Hillary can't catch a break. Even articles about her are about Obama. Newsweek talks about the fund-raising strategy, to hit up the old Clinton faithfuls is backfiring. However, the photo attached to the story is of Obama shaking hands with the caption, "Obama is a master at working the crowd." MSNBC: The End of Inevitability. You could at least show her the respect of putting her picture on the story. And why has her strategy backfired? Isn't she rolling in more dough than anyone ever has at this stage in the campaign?

So Bill said that Barry said something about the Iraq war that Barry didn't say and somehow, people are blaming Hills for it. The point of the story is that Hills hasn't found her niche. While Barry can stand tall with his "no war" stance, she has to find something that makes her unique. The Hill’s Pundit Blog » Clinton Fumbles Trying To Separate Herself

Yet another article about Hillary through Barack. He pulled a I'm N UR backyard, taking UR money, on Hillary. N.Y.'S BARACK $TARS - New York Post Online Edition


Edwards is closing in on Hillary. In New Hampshire, A 35% to 16 % lead has turned into a 27% to21%. Obama is still coming in third. Edwards closes in on Hillary - The Washington Times

Now you all know that I like Edwards, but this is just wrong. Edwards Provides Lesson in E-Campaigning 101 - The Sleuth

"When you visit the John Edwards for President Web site, you're invited to send a sympathy note to the Edwardses. And tens of thousands of well wishers have done so since that heart-wrenching news conference two weeks ago at which Elizabeth Edwards courageously discussed her incurable cancer.
What those well wishers get in return -- e-mail messages soliciting contributions to Edwards's campaign."

I'm sorry, but that is not cool.

We're seeing the Giuliani that his critics warn about. The temperamental guy that has to control everything. Well, in a campaign for President, it is impossible. With the Internet, you do not have the only say in your image and you can't control how much the press writes about your wife. Former mayor up to old tricks again, trying to control everything his way - NY Daily News
Rudy is pro-choice. We all know this. It's only one issue of many that differentiates his opinions from that of the Republican party platform. It would be an interesting convention if he was selected for candidate. If, I said. The State - Abortion issue could hurt Giuliani in S.C.

If you're running for President and want to portray yourself as a serious, law abiding person, you might want to cut down on the Godfather imitations. Great movie, Rudy rattles some with Vito Corleone's voice - And don't say he can get away with it because he is Italian. He just really needs to tighten things up a bit.

Rudy promises to cut ties with his law firm, the very law firm that is trying to help Hugo Chavez take over America. That's an exaggeration, but he really needs to quit if he is serious about running. Has he declared yet? So many people have, I can't get it straight. RUDY CONFIRMS HE'LL SNIP BIZ TIE By - New York Post Online Edition

Former NY Mayor Ed Koch has no love for other former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. He wrote a whole book about it. IMPLACABLE FOE - New York Post Online Edition


Someone is also trying to clarify what Romney has already said one million times. He's a Mormon, but he does not believe in polygamy. And just because his ancestors did it, doesn't mean he thinks its okay. Union Leader - Romney: 1 man 1 woman

Someone tried to make a scandal out of Romney's hunting habits, but it pretty much flopped. Just remind everyone he's a Mormon. Those fundamentalists will run away like crazy. Yes, we agree with all his issues and he seems like a trustworthy man and a strong leader, but he's not down with J.C., so...yeah. Romney Scandal: Candidate Has Never Even Shot a Lawyer - Wonkette

I sincerely doubt Romney and Bush were BFFs ever. Romney doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would laugh at jokes that aren't funny. Either way, Romney is doing what every other candidate is doing, distancing himself from Bush. Romney distances himself from Bush

Old news that Romney is the Hillary of the Republican party, but at only $21 million, he can't even match Obama. Romney tops GOP in race for funds - The Boston Globe. You people realize you don't get your money back when a candidate loses, right?
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