This swirling has gotten out of control! Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S. Loving v. Virginia has opened a can of worms. Looks like that browning of America so many people fear is gonna happen whether you keep immigrants out or not. I'm not sure how it happened, but I noticed last year that a lot of my girlfriends are now dating (one engaged) to white men. This happened right under my nose! How insulting! Just kidding. Honestly, it's nice to read about this today after all the negative racial conversations that have been going on recently. As long as love is stronger than hate, there is hope. I'm going to send this article to my cousin's husband who hates interracial couples and told my sister not to bring her white husband to his wedding even though my sister was the matron on honor. Total loser.

One of the most popular posts that I've written in the last few months was Interracial - The Remix, a follow up to my post about George Lucas dating Mellody Hobson. My friend, who is dating a white guy, sent me a picture of George Lucas and Troy Beyer from a few years ago. She's a regular visitor to a site that focuses on black female/white male interracial relationships. I listed all the famous couples (with links to their pictures) in the post and people go crazy looking for it. Who would have known that Stone Phillips was married to a sister?When I check the outlinks from that post, people seem to be most interested in the one dude from Grey's Anatomy (don't know his name) and his wife. People have actually emailed me pictures of all 4 of their biracial children. I really didn't ask for it, but whatevs.
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