When thinking of book titles, Wendy Williams is my new role model. This is her follow up to Drama Is Her Middle Name. Can't get much more real than that.

Found this pic of Edwards & Obama at Wonkette, one of my favorite blogs ever! You caption it.

Also from Wonkette and the NY Times, all four of these members of Congress live together in a townhouse. I would think that Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer would have their own sweet digs, but not the case. Clearly their wives were like, "Hell no, I'm not living in D.C." Anyway, if you ask me, the place looks a mess like some college boys live there. It must get crowded, especially when they bring their mistresses over. Allegedly. NYTimes: Taking Power, Sharing Cereal

Colbert & O'Reilly traded shows yesterday. Didn't see O'Reilly, but Colbert was funny. As suspected, O'Reilly just can't get the sense of humor necessary to put up with Colbert's foolishness. To be honest, when O'Reilly is making sense, he makes a lot of sense. I agree with him more often than I'd be willing to admit. It's just that so much he says is total B.S. and gets clouded by this self-appointed symbol of truth he thinks he is. Colbert is just a fool and you can't not like him.Everybody has their opinion about yesterday's shows.
Yahoo! Colbert, O'Reilly face off on both shows Arts: Parody, reality cross paths on Colbert, O'Reilly shows
LAist: Morning Question: Who Did Better? Colbert on O'Reilly or O'Reilly on Colbert?

Today might be the last day I can blog about a possible Bears/Colts Superbowl. Wouldn't that be nice to have two black coaches in the Superbowl? Coaches chasing Super Bowl and history. If they do make it, we will quickly get sick of the poignant meaningful pieces about the racial milestone. I'm nervous about my Bears but I will stay with them until the end. If they make it, as much as I think Tony Dungy has earned a Superbowl, I can't root against my Bears. But first we have to get over the New Orleans Saints and Reggie "he can get it" Bush. It doesn't make any sense how fine that little boy is.

Remember Spike Lee was going to have an NBC scripted show on life after Katrina in New Orleans? I thought it might be interesting, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. NBC spikes Lee. It looks like Spike got a little too complicated for them. He might want to hit up HBO or Showtime.

Racial profiling can get expensive. NBC6: Passenger Awarded $400,000 In Racial Profiling Case. We need to figure out a better way to do this. I'm not an idiot. I'm aware that Arab terrorist are likely to look like Arabs and it makes no sense to take aside a 12 year old black girl or 80 year old white woman at the airport in defense of fairness, but you can't just go buck wild on anybody with a shade of brown.

Why does the brother have to be the crazy Muslim talking about eating his enemy's blood? Radicals vs. moderates: British Muslims at crossroads. "At a recent debate over the battle for Islamic ideals in England, a British-born Muslim stood before the crowd and said Prophet Mohammed's message to nonbelievers is: "I come to slaughter all of you." "We are the Muslims," said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. "We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad." Come on now.

The ACLU is again going after states for enforcing the law. Some state troopers pulled over a van full of illegals from Guatemala and detained them because they were here illegally. Apparently, they think this is unfair. Rhode Island news: ACLU Sues State Police

I in NO WAY endorse spanking kids. I don't think you use violence to teach respect and self-discipline. However, good luck trying to tell people they can't knock their kid upside the head if they feel the occasion calls for it. The state of California, big surprise, is going to try. No-spank bill on way Majority Oppose Calif. Spanking Ban. I was the youngest of six kids, so my parents had gotten all the spanking out of them on my older brother and sisters. I would talk back and they would just roll their eyes and go about their business. After being warned he was going to get a spanking, my nephew once told my brother-in-law that "you can't spank the baby." My brother-in-law's response was, "I'm Daddy. I made the baby. I can spank the baby. Trust me." The government has no place interfering with his authority. That being said, don't hit the little bits.
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