Jossip is a media gossip site and they tracked down a pic of Google CEO Eric Schmidt's business card with a typo. Hey, before you judge and call him ghetto or anything you must know that business cards are expensive. The typo has to be really big to spend the money to get them done again. Also, shouldn't the place that printed them have to redo them for free? I'm just trying to save the man money. He's only worth about $50+ Billion. Jossip: Google CEO Eric Schmidt Controls $144 Billion; Declines To Shell Out An Additional $10 At Kinko's To Have Them Proofread His Business Cards
If you can't read it, his title is listed as Chariman of the Executive Committee & CEO
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Here we go again. These are the same reasons that have always been there and none of them still stand up against reason. NAM: 10 Reasons Why Congress Should Back a Reparations Commission

Can someone just find this fool and kill him already? ABCNews: The Blotter: CIA: Bin Laden in Pakistan Establishing New Camps

Everybody is getting on the "Ban the N-word" bandwagon. They're even trying to ban it in New York. I'm sure that will go over well with the New York Mafia. They love that word.

Follow up on the "Catch An Immigrant" game by some College Republicans I blogged about last week. Very bad taste, but not surprising. College Republicans seemed to have more "racial" issues than regular Republicans. Between the affirmative action poems, black face parties and this...BREITBART.COM : Dems Urge GOP to Halt Immigrant Prank

Okay so my recent post suggesting that China is going a little overboard by institutionalizing online addicts (POLITOPICS: Isn't this a bit much) loses a little steam after reading this. Reuters: Online addict dies after "marathon" session

The lure of running into Angelina & Brad Pitt with little Maddox, Z or Shiloh isn't really enough for me to risk getting shot and the odds of the latter are much more than the former. If the Big Easy thinks it's having a hard time selling to tourist now, wait till the fact that someone is murdered every 2.2 seconds gets around. It's a hard sell for some, Big Easy for others

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Also, Hillary & Barry are giving speeches just a few hundred yards from each other on Sunday at the same time, both to black audiences. The article describes this as virtually adjacent to each other. Both camps consider this a delicate situation and are tripping over themselves to make sure there isn't a problem. I sense either a riot or a dance off.
New York Daily News - Politics - Walking fine line
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Alabama Congressman Artur Davis is considering a run for Governor of Alabama or mayor of Birmingham or Vice Chancellor of the Republic; I can't remember. Anyway, he was at Harvard Law School the same time Obama was there and he remembers a charismatic third-year student who spoke to Davis' freshman class.
He must be mistaken, because all of the articles I've been reading say that Obama was an uppity, self-involved jackass to everyone up until the moment he ran for Senator in Illinois. :: Davis, Obama roots sprouted at Harvard
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I'm picturing Alan Greenspan walking up and down the streets of D.C. talking to anyone who will listen since he isn't the Fed Chair anymore, but wants us to understand that we are going to hurl into another Great Depression by the end of this year. Greenspan Warns of Likely U.S. Recession: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Okay, so not the Depression, but a recession and he wasn't walking the streets in D.C. but at a conference in Hong Kong. Do you think it was a coincidence that he said this on Monday and the Asian stock markets and then the U.S. stock markets plummeted the very next day? We had the worst drop since 9/11. He is his own self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone shut him up.

Also, if we do go into another recession, what effect will that have on the Presidential campaign in November of next year?
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This story made the rounds yesterday. A sorority at DePauw University was losing their rep for being pretty, stuck up white girls, so they did a restructuring. They say they interviewed all the girls in the house and kicked out the ones who seemed less committed to the sorority, but it just so happens that all the girls who aren't committed were all the fat and non-white ones.

"The 23 members included every woman who was overweight. They also included the only black, Korean and Vietnamese members. The dozen students allowed to stay were slender and popular with fraternity men — conventionally pretty women the sorority hoped could attract new recruits. Six of the 12 were so infuriated they quit."

Jossip: Delta Zeta Takes Giant Step Against Diversity By Kicking Out All The Fatsos And Ethnic Chicks

Good job to the 6 girls that could have stayed but quit. I am not a "group" kind of girl. I wouldn't have lasted in a sorority for ten minutes because I generally want everyone to leave me the f&$# alone, so I would say these girls are better off. That doesn't make it right. Besides, if they were really hot they would have gotten into a better school.
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So it appears, at least in this recent poll, that blacks are slowly coming around to Obama. I still don't think they'll vote for him on November 6 of next year, but they are moving away from Clinton (who hasn't earned anything with them as a group).
WAPO: Blacks Shift To Obama, Poll Finds
The Nation: Black Voters Like Obama

"Clinton, of New York, continues to lead Obama and other rivals in the Democratic contest, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. But her once-sizable margin over the freshman senator from Illinois was sliced in half during the past month largely because of Obama's growing support among black voters."

In the VA primary, I would vote for Barry over Hillary and possibly over Edwards, but I kind of like Edwards. I think it's the suppressed socialist inside of me. For Republicans, I don't know what the heck to do. I guess I would pick Giuliani over McCain. I feel like McCain's day has gone and his pandering to the far right is disingenuous. Giuliani doesn't try to hide the liberal or moderate beliefs he has. Romney, I just don't know enough but I have to admit I'm hesitant about the non-Christian thing.
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I hate to start the morning all serious, but this story has to be read. A little boy in Prince George's County died Sunday because of a toothache. It would have cost about $80 to pull his tooth, but because his mother isn't insured (who knows where father is) and the Medicaid program has very few dentists and they are hard to find and get an appointment with. His tooth became infected and killed him. He was in the hospital for six weeks and had two operations, but the bacteria had spread to his brain. Only in third world countries does anyone die from a toothache. This shouldn't have happened.

His mother was busy trying to find a dentist for his brother who had six rotted teeth, so she might have assumed a toothache wasn't that serious. Why are her children's teeth in such bad shape? WAPO: For Want of a Dentist

So what could have been an $80, five minute procedure became more than $250,000 in medical cost and the death of a 12 year old boy.
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An Asian paper in San Francisco published a column last Friday titled "Why I Hate Blacks." You might think that it was just an attention grabber that went on to talk about racial harmony and what not, but no. The writer, Kenneth Eng, considers himself an Asian Supremacist and he really hates blacks. Asian paper's 'I Hate Blacks' column assailed

So the paper has pulled the column after everyone went apes*%$ about it, but question number one is how in the hell did it get in there in the first place? Ever hear of an editor? Even David Duke would have said, 'Can we tone this down?' on that one. I guess they thought that only Asians read the paper and all Asians would agree. Well it is true only Asians read that paper, but a lot of them got pissed and now it's pretty much on.

Question number two is WTF with an Asian Supremacist living in America? I know San Fran has hella Asians, but if you're a racial supremacists, wouldn't you want to live somewhere where your race is the majority and doesn't get treated like crap along with the other non-majority races.

Some of his reasons for hating blacks:
--Blacks hate us. Every Asian who has ever come across them knows that they take almost every opportunity to hurl racist remarks at us."
-- "Contrary to media depictions, I would argue that blacks are weak-willed. They are the only race that has been enslaved for 300 years."
-- "Blacks are easy to coerce. This is proven by the fact that so many of them, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, tend to be Christians."


I know that my "That's Racist" active icon would have been perfect here but I've already used it today (see N-Word Conference post below) and I can't excuse more than once a day, but I'll find an excuse to use it tomorrow.
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The NRA is sponsoring an essay contest for little kids to say why it's so important every American man, woman and child (at least the white ones) should all have at least 7 guns each. I could try to say something about it, but nothing would even come close to Wonkette's sample essay.

"That motherfucker who said hunting with assault rifles was a Terrorist Act is a total motherfucker who should be murdered legally killed due to the Second Amendment precious freedoms. He is a motherfucker.

I don’t care how much he wrote about hunting and took hundreds of thousands of dollars from gun companies and used to be the Main Person who made hunting look cool on the teevee show about shooting bears, which are the nation’s biggest threat next to Saddam Hussein, fags and that motherfucker who said hunting with a machine gun is a Terrorist Act.

In closing, everybody should hunt that guy down as if he was a bear and then show him what our precious Second Amendment Freedoms are all about: Shooting that guy for being a traitor to the NRA."
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My hometown of Chicago is going to the polls today to re-elect Mayor Daley. Let's face it, isn't that all it is? I think the man will have that seat until he dies. I was a little excited when I heard Jesse Jackson, Jr. was going to run, but that didn't pan out. So go on and vote once before lunch and once after work.
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Okay, now this is some foolishness if I have ever seen it. Look at the median between the booths. They must have been rubbing up against each other about 15 feet before this. Ridiculous. They both need their license revoked. If someone is acting a fool on the road, let them pass, get their license and notify the police. Don't let them drag you into their idiocy.
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Yet another poll where people lie about race not playing a factor in who they would vote for President for. If someone called me and asked me anonymously if I would vote for a Lesbian, midget fire fighter who smokes, is 85 years old and used to belong to the Klan, I'd be like, "as long as she recycles I'd give her a chance," because how do I not know that the person who is asking me this question is also a lesbian, midget fire fighter who smokes is 85 years old and used to belong to the Klan? Although they say race doesn't matter, it does appear that age matters so if you're on the wrong side of 50, don't bother.

Also, don't be a Mormon.
WAPO Poll: Age Important to Voters
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It bothers me that people are trying to tie Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney, to polygamy. It's like they want to feed into the most negative history of his religion (mormon) and make it seem as if he somehow condones it. Despite the fact that Romney has condemned polygamy openly, they want to write about how his great-grandfather had five wives and his great-great-grandfather had 12. If it's unfair to punish a man for what his father does or his grandfather, once you start getting into greats with hypens, you're out of line.

There are people who still practice the weirdest Catholic traditions of painful servitude or self-punishment, but if he was Catholic, no one would go there. I'm not saying his religious beliefs aren't relevant, all the candidates will have to deal with that in this God-forsaken, God-loving country, but this is a stupid. That being said, I still don't think this country will vote for a President they don't consider a Christian and if you want to inquire about his religion, find out why Mormons are so damn happy all the time. I'm very curious. Romney family tree has polygamy branch - Yahoo! News
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I'm worried about John Edwards. I almost referred to him as "that other candidate." Now that Vilsack is out, John is in danger of being "that other guy," whose name one has a little trouble remembering if he doesn't do something. John might possibly benefit from the bickering between the Obama and Clinton camps and of course many Southerners will likely prefer him to a woman or a black candidate (although he seems to have moved a little to the left since 2004), but critics are saying that Iowa is his make or break. If he doesn't come in at least 2nd there, he needs to go home and spend his millions on haircuts and stuff. He might have a good chance, the article suggests that he is very popular in Iowa and always has been. Edwards' campaign rides on Iowa
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Mexico is upset about this wall we're building and I'm still not sure how I feel about it myself, but I can only laugh at Mexican officials who say the U.S. is trespassing on Mexican soil because at one point of the wall, we have gone 10 yards, yes 10 yards, into Mexican territory. Let's review exactly what they are accusing us of. Hypocrisy isn't even the word.
When asked to elaborate, the officials could not be found for comments because they had all rushed the border and are illegals in the U.S. now.

This is what it's really about: "Many Mexicans see the fence as offensive and say it will be ineffective and potentially cause more deaths in border crossings. An estimated 1.2 million illegal immigrants were arrested in 2005 trying to cross into the US via the border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California."

We are making it harder for them to do their #1 favorite thing, trespass on American soil. The irony would be funny if it wasn't so blatant.
BBC NEWS Americas Mexican anger over US 'trespass'
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Now the N-word is getting its own conference. I guess people are serious about trying to convince people not to use the word; in public at least. They are also debating whether variations are acceptable, meaning you can't say n(^^&%, but you can say nigga or nizzle? One professor attending says that whites use the word less frequently, but are still thinking it. Duh. My idiot nephew could have told you that and he's 6. You know they use it when they think they're among safe company and at home too, but so do blacks, so what right do we have to be mad about it? I don't know if this will do any good because people stupid enough to use this word in public don't go to conferences on college campuses and they generally don't give a damn about how they look or sound to people. Alabama college hosts n-word conference -

And I know the icon is annoying, but trust me it would have been worse if I included sound. "That's Racist!" would be playing over and over in your mind all day.
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I generally think it's wrong for people to say who is and isn't going to hell when they die because that is between them and God, but I'm going to go out on a limb with this b^#*&.

Mother coached children to fake retardation -
"A woman admitted Monday that she coached her two children to fake retardation starting when they were 4 and 8 years old so she could collect Social Security benefits on their behalf."
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Just in case meeting desperate American crazies with 100 tattoos who live with their mom and name "skinny dipping" as their #1 favorite thing to do in their spare time which they have a lot of because they are 'between jobs' right now, wasn't producing any fruit, you can now look for the same people in other countries. is going global. Good luck. iWon News - to Announce Overseas Expansion
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iWon News - Suspect Named in Darfur War Crimes Case Suspect? As in singular? I guess it's a start. Actually they have two suspects and one appears to be a militia leader, so it is a good start. They are charged with 51 counts of various crimes. 51 down, 9,578,233 to go.

"More than 200,000 people have been killed in Darfur and 2.5 million displaced in a campaign the White House has called genocide."

The White House calls it genocide. It won't do anything else, but it has called it genocide. I guess that's our part; naming the thing and nothing more. I know we are a little strapped right now as far as military capabilities, but I can't believe we can't do more and I'm serious about making China step up to the plate. They own most of Africa now anyway. Granted, human rights are not their strong point.
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Okay, I've had more time to look at everything and I've made my decision. It was hard because the Fabulousness was off the charts last night. Usually you go 50/50 on events like this with half beautiful, half fug, but last night was overly beautiful. There were a lot of dresses that I thought were perfect but a little too busy for me. I mean that if I wasn't such a plain Jane, I would have loooved them. But I prefer simple elegance to WOW!

Gabby Union, who is absolutely beautiful despite being up in every party on the face of this planet, has my favorite dress. I'm sorry, I know some will think it's not glamorous enough, but it's just perfect. Perfect. And Noni gets my second nod because I was in a red mood last night I guess. Kate Winslet was my third choice. Love seeing women with curves kill it on the red carpet.
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OK, I guess I'll give my take on the boring Oscars. I'm a very impatient person. I can't sit and watch anything for 7 hours, which is how long it seemed to last. I went back and forth but most of what I saw, I got from YouTube highlights this morning.

Loved Forrest Whittaker's speech. He seems like a weird guy that talks like that all the time.

Liked Jen Hudson's speech, but she forgot she was in Hollywood with the thanking God and all that. They didn't know what the heck she was talking about.

More gorgeous dresses than hideous ones. Don't have a favorite though.

Like the Dreamgirls compilation, but disappointed none of those songs won. That stupid Car Cartoon song was even better than the song that won. Whatevs.

I knew Eddie wasn't going to win because Norbit came out while most of the ballots were still out. Bad move by Paramount. Oh well. But I was surprised with Alan Arkin. I would have given it to Djimon, not just because he's hot, but he's a good actor.

For some reason I'm starting to find Leo DiCaprio hot all of the sudden. I never, ever thought that before, but since Gangs of New York I'm kind of okay with him.

Jaden Smith is a going to be a huuuuuuuuuuge star. What a doll.

The Will Farrell Jack Black skit was my favorite.

Good for Al Gore to win and I liked Ellen's Al Gore/Jen Hudson joke about America voting for him and not her.

When I saw millionaire Mellody Hobson sitting next to billionaire George Lucas, I was like what the damn? Then I said, Mellody is a correspondent for ABC so they just got her that little seat, but then I was doing a two by two and realized that George Lucas isn't coming to the Oscars alone and he didn't come with the man next to him. Are they together? Oh snap. They are. Apparently this is not the first time in the last few weeks they've been seen together. George Lucas never leaves that freaky compound he lives in so who even knows what he's up to.
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James Cameron is a total jackass, just ask anybody. Ask any stars that have worked with him. They've said it without hesitation. He's a total meany and thinks he's God. Titanic made him even worse. But now James, who calls himself an archeologist yeah, right, is saying he found the coffin of Jesus although he is not suggesting that Jesus wasn't resurrected because there are no remains left in the coffin, but whatever.

"James Cameron says he has proof that Jesus married Mary and that she bore him a son, Judah, who was buried alongside them."

I thought it was a daughter and her name was Sarah!!!!!!!! Somebody is lying.
If you ask me it looks like something you can make in your garage with cement and equipment you found at Home Depot. This is London: I've found the coffin of Jesus, says film director
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Check out this interesting debate on whether or not America is too religious. I do think we have too many religious fanatics and wacko evangelists who we always later find out are totally morally corrupt. But I don't think we are too religious as a country because we generally do a good job of categorizing religion as a hands-off topic. I'm not a big fan of organized religion. I feel people put too much faith in a man-made concept. Every religion was created by a man/woman at some point and whether it was 5,000 years ago or yesterday, all men are fallible, so no religion can be THE right one. I do believe in God and the bible, but too many religions teach their own beliefs and then try to manipulate the bible to fit those beliefs. It should be the other way around. Oh well, that's my take. NPR : Is America Too Damn Religious?
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Now you know that if there are any stories of reverse discrimination against whites or hate crimes committed by persons of color, FOX News is going to run it.

"Four of nine black teenagers convicted in the racially charged beating of three white women on Halloween were sentenced to probation Friday."

These are boys and girls who engaged in mob mentality violence that is sickening. However, if the three female victims had been black, I don't think FOX News would have been that interested in picking it up from AP. In the end, it doesn't matter what FOX's intentions were, it's a newsworthy story because it's a case of hate crimes legislation used against people of color. Was this what the advocates of this kind of legislation had in mind? - 4 Hate-Crime Beating Teens Get Probation
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Some time last year I posted about the AJC doing a series on towns that ran out blacks or black towns that were burned down by white mobs. It was called LEAVE OR DIE: America's Hidden History of Racial Expulsions. It's a difficult but captivating series. It's a lot of what you imagined, but you still can't believe it was done and no one did anything about it or heard about it. Talk about reparations. This is a situation where they would be appropriate since many of these towns were targeted because of how successful the black business men and women were. Richard Prince writes about criticism the AJC is getting for the way they handled the series per the man who produced it. Richard Prince: Atlanta Paper Accused
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A great way to start your Monday morning is to find out your ancestors were owned by the ancestors of a total racist who hated blacks, but had an affair with his black maid and had a child he sent money to but wouldn't acknowledge before dying at the age 135. WAPO: Sharpton's Ancestor Was Owned by Thurmond's

The Rev. Al Sharpton, the prominent civil rights activist, is descended from a slave owned by relatives of the late senator and one-time segregationist Strom Thurmond, a genealogical study released Sunday reported.

"It was probably the most shocking thing of my life," Sharpton said of learning the findings, which were requested and published Sunday by the New York Daily News."

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Famous man with many titles but most importantly former slave, Frederick Douglass, has an estate in Anacostia, a mostly black suburb of DC. His home is a tourist attraction and recently received a $2 million face-lift that took three years to complete. It was closed that entire time. I'm looking forward to seeing it. "This Old House" did a special on the process for PBS. It's a beautiful Victorian era designed home with 21 rooms. Check it out if you're in or around D.C. WAPO: At Cedar Hill, Grandeur Restored
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Parents of a white student who was excluded from a journalism program at Virginia Commonwealth are sued for discrimination and sort of won. The case was settled with the journalism program agreeing to adopt a race-neutral policy. What does race-neutral mean? They paid the family $25K and she gets in the program next year. Suit over student program settled

The mother of a 10 year old boy (who happens to be black, but that's not part of the story) is suing a school in Glenside because they refused to let him wear a Jesus costume during Halloween activities which is total crap. They said it violated a policy promoting religion. So are all the people dressed up as witches promoting the religion of Wicca? I bet they got to wear their costumes. They also better not let kids wear Superman costumes because let's face it, Superman is basically the Jesus story with red tights. Philadelphia Inquirer 02/22/2007 Glenside school sued over forbidding Jesus costume
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Reuters has an African wire now which I think is pretty cool. I'm bookmarking it as my primary African news site so hopefully you'll be seeing post about Africa more. There was a cyclone in Mozambique? Breaking News, Business, Financial & Investing News, Commodities & More

Adrian Fenty promised to take over the D.C. school system if elected and that's what he's doing. He's starting with issuing anti-violence programs in the highest risk schools. The school leaders are very upset with his plans because they desperately want to keep control. But they've been in control and the schools are in horrible shape, so it's time to try something different.
WAPO: Fenty Targets School Violence
WAPO: School Board Unveils Plan to Counter Fenty's Proposal

Jennifer Hudson made the cover of Vogue, Beyonce is on SI's Swimsuit issue, Tyra did her 10-year anniversary SI cover weighing 161 lbs. We've heard recent news that the desire to be rail thin was finding its way into the black community which had previously rejected the idea. But maybe curves are making a comeback. None of these chicks are fat if you ask me. Hudson is full-figured but she's not fat. WAPO: Rounding Off Their Figures

Washington area kids are performing worse on standardized test than they have in the past, but they are getting better grades in class and many of those classes are Honors or AP. What does that mean? Testing is a difficult thing to deal with. Some people just aren't good test takers and maybe it does take an entirely different mindset to "test well," which is why people who are smart enough to test well, don't. We need to find a solution because the future of education standards is going to be testing. WAPO: Test Scores at Odds With Rising High School Grades

And yes, I read the WAPO during lunch.
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I know some people think I'm an a-hole when it comes to illegal immigration, but I don't care. I have no problem with legal immigration of Mexicans, Chinese or whoever. As a black woman in America, I don't benefit in any way from maintaining a white majority. The browner the better, but there is law and there is right and wrong.

I think it was last week that I posted about Bank of America giving loans to illegal immigrants without even asking for a social security number. It pisses me off that citizens have to show more proof of identity than illegals do. BoA is trying to excuse what they do, but I don't buy it. It should be illegal to help illegal immigration in any way and they are just setting up more opportunities for fraud and identity theft. Bank of America defends immigrant card program US News

South Carolina is joining the list of states that are on the right track as far as cracking down on illegal immigrants, but have they gone too far? I don't have a problem with requiring employers to check their workers status through a federal program and crack down on employers who take advantage of illegal workers. However, they also are preventing illegals from getting certain types of medical care and enrolling their children in public schools. As long as it isn't emergency medical care, I can be okay with this. As long as they are billed for it, they can get whatever medical care they want. I just don't want the taxpayers to foot the bill or for our insurance rates to keep going up to make up for it. Columbia, SC: House panel approves some illegal immigration proposals
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I never heard of this guy, but he used to be the governor of Colorado. His name is Richard Lamm and he recently said that blacks are lazy and Hispanics remain an underclass because their culture isn't success producing. We (Hispanics and blacks) need to take responsibility for our underperformance and should adopt the values of the Japanese and Jews.

"When two-thirds of black births are out-of-wedlock births, it is hard to write a happy or prosperous future for black America. When close to 50 percent of Hispanic students don't graduate from high school, it is hard to see Hispanics following the typical American route to prosperity."

I was ready to call him a jackass, but I can't disagree with everything he says because he's right. But a lot of people are mad and when they dig out the 24 feet of snow they have, they're going to protest or something. Rocky Mountain News: Lamm's Words Draw Fire
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They are out to get Deval Patrick in Massachusetts. The media loved him on his way up, but now that he's in, they smell his blood. I guess if using an expensive Caddy is the worst gossip about you, you're doing okay. I mean the car cost less than $50K, so is it even considered expensive? Patrick defends use of Cadillac - The Boston Globe. The point is that Patrick is a liar. He said he didn't drive the Crown Victoria (that former Gov Romney drove) because they didn't make them anymore, but they do make them. What else has he lied about? I would start impeachment hearings right away.

The truth is, according to Patrick's camp, that Crown Victorias are made in a way that aren't safe and will become a deathly death trap of death if you get into an accident, so they won't use one. They all look like pimp cars to me, so I'd just go with the BMW X5 and be done with it.

Also, Patrick is the first Governor since Dukakis to hire a staff member for his spouse and she's getting paid $72K to handle scheduling and interview requests for Mrs. Patrick. Now this, I might take issue with. First, you don't want to be connected with Dukakis in any way. Second, she's a partner at a law firm, she can afford her own assistant.
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They go from segregated beaches to banishing women to an entire island. Men-free tourism island planned - Yahoo! News. I mean come on. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone's culture, but how can you have any fun with same sex beaches? The female body is God's greatest work of art and art is not meant to be covered up or be ashamed of. I'll bet even on the island they can't wear what they want, but only what the men tell them they can. My plan would be to accept this island and the women gather their to plan their takeover without fear of men listening in.
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Very encouraging story about kids who aren't supposed to make it but are and the organizations that are helping them do it like Kinship Care and 100 Black Men of the Bay Area. These are the kids that many will right off as not having a chance because of what they were born into. Absent fathers, drug addicted mothers, acting like little badasses; the whole spectrum of signs of doom.

Never believe that the story is told already. I mean, just look at their faces in the pic. Even kids from very damaged homes and seemingly hopeless situations have hope and respond to opportunity. Their smiles tell me that they want to be something and contribute; that they haven't given up. Or maybe there's just an ice cream truck across the street and I can't see it.
Inside Bay Area - Local minorities driven to succeed
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Wonkette finds the craziest things. I didn't even know there was a Conservapedia out there. I guess Wikipedia is too liberal for some. Anyway, they have an entry on George Washington and I guess they highlight his Christianity or faith. They compare him to Jesus as someone who declined enormous wealth and power and he frequently invoked Christ in his work. Well it seems like someone hacked in and added "He also owned slaves, which wasn't very Christian at all, but whatevs." They've already removed it, but genius I say. Pure genius.
Conservapedia Already Ravaged by Libtards - Wonkette
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Jason Whitlock writes about the fighting and carrying on in Las Vegas during the NBA event there last weekend. Mayhem Main Event at NBA All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend in Vegas was an unmitigated failure, and any thoughts of taking the extravaganza to New Orleans in 2008 are total lunacy.An event planned to showcase what is right about professional basketball has been turned into a 72-hour display of why commissioner David Stern can't sleep at night and spends his days thinking of rules to mask what the NBA has come to represent.

Jason tell us how you really feel. Seriously, I have to agree with him. When everyone complains about David Stern trying to fight the negative image of the NBA, this is why. It's like a NBA event is no different than the Source Awards. I hate basketball now.

This is how they are dying. BREITBART.COM - 40 Immigrants Found in Trailer in Texas These people were left there to rot, including the children and they probably paid their life savings to the jackass that left them there. I'm not feeling sorry for them becuase they were committing a crime, but they don't deserve to die for it.

March 24 is Ditch Your Computer for One Day? Really?. Can you live without touching, seeing, using a computer of any kind at all? I mean no computer, sidekick, blackberry for one whole day? Even when I'm dying of Ebola type of sick, I'll take a second to check my emails. It's a Saturday, so get your butt out of the house and give it a try.

The cutie that played CeCe in the movie Dreamgirls, Keith Robinson, has a new gig. He also has a MySpace where he has his tracks uploaded. He's an okay singer. Adorable smile. "Dreamgirls" star recruited for Fox cop drama - Yahoo! News

Experts say blacks are most likely to divorce and least likely to marry. Traditional black marriage in trouble?Uhm... Newsflash. Is that the most obvious question in the world? Black Marriage is in serious trouble. It's almost as rare as black children being born in wedlock.
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Check out BET's "Top 25", list of events that (mis)shaped Black America. Basically the stuff that messed things up for us or put us back.

Some are serious, #24 is Katrina, some are not, #25 Jheri Curl. I was surprised that use of the N-Word among our own is only #23, but again, with all the videos that BET shows and they have to bleep out the N-Word, maybe there was a conflict of interest.

The defamation of women and violence in hip-hop is #20, but there is no mention of BETs role in that. They go on to list Welfare, Prison, etc.

There's also a discussion area, so you know people are sounding off there.
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Racist college kids are following in the steps of the KKK and other white supremacist groups who are finding more success and attraction in attacking Hispanics instead of blacks. We've had a recent rash of frat parties in black face or with "ghetto" garb, but apparently that was frowned upon, so now they are having Hispanic themed parties and dressing as janitors, gardeners, gangbangers and pregnant homegirls. Race-themed party roiling Santa Clara University

College Republicans at NYU put on a little contest called, Find the Illegal Immigrant where one student will pose as the illegal immigrant and will wear a name tag saying so. Other students will try to find him or her, playing the part of border patrol agents and wearing nametags that say "INS," referring to the former Immigration and Naturalization Service. It's intended to be a protest against illegal immigration. Very tasteful.

If this doesn't work, they can all return to the default group...yes, you guessed it..the Jews.
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Here's the latest update on the fervor in the Hispanic Caucus regarding accusations of name calling, cussing, sexism and all that. The caucus is trying to divert attention away from this 'distracting' event, but Politico isn't going to let it go. Hispanic Caucus to Tackle Dispute After Break -

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, she's saying he called her a "whore," something this article chooses to leave out.

I don't have a pic for this post, so I'll give you a crazy kitty.
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USA Today has a good article trying to answer the question, what makes a teacher 'effective'?. With the changes coming, to be considered a good teacher will require a lot more and is that fair? There's a lot of debate about grading a teacher's performance on the academic performance of their students, but I think the fact that it's going to happen is what we should all concentrate on.

We can all agree that it isn't enough to have a calm, orderly classroom. They are not babysitters. They have a job and that is to teach children. Teachers do have power over a child's performance, but it's only so much. Nothing a teacher, even the best in the world, can do is more effective than what parents can do. A teacher can work his/her ass off to help their kids achieve, but when they go home at 3pm every day, what is happening? If parents don't give a damn, or even worse, have a negative attitude toward education, what is going to effect the kid the most?

Putting this pressure on teachers are going to make them quit the industry, which they are already doing in enormous droves, or it will make them only want jobs in communities that they feel will support education and high achievement in children.

Also, if you're going to put the pressure on them, you need to pay them more than $2 a week.
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The Hillary Spot on National Review Online talks about John Edward's recent comments about Israel and the Middle East problem. Everyone has quoted him as saying the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East is Israel. When I heard that I was like, "Whoa, Johnny. Tread lightly now. You know the sacred cows." When I read what he actually said, it seemed less threatening, but the crowd clearly chilled to him after he said it and some websites are still saying that he's hurt himself politically. What is so special about Israel that they aren't due for criticism. I totally support Israel and what it's doing, but they do have faults and so what if someone points them out?

Here's what he said:
There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the "I" word — Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.
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I'm starting to love Politico magazine. Not only are they up on the best gossip from The Hill, but they did a great piece on the First Lady of D.C., Michelle Fenty, who like most wives of brilliant politicians, is extremely accomplished herself. Michelle Fenty Feels at Home With Women in Power -

Compared with her husband, she's a relative newcomer to Washington. Fenty moved with her parents to New York from London when she was 18 and later studied law at Howard University. There, she met Adrian Fenty -- she was a third-year student, he was a first-year -- and she was assigned to be his mentor. They dated long distance for a while after she graduated and moved to New York, then fell in love and eloped in 1997, she said.

We see a lot of her at social events in D.C. area magazines, but she's more than a social butterfly. I have a feeling she is going to push her weight around in D.C. and that can only help Adrian, who let's face it, has aspirations much higher than the mayor of D.C.
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At first, I found myself agreeing with Donel Williams in his opinion piece titled, Black history is depressing. It makes you feel kind of blah when you hear about what your parents and grandparents went through just for the chance to do things we take for granted today. While they braved attack dogs, lynchings, bricks to the head and hoses, we complain about how hard it is for blacks today. You read about what they've accomplished and you feel very...average.

But I think the point is that feeling average is an achievement. Considering we used to be considered so much less than, striving for average is what real equality is. Most whites are average. Those who focus on victimization and oppression want to make it seem as if they are all drowning in privilege, but the overwhelming majority are just average. Very few of them, like very few of us, are brilliant, uber-successful history making, world-changing people. We are making history of our own; a generation that is reaping the benefits of their hard work by being just like anyone else. Average.
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AARP to Push for Social Security Fix - Something really needs to be done. I've accepted the reality, which is that SS will not be around when I retire. You know that little booklet you get in the mail after your birthday from the SS Administration showing you how much you would get if you retire early, on time or later? There's a little asterisk next to those numbers and when you follow the asterisk to the bottom of the page, it says "These are just estimates. It's more likely you're not getting s^#*."

I am in favor of privatizing social security so I can have some say, but with Democrats in control of Congress nothing is going to get done. Their response has always been, the threat is far away. I guess they need it to already start failing before they feel it's necessary to do something about it, but then it will be too late.
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Instead of spending $40 million for a private jet, the new thing is to spend $300 million for a full-sized airplane detailed to your specific needs. After you see this short video, Luxury Airplanes, the next time you're in a luxury jet, you're going to say, "This place is a dump."
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WAPO: Clinton, Obama Camps' Feud Is Out in the Open
Although this demeans both candidates and the political process, I am eager to see how this plays out. We know how it will end. Whichever one does get the nomination, the other has no chance at being VP.
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The Chinese overreacting to a problem. What a surprise. WAPO: In China, Stern Treatment For Young Internet 'Addicts'

I am aware that internet addiction is a serious problem, but "Sun Jiting spends his days locked behind metal bars in this military-run installation, put there by his parents. The 17-year-old high school student is not allowed to communicate with friends back home, and his only companions are psychologists, nurses and other patients. Each morning at 6:30, he is jolted awake by a soldier in fatigues shouting, "This is for your own good!"

Why don't they just subject him to electric shock therapy? Yes, I know that China is one of the most effective country in fighting addictions to drug, etc. but they do it by taking away a person's human and civil rights.
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International Herald TribuneFlow of illegal immigrants to U.S. starts to slow
If this is true it is good news, but only temporarily. We are actually doing what we were supposed to have been doing in securing our borders and I think we've thrown them a loop. They are slowing down to regroup and come up with new ways of getting around what we're doing now. So it's too early to celebrate. The flows has to get slower and slower if we can believe this is working. A NY Times Surprise: Tougher Border Security Actually Works
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I'm sorry for turning this into a gossip blog, but I just can't believe this baby is 2 already. Time goes by so dog gone fast. She's a cutie pie. Celebrity Baby Blog: Angelina Jolie and Z watch the Mardi Gras
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News Radio was a very, very funny show, but WKRP is by far the best radio show ever. It is in my top 10 shows ever. WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete First Season (3 Discs)
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I'm not trying to be ugly or anything, but how exactly is this going to work? I know she can get around with her wooden leg, but dance? I don't watch this show, but from the commercials I can see that these people are getting down with some serious dancing. How exactly is she going to compete? And what happens when she sucks? Will they kick her off or feel obligated to keep on her own because of her situation? 'Dancing With the Stars' line-up announced -

Also, I'm surprised to learn she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident. Why did I always think it was a land mine?
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The Democrats are doing the same thing, cannibalizing their own, as the Republicans did when they were in power. When the neo-conservatives took over the party they drowned out or kicked out the moderates. People like Christine Todd Whitman were run out of the administration. Colin Powell quit and all the positions of power were given to Bushies.

The Democrats are doing a similar thing and like the Republicans its only going to weaken the party. The Democrats took back Congress with moderate and centrist candidates, but for some reason, the liberals are in charge. Pelosi, Dean and the like are the ones running the show. And the liberals first order of business is to go after the moderates in their party; the people who brought the party back to relevance. Good luck.

WAPO: The Woman in the Middle
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The Boondocks is coming to Japanese television. It is the first American anime to make it across the ocean to Tokyo. That's good. For a society that has very little exposure to black culture of any kind, American or other, they'll get to watch little kids say the n-word every other sentence. Japan Probe: The Boondocks on Japanese TV
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JONESTOWN/WACO ALL OVER AGAIN Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda thinks he is God. De Jesus preaches that there is no devil and no sin. WTF? He wears a 666 tattoo on him because he says the AntiChrist, like himself, is misunderstood. Most unsurprising is that that thousands of retarded lost people are following him and believing him giving him their entire savings and earnings from their businesses.

He says he has a church-paid salary of $136,000 but lives more lavishly than that. During an interview, he showed off a diamond-encrusted Rolex to a CNN crew and said he has three just like them. He travels in armored Lexuses and BMWs, he says, for his safety. All are gifts from his devoted followers.

And yes, they will drink the koolaid when he brings it out and they'll die. My co-worker says this is probably true, but it is unavoidable. Darwin's theory of evolution requires that nature weeds out the weak of mind and heart. I would prefer this man to get arrested and sent to prison for fraud.

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I searched the net to find out who else was writing about all the killings in New Orleans and found this article by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. He builds upon this horrible news and talks about black homicide all over this country. He seems to think that the abhorrent violence in the black community is about a "combustible blend of cultural and racial baggage many blacks carry." This sounds like he is setting us up for an out, an excuse that will ultimately find a solution in somebody else doing something for us or to stop doing something to us. - Black Homicides Fuel Nation's Murder Surge

I have to again disagree. Regardless of what historical events have contributed to black on black homicide, we won't be able to do anything about it until we take full responsibility. No, it's not fair because we aren't fully to blame, but fairness isn't a reality for anyone. It's some word that people cling to in hopes that forces around them will change. No one else is going to do anything. Who hasn't gotten that yet? As we continue to say what role others play and what they have to do, more of us are dying. And no matter how loud you yell it or how much proof you have for it, no one else is EVER going to do anything for us. Whether or not they should is irrelevant and don't waste time arguing that it is because it isn't. The reason why is because they WILL NOT do whatever you say has to be done. There's no reason for them to; there is no incentive and there is no consequence that they can't overcome for not doing it. No matter how much you demand it, you're wasting time that could be better spent.

So do we decide to keep waiting for others (whites/government/insert anyone else but us here) to do something or do we take the responsibility, earned and unearned, and find the solution ourselves? If you choose the former, you'll be waiting into your grave and damning your children to do the same. If you choose the latter, we have a chance to do something. I know that there will always be those in our community that, no matter what they hear, will still draw their line in the sand and swear by the fact that others have to do something. We have to let those people go. They are costing us lives in their indignance. We have to make this choice now, because it will be hard and starting this conversation towards a solution will take time and it doesn't seem like we have much left.
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WAPO: Va. Senate Approves Red-Light Cameras I am not too happy about this because I got caught with one of those cameras about five years ago in Baileys Crossroads. It cost $50 but it didn't cost me any points on my license. Know why? Because these cameras can only prove it was your car. They can't prove it was you driving, so they tell you to pay the fine and they won't take credits on your license. It isn't worth it to go to court and try to fight it. They make a lot of money for whatever city they are in so if you live or drive in VA, you better start slowing down at the light or have your checkbook ready.

VA also voted against the touch screen voting machines because of questions about their accuracy. You know I have been on that conspiracy tip about the voting machines since 2000; especially in Ohio.

Republicans blocked a vote to raise the minimum wage to $6.50. Sons of b&$#@&*!
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Goldmans get O.J. Simpson's royalties, judge says -
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Once again, Obama articles are filling up my Inbox and making me anxious. So I'm going to get rid of them in one post. Most of these articles are critical of Obama which I'm not at all surprised. Some are even going all the way back to his career in Chicago as a community activist. There are also a few articles about his upcoming trip to Los Angeles and all the Hollywood stars tripping over themselves to be near him. If you have $2300 and live in L.A., why don't you drop by and tell me how it goes. Personally, I think Obama should be careful around Hollywood. He already has a bit of a liberal label and if he becomes a "Friend of Hollywood," he'll lose a lot of actual voters.
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lynn Sweet :: Did Obama take too much credit?
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I know I said back to politics, but just one more thing. My e-mail is down right now, so I can't work.

Last night, my DVR told me that it will not tape any more shows until I get rid of some of the shows I have. What am I supposed to do? I work and go to law school and somewhere in between I try to have a life. Before law school, I watched waaaay too much TV and I haven't really cut down. I just keep taping everything. What should I give up?
After making this list, I can see how my DVR can be filled up because I know for a fact, with the exception of 24 & LOST, I haven't watched an episode of these shows in a couple of months.

Desperate Housewives
Battlestar Galactica

Prison Break
CSI Miami

L&O: Criminal Intent
Boston Legal
The Unit

CSI New York

My Name Is Earl
The Office
Ugly Betty



As The World Turns M-F
The Daily Show M-Th
The Colbert Report M-Th

The Closer
Dead Zone
Reno 911
The Cell

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This is just completely ridiculous. I know that New Orleans had a crime rate 10% above the average, but it seems like it's only getting worse. Why is this happening? What about that fresh start? What about that new city? Where are the leaders and what are they doing about this? Nine People Shot In Less Than Seven Hours
Reuters: Crime Turning New Orleans Into Big Uneasy
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Both Hillary & Barack were in South Carolina, thus beginning the pitch for the South. Hillary suggested they get rid of the Confederate Flag, so I expected her to get run out of town, but she did alright. Again, most articles focused on wooing the black vote.
After a Delicately Worded Pitch, Clinton Draws Cheers - New York Times
In S.C., Sen. Clinton Targets Black Vote -

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Saw this pic at my favorite black gossip site, Young, Black, and Fabulous, and just had to share because Darren Sharper is the hotness in the middle. Okay, I'm done. Back to politics.

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This is a great story about black parents in Loudoun County, VA (which is considered Northern VA even though it is almost closer to West Virginia than D.C.) who are focused on making sure their boys stay interested in academics and continue to overachieve. They set the highest expectations for their boys and help them get there. These are mothers AND fathers who don't accept any excuses from themselves or their children and it is paying off with A-students. Black Parents Seek to Raise Ambitions

"About 15 African American families belong to the Club 2012 in Ashburn in Loudoun County. While parents meet upstairs to discuss ways to keep their sons academically engaged, the boys play video games downstairs. The group also holds homework sessions and field trips."

These are black kids in predominantly white schools so it is also a great idea for them to get together just for the fellowship. I just know that after reading this other black parents in the D.C. area are going to want to join or start their own clubs. I love how this story was on the front page of the Washington Post print product with a huge picture above the fold that you can't turn away from. We need more front page stories like this. We need more stories like this period.
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FORCED ABORTION Judge sentences girl to abort baby

So now Italy wants to become the next China by forcing people to kill their babies. This judge is forcing this little girl to abort her baby because her parents are opposed to the baby and as her guardians they have control of her body. If they were any good as parents, how did the girl get pregnant in the first place? She wanted to keep the baby and I just can't imagine what this is going to psychologically to her. What a shame.
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Exes Moynahan and Brady expecting baby -

She probably saw that this relationship was coming to an end and said, "Well, let me just get my money."
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WAPO writer Stacy Weiner has a disheartening story about the sexualization of our little girls. It started with Britney and her crop tops in "Baby Hit Me One More Time" and has just exploded. Now you have little girls saying they want to be video "dancers" when they grow up and junior high girls wearing bracelets to show whether or not they've had oral sex.

"Ten-year-old girls can slide their low-cut jeans over "eye-candy" panties. French maid costumes, garter belt included, are available in preteen sizes. Barbie now comes in a "bling-bling" style, replete with halter top and go-go boots. And it's not unusual for girls under 12 to sing, "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

It's so sad that these girls are robbed of their innocence by marketing corporations and parents who let them take it all in because they would rather be their friend than their parent. Goodbye to Girlhood -

Honestly, I had a dollhouse in my room until I was a sophomore in high school, so I don't know anything about this. To be clear, it wasn't some Barbie Dream House s%#*. It was an real, supersized, three-story doll house with rare, antique furniture that my Dad actually sold to a collector for a ton of money (which I never saw even though it was my dollhouse). My point is, girlhood was sweet and naive and I'm sad that it has changed.
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I realize that I've already warned that we're going to die because of the bird flu epidemic and then I said we're going to die because of global warming. But now, seriously, this asteroid is going to kill us all in 29 years. Seriously.

U.N. urged to take action on asteroid threat -
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I am so curious for someone to explain two things to me about the Japanese.
1) What is up with their psycho game shows?
2) Why do they have so much free time to invent crap like this.
Japanese Eye Massager Does Everything But Gouge - Gizmodo
An eye massager? I can't decide if this is dangerous or idiotic.
I'll probably end up buying one.

Also, what is the recipe for that egg sauce they put on their seafood at steakhouses in the midwest?

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Spike won an award for his Katrina documentary on HBO. Spike Lee wins Polk Award - Yahoo! News. They need to run all these Katrina documentaries again because people are forgetting. I hope with Mardi Gras in full effect, there will be some stories on the other areas of NOLA that have not recovered and some areas that seem to be getting worse in terms of violence.
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So if Hillary gets elected President in 2008, she'll still have four years left on her Senate seat and some are suggesting that President Clinton take the seat. It's not unusual for wives to take the seat of a deceased husband and then get annihilated in the next election. That would be something? He wouldn't be the first President to go to the Senate after the Presidency, but I always pictured him as a Senator from Arkansas. I guess they really don't have anythign to do with that state anymore, huh? mull idea of Sen. Bill Clinton
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This is actor Gerard Butler. Isn't he hot to you? I just had a back and forth with a friend of mine who says he's not at all hot. I swear his eyes just kill me. I'm such a sucker for beautiful eyes and a nice smile. He's no Reggie Bush, but I like him. Plus, he's got a Scottish accent and I love any accent besides British because I find that effeminate.
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Minister Admits to Preaching Sermons while High on Heroine

Rev. Barr secretly struggled with a drug addiction that followed him into the pulpit. "The truth is, I struggled with issues far greater than anyone in the congregation that I was preaching to. There was no where that I went without my gun, even carrying a pistol on my waist into church. Many people would rather me dead, at that point in my life", says Rev. Barr.

It appears he has turned his life around, so I hope the book is uplifting meaning that it doesn't glorify or excuse a thug preacher lifestyle. Young preachers all over American could get the wrong impression.
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This b&^% is crazy. Teacher accused of striking fifth-graders in gym class -

Ten-year-old Lauren Lopez said she and her classmates at Meller Elementary School were told by another teacher to run laps Thursday morning, and as they ran by the first-grade teacher's class she "just started tripping and kicking kids."

Honestly, I kind of want to laugh when I read that one statement, but it isn't funny. Hitting and kicking someone else's kid just for acting up? Sorry, but she is so getting fired and the school will be sued. I'm not saying the kids might not have deserved a knock in the head, although from what they did I don't see it, but it should have been reserved for their parents once they were informed of their child's behavior.

"The girl said she and 11 other classmates had bruises and scratches. Pupils also said the teacher urged her first-graders to fight with the older children."

Unless they are being extremely unruly to the point of no control, the school should not physical touch these kids at all. Most teachers are under a lot of pressure dealing with complete brats, but this woman is over the edge.

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Philadelphia's mayor, who keeps getting re-elected even though the city's crime rate and joblessness continue to rise, has an older brother who also wants to run for mayor now. Yeah, I guess T. Milton Street, Jr. thinks this is like Congress, where family members just pass seats off to family members. Philadelphia Inquirer: Guess who's joining the mayoral race

And oh yeah, he's lived in New Jersey until last year.

And oh yeah, he is under indictment on federal corruption and tax charges.

And oh yeah, he used to be a hot dog vendor.

"You haven't heard from me very much in seven years and seven months," Street said. "I stepped back and allowed John Street to administrate and run this city the way he thought without me confusing things."

Was that an insult? I think it was.
I have a feeling I'm going to loooooooooooove this campaign.
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The old adage is that a successful, super smart woman is a lonely woman. No marriage and lousy sex. I guess their independence intimidates a man in the bedroom. That is not so true anymore. The Romantic Life of Brainiacs - The Boston Globe

Good news.
I don't have a pic for this, so I'll just add Oprah. She's smart and successul and I assume she's getting some. I don't know.

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Donna Brazile writes Commentary for The Washington Times on what a possible endorsement of Senator Obama by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine would mean for southern politics. Stirring Dixie winds for Obama?

"The South is changing, and states like Virginia are leading the way -- starting with electing the nation's first black governor since Reconstruction, Doug Wilder, in 1989. Virginia also has one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates, and Forbes magazine recently wrote it's one of the best states in which to own a business. With a large new influx of residents clamoring to work in its technology corridor and proposed major investments in transportation and infrastructure, the state that gave birth to many of the nation's Founding Fathers and eight U.S. presidents, is poised to lead the new South."

I have a feeling he'll go with either Senator Clinton or John Edwards. Doug Wilder was an abberation. Most of Virginia is the South and I don't see them voting for a black Democrat who is politically liberal no matter how moderate his presentation may be. I think a black Republican might have a good chance, but that's for another day.
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I'm not surprised by this. News for Las Vegas, Nevada - Hundreds Arrested During NBA All-Star Weekend. In addition to the average number of arrests, hundreds were arrested at NBA related events.

There was a big fight at Wynn, the newest luxury hotel on The Strip, including so-called rappers and there was a shooting at MGM Grand. News for Las Vegas, Nevada - MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Shooting
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These are men who slaughtered hundreds of thousands, raped thousands more just because of their ethnic background in the mid-90s and they are already being released from jail. WTF!!!!!!!Rwanda releases 8,000 genocide prisoners - Yahoo! News. And I don't care if the prisons are overflowing. Make more! If there is any excuse to keep someone in prison it is participation in the killing of over 800, 000 people.

I feel for the anger of the families of the victims and the fear of the survivors. This is such a small price to pay for what was done to them, there is no reason to keep those men from getting right back to work. Yes, they have kept the key masterminds of the genocide in jail and these are the foot soldiers, but what they did was obscene, inhumane and beyond anything that can excuse "following orders." They should at least be in jail longer than they have.

"Hundreds already freed have since been re-arrested after committing other crimes, many while trying to destroy evidence related to their alleged involvement in the genocide. New York-based Human Rights Watch recently warned there could be more killings of genocide survivors by perpetrators of the massacre trying to eliminate evidence against them."

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This is an interesting article which I think just reinforces the fact that we should be concentrating on securing our borders and preventing any additional immigrants to enter illegally and deal with the illegals we have when we can come up with an idea that works. BREITBART.COM - Thousands of illegal aliens held in camps and legal limbo

As many as 26,500 illegals who are caught in the U.S. are being held in jails, tents or wherever the government can fit them. I'm not going to suggest they have the same rights as American citizens because they aren't American citizens, but this is a breeding ground for trouble that will come back to hurt the U.S. government. This is just like all those raids, which cost taxpayers money, that end up doing nothing but telling illegals they have to appear in court at a future date so they can be deported. Yeah, right.

Honestly, if we aren't going to deport them, then what are we doing this for?
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Color me surprised, because I didn't think this would ever happen. This battle has been going on for the longest. I even wrote about it when I was there and worked at The Daily Illini. The school seemed to be willing to take the Chief to their grave with them. I guess that NCAA championship money was just too big a draw.

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This story just broke my heart. I understand the shelter wanting to keep the pets a little longer because it just seems so cruel to kill them because they haven't found a home. But when you don't, you get the overcrowding, disease and now this. Shelter forced to kill 1,000 dogs and cats. Horribly sad.
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Follow this trail. The Rush & Molloy section of New York Daily News titles the
article, Bad ID's a real black mark, which they picked up from a post on journalist David Mill's blog, Undercover Black Man, about the Chicago Tribune using Serena Williams' pick for an article on Beyonce & Destiny's Child. This is one of the worst "they all look alike" choices I've seen in a while. I tried to find pics of them that are the closest and I still don't see it.
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I've read many articles in the past with blacks saying they are happy that a black man is running for President, but they aren't going to vote for him because he can't win. They don't want to waste their vote and end up being stuck with another Republican president for at least 4 years. Also, they don't think he'll win and he'll take down the party with him. When people go to vote, they will end up voting Republican on down the line and Democrats will lose the House & Senate in 2008.

So the battle is on. President Clinton is going to call in his markers with the black community for his wife. Barry got Jesse Jackson, but Hillary Bob Johnson. Side for Hillary on that one.
ABC News: Obama, Clinton Battle for African-American Endorsements
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You can find the oddest stuff at Gizmodo. Remember the lobster shelling machine? Yesterday I found this. These things kind of make me uncomfortable every time I see them. I think the title says it all.
Kohler C3 Series Toilet Seats Offer Hands-Free Butt-Washing, American Style - Gizmodo
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I was attracted to this article headline I found in Diverse Issues In Higher Education. Research Roundup: Affirmative Action Opponents Not Necessarily Racist.

"New research suggests that opponents of affirmative action are usually concerned about their own group's well-being, and not because they're racist."

New research? I could have told you that 10 years ago.

We can agree that there is a difference between someone who is against AA on principle and those against it based on their hatred of others. But what is the difference between hating others and wanting to preserve privilege for your own race? In order to preserve your race's privilege, you have to keep others down, don't you? Someone has to lose if someone is to win. If you think in terms of race, I guess that is how you see things. It's sad.

What this study is saying is that whites are against AA because they see it as a threat to their white privilege, which they want to maintain. The more opportunities minorities get, the more they will have to compete with us for finite resources like good jobs, material possessions, etc. The more equality other races get, the less special being white will be. They'll just be another race instead of the race. Isn't' that racism? Isn't anyone of any color who bases what is right or wrong on race perpetuating racism?

If someone is against unfair preferences, then they need to be against all unfair preferences. They should be shouting as loudly about AA college admissions as they are against legacy admissions. But they aren't. They don't care about under-qualified whites getting in, just under-qualified minorities. That sounds kind of racist to me and completely hypocritical.
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I was just thinking this earlier this week. I'm not completely stupid. It's glad to see that others are thinking about this as well. China is already colonizing Africa at the speed of light, it makes sense that they would come in and deal with the Darfur situation. Not only that, but they are impeding anyone else's attempts to deal with Somalia. 64% of Sudan's oil exports go to China. This country is benefiting financial from its control over Africa, so let's give them the responsibility to fix it as well. The Huffington Post: Adam Elkus: Will China Rescue Darfur?

I'm not saying the man should get or anything. He should go to jail and have to pay all the money back, but you can't execute somebody for lying about ant farms. Come on now. AP: China Sentences Man To Death in Ant Case. $385 million is a lot of money though.
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I kind of felt sorry for FOX News when I heard they were coming out with a "Daily Show" for conservatives. Kind of sad and desperate. It's supposed to debut the 18th of this month and although I think it will be lame (because conservatives cannot laugh at themselves), I thought the title was kind of funny. "The Half Hour Newshour." Clever.
I wasn't planning on watching it until I heard that Joel Surnow is one of the developers. Surnow is the producer of 24 and he is about the only powerful person (non-actor) in Hollywood that would admit to being a Republican still. 24 is my favorite show (LOST you had a chance, but you failed me miserably!), so I'll give it one or two watches. I have a feeling it will be incredibly painful. I can see all the letters and e-mails from people protesting the offensive thing that was said the night before. No, The Daily Show hardly gets any letters or e-mails because no matter how cruel they are, they make it so funny, it's hard to get mad. One time last year, the censors let the F-bomb get through and the FCC didn't get one complaint. I guess that says more about the audience of the show than the show itself.
But nobody likes Republicans now and when they start bringing on people like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, viewers won't be able to see past their white hot hatred of them to even get the joke (if there's one to get). Surnow news spoof just in on FNC
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It's been a long time since I've particpated in the Kitty Pic friday for blogs. Here's one I couldn't resist that I found on If you're ever feeling down, you have to visit that site.
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How can you get bank credit without a social security number? Americans have to have credentials, but illegals just get it on the honor system? So not only do illegals get the same benefits that legal, taxpaying, law abiding citizens get, but they get treated better because they have to show less. How can anyone justify that? They see the money they can make now and don't think about the consequences. If I banked at Bank of America, I would close out my account. If we default on our credit cards and mortgages our credit will get ruined, but what happens to illegals? What these banks are doing is aiding in criminal activity and I think they'll end up paying for it down the line.

Chicago Tribune: Credit offered to illegal residents
KRT Wire:Undocumented immigrants enter financial mainstream in U.S.
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I don't know who Tim Hardaway is, but I guess he used to be a big time baller in the NBA. I'm not sure if he was big time or not. I am sure he's an idiot. - Tim Hardaway: 'I Hate Gay People', S. Fla. Reacts.

He was supposed to participate in a lot of NBA All Star Weekend events, including a Legends thing (again, legend?), but NBA fired him.

AOL Sports Blog: Was Tim Hardaway Gay in 2001
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You've Got To Be Kidding Me? Seriously? WTF? Hollywood making Milli Vanilli movie

While they're at it how about a Cyndi Lauper Best Hits cassette with a free coupon for rollerblades.
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At Wonkette, funny take on the SCOTUS request for a pay raise. They currently make $165K a year, which is like, what? $15K more than the members of Congress. Can you just picture Justice Kennedy doing the George Costanza, "I can't live knowing Ted Danson makes that much more than me," only subsititute more with less. Justice Kennedy: Give Us More Money Or You Can Interpret The God-Damned Constitution Yourself
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I'm glad I'm not alone. I've given the boy a chance. I knew he would never live up to his brother's image, but I expected him to be stronger than this. Instead of running the White House, he acts like he works there and wishes this had all happened on his day off. '24's President Palmer Needs To Go
Chicago Tribune: Wayne's world: Thoughts on where '24' is headed
I understand that 24 was going for an RFK following JFK's footsteps kind of thing, but it isn't working. I certainly hope that Day 7 has another President. I'd even prefer a bad President who acted like President to this guy.
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I don't even know what to say to this. BREITBART.COM - Death Certificates on Abortions Proposed. This is a strategy of the Right to make women who have had abortions make their names public. If you have a death certificate for a child, you have to list the name of the mother and father if known. Those are all open to the public. "Rep. Stacey Campfield, a Republican, said his bill would provide a way to track how many abortions are performed. He predicted it would pass in the Republican-controlled Senate but would have a hard time making it through the Democratic House."

This is only happening in Tennessee. That is for now. If it passes, states all over will pick it up. I don't think it has a chance. You know why? Mostly because it's just....I can't find the words, but also because I think there are a good number of pro-life people who, if their 15 year old daughter was pregnant, would make an exception and they don't want people to know so they won't seem hypocritical when they rail against pro-choicers.
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WAPO has a good article on Senator Obama's Message Man, David Alexrod, a top Democratic spinner. Barack Obama's On-Point Message Man - David is behind the "us" you hear so much in Obama's speech that makes people feel included in Obama's efforts to change America and Washington. His speeches are okay. I really enjoyed his "we have soccer moms in the blue states and gay friends in the red states," speech he gave at the convention, but he's not Bill Clinton. That's really what John Edwards does. Still, he does a good job when he isn't reading his cue cards.

Axelrod is going to have his work cut out for him. So will Obama's PR person whoever he or she is, because if Barry is serious about quitting smoking, he will be much more agitated and quick to anger. It's part of the withdrawal. Trust me, when I went cold turkey off Pepsi, I could have committed homicide.
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What the hell? WBIR.COM - Harold Ford Junior named Merrill Lynch vice chairman. How do you just up and get a vice chair seat at Merrill Lynch? I mean I'm happy for the brother who is racking up jobs like a Caribbean immigrant, but talk about advantages of the already advantaged.

The company says the 37-year-old Ford will advise the largest US retail brokerage on domestic policy issues, serve as a member of the company's public policy committee and work on business development initiatives.

How much does this pay? For half that, I can be Vice Chair and Senior Blogging Advisor.
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President Bush recently proposed an increased fee for naturalized citizenship and visas and Democrats are mad. They're calling it a citizenship tax and saying that American taxpayers should foot the bill for immigrants. This would, in theory, lower the numbers of poor immigrants coming to America (legally). Democrats also say this will just increase the incentive to come here illegally. Democrats hit visa, citizenship fee raise. I believe immigrants, even those without a lot of money, should have to pay for their naturalization, but not right away. Most of them barely have the clothes on their backs when they first get here. I do not think that Americans should pay for it.

So how much does it cost to have a shot at the American dream? Look these numbers per person.
Under the changes, applying for naturalized citizenship would cost $595, up from $330, and the cost for processing fingerprints and other biometric information would increase $10, to $80. The cost of some complicated applications would jump by more than $1,000.
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There is a proposal circulating in the District that says employers can't do criminal backgrounds on someone until after an offer has been made. Yes, you read right, after and offer has been made. I guess this is to make them legally obligated to hire that person even though they may have raped a woman or killed someone. Because what do you do? We want to offer you a job? I'll take it. Oh, wait a minute, you're a child molester, so we take the offer back. You can't do that. I'm suing!! Criminals are not a protected group. You can discriminate against them. WAPO: D.C. Might Shield Ex-Felons From Discrimination

I do believe in second chances, but these men and women made choices that put them in this situation and like many of their victims(the ones that are still alive), they will have to deal with the consequences of their choice for the rest of their life. And it is not any business owner's responsibility to make sure Andre doesn't go back to selling drugs. It's Andre's responsibility. The business owner has to think of the security of their business and other employees. What happens when someone is assaulted by a co-worker and later come to find out that the employer knew he was convicted of assault before and hired him anyway. Can you spell lawsuit? Like losing your business kind of lawsuit. Would you be willing to risk losing your business and all you've worked for just to give an ex-con a chance?
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I really don't get into the Olympics, but check out this article at ESPN on Brielle White, a black swimmer who wants to make it to the 2008 Olympics. That would be cool. Swimmer makes own waves. These stats are pretty pitiful: There are 300,000 competitive swimmers in the United States, according to USA Swimming, the governing body based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Fewer than 2 percent are African-American, and White is one of them.

I used to swim a lot when I was younger and didn't scare kids when they saw me in a bathing suit. I never found any of my black friends wanted to go swim. They would go to the beach and hang out all day, but wouldn't get in the water or the pool. The last cruise I went on was with a black friend and she refused to swim, so we didn't even go snorkeling. Previously, I'd went on a cruise with one of my old college roommates who is white. We snorkled in Martinique, swam with Sting Rays in Grand Caymans and jumped off boats in Antigua. It was awesome. There is not point here, I'm just reminiscing.
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In Detroit, there is a huge influx of African immigrants, their numbers have grown 400% since 1990. That's a lot of Africans. The problem with this is that they are usually the best and brightest in their countries and they are leaving Africa for America. They want the freedom and opportunity that their education or ambition can afford them and they can't get it in most African countries. The brain drain is having a very negative effect on their countries and they will have a much harder time trying to advance if their best thinkers, leaders and strategist continue to leave . African brain drain is gain for region
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DOES YOUR DOCTOR'S RACE MATTER? ask the question, Why Do Blacks Avoid Therapy? They say the answer is that there aren't enough black therapist. Is that true? Do a lot of black people need the doctor to be the same race to tell them about how their mom was controlling and their dad was emotionally unavailable? It never occurred to me. I do think that I would prefer a woman to a man. All of my doctors, including my dentist, are women. I specifically look for women, so I guess it's the same. But you can't look for a black doctor in your health insurance directory. It's not listed. I think most blacks avoid therapy because we still live with this idea that this is for crazy or damaged people. Old School was that you go to church, pray and get on with it.

The picture is of Solomon Carter Fuller, the first known black psychiatrist.
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I'm a big Stephen Colbert fan. I think the show is hilarious and he is a fool (the good kind). Sometimes his rants are laugh out loud funny and that "Better Know A District" skit is comic genius. Colbert Fever is sweeping the nation and the guys at Ben & Jerry's are naming an ice cream after him. I love ice cream, but I'm sorry, most of Ben & Jerry's are disgusting. I hate about 75% of their combinations. Much prefer Haagen Dasz, but I'm willing to try this. Americone Dream is vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. Yahoo! News: New ice cream named for Stephen Colbert
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This is one of the advantages of New Media. Here we have a story with a video attached, so you can do one or the other or both. WRCB TV: Mocha Moms is about black stay-at-home moms and a feeling of isolation. I grew up with a stay at home mom, Daddy made the money. I lived in a mostly white suburb and most of my white friends had stay at home moms. Our next door neighbors were black, their mom stayed home and my Aunt was a stay at home mom, so I thought everyone's mom stayed at home for a long, long time. In reality, it is unusual to find black stay at home moms for various reasons. Most black women with children aren't married. They are the sole breadwinners and have to work. Some of them, not most, complain about that, but if they choose to have children outside of marriage, that just comes with the territory. Also, black women have opportunities in business and other areas that we didn't have before, so many are choosing to pursue that route even if they are in situations where they can afford not to work.

I think it's important for moms to be home in those first few delicate years, but not every woman is satisfied staying at home. Just like many men, many women have a desire to achieve, are very talented and need the challenge of a career. Most men who are secure in their manhood actually appreciate this in a woman. If you engaged in family planning, which unfortunately most of us don't do, you can work it out.
My sister, Pam, and her husband planned to have a baby and three years out, they saved up almost all of her income, so that when the baby came, she could stay at home and Peter could support them on his own with their savings to back them up. My sister, Noreen had intended to go back to work after the second baby, but realized she didn't want to when it was time. She sat down with her husband and they calculated the sacrifices they would have to make to work this out. No more getting her hair done at the salon every Thursday, eating out less, less expensive vacations. All that, but it was worth it for them. Now that the baby is in junior high, she's looking to go back to work at least part time.
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This is why you have to watch what songs you listen to when your little bits are in the car. They are like sponges. This boy is singing "So Lonely" by Akon, and he gets more and into it as it goes along. This song is quite an innocent, but it could have just as easily been "Money Maker" by Luda.
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So Rep Ellison and Rep Tancredo are in offices right next to each other. Ellison got bummed because Tancredo was smoking his cigar and I guess the funk traveled to Ellison's office. Ellison got pissed and called the cops. Seriously, he called the Capitol Hill Police to go tell Tancredo to stop smoking. But unfortunately, it's legal for him to smoke in the confines of his office. Rep. Ellison calls the cops to snuff Tancredo’s cigar. Tancredo was not amused.

Tancredo was still stunned a day later. “It's very bizarre," said Tancredo, who has never met Ellison. "Seemed to me not a good way to hello.”

If Tancredo starts playing club mixes with a heavy base, there will probably be a fight.
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Al Franken is running for Senate in the state of Minnesota. Just because someone throws some funny political jokes, doesn't make them qualified to represent you in Congress. ABC News: Funny Man Franken Gets Serious About Senate Run. If they voted for a wrestler for Governor, why not a comedian for Senator? It's not like this is serious or anything.

This makes me think of that Daily Show episode where Al Franken was digging on Bush for being a racist and Jon pointed out that, at the time, Bush's cabinet was just about the most diverse ever at the same time that Franken didn't have any people of color working for him.

I do love that book title though.

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On this day of love, I saw this article, L.A. Times: The hot button of a casual embrace, about interracial relationships on television. There are a lot of shows that have interracial relationships now to reflect society and reality. Nobody really says anything. Remember on LOST when Hurley says, "So Rose's husband is wife. I wasn't expecting that." On shows like Greys Anatomy, The Old Adventures of New Christine, 4400, Supernatural, House, Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, Heroes and...I guess it would be easier to name shows that don't have interracial relationships on them. My favorite of the whole bunch is My Name Is Earl. Joy & Crabman/Darnell are hilarious and last week's episode was like Bizarro world with her half black sister and her scrawny, simple white husband was genius. However, some people are not happy that, on most of these shows, no one mentions the fact that there are interracial relationships. They say there is no cultural conflict and these couples aren't facing the problems that interracial couples face.

It's 2007. Honestly, people aren't surprised and they don't care. Even people who don't like interracial relationships aren't surprised. Where I grew up, Evanston, IL, there were interracial couples everywhere from when I was a child. I've dated out of my race. My own family is sufficiently miscegenated through marriage as well. We recently visited my brother's church in Madison, WI and my Daddy asked, "Is it against the law to marry your own race in this church or what?" because there were so many interracial relationships and children the color of gold running around.

I think the fact that the shows don't acknowledge that there is an interracial relationship, but just a relationship, is a good thing. It will let people know it is what it is and move on. Love is where you find it and a lot of people are alone on this day that no one should be alone because they don't open their eyes to all the possibilities. I'll stop now, before I start sounding like and after school special on TV.
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I found this site, The Black Coffee Channel, which says "They messed with the calendar in 1582. Now it's our turn." Uhm, what? It also says, "Enjoy February, but Black History Month starts in March." It's some kind of movement and you're supposed to join. Anybody understand what the site is for? Either it's a positive site about black history or it's some subversive fight the power group. Either way, I'm gonna blogroll it.
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Maureen Dowd, who I'm sorry I just don't like very much, is jumping on the criticize Obama crowd. I think she thought she was being funny, which she is sometimes. I thought her book Bushworld was funny, but other than that, she seems more amused with herself than anyone else is. DRUDGE REPORT: Maureen Dowd Rips Obama She probably secretly wants him. I bet that's it.
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Today is the day to be with the one you love. It's a good day for it too because everyone could use a little warmth. Snow, ice, slush, snow, rain, snow.... Instead of going out, I'll bet a lot of people are going to spend a nice Valentines day at home and we'll have a bunch of babies 9 months from now. Or maybe not. In New York at least, the city is handing out condoms to celebrate Valentines day safely.Taking advantage of the holiday for lovers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration was to unveil the official city condom in midtown Manhattan, where volunteers were to hand them out free at Fifth Avenue and 50th Street. Uhm...official city condom? I don't really trust government condoms. I'm going to stick with the private sector on this. WCBS NEWSRADIO 880 - NYC Hands Out Free Condoms for Valentine's Day
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I can tell you that I don't understand what the hell this machine is and what this website is for, but this guy has a machine that shells lobsters for you so that they are shelled completely intact, even the little leg thingys. Look at the picture. A complete lobster ready for dipping in garlic butter. Yum, yum.
The Secret Life of Lobsters - The Lobster Blog: food and sex
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"A black restaurant manager filed a racial discrimination claim against a cab company after a white taxi driver allegedly locked him in his cab and drove him to jail because he thought he was a fare scofflaw."

This is some serious bull^#@*. Honestly, what would give someone the idea that they had a right to imprison another person? My advice? Call a lawyer and start with False Imprisonment and move on from there. Just reading this story I am respecting the self control of this brother. Where I would have gone off and left him and his car in ruins, he was calmly thinking, "I know I'm getting paid for this, so just keep it cool." Bizarre Marin cab ride prompts charge of racial discrimination
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A democracy in Africa? Africa's definition of democracy is different than ours. I think theirs means rebels only obliterate towns every other month instead of every month and you only get imprisoned for speaking bad about the President instead of cut up with machetes. That was mean I know, but seriously what does Democracy mean in an African country? It looks like one country, Benin, has a chance because the people aren't just wanting for Democracy, they're sacrificing to make it happen. I wish them well and when they get this together, we need to create a manual and a website to pass it along. Benin has set standard for democracy in Africa : National-World : Albuquerque Tribune
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Ruben Navarrette, Jr. is saying what I was saying about the GOP threatening George Bush over those border patrol agents being in jail, but he says it in a way that you can understand. That's why he's a journalist and I'm a blogger. Commentary: Anti-immigrant mob creates false heroes -
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Obama is kind of telling the media to stuff it now. See this is what happens when your lover turns on you. For the longest, he was the prettiest girl in the room and the media was just living the fantasy. But things change and now that he's trying for some real power, the fangs come out and he is not pleased. Oh well, love is nice while you got it. The Politico: Obama Casts Peevish Eye on National Media
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Okay, I will be the first to say that George Bush needs to check himself when it comes to his Illegal Immigration policy. I'm not in favor of amnesty or rewarding anyone for breaking any law just because it might be more convenient then actually enforcing the law we have. However, I think he might be getting the bad rap on this one. The Raw Story GOP Rep. warns Bush if border patrol agents die in prison 'there's going to be some kind of impeachment talk'

"Several Republican lawmakers have sharply criticized the imprisonment of two border agents who were convicted of shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the back and attempting to cover it up."

Stuff happens. Shooting a drug smuggler at the border is not a shock and no one will shed a tear, but the cover up is wrong. I realize that border police are fighting an uphill battle, but you can't cover up a killing; even if the person probably deserved it. I don't know all the facts, but based on what I do know, it is right for them to be in jail.
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So Virginia is taking a step forward, or are they? "The Virginia House of Delegates approved a far-reaching proposal Tuesday to strip charities and other organizations of state and local funding if any of the money is used to provide services to immigrants in the country illegally."

Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of rolling up our sleeves and doing something to stop illegal immigration; at least to stop rewarding illegal immigrants, but I'm not sure punishing charities is the right way. Now if charities were helping them learn to get fake Social Security Numbers and such, I would be in favor of it. I know some of them also help with jobs, which should stop. But what about the charitable organizations that are just feeding them, doing clothes drives and offering medical care to their children who are blameless in this? WAPO: Va. House Approves Bill On Illegal Immigration. My state has an additional 49 bills on debate regarding illegal immigration, so we'll see. We've already had problems with certain cities opening the worker centers which allows legal and illegal immigrants to come looking for handyman work. The VA is harsh when it comes to the law, so this could get ugly.
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So it's official. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has announced he is officially in the Presidential race. You're right to assume he is a Republican because every Democrat has already declared their campaign for President. There aren't any of them left. I was curious about this guy because how does a Mormon Republican win the top spot in Massachusetts? For those of who are wondering who in the heck is Mitt Romney and what kind of name is that, here's a Romney 101 from ABC News. Also, he has a very big head like John Travolta. ABC News: Romney Joins 2008 Presidential Race
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I had heard rumors that she was dating my other man about a week or so ago, but I didn't believe it until I saw these pics of them at some Grammy party posted at Young, Black & Fabulous, my favorite gossip site. He is just too fine for his own good. I would call Ciara out, but she has manly, muscled arms so I'm gonna just shut up and brood about it to myself. Seriously, I'm happy for them.
(runs down the hallway crying miserably)

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Wonkette has a funny take on a article that basically says Obama is a big phony who used to be a loser, but learned how to be second coming as he is seen now. They talk about how he was arrogant and his body language was snotty. Seriously, someone at was drinking some serious haterade before they wrote this. Daily Kos has their take on it too.

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I agree with Senator Obama's statement in this article, DRUDGE REPORT: Obama: If you look African-American, you are treated like one. Black folks are giving him a lot of grief because that seems to be what black folks are best at sometimes. He isn't a descendant of slaves, so he can't really be black. As if everything that we ever were, are or will be is because of slavery. We are not the only race to be wronged and we are more than what was done to us. None of us who are descendants of slaves feel some keen connection to that period. What we feel is the effect that slavery continues to have on our society and that effect is the same for descendants of slaves or anyone else who looks like they may be a descendant of slaves. Do you think that when someone like Obama steps into an elevator, a little white lady isn't going to clutch her purse the same she would another black person? Do you think that some white snob at a country club wouldn't see someone like Obama and toss him his keys to park because he wasn't a descendant of slaves? Exactly. It makes no difference whether you are descendants of slaves or not. If you look black, you're treated black. It is the same experience and it's only what you make of it. He has nothing to prove.
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One of the good things to come out of Congress in a while is a hopefully renewed effort to bring Darfur back to the table. America is going through an Africa fatigue; everyone is tired of caring about Africa. It seems like no matter what we do, it either does no good, or the countries turn over their governments so often that they undue any good in a matter of days. Darfur is still a crisis and I hope that we can learn some lessons from waiting too long to do something about Rwanda. Democrats seeking to revive stalled measures on Darfur
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Andy Reid, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, announced he is taking time one month off from his job to focus on his family because both of his sons have gotten in legal trouble recently. They actually got in trouble on the same day for two different things. Both were involved in drug related charges, including one with a weapons charge. Andy Reid is making the right choice. If more boys had dads like him, maybe they would have been turned around at a younger age and have a better future. Maybe Reid sees the part he might have played in his sons getting to such a sad state. There is no guarantee that what he's doing is going to help, but I can't imagine it doesn't have some effect on those kids that their dad is leaving his job to focus on them. iWon: Eagles' Reid Taking Leave of Absence
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If you've seen Predator, the original movie, you'll get this and find it hilarious. If not, just enjoy it because it's funny.
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If you wade through all the Ana Nicole Smith and astronauts with diapers, you'll remember a few weeks ago that two boys were found that had been kidnapped by some disgusting pervert. One of the boys had been missing for 4 years. The boy had been brainwashed to believe his parents didn't want him. He was controlled by this man who, police say, repeatedly sexually abused the boy. However, O'Reilly comes out saying he thinks the boy liked being with the man because he was going to school, hanging out with friends and never told anyone.

People were very angry with Bill, but he refused to apolgize. Men like him never do. The one good thing that came from it was that he was slated to speak at a Missing Kids conference and they cancelled his ass. I'm sure O'Reilly will say that they have no courage and they bowed to the liberal mafia. No, Bill. What you said was disgusting to anyone with half a brain and 1/10th of a heart. It's people like you judging them without understanding that make these kids afraid or too ashamed to speak up in the first place. Crooks and Liars: O’Reilly cancelled from speaking at Missing Kids
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We have some good news, like this: Last year in Illinois, the number of black students taking at least one AP test jumped 41 percent -- more than that of any other racial group, new data showed Tuesday. Meanwhile, in Chicago, the percentage of black students enrolled in at least one AP class skyrocketed 55 percent.

Then we get news like this: Nationwide, black students were 14 percent of the student population and only 6.9 percent of those in the college-prep courses, a gain of less than a percentage point in six years.

The numbers in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. are skyrocketing for black kids in AP courses. It's a great thing and we have to spread it around. We have got to get our kids need to take these courses. As competitive as school placement is these days, it can mean the difference between your college of choice and your safety school. Or college at all for that matter.
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: More black youths taking AP tests
Philadelphia Inquirer Black students not sharing in AP course gain
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This fool always has to bring race into the matter, doesn't he? Media Matters - Limbaugh returns to football analysis: "[T]hey're dumping on" Grossman "because he is a white quarterback". Now where does this logic come from? I guess in his mind, the only reason someone would dump on a white quarterback is because of race because it's not possible that he just sucks. Everytime he opens his mouth about football, he sticks his foot in it. Trust me, if Donovan McNabb had made it to the Superbowl and played that awful, the media would have been crucifying him and Philadelphia would want him tarred and feathered. Rush knows this. He's just saying what he says because he wants to hear himself say it.
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For people who think the only reasons illegals should fear crossing the border are border police and minutemen, think again. Bandits are there waiting to take advantage. They'll rob them, kill them and kidnap the women for sex slavery. Most of the sex slavery rings found in the South and Southwest have mostly Mexican women and girls. BREITBART.COM - Three illegal immigrants shot dead crossing US border: police
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Good news for people with HIV in South Africa, a place where the disease is about to swallow black people whole. BREITBART.COM - AIDS-hit South Africa to hold mass-scale HIV vaccine trial
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I'm being hypocritical to blast people who want to make everything about race because my blog is kind of focused on that. I don't see everything as a matter of race. I see most issues coming down to class, but that's a discussion for another day. Here's an interesting article that shows even something meant as an innocent marketing idea can become about racism in America because it was, and still is to some extent, so important. Too much in the country remains about race. We should learn from these examples. The Real Pepsi Challenge Shows How The Cola War Turned Racial
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It seems even the left of the left is questioning the Congressional Black Caucus. Last year, The Black Commentator, another far-left sight slammed the organization for not caring about black interests. - Does the Congressional Black Caucus Really Represent Black America? And What Should We Do About It?. I think the real question is, can any one group, organization or person represent black America? We aren't the same. We have different experiences, desires, attitudes, morals, values, political ideas, etc. But for some reason, many are looking for one symbol to encompass us all. There are 15 million of us here. It's another case of black people wanting to limit their own race to one definition, so something makes sense to them. They're going to be searching for the rest of their lives because we have moved beyond the box we were locked in. The CBC does represent a certain segment of Black America
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This heifer got caught doing drugs in the class. She is the teacher and about to hit 60 at that. Can I just say "FOOLISHNESS" and be done with it? WBEN 930: Lew-Port Teacher Arrested
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You guys know that 24 is my favorite show. Even after they killed off the man who was supposed to be my baby's daddy, President Palmer, I stayed faithful because I like Jack Bauer's crazy. Liberals hate the show because they know that a "right-wing" is in charge and people like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh love the show. If Rush loves it, you know it has to be from the devil. They love it because Jack will take a man's eye out with a spoon in a second. Torture is no problem. He almost killed his own brother last week. The New Yorker: Whatever It Takes: The Politics of the Man Behind 24

If Joel Surnow is so right-wing, why was the good President (David Palmer) a Democrat? Why was the bad President (whatever his name was from last season) a Republican? I guess it doesn't matter as long as Jack can show that the only way to save the world is to break the rules.
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Oh, for the love of God. Here goes another one. SFGate: Newsom to seek help for alcohol abuse . So if I go out and rob a convenience store can I get away if I promise to go to rehab? People need to stop this mess. Just take responsibility for your mistakes and get on with your job.

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I tipped you to another blog, Racialicious, a couple of weeks ago. Today, she talks about how people caption pics of black celebrities wrong all the time. To be fair, they get names wrong all the time. AP & Yahoo! News are the worse. They'll put a picture of President Bush when they're talking about Scooter Libby and a picture of Martin Luther King when they're talking about Gary Coleman. Seriously, they get it wrong a lot. Why can’t mainstream media outlets tell black people apart?
This all reminds of that episode of Seinfeld when George told his boss, Mr. Morgan, he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard and his boss got pissed, so George tried to make up for it by pretending he was friends with the black exterminator. The guy really did look like Sugar Ray Leonard.
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You see if you go after someone long enough, search hard enough, you can find some dirt on him. Senator Barry Obama smokes cigarettes. Well, if he smokes cigarettes than he's probably also a meth addict. It's a logical leap. Watch for the meth addict story to pop up on FOX News by the end of the day. Chicago Tribune: Obama launches an '07 campaign --to quit smoking

I found this picture at Wonkette, but I don't know. It looks a little photoshopped. If it's real, he looks pretty cool and should put this on his website. Seriously, I hate smoking and I'm glad he's quitting. All Michelle has to do is put her foot down and tell him if he wants to smoke he has to go outside. It's about 50 below in D.C., so he'll quit easy.
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Here's another ranking website. New Political Review - Senator Poll Rank the top 100 (there are only 100, so I'm not sure what they mean by "top 100") Senators on basis of four criteria: Integrity, Honor, Dignity & Character. Seriously? I'd rather rate them by looks because at least I can see whether or not they have any of those. Integrity, Honor, Dignity & Character? Just do alphabetical because if you follow their rules you'll be stuck on #1 forever. I would pick Senator Evan Bayh & Barry Obama and be done with it.

As of right now, John Kerry is #1. Uhm, okay. Being interesting is not a requirement. Russ Feingold is #2. Barry was #4 when I was at the site yesterday, but he has moved to #7. Probably because everyone knows he smokes cigs now. Now Ted Kennedy is #8, so you know this is some bull$@*^.
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FEMA has some balls talking about somebody owing them money. They realize another screw up of their own doing and now they want their money back. From who? You don't even know who you gave it to? My Way News - FEMA Wants Over $300M in Katrina Aid Back "The U.S. government gave $84.5 million to more than 10,000 households. But Census figures show fewer than 8,000 homes existed there at the time." That's just the beginning. And what did the $300 million go to? The city is still a complete mess. It must have been to fix the Superdome because that's the only nice looking thing in the city.
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I guess someone is trying to be funny. Washington Initiative Would Require Married Couples To Have Kids "An initiative filed by proponents of same-sex marriage would require heterosexual couples to have kids within three years or else have their marriage annulled." They are arguing that so many who are against same-sex marriage say that marriage is for pro-creation, so they say the law shouldn't recognize any marriage that doesn't procreate. Clever, but a little out-dated. My grandparents thought that marriage was to have children. Most people believe that marriage is just a good way to create a stable, productive society. This is a kind of comical move, but I understand the reason is to create more discussion and I'm for that.
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If this is true, then I believe that Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald is my new favorite member of Congress. I felt some of the crazy escaping me with the exit of Cynthia McKinney and Katherine Harris, but I feel a rebirth. I'll keep track of her and let you know. I know there are hundreds of crazies in Congress and if I just search hard enough (or watch C-Span for a day), but I've been busy and I need them to find me. Wonkette: Meet America's Greatest Congresswoman ... But Don't Walk In Front Of Her
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Wonkette never ceases to make me laugh. They have a hilarious take on Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry's latest suggestion. "Under Marion Barry’s proposed law, law-abiding DC residents who actually break the law by owning a gun (because, Jesus Christ, it’s DC and how can you not have a gun at home?) would have a 90-day window to legally register the gun." Exactly what is his job? I didn't know he was in a position to propose legislation. Is he just putting it out there or does he have actual legislative powers? How many times do you have to get arrested in one year before your legislative powers are revoked? Also - Wonkette has a picture of him in his "player" days and has trademarked calling him "America's Mayor." Genius. Marion Barry Wants You Armed

And I don't want any of the Barry faithful to give me any mess, because I will bring out that video of him dancing at Adrian Fenty's inaugural ball and then you'll have to shut up.
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Looks like John Edwards has stumbled in his political campaign. It's bad enough he's running third behind Hillary and Barry. Now he goes and hires a couple of bloggers because he wants to seem cool and they burn him by upsetting some "religious liberals." Religious liberals? How do you define that? Besides, the guy is practically a socialist (the good kind), so religious liberals or otherwise shouldn't expect much from him.

This will strike a blow for bloggers looking to get more involved in the official campaign of presidential candidates in 2008. People are going to be scared because bloggers don't feel like they have to be careful like journalist do. He should have hired me because I would have only posted about how handsome he is. Although I would have been a little critical of his outdating hairstyle. I might have made fun of his accent a little, but that's probably it. He's running third, so who cares about anything else? The Politico: Edwards Blogger Flap Discomforts Religious Left
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Poor babies Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck say that after that whole screw up with Senator Joe Biden talking about Senator Obama, it's too dangerous for whites to be around black people now. They're too afraid of being labeled a racist if they say the wrong thing. Oh, really? That's the reason why?
First, I don't think either of them have too much to worry about as far as being labeled a racist. If they didn't know already, the majority of people already think they both are. Second, what would you have to worry about if you treat all people with the same respect? If when you hear a black person speak proper English, you feel the need to say, "Wow, you're so articulate," but you don't feel the need to say that when you hear a white person speak proper English, then the problem is yours, not all those black friends you're afraid to have, which I also don't think you have anything to worry about. O'Reilly And Beck Agree: We're Afraid To Have A Lot Of African-American Friends
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I get less and less interested in blogging as the day goes on, so we'll see how long this all day blogging goes.

It is true that no other country is as obsessed with race as America, but Europe still has some very serious problems with race and religious tolerance. And they aren't even related to a soccer tournament. As immigration grows, it will probably get worse.

We all know that France had its image of racial tolerance shattered with the Muslim riots in 2005. Now a recent TV documentary chronicling life for blacks in France has revealed more layers of racial strife. French blacks: J'accuse racism - World - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

And England is having its problems as well. This Muslim Academy in Acton is teaching little children that Jews are apes and Christians are pigs and refuses to stop. This is why people generally say that Muslims are the problem, not extremists. If the basics of the faith are supporting this stuff, then it solidifies the thoughts of many that the religion is just bad even in its most mainstream form. The school says the racist sections of the book are misinterpreted. This is London: We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school

Meanwhile, in London and other areas, attacks on Jews have tripled in the last 10 years. They call them anti-Semitic incidents there. Also interesting, "The physical descriptions of perpetrators in 205 of the incidents show 96 were by white people, 28 by black people, 60 by Asians and 16 by Arabs." What's up with the 60 Asians? I guess the one thing that unifies the races is their hatred of Jews. They can all have a multicultural themed party in hell when they get there. 'Wave of hatred' warning as attacks on Jews hits record high the Daily Mail
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Boing Boing is a great blog. It's just full of wonderful things, most of which mean nothing to anyone, but feed into our curosity. The site also has a keen interest in anything with two heads like cows and turtles. Their latest two-headed find is the first two-headed reptile ever. Bet you'll see this in Jurassic Park IV, V or whichever number they are on. Boing Boing: Two-headed fossil

Also, I was touched by this fossil found in Italy of two people who died in an embrace and are fossilized forever. Makes you think of what they were thinking in those last moments. Unlike me who would probably be running like a chicken with its head cut off screaming, "I don't want to die!!!!!!!" these two just laid down in each other's arms. Sad, but touching.

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Okay, I'm already getting a little tired of this one topic for post thing. We'll see how long it last.

Take it from someone who has been in the business of diversity for more than ten years. Sensitivity training doesn't work. You're basically paying a consulting firm thousands of dollars to come to your company and tell a bunch of grown adults to act like they have some damn sense when dealing with other people. And they still act a fool

This article is about some ridiculous sensitivity experiment gone awry at Arizona State University. They role play certain roles and see how each one reacts to the other. Assigned the identity of a gay Hispanic, Visconti's persistence during the training got him nowhere. A woman with a Southern accent told him there was nothing he could do. She said he was going to hell, and that even Jesus said so in the Bible.

Good times.

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In the spirit of my new posting style, one topic per post, our first post of the day is about Black History Month. Get out your McDonalds or Phillip Morris calendar and see what black hero we should be celebrating today. We get to see a lot of commercials with candles and pictures of Harriett Tubman and Booker T. Washington. And yes, the endless conversations about Reparations!

This month got off to a good start with two black coaches in the Superbowl. And we have five black actors nominated for Academy Awards. Not too shabby. If you want more, check these out.
Also - I'm going to pepper this post with a bunch of pictures of black people because I don't have anything that relates to this post.

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

Black Archives: At this Web site, you will find a national resource of photographs, documents, family albums, souvenir programs from churches and organizations and other source materials that documents the legacies of Miami's Black community. If you're not from South Florida, it's just a site with old pics. The Black Archives

I've blogged about and, but Black In Touch is a another new site for connecting socially. Maybe this site will not have pictures of women half-dressed laying on their beds with "Devout Christian" in their profile. If you have an Ivy degree, you might find a more selective crowd at Welcome to The Black Ivy Alumni League Online!

If you are still holding on to the belief that we invented peanut butter, a stop light and some heart procedure and nothing else, you need to hit up Black Inventor.

Okay, I'll agree that math sucks. I hate it too, but you have to get your quant skills on if you want to pass that SAT, GMAT or make it in business. We have a strong history of mathematical achievements and you can find out more at Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
in the Twentieth Century. Profiles of Contemporary Mathematicians of the African Diaspora. You can also find links that go all the way back to Math in Ancient Africa. Seriously, tell me how the site is because I did not spend more than one second there. has an entire section on Slave Revolts in the 18th Century. Slave Resistance. For those of you who complain about how life is so hard for blacks today, read this mess and see if you still feel that way.

February 9 & 16th, PBS is running a short series called Slavery and the Making of America

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I got some advice from a very successful blogger who likes my site. He told me that I have a great site, but I'm doing it all wrong. Posting once a day is old school. An active blog post throughout the day. That way people will come back and others, like himself, can link to one story with a headline that is relevant. It's easier to digg as well. I don't know if I have time for that. I work and go to law school and try to have a life, but I'll give it a try. It might end up being easier this way.
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I'm sorry about the comments. Honestly, I didn't know I had "moderate comments" on, so I have comments that date all the way back to August of last year that are just now posting. Sorry. I've taken moderate comments off. I think I was getting a bunch of spam "See my website" comments, so I cut it off and forgot about it.

Time Magazine has a good article on Rape and when is it too late to say no. In some states a woman can say no at any time and if the man doesn't stop, he can be charged with rape. In some states, after sex has begun, a woman can't charge a man with rape if he doesn't stop. What exactly determines when sex begins? Actual penetration. I'm not trying to be graphic, but men generally think sex starts a little earlier than women. Some men will say once the clothes are off, it's too late. There are serious questions of self control in men and responsibility in women that need to be addressed here. I don't care what's going on, if a woman says "stop" then a guy should stop, but if they had already begun having sex is that fair? What is her responsibility in not going this far unless she was ready? This is for one another reason why kids should not be having sex because they aren't really sure what they want and this is how a problem starts. This is another reason why grownups need to wait longer before they have sex, so they really know what they're doing and if they want it. Time: A Time Limit on Rape

Newsweek talks about the record 5 African Americans who are nominated for Oscars this year. This is good news, but the best news is that it isn't all for the same movie. We have three different movies, a serious drama, a musical and an strong independent film giving us different images of black people, good and bad, but well-acted. There are even more than one in a single category. I hope it isn't a phase or a "good year." Are the Academy Awards Finally Colorblind?

Cynthia McKinney is back and she wants you to help her pay off her $60K campaign debt. Cynthia McKinney For Congress. I love how her website still says Cynthia McKinney for Congress 2006. Update please. It takes five minutes.

Ted Haggard, who I knew was gay in the first five seconds I saw him so I don' t know why it took everyone else by surprise, has come back and says he has been cured of "the gay." I guess he was saying he was only a little gay to begin with, so an entire reorganization wasn't necessary. Do they seriously still have those "we'll make you straight" camps? Whatever. He's a loser to me because when he got caught he denied it all until he couldn't anymore. People never understand that others get that you make mistakes, but when you don't own up to them you brand yourself for life. Also, it's not so cool to damn gays and have sex with a male prostitute at the same time. - Haggard says he is "completely heterosexual"

Here's another article on reparations. I like to come back to them every now and then. You know by now how I feel about them. I just wish that the people who spend all their time, work and money on figuring out how to get paid would spend half that time dealing with the problems we face now, which no amount of money or reparations will fix. Reparations will not put our families back in tact. Reparations will not make our children want to work harder in school and achieve more than anyone ever expected of them. Besides, they aren't going to happen anyway. Why not spend time on something you can make happen instead of a hope of getting money you haven't earned? FinalCall: Bob Brown’s Reparations Research

Did we not see this coming? Not that they need an excuse, but the KKK and other White Supremacists groups are getting new recruits because of immigration. This is the war they've been waiting for. I don't doubt that most white people are just as disgusted with the KKK as anyone else, but there are a number of whites who are on the fence, don't care either way. But these people are vulnerable to these groups because they see the browning of America and they feel threatened. They feel their privilege, their race and heritage disappearing. The browning of America was just a theory in magazines before, but they see the reality now and they want to put a stop to it or at least hold it off as long as they can. These hate groups are offering them support and justification for their feelings. Klan growing, fed by anti-immigrant feelings, report says
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You notice I didn't say anything about my Chicago Bears losing Sunday. That initial touchdown run by Hester got me all excited, but I kind of knew they wouldn't. The only reason I'm not mad is because it was Tony Dungy that won. Anyone else, I would be sour for weeks. I'm still sad, but there's always next year. The commercials were blah. I liked the Oprah & David Letterman ad. Other than that, they were pretty weak. The game was okay interesting. I wanted to see a lot of bombs in the air, but the weather took care of that. Prince was cool of course. No other straight man can get away with screaming in that high a pitch and wearing 3-inch heels. Not to mention playing an electric guitar in the rain. Purple Rain is one of the best albums ever! Also, it's cold as a b&$@* out right now and this reminds me of why I left Chicago.

And no, I will not be posting anything about crazy astronaut driving across the state in diapers to beat down some woman who is dating a man they have a crush on. Crazy is for Friday.

All kidding aside, this is something to really be scared of. This is what happens when you take too long to find a cure. A virus can mutant and all the work you've done up to that point will be useless. We'll have to start over again. This report on a new strain of HIV popping up in Seattle should have everyone alarmed. Health officials warn of new HIV threat found in King County

A matriarchal society? In Africa? How a culture can isolate itself from the world around it and create its own customs is very interesting. The women choose who they want to marry and bring the guy some fish to eat. He can't refuse it because it would dishonor his family. He gets no choice in the matter. He eats the fish and he's her fiance. I bet there are a lot of men that will be pissed after they read this article. You know the kind who think men should be in charge of everything and women should wait to receive what they feel like women should have. Sad thing is the problem of feeling powerless and voiceless in this society are the same as within ours, but just by different sexes. I personally don't think it's good for any one sex to completely dominate another. God meant for men and women to be together, work together. Women, not men, choose spouses on African archipelago

This story really bothered me. No Class For Those Without Vaccines - Kids without vaccines can't come to school. I certainly don't think they should be going to school for their own safety. The little things are like exploding germ bombs, but there has to be a better system. "They've been sending certified letters, they've been doing public service ads," Reinhard said, describing local districts' measures to alert parents. But if all else failed, "a good way to reach them is by keeping their children out of school. That gets their attention fast." Seems like they are doing all they can. There were six of us and my mom never forgot to get us our shots before each year. 12,000 is a lot for just one state. And the fact that almost 4,100 are from PG County and another 5,000 are from Baltimore, tells me that mostly black kids are missing school because they didn't get their shots. What are their parents thinking?
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At The New Republic, Peter Beinart writes about how the terms "Good blacks" v. "Bad Blacks" are used by whites to decide who to give a job to. The company in this story ignored the American blacks in favor of Caribbean immigrants. Black Like Me

City Journal's message is succinct and clear. City Journal: Elites to Anti-Affirmative-Action Voters: Drop Dead by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Winter 2007. The story chronicles the California University system whose attempts to fight Prop 209 is still strong 10 years later.

I too am a little tired of the "it takes a white teacher to get black students to get their heads on straight," but almost all of these stories are based on reality, so I can't blame the movie itself. The problem is there are probably a lot of similar stories with black teachers making a profound enough difference to justify a movie, but will white people go see it? I think more white people would so it than black people, but not enough to make Hollywood want to take a gamble. Unless that teacher is Will Smith, Denzel or Morgan Freeman. Hollywood Says Only White People Can Save Us

Speaking of entertainment. Fox is putting down the hammer on diversity in its programming. Haven't we heard this before? - Inside Move: Fox focuses on diversity. Stop talking and start doing.

This is just wrong. What are we going to do to make up for this? I guess we'll have to put them in captivity and recreate their environment. That or let them die off. Look at the picture. What are these two going to do? Global warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice | the Daily Mail
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Pics aren't working today. Sorry.

San Francisco
I've always said that San Francisco's mayor was too handsome not to have a sex scandal. I guess I was right. BREITBART.COM: S.F. Mayor Apologizes for Affair

The Chicago Defender has been told to tone down the blackness in their slogan.
'Chicago Defender'Editor & Publisher: Chicago Defender: It's 'Unapologetically Black' No More

This is an odd story about a teenaged boy being victimized by three women in his home. If this was a 16 year old girl and three adult men, they would be tarred and quartered. At least the women are getting arrested and charged. WAPO: 3 Women Charged With Sexually Abusing Teen
I'm getting sick and tired of these black face or ghetto parties. Just kick them out of school. I don't know how these kids were brought up, but their parents need to be fined too. Someone just doesn't wake up one morning and say, "I'm going to put on black face and pretend to be black," because most white people wouldn't do it. This is about these kids values and morals. I feel sorry for them more than anything.

This is the kind of stuff that just stabs at my hurt. For all of those people out there that say we should respect everyone's culture, this is why I say that's a bunch of bull. Any culture that condones this persecution of women, of young girls is not an equal culture. This has to be stopped. Examiner: Father Kills Daughter; Doubted Virginity

Never thought you'd hear me say anything positive about the Black Panther Party. All "white devil" jokes aside, the group appears to be making a positive difference in one neighborhood in Dallas. Residents are associating their presence with a drastic reduction in crime. Not only that, but the group actually wants to work with the local police. Yes, you heard it. The Black Panther Party wants to partner with The Man. New Black Panther Party Members Fight Crime At Complex

South Africa
You never wish any disease on anyone except that guy that cut me off this morning. I wish Ebola on him. Otherwise, ones health is everything. We have become a world that seems to be wiling to live with AIDS. But there is no living with AIDS. There's only dying. It may not be like it was twenty years ago, but it is still a death sentence. In Africa, its an epidemic that will kill an entire continent. While it remains a mostly poor disease, it is finding its way into the upper classes. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you look at it, this might spur on more research and advances. Like someone said, if every member of Congress was suddenly infected with AIDS, we'd have a cure by the end of the week. I don't believe that exactly, but I certainly believe that the more "important" people, a disease hits, the more time and money is devoted to its cure and care. Yahoo! News: AIDS rising among S.Africa's rich, best-educated

I'm in favor of testing. I think the only way to understand where kids can go is to know where they are. The mess about bias is a waste of time because if the test reflects the smartest of what is out in the world then what some see as bias is just reality. I can understand the issues argued in this WAPO article, WAPO: Va. Is Urged to Obey 'No Child' on Reading Test:, and I'm not surprised its turning into a fight. "The U.S. Department of Education threatened yesterday to take 'enforcement action' against Virginia if any school districts defy a federal mandate to give reading tests to thousands of immigrant students."
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A lot of flap is being made about Senator Joe Biden's comments regarding Senator Obama and I'm going to stay clear of it. The comments seemed a little suspect, but from everything I have seen and heard of Senator Biden, he might deserve the benefit of the doubt. However, I can't say I wouldn't like to see a Congressional Catfight between the to. For blogging purpose only of course.
NYO: Biden Unbound: Lays Into Clinton, Obama, Edwards Black Activists React to Senator Joe Biden's Comments About Senator Barack Obama
Buffalo News: Biden apologizes to Obama for interview gaffe

Meanwhile, more and more Clinton loyalists are leaving Hillary for Barry. This could get ugly.CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Clinton pal Bobby Rush: I'm supporting Obama

Also, I'm glad that the Obama team is shutting FOX out for their ridiculous story on Obama's primary education. I know they're desperate, but that was even low for FOX. He went to a perfectly normal, coed school in Indonesia and they tried to make it seem like he went to terrorist training school. "This is huge," said the reporter who introduced the story. Even some FOX big wigs are upset about this decision. They better check their rabid Republicans. FOX News is what it is so there is no point in discussing bias, but they can't act like a bunch of damn fools. Maybe they should have done what CNN did and actually sent someone to the school to see what it was like. But no, then they would have to admit they knew it was an innocent school like any other. WAPO Blog: Obama's Grudge Factor

I've also just tagged some extra Obama articles onto this post because they're piling up in my inbox and I'm kind of sick of talking about him every day. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Obama wants '08 deadline for U.S. pullout
NYO: Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad ‘Trapped between two worlds'
WAPO: Ruth Marcus - The Clintonian Candidate Perception vs. reality

Is this awesome or what? The new magazine, Politico, has gotten off to a great start as far as I'm concerned. Name calling, quitting and cussing all in one Congressional story. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez quit the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because it's leader, Congressman Baca, called her a whore. He denies it, but it looks like he said it to someone who went back and told her, so she has backup. "I'm not going to be a part of the CHC as long as Mr. Baca illegally holds the chair … I told them no. There's a big rift here," Sanchez said. "You treat the women like s***. I have no use for him.". You knew Wonkette was going to have something to say about this.
The Politico: Sanchez Accuses Democrat of Calling Her a 'Whore,' Resigns from Hispanic Group
Wonkette: Joe Baca Calls Loretta Sanchez a Whore, Democrats Continue to Be Bestest Majority Party Ever

New Orleans Mayor Nagin was in D.C. telling the Senate to give him his damn money. He's not asking for a penny more than was promised, but give him the money! This is why you can't count on the government to save you. Now, in his case, he has no choice. Only the govt can give him the money he needs to fix his city, but it's going to take forever. All the private charities and projects are already building houses and schools, but the government money is still tied up in red tape. What are you gonna do? New Orleans mayor: Where is the promised money?
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