Maybe I have heard this before, but have you? Storm from X-Men and Black Panther from...Justice League or just Marvel comics (I have no clue) got married some time ago. Black superheroes getting married should have been Breaking News! I don't know anything about comics, but I'm on a high from eating two 100 grand bars (yes again), so indulge me.

This is pretty cool. So they've been married and at some point became the King and Queen of Wakanda, which I could not find on the Google Map, but whatevs. Anyway, they are taking center stage in Black Panther #26 in what is being dubbed the BlackTastic Four. Comic Book Resources - "The Black-Tas-Tic Four". I lost interest after reading that because I didn't understand anything else, but Black Panther is super sexy and Storm is the hotness, so pretty good news all around.

NEWSARAMA: BLACK PANTHER/STORM WEDDING PRESS CONFERENCE - Okay, so I guess the wedding was breaking news.

These are their Wiki pages and I need to know who at Wiki I should come and slap for putting up a picture of Storm looking like a white lady. Foolishness.

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It's a fair question. For some black ministers who are opening their church doors to homosexuals, they risk losing the people who think its a sin. For Some Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others - New York Times. But here's my question. How many of those people are fornicators and adulterers? I know not everyone, but I'm asking how many do you think?

I guess it all comes down to selective memory. My memory tells me that the bible looks at all three the same. But for some reason, churches have ixnayed on the sins of heteros while going full blast against the homos. Go into many black churches and you will find it full of unmarried people you know are getting some. You see row and after row of baby mamas (because baby daddies aren't coming to church these days - another story for another day). And you all know who in your church is messing around on their husband or wife and its likely with someone just a few pews away. And NOT A ONE of these people just started coming to church.

So why don't those churchgoers who are neither fornicators nor adulterers (all 3 of them) threaten to leave if the church lets these people in? Why don't pastors condemn these lifestyle with the same vigor? Chicken? If you have enough balls to stand up and read some scriptures out loud, then you should have enough to read them all. Christianity isn't for the weak and it isn't a popularity contest.

I'm not advocating a church that yells, "You're going to hell!" to everyone. I believe that church is a time to celebrate God's love, forgiveness and the promises of joy He has for ANYONE who reaches out to Him. Fire and brimstone never saved a soul, but neither has hypocrisy. Either a church accepts all sinners or none. One choice would have a church full of people, the other would be empty (including no pastor). Picking and choosing is the cowards way.
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E.J. Dionne writes a column in WAPO about a reformation that is happening in religion today. There is a movement away from the partisan political machine (this blogger sees no evidence of that). This, in turn, will make it more difficult for politicians to know how to pander to them (my interpretation). E. J. Dionne Jr. - Christians Who Won't Toe the Line -

The latest example is when the board of the National Association of Evangelicals recently faced down right-wing partisans and reaffirmed its view that solving global warming was an important moral cause. Conservative politicians all over must have been doing a double take. "Those pagan liberals have invaded our church!" And liberals are probably mistaken that they have an 'in' now. "Environment today, gay marriage tomorrow!" Dionne says both are wrong and if they continue to think the way they used to, using the old definitions of what it means to be an evangelical, they'll be sorry come election time.

This revolution is causing Christians to vote according to their spiritual beliefs instead of towing the usual party line. Wasn't this supposed to be what they were doing in the first place? From this I get that Christians are the new Independents, because this is how we Independents have been thinking all along. Vote your values regardless of party.

I just wish the black church would do the same. Right now, all they require is for you to show up at one metropolitan city church two weeks prior to election day and give a sermon as if you know what you're talking about in a dialect that might convince someone that you have the holy spirit in you. And if you can bring Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton with you, you get bonus votes!
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There is the fight against illegal immigration based on the rule of law and order and there is the fight against illegal immigration based on hate and racism. Guess which one this article is covering? Al Día Newspaper - Ponte Al Día!. Here's a hint: "This week a woman, who could be a charming grandmother, threw to the ground a Spanish written sign belonging to a Mexican jewelry shop located in a Harrisburg shopping center, and threatened to return to make sure that it would not be replaced. «This is America, not your rotten country,» she said to the Mexican shop owner."

If you are against illegal immigration on the principles of what is right and the law, as I am, you have to speak out against people like this. They make us all look like disgusting bigots and hurt the legislation that is targeting illegal immigration. It's not enough to just say they are bigots and have nothing to do with us. We have to speak out every time we hear something like this and make it clear to these people especially, we are not with them.

More human smuggling rings broken up and immigration raids around the country. All this piecemeal stuff is not very encouraging, but at least they are doing it. Anything that makes it harder for people to break the law or makes them have less confidence they'll get away with breaking the law is good for something. It all adds up - hopefully. When I hear words like "dozens" it makes me think, why bother, but I know the principle is the thing.

One of the little tid bits lost in the flurry over the US Attorney firings was news on how Texas deals with illegal immigrants. Apparently they are not deported until they've been arrested six times. So each illegal gets five free arrests and then on number six, they will possibly be deported. It isn't even certain, only possibly. All that is certain is that they won't be deported for the first five. Really people, what hope do we have? The border patrol is completely pissed over this and they have a right to be.

While groups like the ACLU say that police officers don't want to add any ICE responsibility to their work, more than 60 law enforcement agencies across the country are trying to get the power and training to arrest illegal immigrants, bolstering this much needed effort.
There are still illegal immigrant bills circulating around Capitol Hill, but I've pretty given up on them. What are they going to do besides saying what should be done. Their too cowardly to step up and most of them don't even know what they want to do, just that they want illegal immigration to stop. I think this is going to be up to the states, which isn't necessarily the best thing because 50 different states with 50 different immigration law books can get messy. It would be nice if the federal government would take some action and set some guidelines. Here's more on the blah, blah, blah of it all. Call me back when you actually do something.

More on the immigration rallies, lower turnout and fights with counter-demonstrators. Turnout is low at immigration rallies - Los Angeles Times
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You've been hearing about all the illegal immigrant raids, right? Did you actually think they were doing something? Silly you. They arrests these fools and then let them go, giving them a date to appear in court so they can be deported, unless they can come up with some asylum cause. Not very well thought out. These people know they are here illegal, so they already have no concern for the law. You know they won't show up. Well, now the government agencies in charge of seeing to it that they actually leave are backed up by 600,000 cases. They don't know where the hell these people are.

The problem is in insufficient detention capacity, limitations of an immigration database and inadequate working space. All this despite more than $204 million from you, the taxpayer, being allocated to these teams in the last 3 years. They might as well just burn those files and start over again when they come up with a strategy that at least appears as if it could work.
U.S. Can't Account for 600,000 Fugitives
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I'm disappointed in my original home state for going backwards on the effort to reign in illegal immigration. The state legislation recently approved (60-54) a bill that would give illegal immigrants a driver's permit. Chicago Tribune: Immigrant driver bill approved by House

"Today we make history," said Rep. Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago), the sponsor. "The roads in Illinois will be a safer place, and immigrants can drive to church, to work, and take their children to school legally and without fear."

Yeah, you're make history in making it easier for people to continue to break the law in your state. If you are breaking the law, you should be in fear. That's the point. This is supposed to be geared towards giving them proper driver training and a chance to get car insurance. I had to give a social security number to my insurance company in order to get car insurance. So what are illegals going to use to get their insurance?

Illinois estimates that it has 400,00o illegal immigrants in the state. Well, get out your calculators out because you're about to get several thousands more now that you've made it easier for them to go to their jobs and collect their paychecks using stolen or fraudulent social security numbers. Good looking out, IL.
And this cat is the only driving picture I have on file, so....whatevs.
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Mayor Nagin says he wants the National Guard to stay in New Orleans to help with the crime, which once again has gotten completely out of hand. I'm surprised because I didn't know the Guard was still there because people have been dropping like flies. The city has had 40 killings this year and it's only March 30th! New Orleans' rate of 96 killings per 100,000 people give it the highest homicide rate in the nation. If this is what is going on while they're there, what in the hell is going to happen when they leave? What in God's name is the problem down there that people are acting as if they've lost their damn minds?
Whatever chance Nagin had of giving this city a fresh start and a new image is completely trashed. As they try desperately to get new investors into the area, the citizens of the city are doing everything they can to keep hope as far away from New Orleans as possible.
New Orleans Proposes to Invest in 17 Areas - New York Times
New Orleans outlines recovery plan - U.S. Life -

They are continuing to lose those groups who had wanted to hold conventions in the city to contribute to the regrowth. Those associations are pulling out because its just too dangerous. I personally know one huge Marketing Conference that I attend every year was supposed to be in New Orleans, but has been switched to Ft. Lauderdale because it just isn't safe.
And now the law abiding residents are stocking up on their own guns to protect themselves, which will only make things worse. More guns is never the answer, but you can't blame them. If you lived in a city that was so out of control and couldn't reasonably get out because your roots are there, wouldn't you arm yourself? It's like the Wild West out there. What else can one do for themselves and their family?
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Some of Hitler's forgotten victims are the biracial children of Germans and Africans. In fact, dealing with what he referred to as "Rhineland Bastards" even though most of them were born into legal marriages, was one of his first directives.

After WWI, French sent many of their colonized African soldiers to occupy Germany. Many of them married German women and had these mixed-raced babies. By 1937, Hitler had all of these people sterilized. In the film, Hitler's Forgotten Victims, you hear from the surviving biracial victims of this sterilization. You also hear about how life was for blacks in Germany during WWII.

Some lived because they were entertainers, but most were shipped to concentration camps and treated worse than black American soldiers who had been captured and sent to camps. While in those camps, blacks were made to do the worst jobs and were generally "killed every three months so they could never reveal the inner workings of the final solution." Neither the survivors nor their descendants were given reparations the way Jews were.

Hitlers Forgotten Holocaust Victims
Hitler's Forgotten Victims (1997) (TV) Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany: Books: Hans J. Massaquoi
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The battle between students and Turnitin, a company hired by schools to find cheaters, is now going to court here in the DC Area. In Alexandria, students are suing Turnitin for $900K. The company roots out cheaters by comparing student papers against a database of more than 22 million student papers and other online sources, including archives. The problem is that, in the process, the paper of the student they are checking for plagarism, gets added to the database without the student's permission. Copyright!!!! Also, I'm sure a lot of students are pissed over the idea that they can't plagarized, but that's not what this post is about. McLean Students Sue Anti-Cheating Service -

There is also a real fear that you might be accused of plagarism without having even committed it. Let's say you're doing an essay on soldiers killed in friendly fire during the Iraq war. You're likely going to use the same sources and examples as anyone else writing an essay, article or paper on the top looking to get the same message across as you are. There are only so many words you can use to describe one thing. There are bound to be similarities that someone might construe as plagarism.

But that isn't the main point. The main point is that the kid didn't sign away his rights to control his intellectual property and that is what the company is assuming by archiving their essays for future comparison. With the internet, teachers are facing an ever increasing battle with lazy bums who don't want to do the work themselves, but this isn't the solution. If there was a way for students to have a say in whether or not Turnitin can keep their essay after having checked it for plagarism, that would be fine to me. Of course that wouldn't work for the cheaters. They'll have to go back to the old days when they could only cheat off each other.
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Who doesn't love the story of the Tuskegee airmen? Strong black men flying fast planes is sexy if nothing more. But it was much, much more and the few surviving members of the all-black unit that flew fighter planes escorting bombers in WWII will be honored with Congressional Gold Medals today. It's a little late. Actually its a lot late, but still cool. Tuskegee Airmen honored for World War II achievements -

If you don't know what I'm talking about, shame on you, but here's a tidbit.

"The Tuskegee Airmen were recruited into an Army Air Corps program that trained blacks to fly and maintain combat aircraft. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had overruled his top generals and ordered that such a program be created.

But even after the Tuskegee Airmen were admitted, many commanders continued to believe they didn't have the smarts, courage and patriotism to do what was being asked of them.

Nearly 1,000 fighter pilots trained as a segregated unit at a Tuskegee, Alabama, air base. Not allowed to practice or fight with their white counterparts, the Tuskegee Airmen distinguished themselves from the rest by painting the tails of their airplanes red, which led to them becoming known as the "Red Tails."

Tuskegee Airmen
Tuskegee Airmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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How many times have I agreed with President Bush in the last 7 years? I was on his side with Faith Based Initiatives, although now I think the government forcing their regulations on private charities have not helped the situation. I was also on his side with No Child Left Behind, although he hasn't seen to fund it properly to be as effective as it could be. I was also on his side with the privatization of social security because I believe this is the only way I can hope to even have $2 from the system by the time I retire. And I even sometimes agree with his "soft bigotry of low expectations" blah, blah, blah.

But it's been a while. Bush has been stubborn to a point of insanity when it comes to sticking with the people he picks for positions. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear the White House withdrew the nomination of one of the men behind the SwiftBoat Veterans for Truth movement, for consideration in an ambassador position. - Bush withdraws nomination of Swift Boat backer. I thought that campaign was one of the dirtiest I've ever seen. It was so mean-spirited and nasty that I was uncomfortable every time the commercials came on. It made the "Harold, Call Me" commercial ran in TN against Harold Ford seem like child's play.

Wouldn't you have loved to be in that Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing when they questioned the man, Sam Fox? John Kerry is on that committee and now Democrats are running it so there was no one there to shut him down or up. When Kerry asked Fox about the $50K donation he made to the group, Fox's response was, "I gave away $50K because I was asked to." Weak! He probably knew he was out at that point. I would have gone down swinging by shouting, "I would have given them $500K if I had it," and ended with some statement about Kerry's mother.

Bush pulled the nominee only 30 minutes before the decision was to made, so they knew what was going on. Smart move, but the White House should have never nominated someone who made such a substantial contribution to a cause that even Republicans (although they were lying their asses off) thought had gone too far.

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When I heard people talking about Giuliani in drag (in the past) possibly harming his presidential bid, my first thought was Saturday Night Live. Well, actually my first thought was his 3 marriages could harm him. Then my second thought was that one of those marriages being to his 2nd cousin could harm him. Then my fourth thought was that bringing his mistress, now his current wife who herself is on marriage #3, into his home in front of his then current wife and children could hurt him. Then fifth, I thought the fact that his last wife heard they were separated when Giuliani mentioned it at a press conference to the rest of the world could hurt him. Then sixth, I was thinking his close relationship with Hugo Chavez through his law firm could hurt him.

So I guess it was seventh that I thought the drag reference they were referring to was the skit he did in the 90s when he guest starred on Saturday Night Live where he played a Bronx mother to Cheri Oteri's character. It was hilarious and showed a more human side of a man that many saw as very harsh. However, I was wrong. He's been in drag before according to Newsday.
"Perhaps his most famous there-goes-Rudy moments came in womens' clothing, such as a 1997 appearance as Rudia, where he sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" as Marilyn Monroe once did, complete with a pink gown, high heels and blonde wig. Those rather un-presidential-looking shots are making the rounds among conservatives in South Carolina."

Giuliani's drag story could ruffle right wing -

One drag performance I can excuse, but two... that might be a problem.

Let's be serious. This pro-choice, pro-gay rights Republican has no chance with conservatives, so who else is really going to vote for him? The South will run as far away as they can and no Republican can win anything without the South.

NY POST: Rudy Judi's Bombshell: Reveals that he's her third husband
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If there is anything I hate (which I know isn't Christian, but stay with me) its when someone declares that another person is or isn't a Christian. We all can decide for ourselves whether or not we think someone is a Christian based on what we observe of their actions or words, but you do not really know someone unless you know them, you know what I mean? And only God can know if someone is a Christian in their heart. There are people who you think are Christian based on what you know that are the farthest thing from it, but it is supremely judgmental to say out loud to others, especially if you are in a position of authority, that someone you don't know isn't a Christian.

James Dobson, leader of the ultra-conservative Focus on the Family has decided that Thompson is not a Christian, at least not one that meets his personal standards.

"Everyone knows he's conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for," Dobson said of Thompson. "[But] I don't think he's a Christian; at least that's my impression," Dobson added, saying that such an impression would make it difficult for Thompson to connect with the Republican Party's conservative Christian base and win the GOP nomination.

The ironic thing is that he praises Newt Gingrich who left his sick wife for his mistress. Did I mention his wife was ill when he left her? I love me some Jesus and I'd take a pagan Thompson over a Christian Gingrich any day.

Based on Dobson's non-endorsement, I like Thompson even more, and from whats been in the news lately, so do a lot of other people.
Beware, Conservatives! Fred Thompson Is a 'Neocon Globalist' - Wonkette

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Oh, the irony. Can it get any more perfect? An employer who hired illegals to help build a fence to keep illegals out was recently sentenced for said hiring. Fence execs sentenced for illegal hiring - Yahoo! News

The court was right to punish them and should continue to punish employers so they will do what they have to. The court was also right to give home confinement and community service. I think prison should be for people who are a danger to society. The employers should be ordered to pay fines at an amount that will make a difference and get probation. This could, if nothing else, at least put a little fear in those who purposefully hire people they know are illegal or those who don't really bother to try and confirm whether they are or not.
Two sentenced for hiring illegal migrants - Los Angeles Times
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Kids are really spoiled these days. They have so much so soon, it can be difficult for them to really appreciate it all. I know my nieces and nephews have iPods, cars, TVs, cell phones and computers in their own room and all that. They spend their money on crap like candy, movies and games because they know mom and dad will pay for anything they need that's important.

I didn't grow up with an understanding of financial responsibility. I thought it grew on trees. I blame my daddy. I would get an allowance every week and I can remember I rarely did the dishes once or twice in that time span. Also, no matter what I did with my allowance, if I ran out, Daddy would give me more. He would give me a speech about being responsible, but would still give me whatever I wanted. I was a kid so I didn't see anything wrong with this. So when I went to college, I pretty much lost my damn mind. I ended up in huge credit card trouble after I graduated even with Daddy paying the rent on my apartment. Yes, I acted a fool. When I went to him with the problem, he bailed me out because he didn't want me to get a bad credit rating, but after that, he cut me off and I had to learn the hard, quick way.
Don't let this happen to your kids. Teach them about money early and make them work harder and wait longer for the things they want so they can appreciate the concept of self control and patience with money. Also, read this article - 5 steps to raising a money-smart kid -
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So I hear about this bill in South Carolina that wants to require women seeking abortions to view an ultrasound first and my first reaction is "ridiculous." Then I think about it and I say, what if it might change someones mind. I am pro-choice because I don't believe anyone should have a say in what happens to my body but me, but that doesn't mean I'm pro-abortion. I'm first and foremost for better birth control usage, better education and a return to some semblance of morality for men and women.

So I'm thinking, what could it hurt? It might save one baby. People are always trying to say its a "medical procedure" to make it sound like it's nothing more than that wart you got removed off your face at the out-patient facility. It's much more than that. Personally, I think it's a baby that has a right to live. Still, after thinking it through I have to come out against this bill because no matter what my personal morals are, I don't like the legislature imposing their morals on my body. Being forced to lay down while a doctor puts that jelly on and rolls the sonogram over your belly is a form of physical control over your body with the purpose of serving someone else's moral standards, right?

Ultimately, this bill forcing just doesn't work in a free society. Now, if you want to offer the woman the choice to view an ultrasound before making the final decision, I'm in favor of that. Real choice is informed choice and even if it only changes the mind of a few women it would be worth it.
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If you've never read The Onion - America's Finest News Source, then you're missing out on something hilarious. The Onion was THE fake news source of record before The Daily Show and The Colbert Report became popular and continues to come up with some of the funniest articles I've seen. If you've been following for years, as I have, then you know the humor of Herbert Kornfeld's (pic left) columns, especially the classic, Human-Resources Bitches Be Makin' Me Take Vacation Days, or understand his anger about people putting food or drink on his "attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" Successories mouse pad. Now, the Onion is announcing a 24-hour fake news network/website. Even better.

Jossip: The Onion Announces Plans To Start Fake News Network; Comedy Central Responds, 'Hey, Didn't We Already Do That?' - Onion launching video newscast
Herbert Kornfeld's Other Columns

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Here's another New York Times editorial on Katrina and housing issues. Still Trying to House Katrina’s Victims - New York Times

Even though I don't agree with the writer, its a very well written editorial and if you want to get your editorial in the Times or Post, this is the kind of writing you should look at. The writer is mostly criticizing the Administration for its failures in using HUD in the way it should have in the wake of Katrina, which is well deserved criticism, but I'm not so sure I agree with the writer's idea that it would have made as much as a difference as the they think. He/She praises the success of the Section 8 housing program, but is Section 8 really a success? If you could show that families are getting off of Section 8 in a reasonable amount of time, I would call it a success, but none of these government welfare programs are a success if they become a way of life, so what about Section 8 is a success? Just because it puts a roof over people's head isn't the only measurement.

The writer also contends that Katrina victims continue to pay the price for relying on a government that doesn't have its stuff together, but isn't the continuing to rely an issue too? I have compassion for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. If you are already poor, a disaster puts you at such a disadvantage to everyone else, that its hard to imagine. You have nothing. And I don't doubt that the administration's mishandling of this situation has played a huge part in making it harder for them to get things back together. I'm not naive enough to believe that all you need to succeed is Jesus in your heart and the will to win. You need help, but it has been more than a year and a half after Katrina and I'm not okay with people still expecting free housing vouchers. I think the people who intended to rebuild their lives after Katrina are not among these continue to tie themselves even tighter to the government's hand.
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An editorial in today's New York Times is titled, In Defense of Day Laborers and questions the constitutionality of the increasing amount of cities enacting laws forbidding loitering and job solicitation in areas frequented by day laborers. To make it non-discriminatory, they are applying it to everyone so even little Girl Scouts can't sell in front of the Home Depot. The article also tackles the issues of traffic safety and crowd control.

This is a problem all over. I've already shared my experience with day laborers which is why I cringe every time I see them outside a store I want to go to. POLITOPICS: Problems With Hispanic Day Laborers. This is why I'll go to the Lowes all the way near Springfield instead of the one closer to my home because the one close to my house has day laborers practically blocking all the exits.

This continues to be growing problem and I am in favor of enacting the laws as long as they apply to everyone. Personally, my fat butt doesn't need to be anywhere near those damn thin mints anyway.
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I've blogged quite a bit about the issue between black Americans and black immigrants regarding achievement. While black immigrants have to deal with the same racism that black Americans deal with, they also have to deal with the disadvantage of the language barriers and the racism that comes with being an immigrant. Somehow, their children are still achieving more academically than the children of black American parents.

Last week, I blogged about the recent survey that showed African/Caribbean immigrants are the smartest because they average the highest education attainment of any population group in the country, including whites and Asians. POLITOPICS: Are African Immigrants the Smartest

This week, it looks like the Ivy Leagues have caught on and are now admitting black immigrant students at percentages higher than black American students (based on percentage of available population).

"A recent study in the American Journal of Education found that black students with immigrant parents accounted for 13 percent of U.S. blacks between the ages of 18 and 19. But the immigrant offspring made up 27 percent of black freshmen at elite colleges and universities and 41 percent at Ivy League schools such as Cornell."
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In case you haven't noticed, I've been making some cosmetic changes to Politopics. Mainly in the left and right boxes. I've gotten rid of all the dead links and added new links. If you know of any websites, news sites or blogs featuring black issues or politics, send them my way. I might add them. I want the site to be a good starting place the most interesting black & political websites out there.

I'll also be messing around with the colors a little, the comments and the search functions.
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There is something in me that just doesn't care for these beauty pageant thingys. I'm not hating. I'm not the jealous type, but no matter what they do it still seems like parading women to be scored on their T&A. Whatevs. I guess if you get a scholarship it's all good. So I will post that the new Miss USA, Rachel Renee Smith is black. Well, she's blackish (pictures below). She's from TN and she's actually a very pretty girl, but she probably looks better without 10 lbs of makeup on. Hopefully she will take a different road than previous Miss USAs and not get into some lesbian orgy or snort coke in front of someone with a camera. Or get preggers.
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A TV show with a strong, realistic black father as the main character is as rare as...well, a TV show with a strong, realistic black father as the main character. I haven't seen Lincoln Heights, but my 18 year old niece watches it and she loves it. She's currently dating a little Jewish boy, so she likes the fact that the daughter has a white boyfriend on the show. (pic left)ABC Family Takes Drama to Daring, New Heights

It's a drama focused on a black family that moves back to the hood from the suburbs because the father, a cop, believes he can play a role in making the neighborhood strong again. Sounds a little to pious and meaningful for me. After a day of law school reading about rapes, child abuse and invalid contracts, I want to be entertained. Nothing heavy and nothing boring. A multi-ethnic group of people stranded on a weird island is what I want. Despite that, if you haven't seen Lincoln Heights, check it out. It's on ABC Family so I'm assuming it's at least pre-teen safe, so let your kids watch it. With so many of our kids growing up in homes without a father, it would be good for them to at least see what a good black father is like. They aren't getting that image anywhere else on TV.
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Is this part of that image thing that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick promised to focus on after the press tried to pound him into the ground. I'm not going to hate on him because his wife is sick and I know how difficult that can be. I've dealt with a loved one who was severely depressed and is difficult to be around.

Back to Patrick, the Boston Globe does a great interactive story on Deval and his relationship with his absent father who was a traveling musician. Patrick shaped by father's absence - The Boston Globe It's always a painful story to hear adults talk about their absent fathers, but he should be proud that he's made something of his life. He's an example of how you can make something of your life even without the advantage of a father. He's become the most powerful Governor in America. He is. There was a real survey done and he came out on top and I blogged about it, but you'll have to find the post yourself. I'm too lazy.
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A new twist on an old problem. When I was in high school I got the, "You act white," or the "you talk like a white girl," from some black kids because I was a good student and preferred to go study instead of smoke weed after school. It hurt my feelings then, but now I know that they were kids who came from environments that didn't appreciate education and achievement and somehow correlated being smart with being white. I feel sorry for them now and I feel even sorrier for their kids if they passed that mindset on to them.

In the WAPO, a black woman talks about her son's experience after being told he didn't act black. The difference here is that he was told this by white, suburban kids, not other black kids. Poor kid thought these guys were his friends when all they wanted was a "black" friend who could rap and make them feel more "street." Sad situation.

No, My Son Doesn't 'Act Black.' There's No Such Thing. -
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Can you believe it. It's been an entire 24 hours since I've posted about Senator Obama. Now the articles are piling up in my Inbox. So, as I promised only one post per day, I have selected the top articles out of the 5315 that have been written about him I've found in the last 24 hours.

Some are saying that he's changing his mind on the war because he voted for funding the war. ABC News: Obama Changed Position on War Funding. I would have to disagree with ABC on that. Like he said, he wouldn't have voted to go into the war, he thinks we're making a mess of it and he thinks we should get out. That being said, we are there and as long as our men and women are there they need all the help they can get. To stop funding won't end the war. It will only make it harder to fight. Obama defends votes in favor of Iraq funding - The Boston Globe

This is how you know they are running out of news stories about the man. ABC has tracked down one of the Senator's written response to a constituent regarding the Duke rape case. Obama thinks the D.A. should be investigated. Big whoop. Who doesn't think the DA completely screwed that one up? ABC News: Obama: Investigate Duke Lacrosse DA Nifong

At least here he is sharing some of the criticism with Senator Clinton. How Obama, Clinton tripped on gay rights :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lynn Sweet. Lynn Sweet seems to think that both Obama and Clinton have screwed by not answering questions regarding "the gay." It all started with General Pace's comments that homosexuality was immoral and they shouldn't be in the military. Both Obama and Clinton sidestepped the questions the media asked to see where they stand on the issue.

"So both teams swung into damage control duty with gay rights groups, including the Human Rights Campaign and Stonewall Democrats, national gay political organizations."

The WSJ takes a new angle, painting the Senator as someone who tells his friends he knew way back in school in Hawaii who used to be in jail and are now homeless to leave him alone. From Obama's Past: An Old Classmate, A Surprising Call -

"Sen. Barack Obama had just come off the Senate floor last Thursday, rushing to get to New Hampshire for a weekend of campaigning for president, when his office patched through a call to his cellphone. On the other end was a long-lost high-school friend, Keith Kakugawa, calling from a pay phone in a rundown part of Los Angeles. Mr. Kakugawa was homeless and fresh from a California state prison facility after a third drug-related conviction."

Picking up from the ChicagoTribune, WAPO is calling him a liar now after finding an inaccuracy in Obama's book, Dreams of My Father, which was written about 12 years ago regarding his childhood about 35 years ago. Richard Cohen - Obama's Back Story -

The L.A. Times is still stuck on Obama's performance at the International Fire Fighters gala from at least a week ago. Everyone agreed that the crowd preferred Hillary over Obama. I wonder why? Maybe, according to the L.A. Times, Obama doesn't appeal to blue collar workers. And Hillary does? I don't think so. It had to be something else. She may have just given a better speech. Obama and blue collars: Do they fit? - Los Angeles Times

After realizing that every other paper, magazine and website had taken the good stories, the NY Sun writes about Obama's part in a Harvard Law Review article published in 1989, the year before Obama become the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. "The 39-page densely argued treatise — think "The Paper Chase" meets "Star Trek" — argues that constitutional jurisprudence should be updated in a similar way that Einstein's theory of relativity replaced Newtonian mechanics, a view that would release judges from the original intent of the Founders of America." And for some reason, the Sun thinks we can get Obama's view of the Constitution from this. Why is that even relevant? He's not running for SCOTUS. Also, peoples views change over the course of 18 years.

Mike Allen at Politico points out some of the rookie mistakes that Obama is making. These are mistakes I don't think even the best political advisers could have saved him from. He's only been a Senator for 2 years. No matter how smart he is, the White House is a completely different ball of wax and he doesn't know what he's doing. Rookie Mistakes Plague Obama -

An Irish news website is trying to claim Obama as one of theirs as well. RTÉ News: Obama's heritage traced to Ireland
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So red-headed Adam Putnam (R-FL) is the fresh face of the GOP? Like Harold Ford of TN, Putnam was only 26 when he entered Congress and now at 32 he looks something close to 12 or 13. Yes, it is a welcomed turn from the sea of white haired men on the wrong side of 55, but what else qualifies him to be the savior of all things Red?
A Fresh Face Vows to Revive the G.O.P. - New York Times

He's been on the attack in Congress and has earned the respect of prominent Democrats as a result. " Mr. Putnam has earned the respect of his counterpart on the Democratic side, Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the Democratic Conference.

“I consider Adam one of the best Republicans,” Mr. Emanuel said. “I think he’s a worthy opponent. He does his homework. He doesn’t just get up there and wing it. He knows his stuff. He’s a sharp communicator.”

Meh.. I'm not impressed. Besides, I stopped being a fan of Congressman Emanuel when he starting dogging The Colbert Report.

So where should I go to find the real scoop of this new merciless critic of all things Blue?

From "Add another culprit to the GOP’s pile of the guilty. Along with fiscal conservatives, evangelical Christians, military people, libertarians and independents, the November 7 bloodbath is also the fault of “white rednecks.”

That’s what Rep. Adam Putnam told his comrades today. “White rednecks” who “didn’t show up to vote for us” cost Republicans the House and Senate, according to the wise Florida congressman.

Putnam also called J.C. Watts a big loser and then his staff put out a meek bullshit non-denial. What’s a “white redneck,” anyway? Do they make rednecks in other races now?"

Trust me, rednecks come in all races. Redneck is like Ghetto - no longer exclusive to a race.
There's also his Wiki page, but unfortunately no juicy details from this.
Adam Putnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Putnam is probably an okay guy. In the end, I must admit that I am biased. He looks exactly like someone I knew in high school from Spanish class who was a total jackass and told me that he liked me because I didn't "act black." That's a story for another day.
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We've all heard stories about people being denied the right to fly because they have the same name as someone who is on the "No Fly List." Our genius government has not yet figured out how to different one Denny Crane from another (reference to Boston Legal episode where Crane was on the list). If you thought that was bad, check out what else you can risk by being on a "suspected terrorists" list.

"Private businesses such as rental and mortgage companies and car dealers are checking the names of customers against a list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers made publicly available by the Treasury Department, sometimes denying services to ordinary people whose names are similar to those on the list."

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists -

This is another one of those things where most people will say, "too bad, sucks for them," but remember that list is growing every day and it won't be long before you or someone you know or care about is on that list and can't do anything because of the genius idea of identifying terrorists and drug dealers by nothing other than their names.
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Poor babies. Republicans are so weary from their own scandals in Congress and the White House. As they desperately look for something to deflect some blame, any blame onto the Democrats again, they've stooped so low that they are now trying to recall a Clinton controversy. Out of nowhere, Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R) is calling the President to testify on presidential authority and pardons based on the controversy his pardons created 7 years ago. Key words being 7 YEARS AGO. Kind of sad, don't you think? It's such an obvious "remember how they used to cause scandals too?" plea. Smith should be happy now that Senator Jim Webb's (D-VA) staffer brought a gun (Jim's gun) to the Capitol. It doesn't make up for the current Attorney General mishap, but it's something.
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For everyone who says that Illegal immigrants aren't criminals, just people who want to work and have the American dream, I've never bought that argument as an excuse for illegal behavior. Everyone wants to work for their family and have the American dream, but that doesn't excuse going about it illegally. They act as if somehow a law is not a law if you really don't want to follow it.

Many of the illegals working in this country get by with stolen and fraudulent social security numbers. Yes, they get to work towards their American dream while destroying the lives and dreams of those people whose identity they steal.

Here's just the latest in the past few days:
Illegal Worker, Troubled Citizen and Stolen Name - New York Times
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These two radio jockeys in Jersey (the state of racial tolerance, yeah right) make their living being racially insensitive. Nothing new here. But the news now is that they seem to be in trouble for...I guess being extra racially insensitive? I'm not sure what the point is?
They started a contest called "Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha" where they encourage listeners to turn in friends and neighbors they think are illegal immigrants. Yes, it's bad taste, but this is what these guys are known for. Despite having insulted Hispanics several times before, listeners choose this topic to have a problem with.
Of course the obligatory demand for an apology came and was responded to with the expected, "Screw you" and a press conference to take advantage of the publicity. At the press conference, they lashed out at the people who called them racist and repeated their call to deport every illegal immigrant in the country. "If you're here illegally, you are breaking the law — no better, no worse than the guy who robs the liquor store or the guy who waits to case your house out and robs you of your belongings. You are a criminal."

So now nothing has changed except the jockeys are probably more popular than ever with bigots and First Amendment right advocates.
An Immigrant Segment by Radio’s ‘Jersey Guys’ Draws Fire - New York Times - Radio show's anti-illegal-immigrant push angers
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I'm really surprised at how many people are giving attention to this Gambian AIDS cure. Now you know you know this fool grew these weeds in his back yard and is claiming it is a cure for AIDS. I'm not saying I don't believe the cure could be as simple as a plant somewhere in Africa, I'm just saying it's not his. And as expected, many are contesting his claims.

If this really was a cure, the pharmaceutical companies of America would have killed him and stolen it by now. I'm not being snarky because you know that's right. Also, I think it's wrong for people to be able give these false AIDS cures on a continent in such a crisis. Although I have to admit it's better than the old cure rumor, having sex with a virgin. So maybe this is progress?

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Are you watching and reading the news on China? If you have then you know that China practically owns Africa now. On its quest to become THE superpower of the future, it appears to have set its sights on owning Latin America as well. China and Venezuela to sign big oil deals

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says what a lot of people (other than Americans) thinking. "The United States as a power is on the way down, China is on the way up. China is the market of the future," Chavez was quoted as saying by an Information Ministry statement after meeting CNPC President Jiang Jiemin in Caracas."

Okay, well maybe he's not an objective observer, but expect to see China to do with Latin America what it has done with Africa. Then what?
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If you haven't been reading or watching the news in the last few weeks, you might not know this, but just about everyone is losing their home. All of those people who bought $500K homes even though they only make $50K a year are about to go into foreclosure. Who would have thought this would come. I have friends who had to move out of their gorgeous townhouse because they got one of those interest only loans and the time came for them to actually pay the mortgage and it was more than they could afford. They didn't go into foreclosure because they saw it coming and made the right choices. Another friend was approved for a loan for a $400K home and makes only $40K a year. It's a foreclosure just waiting to happen.

There are a huge amount of foreclosures in DC Metro area and how immigrants, because of their language barrier and lack of knowledge of the mortgage market, are the first to lose their homes. I'm not suggesting that they don't deserve to be foreclosed on if they don't pay their mortgage. We all have to pay our bills and if we take on debt it is our responsibility to be aware of the consequences of our choices. However, if this is a result of dirty tactics on the part of lenders, it's unfair and something should be done about it.

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After all the reports that Obama has the heart of Hollywood Democrats, not to mention the controversy that came out of Obama's last trip to Tinseltown courtesy of Mr. Geffen, you would think Hillary would have a weak showing at her Hollywood party. Actually, not only did she do well and raise more funds than Obama did in Hollywood, but she raised twice as much, which is very significant. Although I have a feeling that a lot of people came because they wanted to see the inside of grocery man, Ron Burkle's huge house. - Hillary Clinton's $2.6 Million Hollywood Hit
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Memphis' favorite son, Harold Ford, Jr., doesn't make the news as often as he did when he was in Congress, but if you were worried he was trying to find something to do with himself, don't be. His defeat hasn't turned out to be as bad as one might think. It's also not as unusual as one might think. According to the Tennessean, politicians from that state have a history of blowing up once they leave politics (see anything on Fred Thompson).

Since losing the race for TN Senator, Ford has picked up about 15 additional jobs, each paying somewhere in the area of $3mill each. That's a slight exaggeration, but he's definitely been taking advantage of his private sector appeal. I'm sure if he had the choice he would have preferred to win the Senate, because he's a politician at heart, but at least he has $100 bills to wipe his tears with. Who knows, this life might appeal to him so much, a Senate seat paying a measly $150K a year (along with all the grief you get for free) won't look as pretty as it did once. Defeat's been kind to Harold Ford Jr.

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There is a new travel magazine targeting blacks. I find it odd that despite the impending death of magazines, people continue to come out with new ones. Oh well. In addition to the stuff you can find in any travel magazine, this one will feature black celebrities talking about their favorite hot spots so you can spend your life savings in order to say you vacation at the same hotel in Fiji that Jay Z and Bey did. I'll probably get it because I love travel mags. Anything with pictures of blue water and sand and I'm hooked.

Black New Travel Magazine, Reservations...The Ultimate African American Travel Guide
RESERVATIONS - The Ultimate African American Travel Guide

This article, Stop the Presses, Boys! Women Claim Space on Op-Ed Pages - New York Times,
reminds me of two things. First, did you know that if you have an .edu e-mail address you can get Times Select for free? This is the private section where the NYTimes shoved all their best columnists into like Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd and started charging for. Of course I'm in law school, so I use my address there, but I think it would work with your alumni edu address as well. It's worth it.
Second, here is a good article about women learning how to write Op-Ed pieces to send to newspaper. Do you ever read any of those? They are not by paper employees, but men and women just like you and me who have an opinion about a particular issue and you want to word it in a way that sounds competent and persuasive. In other words, much better than what I do on this blog. It's a great way to get writing samples if you're interested in writing in the future.

Isn't gluttony one of the seven deadly sins? Chefs to prepare feast at Egypt pyramids - Yahoo! News. What am I saying, I practice gluttony every day. I had an entire pint of Haagen Dasz Strawberry just last night. But that only cost me $4. This dinner will be prepared for you at $25K a head. Yes, per person. And that's for the cheap seats. If you actually want to sit next to the pyramids it will more likely cost you $100K a head. If I had it, I would do it because I'm a fool for anything ancient Egyptian. And I wouldn't feel bad because the money is going to charity.

I'm very happy to hear this. Chief Says F.C.C. Is Against Cellphone Use on Airliners - New York Times. I can tell you right now, the day that people are allowed to use their cellphones on a plane is the day I no longer fly in a plane. I should be using my private jet anyway. Can you just imagine having 200 people yapping away and loud at that. I will bet money (which I'll need for that private jet) that the number of fist fights on a plane will quadruple within the first week of this if it every happens. need to just read this because I don't...Uhm..yeah, just read it. Castration ring’s key figures gain freedom

Be careful what you copy. While you're saying, "That new copier at work is awesome. I copy all my personal stuff on there," just remember that these copiers have hard drives and make a copy of everything it sees. That would include your tax returns and other things you shouldn't be copying on your boss' dime. Copier + Hard Drive: A Dangerous Combination : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech

Is nothing sacred? I didn't even know there was a call out for pictures of miraculous whatevers to replace the Seven Wonders of the World. Well the original seven have been on the list for 2,000 years since the Greeks named them, so it might be time for a touch up. The Seven Wonders Reconsidered -
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A sociologist at SUNY used the 2000 census data to determine that African immigrants make the smartest Americans by comparison. Inside Bay Area - Black immigrants, the invisible model minority. His findings suggest that black immigrants from Africa average the highest educational attainment of any population group in the country, including whites and Asians. How do they find time for school with all those jobs? Just kidding.
Seriously though, it doesn't matter where you go. It could be the smallest college in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas and you will find an African immigrant getting his education on.

"43.8 percent of African immigrants had achieved a college degree, compared to 42.5 of Asian Americans, 28.9 percent for immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada, and 23.1 percent of the U.S. population. "

The article also addresses an issue that has been discussed within the black community for some time now; African and Caribbean immigrant's children are higher achieving than black American children. This has been a sort of argument between those that suggest that black kids stay behind because of racism while black immigrant kids face racism and nationalism, but get ahead. African and Caribbean immigrant children are also more likely to come from 2-parent families as well.

A recent look at Harvard's black undergrads (503) and found that 1/2 to 1/3 were West Indian and African immigrants or their children, or to a lesser extent, children of biracial background.

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Big Love - African/New York style - In another story of people breaking American law in favo of the law in their former country, The NYTimes has an article on Africans in New York who continue to practice polygamy after coming to the U.S. even though they know it is illegal. This is not talking about existing polygamous families coming to America. This is about men who come to America and continue to seek additional wives. So I guess the deal is they want all the good parts of the American dream, but without having to follow the bothersome rules. The article talks about a woman whose husband just up and got him a second wife without telling her and said she needed to just get used to it. In Secret, Polygamy Follows Africans to New York - New York Times

If polygamy is legal in their culture, that's fine. But you are not in your culture anymore. You're in America. If I moved to a Muslim country, I would not walk around with a bikini top and shorts (I wouldn't do that anywhere, but you get the point) because I was from Miami and that's what we all do in Miami. I may not like it, but I understand that I'm not in Miami anymore. There are things everyone gets and things everyone gives up when they make a change as big as moving to another country. They go hand in hand and you don't get to choose what they are.
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The Army had 3200 deserters in 2006. This is up from 2500 in 2005. This can't come as a surprise to too many? I don't doubt that the main reason this is happening is because they are forcing these men and women to stay in Iraq longer than they were told they would have to. There are a huge number of units that are on their third tours in Iraq. It's not an excuse. It's a volunteer army and if you have to go and do your job, you go and do your job, but they are only human as well.

To keep things in perspective, this is in an Army of 500,000 active duty soldiers. The year with the highest number of army deserters? 33,000 in 1971. Army Revises Upward Number of Desertions in ’06 - New York Times
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When I read this, A German judge has stirred a storm of protest by citing the Koran in turning down a German Muslim woman's request for a speedy divorce on the ground that her husband beat her, I had to blink because I was sure I was reading it wrong. But I wasn't. Not only that, but this b*#% is a woman.

This is what happens when you keep telling people they have to respect other cultures even when an aspect of that culture goes against all common sense and human rights. This judge said that in Morocco, where the couple came from, it is common for men to beat their wives and the Koran sanctions this. Because of that, she basically told the woman to kiss her ass. Fortunately, many Muslim leaders in Germany are upset with this as well as ANYONE WHO HAS A BRAIN! You have to read it. It's just freakin' insane.

German Judge Cites Koran, Stirring Up Cultural Storm - New York Times
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Well it sounds like rich white people are listening to John Gibson. Remember several months ago when John encouraged white people to "have more babies" because Hispanics and blacks are taking over? And yes that is exactly what he meant. POLITOPICS: TOO MUCH CRAZY TO WAIT FOR FRIDAY

Well it appears that, in New York at least, they are listening. In Surge in Manhattan Toddlers, Rich White Families Lead Way - New York Times. There has been a surge of toddlers in New York and most of them are born into rich, white families which has been rare for a long time. Once the early seventies came around, middle class and higher income families began cutting down on the breeding. Kids are expensive, smelly and can get in the way of your sexy. Just kidding. Seriously, more educated people began to take advantage of the advances in birth control and started looking at family planning in a different way than their parents. They also decided to run for the suburbs like their feet were on fire.

But they are coming back to the cities and growing their families again. The same thing is happening in Washington D.C. You see little crumbsnatchers all over the areas that used to be for sexy singles. You see affluent families with up to 4 kids. When you think about the way we live our lives today, especially how much kids costs, 4 is a lot of kids. Personally, I would stick with the suburbs, but just pick a cool suburb close enough to the city to be able to take advantage of it. When I think of Manhattan or Georgetown, I don't think kids. I think adults and fast cars.
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Through all the mess and mud slinging of this upcoming presidential election, it can be hard to see that we are in a moment in history. We're seeing the Internet take the campaign and a candidate's image out of their control like never before. We have a black man (who actually has a chance) running for President and a woman (who actually has a chance) running for President. And now we have a candidate whose wife has an incurable cancer deciding to stay in the race as well. Of course no one would wish the last one was a factor, but it is. Whatever happens in November 2008, we'll all have been through something to remember.

I'm glad Edwards isn't giving up, but I'm concerned. He and his wife were very optimistic yesterday and I got the feeling this was going to make things a little more difficult, but not more than that because they clearly love each other and have the support (and money) they need to get through this. Then I read the front page of the newspaper this morning, the oncologist explaining that her cancer is incurable, has spread to her bones and has lowered her chance of survival to 50% in less than five years.

If Elizabeth believes she will make it, then there is no reason for any of us to believe that she won't. We can only pray for her and hope for the best. It is true that Edwards will get some sympathy for this situation, but it's also true he could suffer in the long run politically if people think this distraction would make him less effective as a President. Who knows? We've never dealt with this before.

What I do know is that I look at him differently than I did before and I think others do as well. People always want to portray him as the pretty boy who built a big mansion. But we are seeing a man who has been through a lot of pain. He's already lost a son at 16, just as he lost the election in 2004, he found out his wife had cancer and now that he's running in 2008, he finds out wife has an incurable disease. He has a daughter at Harvard Law, but his other two children are very young and he has to be worried about how they will deal with this. Depending on what happens to Elizabeth, his campaign scheduling could end up being a mess because he will want to and need to be with her when she needs him. Besides Ann Coulter, how quick will others be to attack him? If they start to treat him with kid gloves he becomes a wounded bird and nobody wants that in a leader.

So, even though it's not all what we'd want, this election is going to be like no other. I just hope that it has a happy ending for Elizabeth no matter who wins.
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Every day we hear about the mess that is Iraq, but don't forget that Afghanistan, which once seemed like a victory, is falling apart again. Not only have the Taliban taken back control of many towns, the situation for women is reverting again. Now, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission says that the abuse of women and the complete disregard, if not disdain, society has for them has them believing that immolation, setting themselves ablaze, is their only choice. Self-immolation by Afghan women rising - Yahoo! News

"The group interviewed about 800 Afghans whose sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law have killed themselves by self-immolation to escape domestic abuse, forced marriage and other misogynistic social customs."

After we went into Afghanistan and kicked the Taliban out ,we all saw news reports of women taking their burkas off, laughing in the streets, opening up hair salons and little girls going back to school. What went wrong?

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Bill is upset with the New York Times, which was like the Clinton New York headquarters while he was President, because he sees them as being harsher to Hillary than his wife. The Times can get pissed and rail on her more, including some nasty jabs at him or they can shrivel into the corner like a puppy who knows he's been bad and upset its master and change their coverage. Or they can just ignore him and keep up the way they are. NYPost: BILL RIPS TIMES' HILL BASHING

After competing for the black, Jewish and firefighter vote while saying her campaign was going to focus on the female vote, Hillary sets her sight on the gay vote. NYO -What’s Pink, Green? Senator Clinton Hauling Gay Cash

My generally opinion of McCain is that his chance has passed. McCain Fighting to Recapture Maverick Spirit of 2000 Bid - washingtonpost.comWhen he let the Bush campaign get away with that black baby mess in the 2000 campaign, he basically gave up. I also think that his appeal to the far right is too obvious to be bought. McCain Says He Needs Evangelicals To WinThere are smoother ways of puckering up. Also, he recently used the "tar baby" reference that sticks in people's craw quite a bit. He must hang around with White House spokesman Tony Snow, who likes that phrase himself. McCain: "Tar Baby Remark Was Wrong"

He also seemed to have a problem on the topic of HIV Prevention. He was asked if supported the distribution of taxpayer-subsidized condoms in Africa to fight the transmission of H.I.V. He got that deer in the headlights look on his face and after a few awkward pauses, he gave up. McCain Stumbles on H.I.V. Prevention- New York Times Blog
He's also got a problem with his message on illegal immigration. Immigration stance improv: From Mitt, another dubious act - Herald Columnists - In the Boston Herald, "Add immigration to the long list of hesitations conservatives ought to have about Mitt Romney. What he thinks ought to be done about the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country depends on whether you asked him POC (pre-official candidacy) or AOC (after-official candidacy). "

The Christian Right, at least their TV station, is going after Romney for his flip flop on the abortion issue. I knew they wouldn't like him, didn't you? Especially now that Fred Thompson is in the race, he doesn't have a chance. Exclusive: 2002 Pro-Choice Romney Video

Rudy insist that his law firm's association with Venezuelan Prez Hugo Chavez is legit. He also says that he works with CITGO to help protect American jobs. Sounds fine to me. Hey, business is business, but I still think this is yet another reason why conservatives are itchy about him. My law firm's saving U.S. jobs, Rudy insists - Nation / World - NY Daily News

Chavez aside, this is Rudy's real problem -- Political Video of the Day: Team Rudy & Judy - New York Sun Politics Blog. This is a video of his wife heaping praise upon praise over her husband and telling us about she fell in love with him. might want to tone that down a bit because we all know he was actually married at that time, so....yeah.

Another under-the-radar person to enter the presidential race (this is number 1,598, right?) is Tommy Thompson former Governor of Wisconsin and Health Secretary for W. He was also my next door neighbor in my building for about a year in 2005/06. Tommy Thompson hires New Hampshire firm

More and more people continue to encourage Fred Thompson to make his unofficial campaign an official one. Once he does, it will really get interesting and the Right needs this because they've been really boring compared to all the drama in the Blue camp. Political Radar: Members of Tennessee Congressional Delegation Push Thompson '08 Prez Bid

The Congressional Black Caucus will be holding two of its four presidential debates on CNN and is currently in talks to air the other two on FOX News. Yeah, FOX News. I guess this will be newly acquired contributor, Harold Ford Jr.'s chance to shine or...whatever. CNN TO AIR BLACK CAUCUS DEBATE
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You may notice this title is different than the title I had before, because I read the news stories that came right before his speech and went about my business. I wish these news stations that I steal from would get their act together!

I'm glad that I was wrong. He's not going to give up his campaign. The sentiment is still the same. God bless her and their whole family. She is so lucky to have a supportive husband on her side. I wish her the best. I've only met her once, but I thought she was pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how this dynamic changes the scene if at all.
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It's my general impression that the majority of blacks are against abortion but are pro-choice. You very rarely see blacks at pro-life rallies(even though this isn't the only way to express that view). They may be pro-life, but probably feel like there are other issues more pressing for blacks at this moment to focus their attention on. There are some organizations that actively advocate the pro-life message and many prominent religious leaders (although the most prominent are almost all pro-choice). Whatever the case, it isn't really clear where that stands on the list of most blacks in order of importance.

The pro-life movement believes it is very high on the list and are working to clarify that through a new aggressive effort targeting urban communities. They are opening crisis pregnancy centers in neighborhoods, establishing partnerships with black pastors and distributing leaflets that raise suspicion about Planned Parenthood. They are assuming that most blacks don't know that in its inception, Planned Parenthood advocated the abortion of black babies based on racist reasons, not the right of privacy for women. Planned Parenthood is active in many of these poor urban areas. These pro-life groups also plan to position abortion as a black genocide and compare the legislation of Roe v. Wade to that of Dred Scott, reminding blacks that, like a fetus is now, blacks weren't considered a person with rights once.

There are many issues in the black community, that if addressed, would lower the number of abortions performed each year. These issues revolve around marriage, birth control, financial security, education, crime and self-discipline. I wonder how many of these issues the pro-life group will address? Because the fact is, if a 15 year old black girl is pregnant, alone, poor and scared to death, she isn't really going to care about the history of Planned Parenthood or any other political viewpoint.
Tailoring an antiabortion message to blacks - Los Angeles Times
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While I disagree with Bill Gate's opinions on immigration, (Bill Gates backs immigration reform on Mexico trip International News , I will never knock him because The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the most charitable organization on the planet. The foundation is involved in just about everything include fighting HIV/AIDS, the environment, cancer research and education. Bill Gates is putting computers in schools that would never have enough money to get them on their own. He also creates scholarship programs for minorities in low-income areas around the country. Today, they announced a $122 million investment in D.C.'s poorest and lowest-achieving students with the purpose of providing the tools they need to become high school and college scholars. Over the next 15 years, more than 2,000 students will receive college scholarships of up to $10,000 each a year for a maximum of five years.

I don't know anything about him as a person. He could be an absolute jerk, but I can only imagine how good it must feel to know that you can make a difference in not just one or two people's lives, but millions. While other billionaires spend their money on lavish parties for charities that they don't even know/care about or let their kids burn the money on blow and Valtrex prescriptions, this Foundation has been extremely strategic and focused in what they support and that is why it makes such a big difference. Melinda manages this charity full-time and according to both of them, she's busier then he is. Time well spent.
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Lou Dobbs is back at it with his attack on Congress and whether you like him or not, you can't say he's a liar. Dobbs: Congress still a gaggle of partisan buffoons - So far, this Congress hasn't shown us it will act in any way other than the last one. I called it, didn't I? Everyone was heralding "change" and "reform," but I said that as soon as the Democrats get the power, they will focus on getting back at the Republicans who treated them like crap since they took Congress 12 years ago.

They only care about each other, not the people. They only care about power and winning. They want to degrade and humiliate the other side and don't give a damn what the American people think. Capitol Hill is a world all to its own and the only people that matter to those in that world are people who are in that world. I know several people who work on The Hill and the one thing that is consistent is that when they talk about why their Congressman will do or not do something is based on how this will position them within their party, how the media will cover it and how this will stick it to whoever (on their side or the other side) they don't like. I can count on one hand how many times the purpose for anything was because it was right or what the people want.

Did you watch any of the Valerie Plame hearings earlier this week? This was supposed to be about the leaking of her name to the press to smear her husband, but what did the members of Congress use their introductory speech's to talk about? They spent the time taking a jab at the other side on whatever issues of the week were hot in poorly veiled attacks. I'm sure Valerie was asking herself, "do I even need to be here?" No, Valerie you didn't because nothing was about you. It was all about them.

This controversy in the AG's office is another prime example. It is very possible that the administration did something ethically wrong. It is okay for Presidents to hire and fire attorneys based on their political whims, but it becomes obstruction of justice if that attorney is in the middle of an investigation that could hurt a Republican member of Congress or the administration or in the middle of a trial which, if the attorney wins, could cause harm to whatever Republican cause it represents. But do you think that's what the Democrats are concerned about? They smell blood in the water and can barely contain themselves at the chance to run the smear campaign even though they know if a Democrat ever gets back in the White House, they'll do the same thing. Now the administration and the Republicans are spending all their time defending themselves and throwing accusations back.
What is the result? The issues that are really important to people get pushed aside because they are NEVER the priority.

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Now that it has been revealed that the person behind the Internet ad slamming Senator Clinton made viral by works for a firm that is connected to Senator Obama. Although Obama's team probably had nothing to do with it, score one for the Republicans.
This entire cat fight between Clinton and Obama's camps have belittled both candidates. Now outside sources are making it worse. Even though the media has made the spats seem like more than what they really are, they now feel justified and will go buck wild with this rivalry. With every new way we find to communicate a message comes good and bad. You can't really have one without the other. And we have another year and a half of this. Source behind Internet attack on Clinton revealed -
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There's a Woot Off going on at today, so you will hear from me very little. I am obssessed with Woot Offs. Woot : One Day, One Deal
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What kind of an idiot is going to pay money for this? From Gizmodo - "Titanic DNA Watch Made From Actual Titanic Parts." Parts? Like some of those wooden chairs?
Okay, no it's made from steel, coal and any other metals they could salvage from the actual ship. If you actually believe that to be true, who is the idiot that approved of using this historic treasure to make crappy watches? They should be relieved of their duties.

Gizmodo, the gadget guide. So much in love with shiny new toys, it's unnatural.
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I know recruiting is tough for our armed forces, but her? The woman who drove across the country in diapers to kidnap the woman she felt was stealing her man even though she didn't have a relationship with that man just got a job developing flight lessons for the Navy. Charged astronaut gets new Navy job - Yahoo! News

First of all, when did she get out on bail?
Second, her trial starts in a few months, right? Is this the right time to jump into a new job?
Third, does anyone at the Navy watch the news? I know that Ana Nicole Smith knocked sweetheart off the front pages, but come on.

It wouldn't even bother me if she was a regular psycho who was fighting with another woman over her man, because hey, a woman's gotta handle her business. We've all been there, right? Every workplace has a minimum 15 jealous stalkers. But he wasn't even her man. She was willing to throw her life away over something that was completely imagined in her mind. That would lead me to be concerned that she might be unbalanced. I'm not a psych, but I'm just saying.
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A new Nielsen survey says that the average person only watches 15 channels even though they may have up to 500 or more. I believe it. When I went over the list of the all the television shows I watch, 85% were on the main networks with a few on basic cable channels like USA Network, TNT, SciFi Channel, Comedy Central and BBC. Now I have The Food Network, HGTV and the Style Channel on all the time, but just when I'm busy working, not really watching TV. I got rid of most of my channels because I NEVER watched them. I kept HBO because I like their original series. If you added up all the channels you watch regularly would it add up to 15? Average Joe sees just 15 channels - Television - NY Daily News

Sean Combs is a real quality guy, isn't he? It wasn't as if everyone knows he cheats on every woman he's ever been with and most people laugh at Kim Porter and call her a fool. Kim is crying all the way to the bank, I'm sure. Why else would you stay with someone that humiliates you so often and openly. In this article, Combs talks about how he wishes he could be faithful, but its just too hard. Combs 'Still Tempted By Other Women'. I would believe it if I thought he actually tried. And did you read the article in Ebony with him and Kim, who just had twins by him? She went on about him leaving her for Jennifer Lopez as if she knew the score. Look, if you choose to take him back that's your business, but don't make more of a fool out of yourself by acting as if you won something. Jennifer is the one who came out the winner there and we all know that SHE dumped HIM. None of it's any of my business anyway, so let me shut up.

Speaking of baby daddies, I was disappointed to read that my supposed to be baby's daddy Dennis Haysbert is upset about his exit on 24 and is disappointed with this season. Regarding his exit, I say join the club, Mr. President! Regarding this season, it's not the same without him, but Jack's crazy is still in effect and the show is still my #1. 'Unit' 's Haysbert regrets '24' exit scene

Good in the Hood is an upcoming show on A&E starring former rapper Ice Cube, who I have always liked despite his past as a gangster rapper. He's cute with that little mean frown on his face all the time and Friday is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. - AandE, Cube do 'Good' works. In Good in the Hood, Cube chronicles a reformed gang member, drug dealer or robber agreeing to take on the responsibility of helping people in similar circumstances turn their lives around. Spread the good I say. That damn Comcast done gone and moved all my channels around, so I don't know where A&E is anymore, but if I find it, I'll give the show a try. And by giving it a try, I'll DVR it and get around to watching sometime at the end of the summer.
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I think I'm probably the last person to blog about this, but I actually like the Star Wars R2D2 Mailboxes. This is a celebration of 50 years of Star Wars or something (what do I know about Star Wars), but if LucasFilms actually took control of the postal service, ole George might be able to make it more efficient and effective. Why not?

I can't really remember the last time I put a piece of mail in a mailbox on the street. Can you? I bank online and I put my rent check in the outbox in my building or at work.

At least they're fun to look at. And I'm looking forward to seeing the boxes that people steal on ebay.

Here's the teaser trailer.USPS - Star Wars. I'm not a huge SciFi fan, but I think Darth Vader is pretty cool.

Here's a Flickr page with a ton of different pictures of R2 Mailboxes all over D.C. R2-D2 Mailboxes - a photoset on Flickr

DCist: Help Us, R2. You're Our Only Hope

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I can't imagine how much pressure would be on a kid of Stephen King who wanted to write. Expectations are going to be high and comparisons are unavoidable. He can't be better than his daddy. King is the tops. What other author has the range he has? For the same person to write horrors like Carrie, movie scripts like Shawshank Redemption and fiction like Delores Claiborne shows a range of talent that I don't see anyone else offering. The Stand is one of my favorite books ever. I've read it probably four times and would have read it more if it wasn't so long.

Junior has already tried to distinguish himself by using the name Joe Hill, but I get the feeling that the last name King is what made the book an immediate bestseller. It leaped to #10 on the NYTimes. Heart-Shaped Box is about a merciless ghost and an aging rock musician. Uhm...okay, I'll have to trust that it's good.

Wish him well and if he's half as good as his Dad, who he looks like too, the book will be good.
Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box - Stephen King - Prince of Darkness - New York Times
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Right now, Fred Thompson is the most interesting presidential candidate as far as I'm concerned. He's the only one I want to hear more about. He's the Obama for the right; the one that sort of showed up and made those who thought they had it locked want to beat him with a spoon. He's got popularity, political experience and the conservative strength that Romney has, but without the Mormon tag. He's also got that all important Southern upbringing which carries a hell of a lot of weight.

Many republicans feel they have found their answer to Clinton, Obama, Edwards or any Democrat that eventually gets the prize. And the Christian Right, which has just about had it with this administration already, finally has a candidate whose stand on the issues doesn't make them throw up a little bit in their mouths. Rudy is entirely too liberal for their taste and John, in addition losing his shine, is too desperate for their attention. They aren't crazy about Romney either because of the Mormon thing. They like him on the issues, but they don't want a non-Christian in the highest office in the land.

Also, the Sun-Times article is by Robert Novak who makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth every time I hear his name.
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Christian right favors actor-pol Thompson over top three GOP candidates
Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian Why I heart Fred Thompson «
Up & Coming: Last Sunday was a bad day for Democrats, and they hardly noticed
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The Boston Globe ask the question - Is Massachusetts' Deval Patrick the most powerful governor in America? No one even cares about another state's governor unless he/she is running for national office, used to be a celebrity, are involved in a sex scandal or his/her state just suffered a huge natural disaster. Patrick doesn't even get the press coverage that Schwarzenegger or Spitzer does.

What makes Patrick unique is that very few Governors have the power of the line-item veto. Patrick does and what makes him different than the four Republican governors before him, he has a legislature is on his side. Romney, Weld and those in between had to deal with a Democratic Legislature that pushed back, made them compromise or overrode them completely. Without that obstacle, Patrick packs some serious power even if his gloss has dimmed a bit because of recent image problems.

"There is the personal influence often referred to as clout, which can be augmented or squandered, and there is the fixed, constitutional power of the office. And it's worth noting that when it comes to the latter -- the inherent powers of the governorship -- the Massachusetts governor is among the strongest in the nation."
The most powerful governor in America? - The Boston Globe
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British authorities are considering banning burkas and full face veils for Muslim girls in school. There are a lot of reasons why they should do this. Personally, I would think these girls would welcome the break and be happy for the chance to actually see what is on the left and right of them without having to turn their head completely around. I would think that having your entire face covered except for your eyes has to interfere with your ability to interact with others and is a distraction from one's education. But then again, if a family believes in a woman being completely covered except for her eyes, they probably aren't too concerned with her getting an education in the first place. I have my own issues with the Muslim religions treatment of women and their beauty, but that's another post for another time.

I am concerned as to what this will do to the girls because, let's face it, if their families are upset about this its the girls that are going to get the worst of it. If they are forced to comply, what do you think their fathers will do when they've found out that girl was in school "uncovered?" British authorities are thinking like the British, which they have a right to do because this is Great Britain. The problem is that a huge portion of the Muslim community there still carries on with their old customs and women and girls are very controlled. If that control is loosened in any way, it is the women and girls who suffer for it.

Britain Proposes Allowing Schools to Forbid Full-Face Muslim Veils - New York Times
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In Austin Powers International Man of Mystery, Dr. Evil thought that $1 million was a lot because it was in his day thirty years ago. Today, $1 million is nothing. I'm not knocking it, but as this CNN article tells you, Being a millionaire just isn't the same these days. It's a milestone that people set for themselves by the age of 30 or 40, but when they get there, they realize their life hasn't changed much and they don't feel as secure as they thought they would. Being a millionaire, less taxes, isn't enough now and it won't be enough when you retire.

If you're retiring in the next 10 years, you might be okay with $1mill in the bank, supplemented by social security, pensions and savings. But for the rest of us, start thinking a minimum of $1 million as what you'll need. For my generation, our retirement age is 67 or 68. But Social Security will be gone by the time we're 50. And Medicare will be a thing of the past. Add to that inflation and the cost of the living and increased need for healthcare and you'll realize, unless you have at least $1 million, you're going to be poor.
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As always, here are my top picks from the 5,378 articles on Barack Obama that came out in the last 7 minutes.

When I saw this title, Obama the 'Magic Negro' - Los Angeles Times, I was like "What the damn!" Why is everyone so intent on making this man be whatever fear or hope they want him to be. And why are people so unhappy with his blackness, lack of blackness, biraciality (I made that word up) or anything regarding the color of his skin? They're all just starting to look foolish.

"The Magic Negro is a figure of postmodern folk culture, coined by snarky 20th century sociologists, to explain a cultural figure who emerged in the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education. "He has no past, he simply appears one day to help the white protagonist,"

What has Obama done or said that shows any preference for appealing to whites than blacks? I guess unless he's raising his fist and calling someone The Man are playing the race card, he's trying to please whites. After all, that's got to be it. Isn't everything about them anyway? What a sad way to box a black man in.

This NY Times article focuses on his childhood in Hawaii. Must have been rough growing up in paradise. Or maybe not. The people this reporter interviewed seem to remember a kid that wasn't always happy. This is what the media wants; the troubled man who doesn't know what race he is. I'll bet you a million bucks that any of Obama's former classmates who said he was happy got slapped by the media and asked to leave the interview. "We only want dysfunction, you idiot!" A Search for Self in Obama’s Hawaii Childhood - New York Times

Here's an SFGate article on his rally in Oakland. I think this is the stop that drew about 10,000 people. Must be nice to get all that love. Excitement surrounds Obama's visit to Oakland / Candidate calls for ending war, solving problems at home. He also rocked it in Denver. Rocky Mountain News: Obama Rouses Crowd

The paper that gave us the "Obama Surging" headline we couldn't help but love, has a much less interesting headline for an article basically saying the same thing. He's catching up to Hillary. OBAMA CATCHING UP TO CLINTON IN N.H., MICH.

The less similarities between Obama and Jesse Jackson the media makes, the better. However, I'm sure this is one similarity that Obama can be proud of. Getting shiftless black folks who have all the time in the world to complain but can't find the time to vote once every four years to register and do their duty for once. Washington Times: Obama's campaign seen natural to register voters

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign could spur record voter registration among black voters the same way the Rev. Jesse Jackson's campaign did in 1984
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Massachusetts was excited to have their own Obama in Deval Patrick and they ushered him into the Governor's mansion with hopes that every day would be sunshine and they would float on clouds. That's an exaggeration, but at least the media seemed to be in love with him. But as we know, all love affairs must end.

Remember a while back when I blogged about Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in trouble because he chooses to drive a Caddy instead of a Crown Victoria, even though there was a lot of evidence that the Crown Victoria becomes a deathly death trap of death if you get an accident?

Well, people are also mad at him because he hired his wife, who is a lawyer at a private firm, an assistant on the taxpayer's dollar. When he complained about the critics, calling it a "hazing," the media blasted him for playing the victim.
Patrick back to work under intense scrutiny - The Boston Globe
Lapses tarnish Patrick's star - A Concord Monitor Article

They are also mad that he said he's going to scale down some of his hours on the job to spend more time with his wife. After all, this is a delicate time for them. They only been married 22 years so they need this time to really get to know each other. Priorities people! I was sort of making fun of him until I found out that his wife is ill and then I felt like a jackass. I hope everything works out.

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A large group of influential people, including the Lt. Gov, in Maryland want to take the state's money away out of the Sudan. Maryland Leaders Want to Divest Pension Fund Holdings Tied to Sudan - The 2007 Darfur Reduction act would allow Maryland to join a growing list of states who are restricting trade and imposing other sanctions on the region because of the genocide and other atrocities that continue to go on there. If more states do this it will definitely have a financial impact, but things have gone so far in the region, do you think the oppressors even care about money? They seem to only have a thirst for blood. I don't think anything short of military intervention (hint hint China) could stop the hell going on there.

"As of Jan. 31, Maryland had $203.7 million in funds and accounts that hold securities invested in 14 companies that had ties to the government of Sudan."

In another hot spot, Zimbabwe, this New York Times editorial breaks it down on the country's president, Robert Mugabe. The Disastrous Mr. Mugabe - New York Times. He's been a dictator for 26+ years, destroying any hope that the country would become economically strong. From man-made famine, to HIV/AIDS ignorance, he has crippled Zimbabwe. And that was only the beginning. This story claims the 83-year old Mugabe is completely mad. Uhm...Are you saying he wasn't mad before? I guess he was just evil for 26 years and now he's descended into total power madness. He's probably just old and crazy. Honestly, a strong wind should be able to do this guy in.

"Now, the 83-year-old Mr. Mugabe seems to have descended into total power-madness. He has barred opponents from leaving the country, ordered his thugs to literally crack the skulls of opposition leaders, accused his own party’s youth group of plotting against him, and told Western critics to “go hang.” Last week, he threatened to run again in 2008 for another six-year term."
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Earlier, I blogged about a RADAR magazine article about the religious and societal implications of scientists coming close to finding the gene that will determine if your baby is gay in the same way they can determine your baby has a diseases which, let's face it, is giving parents an opportunity to abort the baby. POLITOPICS: Is Your Baby Gay?

It would be the utmost in hypocrisy for people who are against "the gay" because of religion to be in favor of aborting a fetus. And how would they be able to argue being "the gay" is a choice if it's proven to be something one is born with?

For one Baptist preacher, that isn't the issue. He says even if being "the gay" is biological, it's still a sin. Even if it is proven to be genetic, his answer is prenatal treatment that would reverse this orientation before the baby is born. He says it would be spiritually justified. I guess it's never too early to teach your baby to hate itself.

As expected, some people are taking issue.
Furor Over Baptist's Gay-Baby Article -
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Cheney heads to hospital for checkup - Politics - MSNBC.comSo Dick Cheney is going to the hospital AGAIN. How is it that a man who has withstood 15 heart attacks have to go to the hospital for every nick and bruise.
If he's really sick then I apologize ahead of time, but if not, I still stick to my completely irrational belief that this is a conspiracy to have Cheney step down due to "ill health" because no one would ever buy that he's the kind of man that could get away with the I want to spend more time with my family excuse. Then the White House will appoint Condi or someone else in the VP slot so they have a head up on running for President in 2008.

I have no proof and I admit I came up with this theory while high on Red Bull and 100 grand chocolate bars, but I still think it's true.
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The city known for having THE WORST PAVED STREETS ON THE ENTIRE PLANET may be close to having representation in Congress. If you pay taxes you should get representation. To me it's very simple and the fact that D.C. doesn't have a vote in the legislative decisions made every day effecting their lives is ridiculous. The White House is opposed, but if Congress can get a Democratic override in the Senate, the bill has a chance.

WAPO: White House Opposes D.C. Vote

I would also like to know who is going to reimburse me for all the wheel alignments and replaced shocks I'll have to pay for due to the car damage these streets are causing.
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It will either be a face-off or a dance-off, but the media isn't going to let up until Presidential candidates Obama and Clinton have an "off" of some kind. They aren't making it any easier with each of them having staff that act like they are two girls fighting over the same guy.
If one of them wins, the other has no chance of being a VP pick, although I doubt Clinton would be satisfied with that. By the time that decision comes around, they'll hate each other more than they do now. You already know Clinton is sticking pins into her voodoo Obama doll because he's messing with what she thought was a sure thing, the black vote.

If Obama wins, who does he pick as a VP? John Edwards isn't going to accept VP again. Maybe Evan Bayh or Bill Richardson? It would be great if he could pick Richardson, but the idea of a black/Hispanic ticket is too good to be true. If he picks Bayh he has someone more conservative than him, but it's a double Midwestern ticket. What about the South? I think whoever wins, if they aren't from the South, they have to pick a VP from the South. If Hillary wins she can pick Harold Ford for that Southern flow and to try and get some of that black vote back.
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Cora Daniels new book, Ghettonation and Black Power Inc.: A JOURNEY INTO THE LAND OF BLING AND HOME OF THE SHAMELESS, discusses how the term "ghetto" is no longer a place but a mindset that demeans women, devalues education, celebrates the worst aspects of the black culture and is spurred on by corporate America. Ghetto is no longer regulated to class or race. It's a way of thinking that has found its way into the youth culture of America.

"How often have you heard or even used the expression, "That's so ghetto?" Today, such terms are no longer just a Black thing but part of the colloquial. Non-Black celebs like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have usurped the ghetto attitude and lifestyle to gain attention and notoriety."

Kids of all races have embraced this to their own detriment, but it's black kids that are harmed the most. Because unlike most other kids, most black kids don't have a family life that contradicts this mindset making it easier for outside values to seep in.

Looks like an interesting book. I just love it for the cover pic.
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See, what did I say? ABC News: Bush Affirms Support for Gonzales

You could get caught on video eating the blood of kittens as cute as the one in this pic and Bush will still stick by you. Stubborn doesn't even begin to explain how he is with people he considers friends. That whole Harriett Miers fiasco, Heck uv a job, Brownie and now Gonzales. I believe in friendship and loyalty, but if someone has lost the confidence of the nation in doing their job, it might be time to replace them. That doesn't mean you're not deserting them as a friend.

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I found this at It's a website that depicts one family who took a picture of themselves every year for thirty years. There's no point to it, but it's awesome and I wanted to share it.
Diego Goldberg :: The Arrow of Time
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The U.S. Department of Education has been overcharging you for your student loans. Did you ever wonder why you got $10,000 in student loans, but somehow owed $37,000? Did you notice that you paid your loan on time but they still charged you a $1,000 late fee? Lawsuit Says Education Dept. Overcharged on Student Loans -

"A computer glitch apparently caused more than 3 million student loan borrowers to be billed hundreds of millions of dollars more than they owed, said lawyers who brought the class-action suit. It's unclear how much individuals were overcharged."

Not only that, but they've known they were doing for the past decade and haven't stopped. They were warned about it, told they were breaking the law, but did nothing. Now they are facing a class action lawsuit. You might want to see if you've been a victim. So many people have been paying student loans for so long, deferring so often, that they have no idea what's going on.

I was fortunate in undergrad. My Daddy paid the bills, but when I finally get out of this nightmare called Law School, I will owe the Education Department my first born child. Hopefully the problem will be solved by them.
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Another story about a cruise ship passenger missing, Cruise Ship Passenger Missing After Jump, but this one was eventually found. After 8 hours, overboard cruise ship passenger rescued - Not very exciting. Any ways, jumpers don't count.

People are seeing cruises in a different light based on the news in the past couple of years. Every cruise either has an Ebola outbreak or entire families go missing. God forbid you go on a cruise as newlyweds; you're signing your death warrant. I've been on three cruises myself and had some of the best times of my life, but I don't doubt that at least 15 people died while I was having fun.

Only the ships can stop the Ebola, but a lot of what happens to people on ships are a result of their own behavior. In order to fall over a boat you have to be in a position of danger of some kind. The railings are pretty high. People tend to let their inhibitions go during a cruise which is why they eat an average of 10,000 calories a day and consume 10 gallons of rum every night, increasing the chances of doing something that will make them never be heard from again.

My point is, go on a cruise because it's fun, but make sure you have a will made out first and bring a food taster with you just in case.
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This is going to be the trial to watch and I'm concerned about how this will turn out. It's very tragic. How do you shoot someone who is unarmed 50 times? For that matter, how do you shoot someone who is armed 50?

Despite the fact that two of the three cops are black and one is white, some in the community will make this a racial issue because in many black neighborhoods black cops are the enemy so they may as well be white. And even if the cops are black, it doesn't mean that it wasn't racial. Would those two black cops be so quick to shoot an unarmed (or armed) white man the way they did this guy?

The community is already up in arms over the indictments themselves. "The jury charged two of the detectives — Gescard F. Isnora, an undercover officer who fired the first shot, and Michael Oliver, who fired 31 shots — with manslaughter, two people with direct knowledge of the case said. The third detective, Marc Cooper, who fired four shots, faces a lesser charge of reckless endangerment, those two people said."

How many times do you have to shoot an unarmed person before it's murder? There are already plans to disrupt the city in protest and of course Sharpton & Jesse will be wherever the cameras are. I generally like to give the cops benefit of the doubt because they are faced with so much ugliness every day. They are going up people with no concern for life or the law, risking and losing their lives at the hands of scum. But sometimes the doubt just isn't there. The case just seems so one-sided against the cops that I have to believe that some information is being withheld from the public. If not, I think these indictments are weak and a shame. I don't doubt civil action is coming soon as well.

3 Detectives Are Indicted in 50-Shot Killing in Queens - New York Times
Sharpton: New witness in groom shooting 'suspicious' -
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Fighting AIDS in Muslim countries presents a huge challenge. In many of these countries people, especially women, would rather die than admit they are even having sex let alone doing drugs. Muslim societies are sexually repressive in general, but add the Taliban to the mix, you have a situation where silence means the difference between life or death even if that silence means death. A New Sorrow for Afghanistan: AIDS Joins List - New York Times
BBC NEWS:Aids threat grows for Arab women
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In all of our work and effort, what we seem to be accomplishing in Iraq is bringing Iran and Iraq closer together. Reason #5,762 this war is not being managed right. What does a united Iran and Iraq do for America? If it's something good, please tell me because I can only see more problems.

As Iran pushes further into Iraq where we are in the middle of Iraq's civil war, a conflict is going to arise because of our strained relationship with Iran. Especially considering Iran's President's upcoming trip to the U.N. to fight further sanctions against him. He'll likely lose and blame American (and of course the Jews - because I think that's a requirement for any Middle Eastern country). Will this put our troops in Iraq in more trouble?

Iran Is Playing a Growing Role in Iraq Economy - New York Times
NPR : Iraq and Iran Discuss Closer Relationship
OP-Ed News: The Growing Relationship Between Iran and Iraq
Also, here's a site for Muslim dating/marriage in case you are interested. I'm sure the Taliban would just love this. Muslim Personals at
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I know it's wrong for me to be as excited about this story as I am. If you don't know who Deborah Jeane Palfrey was, check my earlier posts.

She's a former D.C. area madame who sent her high class hookers to the rich and famous in D.C. More than a brow or two has been sweating since she has decided to come forward with the names of her clients going back 13 years. Personally, I'm still surprised she stayed alive long enough to get the list to anyone. I guess now that the news outlet has the story, maybe their offices will be robbed or completely burned to the ground.

The most exciting part to me is that the list of contacts has miraculously grown from 10,000 to 15,000, adding 5,000 more people that want her dead. Besides, Dick Morris, who we all know is on there because he likey the hookers, who else is sitting on the floor in the back of their dark bedroom closet crouched in the fetal position while praying to God not to lose his family? I guess I kind of like to see scum bags sweat. Lawyer: News Outlet Has Escort List
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And if it was you, you have my sympathies. This pic is just one of many along the East Coast this weekend. More cancelled flights. Doesn't it seem like flying has become like hell lately? Don't you feel like something is on the brink of exploding here? This is happening too often. Not to mention the amount of luggage lost on each airline has gone up tremendously since people have been forced to check what used to be carry-ons because it has shampoo or contacts lens lotion.
As someone who spent 8 years flying for business every three weeks or less, I have plenty of nightmare stories, but I never had to stay at the airport overnight. I've had to fly to other airports and didn't get home until 2 or 3 in the morning, which I'm sure most of these people would have prayed for.

If it wasn't for the stupid airport parking, waiting for the parking bus, the long drive to the actual airport, long luggage check in lines, long security lines, long wait to board the plane, cramped seats that are too small, long flights, tedious deplaning, long wait for luggage and the long trip from airport to my destination I would enjoy flying.

All of those people waiting for planes could probably fit on the new A380, the biggest on the planet which is touching down in New York today. Do you really want bigger airplanes? To me, it's just more people to die. This plane is basically a small town. It must take forever to get on and off, unless you're in first class of course. From these pics, first class is a pretty comfy.

This plane can seat over 500 people...or 250 Americans. Get it? We're fat. I stole that from Jon Stewart.
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It's about time, don't you think? After all the complaints lodged by the black community against BET for its glorification of black women as sex objects and it's focus on gangster rap as the symbol of black culture, BET is finally making a change. It's probably not because of the complaints, but we can at least hope they listened to us. More Money, Less Booty For BET -

My sister & brother-in-law might now be able to take the channel I've referred to as "The Booty Channel" off their "block channel" list on the DVR. BET is going for less music videos and more original programming that reflect the range of their black audience.

And of course there is something for the little ones. The channel is developing a prime-time animation series called "Hannibal the Conqueror," based on the life of the ancient Carthaginian general and voiced by action star Vin Diesel.

I'm a little nervous about another show in development called, "Wifey," but with Queen Latifah behind the lens, I'm willing to give it a chance.

I think this move is a move in the right direction so I wish them well. Debra Lee is a superbly talented woman, so I know she can do it if she really wants to.

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Now all the people who haven't vowed to destroy America with nuclear bombs and have been waiting in line for Visas are going to be mad. Seems a little unfair. However those people are not Presidents of countries that the U.N. is planning sanctions against. I would argue he might have a right to be there to plead his case.
Although why do I get the feeling as soon as he gets the mic he's going to find a way to call Bush names and give shout outs to Hugo Chavez and that North Korean president that looks like my friend Sae's Korean grandmother? iWon News - U.S. Will Give Visa to Iranian President

I'll be excited to read about what he thinks of America in his blog. يادداشت هاي شخصي احمدي نژاد
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On Capitol Hill, when someone wants your head on a platter, they're going to get it one way or another. Expect to see more of - New allegations could spell more trouble for Gonzales

Although House Speaker Pelosi promised no impeachment hearings once the Dems took control of the House and Senate, she didn't promise to do everything but. The subpoenas that were trickling in since January have picked up pace thanks to Scooter's guilty conviction and the DOJ partisan firings. Expect more of this - Senate panel clears path for DoJ subpoenas
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For the love of God! What is with the gay obsession?
We are at war, right?
We do have soldiers in Iraq without body armour dying every day?
We do have a huge housing bust ready to happen?
We do have a deficit the size of the Universe, right?
We do have 70% of black children born out of wedlock, right?
We do have American children dying from things like toothaches because they can't get healthcare, right?

So why are war generals and Congressmen talking,writing letters about and trying to get others to sign that letter about gays?
Presidential candidate Brownback: Homosexual acts are immoral -
Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback agrees with top U.S. Gen. Peter Pace
Pace: Gay acts are immoral and gays shouldn't serve openly in military
Presidential hopeful Brownback to send letter to Bush supporting Pace
Brownback also is soliciting other lawmakers to sign letter

Since the subject doesn't seem to want to go away, I would like to say that people who are decision makers in the our current war on terror, who take time away from solving this problem to talk about how two guys kissing makes them squeamish, are immoral and should not serve openly in the military, Congress or where ever else they might be.

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During a department ethics class in Minneapolis, one officer, Kroll, made a reference to the United States being at war with "Islamic Terrorists" which is the common topic in all corporate ethic classes. He then transitioned to Congressman Keith Ellison who happens to be a Muslim. He said it was all an accident, but another officer accused him of calling Congressman Ellison a terrorists and a death match ensued.
Not really a death match, but things became really heated and somehow got leaked to the media. Kroll got reamed by the higher ups, branded a racist and an investigation was started. He said it was a misunderstanding. I'm confused as to how a conversation of Islamic terrorists just slips into a mention of a Muslim Congressman, but I wasn't there.
City Pages - Shoot from the Lip

Kroll has a history of 'issues' with the Minneapolis police department and a history of issues with Congressman Ellison himself from when he was a D.A., so you can draw your own conclusions.
"He's anti-police, and he once made a baseless complaint against me to internal affairs," Kroll says.
So does Kroll really think Ellison is a terrorist?
Does he have a problem with Islam?
But does he regret what he said?
Kroll doesn't hesitate: "No."

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The NY Times has a story on one of Al Qaeda's newest recruits and the other members of his group. Is it just me or does this pic not look like a very cheaply done promo shoot for a boy band? The group is called Fatah al Islam, operating out of Palestine and their leader has vowed DEATH TO AMERICA. Wow, very original. Some advice, buddy. There are thousands in line ahead of you, so if you want to become famous you have to come up with a new catchphrase; and it can't include the word INFIDEL.

Personally, I think their first album will be great, but I have a feeling the guy in the black suit is going to shine because although he's not the best dancer, he'll have the best voice and the snazzier suits. Then he'll go off and do his own album while promising that the band is still together, but will ultimately split the group up. So from now on, I'll call him Beyonce of Palestine. A New Face of Jihad Vows Attacks on U.S. - New York Times
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How do you rate schools when deciding where to go? How do you know where your school stands in comparison to others in prestige, cost, graduation salaries, etc.? You probably go to the U.S. News & World Report, right? You go there because you assume they are the authority on whose school is best and why. But do you know how they put those numbers together? Do you know that many schools spend serious $$$ lobbying the paper to make sure they get a good rating? Do you know if US News really checks the data the schools give them?

A group of Law Schools are going after U.S. News & World Report claiming they are using fake data to determine their very popular Top Schools report. This argument has changed from the previous argument that the publication doesn't play fair. This is a much harsher accusation. The outcome will be important because of the role this yearly issue plays in selecting undergrad and grad schools.

Michele Tolela Myers - The Cost of Bucking College Rankings -
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It is a known fact that in general firefighters are hot. Yes some are fat and ugly, but most of them have to be in good shape and their dangerous edge is pretty sexy. They also vote and don't care for Rudy Giuliani very much which still really confuses me. He did not come to the Intl Assoc of Firefighters conference, but Hillary, Barack, John E. and John Mc. all came and addressed the group. There is debate over who received more love from the crowd than anyone else and it all depends on who you read.

As sexy as they are, where I come from at least, firefighters are kind of sexist traditional, so I was surprised that Hillary got the applause she did, which again was better than the others depending on who you read. General consensus is that it was either Hillary or John McCain that won the crowd. Presidential hopefuls vie for firefighter love
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I can honestly say I called this because last year I read in a magazine in the checkout line at the Safeway that a famous psychic predicted America would fall into another Great Depression after the Dow hit 12,000 in 2007.

They aren't as credible as psychics, but some top investors are suggesting that the housing market disaster that caused the market to drop by about 5,000 is going to spur on a crash that we, "can't believe how bad it's going to get before it gets any better." Reuters: Top Investor Sees U.S. Property Crash

This other guy agrees we're headed for a depression and he has charts to prove it. The psychic didn't have any charts, but she doesn't need them because she's a psychic. Is America Headed for a Depression?: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

On a more serious note, I wouldn't call it gloom and doom, but it makes perfect sense that the home issue is going to lead to a recession. The housing market has been out of control for years and there has to be a consequence for that. Not to mention the millions of Americans who bought homes they could not afford. Especially in the Midwest where the auto industry disaster is creating thousands of out of work people who were just one or two paychecks away from being on the street anyway.

My advice. Move to D.C. Even when the country is in a bad recession, the government is still working so the D.C. jobless rate is always lower than the rest of the country.
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I didn't think this storyline had a leg to stand on for more than half a day, but it doesn't seem to be going away. 300 Sparks an Outcry in Iran TIME. The story begins with the "All of Tehran was outraged." What happened, a traffic light stop working? It really doesn't take more than that for them to be outraged and take to the streets burning whatever they can get their hands on.

They are still angry over this movie, calling it a "Hollywood Assault" on their culture and I wish the media would stop feeding this because it's stupid. Everyone knows that movies use creative license to make their stories more interesting; to define who is bad and who is good. In these historical stories, there are never any real good guys or bad guys.
The Daily Illini: A new column about '300'? This is madness!

There has to be a bad guy and if every ethnic or national group protests when their ancestors are selected as the bad guys for a particular movie, we would have to go through this every time a movie came out.
Iranians list `300' gripes Chicago Tribune

Isn't it also ironic that a country that obliterates the human rights of its own people and relishes in mocking, degrading and insulting other cultures (particularly ours) would dare to complain about such a thing. They need to look up the word 'hypocrisy' in the dictionary and go about their business. If they don't like the movie, make their own with their view point.

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I find it's much easier just to wait until the end of the day and pick through the 5,753 articles written on Barack Obama that day. This is about 1/10th of the articles I found in mainstream media. I didn't try the blogs.

Seriously media, are you aware there are about 500 other people running for President? Stop the stalking!

LA Times says that as a child Obama was a great uniter in Indonesia because he did the Islam and Catholic rituals. Twice the boring if you ask me. As a child, Obama crossed a cultural divide in Indonesia - Los Angeles Times

If Indonesia isn't good enough for you, the media is also swarming to Hawaii. Someone is hoping to get the exclusive story on a sex scandal involving surf boards, pineapple and that nasty purple paste stuff they make you eat whenever you're over there. In Hawaii, Media Surfs Obama's Past -

The Hill is either lazy or has a small budget because they are only going as far as Chicago to dig up Obama's votes on crime while in the state legislature in Illinois. A review by The Hill found a number of votes by Obama on bills dealing with drug, gang and gun-control issues that could be used by opponents seeking to derail his presidential candidacy.

Last week, the hateration focused on some sketchy investments Obama made. I think they were probably blown out of proportion, but you never know with politicians and the promises they make to campaign donors. We also heard real media talk about his parking tickets while at Harvard Law some 50 years ago. That's something I would expect from a blog, but not The Boston Globe or Washington Post. But it's not all bad news. Henry Blodget says that Obama's poor decision making, because his stocks tanked and not paying his tickets on time cost him approximate $1billion, may be why he'll make a good president. Why Obama's bad investments would make him a better president. - By Henry Blodget - Slate Magazine

The Washington Times, DC's conservative paper, wants to remind us of what was news about 3 weeks ago; blacks are not completely united under Obama. Maybe it's because we're not all one person. No one ever says, "Whites are not all united until Clinton." Of course not, they see themselves as individuals, but we are a group and any sign that we all are herding one way like mindless sheep must mean there is a problem. Unity of blacks lacking on Obama - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

There are so many puns that can go along with this headline from the NYPost, but I am above it all. I'm not, but its the end of the day and I'm too tired to be clever. Bishop discussing Obama blowing away Clinton's lead, which everyone reported on about two weeks ago. Nice catch Post. OBAMA SURGING By IAN BISHOP Post Correspondent - Nationalnews - New York Post Online Edition
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From Gizmodo - where you find the oddest things and the even more odd people who make/have them.

This fool decorated his studio (and you knew it would be a studio) apartment as the Star Trek Voyager set. I've never watched the show, but those in the know say it does look exactly like the show. This genius move sent him into bankruptcy. The transformation was triggered by an emotional breakdown of some sort (my analysis) after his wife left him. I'm surprised he even had a girlfriend let alone a wife. Well she dumped his ass and he went crazy spending over $175K to pimp his crib Star Trek style. This genius put it all on credit cards, so....yeah.

But if you thought he was living in a van down by the river, you'd be wrong. He picked himself back up and is now a CEO. He renovates apartments of other psychos like him for money now. I bet he still doesn't have a girlfriend though.
Trekkie Recreates Awesome Set of Star Trek: Voyager in a Studio Apartment - Gizmodo
Replicating Starship Voyager Causes Bankruptcy - Gizmodo
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I haven't forgotten about the red headed stepchild of the Democratic presidential race, John Edwards. I've always been a fan and I feel bad for him because he's not getting any pub. He's even moved down to #2 in the South Carolina polls. South Carolina has Hillary as #1. Dan Hoover: Poll: McCain, Clinton top SC, Edwards falters. Iowa can't come soon enough for Edwards, but in the meanwhile he has got to up his game or he will fade away. He can't accept the VP slot again, so all he has is Prez or bust.

He's got a new approach and it's more to the left than before. New John Edwards Sells Less Biography, More Liberal Issues -
He's been working behind the scenes and racking up endorsements, but no one is hearing about them. - Edwards racks up more Dem endorsements from House

Some of the obvious. N.C.'s Democrats in Congress back Edwards

Questioning whether or not that Two Americas speech is going to work this time around. Will Edward's Win With His Us v. Them Pitch

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I have issues with Chris' Rock's recent statement about Barack Obama. I don't think it was a conscious dig at Obama but it was an insult in the same way former Mexican President Fox said that immigrants take jobs in America that "even blacks won't take." You get the meaning?

Chris said about America,“It’s ready for a retarded president, why wouldn’t it be ready for an African American president?”

Am I overreacting? To me it sounds like he is comparing a black president to at least equal to a retarded president (referring to W). It certainly isn't a compliment. I'm not a sensitive person, but I just don't like these kinds of comparisons.

DRUDGE REPORT: Chris Rock Unleased
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First they send out millions of Godless coins destined to curse anyone comes in contact with them.
POLITOPICS: These Dollar Coins Are Cursed. Now they remembered God, but forgot George Washington and the Statue of Liberty. They are just flat coins and worth nothing, except what you might be able to get on e-bay. Another goof: Dollar coin has 'In God We Trust' but no George Washington -
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As a Christian, I believe in the Bible. Although I don't doubt that it has been messed with throughout history and some of the stories aren't actually true, I still believe it is God's message and offers a guideline by which to live, hope by which to live for and an account of Jesus sacrifice to understand God's love. It was written by imperfect men so it also contains their misogyny, homophobia and violence, but God's message still comes through because it is The Truth. And all spirituality aside, if you actually read it, it's a pretty good book. Drama, sex, war, faith, envy, manipulation, family, freedom, good v. evil all make for a good book. But does it belong in the public school system?

Georgia is poised to introduce two literature classes on the Bible in its public schools and needless to say, some people have a problem with that. I'm a little nervous about this too. The classes are not intended to be a church session, but a historical look at the document itself. Class titles are: Literature and History of the Old Testament Era, and Literature and History of the New Testament Era. The bible is a document that reflects the society and times in which it was written. It's stories are comparable to the fables we all read as kids in other books in class with a moral and good over evil. But what box are you opening here?
First of all, I'm sure the ACLU can barely contain themselves over this. Secondly, do you doubt that people will start demanding two courses on the Koran and then the Talmud and then.... The public school system is an arm of the government. It can be a mess and a distraction from what American kids really need to do better at in school; math and science.

A public university could get away with it, but it might be better left out of the K-12 system. Ga. close to OKing Bible classes - Yahoo! News
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Immigration Misery - New York Times This is an editorial in the Times about the negative side of enforcing immigration laws. While Congress sits on its butt not coming up with a liveable solution, states and cities are all coming up with their own plans and although some cities are saying their efforts are forcing illegals out, lowering crime, etc, things aren't going smoothly elsewhere. And in the case of medicaid, Americans are being hurt more than illegals.

"A screaming baby girl has been forcibly weaned from breast milk and taken, dehydrated, to an emergency room, so that the nation’s borders will be secure. Her mother and more than 300 other workers in a leather-goods factory in New Bedford, Mass., have been terrorized — subdued by guns and dogs, their children stranded at school — so that the country will notice that the Bush administration is serious about enforcing immigration laws. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of poor Americans, lacking the right citizenship papers, have been denied a doctor’s care so that not a penny of Medicaid will go to a sick illegal immigrant."

Obviously the writer wants us to take one side in this very biased perspective, but we can't ignore that these people are human beings. We need to come up with a solution that we can be proud of as Americans while still standing by our belief that everyone has to obey the law, even people who only want the American dream. We still have to respect their human rights.

But we can't just tell the government to leave these people alone and let them get back to their illegal status in peace so they can achieve prosperity that millions are waiting in line to do legally. No matter what we come up with, it will cause pain and misery for many illegals, but pain and misery is an expected consequence of breaking the law. How many of these workers are working with stolen or fraudulent social security numbers? The choice to be in this country against the law is going to hurt you and those you are responsible for if you are caught. You can't say you didn't expect the natural consequences of your behavior just because you don't like them.

And illegals shouldn't get Medicaid. It is a service created by American for American citizens and legal immigrants. This isn't saying they shouldn't get health care, but they should have to pay for it, not Americans.
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A good editorial in The Times regarding China and its commitment to economic growth. If the country wants to continue this boom they are experience, why not take advantage of that and urge them to open up their government a little more.
I understand that China is a huge customer resources for American companies, but I'm disappointed that we are not doing more to force their government to comply with human rights. If all the democracies doing business with the country now put the pressure on, we might be able to move the needle if even just a little bit. All those in the country that are fighting and risking their lives for human rights need our support. China’s Sort of Congress - New York Times
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I'm a huge Colbert Report fan. To get paid to act like a fool for a half hour would be my dream, but I could never do it as well as Colbert. The Word is my second favorite segment, only after Better Know A District. These skits are some of the funniest things I have ever seen. They will have you laughing out loud, screaming to the person he's interview not to do what Colbert just asked them to. They fall for it every time. He has clearly made a fool out of a lot of people, but most of them were already weirdo freaks. Mostly, it is just fun. Robert Wexler's segment is still my favorite, but they are all genius.

Now party pooper Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) is telling freshman Congressmen and women not to go on the show. They are afraid of being made to look like fools. Who does he think he is? I would tell them not to go on if they don't have a sense of humor, but otherwise why not? It's hugely popular with a key demographic and I think will ultimately make them look more normal and be more likeable. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Democrats more than anyone should feel like a good laugh. Maybe Rahm forgot that.
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I'm one who says that Giuliani just can't get the nomination. Everyone is kind of enjoying him now because of his heroic 9/11 behavior, but when it comes down to character, he is going to take a huge blow with conservatives. The whole third wife being his former mistress whom he brought to the same home where his children are while still married to their mother thing is not going to get swept under the rug. Not to mention the pro-choice, pro-gay rights stand. He's the very old fashioned liberal Republican that the Goldwater campaign abolished years ago. New York Republicans are very different from Texas, Kansas, Georgia and Ohio Republicans.

This isn't going to help either. It appears that Giuliani's law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, is lobbying for CITGO which is owned by Venezuelan President Hugo "Bush is the devil and smells like sulfur" Chavez. Conservatives in the party are going to ream him for this one. I'll expect to see this relationship go by the wayside real soon. Bloomberg: Giuliani Law Firm Lobbies in Texas for Chavez-Controlled Citgo
And what is up with his beef with firefighters? I thought he was their hero, but appearantly they are pissed at him for something and he's not even going to attend an important forum sponsored by the Intl Assoc of Fire Fighters. Odd. Giuliani will miss firefighters event
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So this guy who we caught half asleep in his nightgown about 2 years ago is supposed to be the mastermind behind 9/11. I was hoping for someone who at least appeared like he could pull something over on us, but this guy? Excuse me if I remain skeptical just on wishful thinking alone. Besides, haven't several people claimed to be responsible for 9/11? I don't doubt he was involved, but the mastermind? I guess if you want to believe this you can think that even a moron could pull off 9/11 because we weren't prepared. I have to think if we were even slightly prepared "this guy" would have failed.

He also admitted to a whole bunch of other crimes like the horrible murder of WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl and gave up all his plans that weren't fulfilled like the assassination of Presidents Carter and Clinton. Carter? It just sounds to me like he's got delusions of grandeur. Of course it would be an honor for any of his type (terrorists) to claim responsibility, so how do we know its really him? I mean, him?

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Based on this pic for some reason, Radar magazine associates gay babies with the Depression era. Go figure. From The Magazine : Radar Online: Is Your Baby Gay?

Tyler Gray talks about genetics, DNA and learning about your child's sexuality some 13 years before they do. Scientists seem to be determined to find this gene to identify a gay fetus in the womb in the same way they can identify a fetus with Huntington's Disease or Down Syndrome before the first trimester is over. So, is the purpose to prove that being gay is like a genetic defect? That doesn't sound better. Or maybe not a defect but a genetic pre-determination that God intended to control population growth? Or maybe something slipped in by the Devil when God wasn't looking just to piss him off. That's the most logical explanation yet.

My point is, who cares? What are you going to do when you find out? It's still your baby and the little slobbering brat is a gift from God so just be happy you have a healthy baby to love unconditionally (emphasis on the unconditional part). Kiss those fat cheeks and shut up.
The idea that someone would chose to abort a baby because it doesn't fit into what they think God wants is so beyond hypocritical there isn't even a word for it. "Oh yes, I'm against abortion except in cases of rape or if the baby might turn out to be too fabulous." Or even worse, if you know it has the gene, once it's born you purposefully program him/her and warp their mind so much that they come to hate the person that he/she will soon discover themselves to be in hopes that they will deny those urges. If that's your idea, I will call Child Services right now!

The article examines the ongoing fight over this issue and all the dueling intentions behind finding out the truth. I would argue that scientists would do better to spend their time on something that helps babies and doesn't give homophobic idiots an excuse to get rid of them.
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I didn't expect Fred Thompson to get all the play he did when he announced he might be interested in running for President in 2008. First because everyone but me has already declared they are running or might be running. Second, with all the attention on Hillary, Barack and Rudy, who has time for another candidate?

But people seem to really be excited about this guy and I've already blogged about why I would be interested, POLITOPICS: President Thompson? This Might Actually Work. He made an "I'm still relevant in conservative politics even though I live among the sodomites in Hollywood" statement by carrying John Roberts through his SCOTUS hearings. That was a win-win.
Now it appears that the Reaganites are looking for a reincarnation of their beloved President and believe Thompson might be it. Another former actor who was already a little up in age when he first held office.
Arkansas News Bureau - Second coming of Reagan
Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy » The Next Reagan?

Thompson doesn't have the charm Reagan did in those campaigning years, but I think voters are sick of being charmed by politicians. It's all such a bunch of BS anyway. They'd much prefer a straight shooter who looks like he might be able to handle himself if something goes down. With the dissatisfaction expressed by so many conservatives at the pro-affirmative action, pro-choice, pro-gay rights candidates they have, this guy might really have a chance. I mean if he can help John McClane overcome the kick-ass terrorists trying to take over LaGuardia airport, he can certainly figure out how to deal with a few Iraqi insurgents wearing t-shirts and house slippers.
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WAPO has an interesting story on what happens when people with no real identity die in America. For illegals this happens a lot. The article is sympathetic (using the term Undocumented instead of illegal) and of course no one wishes someone die in anonymity, but if someone chooses to live their life in a lie, this is what happens when they die. Anonymity of Death Echoes Life For Undocumented Latino Immigrants -

So members of Congress say they are still committed to protecting our borders and doing something about illegal immigration. Yeah, right. Bush says he wants a bill this year, but that bill will be one that gives amnesty to illegals which will in turn give others the incentive they need to cross that border against the law. Supporters still committed; immigration bill still stalled -

National Council of La Raza wants to reward the companies who have made a commitment to Hispanic Empowerment, but word is that this is the list of companies who are crossing the line and offering services to illegals without demanding social security numbers or any state sponsored identification. Things like credit cards, home loans, school loans and all that other stuff that legal immigrations and citizens have to provide several forms of I.D. and records dating back to the age of 5 to get. National Council of La Raza: Corporate Relationship Opportunities: Institutional Corporate Partners

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Yesterday, when the news came out that this D.C. Madam would likely not be releasing the information kept in her more than 10,000 records of high class D.C. clients for her high class D.C.s hoes, men all over the D.C. Metro area sighed in relief and believed they could actually get one night's sleep without medication for the first time since this story broke. They began to feel confident they would not be in divorce court giving up all their worldly possessions and not seeing their kids again until they are 18.
WTOP: Mass Release of Madam's Records Not Likely

But that reprieve was only temporary because they woke up this morning to find that she is selling her records to a news agency. Oh Snap!

So, say goodbye to your summer house in the Hamptons and tell your kids you love them, because you won't see them for a long, long time. Also, depending on who you are (and you know who you are), you might want to check out because you could likely be out of a job. they aren't completely out of the blue.

I stand by my words that this woman is going to meet with an unfortunate home accident right before she was meant to hand over the records, which will not be found on her person.
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I've blogged about Hazelton, PA before because it was one of the first cities to pass and enact serious anti-illegal immigration laws last year. Initially, they were gung ho with not allowing landlords to rent to illegals or employers to hire illegals, which isn't really a new law but just enforcing the law that already exist. But then they faced stiff opposition by pro-illegal groups and postponed enforcement.
However, they never gave up and now the mayor is in court against the ACLU who says she has no right to enforce illegal immigration laws in her city. The ACLU seems to think it's illegal to deny illegals work and homes they get through either stolen or fraudulent identification or no identification at all. They're saying its unconstitutional to enforce the law. My Way News - Pa. City Defends Illegal Immigrant Law

This is a judge trial with no jury, but is going to be an important precedent for all those other cities and states who are trying to enact anti-illegal legislation because neither Congress nor the White House can come up with anything. What role will intentions play in the matter? The law is the law, so I'm not really sure how you can say it's unconstitutional not to give illegals the same rights as legal citizens. I think they are calling upon the judge's pity and painting the city as racist. The Mayor has said that illegals are destroying her town pointing to a crime increase where illegals are the perpetrators.

"In court papers, Hazleton said illegal immigrants have committed at least 47 crimes since last spring, consuming much of the city's police overtime budget. Illegal immigrants were the subject of one-third of all drug arrests in 2005, and they have driven up the costs of health care and education, the city said."

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If you don't know what TMZ is, you're probably too old to read this post, so go on about your business.

If you do know, the news is that there will be a TMZ spinoff focused on D.C. Celebrities. Online Tabloid Sets Its Sights Inside Beltway - It's been said that Washington D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people and it's pretty much true. There is an aura of huge celebrity around here that is kind of sad. I have several friends that work on The Hill and they get all excited because, "There goes FIRST NAME LAST NAME!" Of course I don't recognize them and they proceed to look at me like I'm mentally challenged. "He's the Chief of Staff for Senator Ted Kennedy!" Even Lobbyists have groupies around here. It's really disturbing.

Come to think of it, I'd rather be in Hollywood, because even though I won't know anyone there either, at least they aren't all bloated, old white men.
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I'm going to weigh in and suggest that somebody's mother was smoking weed, crack, smack, cigarettes and snorting coke while drinking straight gin when pregnant with this kid. How else do you explain him being such a little badass(not the good kind)? He is facing 128 felony charges in the southeast Ohio area. Is there even enough to do in the southeast Ohio area that one can rack up 128 felonies by the age of 13?
The Advocate: 13 Year Old Faces 128 Felonies
OhioNewsnow: Teen Charged With Over 100 Felonies

His felonies include burglary, theft, vandalism and witness intimidation because the beat the crap out of someone who turned him in. I'm hard on crime. I'm not like Texas hard where they execute you for speeding pr put the needle in the mentally challenged, but I'm not interested in the "I didn't have a Daddy," excuse. But he's 13 and needs to be kept away from society already? Damn. Somebody went wrong somewhere and this kid (and subsequently his victims) is paying the price. Sometimes don't you wish that parents could be prosecuted for crimes their kids commit? Not for big kids, but for kids 13 or under who are still under the control of their parents.They were responsible for creating a decent human being and they have created a monster, a predator. What is their punishment?

Even if he is convicted of all the counts, he could be released by the age of 21, but he'll probably kill someone in juvi and end up going to jail and that is not meant as a joke. Even if he does get out at 21, if they don't do some serious reprogramming of him, he'll be a greater threat to society after he gets out.
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Mexico's President isn't happy about the wall. What a surprise. He believes the best way to stop illegal immigration is to invest in each other's prosperity. First of all, there is nothing Mexico can do for us that would increase the prosperity of our country. They can't afford any of the crap we make. Second, since when did we become responsible for Mexico making a success of its country? Mexico needs to fix itself and we can help where we can, but we aren't going to be made responsibile as if we broke it. It isn't Iraq.
Illegal immigration is against the law and we don't have to give people an alternative to not breaking the law. That's like saying, "I don't want you to steal my wallet, but I'll compromise by giving you five dollars a day." Besides, what Mexico needs to become prosperous enough so people don't seem to want to get out of there as fast as humanly possible isn't going to happen in the next 10 years. It's going to take a complete overhaul of the political and economic system. That can take decades. Meanwhile, 500 million people will have crossed the border while we're trying to work with Mexico to make it more prosperous. By that time, we'll be poorer than Mexico because of the toll illegals have taken on our country's resoures. The Washington Times: Calderon condemns border fence
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So the news of the day, besides the stock market spiraling us into another recession, is that the number of foreclosures are at a record high. Late Mortgage Payments Reach High - Yahoo! Finance

This is no surprise. I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of D.C. and although this is a very well-educated, highly paid area, I see 26 year olds with $500K houses. I have a friend who makes $40K a year, which is really nothing in these necks of a wood and she was approved for a $400K new home loan. Even she knew she couldn't afford that. So many people here are spending more than half their salary on their mortgage and some couples have one person working just to pay the mortgage. It takes their entire salary. Then you have those who took the interest only loans and now that they actually have to start paying for the house they find that extra $20K they would need each year didn't miraculously appear.

Buying a home is the best investment you can make for your future, but it can be the worst choice you ever make if it ruins your credit and leads you into bankruptcy.
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We're running out of room. So the world population will reach 9.2 billion in 2050. I'm sure most of those extra people will be either Hispanic or Asian or a half breed of some sort or other, so John Gibson at FOXNews is going to be pissed off. He keeps telling white people to make more babies, but they aren't listening. Report: World population will reach 9.2 billion in 2050 -

I realize that big families are making a comeback, but 2.5 billion people in the next 40 years seems like an overthrow. The report says that death rates will slow over these years due to advances in medicine, especially in countries like Africa and Asia where it was originally assumed millions upon millions would die from AIDS in the next 40 years. Or maybe, as my sister suggest, we are due for another Pandemic which the earth uses to get rid of us because we're getting on her nerves and overusing her resources. Something like the bird flu. That should get rid of a billion or two. And there's always that asteroid that is coming any day now. That will get rid of about 6 billion.

Remember those movies from the 1920s where they had us living in pods on Mars serviced by robots in the year 1986? We are so far behind where we're supposed to be. We better get moving, because we're running out of room.
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Even thought Defense Secretary Robert Gates has expressed his displeasure with General Pace's comments that homosexuality is immoral, Pace has not apologized. I'm usually not one for apologies because I hate being PC and sensitive people are mostly losers, but this is different. He is degrading and insulting men and women who risking and losing their lives and limbs for this country under his command. He owes them an apology.
Here is what he said:

"Pace expressed regret Tuesday for calling homosexuality immoral. In a statement, he said he should have focused more in the interview on the Pentagon's policy about gays — and "less on my personal moral views."

So basically he's saying he still thinks gays are total pervs, but he should have stuck with the government sponsored lined of homophobia instead of his own. I have a better idea, why don't you get off the gays and figure out how to keep our soldiers from being blown up by bombs put together by people wearing t-shirts and house slippers! Pace, Gates: Personal views on gays in service out of line -

An aside - In his comments earlier this week, Pace likened homosexuality to adultery. I wonder if he doesn't think the army should have adulterers either? After all, where is he getting his idea of immorality from? Sounds like the bible to me, but when I read the bible literally it says that homosexuals, adulterers and fornicators (pre-marital sex) are equal in their sin against God. So, if Pace is really a man of his word then the Army should get rid of all gays, adulterers and fornicators. This would leave him with about 25 people to ensure Democracy across the world. That is assuming he doesn't fit into one of those three categories and will have to kick his own ass out.
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It's good to be friends with the President because appearantly you can act like a damn fool and not worry once about losing your jobs. Look at Dick Cheney.

Although he already said he wasn't going to quit so everyone can just eat it, Gonzales comes back today with an admission of his mistakes in the firing of several attorneys general based on their political affiliation, but still won't resign. He said it's up to President Bush to decide whether he should go or not. So basically, even if he had fired district attorneys because they drove German cars, he'd still have his job becuase if there is one thing we know, it's that Bush will not fire anyone. He wasn't even going to drop Harriet Miers after everyone begged him to. If she hadn't quit, he'd still be pushing her for SCOTUS today. Gonzales says Bush decides his fate -
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You guys know how I feel about YouTube. Not at all politically related, but I do believe this is about the funniest thing I have seen in a while. You have to watch the whole video too because towards the end, he gets wild and starts kicking furniture and grinding against partition walls and everything. Also - I love how there are short spurts where he seems to get bored and just stops for a second, but picks right back up. Hat Tip: A Socialite's Life.

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You might be crazy if you, after living a lifetime of a lie by cheating on your wife with men and ultimately embarrassing your entire family with a national sex scandal involving one of those said men, destroying your marriage and confusing your kid, you think you have a right to sole custody of this kid you confused and financial support from that ex-wife you humiliated and betrayed.
McGreevey Done Gone Lost His Gay Mind / Queerty

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These days you just need to confine all your dealings to memory and have a face to face conversation preferably in sign language or a new language that just you and the person you are conspiring with created and know about. Because if you put it on paper, it will be on the Internet. If you say it over the phone, it will be recorded. If you e-mail/IM/Text it, it will also appear on the internet. If you speak out loud in the middle of the street, it will be recorded and on YouTube in five minutes. Seriously, if you're going to engage in this foolishness, you have to plan your cover up better. Justice's Plan for Firing 7 ProsecutorsThis link is to the e-mail sent by AG Gonzales's recently resigned Kyle Sampson with step by step instructions. The e-mail is titled, "Plan for Replacing Certain United States Attorneys," so you know right there you are dealing with fools because that is a suspicious subject line title if I've ever seen one. It's almost better than a memo titled, "Bin Laden plans to attack the U.S."
Also, Gonzales did his best Dick Cheney impression and said he is not going to quit so you can all just kiss it. Gonzales Accepts Responsibility for 'Mistakes' -

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Politopics will become a gossip blog for a few seconds to get this stuff out of my inbox. I know it doesn't belong in a political blog, but whatevs.

According to scientists, Naomi Campbell & Christian Bale are the most beautiful people in the world based on new calculations for beauty. Christian Bale is okay, but I wouldn't put him in my Top 10. Also, those calculations must have not included being bats*$# crazy, because I think that would have worked against a certain someone. I'm not naming names because that certain someone will beat a bitch's ass and I can't fight. ohnotheydidnt: Christian Bale and Naomi Campbell, most beautiful people according to science

When you see a headline like this, How A Quiznos Owner Shot Himself 3 Times In The Chest - Consumerist, you have to link it whether or not it has anything to do with the theme of your blog. This fool shot himself three times and left a note saying Quiznos corporation is to blame. My first thought was clearly a murder made to look like a suicide, but apparently, there is a way to do this.

A Reuters report discusses the lack of black men and women, but especially men, as leads in a television show. Black leads still absent from network dramas Entertainment Reuters. I'm not suggesting there isn't a problem, but if the network has to provide stellar ratings within 3 episodes or get cancelled, they are going to appeal to the most people and most white and black people don't watch black shows, especially dramas. Andre Braugher is the only black TV actor that I can say off-hand deserves a male lead and his last show Thief didn't last past the first order of episodes on FX. He's an awesome actor. Dennis Haysbert doesn't count because it is an ensemble cast and the real male star of The Unit is that guy that used to be married to Jennifer Garner.

Who even knew Ebony magazine still exist? Honestly, until they put Barack & Michelle on the cover a few months ago, I thought it was gone. Well it's not and in its bid to survive, Ebony is focusing their magazines on more celebrity news instead of world and political news. Not a good move in my opinion because with the gossip blogs, they'll just end up being a month late on everything and everyone I know that still subscribes to Ebony is at least 40, so they aren't really interested in how many baby mamas Omarrion might have at this time. Magazines: Ebony Starts a New Chapter - Newsweek Periscope -

Actress Eva Longoria and her fiance, baller Tony Parker, are getting married on 7/7/07 as are a lot of people hoping that it will be a lucky sign. We all know that Eva & Tony will be divorced by 7/7/09, but let's hope the date turns out good for everyone else. Marrying on 7/7/07? This could be your lucky day -

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Can we please talk about our family values people?

In the Cincinnati Enquirer, a piece of crap man named Ricky came before the court for sentencing for attempted theft (he can't even do that right), and the judge asked him if he had any kids. He answered no, but that he had six on the way. Marrying a woman with six kids? His wife (even though you know this b&*#@ aint married to no one) having six babies? A miracle of some kind? If there are multiple mothers please tell me a couple of twins and triplets are on the way.

No, he's got six different women and they are all pregnant and planning to give birth between August and the end of the year. When asked to explain he said, "I be concubining."

No, I'm not making it up. When the kids are born we should send a cigar to every resident in the Cincinnati area because the kids are really theirs. After all, they're the ones who will be supporting them while their loser Dad, who can't even be good at being a criminal, is in jail. The Enquirer - A dad, again and again, again, etc.
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The White House seems to have a real problem with Chief of Staffs going over their boss's heads and screwing things up. So if that is your role, you better make sure your boss you stay in line or else you'll be paying for his your mistakes. And make sure you have bookmarked in case you don't find out what your boss you did until just before you're asked to resign. I'm just saying.
BreitBart: Chief of staff of US attorney general quits
Schumer calls for Gonzales to quit -- GOPUSA

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So if you find someone has failed to pay their taxes for 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2004 and the court, in 2005, offered them a chance to rectify that and not only did that person not rectify it, but proceeded not to pay taxes in 2005, they might get in a little bit of trouble. Maybe you and I would go directly to jail, but Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry is getting off on a misdemeanor.

Next time (and you know there will be a next time) he gets in trouble with the law, I suggest the prosecutors bring some damn kyrptonite!

DCist: Marion Barry: No Jail Can Hold Him
WTOPNews: No Jail Time For Marion Barry
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I would ask for reason considering its a stupid movie, but who are we talking about here? This guy is one step above what's her name running North Korea in terms of sanity. I give Iran's leader a couple of extra points because he dresses well and keeps a blog. Still, I would hate to see him drop a nuclear bomb on Hawaii because of artistic license.
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I was really excited when I saw this headline, Starbucks aims for 40,000 new stores Business News, because I'm always looking for a Starbucks to get my 700-calorie Venti Strawberries & Cream Frapp. Sometimes I have to walk an entire block before I find a store. I hope one of these 40,000 (of which 20,000 are meant for the U.S.) will be built in the kitchen area of my office so I don't have to go to the one across the street in the mall or across the alley in the Westin Hotel or a block away near the Metro stop.
If you can't tell, the pic is a picture taken from inside a Starbucks of the Starbucks that is across the street.
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I wonder how much they had to pay all those people who actually look happy to see him in the picture of this NYTimes article, don't you?
Bush is still on his Latin American Tour reminding the world that we are a loving, compassionate country. Reminds me of Margaret Thatcher's saying, "If you have to keep reminding people that you're a lady, you're probably not."

On this last stop, Mexico, Bush went on about his feelings over immigration, but officials aren't really trying to hear it. They are mad about that wall. I guess they feel they all have a right to invade the U.S. against the law. Must be nice to think that being poor means you don't have to follow the rules.
Bush in Mexico for last stop on tour -
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Viacom is crazy. They are suing Google for $1 bill over copyright issues. I know its isn't like Google hasn't got the money, but I'm assuming this suit is on principle. Whenever Viacom request YouTube take something down, it is taken down right away. Five seconds after I placed that hilarious cut from South Park where Cartman is screaming about a race war, the video was taken off the site. I really think this is the best they can do considering the rate at which people add stuff to their site. They say YouTube has copped over 160,00 clips from Viacom's five thousand different channels.

I wonder if Google still thinks it was a good idea to buy YouTube now.
Viacom in $1 bln copyright suit vs Google, YouTube Tech&Sci Internet
Viacom sues Google over YouTube clips CNET
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I'm surprised that this guy, General Pace, who usually seems so careful with his words to the point that he can speak for an hour without saying anything, would jump into this fire. What's the point?

He says that homosexuality is immoral. Well what is allowing 2500 hundred American boys and girls to die in a war that has no real plan? Is that as God intended? Personally, I think any half sane person would much prefer a bunch of homos in the military being the biggest problem facing our armed forces than what we're dealing with now. Do you think anyone watching Sunday morning television and seeing the names of all the 19-year olds that died that week in Iraq scroll across the screen are saying, "Well at least they're not gay."

Group wants Gen. Pace apology for calling gays 'immoral' -
iWon News - Gay Advocates Demand Apology From Pace
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This is a very biased opinion article against New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's decision on Sex Offenders which would allow the state to continue to punish them after they have served their sentence. Wrong Turn on Sex Offenders - New York Times

The writer suggest that the bill passed in the New York Legislature last week allows that state to civilly commit sex offenders based on the high level of recidivism associated with sex crimes. So they are kept in jail for what they might do and subjected to test they will likely fail, giving the state the justification they need after the fact.

You just aren't going to find a lot of people fighting for sex offenders. These people are predators in our society and time has proven that they are highly likely to repeat their crimes again and again, not matter how much time they spend in prison. People who have daughters, sons, mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends (so basically everyone) ask themselves what they should put first. The rights of someone who has been convicted of raping 10 year old girls or their loved one's safety? There's no contest here.

Several other states are enacting the same laws and getting very little resistance. As someone studying the law I try to focus of the constitutionality of it and I'm sorry, it's just not there. Although personally I would want these people locked up forever, legally I don't think you can justify it. Then you think about someone touching your baby and logic flies out the window.
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There is an assumption that if someone has made to the status of Judge, that they are a highly respectable person above reproach. I believe most judges are. I don't think they would seek that office unless they felt a strong desire for justice and wanted to play a role in that.

However, the ones we hear about in the news are the complete freaks. There is the judge that was caught masturbating WHILE court was in session, which is so unbelievable to me I can't even comment on it. Then you have the Maryland judge who told a woman seeking a restraining order against her violent husband that she needed to get a divorce and stop complaining. He denied the restraining order and her husband subsequently doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. I think he was excused from his bench as well.

Now we have another judge in New York who has been excused from his bench because he has an issue with asylum seekers and treats them like crap. Or so they say. This is not a said and done story. It seems that many think he is being made a scapegoat for the uneasy relationship between the court system and immigration, which is believable. Who do you believe?
U.S. Relieves Judge of Duties in Courtroom - New York Times
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Katrina is still rearing her ugly head in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. Parts of Louisiana are in ruins beyond fixing, others have become more dangerous to live in than Iraq. Houston is still dealing with the increase in crime due to Katrina victims moving there from the schoolyard to the streets, not to mention all the problems of people not paying rent now that FEMA support has run out. And don't forget Mississippi. Although we focused on the flooding in Louisiana, the actual Hurricane was worse in Mississippi and the state is still suffering, causing cost of living rises that residents can't keep up with. Strike at Big Shipyard Is Yet Another Effect of Katrina - New York Times
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After the DZ sorority at DePauw University made headlines for kicking out all the ethnic and fat chicks because they were losing their rep as the house with pretty, thin white girls, some sweet justice comes.

They got kicked out by the University which severed all ties to them.
“We at DePauw do not like the way our students were treated,” DePauw’s president, Robert G. Bottoms, said in a letter to the Delta Zeta sorority. “We at DePauw believe that the values of our university and those of the national Delta Zeta sorority are incompatible.”

That's the most civil "It's not me, it's you," breakup letter I've seen.

There aren't many girls in the house anyway. After they kicked out the fatasses and non-white chicks, they were only left with 12, and half of them quit because just being pretty and white doesn't mean you're racist and mean. So the ones that were left were the real devils and now they have to find somewhere else to live. If I owned an apartment building and they came to me for an apartment, I would tell them they were too ugly and fat and might want to try the WYCA because they'll take anybody.

After Evicting Members, Sorority Is Itself Evicted - New York Times
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WAPO's "Being A Black Man" series has won an award. Poynter Online: NPPA 2006 Best of TV Photojournalism

This seems kind of silly, but is actually a good idea. In Denver they have converted old parking meters so that you can put money in them instead of giving it to the homeless who will probably use it for alcohol or drugs. This is not an insult. It's just a fact. The money will go towards homeless shelters who can provide them with food, clothing and medical care. - Denver Unveils Parking Meters For Homeless

Is it just me or does it seem almost sacrilegious to put VP Cheney's name in the same sentence as the word "Grace?" I've said all along that Dick was going have his 7th heart attack in 2007, so Condi can be slipped in as VP and then run for Pres in 2008. We're still on schedule people. That blood clot was a good fake, but next we'll have a heart attack, stroke or video of him drinking the blood of kittens will show up on TIME: Cheney's Fall From Grace

You know what? Go ahead, I say. If these Native Americans can help us find this fool, then do it. Hell, if you want to call a psychic or two I won't call you names. Just find him! Famed trackers to join Osama hunt

I don't think there is anything I can say that will sufficiently summarize this foolishness, so just read the article. And no, it's not a joke. Thank God for Diplomatic Immunity, right? - Israel Recalls El Salvador Ambassador Who Was Found Naked, Drunk and Bound
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When you see these pics of cars after odd accidents, just remember that somebody must have totally died in some of them, so don't laugh. I was in a very bad car accident that completely totalled my car, but I came away with scratches, bruises, cuts from the windshield glass on my face and whiplash. If you had seen the car, you would think I was in traction or at least broke something. So it's not certain people died, but come on. The Ultimate Email Collection: Some Wrecks Are Hard To Explain
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Of course every time She Who Will Not Be Named gets media pub, she loves it. It doesn't matter that it's sending her to hell. If saying that widows of the firemen who died trying to rescue people on 9/11 are enjoying their husband's death gets the TV shows talking about her, she loves. Because you see, evil can go there.

But it looks like the star the Devil gave her in exchange for her soul is dimming. Can't wait till she gets pushed to the curb so a new hatemonger can take her place and have their time in the sun. It's only fair.
Has Ann Coulter hit her tipping point? - Yahoo! News
E&P: Two More Newspapers Drop Ann Coulter's Column
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Why did they have to bring this mess up? In some old article written by Winston Churchill a million years ago he claims that Jews are partly responsible for their troubles. He gives them tips on how they could have played a bigger role in preventing themselves from being slaughtered.
First tip, stop being a Jew. He really wants them to stop being so different and absorb the Christian culture. Being Jewey is upsetting to people.

When discussing the new (as if it ever left) wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe, Churchill says: "It would be easy to ascribe it to the wickedness of the persecutors, but that does not fit all the facts," the article read.

In his defense, he does compliment them for being "sober, industrious and law abiding." My mother always told me they were good providers.

Jews 'partly responsible' for their troubles: Churchill
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This the most horrible s*#@ I have seen in my life. When my friend, who is now dead to me because of this, sent this to me, I wasn't warned properly. When I scrolled down and realized what I was looking at, I wanted to scream. I think I'll be itching for a year now and I'll never sleep peacefully again. My solution? I don't know where this is, but I would torch that whole damn city. Torch it!!!!!!!!!!! This is f*&%^)@ disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dagen då larverna kom till Flogsta
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Is anyone surprised? Not me. Hell, it's just like going home. Personally I thought they would move to Iraq because they've taken over there. Dubai is a lot prettier than Iraq. Less insurgents and Democrats. I'm sure the Dem Leadership is beside themselves with excitement over how to exploit this. ABC News: Halliburton's Dubai Move Makes Democrats Suspicious

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When he was in Iowa last weekend, Obama said that we must have compassion for the Middle East and that no one is suffering more than the Palestinians. This will probably not go over well with some of the Jewish vote, but I think most Jewish people (in America - NOT Israel) are reasonable and understand that both sides of this conflict are in pain and the Israelis have the advantage. He just thinks we should loosen our grip on Palestinian aid. Up-close Obama Urges Compassion In Mideast
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Here we go talking about an AIDS Vaccine again. At least this guy isn't saying its some herbs growing in his backyard like last week's guy. Still, I want to hear from the CDC before I believe this is true. These people are working with the CDC, but I want to hear it from them. Written Story & Video - great interactive strategy. - AIDS Vaccine Nearing Reality

A WAPO article talks about how black folks can't catch a break for nothing. AIDS hits U.S. blacks harder than other groups -

Scientists are claiming that global warming is pushing diseases northward from developing countries to rich nations. Well, the head of a livestock herder's charity said it, so.... He says that insect-borne diseases are moving from parts of Africa to cattle and sheep in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Climate change pushes diseases north: expert - Yahoo! News

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Everyone was poking a little fun at Presidential Candidates Obama and Clinton because of the way they both acted weekend before last in Selma. This cartoon does a better job than anything else I've seen.
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I found this off Digg and I have to tell you I was skeptical. Again, it reeks of something my idiot teenage nephew would pull. But after further inspection, it appears to be a real website for a real organization and the purpose of the organization is only icing on the cake. Look at the caption under the guy's pic.

"The Ombudsman against Discrimination on grounds of Sexual Orientation (in Swedish with the acronym HomO) is appointed by the Swedish Government. The Office of the Ombudsman has the general assignment to counteract homophobia and address discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in all areas of Swedish society."

HomO - the Ombudsman against Discrimination because of Sexual Orientation

Is this not something you would see on South Park? I know its Sweden, but even they have to see this. Also, I didn't think there was any sexual discrimination in Sweden. Doesn't everything go there?
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I've been too serious today, so I'm linking you to this hilarious post at Gizmodo, a sight for great gadgets. This new "camping" tent is basically as hooked up as your living room. Really, I agree with Gizmodo. If you're going to go camping, go camping. If the lighter in your car isn't enough to hook you up, then you probably aren't the camping type.

On the other hand, this place does not have a bathroom. People would suggest that this tent is not considered roughing it, but for me, anywhere there is not a flushable toilet is roughing it to me, so this tent isn't doing anything for me. Eureka E! Powered Tent: You Might As Well Stay Home - Gizmodo
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I blogged about this last year and mentioned how upset I was over this. Medicaid is being abused by illegal immigrants to the tune of billions of dollars. Under the Deficit Reduction Act, people who want Medicaid must provide “satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship,” which could include a passport or the combination of a birth certificate and a driver’s license. This is a problem. I applaud the intention, to protect Medicaid from going bust by giving it to the people who have earned it, but there are problems here.
First of all, most illegals have stolen or fraudulent evidence of citizenship, so this isn't really stopping them from taking advantage. Also, what about the oldest Americans, especially minorities, who have no idea where their birth certificate is? In the early 1900s, many blacks didn't even get birth certificates.

Since the law was enacted people who have been declined by Medicaid has gone from the tens of the thousands to millions and the overwhelming majority are not illegals. This is a huge mistake. This article focuses on a little boy who can't get the heart surgery he needs because his mother didn't have the papers to prove she is legal although she clearly is. They lost Medicaid. Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid - New York Times
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FEMA is kicking Katrina survivors out of their trailers now, leading some to believe that they have suffered more at the hands of FEMA than Katrina. 'We Called It Hurricane FEMA' -

"As residents spilled out of their homes to meet their similarly bewildered neighbors, the adults wondered where they would be sent next, and how far they might wind up from their jobs. Some began sobbing. Then the children, seeing their parents' tears, began crying, too. A woman fainted, and an ambulance came."

Do you notice something interesting in that statement? "They wondered where they would be sent next?" Like sheep being herded, waiting for someone to determine the direction of their life. They still expect the government to take care of them almost two years later. It's troubling. Although many of these people are working again, they're just poor.
The residents say FEMA is coming without warning, knocking on their doors and telling them they have to get out in 48 hours. It's been 18 months since they were kicked out of their original homes by Katrina. The difference with most of these people is that they were renters, so when they lost their home, they lost everything. They might have had renters insurance, but let's face it. Most of these people were poor and got no rebuilding funds because they weren't owners. They were living hand to mouth in the trailer as they had been before. But FEMA isn't welfare and they have to go. There are also problems of safety and sewage issues that make it best that the trailer park be shut down.

FEMA has said it has warned them that this day would come. It has given many parks extensions out of concern for those living there, but they are all saying that because livable space is so scarce, rent is too high for them to move on. I can believe that.
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Former Republican Senator and current TV/Movie actor Fred Thompson is considering running for President in 2008. I haven't watched the original Law & Order in a few years. I'm a L&O: Criminal Intent girl myself, but I always liked his character when he was on there. He's always played strong roles in movies or TV and has an image of a leader, a reasonable but serious man who won't take any crap but knows what's right. Yes, I know that these are all fictional characters, but what is politics if not acting on TV? We have as much insight on who he is through the way he acts his characters out as we do any other candidate, if not more. Plus, he was in politics and continues to be involved to this day.

I think he'd have a chance because although he's pretty conservative, he would be seen as more moderate just because he's been in Hollywood, but would still appeal to Southerners because he's kept a little bit of that Tennessee drawl. It will be difficult to label him as some religious freak or racist by the Left. He doesn't bother to be charming and that has worked well for him.
The man survived the B.S. of Capitol Hill and the B.S. of Hollywood and came out with his integrity in tact. I would honestly be interested if he were to run.

Politico: Insiders Map Plan for '08 Thompson Bid
Washington Times: Actor Thompson ponders '08 run
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It seems like the stupidest reason to place the odds against Hillary to say that American voters won't want another Clinton in the White House. If she was elected and served two terms, that would be 28 years of either Bushs or Clintons in the White House. Sound silly, but think about it. Americans are very much against the idea of royalty. Yes we love to peek inside the life of the Kennedy's (at least we did when John Jr. was still alive), but we don't have a taste for any type of real dynasty. It just seems a little unAmerican at its core. The same thing goes for Jeb Bush, which is probably why he's not even considering a run. Especially now that they act like they are family now. Google Images for Bush + Clinton and it's like you're watching a family album.
Enough already, people will say. Let's start something new. It might not even be a conscious choice, but something will just not feel right about putting another Clinton back into the White House. Putting another Bush in hasn't really worked out that well. Royal Families Induce Fatigue In Voters
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I should be going to this since it's in my back yard, but there are only 7 days in a week. The Politics Online Conference 2007 is happening March 15-16 and bloggers are going to play a huge part. Some awesome Keynote Speakers as well. I wish I could go. If someone wanted to send me a free registration or something like that, I might be able to drop by. Hint - Hint

Politics Online Conference 2007
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Illinois is a different team than last year, but they are still my team so I have their back. They found a way to squeeze into the tournament this year and I hope they can win more than one game. They are going against Virginia on Friday, so I know what the chances are. Still there is always one or two unexpected, unexplainable upsets. Why can't Illinois be one of them? Go Illini! !!!!
Illini just squeezing in Chicago Tribune

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My hometown of Chicago is called The Second City because the first one burned down. This is why you have to give your first born son to make any changes on old buildings if you live in Chicago, because the city is very sensitive about having lost so much of it's history. So whenever there are a series of fires, especially in a place as historic as the Wrigleyville area (around Wrigley Field), it is pretty much on. Whoever this woman is, she better watch out. She won't be able to blame it on a cow like last time.
Woman sought after series of Chicago fires -

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If I posted on every time some stupid college kids had a racist black face party or pulled some white supremacist prank, I'd be too busy to do anything else. It's so pitiful. Now at USC, there's a controversy over a Facebook Group started by some white football players:

"The racist Facebook group was created by a USC football player and showed a graphic of a black baby in handcuffs. An athletic department source said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose. Junior linebacker Clay Matthews created the group, "White Nation," which featured a graphic with the caption, "arrest black babies before they become criminals."

The article names Matthews and his other white teammates that started the group and says that at one time it had 90 members. They said it was a joke, but was it really? Who would think that was funny? The only people I can imagined amused by this stuff have to, at least in part, believe it seriously. Since they can't excuse saying it in any way other than a joke, they use that to pretend like they don't mean it. All those people who joined didn't know it was joke.

There are several black players on the USC football team, so I'm sure practice this summer will be a lot of fun. Not to say only black players will be pissed. Anyone who isn't a bigot will be angry about this. One white member who joined is going to use the site for good and not evil. Facebook Group Lands USC Football Player In Hot Water

"(My friends and I joined) because we did not agree with the white supremacist sentiment of the group," Hodgson said. "We wanted to make the other people feel uncomfortable. I assumed control of the group with the intention to continue this process and make it known that this kind of group is unacceptable."

This why I don't pitch a huge fit over this stuff, because one - it's stupid college kids and two - something good can always come from this kind of thing.
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As terrorists all over the world celebrated Osama bin Laden's 50th birthday, If alive, Osama bin Laden turns 50 -, FOX News CEO Roger Ailes deliberately referred to Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama as Osama. Again. This is getting real tired. They are going to keep doing it because they can. They're not even bothering to lie and say it was a mistake. FOX News is what it is, but they're still supposed to put up the pretense of being professional in their bias. These little glibs are s*#& my 13-year old nephew and his friends would do.

"It's true that Barack Obama is on the move," Ailes said, deliberately confusing the Illinois senator's name with that of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. "I don't know if it's true President Bush called [Pakistan President Pervez] Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?' "

Because of this, Democratic candidates pulled out of a planned debate in August that was going to be sponsored by FOXNews. Dems cancel debate over Fox chief's Obama joke - I wouldn't care if Democratic candidates completely refused to go on FOXNews, ALL OF THEM, until Ailes and his cronies stop this. And all the Democrat contributors on FOXNews, like Harold Ford, Jr., should call Ailes out the second they get their face time on the network.

Republicans must really be scared of this guy.
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The writers of the cartoon "South Park" said it 40 times in last night's season 11th premiere episode titled "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson." You can get away with anything on a cartoon. This is lame considering some of the things I've seen on that show and heard were on it.

The only scene that I saw was when the kids were in school and Cartman screams out "Race War! A Race War! It's Going Down People! S&#^ Is Going Down!" It was hilarious. Check it out below! South Park -- They Did It Again
'South Park Offers No Apologies For Its Political Incorrectness
Welcome To So Hood Magazine Before. After. Now - New South Park "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson"
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From, it looks like Comedy Central is going to spit out as many "Daily Show" like clones as it can get away with. They are going for the black version with David Alan Grier, who is funny, but what makes The Daily Show good is Jon's insight into politics, his socialist sarcasm and borderline teenagish humor. Does David have all that? He does know how to make fun of people and himself. He might be more like The Colbert Report than The Daily Show. If it gets picked up, I'll give the show a try, but they are going to have to do something about that name. Chocolate News?

David Alan Grier is getting ready to do a pilot presentation for Comedy Central called "Chocolate News," for which he'd serve as executive producer and news anchor. The underrated funnyman is filling the ranks of potential castmates to serve as writer/performer/reporters on the show that would concentrate mainly on African American news of the day. After "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," it seems like a reasonable next step.
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Not at all related to politics or social issues, My Fat Spouse, is a website for people to post pictures of their spouse and vent about how angry they are that their significant other has become a fat tub of lard.

Sample Forum Topics
How do you tell a man he's not attractive anymore?
Are you an enabler?
Fat is Bad for Married Sex

As opposed to unmarried sex?

The headline says "It is disrespectful to become unattractive to your life partner." This is true. When you enter into a committed monogamous marriage you both have a responsibility to not look like a slob most of the time. If you're the only sex they get, you gotta bring it. In most marriages where people actually love each other, gaining weight isn't a real problem. No one stays 25 forever and babies and all that come around and men start to get that gut that looks like they are in their 2nd trimester. But if your spouse really has a problem with it and is being earnest and honest (instead of putting your picture up on a website like an asshole) I guess you should do what you can.

And if you have a spouse that is gaining a few here and there, just shut up & be happy you have someone who loves you and has your back until death do you part. Those extra pounds might come in handy when something bad happens on the street and you need to throw down.

You want to avoid this problem entirely? Do like me and get fat before you meet that special someone so there are no surprises. It can only get better from this point.
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Latinos are landing 2 in 3 jobs in the construction industry in the U.S. and illegal immigrants account for 2/3rds of them. United Press International: Latinos land 2 in 3 U.S. construction jobs

Bill Gates took five seconds away from wiping his ass with $100 bills to tell us that if we curb immigration, the U.S. will have a problem. He's not really talking about illegals, but the skilled foreign workers that we let in the U.S. The standards we have are a little low for that and I would like to see them raised so less foreigners can come and take the tech jobs. It will force the U.S. to focus on why our techies, scientists and mathematicians aren't matching up. Gates warns on US immigration curbs

There are hundreds of underground tunnels from Mexico leading to America and thousands of illegals use them every day to come here. It stands to reason that closing those up would be a priority of the government to secure our borders. It could also be a good pathway for terrorists and the government wasn't much concerned about them before 9/11 (as with many other things regarding our borders) . Now, Homeland Security is offering $3 million over the next two years to companies that can come up a system or device to help them find these tunnels and shut them down. U.S. taking aim at border tunnels
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DeadSpin is a sports blog under the Gawker media empire, so it takes a snarky look at the industry. They picked up on this story (via zembla) comparing Wayne Palmer, the President on 24 and Eli Manning, Quarterback for the NY Giants. Neither guy is living up to the standards of their older brothers David & Peyton respectively.

I don't know who Eli Manning is, but I can say that I think Wayne Palmer is the worst black president ever. He is handsome man, but that monotone voice makes me want to fall asleep or change the channel. Check out the list. Here are some categories:
Uninspiring Quote
Past Incompetence
Natural Rival
Rose To A Prominent Position Because....

Eli Manning, Wayne Palmer: Same Guy - Deadspin
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Let me say first that I never liked Sarah Silverman. I don't think she's funny at all. She's just like an episode of South Park just shouting as many obscenities as she can fit into one sentence and that's supposed to be funny. Dave Chappelle was dirty, but at least most of his skits had a comedic theme to them. Somehow she got a series on Comedy Central and in a recent episode she met God and had sex with him. A lot of people were upset and made a fuss out of it which I'm sure gave her show better ratings the next episode.

I was not impressed either way. If you want funny and inappropriate God jokes watch the episode of South Park where Jesus competes with magician David Blane in a talent show.

Also, I find it humorous that FOXNews has to add that God was a "Black God," because I guess to their readers that makes it even worse? - Comedy Central Comedian Sarah Silverman Sleeps With 'Black God'
WorldNetDaily: 'Naughty hottie' has sex with 'God' on TV

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I'm trying to combine them all in one post only once a day because I'm getting a little tired of it. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but he's not the only candidate out there.

This is about him answering to everyone who was suspicious about a couple of investments Obama made in companies ran by some campaign contributors. ABC News: Obama Responds to Questions About Investments

The Boston Globe seems to think it's important we know that Barry had a lot of parking tickets that he paid late when he was a student at Havard Law. Is 17 a lot? Because I think I managed at least 10 per year while I was at Illinois. Some of these tickets were $5-15.00. He did pay them up a couple of weeks before he decided to run for Senator which is very suspect, but it still doesn't matter. And if it matters at all, it will only make people be able to relate to him more. Obama paid late parking tickets - The Boston Globe

The Hill has an article on how Obama has to deal with a bad press day. I think he's smart enough to have seen this coming, but I'm sure he's feeling a little battered still. - 2008 and counting: Sen. Obama pivots after bad press

This is about his New York fundraisers that are a little on the down low. Really, can anything about Obama be on the down low?

"Barack Obama's image managers don't want you to know about most of the donor events he is headlining -- including one tonight in Manhattan for Democratic elites where the top hosts have raised $100,000 each for Obama's White House bid."

Unless these hosts are ex-cons or Black Panther members, how is this different from anything else?

"This sort of selective release of information about even what city Obama is visiting on a certain day raises questions about the credibility of Obama's claim that 'we are going to transform the political process."

Sounds like some hateration to me. Just because you weren't invited, doesn't mean its secretive.
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Let me be clear. I like former TN Congressman Harold Ford Jr., I wanted him to win TN and I'm cool with him making ridiculous amounts of money in the 15 to 20 jobs he has right now, but I also love funny and this title is funny: The Whore turns another trick « Skeptical Brotha

Junior has apparently gotten yet another job and this one is as a political contributor on FOXNews, which will probably ruffle a few feathers. I think it's a smart move. As head of the DLC, to have a regular presence on the Republican Network will give viewers more insight to moderate Democrats and will balance the image that every single other show on that network wants to paint of the DLC. He's a good mouthpiece and that isn't meant as an insult because every group has to have one.

So he's Head of the DLC, VP at Merrill Lynch($$$$), a Professor at Vanderbilt and now a talking head at FOXNews. He was on FOXNews all the time anyway, so he's just going to get paid for it now. Brother is making damn sure nobody forgets about him.

An aside. This blog picked the story up from Politico's Shenanigans column - What's up with calling him a "former hearthrob?" Did losing the Congressional seat make him ugly?
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Yeah, you read it right. Disney is making The Frog Princess starring it's first black princess. The movie will be set in New Orleans, so I'm a little curious. I mean I'm glad they're creating a black princess, but if they are going to ghettoize it, I'd rather they just make a movie of The Proud Family. If she lives in the French Quarter are they going to make her a mulatto or something like that? I hope not. I've got nothing against that, but I don't want them to put any kind of compromise on her ethnicity. Make her a beautiful little brown princess. I certainly hope that everyone, but especially black people come to this movie over and over again. Our little girls need to be reminded that they are princesses every day. I'm really curious about the storyline, setting and context. Based on this second pic, it looks like maybe its set in the 1920s or so. Her name is Maddy, which is cute. The movie will be out in 2009.
Disney first: black princess in animated film - Movies -
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This is a serious post about the Mayor of Jackson, MS going to jail, but I can't help but laugh at the fact that they needed to mention that he was wearing a purple windbreaker when he was arrested. Why is that so funny to me. Check out the mug shot. He's no Marion Barry, but he has potential.

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I told you that once these states start with their slavery apologies, other states will want theirs and now all the energy that could be put into dealing with the problems that are actually effecting people today, they'll be going back and forth over a symbolic apology that will mean nothing to most and will be an excuse to demand reparations for others. Georgia urged to follow Va. lead on slavery - Race & Ethnicity -
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Bush is traveling through Latin America and getting a lot of press because of the protests. Doesn't bother me. As a democracy we should encourage people speaking out against world leaders they think are wrong, but this kind of stung: Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit -

I'm starting to feel a little territorial here. I'm not in any way a fan of George Bush, but he is our President and shouldn't we be a little pissed at these people treating him like he has ruined their lives just by existing? As Americans, I feel we have a right to call him any name we want and protest in front of his house every day, but the presidency is more than the man sitting in that seat and respecting that should make you mad when people who aren't Americans act like he has brought demons into every building he enters. He's not evil. He's just not a good President.
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Another study of billionaires finds out that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are still on top. Billy made $6 billion more than last year, so he's at $56 bills now. Good for him because every little bit counts. Buffett made $10 billion more last year to put him at $52 billion. He's catching up. Gates better step up his game. How can you actually make $10 billion in one year? What is that every second? I'm not hating on them because both are extremely charitable to the tone of billions upon billions and they both are committed to giving their money away instead of creating a dynasty of heirs. Although we won't pretend like their kids won't be anything less than multi-millionaires at the least. My Way News - Gates, Buffett Top Billionaires Ranking

What I want to know is where is my money? There are 946 Billionaires in the world, including 178 new billionaires, and I can't get anything? I've got to be smarter than some of these lucky bastards. A Chinese dumpling maker? This is the key. There are about 75 billion Chinese people and if you make a product that they want to buy, you can't not become a billionaire even if you tried. That's it. Target the Chinese and billions will be yours.

And I'm sick of those damn Waltons. They need to donate their money to all the towns they destroy when they move in. Or maybe treat their employees better than crap. Yeah, I said it.
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Farrakhan was on TV recently and dogged President Clinton by saying he did less for blacks than other presidents? Which other presidents is he talking about? Abraham Lincoln? I'll bet he thinks that Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society did great things for blacks. In reality, it created a welfare system that made blacks dependant on the government and emasculated black men. I've already said that blacks don't owe President Clinton anything. We are the reason he was elected and anything he did was what he should have done, but I would expect more examples to show that he has done less than other presidents. Farrakhan is upset about welfare reform, but the overwhelming number of blacks supported welfare reform and favor making it less of a safety net to encourage people to get off the program. I think he thinks it should have stayed as it was.

Farrakhan also says he's got no problem with Obama distancing himself from people considered "controversial." All he cares about is Obama getting elected and even admits that if him keeping his distance from Obama will help that, he would gladly do it. Good, because I'm sure that is exactly what Barry wants. He also calls Obama a "beautiful young man," which made me uncomfortable so I moved on.

He also said Giuliani can go to hell. Not exactly in those words, but he's not a fan. DRUDGE REPORT: Farrakhan on Nightline: Clinton 'did less for black people than other presidents'
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A group of educators and business people are planning to do what parents have been doing for the longest; offering money for good grades. The group is working with selected teachers and schools to offer $250 to students who get a passing score in AP science, English and math. They are targeting certain schools which have traditionally underperformed in AP classes, so they feel maybe this will make a difference. The group has a fund of $125 million given to them by ExxonMobile, which I'm sure is requiring that 50% of the $250 be used towards buying gas or something.

My father would say the accomplishment of getting an A in class was reward enough, but I would have preferred some dough. The part of me that is turning into my mother says that it sends a wrong to message to the kids to reward them for doing what they are supposed to do. Kids are supposed to get good grades; that's their job. But AP is above the honors or regular classes, so I think it's fine to reward kids for doing well in a class at such a higher level. And isn't it all about being financially rewarded for good grades anyway? Good AP grades help you get into a better college which will lead to higher paying jobs. The only issue I have is that they just want the kids to pass. I think they should offer $250 for an A+, A or A- and take it down one hundred for a B+, B, B- and that's it. Group to Offer AP Exam Extra Credit: $250 -
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Wikipedia has been lucky for a long time. It had a close knit group of contributors who really worked on the honor system and policed each other. They did a good job of getting rid of the idiots and malicious writers. There is still a lot of slanted and biased info in Wiki, but if you're using Wiki as your ultimate and only source of info, you're probably an idiot too.

It seems like Wiki's luck has run out. They are continuing to have more and more problems with people posting inaccurate or ultra-biased information and pretending to be someone they aren't. After one episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert suggested that someone write that the number of African Elephants has tripled in the last six months even though he totally made it up (below). Also, some people who write for them claim to be professors of a topic and turn out to be 15 year old morons. Then you had staffers on The Hill writing awful things about members of Congress on the other side.

So the honor system is gone and Wikipedia is starting to become The Man with rules, guidelines and all that. Wikipedia to writers: Prove your expertise -
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90% of the time I think the ACLU is a bunch of jackasses that like to defend bigots and pedophiles who don't want to register when they leave prison. But there are cases when they are right and this is one of them. A school in New Jersey, not Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi, wants to hold graduation ceremonies in a Baptist Church. Not a building that used to be a Baptist church, but an actual Baptist church. Why would they think that was okay? The ACLU is suing on behalf of a Muslim student whose religion forbids him from entering a building with religious images. What about the atheists? What about the Jews? What about Christians of other religions? School district sued over graduation held in church -
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Newt Gingrich is admitting to having an affair while he was pursing the impeachment of President Clinton over the whole Monica Lewinsky ordeal. Was he under the impression we didn't know he was an adulterer? I mean he left his wife for his mistress while his wife was sick. To me that is worse than anything Clinton did. I don't understand how he could look at himself in the mirror passing such judgment. That's just like Jesse Jackson bringing his mistress to counsel the Clinton's on their marriage after the whole thing. Just the most ridiculous level of hypocrisy. Is there anyone that believes there wasn't hella Senators & Congressman who were cheating during the same time they were pursuing this impeachment and talking about family values and how the President should be a moral person to the cameras?

He's making this confession because he is planning to run for Prez, but it falls on deaf ears as far as I'm concerned. Gingrich's Affair During Clinton Probe -- TIME
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It looks like when famed O.J. lawyer Johnny Cochran died, he left his law firm in the hands of a bunch of white guys who are huuuuuge bigots and treat the black lawyers that work there like crap and they are suing. Black lawyer's suit accuses Cochran law firm of racial bias - Los Angeles Times

A bunch of brothers are doing the same with Walgreens. They are saying the company denied black managers promotions.

"Walgreen has ``erected barriers that hinder qualified African Americans in their pursuit of advancement through promotions and job assignments,'' said Johnny Tucker, one of the employees who reported the alleged discrimination. ``Our plea is for our judicial system to take notice and require Walgreens to end discrimination against African Americans."

That sounds very generic and vague to me, but the EEOC seems to think there is some meat there. Bloomberg: Walgreen Denies Promotions Based on Race, U.S. Says
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It looks like the couple of pilots of FOX New's answer to The Daily Show got good enough numbers to be a series. I doubt it will be as funny as the original which is the whole point of being the original. Also, what about The Colbert Report, which many are saying is even better and more powerful than The Daily Show. Come up with a Red answer for that. Breaking: 1/2 Hour News Hour is a Go for Fox News / Jossip

HBO is stepping into the political arena even after getting burned with K Street. I was totally going to watch K Street, but it came and went in about two seconds. Gaggle is more of a news shows that takes a comedic look at politics, so I guess you could call it HBO's answer to The Daily Show except they will be able to say the f, c, s, gd-words as much as they want. Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette, is one of the hosts. - 'Gaggle' roosting at HBO
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This is an incredibly awesome interactive story on WAPO about the Darfur crises with video, testimonials, music and sounds like the wind blowing the sand to go along with the storytelling. It's the most compelling way to tell this tragic story. It makes it very human and very real. You sit there watching women talk about their children being thrown into the fire and it's heart breaking. You can see little kids looking into the camera with absolutely no innocence left in their eyes. As painful as it is, you have to watch and it send it to as many people as you can. Crisis in Darfur Expands (
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Last week I said this Madam, who says she has over 10,000 records of high-end D.C. clients from the last 13 years, would either be dead or rich very soon. I weigh heavily on the dead side. However, it appears some of the very powerful men in her little black book are wielding their power and have gotten the Feds to try and make her shut up. How are they justifying this? "In their motion, government lawyers claim that some discovery documents contain "personal information" about Palfrey's former johns and prostitutes that is "sensitive."

Read more, including the motion filed, at TSG. Feds Seek To Gag D.C. Madam - March 7, 2007
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Israel unveils portable hunter-killer robot

It doesn't just hunt, it kills because what would be the point otherwise? Honestly, it looks like a joke or some crappy toy in one of my little nephews toy box that my brother in law would step over at night, stub his toe and threaten to kill whichever kid left it out there.
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Apparently some dollar coins left the Treasury without "God We Trust" around the rim. While Christian fundamentalists gather all their coins to burn them in a religious ceremony, atheists all over the country cheer in delight, holding their coins up to the sky!

These particular coins are part of a Presidential Coin program started just last month with George Washington. You know they are up on ebay right now. The article says more than 300 million of the coins were produced in total (although they don't know how many of those produced are cursed), so you probably already have one. Check those dollar coins! Mint goofed and left 'In God We Trust' off some -
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I never talk about superheroes because, well I'm over the age of 12, but even I was shocked to hear that Captain America died. Not only did he die, but he was shot. What a weak way for a superhero to go. Shocking event for Captain America -

I grew up watching The Justice League and every now and then I'll catch the modern version of the show and I'll watch it. It's pretty awesome. When I was little bit, I just thought it was so cool that all the Superheroes were buddies and hung out together. Now Warner Brothers is contemplating a Justice League Film which would be AWESOME. Seriously, I think it would appeal to the kid in all of us. I would probably be even bigger than the X-Men. There is a lot to consider. Both the Batman, Spidey and Superman characters are still in the movies, so would those guys actually play their character? I've also heard that a new Wonder woman has been picked for a movie. Whatever the problems, I hope they work it out because it would be pretty cool. And they better have the black superheroes too. Warner Bros. Eyes Justice League Film -
Batman & Spidey are my favorite.
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I haven't done a Local Race & Politics Roundup lately because alone they just don't make very interesting posts. Here are some tid bits from my neighborhood, the DC Metro area.

In Same Town, Different Communities, WAPO talks about the North Brentwood neighborhood in Prince George's county. It has a rich black history dating back to the early 20th century, but the makeup is changing. Hispanics are moving in and, like in many other places, are on their way to being the majority. Both races live separately and some are not happy about "losing" a treasured city.

The navy is having a hard time recruiting blacks. Some seen to think they have to adjust the admissions process. "About 21 percent of the men and women who enlist in the Navy are black. But, according to Pentagon reports, only about 8 percent of the commissioned officers in the Navy are African American." Rep. Elijah Cummings says they should lower their SAT standards. I'm not sure that's the answer. People may think there isn't must to being a naval officer, but when you are in the navy, you have to know everything and your engineering skills are extremely importnat. You have to have strong quant skills. On a boat, there are hundreds of different but equally important roles and you have to know how to do everything becuase there is no where you can go to get help in the middle of the ocean. The standards are high because they should be. The academy needs to work harder at building an effective diversity recruiting strategy so they can compete better with other schools getting the top quantitative blacks coming out of high school., Naval Academy - Naval Academy struggles to recruit blacks

The Politico is quickly becoming my favorite D.C. magazine. It covers The Hill, but it's a little tabloid like and gossipy. It targets political junkies and I'm kind of one. Although it's just been out a little more than a month, it's already getting a rep for catering to the Right. I don't see it, but who knows. Is Politico a GOP Shill? -

Good reliable child care is expensive and rare everywhere, but it is ridiculous in the DC Metro area. My sister and her husband recently moved here with their 6, 4 & 2 year old boys. Two put Dante & Jason in day care and provide afternoon care for Tre was going to be just about as much as she made at her full time job as a recruiter. So she quit and takes care of the boys herself. For women in my sister's position but without a husband that makes enough to support a family, they end up going back on welfare or worse because they can't afford daycare. Long Wait List for Va. Child-Care Subsidy Pushes Parents to Choose Lesser of Evils -
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PC World list who it believes are the The 50 Most Important People on the Web, and a few of them are politically related. The Chairman of the FCC and the guy who runs, the mega-liberal blog. YouTube isn't for politics, but politicians and political causes are using the hell out of this tool to get their message out. Senator Ron Wyden (OR) is considered the most influential in tech issues on The Hill. Gawker Media is listed and it's is read by everyone on The Hill and any related industry.
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A D.C. Council member is suggesting a day laborer center, which he is calling a Training Center, to ease some of the tension between residents of a particular Northeast neighborhood and day laborers. I guess it's bothering people to go to The Home Depot where the laborers gather and wait. The majority of these men are illegal, so if I was a resident I wouldn't be willing to have my taxes go to this. I would want them out of there. Someone seems to think that providing job training and a shelter for them would "reduce people's complaints about public urination, loitering & intimidation by the workers." As if we should provide an incentive for them to behave like civil human beings.

The situation is serious. People say "oh they just want to get jobs" and say that we should admire them for wanting to work every day. That's not the whole story. Here's one example: There is a 7-11 I pass on my way to work every day and the parking lot is full of these men. Once, I made the mistake of stopping in there to get a donut and they made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. First, I had to honk to get them to move out of the parking area so I could actually park my car in a space. When I got out of my car, a couple were making lewd comments and others were looking at me in a way that was intended to make me feel uncomfortable. When I got out of the store, they were back in the parking area and near my car door. I had to ask them to move because even when they saw me coming, they didn't get out of the way so I could get in my car. I drove off and I've never gone back to that 7-11.
I've also seen them at Lowes converging onto cars and trucks asking for work. They are overly aggressive to the point where I am sure it really frightens some people. I was only watching from a distance and I was frightened by the way they surround these cars, almost making it impossible for people to drive off without agreeing to let someone work for them.

D.C. Council Member Pushes Training Center -
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In, Race Reverse Reparations: Race, Place, and the Vicious Circle of Mass Incarceration*, at, fading rural towns are using prisons to re-ignite their local economies. There is something so odd about that. It adds a whole new meaning to "If you build it, they will come." I would not want to live in a town with a prison large enough to revive an entire town's economy, because it would have to be a pretty big prison. This is what it has done for one town:

"Prisons have been helping to revive large stretches of rural America. More than a Wal-Mart or a meatpacking plant, state, federal, and private prisons, typically housing 1,000 inmates and providing 300 jobs, can put a town on solid economic footing. Thanks to money brought in through taxes on prisoners' telephone calls, sales taxes paid by prisoners and prison staff, and to water, sewer, and landfill fees, the city's budget increased from $755,000 in 1996 to $1,250,000 in 2001, permitting the town to set aside 15 percent of its revenues for capital improvements."

They are going to have to be some serious improvements to counter the fact that there is a huge prison in the town.
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Should I try to do just one Obama post a day? I feel like I'm overdosing on the guy or something.

While everyone is salivating at the stock investments he has made, including those in two obscure companies that belong to big donors to his campaign, there is another controversy brewing about him disinviting his pastor to his announcement celebration thingy last month. Pastor Wright of the uppity popular Unity Church in Chicago thought he was going to celebrate with Obama and family, but was called the night before and asked not to come for reasons stated below. Some are a little upset over this suggesting that he is trying to ignore the blacker side of himself. NYTimes: Disinvitation by Obama Is Criticized

"Some black leaders are questioning Mr. Obama’s decision to distance his campaign from Mr. Wright because of the campaign’s apparent fear of criticism over Mr. Wright’s teachings, which some say are overly Afrocentric to the point of excluding whites."

A Texas DJ, Sam Allred, is in trouble because he called Obama a "clean darky" on the air and he will not apologize because he felt like he was within his rights to do so. When Allred and another DJ, Cole, were discussing Joe Biden's infamous remarks, they were trying to recall the exact phrase Biden used and hilarity ensues:

"Clean darky," quipped host Sam Allred.
Cole immediately exclaimed, "Sammy!" The show then cut to commercial. After the break Allred said: "See, I was making fun of politicians who say things like that."
The local NAACP chapter didn’t see it that way. They plan to file a complaint over the remark, and are calling for Allred to apologize publicly. - TEXAS DJ SUSPENDED OVER OBAMA REMARK He shouldn't apologize. He was poking fun at the person who was being offensive.

Also, Obama was at a fundraiser in New York and he did what most men would do in the presence of Beyonce, act silly and make a little bit of a fool of himself. New York Daily News: Signing more than checks for a star-struck Obama. "Sen. Barack Obama may be a rock star in the Democratic party, but he's a groupie when it comes to Beyoncé. One lady needed no introduction. Feasting his eyes on Beyoncé, the candidate said: "I never do this, but can I ask for your autograph?" The admiration seemed mutual as they posed for a photo. "I want a copy of that picture!" said Obama."

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With so much negative Asian-Black news these past couple of weeks, here's something more positive although not at all politically related. focuses a lot on biracial or interracial issues and this post about a movie with a Black-Asian romance caught my eye because when I was posting last week about black women/white men swirling, someone commented they would like to hear more about black women and Asian men. It's not a pairing you see often. I knew one friend that dated a Japanese (drop dead gorgeous) guy in college and there is one Chinese guy married to a sister at my brother's church in Madison, WI. Beautiful babies.

This is like the first thing since Romeo Must Die came out and they didn't even kiss in that movie. Lame. This movie stars a black actress I haven't heard of and the Japanese dude that is Hiro's best buddy on NBC's Heroes. Racialicious: Asian-black romance in Akira’s Hip Hop Shop.

Asian men as sex symbols is kind of a touchy subject, because they never really have been especially compared to the many Asian actresses considered sex symbols. Who are the hot Asian actors out there? Of course Daniel Dae Kim on LOST is a super hottie and if you count India, the Indian guy on Heroes is really hot too. There is a Japanese guy that works in the lab on the original CSI that is kind of sexy. Ken Wantanabe is very handsome for an older actor. The Wong brothers look nothing alike but are attractive. Russell isn't traditionally attractive, but something about him is sexy. Michael is too. They are half Asian, but I haven't seen them in anything for a while. Yul Brenner was the bomb in his day. Remember The Ten Commandments?
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If you read this blog, you know I hate Dick Morris. The man was a sleazeball who cheated on his wife with hookers. He used to work for the Clintons, but then turns his back on them and proceeds to make a huge living by telling all their secrets true or not and trying to label himself a conservative. He has built his career on how horrible Bill & Hillary are. How many books has this b&$@* written on the two of them?

Well, he was on his way to making a movie intended to annihilate Hillary right before the election next year, but he has been sidetracked. That madame I blogged about last week with the 10,000 names of high profile D.C. clients has a lawyer and that lawyer has subpoenaed Morris from something or other. More about the subpoena and how it might interfere with his movie. The Sleuth: Anti-Hillary Movie Derailed By Madam Scandal?
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The Hill talks about the role the wives of the presidential candidates play in their husband's candidacy and also discusses how Senator Clinton's hubby is changing that dynamic for obvious reasons. - Former first lady’s candidacy brings spouses into spotlight.

Hillary played a huge role in Bill's candidacy in 1992 and he'll play twice that much of a role in hers. Pundits will show no shame as usual, but MSM will have to tread lightly when pointing out her husbands indiscretions. The fact is that you can't publicly blame a woman for her husband's cheating and if you do, millions of women who have been cheated on will slit your throat and it will end up benefitting her because they will empathize. So somehow, they are going to have to suggest that his mistakes will effect her presidency. That won't be easy. Her first opponent for the Senate seat in New York (does anyone even remember his name) tried that. I don't know what he was thinking. He was trying to make her answer for her husband's lying under oath about being a whore and media and voters just killed him for it. I think one of the best things Bill can do for her is attract all those Clintonites who are still living off the euphoria of his presidency and somehow think they can get those days back (when the worst problem the country had was a poon hound for a president) if they elect her. They'd be wrong, but people vote for stupid reasons all the time.

Michelle Obama is a great politicians wife who doesn't really like being a politicians wife. She did not move to D.C. because of the babies and her very important job in Chi-Town, but she'll have to make some compromises if she's going to support him on the trail because all the other politician's wives will be with their husbands. Can't make it seem like a sister doesn't support her man. Also, I think she knows how much of an asset she is to him within the black community because she is actually black (that was a joke).

In addition to Obama, John Edwards has a huge asset in his wife Elizabeth. She's a great speaker and has garnered a lot of admiration from her recent battle with cancer.

Giuliani is going to have a problem with his wife because she is his third wife and used to be his mistress and he brought her into the house where his wife and the kids were get the picture.

McCain is on his second wife, but they've been married a while and she's pretty. Like Romney's wife, she has illnesses, so I don't think we'll see too much of either of them on the road as much as the other wives.
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Just for a laugh.

Honestly if someone tries to rob a bank with a flaming torch, just give him the money. I think he's earned it. crime: Flaming torch used in daylight bank heist

Now there are no excuses. If you don't know how to put a condom on, this is the gadget for you. "Most Beautiful Object in South Africa" A Condom Applicator? - Gizmodo I could have sworn it was one of those incredible Japanese inventions like this tie/wallet, but it was created by a Dutch and won an award "Most Beautiful Object" in South Africa. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Someone had a little fun with Scooter Libby's page on Wikipedia right after he was convicted yesterday. Once Again, New Media Blows the MSM Out of the Water - Wonkette
Cool pic I found off of the moon over the clouds next to the church. The devil is watching.
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I certainly saw this coming since I blogged about the 26,000 illegals that are being detained in places all over this country. This is a hot pot waiting to boil over. Now the ACLU, the legal organization we all love to hate, has sued the government on behalf of the kids of illegals being detained with their parents. I think they'll win this one too. If you aren't going to deport them, what are you holding them for? You either let them get on with their life here or there, but turning prisons into detention centers with no access to lawyers and no concrete plans to deport them is borderline cruel & unusual punishment even to adults, but especially children. ACLU sues over detained immigrant kids - Yahoo! News

Another raid, this time of a company with almost $100 million in government contracts, found illegals on the payroll. Co. Raided, Accused of Hiring Illegals: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Looks like someone is starting to crack down on the ridiculous practice of giving illegal aliens home loans and credit cards. How unfair is it that legal citizens have to give up Social Security Numbers, all our credit history, every job we've ever had and pretty much our left arm to get a loan, but illegals don't? A Congresswoman from Tennessee has introduced legislation to stop this and it better pass. Memphis Commercial Appeal - Memphis' Source for News and Information: Business
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The Rebel Yell is the newspaper of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A friend of mine sent this to me. Varun Piplani says that the reason behind our continuing racial tensions is our fixation on race relations. How true. This country is so obsessed with race. Entire blogs focus on it. Ridiculous. The Rebel Yell » Is America racist?

More importantly, you know I won $250 in Vegas in January and I'm going back in August. Although it will be about 125 degrees every day, I can't wait. Love Vegas.
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Although we see slavery as part of our history and abolitionists as past heroes, there are still those who look to those abolitionist as role models and hope to copy their acts to end slavery among their people. Slavery still exist today and effects millions in Africa and, according to this article, 200K of these slaves, sexual and otherwise, are in the United States. Instead of asking for an apology for slavery of the past, let's urge our Congress and President to do something about the slavery that exist in America today. CS Monitor: New fight, old foe: Slavery
"While slavery takes different forms today, the impact remains devastating to lives around the globe, according to UN and US government statistics. An estimated 300,000 children have been forced to serve as child soldiers in more than 30 conflicts. Each year, human trafficking for sexual servitude or forced labor moves 800,000 people across international borders, including some 17,500 foreigners trafficked into the United States. Some 200,000 people are considered to live enslaved in the US."
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Okay, I know I should let this story die and I promise this will be my last post about it, but the jackass was on and John Gibson (the guy who told white America they need to have more babies because blacks & Hispanics are taking over) questioned him about his column "Why I Hate Blacks". The fool, a self-described Asian supremacist, starts talking about science fiction characters in a book he wrote, which tells you right off he is retarded a little touched, but no surprise there. He then starts comparing himself to Sophia Coppola, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Tucker and Quinten Tarantino. Yes, you're getting the picture here.

What I did find out is that he also wrote a column about why he hates whites and apparently no one said anything about that. He also wrote a column saying he hates Asians and it was probably because not enough of them hate blacks. He did repeat his comment that he hates blacks mostly because they are so racist against him and other Asian and railed against Christianity as a pathetic religion. Christianity is not a religion, but a spiritual belief, but I have a feeling that point would be lost on him. Those Asians he hates must be all those Chinese & Koreans who escape persecution and come to America to practice their Christian beliefs. Here's the transcript. - 'Why I Hate Blacks' Author Defends Column
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In, Roland S. Martin says Blacks don't owe the Clintons a thing, and after reading the column you know he wished he could have titled it Blacks don't own the Clinton's a damn thing.

Whatever has possessed black people to rail against Obama for not being black enough, but give Hillary Clinton a black-for-free card, escapes me. I know there are a lot of blacks who can't help but defer to white over black where there interests are concerned, but this is shameful. If you read the papers, it appears blacks have more of a problem with a black candidate than whites or anyone else.

I will give Clinton his due for his presidency and I really like and respect the man now for all the work his foundation is doing. He continues to have a relationship with the community and good for him, but is someone under the impression this was a favor he's been showing us? Blacks are the reason he was elected, so what really do we owe him? And as far as Hillary is concerned, WTF? Last week she goes down to Selma and suddenly picks up her husband's southern accent? Go check for the video on YouTube. It's so embarrassing for her. I'm not saying blacks have to vote for Obama because race is not a reason to vote for or against someone, but we need to stop thinking Hillary is "our" candidate just because you may have thought her husband was down.
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A Republican Senator and Democratic Congressman are working together to create a formal apology to blacks & Native Americans. Official Apologies to Blacks, American Indians Proposed -

"Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, has introduced a resolution apologizing for all of the wrongs suffered by blacks at the hands of the U.S. government, especially slavery and segregation. And Brownback, a Kansas Republican, is pushing a measure offering "an apology to all native peoples" for hundreds of years of government hostility and oppression."

Of course the resolution is not binding, but they also want the President to get in on the apology. Bush made some sort of an apology in Senegal earlier in his administration and I think Clinton has apologized for one thing or another throughout and since his presidency. I say if you're going to do it, just do it and get it over with or else shut up about it and get back to work. I'm tired of all this, "should we apologize?" "how should we apologize?" talk. No matter what they say, the most vocal people will be those that were waiting for this apology to scream, "It's not enough. Reparations!" So if they want to open that box, go ahead.
I don't have a pic for this, so look at the nice kitchen.
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It's well known that President's always enact controversial pardons on their last day in office, but do you think W would pardon Scooter? I can see Cheney making a promise to Scooter that if he falls on the sword for the administration and keeps them out of it, he will get out of the cushy federal prison he is on his way to. There is no loss here for the Bush administration because if Scooter (which by the way is the going to be the best prison nick name ever!) doesn't tell on them, they can get away with it for now. Yes, they are getting blasted by the Dems right now, but it's just chocolate sprinkles on the sundae that is W's personal hell right now. The administration is formally over in 2008. There is no one in that administration that will carry over to the next election. It sure as hell isn't going to harm W's legacy because nothing will mean more than Iraq and you know Cheney doesn't give a s%$# about anything. 2008 is just around the corner and if Libby can stay out of prison through his appeals, he might never see a day behind bars. Democrats to Bush: Don't pardon Libby -
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We are number three on the list of countries everyone hates according to a recent poll. We're right behind Isreal & Iran and right above North Korea. Saying "Everyone hates America" is as obvious saying "I love my mother." of course they hate us. We're meanies, bullies, snobs, racists and fatasses. But who do they call whenever they get slapped in the face by mother nature or people start acting a fool? "Where is America?" is all you hear on the news.
America Junior, Northern Mexico, Canada is the most liked country. Whatevs
BBC NEWS Middle East Israel, Iran top 'negative list'

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Last weekend it was the blacks. Hillary & Barry are going after the Jews next. New York Daily News - Politics - Hil & Bam gear up for battle over Jewish vote

While her parents write books about how their dog and cat don't get along, Jenna is going to write a book that could actually mean something to someone.
Bush twin to publish book for teens - Yahoo! News

If this doesn't bother you, it should. Seriously, it should. China to increase military spending - Yahoo! News

He's at it again. Someone make him shut up. Don't you know that whenever he says something is wrong, the market tanks? Mrs. Mitchell/Greenspan, come get your husband. Bloomberg: Greenspan Sees One-Third Chance of Recession in 2007

You know how there are some people that just rub you the wrong way from the first moment you see them. That is what Bill Maher did to me. I don't think he's funny and he grosses me out. He's in trouble again for expressing his disappointment that VP Cheney wasn't killed while in Iraq. Why would you say that? Everyone No one feels that way. Keep that to yourself. A Socialite's Life: Attention Whore Comedian Publicly Wishes The Veep Dead

How many awards is this fool gonna get? He unveiled his Ben & Jerry's ice cream, of which all his profits go to charity, Monday and now he gets another "Person/Man of the Year" award. You know I love him. Comedy Fest Names Colbert Person of Year -

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The RED campaign that allowed you to purchase everything from an overpriced T-shirt to a phone to help with AIDS in Africa hasn't been much of a success. They raised $18 million, but they spent $100 million advertising it. I did my part. I got the red Nano and I love it. It's so cute. The problem was that a lot of people already have a RAZR and an iPod and didn't want to buy a new one that is exactly the same for $200-400. The only reason I got it was because I had a pink Mini and it was outdating and the battery was acting stupid. They should have waited until a new model of each came out and offered that in red. Advertising Age - Costly Red Campaign Reaps Meager $18 Million
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I guess this answers my question, "What is wrong with these people" below. Either someone in that jury room has RSS on their blackberry for my blog or maybe the deli down the street from the courthouse wasn't as good as it was 10 days ago. Now that Libby is found guilty, the made for television movie will be out within 2.5 days because you know they started filming the day he was charged.

iWon News - Libby Found Guilty in CIA Leak Trial
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Hillary Clinton's campaign is going to focus on women. Do you think that will work? Emily's List is a powerful PAC and they are behind her. I think there are some women that don't like her but might vote for her because of the "woman" thing, but not many. Most women either like her or hate her. I think her chances are best if the Republicans pick a pro-life candidate, but if they pick a pro-choice guy like Giuliani, she doesn't have a chance.
Clinton Plans Major Appeal to Women - New York Times
ABC News: Madame President?
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Hell, I was on a murder trial jury and we only took 1.5 days to decide. I think maybe these 12 jurors are people who really like the $30/day for jury duty and believe that the take out they get for lunch is better than anything in the deli on the 1st floor of the buildings where they work, so they want to stay there as long as they can.
My Way News - CIA Leak Jury's Notes Suggest Confusion
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You know that I feel this woman is a Shepherd for the Devil and has been for a while. Although I generally hate it when people refer to a person's features because I think you should focus on the issue or message and not attack the person, but I believe she might be either an alien (look at her hand in the pic) or a man (adams apple). Aside from that, she is smart enough to get the media in a frenzy over her stupidity. This is how she stays relevant. SHE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED is popular because she appeals to the basest of what is inside of us. Some of us reject that part that can find joy in hate and some of us give into it. Those are her fans.

In the natural (as Joel Osteen likes to say), she is losing advertisers for her latest antics. In the supernatural, she'll be going to hell when she dies. Because GOD IS JUST (scary thought, isn't it?) and not only does he hear everything she says, but he sees that its in her heart as well. But SHE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED will be happy in hell among her own. Companies to pull ads from Coulter's Web site
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I am so sick and tired of this.
Deadliest day for U.S. troops in a month - I feel my stomach cave in every time I read this. It has to stop. What has the surge done for us? Is anything changing? It's just sickening.

*47 Shiite pilgrims dead, 117 wounded in twin suicide bombings in Hilla
*Two separate bombing attacks kill nine U.S. soldiers
*Baghdad suicide car bombing kills 28 in book market Monday
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Richard Wolffe blogs about the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. What he saw was a "festival of grief and self-loathing." Even conservatives hate conservatives right now. But Wolffe notices a difference in unhappy conservatives than other groups; they love being unhappy. Feeling betrayed and abandoned actually makes them feel better. So as they went on about how illegal immigrants are going to make us speak Spanish, how all their presidential candidates suck and how their hero, Dick Cheney, is being victimized by the horrible press, they are bonding and regrouping. They need this misery to get themselves back on track.
Newsweek Blogs: I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore, and I'm Totally Diggin It
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As I am currently studying Constitutional Law I have come to develop a complex over The SCOTUS because they all write 100 page opinions and 50 page concurring opinions and 25 page dissent for every case. It does however make you a little curious to find out who these people are and if they are as unbalanced as they seem. I'm just kidding. They are actually incredibly brilliant, but that intimidates me so I call them unbalanced to make myself feel better.

But you do find yourself looking for evidence of their thoughts outside of the cases and Business Week Online conveniently has a piece on Clarence Thomas talking about Reverend John E. Brooks, a Jesuit priest who was a mentor of his while at Holy Cross. It's pretty rare to get any insight into Justice Thomas, so it was worth a read. Online Extra: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks
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TIME Magazine list the Top 25 Crimes of the Century starting with the Lindbergh Kidnapping. Yes O.J. is on there. I had absolutely no idea that the Mona Lisa was ever stolen. Seriously, there had to be something better than Mary Kay Letourneau. Excessively fertile pedophiles are not really that interesting. I think FBI Agent Robert Hanssen's spying for the KGB was a pretty incredible crime considering how long he got away with it.

THE LIST(in case you're too lazy to click the link)
Lindbergh Kidnapping
Mona Lisa
Fatty Arbuckle
The Black Dahlia
The Brinks Job
Lana Turner
The Great Train Robbery
Richard Speck
Tate Murders
Patty Hearst
Son of Sam
John Wayne Gacy
Ted Bundy
Art Heist
Jeffrey Dahmer
O.J. Simpson
Barings Bank
The Unabomber
JonBenet Ramsey
Versace Killings
Mary Kay Letourneau
Andrea Yates
The Scream
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There is a mini-discussion going on that Gerard Butler's new sci fi film "300" is a political message about the current war and political crisis. A handful of reporters saw the movie, about the battle of Thermoplylae 2500 years ago, and wondered if there was some political statement being made. “Is George Bush Leonidas or Xerxes?” was the question asked and that's where it lost me. Sounds like the beginning of a Star Trek conversation or something.

Warner Brothers made the film and I don't think they are that interested in political statements, but the movie is about politics and war and whenever a movie about power, struggle, war and leadership comes out, people will assume it is about the current crisis. These movies are written and sold years earlier than they are actually made and released. This movie is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City) made about the ancient Greek battle back in the 90s. It's not about Bush, but the problem we have now is the same as it was 50 years ago, 100 years ago and 2500 years ago. The relevance of the movie is just an example of how men never learn from their mistakes. I think Gerard Butler is wicked hot, but the movie freaks me out. 300 Trailer in HD I might Netflix it.

NYTimes: That Film’s Real Message? It Could Be: ‘Buy a Ticket’
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I don't know if you know but this year, daylight savings time comes in March instead of April. March 11th to be exact. Don't ask me why we are doing this, but it has to do with the Federal Energy Act and the Apocalypse or something. Computer experts say it's going to be like a mini Y2K where a lot of people lose their damn minds over nothing electronic devices will be confused. This article includes instructions for you to prepare all your devices for the end of the world, but you're all going to screw it up anyway, so just don't make any appointments too early on March 12 and you'll be set.
Rockford Register Star: Earlier date for springing forward may lead to "mini Y2K"
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Thought this was funny. You know people sue over stuff like this.

I know the man was recently diagnosed as having a blood clot in his leg, but you know it's not going to kill him. He's had about 25 heart attacks and hasn't died. Besides, he is a Shepherd for the Devil and Satan will protect him from harm.

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My cousin enjoyed my post about George Lucas getting his swirl on with Mellody last week because she has a preference for white boys herself. She was going on and on about how Lucas likes the brown sugar and used to date Troy Beyer among others (pictured). Also too young for him, but I guess if you're worth $3bill, you can roll like that.

Anyway, she led me to this site, black female interracial marriage: E-Zine on black women and interracial marriage options. This site focuses on black female, white male relationships and it is serious, girl. Someone did their research. It has categories and everything. Celebrities, non-celebrities, websites, dating services, marriage counseling, books and articles dating back to the 1980s on white male/black female relationships. Obsess much?

It's not the most updated site because I know some of these couples haven't been together in a while. Boris Becker broke up with his wife at least two sisters ago. Some of these people are dead. Also she has people like Bill Maher and Karrine Stepphens and that s^#* just don't count. I would tell her to update, but my own blogroll is about 75% dead links, so I'll shut up.
My one surprise: Stone Phillips of NBC is married to a sister.

Some others
Kira Arne & Tom Verica
Tracy Ross and Ben Masters (Soap Opera Stars)
Conchita LeeFlang (Actress) & Kid Rock (Rock Musician)
Gwen Adams and Peter Norton (Founder of Norton Utilities--now Symantec Corp.)(Scroll down)
Rynthia Rost & Marco Aquilar
Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton
Claire Hope-Ashitey (Star of "Children of Men") and Jo Charlesworth
Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander
Joy Denalane (Afro-German Singer) & Max Herre (Singer and Producer) scroll to pic #4
Lynn Whitfield & Brian Gibson
Almaz and Karlheinz Bohm (Austrian Actor)
Tai Babilonia(Olympic Gold Medal Winner Figure Skater) & David Brenner (Comedian)
Simone Bent & Troy Garity (Son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden)
Tanya and Ivan Sergei (Actor)
-Lois & Ronald Betts ( Founder and Chairman of the Chelsea Piers AND lead owner of the Texas Ranger Baseball team with partner Pres. George W Bush)
-Dorothy Gaither & John Brecher, Wine Columnists for Wall Street Journal & Authors of 2 books -Dina & Clint Eastwood
Stone Phillips (TV Anchorman) & Debra
Keisha & Justin Chambers (Gray's Anatomy 'Dr. Alex Karev')
Patti and Tuck (Musicians)
Prince Maxmilian of Liechtenstein and Angela Brown
Oluchi (Nigerian Model) & Luca Orlandi (Fashion Designer)
Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano
-Nina Alu and Iggy Pop (70s Punk Music Legend)
Eileen Norton and Peter Norton (Creator and Owner of Norton Utilities)
Essence Atkins (UPN Sitcom Star) & Ace Young (American Idol)
Tamyra Gray (American Idol Finalist) & Sam Watters (Songwriter & Producer)
Serena Williams & Brett Ratner
Gloria Jones & Marc Bolan (70s British Rock Star)
Michaelle Jean (Canada's Governor General) and Jean-Daniel Lafond
Traci Bingham ("Baywatch" Star) & Husband
Mick Jagger & Martha Hunt
Lena Horne and Lennie Hayton
Shari Belafonte & Sam Behrens (Actor)
Vita Gasaway & Neely Tucker (Writer-Journalist)
Mark Bamford & Suzanne Kay (Both are Screenwriters)
Crystal & Paul Wall (Rapper)
Eunice & Sebastian Deisler (German Football Star)
Diahnn Carroll--Many Images
Leslie Uggams & Graham Pratt (Australian Businessman) (scroll to bottom)
Paula Patton & Robin Thicke (music video)
Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
Eartha Kitt & William MacDonald
Julie Brown ("Downtown") & Martin Schuermann
Robin Givens and Mark Schenkenberg
Tina Turner & Erwin Bach
Josephine Premice & Timothy Fales (Article & Pic)
Katherine Dunham & John Pratt
Alice Walker & Mel Levantahl
Ron Perlman, Opal Stone & Kids
Barbara & Boris Becker (Tennis Pro)
Rita Dove (Poet Laureate) & Fred Viebahn
Gelila Assefa & Wolfgang Puck
Robert DeNiro & Grace Hightower
Ruth Pointer & Martin Sayles
Roger Ebert & Chaz
Kerry Washington & David Moscow
Heather Hedley & Brian Musso
Bill Maher & Karrine Steffans (Video Vixen)
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon & Husband
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Former Defense Secy William Cohen and Janet Langhart Cohen
Debra Wilson & Cliff Skelton(scroll down)
Aisha Tyler & Jeff Fietjens
Sherry Bronfman (ex-wife of Edgar Bronfman Jr.--Seagram Liquor Heir)
Iman and David Bowie
Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish (former Alvin Ailey Dancer) & Robert Dobrish (Matrimonial Lawyer to the Stars)
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People were really interested in this story. My blog blew up for a few days after I posted my Asians v. Black thoughts last week. The article was so mean spirited and in bad taste and there was no excuse for it to get past editors. Kudos to the Asian community who were the first to speak out against this because as I said before, you know don't nobody else read that paper.

Now the writer of the column has been dismissed and the column has sparked a lot of commentary denouncing it, which is positive. Something good can always come from this stuff. As ugly as racism is, when it rears its ugly head it just reaffirms the values of those who don't agree and makes us strong and more determined. Although I don't think that's what the original author had in mind. 'Hate Blacks' writer dismissed by AsianWeek
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Is it a sign of advancement that Ethiopia has time to bother with lawsuits? I thought Starbucks was hooking Africa up with all the coffee they are selling from the regions. I know I heard some of the profits go back to the countries for charitable purposes. Well, even if that is true, is doesn't give them a right to take advantage. This is a trademark battle and may seem small but there are serious $$$ tied up in trademarks. Ethiopia battles Starbucks for coffee trademark - March 5, 2007
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Who would have guessed that after less than 2 years, NAACP Head Bruce Gordon would file for divorce from the civil rights organization? Damn those irreconcilable differences! I had high hopes for Gordon's presence there. I thought bringing a business man into the mix was a positive for the organization that had become to politically polarized to the left. He would introduce a new kind of black power focusing on wealth building and economic empowerment. I guess they didn't want that. I think if the Republicans still controlled Congress, he might still be there, but now that the Democrats are back in control the NAACP Board probably thinks they can go back to things as usual. I believe they think most of their languishing (loss of relevance, members, chapters) was due to a Republican regime. But it was really due to the direction the organization was taking and the political statements it continued to make.

Whatever was gained in the past 18 months has been damaged and whoever comes in next will have a bad situation to deal with. And you know they are all salty at the NAACP because they just had their Image Awards this past Friday sponsored by Verizon, Gordon's last employer.
WAPO: NAACP President Quits, Cites Conflicts
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This seems mean. Cherokees are saying that former slaves are no longer members of their nation, even if they have Cherokee blood in them, which if they were descendants of slave we all know they do. I don't think anyone but the Cherokees care about this, but I think it's racism. They call it self-determination. We've heard that excuse before. WAPO: Cherokees Vote to Limit Tribal Membership

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Lord help me, they are going through the man's stock portfolio now. Picking Apart Obama's Stock Portfolio. I bet they are crossing their fingers they will find stock in Arab companies or companies that make plutonium or fertilizer. Barry and his wife were always upper-middle class, but they only recently started making some serious money with his books and her big shot job in Chicago, so it can't be all that interesting.
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People here would go insane if Adrian Fenty actually did this. WAPO: District Should Try London-Style Congestion Charge In this article, the writers are suggesting that he should take a play from the book of mayor of London and impose a congestion charge to non DC residents who travel into D.C. every day. In London, people who work there, but live elsewhere have to pay $15.70 a day to bring their car and all its smoke into the city. Or they can take public transport.

Now all these wealthy D.C. suburban people will pay extra if you give them their own lane so they can get into the district faster than the losers in rush hour, but they will not pay anything to keep traffic as it is. Also, public transport kind of sucks here. Once you get to a Metro station, you're pretty cool, but you end up having to drive and pay to park or wait an hour for a bus to get to one anyway.
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Generally you would think that marriages bring people together, but not so. First, it doesn't appear that anyone wants to get married anymore. According to this article the only people getting married are the educated and affluent; people smart enough to know that a stable family structure providing emotional, financial, spiritual and legal support is a foundation for success. WAPO: Numbers Drop for the Married With Children

Also, mixed marriages in terms of Sects in Iraq are not a symbol of tolerance anymore. They are now seen as cultural betrayals and you know what happens when people feel betrayed in Iraq. Yes, an uprising, revolt, burning of something and yelling in the streets. WAPO: Marriages Between Sects Come Under Siege in Iraq.

It's kind of sad because even a baby won't change their minds. One of my sister's husband is white and although his parents were cool with their marriage, his grandparents were not. They wouldn't even speak to him until they heard of the baby. Everybody loves a baby and they wanted to see his baby. Now, they are great friends with my sister and invite them to visit them in Florida all the time. Too bad babies can't be the same symbol of hope and forgiveness in Iraq.
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I have an appellate brief due on Monday, so this is the last time I will write, speak, eat, sleep or anything until then. Let's just hope I'm still alive on Monday. Here are some tid bits to hold you over. Actually these are just stories I didn't feel like writing more than one sentence for because I'm lazy.

You Tube is awesome. And if you don't think so, you're gonna make me bring back that white dude singing "And I Am Telling You" or Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry getting down at Mayor Fenty's inaugural to prove you wrong. The presidential candidates have caught on and are taking their message to the people that are either too young to vote or usually forget to vote. U.S. presidential hopefuls flock to YouTube Technology Reuters

China, like many parts of Asia, is facing a very serious HIV/AIDS problem and the government is requiring all its hotels and bars to stock & provide condoms. If you don't you get fined $600. Hotels with no condoms get fined Oddly Enough

I had no idea about this and seriously, anything you have to do to lessen your chances, just do it. My Way News - Studies: Circumcision Reduces HIV Risk Besides, it just looks better.

WalMart says there are three types of shoppers. You got your "brand aspirationals" (people with low incomes who are obsessed with names like KitchenAid), your "price-sensitive affluents" (wealthier shoppers who love deals), and "value-price shoppers" (who like low prices and cannot afford much more). They forgot the fourth type. "Idiots" (who continue to shop at stores that look a mess and wade through piles of clothes to buy a cheap piece of fabric that will completely come apart after the first time you wash it even though there is a Target not far away). It’s Not Only About Price at Wal-Mart - New York Times

I didn't even know a Black Fashion Museum existed and its right in my back yard. If I ever get a life again, I'll go visit it. I don't have a pic for this so you get the default crazy kitty. The Black Fashion Museum, Washington, DC

If you're going to have a discussion about slavery and its effects in modern day society and try to come up with something to do about it, here's an example to follow by the first black female president of an Ivy League university. Simmons: Fund could have lasting impact - Metro

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Politico's Shenanigans section is really about shenanigans this time. There is a lady pimp madame (who is not Heidi Fleiss but that's the closet pic I have) who runs a "high-end adult fantasy firm" (is that a great title or what?) in the D.C. area and she is looking to sell 10,000 phone records (yes 10,000 because there are some serious freaks in D.C.) of High-End Washington Clients over the past 13 years. High-End people know High-End people, so a nobody like me will only recognize the politicians, newspeople, a few pundits and celebrities, but there are a lot of other people who would suffer greatly from this going public. Who is shaking in their boots now?

So, I gather either this woman is going to end up dead or very rich because someone is going to want to quiet her for good or pay her their entire life savings to get that 46 pound list of records and burn it.Shenanigan's Blog: D.C. Madame to Sell 10,000 Phone Records of High-End Washington Clients
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So now Obama is Strom Thurman? What is the point of showing that Obama's mother's ancestors had slaves? Maybe to make him more white? He's already half white. How much whiter do you need him to be? Maybe this is an attempt by Democratic challengers to make him less popular with blacks, but guess what? Many, if not most blacks, have a mixed ancestry and that mixture came from slaveowners, so they have slaveowners in their ancestry as well. So it only makes him more like blacks to me.

The article goes on to say that the candidate has never addressed his family records. Why would he? WTF with the media calling him accountable for his ancestry? Why aren't they looking into the ancestry of other candidates on either the blue or red side? Oh yeah, I know why. Because its irrelevant to their candidacy. They are white so they get to run on the merits of their own reputation and issues and don't have to address their ancestry or ethnicity. That sounds fair.

The media is trying to minimize Obama into a symbol of race and nothing else and especially not a man who is a candidate for political office. The only other candidate who is being even remotely treated this way is Mitt Romney with articles talking about how his great-grandfather and great-great grandfather had about 5,000 wives each even though Romney himself has denounced polygamy. Is this a sign of things to come? The black and the non-Christian candidates are going to be treated like crap by the media and have to answer questions the other candidates don't about s^#( that happened three, four or more generations ago?

And for all the black people who are going to use this to continue this ridiculous point that he isn't really black, tell me what your point is because as far as I can see, no one else running is black either, but you aren't holding that against them. Most of those people are probably going to vote for Hillary Clinton who has done what in the black community? Do you really think she (or Edwards for that matter even though I like him) could understand your situation better than Obama could? Exactly. All this foolishness is gonna make me get on this man's bandwagon just because of it because I'm spiteful and vindictive like that.
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If you've been following my blog, you know I've been posting about the infighting within the Hispanic Caucus on The Hill. This didn't just start this year. There have been past allegations that the male members of the caucus are patronizing to the female members and female Representatives have expressed their disappointment. It wasn't until this year when someone said that someone told them that someone else called them a whore and that someone who believed she was called a whore got mad and used the s-word during her media interview about the whole thing. Well the someone who someone said called someone a whore said he never said it and he's also the chairman of the caucus and they tried to get him booted, but he's still there. The Hill: Chairman Baca lives to fight another day
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Okay, first the Adult Swim game went bad in Boston when everyone thought the little Lite Brite guys from Teenage Aqua Force Hunger (or whatever) giving you the finger were bombs and they shut the city down. Everyone got mad at the network for the gimmick although no other city they did this in mistook a toy for a bomb. The head of the Cartoon Network even resigned which was a huge overreaction. You might have thought maybe Boston is full of retards naive people and you should give them a pass on this one.

But now Boston was shut down again over those strips of whatever the city places across the streets so they can count how many people are traveling on that street. You ride over them all the time. Did you ever think it was a bomb? Well, the people of Boston thought they were. The best part of it is that the police, who work for the city, shut the city down and blew up the traffic counter that the city put there.

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In my daily perusal of news articles, I noticed a recent trend. Teachers are crazy as hell. Here are just a few.

I'm sick of these nasty ass teachers getting it on with kids and I don't care that they are boys. This woman is a pedophile (allegedly). Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Five Boys

He was selling meth from his school office and got caught selling it to an informant. Who knows if he was selling it to the kids. Can drug detection dogs smell crystal meth? I thought they brought dogs through schools on a regular basis now. Principal charged with dealing crystal meth -

I almost feel sorry for her, but being stupid isn't an excuse. This teacher was probably high when she text messaged the cops because she thought she was texting her dealer to let him know she wanted more weed. The cops went along and told her where to meet to get her weed, where she was promptly arrested. Teacher Gets Busted After Texting Local Cops for Weed - Gizmodo
And kids are crazy too. They beat this 60 year old teacher up because he confiscated an iPod because kids aren't supposed to have it in class. Fortunately it was all captured on tape, so those kids are going to punished. - Teacher Injured By Students Over Confiscated iPod

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Can a ghetto be any other thing than dark?

On February 1, the Institute of the Black World 21st Century held the Black Family Summit Policy Institute at Howard University. The goal was to "assess interest in and commitment to launching a bold initiative to compel the American public and the government to confront issues of racism, poverty and inequality in this country as dramatically exposed by Katrina." A worthy cause if I've heard one.

This plan to transform America's Dark Ghettos is a revitalization initiative that the author says begins with restoring New Orleans' exiled population. Let's start with doing something about people being murdered every 10 seconds. If I'm a business person and I'm looking to invest in my people, there is no way in hell I'm bringing my business to an area like that. I agree with the comment in the article that ethnic cleansing is happening in New Orleans, but it's by our own people. Even though many whites were hoping to keep blacks from coming back, they haven't had to lift a finger. They just have to sit back and let us kill each other and instead of doing something about it, many want to point the finger at what "they" are doing or "their" plan. We need to care about what the hell is wrong with us. ZNet Commentary: A Domestic Marshall Plan to Transform America's 'Dark Ghettos'
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Again Bernanke is calling upon Congress to do something about Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. And take another look at welfare while you're at it. This retiring Baby Boomer society is going to blow these programs out of the water. Not only because of the sheer numbers of them all, but they are going to live forever. Basically, thanks to medicine, no one dies anymore. These programs were created when men lived to 70 and women 75. These millions of Boomers are going to be living well into their 90s, collecting their SS and will need more and more from Medicare and Medicaid.
"Bernanke, who testified before the House Budget Committee, said it is important to emphasize "the urgency of beginning to take action" on the issue."

Democrats aren't going to listen. They keep saying the same thing, "It's not a problem yet." Bernanke calls on Congress to look at entitlements
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ENERGY & ECONOMIC POWER IN SOUTH AFRICA South Africa: The Political Economy of PowerThe writer talks about how and why the generation and distribution of power (electricity) is politically and economically driven and the deception that comes with it. I wonder if you can have any discussion of Africa without corruption, but you can barely have that conversation anywhere in the world. Corruption seems to go hand in hand with power and has been the history of Africa since it's freedom from Colonialism. As much as we talk about "fight the power" here in America, it must at times seem hopeless to progressive Africans trying to move their continent forward.

Also in South Africa, Mail & Guardian Online: The uneasy logic of black empowerment. Here's an article about trickle down economics among blacks from the BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), the power or corruption of the African National Congress (ANC - Which some see as the only positive force in African change) depending on how you look at it and a lot of inside names that I don't recognize. There is a class struggle among blacks stemming from the move towards a capitalist philosophy. What role does the growing black presence in the corporate structure have on the future of South Africa? For some reason, people think it might not be a good thing to have black capitalists. And what is the plan of the BEE and what role do white corporations play in this plan? What about accountability? This and more next week on... No, seriously I hope these questions interest you enough to read the article because halfway through I got lost.

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I don't know why I'm so interested in these two, but I guess it's another example of a bright, Ivy League, hugely successful, attractive black woman going to the dark side (for those of you who aren't geeks - this is a reference to him because he created Star Wars).

I'm just kidding. I'm fine with the swirl. Especially for black women like Mellody who have such a time of it finding black men that can deal. But it seems like all these black women (including educated & professional friends of my own) are going this way and all these black men (educated & professional) are doing the same. So the only black people getting married to each other are the losers like me?

I was recently obsessed with Allison Stewart and her new husband, but not because he was white. It was because the caption said she was 40 years old and I refused to believe it. A commenter showed me proof, Allison is indeed 40. Then after the Oscars, I found something new. Get it, "Something New" which I just saw this weekend and probably why I was so curious about these two. More on Something New at the bottom of this post.

Back to the topic at hand. I told you earlier this week that I just don't see Mellody & George Lucas together, but you never know where love will find you. Page Six is all up on this. I didn't even think he ever came down from that secluded compound he has Lucas Films at. I realize he is a billionaire (Forbes 400 has him worth $3.1 billion), but she is knee deep in $$ of her own. Besides, he looks like someone's boring & kind of nerdy father. Now that the relationship has been confirmed (sightings at the Oscars & The Kennedy Center Honors & Shopping in NY), I'm bored and ready to move on to the next couple.


Saw Something New this weekend and I thought that guy was as cute as he could be. I never heard of him, but my sister said he's a TV star and even had his own TV Series. So you know how it goes. A sister sees a movie like Something New and they are like, "I might be willing to go outside myself a little bit." Then they see this (pics below) and decide to stay home just a little while longer.

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The GOP is still gunning for Dollar Bill Jefferson even though the DA seems to be lukewarm on his case. You forgot about him, didn't you? You know I could never forget about The Distinguished Gentlemen from Louisiana's very ghetto move of putting $90K in his freezer. He reminds me of my Uncle Joe who puts all his gospel cassettes in a plastic grocery bag that hangs on the closet door in his bedroom.
Innocent until proven guilty, blah blah blah. The people of his district re-elected him so I guess they fell for the "This is Racism!" claim and he received a standing O late last year from the CBC. Seriously, a standing O. Sometime my people amaze me.

Jefferson must be feeling real confident at this point because he's demanding his stuff (whatever they confiscating during their raid of his office) back from the feds. I think he's going to get away with what he did (allegedly taking bribes) because the investigation has gone cold, but the GOP is still bitter from being bruised and battered by all it's scandals in 2006 and they are not gonig to stand for this double standard. Or maybe they're just haters and can't stand to see a brother with $90K. They plan to block his appointment to the Homeland Security Committee which I totally agree with because if his idea of safekeeping is to put the goods in the freezer, we have no chance against Osama or that guy that looks like my Korean friend Se's Korean grandmother.

WAPO: House GOP Pushes Floor Vote For Rep. Jefferson Appointment
The Hill: House Republicans will attempt to block Jefferson's assignment

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The White House is trying to bring us back to the amnesty conversation and with Democrats in power I think he has a chance. I'm sure he would give anything for a victory of any kind right now. I admit that I'm not sure what we should do with 12 million people, but I just don't think we should reward illegal behavior. It sets an awful precedent and is unfair to those people who are waiting legally for their American dream. White House renews effort to overhaul laws -

While many discuss the rift between blacks and Hispanics around illegal immigration, this group is trying to bring them together. What exactly do blacks get out of making it easier on illegal immigrants in this country immigration reform that benefits illegals? I'm all for blacks and Hispanics getting together or overcoming our misconceptions about each other, but not over this. Louisiana Weekly: Blacks and Browns Urged To Unite For Immigration

Another case of PC gone too far. I can't believe anyone had the nerve to actually introduce this bill. A state legislator in Tallahassee, FL wants to ban the phrase "illegal aliens." She finds it offensive. Generally words that describe illegal behavior or status can be offensive to those who are engaged in the illegal behavior or have that status. All I know is that if this bill passes, then I'm introducing a bill that bans the phrase for every illegal behavior or act because it is hurtful to the people who engage in those behaviors and acts. Besides no one even says "alien" anymore it's "immigrant." The News-Press: Bill Would Mandate Nicer Term For Illegals

USA Today article on how the fee increase for immigration status might be too high for many. As much as I speak against illegal immigration, I am not against legal immigration, but I know many are. Many who claim to be against illegal immigration for the principle are against it because they are bigots who don't want anymore Chinese, Mexican or any other foreign person of color here. Is this an attempt to curb legal immigration? I think it is definitely an attempt to curb immigration by the poor.

"The Citizenship and Immigration Service says the fee hikes will allow it to hire more staff and upgrade its creaky system so applications can be approved faster. Among its proposals is to raise the application fee for citizenship from $330 to $595 and the fee for legal permanent residency from $325 to $905."
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There is a park in El Alberto, Mexico that is like a Six Flags but for illegal immigration wanna bes. Instead of riding rollercoasters named after superheroes, you can experience what it is like to illegally immigrate to America. It's the next best thing to actually doing it, except you don't risk dying of heat exposure or dehydration, getting shot by the border police, getting sold into sexual slavery or losing your entire life savings to someone who promises to get you across the border but actually leaves you and your children in a van to die.

"Get under the bushes!" someone whispers urgently in the dark. "Immigration is coming!"

Estrada and 20 other Mexicans hit the ground, crouching among thick branches and brambles. Red and blue lights streak overhead, and then a voice booms in English: "Hello, this is Border Patrol."

If this were in the United States, Estrada probably would be detained and deported. Instead, it's all happening at a park in central Mexico, where Estrada and others have paid about $18 each for a simulated experience of what it's like to cross the U.S. border."

I would do it, except its five hours and I don't have the patience. If I can't learn how to break the law in two hours or less, it just isn't worth it. Mexican park gives visitors a border run for their money -
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I never heard what the final word was in the Matt Tillman cover up story. They had said the professional football player who left the NFL to volunteer for the military, was killed in battle in Iraq, but it later came out that they were trying to cover up a friendly fire thing or something like that. I'm not sure how it ended, but Alternet says the army is doing a similar thing with the death of Private LaVena Johnson (pictured). She died on July 19,2005 just a week before her 20th birthday. Just a baby. AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK: The Next Pat Tillman-Style Cover-Up?
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This is right out of the King of Torts, only the Army Corp of Engineers doesn't have any money. A handful of tort lawyers have convened in New Orleans to help residents get in on the lawsuit against the Corp before the deadline today.

They are accusing the Corp of being responsible for the levee failures that flooded NOLA and ruined their homes. I bet a lot of these people don't even know what this is for, but someone told them they can get paid, so they will fill out the form or sign on the dotted line and not read that they gave the lawyers the right to decide how much $ they actually get if they win. Right now they are filing claims, but they will likely be denied and then the lawsuit can begin. New Orleans residents rush to join lawsuit -

First, isn't the Army Corp of Engineers part of the U.S. Government? Doesn't the U.S. Government have to agree to be sued by its citizens in order for this to work? I can't imagine they will. And if they somehow get this into court and win, the lawyers will share $400 million amongst themselves and the people, who will probably still be living in FEMA trailers, will probably get a check for $500 each.
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So the year of the pig is supposed to be lucky for the Chinese, so the country that already has 7 billion people is expecting a baby boom. That's good because all that empty space and extra food was going to waste. WAPO: Oh, to Be Born in The Year of the Pig
I don't know a polite way to say this, so I'm just going to say it. I know you're only allowed to have one child and all, but please stop killing the girls!!!!!!!
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I had heard read about this in the blogosphere, but I assumed people were exaggerating, but The Daily Show had the tape. First Lady Laura Bush thinks that the media is misleading us into thinking Iraq is not a total clusterf%$#.

“And many parts of Iraq are stable now. But, of course, what we see on television is the one bombing a day that discourages everybody.” Transcripts - Laura Bush interview on Larry King Live

Those Iraqis are weak. We have at least three bombings per day in D.C. and I don't let it get me down.

I realize that as a Stepford Wife the First Lady she has to support her man and all that, but I have to believe she wished she could have those words back. Seriously, one bomb a day is quite discouraging and there generally are two or three bombs a day killing dozens that they are reporting on. Who knows how many smaller bombs go off only killing one or two people? She knows better.
AMERICAblog: Dear Laura, it's not one attack a day in Iraq, it's 230

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