I was attracted to this article headline I found in Diverse Issues In Higher Education. Research Roundup: Affirmative Action Opponents Not Necessarily Racist.

"New research suggests that opponents of affirmative action are usually concerned about their own group's well-being, and not because they're racist."

New research? I could have told you that 10 years ago.

We can agree that there is a difference between someone who is against AA on principle and those against it based on their hatred of others. But what is the difference between hating others and wanting to preserve privilege for your own race? In order to preserve your race's privilege, you have to keep others down, don't you? Someone has to lose if someone is to win. If you think in terms of race, I guess that is how you see things. It's sad.

What this study is saying is that whites are against AA because they see it as a threat to their white privilege, which they want to maintain. The more opportunities minorities get, the more they will have to compete with us for finite resources like good jobs, material possessions, etc. The more equality other races get, the less special being white will be. They'll just be another race instead of the race. Isn't' that racism? Isn't anyone of any color who bases what is right or wrong on race perpetuating racism?

If someone is against unfair preferences, then they need to be against all unfair preferences. They should be shouting as loudly about AA college admissions as they are against legacy admissions. But they aren't. They don't care about under-qualified whites getting in, just under-qualified minorities. That sounds kind of racist to me and completely hypocritical.
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