There is more fall out from Barbara Boxer's ridiculous statement to Condi Rice last week suggesting that because she has no children, she doesn't understand war. She knows very well she would have never said that if the Secretary of State was a man without children. It was an obnoxious, sexist thing to say and she should apologize. Did I just say that? I hate the apology crap, but I have to say I am offended. Any idiot can have a kid. It's biological and nothing more. Boxer also got the business on The Daily Show & The Colbert Report last night.
AP: Rice: Single Women Can Understand War
NYTimes: Exchange Turns Into Political Flashpoint
National Ledger: Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer & Hillary Clinton: Womb Politics

I read over at Booker Rising that Harold Ford is going to take over as DNC Chair, a pretty powerful position as we head towards 2008. We all expected to see him doing something. He's too good to just disappear. He's a very good fundraiser, so this could be a good job for him. I thought he might prefer to stay in TN and try to recover from 2006 in case Senator Alexander decides to retire. If he spends the next two years in D.C., then he'll lose his local swagger.
Radar Online: DLC Taps Harold Ford as Next Chair
The Memphis Flyer: Harold Ford Jr. To Be DLC Chair?

Well under the radar, a woman, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI), has taken the helm as the head of the Congressional Black Caucus. "During the ceremony, which seemed more like a church revival than a political event, Kilpatrick said the theme of her tenure would be "change course; do something different."" Hope she means it, because the CBC could really use some change. Carolyn Kilpatrick Sworn in as CBC Chair - Chairwoman’s new focus: Change

We all knew the haters would come on sooner or later with Obama and it turns out it was sooner rather than later. While some resort to trying to make him a member of Al Qaeda or the former ruler of Iraq, others just say he isn't black enough. Obama's charm lost on America's black activists

All the presidential candidates scrambled for a prominent black church to give their MLK speech at on Sunday. Very cliche, but what are you gonna do. They'll show up on MLK day and then two weeks before the election. Candidate John Edwards, the only almost-socialist that I like (besides Jon Stewart), made his MLK speech at Riverside Church in Harlem this past Sunday. It was an "in your face" gesture to Hillary Clinton who is supposed to be running things in the N.Y.C. Like she cares. She's married to Bill Clinton. With most blacks in NY, that gives her a "get the black vote" free card. I like Edwards because he's smart and understands real pain (lost his son, wife had cancer), has a smart wife and seems like a "normal" person. Hairstyle is a little too pretty for me, but he's handsome.
New York Daily News: Edwards plans MLK speech - on Hillary's turfNewsMax: Hillary Answers 'Attack' by John EdwardsBlackAmericaWeb: John Edwards: On Issues of Race, War and Poverty in America, Silence is Betrayal – And Dreaming is Not Enough

And how much do you love 24? I'm so happy it's back. Yes, they did kill Curtis and I'm upset about that. I almost had a heart attack when they killed the man who was supposed to be my baby's daddy, President Palmer, last year, but I sort of saw this one coming. Curtis was some serious eye candy for me. He has that...BAM! But you know no one besides Jack & Chloe (aka Rat Face) are guaranteed on that show. I can't complain about killing off the brothers either because with the kill count on that show, I'm surprised Curtis lasted this long. Poor Jack almost cried because he had to shoot him. He's such a broken man, making him even more unstable than he was before, which was mighty unstable. I still love him and he's my American hero, but I'm not sure I'd want to be alone in a room with him. Crazy! Wayne Palmer as President? Not so much. He ranged from either incompetence to looking like he was going to cry. His brother, David, is such a hard act to follow though, so I'm trying to cut him some slack. He is rocking the goatee acceptably. Love me some Regina King and she certainly looks like she's going to cause some trouble. I'll be in class until 10 every Monday, but you know I'm watching this as soon as I get home. All I can say is if Jack says, "Lower your weapon" someone is about to die.
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