This is my last post until the new year, so I'm dumping everything I have left on you. I'm thinking of going to a posting all day sort of format because I spend too much time on this in the morning. Hope you have a great New Year.

I don't want to spoil your lunch or anything, but I found this picture of President Bush trying to make the moves on his wife so disturbing I had to share it with you. Doesn't she look like she is bracing for a root canal or something? Sorry, but if I'm stuck with this image, you have to be.

Just to top off the end of the year, we are reminded of how $2 billion has been wasted in the wake of the Katrina disaster. There were clean up contracts given to company's with little or no competition and someone is surprised many of them haven't even done anything. A recent caller into the Jim Rome show discussed how recent reports connected to games at the SuperDome are deceptive because they talk about how the city is coming back. This comeback is only in a few places. Much of New Orleans is still a complete mess. Auditors: Katrina waste could top $2 billion

The ACLU is suing the government for enforcing laws that won't allow landlords to rent to illegal aliens. They are basically saying that it is unfair to make landlords obey the law, forcing them to be immigration agents. Part of being a landowner that rents to others does include some enforcing of the law. When my father owned several apartments in Chicago, he rented to a Hispanic family who were legal immigrants, but they kept allowing more than the legal limit of their relatives to live in the apartment with them and it was my father who kept getting fined by the city. These landlords have to obey the law because they'll get in trouble, not the renters. Since it is a fact that most of those illegals who are renting are using stolen or fraudulent social security numbers to rent those apartments, what ground does the ACLU think they have to stand on? What am I saying? That's never stopped them before. BREITBART.COM: Civil Rights Groups Sue Over Rent Law

Ruben Navarrette writes about immigration for CNN and this article talks about the recent ICE raids and how the image of illegal immigration and immigration policy is changing. Commentary: Putting a sinister spin on immigration crackdown. Again, I understand there are racist ulterior motives here for some, even many, but that isn't what motivates the majority of Americans of all races to want their Congress to take a stand against illegal immigration because most of those same Americans have no problem with legal immigration and understand its importance to our economic system. Illegal immigration is illegal, takes a huge social and economic toll on society and is now taking a huge legal toll in terms of identity theft and crime.

Is there anything you can even say about people like this? Her logic behind the article is completely...I don't even know the word. My idiot nephew who is 10 could diffuse the logic in this bullshit. The title alone tells you this person is a fool. Just read the comments on the post and you'll know that there are some serious crazy haters out there. Debbie Schlussel: Barack Hussein Obama: Once A Muslim, Always A Muslim

My favorite magazine, Black Enterprise, tells you maybe you should be playing the race card? BE: The Competitive Advantage To Being Black. How your ethnicity can advance your career

For some very odd reason David Mills decided to discuss reparations a la Randall Robinson's 2001 book on what America owes blacks. I agree that the book is wrong, but what was the point in bringing it up today? So much has been written about the topic since then. Here's some of his commentary - "For 250 pages, in spurts of purple prose, Robinson goes on and on about the "vicious psychological wake of slavery," the "crushing legacy of slavery-based social disabilities," the "debilitating psychic pain" that has left African Americans "so badly damaged," the "disabling injury" responsible for our "every devastating failure."" I agree, sounds ridiculous. Randall Robinson Is Wrong

The Far Left website, Black Agenda Report, tells you that Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the only true black candidate for President in 2008, claiming that his record matches the best of anyone in the Congressional Black Caucus. Uhm, whatever. I do not claim this man nor anyone who would suggest I should.Kucinich: The Black Candidate?

If you are a student saddled with student loans, you'll be happy that the Democrats are in control of Congress. In their first 100 hours, which will actually happen within the first month now that they are required to work 5 days a week instead of 2.5, they plan to cut interest rates in half. Democrats: Cut students' debts

The government is testing the Selective Service System, a.k.a THE DRAFT, but promise that there are no plans for an actual draft anytime soon. SUSPECT! Why would they be testing it all of the sudden if they aren't talking about implementing it? Just to see if it works? If Bush plans to double down in Iraq and someone like Iran or N. Korea starts really acting up, what choice will the government have? Official: Agency testing machine, but draft not imminent

Oh yeah, and we're all going to die.Yahoo! News: Flu pandemic forecast to kill 62 million

I'm a big Angela Bassett fan and it kills me she hasn't been in anything lately except for that Spelling Bee movie. With the exception of that foolishness role in the Eddie Murphy vampire movie, she always played good characters with a head on her shoulders and she does a good job of expressing the conflict in women when it comes to giving your heart away and trusting a man completely. It isn't easy. Just for kicks, here she is with her husband their twins.

To make up for the Bush-About-To-Hit-It Photo, I'll give you some hotness:

Have a great New Year and try to fall in love with somebody! Here are some cute pictures:

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Hope everyone had a great X-mas. I gotta tell you, I love my family. I know that is probably the most obvious statement ever made, but I do. I'm always ready to leave when its time to leave, but my people are good people. They're funny, honest and I can feel the safety and certainty when I'm with them. They will always be there. And our little ones, no matter how bad ass they are, are just as cute as buttons. I prayed for people who are alone this holiday, because I couldn't imagine not having these crazy people in my life.

We left the kids with the men (and prayed they would still be alive when we came back) who took them to see Happy Feet and watched Football. We (the ladies) went to the movies to see Dreamgirls and The Pursuit of Happyness. Both were good movies, although Pursuit made me a cry a little. Dreamgirls was very entertaining. Jennifer Hudson & Eddie Murphy were great and Beyonce was strikingly beautiful. Even when she doesn't wear makeup she's pretty, although she looked about 15 years old. They really did the diva thing on her. She wasn't a weak link in the movie like others said. She didn't stand out, but her character wasn't supposed to. I think it was just people hating on her because she is overexposed. Pursuit was a tear-jerker, but had its funny parts. Smith does deserve an Oscar nod for his performance and his little bit, Jaden, did a great job too. He definitely made you want to meet the man, Chris Gardner, in real life because he must have had incredible character to get by in that world with so much against him. Thandie Newton did a good job of a woman who was spent and fed up. I couldn't hate on her even though I thought she should have fought harder for her baby.

Okay, back to reality. Here's what's happening in your neighborhoods:

Did you think it was all over for Cynthia McKinney now that the 109th Congress has folded? Wrong. You can't stop crazy. Although a Republican lawmaker in Atlanta is trying to erase her from the books like they did in Ancient Egyptian times when someone messed up. He is beginning his campaign by attempting to turn Cynthia McKinney into "She Who Will Not Be Named" by taking away a road dedicated to Strip McKinney's name off road, lawmaker says

Prince William County, what used to be the last affordable county in Northern VA, but not much longer, is really concerned about the financial toll illegal immigration is taking on the community and they plan to do something about it. For a community that is growing like rapid fire, the toll it takes on the local government is already impossible to keep up with. What they are finding is that a good part of that is illegal immigrants and this is a problem. Good for them. WAPO: Anxiety On Costs Of Illegal Residents

Speaking of illegals, they are upset over the recent sweep of raids. They want the government to stop. Basically they are saying they have a right to break the law, benefit from it and it is wrong for the government to enforce the law against them because they...don't like it. And they also played the Nazi card, comparing it to the SS raids of the Jews. I guess the civil rights card wasn't working too well. I'm sure survivors of the Holocaust feel like its happening all over again. I wonder if they'll want the police to enforce the law if they are a victim of theft or assault? I guess obeying the law only applies to other people. Yahoo! News: Hispanic groups call for moratorium on work raids

And for all those people who said that illegals do jobs that Americans won't do, read this article. ICE raids have been weeding illegals out of manufacturing jobs in the Denver area and guess who is lining up out the door, around the block to fill those jobs? Americans and legal immigrants. Rocky Mountain News: Loss for one is another's gain -- Applicants line up to fill jobs left empty by Swift plant raid

As I've said before, what is the point of these raids if you just let the people go and ask them to show up in court so they can be deported? They aren't coming back. They don't care about the law. If they did, they wouldn't be breaking it in the first place. Yahoo! News: Some workers seized in raids released

This isn't political, but there is a rapist running around Houston targeting males. We don't hear about this a lot because although reports of rape have increased for women, it is still too embarrassing for many men who are sexually assaulted to report the crime. If you've ever seen a movie called The Rape of Richard Beck, you'll know what I'm talking about. This man was very insensitive to women who were victims of rape (he was a cop) until he was attacked himself. I'm glad enough men are able to come forward so the cops can at least warn the public and get some clues to try and find the guy. BAW: Rapist preys on men in Houston area

There are many reasons why I'm proud of what will always be my hometown, Chicago, but the business opportunities for blacks is one of the top reasons. Although it is too damn cold for me to ever move back there, I would encourage any black professional looking for a new scene to check it out. The food alone will hook. Just don't go from November to May. Boom Town: Black entrepreneurs are thriving in Chicago

Also in Chi-Town, unsatisfied with the lack of stick they are getting by trying to equate IL Senator Obama with Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein because of his name, the Right is trying to bring up this old land issue and trying to make him seem dirty. Come on, now. After this year in Congress with wife stranglers, cop abusers, pedophiles & the like, you are going to have to come harder than this. For now, Obama's scandal is too small to hurt.

Despite it all, the Wall Street Journal gives us reasons why Obama will probably not run. OpinionJournal: Not So Fast

Incoming Congressman Keith Ellison is a better person than me. Because he is a Muslim, he has had to face a lot of ignorance and pure ugliness and he hasn't even started his new job. He has responded with dignity and character, which is probably why the people of Minneapolis voted for him. I would have been sticking pins in voodoo dolls and secretly leaked lies about people's mamas at this point. Ellison: Lawmaker has 'a lot to learn about Islam'

A small newspaper in Oak Park is looking at the African and African-American Paradox. Most of the time we hear about the tension and conflict between the groups. This article talks about how they are learning from each other and communicating. The African and African-American paradox

Another bus ride with black kids being singled out and moved, a driver says it's all innocent and the NAACP wants to get involved. Bus ride upsets black students

The U.S. Congress has a problem with France for honoring a cop killer on death row, who also appears to be some kind of a hero to a lot of people who ignore the fact that he is a cop killer. U.S. House Slaps Abu-Jamal Supporters
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This fool. Again and again. Don't make me repeat myself. Just go back and check one of the several post I've written about his run-ins with the law in the past couple of years. NBC4: Barry Arrested, Claims He Was Targeted

This Congressman is getting a lot of flack for saying that if we don't do something about immigration, we'll get more Muslims in this country. And he talks some smack about incoming Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison. He doesn't care that everyone is mad at him. He stands by his bigotry and I'm telling you folks, this is better. We need to know who we're dealing with. Forget the apologies, say what you think and let the people deal with you. He'll be up for re-election soon. And the press piles on:
Chicago Tribune: Rep. Goode not backing down over Koran flap
Wonkette: Congressman Assures Constituent: "I Will Deport Keith Ellison"
Chicago Defender: ROLAND S. MARTIN: Congressman Goode is an unrepentant religious bigot

Sometime earlier this year or late last year, some obscure University Professor named Kamau Kambon, made some comment about exterminating white people and you know FOXNews jumped ALL OVER that thing. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity lost their minds. I'm not invoking the double standard here. I think the guy should have been fired and reamed by the press, but when someone says something like "exterminate," he's a complete nut and you can't make it the same as when a member of Congress or any public person who is mildly sane would say something racist or disparaging. But don't tell that to Hannity. He is following up on this story because while the rest of us have forgotten it, he's been dreaming about it on a weekly basis. 'Exterminate White People' Follow-Up - Sean Hannity

If you didn't know that Ward Connelly was serious about getting rid of Affirmative Action everywhere, you know better now. He is making progress and plans to go national. Don't bother with Connelly. He's not your problem. Affirmative Action is on its way out. Instead, spend your time preparing your kids to compete without AA. AA is going away one way or another and its happening very soon. Too many blacks decided to keep the status quo because AA came and they believed it would solve the problem and always be there. You can either wait and your kids will be screwed or you can prepare and your kids will be fine. SFGates: Connerly gearing up for wider crusade / Affirmative action foe considers launching campaigns in 9 states

Governor Bush of Florida has put a hold on executions for the time being because a recent execution took like 4 hours. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it took 34 minutes, double the time it usually takes and that is a problem. I know a lot of people say, who the hell cares? He's a murderer, we should have just shot him and saved the time and money. I just don't agree. How we execute people, no matter how deserved, is about us not the person being executed. Jeb did the right thing. Gov. Bush orders hold on executions

This is some bull... Reuters: Lewinsky graduates from London School of Economics . I would like to know how she got into such a prestigious school and graduated at that. This statement was released by her publicist. What is she still using a publicist for? Look, whatever. I guess we all deserve to move on from our mistakes, so I'll leave her alone.

Ever wonder what happened to the man behind the now infamous "Call Me Harold" commercial that sank Harold Ford, Jr's hope for the Senate? Was he fired? Left the industry in disgrace? Yeah, right. I know. He's considered a genius by the right now and has been rewarded with a job working for the Republican with the best chances in 2008. I would hope that John McCain had better sense, but consider two things. The guy is good and campaign is war. Also, after the whole "McCain has a black baby" BS pulled on him in South Carolina, McCain knows that racism is a good campaign tool. McCain Hires Strategist Behind Harold Ford "Bimbo" Ad As Campaign Manager

Speaking of Harold Ford, Jr. The NYPost caused a bit of a fuss by saying that the blonde woman he was seen with in NY was his girlfriend. The woman got all pissed. She's a divorced woman like in her 40s, has about four or five kids and already has a boyfriend I think. She made them retract. The media is just so eager to get a pic of him with a particular type of girl. Anyway, as suspected, it looks like he's planning an 08 run for the Senate against Lamar Alexander who is still deciding whether or not he's going to run for re-election. If he does, Harold doesn't have much of a chance, but I wouldn't count him out. If he wants that Senate seat, he'll get it. WBIR.COM: Harold Ford, Jr. told students he'll run again in 2008

Stephen Colbert is just riding that wave. IWantMedia: Stephen Colbert - 2006 Media Person of the Year. He deserves it. He acts like a straight fool for a half hour on his show and I haven't tired of it yet. I thought I would when the show started, but it's just gotten better. His tirades are hilarious. I love how he invokes his Catholic beliefs with such absurdity. You can see this is a man who was brought up with very strict Catholic beliefs that he can make fun of now, but still believes in. THE WORD segment is priceless. Although I disagree that bears are the #1 threat to America.

I cannot stand this guy. He was working for Clinton and sucking up to him all those years. Then he gets in trouble for messing around on his wife with the mistress who is a hooker who also keeps a diary. He falls out of grace until Clinton's problems come to the surface and then he sees his in. I can get back in the game by betraying the Clintons. He has completely built a career, including what now, 10 books, on Bill & Hillary. And he has the nerve to be morally judgmental. What a sleeze. Now he's saying he'll leave the country if Hillary is president. Now I hope she wins just to get rid of this jackass. Oh, and Wonkette calls him a toe sucking creton because his ho said he liked to suck her toes. Newsmax: Dick Morris: I'm Leaving if Hillary Wins
Wonkette: Toe-Sucking Cretin Promises To Leave Country

I don't know about you, but I thought that Franklin Raines was going to get out of the whole Fannie Mae thing with just his reputation tarnished. Apparently, he's got to pay somebody some money back. Oh well. WAPO: Fannie Mae Ex-Officials Are Sued for Disputed Pay

And I'm adding this because I think it's funny. Have a happy holiday!
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Sorry for the late post yesterday. I'm at the mercy of Blogger & my server. I actually posted around 10am.

A new study shows that blacks are not as likely as whites to want to walk into the light. Reuters: Blacks more likely to want end-of-life intervention. For such a Christian country, with so many of us believing in this perfect Heaven, we are really reluctant to leave this very imperfect earth. "While more than half of black individuals surveyed said they would want life support if they had a chronic condition and were brain dead, just 11 percent of whites would want this intervention. Nearly three quarters of blacks said they would want life-sustaining care if they were terminally ill and had senile dementia, compared with 22.2 percent of whites." Sorry, I'm with the minority on this. Life is for living, not just being here.

John Ridley has gotten quite a response to his Esquire Article because of its content and its title, Esquire: The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger. This is more than a Chris Rock rant on how blacks hates n($$@#%. I'm suggesting he is saying that blacks who have "ascended" in society need to let n($$@#% go. Stop trying to help them. "Save Yourselves!" We've heard this argument. We'll never get over the bridge if we demand that we all get over the bridge. Some of can't and won't ever and some, more than any of us would be willing to admit, don't want to get over that bridge. Do you buy that? This is how the article starts: "Let me tell you something about niggers, the oppressed minority within our minority. Always down. Always out. Always complaining that they can't catch a break. Notoriously poor about doing for themselves. Constantly in need of a leader but unable to follow in any direction that's navigated by hard work, self-reliance. And though they spliff and drink and procreate their way onto welfare doles and WIC lines, niggers will tell you their state of being is no fault of their own. They are not responsible for their nearly 5 percent incarceration rate and their 9.2 percent unemployment rate. Not responsible for the 11.8 percent rate at which they drop out of high school. For the 69.3 percent of births they create out of wedlock." - My commentary is not necessary. Read the article, I'm sure you'll have your own.

CBS News is having a problem with color. Now that Ed Bradley is gone, RIP, and Rene Styler has left, they have promoted Russ Mitchell to its Early Show. It's possible that Russ has earned it, but the media wants to believe this is about CBS' Diversity issues. Russ is not pleased. SPTimes: When it comes to color, CBS News pales
CBSNews: When The Topic Is Race, Media Turns Uneasy Lens On Itself
Also, the NAACP that Diversity in TV in general needs to once again step its game up. Weak numbers. Very weak. TV Diversity Increasing, Slowly

Is it just me or are you tired of the phrase, "Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations." The president sure likes to use it a lot. Not that I don't agree with it. I think the worst thing we do to our kids is fight for lower standards for them. We are telling them, by our actions, that we don't think they can compete. When we could spend that time helping them up their game, we'd rather fight for schools to lower their game just for us. Gregory Kane talks the same about mostly black schools and the assumption held by many that anything that is mostly black can't be as good as anything that is integrated. BAW: Commentary: The Unspoken Racism in Diversity Plans Suggests that Majority-Black Schools Must Be Bad

Oprah is bringing two shows to PrimeTime on ABC. Oprah primed for ABC. Look, I like Oprah. I'm not gaga over her like white suburban housewives are. She is their god and I get that. I think she's a cool, smart lady who does incredibly good things and knows how to handle her business in a way very few men and women do. Could I be her for a day? No, I am way too lazy. As soon as I saw that bank account, I would be off to Maui. I also know that whatever she touches turns to gold. However, both of these shows sound more boring than watching a rocking chair go back and forth. I see BELOVED flashbacks. That movie ruined my favorite book.
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I once asked a black male relative of mine why he only dated white girls. I only asked because it seemed there was something to it more than that was just what he liked. I have no problem with interracial dating. I've dating white myself and there are a few interracial marriages in my family. I think its wonderful when love can overcome things like prejudice & race and I'm always in favor of anything that pisses bigots off. I just felt based on the things he said and the way he seemed to go out of his way to avoid black women that there was more to it. He told me honestly that the only thing black women seem to have to offer is a bad attitude, bad credit, fifteen extra lbs and another man's baby. Ouch. I asked him to point out any of the women in our family that fit that bill and he couldn't. He then said that we are the only type of black women he would be interested in. I could have gone off on him, but honestly, what could I have said that would have made a stronger impression on him than whatever made him feel that way in the first place?

That story was a long way to get this article on black women and weight, but the only part of that "what's wrong with black women" speech that I hadn't heard before was the weight part, because I thought black men liked a few extra Can a Big Girl Get Some Love? African Americans' shrinking views of sexiness. Not anymore. Recent studies show that young, black men 18-35 preferred smaller women to larger women. Now there is a difference between just being healthy & being fat. Being fat is not good for anyone, but neither is trying to kill yourself to be thin. All I'm saying ladies is that we no longer have that "black men like a full-figured gal" excuse not to lose those extra lbs anymore. Curves are good and I don't care what the study says, men love curves, but fat is not. It's just not healthy. Look, we are all a bunch of fatasses in America, but it does appear that black women more than any other women in this country has a few lbs more than what they need for curves. We all need to get serious about keeping the curves, but getting rid of the fat. The "Weight Problem" and African American Women.
WebMd: Weight Loss Hurdle for Black Women?

The little racist poem printed in the Tufts University Republican's magazine I blogged about last week is still making waves. POLITOPICS: Racism At Tufts. I'm not buying any of their excuses. If this was really about Affirmative Action, they wouldn't have focused so much on "black students" and they wouldn't have made such deamining comments about ghettos and skin color. The poem was written out of anger towards blacks and that's all there is to it. And I don't buy that they are sorry. People that harbor this type of hatred want it out in the open because they know it causes strife and racial tension. They want this. The Race Scandal at Tufts University: Satire, Or Another Episode of Racial Insensitivity? Campus debates Primary Source 'carol'
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Law school finals are over and I feel like a normal person again. I can relax and watch TV. My DVR has already told me it won't tape anymore shows until I delete some I have on there, so you know I've even reverted back to the VCR. I'm catching up for the next few weeks.

Evan Bayh dropped out just as soon as he said he might be in. I agree that he didn't have much of a chance to be a President, but I think he might have made a better than either Obama or Clinton. Maybe he'll get the VP nod for whoever does win.
My Way News: Bayh Rules Out White House Bid in 2008

John Edwards is going to announce that he will run for President. In 2004, I said that he was the better choice; certainly better than Kerry. I felt Gore deserved the chance since he basically won in 2000, but he became a far left nut with a woodsy beard who yelled and ate too many donuts. For that reason, I thought Edwards was the best choice. If it ends up being Edwards v. McCain it would be the two candidates I thought were the best choices in 2004.
BREITBART.COM: Edwards to Enter 2008 Race

Fed up with a Congress too afraid to do anything and a White House that wants to throw in the white flag, towns all over America are taking their own measures to curb illegal immigration and limit the power of illegals to change the way their towns work. Like I've said before, some of these are good ideas but I'm just curious about the racism behind them. I know that there are many people who have no problem with legal immigration and are against this on the principle of right and wrong, but some people are doing this just because they fear a Mexican takeover. Would they be this upset if we were being bombarded with a bunch of illegal Swedish?
BREITBART.COM: English-only, other anti-immigrant laws spread in US

Highlighting the friction between Africans immigrating to Europe and Europeans, one South African leader says that Europe needs more black leaders. Some of the problem is that many of the immigrants don't want to assimilate. They move there just to get away and do better for their family, but hold onto their own culture and isolate themselves from their society. Also, some Europeans are racist and don't want them there.
Reuters: Europe needs black leaders, says S.Africa's Mbeki

You may know of this or not, but in Los Angeles, there is a big racial controversy over a black firefighter who had dog food put in his dinner by white firefighters and they are calling it racist. I don't know all the facts, but it sounds pretty racist to me unless this is something they do to each other all time. Anyway, the issue has polarized the black community and "leaders" leading to an opinion piece in the L.A. Times suggesting that black leadership in L.A. can unite during crises but otherwise remains fractured.
L.A. Times: The black leadership gap

The city that is known for not liking black people too much is doing a better job of getting them to come visit and when they do, the black people who already live there are begging the tourists to move there so they can have friends.
NYTimes: Once a Hub of Strife, Boston Woos Black Tourists

When I saw "Coed Koranic School" in the headline, I had to read this article. In Africa there is a school that boys and girls attend together; in the same classroom, sitting next to each other. I imagine the Taliban would not care for this too much. Reuters: WITNESS-In black Africa, a co-ed Koranic school thrives
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Rosie O'Donnell recently had to apologize for imitating that same old Chinese imitation we all did as children. I'm so sick of all these apologies. Because of PC, you can't say anything without checking with a lawyer first and then a public relations person. Really, people have got to get over this idea that no one has a right to offend them whether it was intentional or not.
SFGate: Asian American advocates decry parody by TV's O'Donnell
Dallas Morning News: O'Donnell's Mockery of Chinese is No Joke

Star Jones got a job hosting the classy black network, TVOne. Personally, I think she's more BET Style because she's really, really tacky. Leave TVOne for the B Smiths. I'm being mean I know, but what do you want to bet she reminds everyone that she's a lawyer at least five times before her first episode is over? - STAR JONES TO HOST TV ONE PROGRAM
National Ledger: Star Jones Reynolds Moves on from 'The View' Lands New TV Gig

Muslims v. Christians, the mini-series. HBO has such perfect timing as it begins production on what will of course be a bloody and angering miniseries on the Christian Crusade during its conflict with Islam. Good times. Reuters: HBO embarks on Crusades with miniseries. I'm not gonna hate on HBO. I'll probably watch it because they do a good job. Love The Sopranos, Rome, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras.

Angelina Jolie talks about her family as she promotes her movie The Good Shepherd, which I do want to see because I really like Matt Damon. Nothing like pimping your kids to promote your movie. Anyway, she confirms what we all knew, Brad is a sucker for Z (their name for daughter Zahara). Do you ever see a picture of that family without him holding onto the little bit? No. And Z is the character in the family.
Asked which of the three kids rules the Jolie-Pitt roost, she says, "I bet if you asked Brad, he'd say Zahara. Mad is very smart, but he's got a certain sense of calm. Zahara is possibly the funniest person I've ever met in my life. So dramatic and creative and loud and charming. She's definitely the biggest personality in the house."

There are new pictures of the whole family out, including Shiloh who has gotten big and is getting her own face. Looks like a nice family, but Mom & Pop both look about 10 years older than they really are. Angelina Jolie Talks About Life, Love and Family

So this heifer Kitty Kelly who makes a living telling dirty secrets and lies about celebrities has decided to write one about Oprah. A dangerous choice if you ask me, but I'm sure only 20% of it will be true anyway. The parts that will be true will all be kind of boring. I mean she lives a great life and all, but doesn't come across as the scandalous type in public or private. NYPost: WATCH OUT, OPRAH!
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My server is having problems, so I don't know when this is actually going to show up. I'm entrenched in Law School exams anyway, so I shouldn't even be messing around with this. Also, pics aren't working. Not having a great day.

The Black Agenda Report has something to say about the Obama Fever everyone seems to have caught. Check out the caricature; similar to the one Black Commentator uses for Harold Ford, Jr. They're calling Obama a "windblown politician." They use words like bland and idea-less to describe his speech. Sounds like a little hateration to me. Black Agenda Report: Barack Obama and the Winds of War: Turning Right

I.D. Theft is becoming a huge problem. I was just notified that my name & information was in a database that was hacked last month. So now a fraud alert is put on my credit file and I will get free copies from all three credit reporting agencies to check for abuse & I have to put a guard on the credit so they have to call me on my cellphone if anyone applies for credit for anything at all. It's such a headache and although illegal immigration is not the only force behind the increase in I.D. Theft, it is a huge part of it.Immigration raid linked to ID theft, Chertoff says - Interestingly enough, I hate to admit that Pat Buchanan is right because I think it might be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, but he was right in saying that the government is not so quick to crack down on illegal immigration because illegals are paying Social Security taxes through those SS numbers they steal and the government is making $$$$.

Speaking of illegals, ICE is doing their parade of publicity raids again which will likely amount to nothing but subpoenas to appear in court which will not be honored. Some people are happy, some are really angry. I understand the arguments that these are useless because they very rarely result in anyone getting deported, but I see the value in this. It is a warning, it is a nuisance and if engaging in an illegal act becomes at least extremely inconvenient, you might convince some people to decide it isn't worth it. To actually punish them would be better, but hopefully we'll get to that point once enough people get their I.D.s stolen. My Way News - Raids in 6 States Met With Anger, Cheers

A new poll says that most Americans see racism still existing, but only in others. Very few believe they are racist at all. I don't think most people are racist, although from yesterday's post, we all know they still exist. I do think that many people still have prejudices that greatly limit their understanding of others. Poll: Most Americans see lingering racism -- in others -
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This was sent to me from a friend. Thanks Shanda!

When it comes to a topic like Affirmative Action, there are good arguments for and against the idea. Personally, I believe in AA based on economic status and not race. I think poor kids of every race have an unfair academic disadvantage and should be given a chance. I don't believe in Affirmative Action in the workplace. I believe a strong, comprehensive Diversity strategy is the way to approach that.

But this is the reason that most people against Affirmative Action are labeled racist. This is a holiday poem printed in The Primary Source, the student Republican magazine at Tufts University. It was covered by CBS, Racial Carol Printed In Tufts Student Magazine & FOX, Some students say campus conservative journal went too far.

The organization has since issued an apology, The Primary Source - Tufts’ Journal of Conservative Thought: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, but the damage is done.

To me this poem is about hatred of black people, not Affirmative Action. AA isn't just for blacks and the skin tone references are very offensive. So they thought this was a poem in jest to point out the injustice of AA. The result is that any efforts against AA are further attached to vile racism and reinforces in many people the reason why AA is necessary. Tufts editor apologizes for satire aimed at affirmative action

All I have to say is "God is just" and because of that, no one gets away with anything. Here's the poem:

"O Come All Ye Black Folk
Boisterous yet Desirable
O come ye, O come ye to our University
Come and we will admit you,
Born in to oppression;
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman.

O Sing, gospel choirs,
We will accept your children,
No matter what your grades are, F's, D's, or G's,
Give them all privileged status; We will welcome all.
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman.

All come! Blacks, we need you,
Born into the ghetto.
O Jesus!We need you now to fill our racial quotas.
Descendants of Africa, with brown skin arriving:
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman."
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Well, what do you know. Dollar Bill Jefferson won his runoff in Louisiana. Republicans are either pissed off that he can get away with being a crook and they can't or they are happy that they can point the corruption finger at the Dems for a little bit. I have to say I'm surprised it even came to the runoff let alone a win. Democracy is the best thing going, but it's not perfect. I think Wonkette explains it best.
Wonkette: Democrats Bet Their Bottom Dollar
CNSNews: Louisiana Voters Send William Jefferson Back to Washington Awaiting Indictment, Rep. William Jefferson Wins Reelection

Obama was in New Hampshire this weekend as well and the Monday morning media can barely contain themselves. One news outlet describes his appearance in New Hampshire as "sparkling." Honestly, get a room. He's only human so it has to be getting to him. To have people cheer you like you're a rock star or some political Messiah would get to the head of even the best of persons. John Edwards had a little bit of this in 2003 & 2004, but not this crazy. Didn't turn into votes though.
My Way News: Sen. Obama Encouraged to Seek Presidency
New York Daily News: Granite state's Ba-rocked
MSNBC: Obama makes sparkling New Hampshire debut Obama Inches Toward 2008 Run, Says Public `Hungry' For Change
L.A.Times: Crowds adore Obama

The annual Gulf Summit has begun and the Saudi king says the Arab world is on the verge of an explosion. I look at this picture and wonder why? I'm sure they all blame Bush, but look at this picture. It says everything. Yahoo! News: Gulf summit opens with warning of regional explosion
Gulf Daily News: Summit Warns!

Watch the Bears tonight!
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This is why I loooooooooooove YouTube

White boy synching "And I'm Telling You" This boy is feeling this song too much. He's going to hurt himself.
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Prepare to see this AP Photo by Evan Vucci everywhere today. It's a great pic and a Clinton-Obama Clash has everyone on The Hill biting their nails with anticipation. Personally, I don't think either can win in 08, but Clinton has the seniority and she has "the man" working behind the scenes for her. If its just between the two of them, I'd have to give her the nod. However, once this really gets serious, keep watching out for John Edwards. If he hooked up with Evan Bayh and did a Southern/Midwestern double-moderate thing, it could be on. WAPO: For Now, an Unofficial Rivalry

Coming next, a Baker/Rice clash? Word is that James Baker, who is supposed to come in and save Bush II from himself is having some problems with Rice, who you know has Bush's back. He did it junior high school style after a big meeting the other day. "He then proceeded to make a passionate argument for a course of action he believed Condoleezza Rice, the current secretary of state, should be pursuing while carefully never mentioning Ms. Rice by name." He better watch out. She's no Naomi Campbell, but Condi can get some looks on her face like she would have no problem throwing down if the occasionn calls for it.
NYTimes: Dueling Views on Diplomacy Pit Baker Against Rice

Funny. DC Mayor-Elect celebrated his 36th b-day the other day and they gave him a gigantic crackberry. I don't have one of those and I think I'm the last one on the planet who doesn't. It's amazing how they overtake people. In meetings, you can see them looking down at their lap like they think we can't tell what they are doing. At conferences you can hear the little scrolling mechanism all over. Well, Fenty needs one. He's a busy guy and he's only going to get busier. Happy B-Day. He's so popular now, it's almost like he's what Tai Shan was a year ago. Everyone loves him. WAPO: Wishes for a Happy 36th From Pals Old and Newfound

But no one actually can replace Tai Shan. He's my baby and I love him. Look at him. Couldn't you just die?

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It seemed odd to a reasonable person that Colin Powell was the one person in the administration who Bush shrugged off when deciding to go into Iraq and he was the only one with any real military experience; any real military experience in the Middle East and superior experience at that. Draft dodgers shrugged him off. What did Cheney say about Vietnam? "I had other things to do." Well, Powell said "you break it, you bought it" and the Iraqis are saying the same thing. They are pissed off that we are actually setting a target of 2008 to withdraw. They expected us to stay and keep getting killed because...well, we broke it. It was already broken, but we demolished it. Although this pic is inappropriate, I think it's funny.
BREITBART.COM: 'This is unfair' say Iraqis on US panel threat

I know I'm going to sound like a conspiracy theorist and I frown on that kind of thing, but really I'm just throwing this out there. So now that we have quite a few blacks in charge of the big time committees, you know every mistake they make will give someone the justification for saying race is a factor. For everyone else, they are excused by general human error that all people have or because they are individually incompetent, but now that a brother is in charge, their mistakes will somehow become a racial issue. I'm also curious to see if organizations like the NAACP will push their agenda issues like reparations to the front of the line thinking they have an "in." It really isn't any different from any other special interest influencing what committee chairs agree to consider, but again, because they are black & the issue is about black people, there will be more whispers & questions as to its appropriateness. Just watch. Call me crazy and I hope I am, but I don't think so.
NYTimes: Black Lawmakers Set to Take Crucial Posts
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This article at Alternet isn't particularly about black women, but it is an issue many black women face; dating down. If you look at the workplace, and especially at the college potentials, many black women have made it farther up the ladder professionally than black men. We're all told we have to get a certain type of man. This also becomes a social issue, because with professional success comes access to more culture if you choose to take it. It makes it hard for a college educated, professional woman who spends her day discussing mergers & acquisitions, while battling the glass ceiling & deciding on how to expand her 401k to come home to a man who wants to talk about rap, sports & how his manual labor boss dogged him that day. It's the same for men. If you are a well-educated, professionally successful man, how much do you have in common with a waitress or UPS delivery woman? Well if you're looking for real love, substantive love that can hold you down and keep you warm inside & out, you have to look past all that and find a way. According to this article, many women are doing just that. AlterNet: Independent Women Can Choose to 'Date Down'

My favorite magazine ask a very important question. With the big ta da! Marriage is financially beneficial for men, women & children. Of course it is. There is no arguing that an intact family unit is more financial stable than all this baby mama, baby daddy, child support not till after I see a blood test nonsense. And financially is only the beginning of the benefit. Honestly, it's quite simple. Until we get our traditional family back in order, we might as well just shut up about everything else. BE: Can Marriage Stem African American Poverty

When I saw this headline, I was ready to cuss someone out, but not anymore. I just think it's kind of sad. Why I'm Good with the "N" Word. If us using the word somehow marks the ascendancy of blacks in America, then it wouldn't anger people so much when a non-black used the words. It still packs the power it did 40 years ago because it is just an ugly word. You can't get past it or make it anything else. No matter who uses it for whatever reason.

Well damn, we can't win for nothing. Blacks HIV Risk Dramatically Higher Than Whites Despite Safer Sex Lives
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Jay Matthews talks about school boundaries, money & race in this article and invites a guest columnist to talk about a localized school zoning issue in Atlanta. If you're not a parent, you probably don't think this matters, but it does. Both sides have good points and unfortunately, race is a big issue. It shouldn't be anymore. That was the whole purpose of school integration more than 40 years ago. Maybe zoning & forced integration wasn't the right answer to the problem. WAPO: School Boundaries, Money and Race

What's in a name? That's what Lynn Sweet discusses in her article on IL Senator Obama's middle name & why the right is being forced to take cold showers at just the contemplation of repeating it over and over again in 2008 if he chooses to run. Chi Sun Times: Sweet blog extra: Barack Hussein Obama. Behind the name.

Also, if he chooses to run, Linda Feldman says he'll be sucking all of the air out of the room for the other candidates. CSMonitor: Why the early field for 2008's election is the biggest yet. He won't win, I'm sorry, but I just don't believe. We will still be in this war, immigration will continue to be a huge problem, we will have spending issues galore. The public is going to want experience, not just charisma and character. At least a Governor would have experience managing a budget. Besides, with a Democratic Congress, America is not going to vote for a liberal Democrat for President. A conservative or moderate-conservative might have a chance, but not a liberal.

Some people have a problem with incoming Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison being sworn in on the Koran. NYSun: Islamic Group Demands U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council Appointee Be OustedThis act doesn't undermine America, it makes a America stronger. Our tolerance of others who act peaceful in their faith is a strength. I hope he's able to do it and if he isn't, I hope he makes a stink of it. Our religious tolerance is supposed to be one of the things that makes us better than other countries, one of the reasons many risk their lives to come here and worship as they choose freely and without fear of imprisonment or death.
ADL: ADL Statement on Dennis Prager's Attack On Muslim Congressman for Taking Oath of Office on Koran response to my many critics - and a solution::By Dennis Prager

Don't forget about Cory Booker. He's ripping through the system and making some serious changes, also accusing his predecessor of some serious mismanagement. New land deal rules for Newark. His new policy is going to highlight market rates and better value. This is why you want someone who brings a private sector focus to the public sector. I hope Newark gets a lot out of him before he becomes corrupt; cause you know they all do. Power corrupts completely.
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I'll be studying for law school exams over the next couple of weeks so posts will be a little erratic.

As we all suspected, one of the negatives of a majority Democratic Congress is that they are going to go easy on Illegal Immigration despite the fact that most Americans are against illegal immigration & want their Congress to do something to secure the borders. The Democrats are going to reward the illegals & this will be the first in a series of big, wrong moves that will lead to the election of a Republican President in 2008. Washington Times: Congress open to passing bill on immigration

Meanwhile, MA gives State Troopers the right to arrest illegals just for being illegal. If you can arrest anyone for engaging in an illegal act, why wouldn't they have that right already? Incoming Governor Patrick says this is a political ploy by outgoing Governor Romney. I have a strong feeling Governor Patrick will kill it once he gets in.
Boston Globe: Troopers can arrest illegal immigrants in Romney deal
MyFox Boston: Under Deal, Troopers Can Arrest Illegal Immigrants Patrick to look at state police role in immigration enforcement

Starting today, the SCOTUS is hearing arguments in two big issues, School Desegregation & affirmative action regarding public schools. WAPO: Supreme Court Weighs Race in Public School Admissions Court justices wrestle with desegregation arguments
This is one of the big ones everyone has been waiting for. As far as school desegregation, I'm not sure this is a good idea. I don't think kids should be bussed miles away from home for political reasons, but if this is going to back to seperate but equal, well we know how that worked out. This is not the beginning of the end of race being a factor in admissions, because that started a while ago, but this will be a speeding catalyst in the change all around. Many minorities will complain & put all their energy into fighting this instead of putting their energy into doing whatever it takes to help our kids compete in a world without racial preferences. I've always believed in affirmative action based on economic status, not race. I think the reaction that many have to this effort to end AA is sending a message to our kids that without lower standards, your non-white status makes you genetically incapable of competing.

Evan Bayh is on his way to getting into the race. No, this guy isn't exciting or charming or a media darling. You probably haven't even heard of him. He's just a smart guy who practices reasonable moderate politics and does a good job of building consensus quietly. Give him a second look.
WAPO: Bayh Considers Presidential Bid
LATimes: Indiana Democrat Bayh weighs White House run

Congress comes back tomorrow for its final session before the 110th starts in January. This is our last chance, for a while at least, to see my favorite crazies Cynthia McKinney & Katherine Harris. Not to mention the Senators who strangle their wives or the ones who make up names that don't mean anything but are considered racist. Based on what happens in the run-off this Saturday, we might also have to say goodbye to Dollar Bill Jefferson down in Louisiana. Yes, I know there will be plenty of crazies to replace them and say & do ridiculous things, thus giving me a reason to post my favorite pic (see left), but it's hard to say goodbye. I will miss Harold Ford though. With the Dems finally in control again, he could have really moved up this term. I'm sure he's going through withdrawal with his lack of TV face time. Capitol Hill Blue: One more yawn from the 'do nothing' Congress
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Leaving race out of the issue, this is just a shame. 7 Million is 1 out of every 32 adults. What does this say about the morals & values of a so called advanced society? BREITBART.COM: 7M in U.S. Jails, on Probation or Parole. So if you know 33 people, you know someone who is in jail, on parole or on probation. And if you're saying, "hell, I know much more than that I don't even know 33 people," then you need to change your fellowship.

When I saw this article, BREITBART.COM: Africa Faces Growing Obesity Problem, I'm thinking you know they are going to blame this on America too. We're a bunch of fat asses & we make everyone else fat. But no, this is about a country of people for who getting thin means you have AIDS or some other disease, so like in old, olden days, being fat means you're healthy. Until, of course, you die from a heart attack, diabeties or one of the other 75,000 deaths connected to obesity.

Speaking of eating, the government is trying to make sure that every American has a chance to become a fatty. The new way to describe people who are starving is to call them people with low food security. You know, like how old people are now called age-challenged adults. 35 million people hungry anywhere is a bad thing, but in this country it is obscene. How difficult must it be to get through a day, that is hard enough alone, if you're starving? The longest I've gone without food is until 3:00 p.m. and I was ready to stab someone with a spoon. So the government wants to pledge that these 35 million people will have at least one less problem. BREITBART.COM: No more 'hungry' Americans: US government says

The Hill's Congress Blog is posted by actual members of Congress. Every now and then you'll get a nice little cat fight (see picture left) between two members and they will find the nicest ways to call each other douche bags. It's funny. But usually, it's very boring soap box stuff. But what do we have here? Guestbloggers!! The Hill Blog: We Have Your Money. The IRS wants you to know there are $92.2 million in unclaimed tax returns just sitting around. "An average refund of $963 is waiting for 95,746 taxpayers nationwide whose refund checks have been returned to the Internal Revenue Service as undeliverable." You guys better get your money.

So BET is putting on a special that highlights famous black criminals and someone has a problem with that? New York Daily News: BET rounds up quite a gang. Of course they do. Look, it's no big deal. This is no different then when Italian Americans get up in arms whenever there is a 24-hour marathon of mobsters on the History Channel or a Martin Scorcese movie comes out. You know what would be nice is if BET did a special highlighting some of America's most philanthropic black families; famous names (no celebrities!) that go back generations. Talk about those of us who were doctors in the 1800s and those who have had law schools & medical schools named after them. It would be a nice balance and don't think those stories would be boring either. Read anything by Lawrence Otis Graham and you'll know these people had enough drama going on to juice up a story.
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