WAPO writer Stacy Weiner has a disheartening story about the sexualization of our little girls. It started with Britney and her crop tops in "Baby Hit Me One More Time" and has just exploded. Now you have little girls saying they want to be video "dancers" when they grow up and junior high girls wearing bracelets to show whether or not they've had oral sex.

"Ten-year-old girls can slide their low-cut jeans over "eye-candy" panties. French maid costumes, garter belt included, are available in preteen sizes. Barbie now comes in a "bling-bling" style, replete with halter top and go-go boots. And it's not unusual for girls under 12 to sing, "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

It's so sad that these girls are robbed of their innocence by marketing corporations and parents who let them take it all in because they would rather be their friend than their parent. Goodbye to Girlhood -

Honestly, I had a dollhouse in my room until I was a sophomore in high school, so I don't know anything about this. To be clear, it wasn't some Barbie Dream House s%#*. It was an real, supersized, three-story doll house with rare, antique furniture that my Dad actually sold to a collector for a ton of money (which I never saw even though it was my dollhouse). My point is, girlhood was sweet and naive and I'm sad that it has changed.
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