They're killing Harlem! Okay, I've actually only been to Harlem twice and really just went for the food, but ever since President Clinton announced his post-presidency HQs would be in Harlem, property values exploded.

"Condos can go for $1 million. Big retailers like Old Navy, Starbucks, Payless, Staples and Blockbuster are ubiquitous. On 125th Street near Fifth Avenue, bulldozers clear a vacant lot for an upscale hotel.

Old-timers worry that redevelopment will wipe out mom-and-pop stores and affordable housing, along with the area's distinct character. But boosters say commerce and construction bring jobs, safe streets and new cultural and retail venues that complement famous landmarks.

Certainly Harlem's appeal to tourists has never been stronger. Double-decker sightseeing buses cross 125th Street every few minutes. Japanese visitors queue up at Sylvia's, the famous soul food restaurant."

The last time I was in Harlem was the summer of 2003 and I found it interesting how many non-black people were walking around. Young white couples with their baby strollers, Hispanics, white professionals eating out and a lot of Asians running local stores. Life goes on and the only thing we can count on is that everything will change. I just hope they can maintain some of what was/is great about Harlem. Finding the real Harlem amid a changing landscape -
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