My cousin enjoyed my post about George Lucas getting his swirl on with Mellody last week because she has a preference for white boys herself. She was going on and on about how Lucas likes the brown sugar and used to date Troy Beyer among others (pictured). Also too young for him, but I guess if you're worth $3bill, you can roll like that.

Anyway, she led me to this site, black female interracial marriage: E-Zine on black women and interracial marriage options. This site focuses on black female, white male relationships and it is serious, girl. Someone did their research. It has categories and everything. Celebrities, non-celebrities, websites, dating services, marriage counseling, books and articles dating back to the 1980s on white male/black female relationships. Obsess much?

It's not the most updated site because I know some of these couples haven't been together in a while. Boris Becker broke up with his wife at least two sisters ago. Some of these people are dead. Also she has people like Bill Maher and Karrine Stepphens and that s^#* just don't count. I would tell her to update, but my own blogroll is about 75% dead links, so I'll shut up.
My one surprise: Stone Phillips of NBC is married to a sister.

Some others
Kira Arne & Tom Verica
Tracy Ross and Ben Masters (Soap Opera Stars)
Conchita LeeFlang (Actress) & Kid Rock (Rock Musician)
Gwen Adams and Peter Norton (Founder of Norton Utilities--now Symantec Corp.)(Scroll down)
Rynthia Rost & Marco Aquilar
Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton
Claire Hope-Ashitey (Star of "Children of Men") and Jo Charlesworth
Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander
Joy Denalane (Afro-German Singer) & Max Herre (Singer and Producer) scroll to pic #4
Lynn Whitfield & Brian Gibson
Almaz and Karlheinz Bohm (Austrian Actor)
Tai Babilonia(Olympic Gold Medal Winner Figure Skater) & David Brenner (Comedian)
Simone Bent & Troy Garity (Son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden)
Tanya and Ivan Sergei (Actor)
-Lois & Ronald Betts ( Founder and Chairman of the Chelsea Piers AND lead owner of the Texas Ranger Baseball team with partner Pres. George W Bush)
-Dorothy Gaither & John Brecher, Wine Columnists for Wall Street Journal & Authors of 2 books -Dina & Clint Eastwood
Stone Phillips (TV Anchorman) & Debra
Keisha & Justin Chambers (Gray's Anatomy 'Dr. Alex Karev')
Patti and Tuck (Musicians)
Prince Maxmilian of Liechtenstein and Angela Brown
Oluchi (Nigerian Model) & Luca Orlandi (Fashion Designer)
Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano
-Nina Alu and Iggy Pop (70s Punk Music Legend)
Eileen Norton and Peter Norton (Creator and Owner of Norton Utilities)
Essence Atkins (UPN Sitcom Star) & Ace Young (American Idol)
Tamyra Gray (American Idol Finalist) & Sam Watters (Songwriter & Producer)
Serena Williams & Brett Ratner
Gloria Jones & Marc Bolan (70s British Rock Star)
Michaelle Jean (Canada's Governor General) and Jean-Daniel Lafond
Traci Bingham ("Baywatch" Star) & Husband
Mick Jagger & Martha Hunt
Lena Horne and Lennie Hayton
Shari Belafonte & Sam Behrens (Actor)
Vita Gasaway & Neely Tucker (Writer-Journalist)
Mark Bamford & Suzanne Kay (Both are Screenwriters)
Crystal & Paul Wall (Rapper)
Eunice & Sebastian Deisler (German Football Star)
Diahnn Carroll--Many Images
Leslie Uggams & Graham Pratt (Australian Businessman) (scroll to bottom)
Paula Patton & Robin Thicke (music video)
Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
Eartha Kitt & William MacDonald
Julie Brown ("Downtown") & Martin Schuermann
Robin Givens and Mark Schenkenberg
Tina Turner & Erwin Bach
Josephine Premice & Timothy Fales (Article & Pic)
Katherine Dunham & John Pratt
Alice Walker & Mel Levantahl
Ron Perlman, Opal Stone & Kids
Barbara & Boris Becker (Tennis Pro)
Rita Dove (Poet Laureate) & Fred Viebahn
Gelila Assefa & Wolfgang Puck
Robert DeNiro & Grace Hightower
Ruth Pointer & Martin Sayles
Roger Ebert & Chaz
Kerry Washington & David Moscow
Heather Hedley & Brian Musso
Bill Maher & Karrine Steffans (Video Vixen)
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon & Husband
Alfre Woodward & Roderick Spencer
Former Defense Secy William Cohen and Janet Langhart Cohen
Debra Wilson & Cliff Skelton(scroll down)
Aisha Tyler & Jeff Fietjens
Sherry Bronfman (ex-wife of Edgar Bronfman Jr.--Seagram Liquor Heir)
Iman and David Bowie
Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish (former Alvin Ailey Dancer) & Robert Dobrish (Matrimonial Lawyer to the Stars)
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