Is this good news for charter schools in D.C.? WAPO: A Boom for D.C. Charter Schools. WAPO says test scores are lagging, but schools are multiplying and its changing the landscape of education. Demand for the District's publicly funded, independently operated charter schools is at a high -- enrollment has risen an average of 13 percent annually since 2001. If the trend continues, more students will attend charter schools than traditional public schools by 2014, according to a study last year by Fight for Children, a nonprofit advocacy organization.

I'm in favor of charter schools because I'm in favor of parents having as many choices as possible when it comes to the education of their children. I'm always the first to say, "Not with my taxes!" but education is one area where I think most reasonable people will make an exception. We all have a vested interest in these kids getting a good education. I'm not surprised that scores are lagging at the outset. Many of these kids were taken out of the public school system because they weren't achieving there and parents wanted to try something else. It will take some time for the kids to catch up.
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