This is one of the advantages of New Media. Here we have a story with a video attached, so you can do one or the other or both. WRCB TV: Mocha Moms is about black stay-at-home moms and a feeling of isolation. I grew up with a stay at home mom, Daddy made the money. I lived in a mostly white suburb and most of my white friends had stay at home moms. Our next door neighbors were black, their mom stayed home and my Aunt was a stay at home mom, so I thought everyone's mom stayed at home for a long, long time. In reality, it is unusual to find black stay at home moms for various reasons. Most black women with children aren't married. They are the sole breadwinners and have to work. Some of them, not most, complain about that, but if they choose to have children outside of marriage, that just comes with the territory. Also, black women have opportunities in business and other areas that we didn't have before, so many are choosing to pursue that route even if they are in situations where they can afford not to work.

I think it's important for moms to be home in those first few delicate years, but not every woman is satisfied staying at home. Just like many men, many women have a desire to achieve, are very talented and need the challenge of a career. Most men who are secure in their manhood actually appreciate this in a woman. If you engaged in family planning, which unfortunately most of us don't do, you can work it out.
My sister, Pam, and her husband planned to have a baby and three years out, they saved up almost all of her income, so that when the baby came, she could stay at home and Peter could support them on his own with their savings to back them up. My sister, Noreen had intended to go back to work after the second baby, but realized she didn't want to when it was time. She sat down with her husband and they calculated the sacrifices they would have to make to work this out. No more getting her hair done at the salon every Thursday, eating out less, less expensive vacations. All that, but it was worth it for them. Now that the baby is in junior high, she's looking to go back to work at least part time.
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