Cleveland's politicians like hookers. What city's politicians don't like hookers? I don't know how much of this story is true, but the DC Madame's phone list includes a call from Cleveland connected to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Also the head of the DVA resigned recently. Hmmmm. Cleveland VA's Controversial New Treatment. Vets Walk Again With BJ's From DC Hookers! Buckeye State Blog
The mayor there is a total ho and his extramarital affair with the newswoman who broke the story when he and his wife separated (can you believe her?) has created a furor in the affair. And since all involved are Hispanic, Gregory Rodriguez takes issues with the "ethnic innuendos" journalists used when reporting on the story. Where's the rose between his teeth? - Los Angeles Times

Voting issues bring up racial problems in Mississippi, my favorite God-forsaken state. What a surprise. In Mississippi, a Judge's Ruling on Crossover Voting Raises Older Issues - New York Times. And yes it is a Times Select Article. "A federal court ruling in June that forces voters to register by party could return Mississippi to the days of racially polarized politics, as many white Democrats warn that thousands of white voters will now opt definitively for the Republican Party."

Sounds like a fun project. "School leaders in a southern New Mexico district will not face federal sanctions for allowing a high school project on racism in which students posted signs reading "Whites Only" and "People of Color" above water faucets, officials said." Are there black people in New Mexico? No Sanctions in N.M. School Race Project -

Chicago Cops. Where do I begin? Chicago Revamps Investigation of Police Abuse, but Privacy Fight Continues - New York Times. "It has been a tough year for the department and its 13,600 officers. An off-duty officer was caught on videotape beating a female bartender. In another incident, also captured on videotape, a group of off-duty officers was seen beating four businessmen at a downtown bar. In addition, several officers in an elite unit are awaiting trial on charges that include home invasion, theft and armed violence, as county prosecutors continue to investigate the unit."
The "good" kind of black people are leaving Miami. Okay, that was wrong, I'm sorry. I haven't slept much. Here's the story. Extra Miami-Dade experiencing an exodus of middle-class blacks - 07/28/2007 -
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