I AM LEGEND broke records with $77 million this weekend, making it the biggest December opening since...ever. You mean Will Smith beat the Lord of Rings trilogy(all three of them were December openings)? He beat Narnia? He beat King Kong(which kind of sucked anyway)? Wow. Who else do you know can pretty much carry a movie all by himself? He is officially the biggest star in the game. Good for him and since his company, Overbrook, was behind the camera, he's not just the star; he's also The Man.

So I punked out. Even though I am officially acting buck wild now that I have finished exams, I'm too much of a scaredy cat to go see it. I saw the original movie "OMEGA MAN" when Charlton Heston did it on TV a few years ago. With special effects, I can only imagine how intense it was. I will go see National Treasure and Denzel has some movie about a Student Debate competition that looks interesting.
Deadline Hollywood Daily » Will Smith Can Now Say ‘I Am Legend’: $77M For Best December Debut Ever! ‘Chipmunks’ Open To Cheeky $44M Wkd
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