so we will have our first Muslim member of Congress who is also a brother and seems pretty cool. Deval Patrick won Governor of Massachusetts and I hope that's a good thing. I don't know his politics that well, but I'm happy for him from a brother/sister standpoint. He seems like a smart guy and well suited for a leadership role. All three black Republicans tanked. Steele put up a good fight in Maryland and it looked like he might have something there for a few minutes, but Swann and Blackwell bit the big one.

Overall the people have spoken and the GOP can't spin this at all. They dropped the ball, have been since before 2004, and America has told them to go packing. Even the psycho pundits can't make this seem like anything other than what it was.

I'm hopeful the television analysts are right when they say that most of the Democrats that won are more moderate Democrats, running on the same platform as Clinton had when he came to Washington. That's a good thing. I still don't see where the party has any solutions to the major problems facing our country and our soldiers, but the Republicans have failed, so they at least deserve a listen and a chance.

All in all, I'm surprised at how disappointed I am over the Ford loss. I didn't think I cared that much, but knew I wanted him to win. I think it's because I believe he lost over racial issues. If it had been his politics or his "out of TN" ties, I don't think I would have been that upset, but I'm certain that it wasn't. It was all about "Call Me Harold" and that's sickening. TN should be ashamed of itself because everyone else is. It's wrong for me to hope Corker fails miserably, but I do. I think he was the wrong choice for more reasons than race.

That's kind of a lot for not having any time to post, but I'll have more in-depth stuff to stay about VA & MT, Dollar Bill Jefferson and Crazy Katherine Harris tomorrow.
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I voted today. It was quick and painless. There are benefits to having a last name that starts with the 2nd half of the alphabet. The lines are always shorter. The lines were respectable for midterm, but I expected longer considering people seem to be so angry about one thing or the other. I try to keep in mind the kitchen table issues that matter to me. I want the money I earn working to come to me. I worry about healthcare, paying for law school and buying a home. I worry about the quality of education for my 10 nieces and nephews.

But it isn't always about me. I make good money, live well and can take good care of my own needs. Meanwhile, 104 American soldiers died in Iraq last month. Doesn't it make sense that I put what I think is best for the families of those 104 and the soldiers still over there ahead of my personal needs this time? I believe strong moral character is important, but we didn't have much chance of that with our two senatorial candidates. I still voted for what I thought was best and in the end, that is all you can do on election day. Still, it would have been nice to get a printable receipt.

Here's some last minute election day news:
Those damn voting machines are going to mess up everything! Yahoo! News: I.D. Rules, Machines, Early Voting Problems. And I'm just not trying to hear it about these I.D. rules. There is nothing wrong with requiring I.D. to vote. It only makes sense, so stop complaining and get some I.D. NYTimes: In the Land of ‘Every Vote Counts,’ Uncertainty on Whether It’s Counted Correctly
WAPO: Primary Bugs, New Glitches Fueling Jitters In Md. and Va.

It will be a shame if Ford loses and I think he will. I'm sure bitter black women and racist white folks all over TN are saying, "That's what he gets for chasing after white girls," but you all need to stop and think of the foolishness of your reasoning. WTF does that have to do with your taxes, with all the manufacturing jobs leaving your state, with bringing our men and women home (not in coffins) from Iraq or with affording college for your kids? This is what you should vote on and you know better. What is the cost if liking white girls is the reason why Ford loses? Forward thinking and common sense in my opinion. If he loses TN, your whole state is SUSPECT. WAPO: Underdog Ford Gets a Little Help From His Illinois Friend. Overall, I know the racist commercial hurt him, but I think he would have had a better chance if he ran on the "I like girls and football" instead of "pray for me" platform he did.

I'm really curious about what is happening in Boston. I know that people tend to focus on the Hill races for Senate and Congress, but Governors are the ones who become President. We will find our first black president emerging as a leader in this role. I don't know much about Deval Patrick, but I want to see if Mass has the guts to do this. They went out on a limb and elected a Republican Mormon last time, so they can at least say they don't stick to the mold. Bay State makes history today: Healey, Patrick in final rally to get gov’s seat
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So my Bears lost. It kind of hurts they lost to a sucky team, but then again they lost to Miami in 85 and went on to win the Championship. I know everyone thinks Chicagoans are so mental for holding on to that one year from 20 years ago, but it's all we have. At least the Colts are still undefeated. And as always, talking about football gives me a chance to post pictures of Reggie "he can get it" Bush. I don't even know who he plays for, but the boy is beautiful.

Stanley Crouch is hating on Obama because I guess he thought more people would trackback his articles and I guess it worked. New York Daily News: What Obama isn't: black like me. Hateration is not flattering, Stanley. Also, there is no one definition of black. And what good are you doing by trying to set parameters for skin color anyway? Aren't we more than our skin color? Oh well, I guess some of us are and some of us aren't.

More hating on Obama. While Stanley Crouch questions his "blackness," the folks at The Volokh Conspiracy want us to believe he is a dirty dealer in bed with mobsters and involved in real estate scams. The Volokh Conspiracy: Barack Obama's real estate ties.. Bless his heart. You know the Republicans are just crying themselves to sleep at night over Obama, so they are going to reach for anything they can. Trust me guys, he's not your biggest problem right now.

Doesn't look like things are going so well for Lynn Swann in PA. I'm a little surprised. I wasn't sure if he would win, but I thought he might have a chance considering he's such a hero in those parts. He has the cute little perfect family and all that. I guess PA is serious about being Democrat. New polls show Rendell's lead over Swann growing in Pa.

This is a no brainer. WAPO: Outcome May Rest On Black Turnout. But saying it doesn't mean it will happen. In VA, blacks are 20% of the voting population, so that is a swing vote. Or it would be if they ever considered voting anything other than Democrat. I'm sure a lot of them are suspicious of Webb. They should be, the guy is totally creepy, sexist and used to be a Republican. But I don't think it matters. If someone is labeled a racist, most blacks aren't interested in digging further into their stand on the issues. Also, there is the war which matters to blacks as much as whites and Allen has been right at Bush's side on this one.

You think having a bunch of fatasses in a country of 300 million is a problem? What if you have 1.3 billion? Yahoo! News: China weighs threat of 60 million obese citizens. Although with all that walking I always see them doing, they must really be chowing down to get fat. They wanted our middle-class American life and they got it all.

I hope she gets whatever is coming to her for this. Too bad it isn't in Texas, because Texas will execute you for this mess. They'll stick you with the needle for speeding in that state. Please....please...please let her get in s&*$loads of trouble for this. Please. CNN.Com: Columnist Coulter in hot water over voting. And whatever happened to the plagarism thing? The deal she made with the devil is really working out for her.

Speaking of the biggest no-alimony state, they are building a virtual fence that will help them catch some of the...I'm guessing 20,000.... illegals that cross their border every week. It cost $5 million and they're calling it a Virtual Posse. How cute. Yahoo! News: Test of Texas' border Webcams is rocky. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Texas on an issue.

You know the Republicans were going to have a problem with anyone offering free flu shots at voting stations. They didn't even try to front, but just came out and said it would attract more minorities and help the Democrats. At least they are being honest and not trying to argue some constitutional violation. They want the minorities to stay home. Houston Chron: Criticism brings end to flu-shot campaign

I was very happy to hear that the U.S. is starting to prosecute this horrendous crime. Dad sentenced in first female genital cutting trial in U.S.
We need to be more vigilant about this sort of thing. And F*#) you to all those people out there that are saying we should not interfere with their religious or cultural customs. Violence is violence and there is no religion or culture that can make it anything else. This hateful foolishness is going on all over the world in countries that know better and we need to start speaking out against it.

Foolishness! I told you those voting machines are the work of the devil. There is no way of knowing who wins what anymore. DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2005®: 12 SMARTCARDS GO MISSING IN TENNESSEE; CONTROL ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. It doesn't look like Ford, Jr is going to win anyway, but if these end up being close races, I just wouldn't feel secure. We need a solution to this.

Also, Clinton came to stump again for Ford, but I think it's all a little too late. Race baiting is ugly and those who engage in it will go to hell for their sins, but it works. It works and the people of TN should be ashamed of themselves. Clinton is right, they had a chance to make race not matter and they appear to be choosing to go the other way. Ford win would trump race card, Clinton says

What is in the water in Kansas? Yahoo! News: In Kansas, 9 former Republicans run as Democrats. Does everyone hate Bush that much? I guess if I was running for election, I wouldn't want to be associated with the Republican party either. Their scandals, mistakes and foolishness have been non-stop since 2004. But switching over is always suspect. I wish they would have decided to run Independent.

You know how much I love this crazy heifer. SPTimes: St. Petersburg Times FBI questions two more former aides to Harris. She is going to get her butt beat so bad this election and I will seriously be heartbroken. I'm already losing Cynthia McKinney. I'm just not ready to let Harris go too. Now, if it turns out she was doing some dirty dealings and I can continue to watch her on Court TV, I will be in heaven.
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I am still recovering from the death of Eko on LOST. First President Palmer on 24 and now Eko on LOST. Can't a sister have a crush on a brother without him getting killed? I guess I can have a crush on Sawyer now. He's not black, but as Cedric says, he kind of has some negro tendencies.

In the area of stuff that isn't any of my business anyway, I've always wondered why so many people thought that Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't married because HE won't marry HER. I always thought it was because SHE was too young, had to many other things to explore and didn't want to be a wife yet. I think people just naturally assume that every woman, no matter how young or no matter what else is out there for her just wants to get married. Now I hear about these lyrics to a song on Jay-Z's new album in which he discussed on the radio was reflective of their relationship at the time he wrote it (2003) and I think it's more clear.

"I don't think it's meant to be/ for she loves her work more than she does me / and honestly at twenty-three / i would probably/ love my work more than I did she / so we ain't we/ it's me and her / for what she prefers over me is work/ and that's where we differ / so i have to give her/ free time even if it hurts/ so breathe mommy it's deserved/ you were put on this Earth to be/ all you can be like the reserves/ and me, my time in this army is served / so I have to allow she, her, time to serve / the time's now for her / in time she'll mature/ and maybe we can be we again like we were"

I was right. No, of course it doesn't matter, but I just thought I'd talk about someone else's business today.

Why is it someone also has to segregate when a new phenomenon comes along? Kids and young adults of all races were enjoying MySpace just fine. Now someone wants to say, let's make a myspace just for black folks. "Niggaspace: a place fo niggas" isn't for black folks though. I guess anyone, of any race, who considers themselves a "nigga" can join. Tupac is the featured "nigga" of the moment. Since I'm not a "nigga," I'll have to pass.
Byron Crawford: NiggaSpace
FishBowlNY: Niggaspace Launches

Now you know I've always said Kanye West was an egotistic son of a b*&^, but after this stunt, I'm seriously starting to question his sanity. Seriously, this goes beyond an out of control ego and touches on some issues of mental health. iWon News: Kanye West Sore Loser at MTV Europe AwardsContactMusic: KANYE'S ON STAGE TANTRUM KANYE WEST GOES OFF AFTER NOT WINNING AWARD: Rapper went into melt-down mode when he lost.

I never knew about this joker, Ted Haggard, before yesterdapparentlyearantly he is the head of one of the largest evangelical groups in the country. So of course he turns out to be gay. No better position for a self-hating gay man to be in. So I hear he steps down for counseling but denies having a gay relationship. People prepare yourself for some wordplay that makes Clinton's "is" run around look amateur. The pastor who took over for him said that Haggard has admitted to some inappropriate behavior, but still claims to have been true to his wife. SUSPECT! When I saw this guy speak for the first time I could have told you he was gay. I live in D.C. okay? Having a good gaydar is a matter of survival for a woman in this area. This fool had ice capades written all over him.
Yahoo: Evangelist steps down amid gay sex claim
AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK: Mega-church preacher Ted Haggard admits to "some indiscretions"

Last week I told you about the frat at UT that got in trouble for having a "ghetto fabulous party." Now there is a suspension for a Johns Hopkins frat having a "hood" party. Yahoo! News: Frat suspended over 'Hood' party. Being right in the middle of might want to tone that ish down a bit.

Don't you love this? They should do this every month. Round them up and make their lives miserable. They probably all posted bail the next day, but it's the thought that counts. We're talking pedophiles, drug dealers, cop killers, gang members, rapists. Did you read about one of them being a child sex offender who was caught working in a F^#%(&$# daycare!!!!!!!!! Arrest him and whoever hired him without doing an accurate background check. Seriously, every month!
USAToday: More than 10,700 snared in 24-state fugitive sting

Reuters: Maine lawyer arrested after dressing as bin Laden
L.A. Times: NBA's Stern is off target on guns Iran gives Holocaust cartoon prize
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I've been following our little town in Pennsylvania which has some of the hardest illegal immigration laws on the books. Well, not really the hardest, they are just intent on enforcing the laws that already exist. It is working. Illegals are moving out in droves, but the judicial establishment is trying to put a stop to it. And yes, there are some hits to the economy, but that would be expected and it will bounce back. It does bother me that these illegals are just fleeing to other towns and not back to their countries, but as more cities and states do their job, they will have no choice but to voluntarily go back. No need for busses or rounding up. Take away their jobs, social services and other rights that are supposed to be for Americans and legal immigrants only and America won't look so good to them anymore.
BREITBART.COM - Hispanics Flee Pa. Town Before Crackdown
BREITBART.COM - Federal Judge Blocks Pa. Town Crackdown

And after all this B-S about crackdowns on illegals this year, this is what we get. WAPO: Immigration Arrests Down 8% for Year. Homeland Security needs a slap in the face. Step up your game, HS!

Lou Dobbs is not giving up his fight against illegal immigration, international trade, moving jobs overseas and trying to pick a fight with this administration. The middle class should be thanking him while we're still middle class, because if this stuff continues, what used to be middle class will become lower middle class and working class. And you know Lou could take Karl Rove down in a second. Rummy & Cheney will use the power of the dark side against him, so I wouldn't put too much down on that fight.
CNN: Dobbs: Border fence will leave Texas-size hole
CNN: Dobbs: U.S. is best democracy money can buy

Mary Mitchell at the Chicago Sun Times wants bad ass kids to know they are hurting their mother's feelings when they act up. WTF? You know these kids talk a good game about how much they love their moms and act ready to shoot anyone who says something bad about her, but let's face it, if they really loved their mother, they wouldn't put them through what they are by being little criminals. They don't care about their mothers. They don't even care about themselves. Unruly teens need to know what they are doing to their mothers

Here is an interesting piece of commentary by a black Republican who questions the RNC's new found commitment to being their BFF and wants to know what is in it for them? Why aren't they being rewarded for being black Republicans? I don't get why this person thinks there should be a reward for a voluntary choice. The party is what it is. You don't have to be a member, so what are you asking for as compensation? If you don't think you're getting your props, then you need to Opinion: Black Republicans deserve rewards

Another black Jesus debate shall ensue. Jesus was a Semite, so what is the big deal? Wait till he comes back and see what he has to say about all this...Oh yeah, he's going to have more important things to deal with, particular with people who try to make color mean more than right or wrong. So talk in circles amongst yourselves. Color of the Cross. Let me just LOL at this sentence, because I can just picture Mary saying this (by can, I mean I can't at all which makes it a joke).
"Do you think they are doing this because he is black?," Jesus' mother Mary intently inquires.
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I understand why some people have issues with Voter I.D. laws because it does bring you back to those days when it was used to weed out blacks, but that just isn't the case anymore. Color or economic class has no bearing on whether or not you can have or get a state I.D. Now if you're trying to argue that certain races or classes or people are less likely to go out and get that I.D., then that's on them. If nothing is preventing them from doing it, you can't say it isn't fair that they don't. This is an important way for the state to make sure that illegals (although they usually have more forms of fake I.D. than anyone) and criminals aren't voting. They shouldn't be. I just don't have a problem with being asked for my I.D. I would be a little concerned if someone didn't ask.
WSJ: Attention, Voters: Have Your ID Ready Suit calls Ohio's voter ID law a mess, asks court to void it

And as with every election, we get the "This is the most important election of our generation" or the "which party disrespects us the most" speeches and statements. And also the time, starting about two weeks before the election where the Democrats realize that there are black people, and they should probably ask for their vote.
BAW: Where Do the Parties Stand on Issues Important to Black America?
BAW: Elijah Cummings: If We Sleep Through the Revolution on Nov. 7th, We'll Wake Up in a Nightmare
NYTimes: Democrats Fear Disillusionment in Black Voters
LATimes: Latino and black voters reassessing ties to GOP

Not all Republicans are running scared. I don't know if it's rigged voting machines or just the reliance on Democrats being Democrats, but it will be something if the Dems end up not getting control of either the House or the Senate, which is likely because...let's face it, they're Democrats and they know how to F-up boiling water.
Wonkette: Breaking: Democrats Will Somehow Find Way to Lose Every Seat
Timesonline.UK: Democrats fear the storm could leave them high and dry
WSJ: Republicans See Edge From Early Voting
TIME: Why Some Top Republicans Think They May Still Have the Last Laugh

And the I.R.S. playing it safe? Well damn, I guess this is an important election. To have the biggest pimp of all taking it easy on demanding we tax paying bitches give it its money is definitely a change of pace.
NYTimes: I.R.S. Going Slow Before Election

I know reading about the I.R.S. always bring you down, so here's a pic of the cutest kitty in the world. Couldn't you just die?
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