Although I commend Martin for this article, Commentary: Black men must reclaim our children -, the people he is talking to won't pay attention. Good black fathers already agree with him. But whenever you confront black men, like the ones Martin is referring to, about taking on the real role of a father(which is more than just saying you have a kid), they only respond with some insanity like most black men are taking on their full responsibility as fathers and its just a few who aren't, or how yes it is undeniable that black men are slacking in their fatherly roles, but others are keeping them from doing so. If you initiate a conversation about loose, irresponsible black women, they have boatloads of comments and criticisms, but when you just focus on them...(crickets chirping).

"As the mug shots of the alleged killers of NFL star Sean Taylor were shown on television, I kept wondering when we were going to see their parents step forward. I saw a couple of mothers, but their dads were missing in action.Dads matter, and it's ridiculous for us to act as if all it takes is a loving mom."

When have you ever heard someone say, "That's right. I'm just not doing my job as a father and its up to me to start doing so?" The most popular retorts are to blame whoever the mother(s) of their child(ren) or how society has been constructed to prevent them. They never really have an explanation for the black men from every class structure who are great fathers.
On another blog, I actually had one brother tell me that the way black boys are turning out is more because of the no-good black women who don't raise them right than that black men who aren't raising them at all. WTF? I will admit that women who spread their legs for any fool aren't likely to be great mothers and both parents play a role, but no one with even a pea for a brain can suggest that a mother has more effect on a son's transition from boy to man than a father or the absence of one. Go into any prison and ask them what role their father (if they even knew him at all) played in their lives?
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