Remember the SNL skit right after Congress tried and failed to impeach President Clinton? Phil Hartman, as Bill, walks to the podium and looks into the camera and says, "Next time, you best bring some Kryptonite" and walks away. Does Hillary have the same resolve as her man? Can she weather the attacks that are only going to get worse and worse? She says yes. Clinton: Attacks won't scare me off -


Politico offers a bunch of numbers I don't understand to say that Hillary is making smart moves with her campaign money considering she has some of the most expensive consultants in her camp. "Clinton reported to the Federal Election Commission an overall total for the quarter of $36 million, the $26 million she raised from Jan. 1 to March 31 and a $10 million transfer from her Senate account. The campaign spent $5 million, about half of the expenses incurred by Republican hopeful John McCain during the same period. And she reported having $1.5 million in debts." Politico: Hillary Runs Thrifty Campaign

She was recently speaking out against the treatment of injured soldiers home from Iraq in New York's vet hospitals. Clinton: Treatment of troops 'outrageous' -

More importantly, she spoke out about Sanjaya on American Idol. Hillary Clinton Weighs in on American Idol’s Sanjaya Malakar – Bodog Beat


She also cancelled a trip to speak at a celebration at Rutgers University because of the bad weather. Maybe she didn't want to be in any way related to the Imus mess even though that wasn't why she was going. Hillary Clinton Postpones Rutgers Trip


CBN takes the Christian angle of course and while discussing the topic of her prayers, which I thought would be private but whatevs, we also find out that she used to teach Sunday school. Sunday School? I wonder if Hills has a profile? CBNNews: Hillary Clinton's Prayers - The Brody File
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