Ever wonder why some of the poorest people are some of the fattest? Doesn't it cost money to eat 10 times a day? Besides the fact that many of them aren't working out at all, the truth is that it's cheaper to eat junky, fattening food than it is to eat healthy. Don't believe me? Buy a week's worth of fruit for a family of 3 at Whole Foods and see what you think. You can get a lot further with donuts, Cheetos and Happy Meals.

One member of Congress took a turn at seeing how one can live off of a $21/week food budget and these are the results. MTV News How Does Congressman Feel After Spending Just $21 A Week On Food? Hungry, But Happy ...
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It's been a while since I've posted about Barry and my inbox didn't even blow up. Has the media bored of him a bit?

BARACK GETS SOME GREEN IN GREENWICH AP - NY Post - They have money to burn out there.

All hope is placed upon the chosen one...but no pressure, right? Barack Obama's quiet rebellion Salon News

No surprises here. Lots of negativity & cynicism and veering way off topic, but still a good read. Blacks debate impact of Obama's race on campaign Chicago Tribune

On his tiff with McCain over the war. McCain vs Obama - The Fix

This silly little doodle was made by Barack Obama and I guess he even signed it. It sold for $2075.00. A Doodle Is Worth 2,000 - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog. Maybe I'm dirty, but I thought the columns were penises when I first saw them. Giuliani's doodle came in second at a paltry $700.00. What a loser.

Tiff between him and media over his opinion on the war copping off Clinton's. Obama Disputes Claim of Sharing Clinton’s Stance on War - New York Times

A lot has been going on about his health plan because I think it's the only concrete measurable plan that he has offered. I don't see anyone getting elected by either party without a healthcare plan of some sort. Obama Offers Universal Health Care Plan - New York Times

His reaction to a big crowd of 5K at Dartmouth. Union Leader: Obama Finds Granite State a Crowded Campaign Field

I thought Code Pink was some militant lesbian group or something, but it's an anti-war group and they're probably upset that Dems backed down. Clinton & Obama are the only candidates who voted against the bill to fund the troops. - Code Pink ready to put pressure on Obama
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I'm really angry about this. Book It: New Audiobooks From iTunes Store Won't Play on iPods; Lazy People Weep - Gizmodo. I have about 6 books on my iPod and one of them won't transfer from my library to my device and this must be why. My whole purpose for downloading them is so I can take them with me on my flights and in the car. If I just wanted it on my computer, I'd buy the damn thing.

Lenova has an awesome slick Thinkpad out now. My Dell is 4.5 lbs and very cute, but I would like this one. It is almost as slick as my RZR. Rumor: Is This Lenovo's ThinkPad Reserve Edition? - Gizmodo
These vans are completely ridiculous and totally what you would expect from Japan. I wonder if they drift? This would never go over in the U.S. Besides, if someone drove up with a tricked out Disney van, they would probably get beat up and they would deserve it. Eat Your Heart Out, Xzibit: Japanese Custom Vans are Insane - Gizmodo

Awesome, awesome, awesome. It's so cute. I haven't bought a CD in almost 2 years, but I would drag my out just to use this. What a cutey! Retro CD Player: Phonograph Concept Treats Your CDs Like Vinyl - Gizmodo


Completely Unacceptable. Someone arrest this woman now! This is What We've Become: Woman Pushes Baby on Segway - Gizmodo

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Russia is reverting right in front of our eyes. Putin has slowly (some would say not so slowly) turned back the clock of progress. He's wants the old school back and unfortunately that's just not something we can work with. Putin's criticisms of Bush and their friendship with communist China should be troubling to us. Now, Russia is saying, "We'll Beat Your Shields" with their new ICBM. My Way News - Russia Says New ICBM Can Beat Any System. The last thing we need now is another cold war.
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So it's all about The Man today. He quit his job at Law & Order, but will probably not announce until the July 4th weekend to take advantage of all that patriotic, bbq good feeling everyone gets for a day. The front runners are nervous and the "also rans" are green with envy. Republicans have their version of Obama and Bloggers are really happy. The media is in love for today, but tomorrow we'll get the articles about his 12 year old wife, his career in Hollyweird, his cancer and his age. I still like him.

Here's a sampling of the blah, blah, blah:
Stir in G.O.P. as Ex-Senator Moves to Run - New York Times
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Picked this up from Booker Rising's Quote of the Day. . Lord in Heaven knows I do not blink at the sound of anything pageant related. It makes me think of women on display. However, I found it pitiful the way Mexico reacted to Ms. USA Rachel Smith; especially during the Q&A part, which I found off YouTube. Booker Risingand Michelle Malkin have something to say about it.

For me, this tells me so much. Why would Mexicans boo anything American if they want so badly to come here and be a part of it? It's because they don't like America. They hate it. They don't want to become a part of America. They want America to become Northern Mexico. We have no right to sovereignty in their mind. What we have should belong to them, which is why they have no problem coming over here illegally and sending all their gains back to Mexico. This was the equivalent of the early marches where they were waving Mexican flags and had signs like the one in this pic. When they were demanding "Give us our rights, you racist pigs!"

So as sorry as I feel for Ms. Smith, I'm glad this happened. She proved herself Americans will be offended about this at the right time. This has gotten a lot more media play than I expected and the blogs are pretty heavy on this, including the black blogs. Ms. Smith is half-black. It's a sobering call to black people who think that they are side by side with us in some "Brown Coalition." They're not with us and they aren't on our side. They want to hijack the civil rights moniker, but they hate us just as much as they hate those "racist pigs." And those that don't hate us, disregard us. So why are so many blacks on their side again?

I don't want to make this about race because a browner America is ultimately better for blacks, but only if those people want to be a part of America, want to contribute to, as well as take from, America and want to make America better. I'm sure this will urge more people to pick up their phones and call their Congressman and more politicians to think twice about amnesty.

'Was It Fair?' ABC Attempts to Justify Anti-American Booing of Miss USA
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Lou Dobbs wants to remind all his critics that he is Lou Dobbs and if he says illegal immigration, outsourcing and China's threat to the U.S. is the only news worth reporting, then that's just what it is. Oh, and he wants you to stop calling him a bigot. Dobbs: An answer for my critics -
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Phew! The Woot-Off is still going on. I have my trusty woot-tracker, which will alert me when a new product comes up. I turned it off around 10pm last night. The only items I'm sorry I missed were the Emergency Road Kit and the iPod dock with speakers. Those pink 512MB MP3 Players look okay too.

If a "Bag of Crap" for $1 comes up, I will go into soldier mode and get that sucker. I don't even care what's in it. It's the principle that matters. Last time, I tried with everything I had and still got shut out. I ended up with only a screaming woot monkey. Woot : One Day, One Deal
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I'm an X-Men fan. Have been since I was a kid. I loved the idea of Storm, a super sexy and kind of scary black superhero chic. As a kid, I was like "Wolverine, what are you stupid? Forget Dr. Gray and go for Storm!" My ears always pop up when I hear something about Storm these days. Recently I wrote about her marriage to the Black Panther and how they took over while the Fantastic Four's lead man and wife went on a little vacay.

This site has a Storm dress up doll. I can waste an hour or two on these types of sites myself. Left is my stab at sexy evening out. Need to calm the do down a bit. Check it out. You have to keep scrolling down to get all the accessories and stuff.

Thanks Elizabeth!

CartoonDollEmporium: Storm Doll - X-Men
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If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of sick of politics today. No good news and the bad stuff is too bad to make fun of.

The Real Estalker is a blog devoted to the real estate activities of the rich and famous. You snicker, but I'll bet if you visit the site, you'll get hooked. I'm a luxury home freak. When I was a free woman (before law school), me and my BF would go to Barnes & Noble and I would spend 2 hours sifting through magazines with pictures of gorgeous bathrooms. Love it! Pics! Pics! Pics!

Here are some of the latest on where black entertainers are moving and what they're buying and selling.
Curtis Jackson (50Cent) at $18.5 mill.

The happiest divorcing couple in the world is in the process of selling a lot of their properties. This is the L.A. House. Kimora already brought a new dig in the Hills for herself. She's got a new man in Djimon Honsou, for which he has lost several sexy points with me.

This crib is going for a measley $5.8 million.
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When I first heard that conservative pundit Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who lost her talk show because she's so anti-gay, decided to take a break from her current job as a columnist to deal with her wayward son, I was like "See. This woman is always telling people what they should and shouldn't be doing with their husbands or kids and look at hers." Dr. Laura Suspends Calif. Newspaper Column - Then, I thought about it and it's just really sad. Her son, 21, is stationed in Afghanistan, which is more than most blowhard conservatives or liberals going on about the war can say. He's in trouble because of his MySpace page, which it looks like is pretty ugly. I thought it was just some naughty pictures and bad jokes, but no. It's much more serious.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported over the weekend that Army officials were looking into Deryk Schlessinger's MySpace page, which featured cartoon images of rape, murder and child molestation; racial epithets; and stories of drug use. The 21-year-old is stationed in Afghanistan, the paper reported Saturday.
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Yeah!!!!! Congress Passes Increase in the Minimum Wage - New York Times. Now millions of Americans get to be less poor than they are now. Instead of that Honda CRV, go ahead and get that Lexus 350, girl. You deserve it. You're making like $4 extra a month. Of course for all of you that will lose your jobs because small employers have to make cuts to meet minimum wage demands, stick with the CRV.

You know Wal-Mart is loving this because it kills their competition better than they ever could. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of raising the minimum wage everywhere, but there are consequences.
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I'm dying!!!!!!!!!! is having a woot-off today and I have to be in meetings until 2pm!!! Someone save me? These things are like crack to me. If I was just in the meeting I could follow, but I'm actually the facilitator so I have to pay attention. Life is so unfair.

I have to go. I'm just hoping this, like recent woot-offs, will last a couple of days. I will not be posting for a while, so enjoy this pic of the cutest bunny ever!
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I've posted about recent records for deaths of U.S. servicemen and women in Iraq. It seems like every month is going to be a new record unfortunately. I was wrong when I said that 8 soldiers died on Memorial Day. It was 10 and May might end up being the worst month in 2.5 years. What was the purpose of the surge again? 10 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq -

Eight of the U.S. fatalities Monday occurred when a U.S. helicopter crashed in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, killing two soldiers; insurgents then ambushed a rapid response team that was arriving to rescue the troops, killing six other soldiers with a series of roadside bombs, said Lt. Col. Christopher C. Garver, a military spokesman.
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Don't conservatives like candidates with family values?

I will lay it on the table. I don't really like Rudy Giuliani. I think he did a good job as Mayor of New York, but some of his methods were very sketchy. He did a great job on 9/11 and he seems to be able to laugh at himself (stints on SNL). But he has a wicked bad temper and his family situation really tells me a lot about him as a person. We all knew that he left his 2nd wife for his mistress and married her, a woman who had also had 2 previous husbands and reportedly left the 2nd one (and their children) for him. He brought his mistress into the Mayor's mansion when his wife and kids were still there. That's something weird right out of the Joe & Rose Kennedy playbook.

His son has made it clear he can't stand his father. Remember that, "I get my morals from my mother," quote a few months ago? Both of his kids hate him for how he treated their mother and apparently he returns the favor. Recently he only referred to his step-daughter as his child and not the two kids with that 2nd ex. This weekend, his daughter graduated and he did attend the ceremony, but it wasn't pretty. When the school announced the presence of the 08 candidate, the crowd chaired, but Rudy's 2nd ex and son sat there without even a smile. Ouch. Check out what his daughter said:

"Caroline Giuliani told the Daily News, "This is a great day. I am celebrating with my mom, my stepfather [Ed Oster], my brother and other family friends." Could she be more obvious? "She will be attending Harvard this fall (and apparently didn't tell her dad she got in when she was accepted!). Giuliani never attended Andrew's graduation and apparently missed a number of his children's events. A recent New York magazine story mentioned how Giuliani referred to his step-daughter as his child, but he didn't seem to mention his children with Hanover."

Can't you see the love in the picture?
Gothamist: Giuliani's Quiet Presence at Daughter's Graduation
ABC News: Family Feud? Giuliani Distant at Girl's Day
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Critics of the Immigration bill have set their sites on the man who was picked to make this a bipartisan effort. Change on Immigration Turns Senator Kyl Into Lightning Rod - New York Times. Whatever the case, he's not doing a good job because the responses to the bill are all over the board in both parties.
Clean your own house first. There is no excuse for the government hiring illegal immigrants. KTVB.COM: Group of illegal immigrants found working for federal government
The NYTimes says that most Americans are in favor of a guest worker program and allowing existing immigrants to become citizens. Majority Favor Changing Immigration Laws, Poll Says - New York Times. Maybe it's where I am, but I'm not hearing this at all. I'm hearing non-stop calls to offices on The Hill from people who are upset that Congress has punked out on this subject. I imagine that many people will give in to this method because it seems the easiest, but it's not. And so what if it is? Just because something is easiest doesn't make it right. Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll - New York Times
Although I doubt he will get in the 2008 race like many say, NY Mayor Bloomberg is not happy about the immigration bill either. Mayor Assails Bill in Congress on Immigration - New York Times.

"Lawmakers “should all look back on their history,” said Mr. Bloomberg, a small American flag draped on his lectern as he spoke to reporters, “and realize that if we had had the laws that they are proposing in many cases, they wouldn’t be here because their parents or grandparents would not have been here.”

Pro-Illegal Immigration groups have made a good move in selecting this face as their poster child. The WAPO has the story, but who couldn't look at the face of this baby crying because she fears her father, an illegal would be deported. So we should feel guilty? No. I feel bad, but not guilty. These parents put their children in a position to suffer because of their illegal choices. They are 100% to blame for damage that being here illegally causes their children. Poster Child - The pic was taken by Peter Pereira -- New Bedford Standard-Times.
Paul Krugman has an Op-Ed on where the real issue is on Immigration and explains why many in Congress want this ridiculous amnesty bill to pass. It's not about the economy. It's about votes in elections to come. Immigrants and Politics - New York Times

"A piece of advice for progressives trying to figure out where they stand on immigration reform: it’s the political economy, stupid. Analyzing the direct economic gains and losses from proposed reform isn’t enough. You also have to think about how the reform would affect the future political environment.To see what I mean — and why the proposed immigration bill, despite good intentions, could well make things worse — let’s take a look back at America’s last era of mass immigration."
Certain employers are looking at the metamorphosis of the immigration bill and believe that the changes in the past week make it worse than before and much harder to hire skilled workers from other countries. Many Employers See Flaws as Immigration Bill Evolves - New York Times

High-tech companies, like Microsoft and Oracle, and employers of lesser skilled workers, like restaurants and construction contractors, already had qualms about the original version of the legislation, forged in three months of talks between the White House and a dozen senators.But from the point of view of many employers, the bill has become worse in the last week.
The minority caucuses in Congress are still contemplating their opinions on the bill. Minority caucuses question alien bill - The Washington Times
Wonkette makes a joke out of the founder of the Minutemen (border faux police) in trouble for stealing from the organization. Minutemen Founder Corrupt, Dreams of Hundreds of Racists Shattered - Wonkette
WAPO takes on the issue using the situations of software engineers here from Ireland and India getting caught up in the visa situation. Worker Visas Intensify Debate on Immigration -
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I went to Arlington Memorial cemetery for the first time on Sunday. A friend and I went there to take pictures of the rows of white crosses. It's only 10 minutes from my house, but I haven't gone there in the 8 years I've lived here. On Monday, I went to a BBQ in East Potomac Park at Haines Point. You know, where the drowning man statue is. Meanwhile, 8 soldiers died in Iraq on Memorial Day.
Military: 8 killed on Memorial Day; Bombs kill 38 -
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I could go into the "too little too late" or the "its not enough" rant that all the liberals will about Bush because they can't stomach commending him for anything. He could find the cure for cancer and they'll find a way to vilify him for it. I don't hate our President, but I'm not a big fan. However, on the issue of Africa, he has done a better job than I expected of him. His aid to the continent has been above and beyond anything Clinton or any other president has done. We have spent billions just towards diplomatic efforts to end the genocide alone. The suffering is sickening and heartbreaking.

This new stand should have been taken a long time ago, but hopefully it will be effective. Bush has been under pressure to do this for years, but lately it is the Christian evangelical community that has really put forth an effort to influence him. Personally, I think China should take the lead on this because they own half of Africa anyway, but maybe we can work together and get a better relationship with China out of it. We can then invade them and topple the communist government...sorry, let me stop. This is about Africa.
iWon News - Bush Imposes New Sanctions on Sudan
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Cicadas are no joke. They pop up every 17 years and completely take over. They were in the DC area a few summers ago and it was disgusting. They would slap against your windshield and their singing was so loud you could hear it through closed windows. They would completely cover the ground, trees and homes, making everything brown. They always got inside no matter how much you tried to keep them out. I hate insects on a good day, so you can imagine how I felt during our Cicada season. I felt like we were experiencing one of the 10 plagues against Egypt.

Well, Cicada season has started in the Midwest and I wish them all the best. At least the animals who feed off of them will get fat and happy. Some people like to eat them to. They have entire cookbooks on how to prepare Cicadas, which are rich in protein.
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Good news all around. Taxpayers on the hook for $59 trillion - $59 Trillion. This means your household owes $516, 348. Do you have your checkbook with you? And remember there's like a $50 fee if the check bounces, so know your balance. $59 Trillion is a number that will go on for generations. How will your kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids pay for it while saving for their own retirement because social security will be around for 15 more years max.

The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year — far more than the official $248 billion deficit — when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA TODAY analysis shows.
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Don't take this as hating on Bey. You know I love Bey even though she is clearly overexposed. She needs to go away for a while. No one wants what they can have all the time. She's just a baby at 25 and I wish her all the happiness in the world. Personally, I hope she kicks Jigga to the road and gets something better.

HOWEVAH, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of my absolute favvvvvvvvvvvvvvorite plays and the idea of her playing Maggie the Cat with LL Cool J as Brick, does not sit well with me.
Is Beyonce Broadway Bound? Dlisted.
Is Beyonce Heading To Broadway? : SOHH BLOG
Playbill News: Broadway-Aimed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Delayed

Remember the original film with Paul Newman and Liz Taylor? They had to be two of the most painfully beautiful people in the world at that time. Both were just ridiculously gorgeous. But COAHTR is supposed to be a play and the version with Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange is the stuff plays were written for. If you haven't seen it, get that baby on Netflix now. Jessica's overdone Southern accent is absolute perfection. She's in a perpetual state of near fainting with the vapors threatening to take her over. Trust me, you haven't seen COAHTR until you've seen this version. Beyonce is a beauty, but only a Broadway actress can appreciate this role.

I am very excited about an all-black version of the story which would be directed by Debbie Allen.

In addition to Beyonce, Danny Glover is in talks to play Big Daddy, Phylicia Rashad is in talks to play Big Momma and LL Cool J is pretty much set as Brick.

Broadway star Audra McDonald had agreed to play Maggie, but apprently producers wanted a bigger name. Audra said, "I think Beyoncé's an incredibly beautiful, talented singer. But the stage is a very difficult beast . . . a lot of people don't understand how difficult it is not just to do it right once, but do it right eight times a week and keep it up."
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Remember Shoshana Johnson? She was one of the group of American soldiers kidnapped in Iraq that were actually turned in and survived. She was hot stuff when the story was new, but faded away as all the bad stories piled up. Well, she was supposed to write a book about her ordeal, but its all screwed up and her deal is cancelled. Who knows what her advance was, but K wants it back. BAW: Ex-P.O.W. Shoshana Johnson’s Book Deal Cancelled, Publisher Demands Return of Advance
Hill Harper, who plays Dr. Hawkes on CSI: NY (which has grown on me) is doing the "I claim a connection to Barack Obama" thing, but might actually have a real claim this time:
Q: You and Barack Obama were at Harvard Law School together?
A: Barack and I are friends and classmates. I've been doing a lot of work for him. After 17 years, you really know somebody. He would be wonderful for this country. I endorse him wholeheartedly, and I'm working to raise funds for him.

Harper is wicked educated. Both his parents are doctors and he went to both Brown & Harvard Law. Are they disappointed he ended up being an actor? Also, he's still signing his book. FIVE QUESTIONS: Hill Harper
The people who came out with the LOST toy figures which are awesome, and the 24 Jack Bauer figure which is okay, have come out with their Prison Break figures and they just scare the mess out of me. Wentworth is way too beautiful to be captured by a plastic figurine, but still...they could have done better than this. Prison Break Toys Bust Out This June: Just Jared
Jossip has a funny take on the lack of blacks on and listening to NPR. There Are Black People on NPR Now / Jossip
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I was flying in from Chicago on Wednesday night, so I didn't get to watch the 2-hour LOST finale until last night. It was worth the wait.

Jack - I had an idea that Jack's flashback was a flash forward because nothing, prior to the crash, would be enough to pull him down that low. His wife left him for another man and his Dad was a drunken loser. Big deal. Whatever was in that paper made him want to kill himself. Twice he mentioned his father in the present and we all know his father is dead, so I was confused. Now that we know it was a flash forward, who the heck is the dead person in the casket? Notice, neither Jack nor the funeral director mentioned "he" or "she." The funeral guy just said, "are you family or friend?" and Jack said "neither." So I'm thinking either Ben or Locke since those are the two people Jack hates. But would he want to kill himself over either of them? No. I did feel sorry him during the scene where he thought they would kill Bernard, Jin & Sayid.

Kate- She actually looks pretty when she's clean and her hair is combed. A little makeup does wonders for the tomboy. The ending was very cryptic. I'm assuming that Jack, Kate and maybe some others had a chance to leave, but only them, so they left with all the others still on the island and Jack feels guilty. Whatever it is, it definitely makes me want to watch through the end in 2010.

Locke - Locke redeemed himself with me somewhat when he beat up eyepatch guy last week, but he's still too crazy to trust. Loved Walt coming back even though he looks about 25. That's the thing with puberty; it can really mess up a show where only 90 days is supposed to have passed. He was a cute little boy though and the scene reminded me of the cute relationship Locke & Walt had in the first season. I knew he wouldn't shoot Jack, but if he knows something he should tell them. Otherwise, they think he's just trying to keep them on the island so his legs work. He knows that if someone comes to get them, whatever this is, is over.

Ben - Deserved every bit of the beating he got and the elbow to the head by Danielle was great. He cracked me up with his "Alex, this is your mother." Nice way to break it to her, Ben.

Sayid - He's like the Jack Bauer of LOST. I never get tired of him. He needs more play.

Bernard - Love Rose & Bernard together, but Bernard ticked me off last night giving everyone up. However, I would have freaked if Jin was shot.

Hurley - Do you not just love him? This is the second week in a row when someone insulted him for being fat just to keep him out of danger. I can't stand them hurting my Hurley. He is just the sweetest and him saving the day was the best. It really bothers me they killed off Libby just as he might be able to get some, but one death was worth getting rid of Mana Lucia.

Charlie - Sorry, I never liked him but I felt bad the way he died. Drowning and burning has to be the worst ways to die ever (not that there are any good days). And if that stupid eyepatch guy can come back from the dead twice now, why can't my Eko come back!!????!!!!!!

Sawyer - Sawyer's the hotness after Eko left; very sexy. Part of me kind of liked Tom, but I thought it was cool when Sawyer shot him and said, "That's for taking the kid off the raft." More love for Walt. Then when Hurley said, "he surrendered" and Sawyer said, "I didn't believe him," I just knew that Sawyer is going to be my favorite from now on.

Poor Naomi. I thought we were going to get another sister on the show, but I should know by now that they only bring new characters on to kill them off. Either way, she was lying about who she was.

Other opinions:
'Lost' finale leaves heads spinning in a new direction - The Boston Globe
And no, I don't watch American Idol so I have nothing to say about that finale, but I thought the girl that won was cute.
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You know that I have a huge political crush on Gov. Huckabee. I just think he is the nicest guy. He's the good kind of Pastor. Not the kind that drives Rolls Royces and shines brighter than a star with all the bling. He's just the guy who loves the Lord and believes that following the advice of the bible will usually bring about the best results. He's a strong advocate for state's rights too. Also, he lost like 10,000 lbs and that's cool.
Huckabee turns Edwards haircut joke into money-raiser -

With his history as a conservative Baptist pastor, religion will follow him just as much as it will follow Romney. Some people are going to have to accept that getting all religy during a campaign might not go over well. We learned that from the current guy. Besides, I haven't heard him speak once without mentioning his faith and quoting scriptures.

I know that he doesn't have a chance for the Top Spot, but he is at least the best Veep Candidate out there. Digital Rules - Best Veeps: Richardson & Huckbee. I'm just not too impressed with Bill Richardson. Not that he isn't good. He just doesn't stand out to me.
This is out of nowhere, but he's in favor of a national sales tax. Is that a good thing? What would it be? In Houston visit, Huckabee backs national sales tax
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Despite all the bad memories of her first attempt at Universal Healthcare, Hills takes another look from a more appropriate position than First Lady. Clinton Revisits Health Care and Affordability - New York Times Clinton Sees $120 Billion In Health-Care Savings From Cost-Cutting. Really? If there were really $120 billion in savings, wouldn't we already have this plan up and running? Is this another case of fuzzy math. Clinton offers health proposal - Los Angeles Times

The only thing worse, to Republicans, than Obama winning is Hillary winning. They are enlisting the support of several authors who are coming out with Anti-Hillary books to paint her the spawn of the devil. If you haven't already guessed from my posts, I'm not a big fan of Hills, but there is so much sexism in between the lines here, I don't know where to start. Books Paint Critical Portraits of Clinton -

She was advised against going to Iowa because she is going to get crushed by Edwards and likely be behind Obama, but she wants to go anyway. It's a lose-lose. If she goes and gets trounced, the press will say its the end and she's a complete failure. If she stays away, the press will say she's a cowClinton Camp Resists Aide’s Advice to Skip Iowa - New York Times

Other Stuff
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Despite recently placing on top of a young Republicans poll, Rudy is not feeling the love from the media right now. ABC News: 'America's Mayor' 9/11 Record Criticized

I think the last Republican debate would have been a ratings wonder if Ron Paul (who is a little nuts) and Giuliani got into it. Giuliani would totally win. After all, 9/11 is his and no one else's, right?

I guess Rudy's strategy to deflect attention away from his less-than-conservative stand on the issues by attacking those of others. Might last for a while, but at some point it's going to be the do or die. He recently went after John E. Giuliani Takes on Edwards - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

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I'm still upset over this bill. I know this issue is harder to resolve than I'm making it out to be, but this bill is a total, complete cop-out.

And what's up with saying these illegal immigrants pay a fine of $5K? Do you really think they're going to do that? They aren't and this requirement is just going to fade into the distance.

And they also talk about how they have to have a "clean record." What does that mean? Since they've been here or once they become "legal?" What would using stolen social security #s count as?

And what does staying employed mean? If they lose their job, they have to go back to wherever? Yeah, right. Why even bother when you know you aren't going to troll among 12 million people to see if they're all working. And once you give them amnesty, they'll tell you "up yours" if you try to deport them for being unemployed because they'll consider themselves citizens and none of us have to leave if we're unemployed. It's just stupid.
Phones busy, fervor high on immigration overhaul - The Washington Times
ALIEN BILL HAS LITTLE DE-FENCE - New York Post Online Edition
I'm impressed with the LATimes. This title is more like a NYPost title. Very creative, Times! Border brouhaha baffles Beltway - Los Angeles Times
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I've been a little out of touch while in Chicago because of being so busy, but I'm glad to hear there is such a strong revolt against this Immigration bill. As much as I want something done, I would prefer a veto to this bill. What I feel is that Senators are doing what they can to try and appease their constituents who are overwhelmingly against the bill, while trying to preserve some of that Hispanic vote.
Senate votes to reduce guest workers allowed in U.S. -
Chertoff says that the bill is bowing to reality, but it's too soon to say that. I think instead, it's bowing to fear and a lack of guts to do what is right because it won't be pretty. Sometimes doing what is right is ugly. We don't have anyone to blame but ourselves for letting it get this bad, so we don't have a right to take the path of least resistance to make it right, which is what I think this bill is. Chertoff Chides Left, Right Over Bill
This is only the least of what this bill will mean. The Hill Blog» CEO-Backed Immigration Bill Would Depress U.S. Wages (Sen. Bernie Sanders). Corporations have spent multi-millions, if not billions, on making this bill work for them. They want the cheap labor without offering benefits.
NYTimes article on the increasing number of Mexican consulates in the U.S. in response to immigration reform. Debate Raging, Mexico Adds to Consulates in U.S. - New York Times
On the other hand, this is a reason why we have to come up with a solution soon. The sooner a final decision is made, the sooner immigrant families can decide what they want to do; especially those who are waiting for their spouses to join them. As Law Is Renegotiated, Immigrant Families Are on Edge - New York Times
If Bill Richards gets any attention at all, it will be for his opinions on immigration because he is both half Hispanic and the Governor of New Mexico, which has a big immigration problem.
I'm sure this is what a lot of Senators were thinking, but only one said it out loud. I'm not mad at him. It's the truth. - House Minority Leader John Boehner Calls Immigration Bill 'Piece of S---'
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It's painful to read this. Body pulled from river identified as missing U.S. soldier - I think we all kind of knew it was one of the three who went missing or one of the few MIA soldiers. A 20-year old kid and more prayers for a mother in pain. This is war and it's supposed to be ugly enough for us to want to avoid it at all cost. Still, as horrible as this is, I do feel it could be a turning point. I sense an anger that might spur on the beginning of the end of a war that we have a chance of winning. I'm not going to lie, even though we have not lost, I think we're losing. I don't want that to be true and maybe this incident will be what turned the tide. U.S. Identifies Body as Missing Soldier -
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A shark was born to a female shark in a tank of female only sharks of which none had had contact with a male for 3 years. Scientists report virgin shark birth -

The bible says Jesus would come back, but did it say in what form? This is the third time I've heard about an animal giving birth without having been in the presence of males or inseminated in the last year (only counting real news sources). We have little Jesus animals all over the place. Remember Jurassic Park? Dr. Malcolm said, "Life...finds a way."
What if human females developed the ability to fertilize their own eggs without male sperm? It will make men more unnecessary than welfare ever has. God would never let that happen, would he? I mean, that's the best part...besides the actual creating of the precious human life, I mean.

And aren't hammerheads the freakiest looking sharks?
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Although I do think that flag is too big, I hope they don't take it down. This is ridiculous. I wonder if it would be okay with the council if they got a smaller flag. This flag is said to be 30 x 60, about the size of a competition volleyball court. Too big, but I stand by their right to fly it.
Also - I hate Hummers. They're ugly, boxy and look like they were put together with Lego blocks. Plus they guzzle 50 gallons of gas per block.
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I didn't even know there were schools specifically for pregnant girls. They've been around since the 1960s. They are closing down because their test scores, attendance and facilities are no good. New York’s Schools for Pregnant Girls Will Close - New York Times
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Why? Just why? Creation Museum - New York Times. They spent $27 million to create a museum to stubborn, willful ignorance. Some people are unwilling to suggest that anything existed before the day Adam was created. Why? Just because something isn't in the bible doesn't mean it didn't happen? If dinosaurs existed when Adam & Eve were around, trust me, it would have been in the bible. If you can notice a snake that talks, a T-Rex is not something you're going to miss. This earth was likely here billions of years before man and only God knows how many species existed and went instinct billions of years before He thought of us.

Two prehistoric children play near a burbling waterfall, thoroughly at home in the natural world. Dinosaurs cavort nearby, their animatronic mechanisms turning them into alluring companions, their gaping mouths seeming not threatening, but almost welcoming, as an Apatosaurus munches on leaves a few yards away.
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The Onion's funny take on all the product and car recalls we read about in the news. These pugs are cute, but the graphic shows they are clearly defective.
Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of '07 Pugs The Onion
If you take the time to read this paper, you'll get hooked. It's like The Daily Show in print. Very smart, ironic sarcasm.
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In the NYTimes Opinion Section, Thomas Friedman says that he thinks any foreign student who gets a Ph.D in our country should be offered citizenship, no matter what the subject is. Laughing and Crying - New York Times. I think he's suggesting its better if we keep them instead of making them leave and bring their American-made PhD brain to another country. Or we could give their seat at a University to an existing citizen Ph.D student who is more likely to stay home. Many of these foreign students want to go back home, which is understandable, so giving them citizenship might not even solve the problem of them taking their brain somewhere else.

Also, can you believe it? While in NY, I found out that Friedman is coming out with a third version of The World Is Flat. He should just title it, "Back for more of your cash" at this point.
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So "gay" men are banned for life from donating blood; even those who say they have only had one homosexual experience in their entire life. I'm confused, only because you can check to see if blood is infected with HIV/AIDS, right? I thought it was very easy. Are they suggesting that you can draw blood that test negative for HIV and it can become infected later? From what I've heard, HIV shows up within 6 months of contact or its not going to show up. That's usually the test for people who accidentally come in contact with any blood.
And if their higher likelihood of having AIDS is the factor, then black women should be banned as well. They are the fastest growing group of HIV positive people; much more than gay males these days.
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Here's a story about Tim O'Neil, the only black person the nationwide PGA Tour. The article counts him and Tiger, but I don't consider Tiger black. I've never heard of this guy and when I Googled him, I got barely nothing, but Good Luck anyway, Tim. I hope we can get more minorities in the game. It can only lift the sport with the younger generation. Still Looking to Get Over the Hump -
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You all know I love me some Jesus, but I'm not down with the speaking in tongues. I didn't grow up in one of those holy ghost churches. At my church, you'd get weird glances if you coughed too loud, so I just don't relate to people running up and down aisles and speaking in tongue. Who am I to question some one's religious experience? Just seems more hammish than real to me. Speaking in tongues: Faith's language barrier? -

"Ah le ah ne al la ne," said Bill Siordia, a worshiper at The Pentecostals of Pleasanton, a small congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area. With closed eyes and palms raised skyward, he continued in a whispered rush. "Ma ne ah ne ta la ah ka wa."

Siordia, 44, a warehouse worker, was speaking in tongues, a form of verbal prayer scholars call glossolalia. For him — and a growing numbers of Christians worldwide — the experience is a direct means of communication with God that is a transcendent and crucial part of his faith.
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I'm off to Chicago for a few days. I'll see you later this week.

Ugly Betty has become one of my favorite shows. I'm crazy about all the characters. It's so silly and cartoonish, but that's a great escape for me. I'm catching up on the final 5 episodes which I had on my DVR and I can't wait to watch the next one. All the characters are unique and ridiculous in their own way. and Mark & Amanda are even better than Jack & Karen from "Will & Grace." And Vanessa Williams has really found a great character. She gets cast as the bitchy woman a lot, but she took this role and made it hilarious. I look forward to every episode just to see what she is wearing. Who comes up with her outfits? I mean, really. She looks like a million bucks every scene. Upscale - For the Affluent Lifestyle - Entertainment & Arts
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I'm such a loser, I would probably buy this. My business cards began overflowing the little compartment I had them in on my desk about a year ago. Now I have the compartment full and several piles around them. I have to start from scratch every time I go through to find someone. This would totally help me and its cute. Out Of Mind: Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet for All Those Biz Cards - Gizmodo
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More proof that if you don't have Times Select, you should. The Jesus is coming back on a lot of campuses where you might not think, like UC-Berkeley. The active religious life at Harvard is stronger than it has been in 100 years. Matters of Faith Find a New Prominence on Campus - New York Times
My new favorite D.C. website, Politico, is being accused of favoring the Right a little too much. I don't see it. I just love how they have no problem mixing real news in with salacious gossip. I've been surprised by the power Politico has gained in such a short time. It's on the tips of tongues on Capitol Hill and beyond. It usually takes other mags/websites forever to get that cred & influence. Politico and its discontents - The Phoenix

Apparently people have been salivating for this study on working mothers. The ''Trends in Labor Force Participation of Married Mothers of Infants." tells us that mommies are just not coming back to work. Some days I don't blame them. Who wouldn't rather be at home kissing on your baby's fat cheeks than dealing with conniving coworkers? Off to Work She Should Go - New York Times. "Sixty percent of married mothers of preschool children are now in the work force, four percentage points fewer than in 1997. The rate for married mothers of infants fell by about six percentage points, to 53.5 percent."
After many pro-life causes had a bad time of it in 2006, the pro-lifers are primed for a comeback. The Washington Times shares their strategies to put abortion right black at the forefront. With men like Giuliani and McCain as their front-runners (also Fred Thompson who is pro-choice), I don't think there will be any problem getting people to talk about abortion. Also, this is the 2nd part in a 3-part series. You can find 1 & 3 on your own. Pro-lifers ready for a comeback - The Washington Times

There are a lot of people-of-color bloggers, but not a lot of black Internet users. For blacks, we make up 11% of bloggers, but most are not political bloggers. The result is that the only political viewpoints given are from white liberal or white conservative blogs. The Segregated Blogosphere by Celina De León. "There are no bloggers of color with the kind of exposure and influence of superstars Matt Stoller of or Duncan Black of atrios.blogspot. The result, according to Rabb, has been a typical white liberal/left dialogue in the political blogosphere."

Scroll down the right navigation box and you'll see a list of black blogs I think are worth checking out. Most of them are political, the social and gossip ones I put in the left navigation box. Check them out, spread the word.


More on the electronic voting nonsense with the receipts and all. I'm all pro-technology, but we have to have fail safes because it is just too easy for hackers to take advantage. Technology puts voters at the mercy of political parties, of which neither is above doing something dirty in this climate. If we're going to have electronic voting, in addition to an onscreen confirmation, people should get a little receipt confirmation as well. The Unkept Promise on Voting - New York Times


After 12 years of being BFF with Republicans, K-Street is looking to be BFF with Democrats and they can't get enough of them at their respective firms to get access to the floor. - K Street just can’t get enough Democrats
When is it okay to play ethnic politics? In Washington D.C. it's always okay. At least it's always what they play whether its okay or not. The most recent play at race card deals with who will replace the late Juanita Millender-McDonald, who unfortunately passed away a couple of weeks ago. Juanita is black, but some of the candidates getting in line for her position want to point out that her Long Beach/South LA district used to a "black" district, but is no becoming increasingly Latino. So who should represent the district? Whoever is the best candidate, idiots. When to play ethnic politics? - Los Angeles Times
We've moved from "White Liberal Guilt" to "White Progressive Disregard," and ColorLines magazine wants to tell you why this is no better. White Progressives Don't Get It by Rinku Sen
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I was pleased to hear Americans voice their disappointment with this new, amnesty focused immigration bill. The Sunday talk show hosts were pretty rough on their guests who supported the bill. Many Senators who defend the bill have been inundated with phone calls from constituents and even booed at local events. Some Senators engaged in heated debate on the issue and there was some cursing, so good times, right? Those on Capitol Hill are concerned with votes, but the people they represent are concerned with everything else.

Few senators support the illegals bill - The Washington Times

Employers in industries like hotel, food services and Walmart aren't happy either. They felt they put in a lot of time and money lobbying these guys to create a plan that favors their industries. After Aiding Bill on Immigration, Employers Balk - New York Times

Illegals aren't happy with the deal for various reasons as well. Illegal Migrants Dissect Details of Senate Deal - New York Times

And here are some reasons why we need REAL immigration reform:
This is insane. So not only will the 12 million illegals be rewarded with citizenship, but they will be able to bring their families over. There is no justifying this. "The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States." Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children Redstate

This has to make you upset. Illegal immigrants should NOT be voting. They better find a way to purge those people out. In a small town or county, hundreds of illegal votes could turn an election. 1200 WOAI: Hundreds of Illegals Have Registered to Vote in Bexar County

Uhm, someone needs to have a talk with the Santa Fe Police Department, which believes that hiring "Mexican nationals" to fill vacant American police jobs. They are here legally, but not naturalized. I didn't think a non-naturalized immigrant could take a police officer position. Las Cruces Sun-News - Santa Fe Police Department looking into hiring Mexican nationals (10 a.m.)
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In the dictionary, they need to replace the definition of irony with this story about a state senator who voted to ban cell phones while driving, rear-ended a woman while talking on a cell phone. Sounds like a story The Onion would make up, but it's real. Vallejo Times Herald - State senator rear-ends Vallejo woman while talking on cell phone
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Why is it now unconstitutional to show your non-violent pride in your own country? This Hummer dealership is being forced to take the American Flag above his business down. What have we become? It's a business, not a government agency. It's not as if anyone would even notice it anyway. I hope he sues and this ends up costing the people who wanted that flag down a lot of money. What would you like to bet that if it was a Hispanic grocery store with a flag featuring the country of origin for the owners, these people wouldn't bother to make them take it down or if they did, they would be labeled racists harassers. - News - Council backs neighbors in flap, orders flag down
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I need to vent, so here it is. WTF with black women/men who justify the fact that they date outside of their race by putting down other black women/men? It only leaves collateral damage in the community. You know I have no problem with interracial dating. Like God, love has no color and the fact that it pisses bigots off is just a bonus.

When my sister met her husband 15 years ago, neither of them had dated outside of their race. They were just two people who met, fell in love and built a family around that love. No matter how many times brothers gave her grief for it, she never turned it around on them. She just said, "That's my man. End of story."

I have a friend who says she only dates white men from now on because they are the only men worthy of her. Yes, she is beautiful, well-educated, makes six-figures and generally "cultured" by East Coast standards. She says that black men aren't worth s*%#. They're losers, irresponsible random breeders who play the victim and..(the list is long). Last night, I got into another argument with my cousin, whom I've blogged about before because he says he dates white because sisters can't bring anything but 15 extra pounds, bad credit and another man's kid. I'm angry at both of them.

If you're 5% honest with yourself, you'd admit there are plenty of white women/men out there who aren't worth s%#*. If you're 5% honest with yourself, you'd also admit that there are plenty black women/men out there who are wonderful. You just don't want them. That's okay. You don't have to. If you can find someone you love who loves you, you grab them and hold on to them forever. If you prefer that person be of another race, then you two can miscegenate the hell out of each other till death do you part. I'm partial to redheaded boys with green eyes myself (my man understands. He salivates whenever Angelina & Charlize come on TV).

When I've dated outside of my race, I never blamed anyone for it. Not even the brothers who gave me a hard time because of it. I said, "That's my man. End of story." So stop acting as if brothers/sisters gave you no choice but to look elsewhere by becoming themselves unacceptable. The next time someone asks you why you date outside of your race, tell them to mind their own business. They're probably just jealous, so they wouldn't accept any answer you had anyway. But if you feel you must answer, then just say, "I date white men/women for one reason. That's who I want to date." End of story. Enough with the collateral damage to back up your personal choice. It's foul.
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Where is Chelsea? You'd think Hillary would have her front & center. Maybe she's keeping her in the back pocket for further on down the road.
Chelsea Clinton's So Smart & Boring - Wonkette
Chelsea weighs role in Hillary's bid - Yahoo! News

Everyone had been waiting and expecting this. Spitzer has become amazingly influential in just a few short months as Governor. He's a smart guy. - Spitzer endorses Clinton, says nation in ‘crisis’

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Edwards has investments in Sudan that he needs to get out of quick. Seriously John. Ben Smith's Blog - Edward's Investments
Edwards is counting on the fact that women, more than men, care about poverty, wage disparity and universal healthcare. Edwards Says His Policies Offer Benefits For Women
He needs to pick up his game on his anti-war message because its no longer moving the crowd. Edwards' message against war fizzling - The Washington Times
I'm not sure why people think that Edwards financial circumstances effect his credibility on the issue of poverty. Either you care about it or you don't. Just because you're loaded doesn't mean that you can't be genuine. Edwards: Past Shouldn't Overshadow Poverty Stance
As Tony Kornheiser would say, "I'm back for more cash." Salt Lake Tribune - Edwards stopping in Utah for cocktails, campaign cash
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The latest blah, blah, blah about him. I think he's only second to Obama in the candidate people like to right about the most. He is the frontrunner for now, which I still don't exactly understand.
If you haven't guessed it already I don't like Rudy. I respected his "tough on crime" stance while Mayor of NY even though I didn't always agree with his methods. I applaud him for his leadership on 9/11, but I don't like him. I guess he can lay some claim to owning 9/11 because he was there doing what no other politician, including the president, was.

There are also a few articles on his wife.
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So he's finally going to resign. Took ya long enough. I know it's human nature to survive even when all seems lost and this is a very powerful position, but he was so guilty of everything he was accused of. He was just causing himself further humiliation. I'm still upset over the fact that he got this job as a reward for his contribution to the war in Iraq.

Now if Albert Gonzales doesn't quit soon I'm going to be upset. I was disappointed with the choice to fire the prosecutors for political reasons, but I didn't see it as illegal; just very distasteful. Now if any of them were in the process of prosecuting a case where a prominent Republican could be found guilty, to fire them would be obstruction of justice, but I don't think that was the case. But after hearing this subversive hospital visit to John Ashcroft, I want him gone. As much as Hollywood may salivate over things like this, it's really shameful.
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Tuned into MSNBC this morning. I like David Gregory's little show there. I hope they let him replace Imus. I think he's very funny. He interviewed Obama this morning and he started off kind of soft, but he didn't waste time getting tough on Obama's competition with Clinton. It was a good interview.

He repeated this phrase about his strength being someone who can unify in this polarizing political environment. This makes me think of "I'm a Uniter, not a Divider." ABC News: Obama: My Strength Is Fostering Unity

Black Press USA let's us know that Obama is the Only Candidate Who Mentions AIDS on Campaign Website. Good for him and the other candidates should be ashamed of themselves for at least not have a damn link or something.
Black America Web wonders why the press wants to talk about Michelle taking a leave of absence/scaling down from her very important job to support Barry's campaign. BAW: Is Michelle Obama’s Scaling Back at Work for Her Husband’s Campaign Front-Page News?. Where have they been? Whenever Obama sneezes, it's front page news. He's the chosen one, remember?
He gives his two cents on the student loan debacle. I wish more politicians would care about this. Man, if you don't have student loans then you will some day and what we're finding out, thanks to the NYTimes and almost no one else, this industry is very corrupt and sketchy. Obama Proposes Changes in Student Loans
CBSNews had to turn off comments on its stories on Barry because they were so nasty and racist. I'm not surprised. Racists have really got to be scared in a way they never were when Sharpton & Jackson were running. Let's face it, they never had a chance, but I think see how much crossover appeal (and damn near worship) Obama has and their hate is just boiling to the top. Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories - Public Eye. Maybe in the end this will be a good thing. For all those people who think that racism is some isolated incident in the backwoods of Mississippi, they'll get a lesson in how, no matter how much things change, much stays the same.
This one speaks for itself. He's no Jon Stewart, but can say what he wants. I don't generally think it's becoming of a candidate to mock the president, because I think they should stay focused on the issues. It's not like there isn't enough to poke at with Bush, but Barry can get away with stuff the other candidates can't because he's still the prettiest girl in class.
Did you see what George Stephanopolus asked Obama this past Sunday on his show? He was saying that Obama has such a cool demeanor about him and he asked, "I can't help but wonder if that has anything to do with your race." Obama just looked at him and said, "That's interesting," which is civilized for "Get to the next question, fool." I'm sure it's not the most ignorant question he's been asked and it certainly won't be the last. He's cool under pressure because I would have just stared at George with a salty expression and asked, "So what are you trying to say?" Make him hang himself. This is just a long way of getting to the fact that he doesn't often take the race bait in interviews even though it is offered every 5 seconds. Daily Herald News: Obama Plays Down Racial Factor in Presidential Election
Personally, I love Alan Houston. He's a very philanthropic person, especially when it comes to his local community. I like him, but the Jews...not so much. What does it mean that he "helped a fellow ballplayer make a case that Jews killed Jesus Christ?" What does "help" mean? And why are we still discussing this topic? Read the bible. It's very clear on what happened. You either believe it or you don't. Before I go off, this is just to introduce the fact that Jews are mad that Obama is letting Houston host a fundraiser for him. Whatevs. JEWS' FOUL ON OBAMA - New York Post Online Edition
He got poor grades as a kid. Worked out fine for Bush Junior. McClatchy Washington Bureau Poor grades help Barack Obama learn about campaigning
How well does he go over with the blue collar guys? The firefighter's union seemed to pick Hillary over him and that was a big surprise to me. Maybe Obama is hoping that the frank talk will work for him like it did Bill Clinton in 1992 when he told them all they had to go back to school and learn about computers because they can't fight the future of manufacturing. Obama gives a frank talk to a tough union crowd Chicago Tribune
His tax plan is partially revealed. Obama Says He’d Roll Back Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest - New York Times. Uh..duh. We are going to have to roll back some tax cuts to pay for this trillion dollar disaster we are in right now. I hate the idea of raising taxes again, but if anyone can take it, it's the top 1%. We'll see if I agree with that when I'm in the top 1% (and don't laugh because I'll get there!). Just stay away from those middle class tax cuts.
Again with the Rezko questions. You can ask over and over again Sun Times. You're not going to get any different answer. Rezko question dogs Obama :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
He's gotten on the "sell Sudan investments" bandwagon that a lot of Universities and other corporations are doing. Washington Wire - Obama Sells Investment With Link to Sudan
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Follow up on the Andy & Opie show. First, I didn't think these guys even had 100 listeners period. As far as shock jocks go, I heard they're pretty weak and lack creativity. If you're going to insult people, you have to be creative. Otherwise, you'll get caught. Well, after engaging in conversation about sexually assaulting Condi Rice & Laura Bush (what isn't funny about that?), they were suspended for 30 days. You know Imus is like "30 Days? WTF?"
So now their listeners are pissed off and hundreds have called in to cancel their XM subscription. According to some reports, customer service average wait times went from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Even some advertisers are expressing their anger at the censorship by pulling their advertising. Also, about 60 people smashed their XM receivers outside the studio where Andy & Opie work, which tells me that their listeners aren't the smartest people around.

Has the market spoken? Conservatives might say so. You know I couldn't care less, but I'm curious if this will be the new trend.
Listeners shocked by XM hosts' suspension - Los Angeles Times - OPIE & ANTHONY APOLOGIZE FOR RICE RAPE JOKES
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First Africa, then China and now Russia. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is still sweeping this globe and threatening humanity. In America it's obviously still a huge problem, especially for black women, but we have the drugs available that allow people with AIDS to live very long. Some have survived for more than 15 years. That is the people who can afford it. The poorest Americans are pretty much in the same boat as the Africans, Chinese & Russians. Russia warns of AIDS epidemic, 1.3 mln with HIV Reuters

Speaking of HIV/AIDS, check out this Web site. Positive Singles. It's a dating service for people who are HIV Positive or have STDs. The concept just sounds weird, I know, but these are people just like the rest of us (sometimes we forget that). No one deserves to be alone and with conditions like HIV or Herpes, which you'll never get rid of, so it probably is best to find someone who is going through exactly what you are. The site also shares a lot of information on the latest advances and discoveries in the area of AIDS Research including pregnancy and the latest therapies.
Colorbind, a magazine, talks about the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in healthcare. The "Colorblind" Attack on Your Health - Kai Wright.

"Few measurements pose a greater threat to the modern rights core supposition of equality than a tally of who lives and dies from preventable and treatable diseases."

Wal-Mart is now in the clinic business. Wal-Mart to open 400 in-store clinics - "Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said on Tuesday that it will contract with local hospitals and other organizations to open as many as 400 in-store health clinics in the next two to three years. Should current market forces continue, the world's largest retailer said up to 2,000 clinics could be in Wal-Mart stores over the next five to seven years. Wal-Mart said the effort marks an expansion of a pilot program it started in 2005, when it leased space within its stores to medical clinics. Currently, it said 76 clinics are operating inside Wal-Mart stores in 12 states."
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Although the majority of blacks in Maryland's Montgomery & PG County are middle class or richer, black boys are still having a hard time learning in the public school system and universities (which have mostly Maryland residents as students). The future looks grim and it's time to go out on a limb and take some risks if the problem is going to be addressed.

Two of the more controversial proposals are suggestions to place troubled students at black-majority high schools into single-sex classes and to encourage nonviolent offenders to be mentors to students.Finding Ways to Better School African American Boys -
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Despite what New Orleans Mayor Nagin says, D.C. is the original Chocolate City except that it's not a city, but a district and...either way, we had the name first. But now, we might end up being called Coffee With Cream and Sugar City. D.C. May Be Losing Status As a Majority-Black City - A 14% increase in non-Hispanic whites, 20% increase in Asians and a 6% increase in Hispanics all counter a 6% drop in blacks. I've mentioned before that the last time I was on U Street I saw just as many white people as black and they weren't all going to Ben's Chili Bowl.
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More on minority growth in the U.S. It's USAToday so of course there is a chart/graph. Check out state population changes by race and how Hispanics are widening the age growth. Nation's minority numbers top 100M - I really don't know why they call it minority growth, because it's only Hispanics. They might as well call it Hispanic/Latin growth. I'm sure Josh Gibson will try his "white people need to make more babies" plea on FOX tonight.

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Some Iranians have put together a movie to combat what they say is a insult to their Persian heritage in 300. `Glory of Persepolis' goes on screen in response to insulting movie `300' - Irna. I'm cool with this. If you don't like the way something is done, do it the way do like it. Much better than whining, complaining and demanding people adjust their creative license to meet political correctness or even worse...apologize for having a point of view. I put 300 in my Netflix, but with this one...let me know what happened if you see it. I mean 300 is like half history and half Greek mythology with a little Special FX thrown in to get a boost at the post office. It's not a documentary on PBS or anything.
This story isn't really that hot, but I just like the totally unbiased headline. Black Britain: Afro descendants in Latin America gearing up for reparations battle after centuries of oppression under white supremacy. Very objective reporting. I can see they are really open to a frank and even-sided discussion. Good Luck.

China is also dealing with its female suicide problem in the rural areas. In Rural China, a Bitter Way Out - I know that a lot of female suicides are tied to forced abortions, but it appears that throughout China women are just miserable. I mean, really...

"Zhao wanted to sleep. Her husband wanted to watch TV. It was as simple as that.The poor farming couple in Hebei province had no history of quarreling, Zhao said. But on this warm September night, neither would compromise. So Zhao, 34, left the large bed she and her husband shared with their two young sons, walked outside and grabbed a bottle of pesticide from a windowsill."
"I took it without thinking anything deep. I just felt wronged, and I acted rashly. I never thought of the two children, not a bit. I thought of nothing."

This seems more like a chemical imbalance. A little Wellbutrin XL could help her out real quick. And why try to kill yourself? He's the one being a jerk. Not that I'm advocating anything. It's really none of my business, but I'm just saying.

Let me just fly over to Japan real quick, find this fool and slap him. I'll be back soon. Dad dumps preschooler in box for unwanted newborns -
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An article at Black Press USA by Hazel Trice Edney talked to Carl Noldon, a senior honor roll student who says that learning about white people all the time is damaging to black kids. BlackPressUsa: Hot Stories - Eurocentric Cirricula Damage Black Students in America's Schools. No real revelation there. How many black kids do you know that have no idea that their people have been war heroes, inventors, doctors and historically significant figures? They know Harriet Tubman, MLK and Rosa Parks. If they're real lucky, they learn about Nat Turner, Booker T. Washington and maybe Crispus Attus. Many American history books give you the impression that only white people made history. Some of them have a short chapter on the underground railroad and the civil rights movement. But if they're to learn about the strong, rich history of blacks in Africa and America, they're going to have to get it from their parents or church. Yes, they are somewhat harmed by it, but so are white kids who grow up thinking they're the only race that has contributed to this society.
Look, I'm not trying to ugly. You know I love my people and all, but this article, BAW: Survey: Black Moms Push Their Kids’ Educational Aspirations More Than White Moms, is total BS. How much have you worked with young black kids from the city? I've worked with them a lot while I was in Chicago and I did a year of young girl's etiquette here in D.C. for black girls. Most of their parents never even asked them if they had homework, let alone urge them to pursue higher education. What responses did I get back from those kids when asked if they want to go to college? "Nuh uh..I'm gonna be a baller" "college is for white people" and "college kids are broke. I want to make money when I get out of highschool." Now if you count a Mama saying, "You gonna be somebody one day, baby" then maybe, yes, but let's keep it real. I know a lot of black mothers are holding it down and encouraging their kids but I suspect this study is skewed by class issues because in general...I know you think I'm ugly for doubting it, but I'm just saying.
In North Carolina, the school board and black leaders are asking black parents to take a second look at the school forms regarding year-round classes they will be getting in the mail. In this particular district, black kids make up 30% of 30,500 students. They want to keep the summer session diverse or something. Wake Black Families Urged To Pick Year-Round Schools: Leaders Say Socioeconomic Diversity Should Continue. I say do it. I know the kids are like "Total Bulls%#*!" but if they're too young to work, then have them spend the day in class. You can just take them out when you have family summer vacation.
In, North Jersey Media Group: When Blacks Compete Against Blacks On Campus, Lawrence Aaron discusses the pros and cons of diversity within diversity or the competition between black American kids and African or Caribbean kids to get into the Ivys. Hint: The African & Caribbean kids are winning:

"JUST WHEN I thought I'd completed my list of internal conflicts that divide black people in America, I found a new one. Like the flap over whether Barack Obama has earned his stripes as African-American, this one suggests black students not born in the U.S. are siphoning away freshman slots at elite colleges that should go to descendants of American slaves."
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This shows how tuned in I am. I thought the debate was Monday night. Apparently it was last night. Who knew? I'm on break for a couple of weeks before summer school starts and I'm not going to waste that time watching debates with 500 candidates in them.

Here are about 1500 articles from last night in South Carolina. At least I got the state right.

ABC News: Sharp Elbows Come Out in GOP Debate

Giuliani Scores Big Debate Moment - New York Times
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Now that the competition for Ivy League has gotten out of control because schools are getting too many applicants, we're starting to see the second tier schools look a little shiner and prettier than before. They're calling them the new Ivies. Ivy League Crunch Brings New Cachet to Next Tier - New York Times.

This makes me think of that stupid website for students at the Top 14 law schools in the country. Why 14? Because the jerks in schools 11-14 wanted to feel important so they can make fun of 15 on down. Actually this is not like that at all. This Top 14 is stupid and elitist, but the idea that people realize that there are quality schools without the Ivy attachment is a good thing.
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I'm so excited to hear about this new $5B resort being built in Vegas because there simply aren't enough hotels there and I can't think of a better way to spend $5B. Genius. Elad plans $5 bln Las Vegas project: WSJ - Yahoo! News

Black Enterprise Magazine sponsors the BE Entrepreneurs Conference which is one of the nation's largest events for black entrepreneurs and business owners. This year it is in Orlando. Can I just tell you how much I hate Orlando? I really do. EDC touts Orlando at event for black entrepreneurs - Orlando Sentinel : Business

Here's a NYTimes editorial on the problems that still exist in New Orleans and how the people are suffering because the powers that be are feuding with each other. In Divided New Orleans - New York Times

What's so special about UCLA that twice the amount of blacks want to go there than last year? I don't know, but as long as brothers and sisters are going to college, I'm in favor of it. Number of blacks intending to go to UCLA doubles - North County Times

Philadelphia's mayoral race has been ugly from the beginning, but it's getting religy ugly now. Religious attacks late in mayor's race Inquirer

A judge is in the hot seat for saying that descendants of slaves who survived the Atlantic crossing from Africa are stronger and make better athletes because weak slaves were thrown overboard. WTF??!! Sorry, but that is just too stupid for me to be offended and it doesn't seem to have any legal implications as far as his job is concerned. If you want to chuck someone for being an idiot, then this is your guy. Otherwise...meh. The local county black bar association wants him out.
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Sources: Senate GOP on Verge of Amnesty Deal Redstate - I'll believe it when I see it.
Here's the thing with illegal immigrants. They want to sue their former employer for allegedly swindling them, but if they are illegal, won't they get arrested and deported when they go to court. Illegal aliens, like foreigners don't have the same legal status and Constitutional guarantees that people in this country legally do. Also, if they were illegal and their factory was raided by ICE, what are they still doing here? Why haven't they been sent back home? What's the point? Workers sue U.S. factory after immigration raid U.S. Reuters

Amnesty, work slow immigration bill - - Really? Is that what is slowing the bill? I thought it was that both sides are too chicken to do or anything. I actually think I'm right and Politico is wrong.

Republican Senator Jon Kyl of AZ (never heard of him) has become the enforcer in favor of shaping an illegal immigration bill that the president approves of. I'm not a big fan of the President's bill regarding Amnesty. I do think it's a good step toward border control. Too bad Congress can't do a legislative line-item veto. Arizona Senator Seeks Immigration Deal - Los Angeles Times

Lou Dobb's obsession with illegal immigration is about to get CNN in trouble. One of the sites that his CNN page linked to was a fundraising arm for anti-illegal immigration groups which they can't do. A bunch of people protested and they took it down. Lou just needs to get his own blog. CNN Takes Down Lou Dobbs Web Site Link: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

More people protesting the raids, calling the Federal government Nazis, blah, blah, blah. Federal raid triggers Chicago protest. "Soldiers bombarded our neighborhood," Baltazar Enriquez told the Chicago Sun-Times. "It looked like they were marching into Iraq."Heavily armed federal officers in bullet-proof vests, locked down a strip mall Tuesday in a Southwest Side neighborhood known as Little Village, Enriquez said. The raid triggered a protest of 250 to 300 people that lasted into the evening, the newspaper said.

Some cities are agreeing with the illegals that the raids are unAmerican. Oakland resolutions condemn federal immigration raids
Wonkette on how all the GOP presidential candidates want to either flip-flop on what they said about immigration or just pretend like they said nothing. GOP Hopefuls Hope You Don't Remember Their Old Positions on Immigration - Wonkette


The hotel industry, one that would probably be hit more than any other with immigration reform is tired of waiting to see whether or not they have a serious emergency on their hands. Of course they want amnesty. Hotel execs press for immigration reform -
In Miami, the black community and its problems with illegal immigration are getting some press. Again its about jobs and political clout. Miami black leader makes anti-immigrant plea -

Congress continues to engage in the catfight over the issue. The Hill Blog» Flake-Gutierrez “Amnesty” Bill Is Wrong for America (Rep. Ed Royce)

Now an illegal immigration issue that actually has something to do with terrorists. The English loophole is allowing a lot of people of Middle Eastern descent into this country without proper identification. One of the ring leaders in the recently thwarted London Bomb plot was an Britain of Pakistan descent and they, like all other Britons, can come here whenever and without a Visa. There are more than 800,000 Britons of Pakistani origin. U.S. Seeks Closing of Visa Loophole for Britons - New York Times
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I have decided to say nothing about Jerry Falwell's death. The bible says that the wages man pays for sin is death, so what's the point? To be honest, I thought it was the other guy. I get them both mixed up. Him and Pat Robertson. I wasn't surprised to see a lot of websites and especially blogs said horrible things, but I think they could have waited at least a day or so.

I know. I know. Falwell didn't wait a day or so after blaming Katrina on abortions in New Orleans and 9/11 on homosexuals, but I would hope people would be better than that. Besides, he has recently apologized for such statements and admitted he is not in any position to interpret God's protection or lack of. Wonkette basically is saying "Praise Jesus" which is totally uncool. Some other sites have headlines like "Where's Your God Now?" or "I blame the homosexuals for Jerry's death."

I believe hands down, TMZ had the most creative send off with the purple Teletubbie waving a farewell. Jerry Falwell 1933 - 2007 -

But these comments are brutal. One poor student at Liberty University (Falwell's University) posted her condolences on and was assailed with 300+ nasty comments. Not cool.
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I know I'm wrong for spreading this foolishness around, but one of my favorite gossip sites, (hilarious) drudged up this video of Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson singing their 1993 duet "Watzupwitu" which I guess is Ebonics for "Whats Up With You." Honestly, the video looks like it's a joke. When you watch this you're going to be both shocked and...well, only shocked at first. Then you'll laugh your ass off. Seriously, after this I love DListed. There are so many questions I now what answered after seeing this video. Tracey Edmonds, you must run as far and fast as you can.
Vintage Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson Dlisted

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How do you feel about MySpace refusing to hand over the names of members that are registered sex offenders to the feds? Citing privacy, MySpace won't give names of sex offenders - This country holds privacy as a fundamental right and are generally willing to forgo a lot of practicality to protect it. Generally, the protection of children is where people would make an exception. And this is particularly so for sex offenders which is why we have the sex offender registry in the first place.

However, I don't see how this would do anything to make children safer. Parents have to either teach their children how to handle the net or take it away. You should never allow your kid to have a computer in the privacy of their room. They should not be getting close to anyone over the net whether they have a record or not.
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I know this is totally OT, but I just love this little girl. Zahara has gotten so big and you know she is just a character. This is one of several pictures taken of the kids with their parents in Prague.

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Ever since the Al Sharpton dig at Mormons v "The Real Believers of God," the topic of the Mormon church and its shameful history with race has spread. Yes, it is true that this was a religion which until the 70s said that it was God's order to separate yourself from the Sons of Ham (Noah's black descendants) because they were cursed and lesser than. Since they have always had Mormon missions to Africa, I guess they mean socially separate yourself while still trying to save the little pagans. Now Mormons are trying to recruit more blacks into their religion. Good luck.

Look, they have their own homepage and everything. I guess they even separate online.

The Saints Go Marching In -
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There are just endless things I could say about this, but they'd only end up pissing people off, so I'll just let you read it and decide for yourself. Women’s coalition launches ‘Respect Me!’ campaign

“Respect Me! Respect Me! Respect Me,” was the demand that rolled off the tongues of Black women who launched the “Respect Me” campaign against sexist, racist speech at a press conference in front of the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper Apr. 24. Present were college students and little girls, grandmothers and female executives, artists, educators, politicians and various community leaders and organizers.

All I will say is that this is fine and good, but it should be accompanied by a "Respect Yourself" campaign for black women too. Also, First Amendment people.
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I've misplaced all my debate pics, so just enjoy this pic of an adorable little angel. You know you want to kiss that fat cheeks.
Like before, I didn't watch the debate, but I will go online and check it out so I can fast forward through the 90% that was a waste of time anyway. Like I said, when Fred Thompson gets in the race I'll start watching. Also, you know I have a political crush on Huckabee after seeing him speak in NY last week. Good guy. Here is the pre & post-debate feedback from those who did watch.
GOP faceoff: Round two - This time around, GOP debate promises substance
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They say our search for the missing 3 U.S. soldiers is useless; that we should give up because we'll never find them. Do you get the feeling that this is a turning point? I don't know, but it makes me angrier than I've ever been as opposed to sad, which is what I've been mostly feeling about this war. I don't get the feeling people are as angry about this as I think they should be, but what do I know? I only know what I feel and although this is a horrible tragedy, maybe it will be what makes a difference. Maybe it will be what turned the tide and helped us win this thing. Could it? I hope so.
Qaeda Group Calls Hunt for Soldiers Pointless - New York Times
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All about TV on this post.

As the networks let us all know what shows are going to be cancelled, there are always accusations of white-washing if one of the shows has a majority minority cast. This is what George Lopez is saying about ABC now that his comedy has been cancelled. Los Angeles Times: Show Tracker: TV just got a lot 'whiter' says a cancelled George Lopez. Come on. Seriously? If this was a general statement about television, of course I'd agree. But George knows that his show has dropped in the last couple of seasons. I think it was kept around longer than others because most shows with the ratings his had usually get yanked ASAP. Besides, ABC has more multi-cultural shows than other channels. LOST, Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Spin-Off and other stuff. (I don't watch anything but LOST on ABC, so what do I know?)

I would like to submit that even though I barely watch TV because I work and go to law school, I am upset that NBC cancelled "Raines" and "Andy Barker, PI." I saw a few episodes of each and I absolutely loved them. I have a huuuge crush on Jeff Goldberg who is freakishly tall and Andy Barker was original and funny. Whatever. TV became dead to me when they cancelled "Arrested Development."
Spoiler Alert!!!!!! Don't read further if you want to wait until Sunday to see who wins on Survivor. So, the season that began with the ridiculous groups separated by race has ended. A black dude won. I think. I don't watch the show and it's so hard to tell who is black and who isn't these days. Damn those miscegenist! I'll call him blackish. Finale wrap-up: "Survivor" Salon Arts & Entertainment

If these people do not leave my show alone, I'm about to get upset. We get it! 24 kind of stinks this season. It's okay. One in six is acceptable. I still love crazy, psycho Jack and I'm sure they'll make up for it on Day 7. If I can get over them shooting the man who was supposed to be my baby's daddy, President Palmer (the real one, not Nano), I can get over a bad season.

This foolishness between Ken Burns and Hispanics over their lack of inclusion in the upcoming PBS series on WWII will not die. He said no, then he said yes, then they said not good enough, then he said just forget it then. The earlier latest is that they have created a Web site so titled, Ken Burns Hates Mexicans. How original. Is it just the Mexicans he hates? Also, they are going after the advertisers now. Latinos' Battle With Burns Taken to 'War' Sponsors - The latest latest is that he has again agreed to edit the series to include Hispanics. Filmmaker Ken Burns, Hispanic veterans reach settle dispute on WWII documentary - International Herald Tribune
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This Justice Department scandal, that I thought had gone away, continues to claim victims. Everyone but the man in charge. Whatever happened to the buc stops at the top? Justice Dept.'s No. 2 to Resign - Saw another session of Al Gonzales and Congress yesterday and it was just as pitiful as the first. He basically admitted his motives for partisan when he said that if someone in his position made a partisan position, you would hear about it. It would be in the papers. No, I'm not kidding. That's what he said. Also, I think Congressman Conyers was just disgusted and didn't try to hide it.

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The argument of who deserves Affirmative Action and who doesn't is raised again in Eugene Robinson's column on Illinois Senator Barack Obama. He's asking the question: "Should Obama's daughters benefit from AA when they apply to college?' Eugene Robinson - A Question Of Race Vs. Class - In my opinion, absolutely not.

I've been clear on my belief that although racism still exist (you'd have to be dead not to) and is a poison in our society, it doesn't have anywhere near the effect that classism has on minorities. I've also always believed first that quotas are no good. I do understand and support the critical mass formula that many schools use, allowing diversity to play a role in admissions, but not just by the numbers. I think the two University of Michigan cases a couple of years ago had it right. However, I've always believed that if you're going to have an AA program, it should be based on economic status and not race. In the end, it will mostly benefit students of color anyway.

I say this because I grew up in Chicago with a lot of kids who could be said to be like Obama's children. They were very rich, privileged black kids with parents who were business owners, high-level corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, politicians and came from families with several generations of blacks who have achieved the American dream and then some. Living in mansions and Mcmansions (not to mention some with a house in The Vineyard), they had as stable a home life as anyone can expect with 2-parents, many of them with stay-at-home Moms for a short time. These are homes where strong values and a belief in education and honest work are reinforced daily. They went to private schools, had tutors, took SAT prep classes and were exposed to an incredible amount of world culture through travel and experience, all before the age of 18.
These are not the kids AA was created to help. The only way one could believe that AA is meant for them is if you believe that simply being black means you need a lower bar and that's nothing but an insult. At some point, because these kids may have been called a name by their white classmates or pulled over for DWB (driving while black) once or twice, that somehow has more of an influence on their ability to learn and achieve than a life of privilege, support and encouragement that most kids of any race don't get. Do you buy that?

So I answer no. Obama's daughters don't deserve the advantage of Affirmative Action because it wasn't meant for them and Obama himself has said that he doesn't think anyone should cut his daughters any slack. That being said, they don't need it because through their parents they'll have legacy rights to schools like Columbia & Harvard and connections that can get them into any school they want. But people don't seem to care much about legacy. Being the cynic that I am, I think that might change as more and more kids of color are able to take advantage of it, but only time will tell.
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You're thinking..what? I know, right? Michael Moore challenges Fred Thompson to debate out of the blue. The link is to a letter that Moore wrote Thompson and apparently made public so everyone can show him some attention. DRUDGE REPORT FLASH: MICHAEL MOORE CHALLENGES FRED THOMPSON TO DEBATE. He's not man enough to take the heat on his own, so he targets Thompson to deflect some of the Cuba controversy related to his most recent film on to the right by digging at Thompson's political opinion about the country. Why? Thompson has nothing to do with you.

I don't like Michael Moore. People on the extreme left or right are so self-righteous and Moore takes the cake. I will give him his due. He's good at what he does, which is totally biased, one-sided documentary/films and he can be funny when he wants to. I enjoyed Bowling For Columbine, but not Fahrenheit 9/11.

He wants this debate because, in his mind, he is so superior to his opponents he will blow Thompson out of the water. I wouldn't encourage him to pick a fight with Fred Thompson because this is a man that doesn't take any crap from anyone. Look at him. He looks like he would give you a right hook just for looking at him wrong. He won't play along and he won't buy into Moore's traps.

Personally, if Thompson even replies to this I would be disappointed.
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I know The Onion is a parody website, but even I'm surprised whenever I see a RadioShack. Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business The Onion

You have to check this page out. It has pictures of fast food as you see on the commercial or in the ad next to pictures of the actual thing you get. Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality


People are offended by that Burger King commercial with the guy standing up in the tub saying "Square Bob No Pants." Get a life, people. Really, I mean come on. MediaPost Publications - Burger King's TV Spot: SpongeBob, Square Media I mean I don't care if they get rid of it because it's a stupid commercial, but seriously.

When I was in Vegas earlier this year, I saw Hummer Stretch Limos all over the place. Such a shameless display of excess and indulgence is suitable for Vegas, but if I start seeing one of these on the streets, I'm going to have to write a strongly worded letter to someone. Gadgets: Mini Cooper XXL: Oxymoron on Wheels - Gizmodo

So I hear that it would take us 50 billion years to reach this other planet that is just like Earth. I don't care, I'm going. Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet - The interesting thing is if it is a life supporting planet, then what life is it supporting? Hmmmmmm
More history on a huge collection on Black Paper Dolls, including dolls created to promote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" when it came out. That's what I should do for my books; create paper dolls of the Chase family. I'll get right on that. Seriously, this is cool stuff. They say there are paper dolls dating back 200 years and the 1st one made in America was created in 1863 to go along with the Emancipation Proclamation. Two Hundred Years of Black Paper Dolls:'s City Guide
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Wonkette takes a humorous look at the latest Bush nominee to ruffle some feathers because of her past. She's in line to head US Aid. Racist Bush Nominee: Whites Also Hate Robots - Wonkette.

Henrietta Holsman-Fore used to own a factory in Los Angeles, where she complained about her low-paid "Negro" Workers who kept going “back to the street to earn more money” selling crack. There is also something about her saying white people don't like working with robots. I don't know where the heck that came from, but whatever.
The Raw Story New Bush nominee found to have race-baiting past
Think Progress » Is Bush’s New Nominee A Bigot?
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I need to just go apply for a job at NYPost, because I'm in love with their headlines. Here's the latest on the Sharpton/McGuirk match up last week:
REV. AL AND IMUS GUY IN HO-DOWN - New York Post Online Edition
They don't even bother to name the dude because they just wanted to get Sharpton & Imus in the same sentence. Anyway, I'm sure it was a complete waste of time enlightening.
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So some Taliban leader was killed, only to be replaced with one of thousands eager to take over and keep the hate going. Honestly, all I can think about are the 3 U.S. soldiers that are missing in Iraq and the others of their group that were killed last week. Still, I guess if we keep toppling the top guy, maybe it will make a difference after a long time. Taliban Military Leader Is Killed -

Okay, when I saw this headline, Iraqi insurgents warn: Stop search for U.S. troops -, I feel like going over there myself.
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How sweet. President Clinton makes a little commercial for Senator Clinton especially for YouTube. He's really got a lot to make up for. Hillary probably thought he would guarantee that black folk. Why else would she keep him around. I'm being mean. I'm sure they sort of love each other. It's actually a flattering commercial. YouTube below.

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I don't know much about Chrysler. My sister had a Sebring convertible and she loved it. Anyway, the company which goes back who knows how long has been sold. Daimler to sell Chrysler to Cerberus for $7.4 billion. Business is business. If something is bleeding money no matter how much you try to fix it, you need to let it go. No one keeps feeding money into something that simply doesn't work. Except for the government of course. I'm concerned about what this means for workers. In Feb, Chrysler announced a 13,000+ layoff already.
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Just like everything else associated with Stephen Colbert, I'm sure this book with be a success, but word of advice. Stephen's writing is funny, but you need to get the DVD or Audiobook because it's his speaking style that makes stuff funny. Colbert's 'Ballsy' Book Details
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Also, his sister, Maya Soetor-Ng, who lives in Hawaii still is getting into the mix. Obama's Sister Debuts as Campaigner -
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Voters in Dallas beat those in Hazelton, PA to become the first city to official prohibit landlords from renting to most illegal immigrants. The fine is up to $500 per infraction. My Way News - Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Law OK'd in Texas
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Sharpton apologizes to the church for his comments about Mitt Romney's religion. But did he apologize to Mitt?
Of course he is saying that his words were taken out of context. Isn't that exactly what Don Imus said? That in the context of his comedic style, the "nappy-headed" comment was a joke. Better try another excuse :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
What is the point of not apologizing to the man whom you insulted? Look, I'm not into apologies. I'm sick of them as a matter of fact. Just say what you mean and get on with it. However, since he has apologized, I'll put it on the table that his apology seems empty if it goes just to the church and not to the person he insulted. He demanded an apology to the Rutgers players from Imus in addition to black people in general. You can just imagine how livid he is that his own game has been turned on him. That's what this "church only" apology is about. It shows that he's pissed that he even has to apologize or that he can still insult Romney by not apologizing to him personally. If that's the case, then don't bother. Like I said, in the end, he did wonders for Romney's image with conservatives without even intending to. This "non-apology" will only work more in Romney's favor. AHN Sharpton Apologizes To Mormon Church, Not To Romney
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Frank Rich is telling the GOP to let it go. Earth to G.O.P.: The Gipper Is Dead - New York Times

Also, there is a good article on Reagan with some private photos in the current Vanity Fair with Bruce Willis on the cover. Check it out. Vanity Fair can make even the most boring topics read interestingly.

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A very sad story about young, single women in China getting multiple abortions. It used to be that the majority of women getting abortions were married women who had to in order to stay within the "one child" law. Face of Abortion in China: A Young, Single Woman - New York Times
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This time it was over Asian slurs. Aren't shock jocks supposed to be offensive? My Way News - Asian Slurs End Shock Jocks' Show on CBS
This one made a joke about the Jews. 'Dog' gone! CBS axes radio show after prank
Is this a good thing for the 1st Amendment? I don't think so.
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I'm very upset with this judge. Very upset. Judge Orders Lid On Phone Records -
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We're seeing more and more articles on Michelle Obama as she has gotten into the swing of things. It's no secret that she wasn't too excited about her husband running for Senator, but obviously came around. I can imagine she has some of the issues about him running for President. Alma Powell mentioned the concerns she had if Colin were to run. She didn't want him to. Michelle might have felt the same way, but she wants to support her husband and understands what this must mean to him. She has a lot of professional and social responsibilities in Chicago and having small children in school isn't easy. Despite that, she's out there and doing what reporters say "her own thing."
Michelle Obama: Campaigning her way -

Also, she has some links to Wal-Mart that some seem to think might come back and hurt Obama. Obama called hypocrite for wife's Wal-Mart link Telegraph
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I'm a little disappointed in Mitt Romney. He didn't take enough advantage of Sharpton's bigoted comments about his religion enough. It's that Mormon thing. Every Mormon I know is entirely to happy and nice for my comfort. I guess that's a pretty bigoted remark.

Everyone seems to still be very intrigued with the "religion" issue.
Romney's Mormon Question TIME
There's also the abortion/flip-flopping thing. Romney Works to Put Skeptics’ Doubts to Rest - New York Times
Maybe he can thank Al Sharpton for this? Romney Surges in Polls - The New York Sun

Out of nowhere, Republicans in Massachusetts say that Romney used and abused them before leaving them behind. Cue an Alanis Morrisette song. - State critics say Gov. Romney left Mass. party in ‘shambles’
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The press is all over Giuliani since he made his recent statements on abortion. Still, conservatives still like him best of all.

He's leading the Republicans while Hillary is leading the Dems in Connecticut. Connecticut? Not surprising since many people who live in CT work and "socially live" in New York. Giuliani, Clinton Lead in Connecticut - Los Angeles Times

Jonathan Martin at says that Rudy's recent abortion statements and the Pope's declaration against politicians who are pro-choice made this past week a bad one for Rudy. Just Not A Good Week for Rudy. I heard that the Pope's statements were really targeted at politicians in Mexico who are in the minority and making efforts to legalize abortion. Besides, with all his divorces, mistresses and view on gay unions, clearly Rudy isn't checking with the Pope before he makes any decisions.

Okay, so maybe he was talking about Rudy. I'd deny Communion to Rudy, says priest - NY Daily News. I'm not sold on this guy. I'm sure he's nice and everything, but I really liked the last Pope.

The Pro-Life candidates are going to try and exploit his candidacy now. More Abortion Scrutiny In Store For Giuliani as Foes Aim to Cut Lead -

I guess there was some speculation that Rudy would bypass New Hampshire, but he isn't now. Considering his lead in Connecticut, he should feel pretty confident in NH. Union Leader - Rudy Committed to NH

I love the headlines in the NYPost. They remind me of the headlines at Clark Kent/Superman's Daily Chronicle or that paper that Peter Parker/Spiderman worked at. GUILTY OXY COULD CAUSE RUDY PAIN - New York Post Online. Oh, I don't know what this article is about, but I think one of Rudy's firm's clients is going to jail or something.
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Former Bush White House black guy who said that people shouldn't exploit being black for financial gain, but then wrote a book titled Black in The White House has something to say about the hypocrisy of Al Sharpton. The Hill’s Pundit Blog » Hypocrisy, Sharpton Style. Didn't he work for Vice President Cheney? Once you touch the devil, I have to second guess your opinions.
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I wouldn't consider Jacob's "Help Me" a whisper, but I guess that's how the Wikipedia folks are labeling for thier Lostpedia collection. Apparently, whispers are nothing new on LOST. You have to understand the show to get what I'm talking about, but this site Whispers - Lostpedia at Wikipedia says that there have been several "Help" request from whispers in the forest. I've heard a lot of voices, but didn't know what it was. The first two seasons I tried really hard to keep up with the hidden mysteries and stuff. I would always check the message boards and LOST websites. But who has the time? There are enough mysteries to deal with that are obvious. I don't need the hidden ones.
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Okay, if you watch LOST you were probably doing a few WTFs??!!??! last night. I don't like the person Locke has been ever since he found that damn computer code in the first hatch. But clearly he is coming back to the old Locke that everyone liked.

Last night was about more Daddy issues which is pretty prevalent in the show. Kate set her stepdad on fire, Claire & Jack have the same Dad and neither like him, Walt/Michael (whatever happened to them) and Locke's Daddy issues are too much to count. Last night Ben's dad turned out to be a total jackass.

Three OMG moments in the show last night.

Ben killing his Dad (and subsequently the whole village) with gas to help the Hostiles take over.
Ben shooting Locke
and Jacob's "Help Me" and tantrum when Locke turned the flashlight on.

I too thought that Ben was just nuts, but you should never assume anything on this show. When Locke turned back and heard the "Help Me." I almost fell off the sofa. And when stuff started happening I freaked out. Locke must have a little black in him, because he was out of there without question or inquiry.

Apparently, whispers are nothing new on LOST. You have to understand the show to get what I'm talking about, but this site Whispers - Lostpedia at Wikipedia says that there have been several "Help" request from whispers in the forest. I've heard a lot of voices, but didn't know what it was.

The real question is who is Jacob? They did show a picture of him for just a split second. I found this screen cap, but can't tell who it is.
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Who doesn't love this story? Fight breaks out at Boston Pops concert - All these people dressed up very pretty and spent a healthy penny to attend opening night at the Boston Pops for a wonderful symphony and a fight breaks out. Aren't the balconies like the most expensive seats in the whole place? The video is all over the place. The lesson here is that you should never have "Dollar Beer Night" at Boston Pops.
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Here's the deal. Afghan women are treated horribly, even after the Taliban has been run out (though many of the towns are under Taliban control again). This CNN article, Afghan women's lives on the line in struggle for equality, talks about how many women who are abused by their husbands who make them feel as if "they aren't real" are choosing suicide by setting themselves on fire rather than face a life of abuse and degradation.

I'm not condoning any death by fire because its absolutely horrid, but if the woman can get her hands on some gasoline and a match, there are better things she can do with them than set herself on fire. I'm not making any suggestions, I'm just saying.
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I need to get in touch with the John Edwards camp. They know how to do hair perfectly, but they have to step up their game on falling for fools bait. If they were, Edwards would have known better than to respond to anything SHE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED (SWWNBN) says or writes. She does all of this for attention people! Ignoring her is the only acceptable response.

SWWNBN recently went on FOX News and mentioned that a recent poll showing IL Senator Barack Obama beating the top Republican presidential candidates was fabricated (because it is impossible, right? I mean he's black! Well, blackish.) and could help al Qaeda. - Edwards blasts Coulter, comes to Obama’s aid

Yes, her words are unacceptable, offensive, blah, blah, blah. She's like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum. Just walk away and pretend you don't notice and they give up. But not Edwards, he responded and hence all the news outlets and blogs picking it up. More book sales for SWWNBN.
What are the odds that she finds a way to slip a "fried chicken" reference into any conversation about Obama being in the White House.
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I fell in love with The Onion when I was introduced to Herbert Kornfeld's column "Human Resources B*%#$ Be Making Me Take Vacation." I've been hooked ever since. Here's their silly take on Oprah's famous giveaways. Oprah Stuns Audience With Free Man Giveaway - The Onion
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Roger Simon has a good piece on illegal immigration and terrorism. neighbors and fences - He's making the point that among the 6 men who plotted to storm Fort Dix, not one was from Mexico. First, WTF with trying to storm Fort Dix which is full of heavily armed and well trained soldiers? Second, protecting our borders isn't just about terrorism. Although I'm sure that many terrorists are using Canada and Mexico to find their way into the U.S., securing the borders is about the law and controlling immigration to a level that the country can economically and legally handle and if we ever get it right, that will help fight terrorism. On

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Yesterday, the world was at Romney's feet because he was attacked by Al Sharpton (who still hasn't apologized). You can't get better street cred with conservatives than being attacked by Big Al. Some websites and big traffic sites are calling for Sharpton to be fired from his radio show just like Imus was. You mark my words. Sharpton will use the media to turn this around and make Romney the racist. Just watch

Aside from that, Romney does have a little to answer for. His wife gave to Planned Parenthood, another group that conservatives hate. He might as well have given to the ACLU. We'll see which one of these stories "Al" or "Planned Parenthood" the media will pick up.

ABC News: Romney's Wife Gave Money to Planned Parenthood
Mitt runs right from pack: Flip-flops may fade from view -
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You know those people who will step over a starving homeless person so they can spit on someone who is wearing a fur coat? The same people who didn't donate one penny to the evacuees in New Orleans, but spend $300 on Burberry collars for their dogs. Yeah, those people. NYTimes Columnist Nicholas Kristof says there are a lot more people like that than we think and there is a way to get them to care about Darfur. They don't care about groups of people, but they care about individual people and animals. We just have to get them to forget this is a group of people and make them think DARFUR is the name of a cute puppy with a broken leg or something. BTW - I still think Fur is Murder, I'm just not a freak about it. Save the Darfur Puppy - New York Times
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Good move, Verizon albeit a late one.
I can see why Verizon would want to partner with singer Akon. When he came out he blew up and since those old, gray-haired corporates don't know anything about today's music, they signed him on. It didn't seem to matter that he was a self-proclaimed "convict" and that he referred to his music as "convict music" whatever that means. It didn't matter that he bragged about having several wives. It wasn't until viral video of him simulating sex, in several positions, with a female fan who turned out to be only 14 at a concert, did they decide to dump him. She was also a pastor's daughter and don't even get me started on what she was wearing. Still, I'm glad they did it. Now, if someone can just talk to all those advertisers backing Kate Moss. NYTimes: Verizon Drops Pop Singer From Ads
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Another story about a grand jury doing today what a grand jury was to racist to do when it really mattered. James B. Fowler was a state trooper when he shot and killed a black farmer in 1965. He has admitted the killing, but says it was in self defense. Whether it was or wasn't couldn't be figured out until a trial and finally the victim's family will get at least that. Indictment in ’65 Killing That Inspired March - New York Times
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Mark Buchanan is a theoretical physicist who thinks he can explain the origin of the horror of genocide. This is all to a certain extent because no one can explain such madness, but he tries to trace the roots of ethnic violence and maybe in that we can find the beginnings to a solution. I don't want to be one of those people who believes as long as the devil exists there will be genocide happening in some part of the world. We can do better. The Roots of Ethnic Violence - Our Lives as Atoms - Times Select - New York Times Blog
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Odds & Ends on Clinton. She's extending her lead over Obama and NY Gov Spitzer is endorsing her. He better endorse her. If he turned on the Senator from his own state and party, Hills would probably punch him in the head or neck. - Poll shows Clinton extending lead over Obama
The American Spectator: Republicans For Clinton?
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"24" POST

Here is the latest on what's being said about my favorite show. It's good that the producers realize that this season is just not up to the standards of 24. I'll still be faithful and watch every week until it's over, but I hope for something better next January. Maybe they'll even show Jack eating something. Oh, and the guy that died last night, I didn't even like him so whatevs.
TV Week: Exclusive Podcast: 24 Kills Off Another Character

Knowing that I have something in common with Rush Limbaugh makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth, but I'll make this one exception. Rush Limbaugh: "24" Hasn't Jumped the Shark

My supposed-to-be baby daddy Dennis Haysbert gives his two cents about the controversies surrounding 24 and a little bit about his upcoming role as Nelson Mandela. Dennis Haysbert: The '24' actor lands the role of his life playing Nelson Mandela - Independent Online Edition. I'm still salty over the death of President Palmer. However, I can watch The Unit and get my fix. The only thing is that I think I like the redheaded guy on The Unit even more than Dennis' character. Nobody believes me when I say this, but I have such a weakness for redheads.

More on the guy nobody cared about anyway who died this week. Love and Death: The Story Behind 24's Latest Casualty

Jack's daddy is coming back.
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The Ken Burns WWII documentary v. Latinos drama continues. Latinos' Battle With Burns Taken to 'War' Sponsors -
Garrett Moewe on Ken Burns & PBS on National Review Online
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If you don't know anything about MST3K, you're really missing out on something. These are the guys who make fun of horrible movies, saying all the things you think when you see a horrible movie, but only funnier. The stuff is classic. If you get a chance, get a few DVDs on Netflix and I promise you'll get addicted in no time.

I was elated when I heard that they are making a mini-comeback buy critiquing some current movies:
"But those self-described “Misties” are welcoming a resurrection of sorts. Mike Nelson, the show’s longtime host and head writer, has begun a new venture called RiffTrax, and he can now skewer virtually any movie without infringing on copyrights. Recordings of him talking back at movies can be downloaded (for fees ranging from 99 cents to $3.99) from Start playing the DVD or VHS version of the movie and Mr. Nelson’s commentary simultaneously, and the effect is that of a director commenting on a DVD — except that Mr. Nelson is inclined to say, as he does during a scene in “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” in which William Shatner climbs a mountain, “He’s actually trying to scale his own ego.”
RiffTrax - Mystery Science Theater 3000 - TV - New York Times
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The NYTimes has really sunk its teeth into the federal student loan scandal. It hasn't really been picked up by other papers like the Post, Globe or Times, so they get the credit for showing the corruption involved and the refusal of people as high as in the White House to address the issue. We're starting to see some results.
Federal Student Loan Official Is Resigning - New York Times
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My opinions on illegal immigration are clear. And I have been very outspoken in punishing those who support illegal immigration by offering them jobs, loans and other services. I do believe that everyone, including landlords such obey the law. The only two places where I don't think ICE belongs is in hospitals and places of worship. I say hospitals and not healthcare/medical facilities because I don't believe that illegals have a right to any more than the care necessary for their health and life. And I do believe they should be billed for the services in the same way a foreigner without health insurance would be billed.

Although I don't believe its right to demand that places of worship report illegals or be punished for helping them, it does bother me that they are making a concerted effort to protect illegals above and beyond not reporting them. Many of these congregations are providing more than spiritual and necessity support, but actually helping people disobey the law. Congregations to Give Haven to Immigrants - New York Times

Other religious groups are urging a crackdown on border patrol, but still want amnesty for the 12 million or so immigrants that here illegally. New Coalition of Christians Seeks Changes at Borders - New York Times
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Federalism is playing a part in Homeland Security's intent to make states conform to a national standard for driver's licenses. This is an attempt to help curb and identify illegal immigration and terrorists, but you can't impose your will on the states without push back. Agency Affirms Mandates for Driver’s Licenses - New York Times. Some of the requirements are going to be so taxing on legal citizens and immigrants that I expect the states to assert their 10th Amendment rights on this one. Including the time it takes to verify all documents EVERYONE presents, there's more:

Even renewals will require birth certificates or other proof of legal residence. And the change will impose billions of dollars in costs on states and localities.

Where is that money coming from?
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Conservatives are trying to make peace with the topic of evolution and Darwin. There are those who aren't willing to concede anything. Everyone came from Noah or his sons and somehow he fit a gazillion different species in both sexes on that boat. Personally, I believe that God is the creator of all things originally, but He allows evolution to occur as we all adapt to our circumstances and surroundings. He created the earth to create life. A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin - New York Times
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The NYTimes has an interesting article on the lack of black girls/women in ballet. Black ballet dancers - New York Times. Of course this is not including Alvin Ailey. I have no interest in ballet and I'm not going to say I like it just because that's what people with class are supposed to say. I just don't. However, I would like to see more black women in this profession. Black women are always dealing with images of ourselves as either overly sexual or completely asexual. We're shown as strong, long-suffering, resistant and many times masculine. Very seldom are we seen as delicate or softly feminine. That is the image of ballet dancers. That's the image, but not reality. Ballet dancers are actually extremely strong women. Try standing on the tips of your toes for even one second and you'll know what I mean.
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I've joked about republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's chances and any post on him was listed under the headline of "The Also Rans." I still don't think he has a chance, but I know have a huuuuuuge political crush on him.

I've been away because I was attending the Newspaper Association of America publisher's conference in New York. The Associated Press always has great political speakers at the luncheon. Two years ago it was Schwarzenegger in San Francisco, then Obama in Chicago last year. This year, we heard from NY Mayor Bloomberg who actually gave an impressive speech about how he's turning the tide on education for black and Hispanic kids in NY and other issues. I've never been impressed with him before, but I liked his Monday morning speech.

However, the highlight of Monday was the luncheon with Democrat NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and the former AR Governor . It was a Q&A with a host and both men did very well.
Spitzer, Huckabee urge solution on Iraq

Spitzer is very impressive. He's very Clintonian in his showing his quick intelligence and awareness of the issues and he's very good at approaching issues with logic and clarity. Like Clinton, he can make everything he says sound like the right idea. He's very focused on efficiency, streamlining and problem solving through strategic thinking. He definitely has a career beyond NY if he wants it.

Huckabee is different. He's from the South, so he's more interested in charming the crowd, which he did well. I saw a hint of his sense of humor when he was on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but he had the crowd rolling on Monday. He's also a very smart man, but as a former Baptist minister, he takes a different approach to issues. When addressing problems (such as the influx of Katrina evacuees to AR), he focuses more on what is morally right than what is most efficient. He is more focused on preserving the dignity of a person than their taxes.

He's an old fashioned Republican; the kind that believes in smaller government and that was very clear from his answers Monday. He's very state's rights oriented. Spitzer on the other hand says we still need government, but it just needs to be run better. He's not hesitant to share his disappointment with this administration although he supports the President. And yes he does quote the scriptures from time to time, but never in a preachy way. He uses the quotes to show how simple and useful the moral choice can be. It's a guiding tool for him. That doesn't play well on the East Coast, but it goes over real well in the South and Midwest and with me. I know he doesn't have a chance, but I think he's pretty awesome.

Also, it was nice to see two men who can respectfully disagree because they feel confident enough in their viewpoint that they don't have to attack the other side's or attack the other person.
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I'm not sure what in the heck Senator Obama was trying to say, but how you mixup 12 and 10,000 is odd. The only excuse is that he was mixing the Kansas tragedy with something else. This isn't unusual. Politicans misspeak all the time. They are constantly on the road, giving up to 3 or 4 speeches a day. However, since it is Obama, who is the love of the land, his misspeak will make big news. Obama Overstates Kansas Tornado Deaths

Ofcourse the Right will run with this because they'll take anything to point out a negative, but they might want to be careful because their guy does this on the regular. I get so uncomfortable when I'm embarrassed for people making mistakes like this. I was that way with Bush when he first became president, but he messed up so many times I came to expect it with him.
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So now Al Sharpton is being called upon to apologize yet again for bigoted remarks. I gave him a pass on not apologizing to the Duke students in that case because although they were innocent of the charges of rape they weren't innocent in the same way that the girls at Rutgers were. However, he gets no pass on this one:

"As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation," Sharpton said Monday during a debate with Hitchens at the New York Public Library's Beaux-Arts headquarters."

He said he wasn't disparaging the Mormon religion, but there is no other way that comment could be interpreted. Sharpton accused of 'bigotry' after remark on faith -

Sharpton will likely not apologize, because in his camp racism can only come from either whites or people of color on the Right. As a matter of fact, watch him try to spin this so he's the victim. Somehow he'll make this apology demand be about racism against black men or something similar.

In the end, Al did more to disparage his own image and worked wonders for Romney. The Right hates Al and for him to make this bigoted remark about Romney will only bolster him in their eyes.

Somewhere Don Imus is smiling.
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Today, I'm in NY at a conference, so I won't be posting. Check out the awesome sites I have listed in the left and right nav boxes and come back to me tomorrow!

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You know the press would want to get former TN Congressman and current (too many jobs to list), Harold Ford, Jr.'s opinion on Barry's chances in the South. That's because everyone thought Harold could take TN, but some...issues stepped in at the last minute that led to his failure just by an inch. TN made a big mistake and its their loss. Ford didn't capture the Senate seat and he's a southern, mildly conservative guy who knows the campaign game. What chance does a Midwestern liberal from out of nowhere have? There are several advantages.

1 - Everyone knows Obama because the media has made certain we do. Although Ford was on TV News every 5 seconds, most people don't know who he is. My best friend has lived in D.C. for more than a decade and when I showed her a picture of Ford she thought he was either Kid or Play from Kid 'n Play.
2 - Obama is older. It might not seem fair, but it matters. People like their politicians young, but not so young that when you look at him you wonder if he's old enough to even run for office. Ford is a young guy who looks younger than he is and not being married makes him seem younger.
3 - Obama is married. Despite what you might have heard, society in general sees married men as more stable, reliable and responsible than single men. Especially men with children who they sometimes interpret as having a higher stake in the country's most relevant domestic issues. For someone in politics, which is dominated by married people, to be single at 35 (his age when he ran) means you're either a player which is irresponsible or you're gay which is what it is. In another field that probably wouldn't be the case, but in politics it is.
4-Obama is married to a black woman. Don't jump down my throat at this one. I'm just stating the facts as they would matter in the South. I've made it very clear on this blog that I have dated outside of my race and members of my immediate family have married white. I have no problem with it. Love is where you find it. All I'm saying is in the South, black and white people alike will feel more comfortable with a black man who has a black wife. It's wrong, but reality. Ford wasn't married when he ran, so this isn't really in comparison to his choice, but just an advantage Obama would have that Ford didn't.
5 - Obama doesn't have a family that is mired in scandal going on for decades and in and out of court during his campaign. That's not even Harold's fault, but none-the-less. Enough said about that.
6 - Obama doesn't have the "politician stink" on him yet. Although he was involved with politics at the local level, Obama is not a career Hiller. He's the new girl in class and very pretty to everyone. Ford has been in politics since Law School. He talks like a politician and people assume its not genuine even if it is.
7 - Obama has had a 'real' job. Obama has been broke and poor before. He has been in jobs just to pay the bills and those where the only reason an Ivy League grad would take them is because there is a genuine commitment to the community. Ford has fought hard for his District, but he has also had a very privileged background and went right into the seat his father left at 26.

I like Ford. I'm glad he's making his millions in the private sector and I believe he can do great things for the Blue People via his work at the DLC. I know he'll be back in politics if that's where he wants to be. He's smart enough to learn the lessons from failure instead of feeling sorry for himself about it. But even though both men are black(ish) doesn't mean there is a comparison. Yes, it's about race in the South, but it's about a lot of other things too.
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Bush uses a charter school in Harlem to urge Congress to approve a renewed No Child Left Behind Act. Does this one come with some actual money to implement it? Bush To Salute a Charter in Harlem - April 24, 2007 - The New York Sun
Congressman Bobby Rush wants to revisit the issue of paying college athletes. This topic generally blows up on any blog. People are very opinionated about it and eventually someone brings in the race factor. Some of these athletes are getting free rides at Universities where tuition, room & board equal $50K or more a year, so lets not bother with the "they get nothing out of it" claims. Considering that most of them go on to the business world and not the majors, they get a huge deal. Congressman thinks colleges should pay athletes -
Another company paying millions for a racial bias suit. FedEx is a really big player so I'm surprised this didn't get more pub. FedEx to pay $53.5 mln to settle racial bias suit - Yahoo! News
An old housing segregation issue is finding closure after 27-years. I really wouldn't brag that it took that long, but whatevs! Healing 27-Year Rift, Yonkers Settles a Fight Over Housing Segregation - New York Times
This damn housing bubble is even reaching the trailer park communities in America. Is nothing scared? Trailer-Park Sales Leave Residents With Single-Wides and Few Options - New York Times. On a serious note, when I went down to Mississippi to visit my Daddy, we went to a friend's house and it was a triple-wide on concrete. All I can say is the joint was tight.

I realize that some of the best people who work with at-risk/troubled youth are ex-cons who have turned their lives around. They are in the best position to understand them. However, when you have 66 people who have a history of harming children, sexual and otherwise, they should not be ANYWHERE near those kids, some of which are as young as 10. 66 Workers at Agency Had Records, Inquiry Finds - New York Times
This story about infant deaths increasing in the South is really sad and serious. But why does the picture have to be a bunch overweight black non-wedding ring wearing girls with babies? I guess that's the point, but I know enough to know this is a class issue and not a race issue. Whatever. They just need to do something about it. We live in the richest country in the 21st century. In Turnabout, Infant Deaths Climb in South - New York Times
More slavery apologies. The next time I post about this it will be demands for reparations. Legislative apology for slavery gains favor, but isn't likely this session: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The commonwealth to the North of us is about to become the first state with universal healthcare. It says the new plan will cover 99% of adults. That 1% is like WTF?! Massachusetts Offers Details on Health Coverage - New York Times
GEORGIA You heard about this school in Ashburn, GA that held it's first integrated prom in 2007. Uhm...I wouldn't brag about that unless it was 1960 or prior. In the 21st century, you're better off keeping some progress on the downlow because the only reaction most people will have when they read this is, "what the hell is wrong with those people?" In the kid's defense, it's the parents who planned the separate proms because they wanted to pass their racism down through the generations. Oh, I see. It's not racism, it's tradition. Students attend school's first integrated prom -
I know this is wrong of me, but I had to link to this story about a Hispanic Museum in Texas because of this attached picture(below) titled "A Model Gift Shop." A caption isn't even necessary. Museum Honors Hispanic Culture - New York Times
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Here's all the exciting news going on in the DC Metro area.

Who cares about fire hydrants that don't work? A lot of people in D.C. care now that they've found out that dozens of hydrants in the area aren't working. Is one of them near your house? One was near the Georgtown branch of the D.C. Library where a fire burned several historically significant works. The second closest hydrant was broken also. Across D.C., Dozens of Hydrants Are Broken -

Eastern Market also had a bad fire affecting hundreds of families who rely on it for a living. I know that a lot of local groups are planning to raise a fund for the workers who will be out of a job during the renovation. What is Spring & Summer in D.C. without Eastern Market? Failure to Make Upgrades Cited in Eastern Market Fire -

If you've been in the District, you know that all a company needs is about ten feet of green space and they will build a townhouse community on it. Building is completely out of control her and the surrounding suburbs. Now, builders want to take it up a notch, literally. They want permission to build higher buildings. D.C. isn't 'allowed' to have any buildings higher than the tip of the Capitol (except the Washington Monument of course), meaning they'd have to get Congress to repeal the Height Act which became law almost a century ago. High-Level Debate On Future of D.C. -
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I didn't watch the debate, so I really don't have anything to say about it. I thought Romney would have won because he can be very charming in a white bread sort of way. Here are some general musings by people who watched.
Question Posed to Romney from 'What Do You Dislike Most About America?'
OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan: An Incomplete Field
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Others from last night.

Tom Tancredo
Rocky Mountain News - Fast Format Hurts Tancredo
Tancredo: Candidate at odds with GOP -

Tommy Thompson

Washington Wire - : Thompson's About-Face
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The Register says that McCain won the debate. Yepsen: Forceful McCain Talks His Way Straight To Top of Field.

And other pre-debate stuff on McCain, who has made a pretty remarkable turnaround in the last two weeks. I still think his time has past, but I am impressed.

Of all the stories about McCain, I'm most interested in this one about his avoiding South Carolina. KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona - McCain avoiding South Carolina conventions. I lost a little respect for McCain in 2000 when he let Karl Rove get away with that "John McCain has a black baby" campaign strategy without calling him out on it. Maybe the idea of South Carolina is a little too painful and he's avoiding it because he doesn't want to be asked questions by the media.
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Pre & Post-Debate Articles on Giuliani
Giuliani is not-so-artful dodger - News - NY Daily News

CNN says that Giuliani left the most lasting impression because he went against the grain with his more liberal opinions on the issues. Whether that is a good thing remains to be seen. I say it isn't. Debating in Reagan's shadow, Giuliani bucks GOP field -

Trying to find the Bubba in Rudy isn't hard at all as far as I'm concerned. It's just not the good kind of Bubba. Could be a Bubba in Rudy after all - Opinion & Editorial -
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Fred Thompson wasn't at the debate last night, but he's still making the rounds as he teases everyone with the possibility of a run. When he gets in formally, it's gonna be fun. ABC News: Lights, Camera, President? Can Fred Thompson Really Win the White House?

The LA Times ask Will Fred Thompson's racist role have political repercussions?. He played a white supremacist in a short-lived drama called Wiseguy. I looooooooooved that show. I actually have the first two seasons on DVD. I don't even remember Fred being part of that story arc, but I'm sure the scenes will be on YouTube by the end of the day if they aren't there already. It's called acting people.
It's seems ridiculous that people would fall for that, but think about it. How many times have people decided that an actor or actress is gay because they played a gay character? Even though they give all signs of being completely heterosexual in their real life. They can be married with children and as soon as they play a gay person, rumors get started. The black community is famous for that. It makes no sense, but people still do it. They won't believe someone is a lawyer if they play one on TV, but give them a role as a bigot or "the gay" and they'll say hmmm. That's just people choosing to embrace ignorance. I think Fred will be fine. Everyone remembers him from the second Die Hard movie at the airport or Law & Order anyway.

NYDaily says that if Fred Thompson gets in the race, Giuliani's lead among the Red candidates drops to 27% from 40%. He's deflated by 'Law' actor in new poll - Nation / World - NY Daily News

Other Stuff on Fred
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Don't forget about John Edwards. He might still be the third person in line when people think of Blue candidates, but once those southern primaries kick in, Hillary & Barry will have to deal with him. Edwards dominates money race in South. I have a soft spot for Edwards because his wife is awesome and I kind of fell for that socialist message in 2004. He would have made a better presidential candidate than John Kerry, but a lot of people would if you ask me.

He's also going to give Obama a run for his money in the Midwest. I'm from the Midwest and from the start I could see that Obama has a stronger hold on that area because he has that gravitas that Midwesterners like. His politics are probably to the left of most of them, including the state of Illinois which elected him anyway. Hillary's ties to Chicago are overshadowed by her life in Arkansas and her choice to represent New York. However, race is still a big issue in the Midwest and I think that works in Edwards favor. Not to say he's seeking the bigot vote, but that he's the white guy in the race and that is who white guys want to vote for. Edwards urges action on poverty -
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The ABC 20/20 special with D.C. Madam Jeane Palfrey is on tonight and I know it's wrong for me to be this excited about it. I guess if you're in D.C. it means a little more than just a salacious scandal. We are all tied to The Hill some way or another. Either you're an association with legislative ties, work on The Hill or one of the Agencies, in lobbying, in political PR, a government contractor or some other industry with ties to this. Everyone feels that they have a stake here.

A woman who worked as a secretary at the prestigious law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauser & Feld was just fired because she admitted that she worked there once. "According to e-mails the woman sent to Palfrey on her Akin Gump account, she "enjoyed and even missed" the work she did at night for Palfrey, who has been charged by federal prosecutors with running a large scale prostitution ring." It was wrong for her to have any communications regarding this past life go through the law firm's phone lines or e-mail. It automatically involves the law firm and that is not fair to them.

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I'm sure that Hillary Clinton is upset about how stubborn President Bush has been about this war. 70% of Americans are as well. However, the Constitution is the law of the land and to go against it won't be accepted; especially if you claim to want to be the President one day. Hillary is interested in options that would revoke Bush of his War Powers, which are shared with Congress. Clinton: Revoke president's war powers - I think this is a very bad idea. Although some war powers are more inherent than expressed, they have been consistent throughout history and we should really think harder before trying to change it.
WAPO says that, even though she wasn't there, Senator Clinton got a lot of pub at last night's debate and was beat up on a bit; mostly by Chris Matthews. I like Chris, but he asks some of the oddest questions. Clinton Changes Tone on Iraq -
After hearing that she used three different planes in one day, she might want to lay off any talk about global warming or the environment. I wonder if the NYPost would have called any of the male candidates "flighty" if this story was about them. FLIGHTY HILL CHANGES PLANES - CONSTANTLY - New York Post Online Edition
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Here's an interesting USAToday story about less people claiming they are multi-racial than did on the 2000 census. Fewer Americans call themselves multiracial - I have to totally disagree with this conclusion, but only from my own experience. I have biracial nieces and nephews and they all call themselves biracial and have many friends who do the same thing. They are in the pre-teen to teen years, so they weren't targeted by this survey. I admit that I live in a multicultural community in D.C. where economics, not race, separate people.

One of my friends (she is black, her husband is white) just had a little boy and she plans to list him as bi-racial/multi-racial when the census comes around 3 years from now. My own sister listed her kids as bi-racial/multi-racial in the 2000 census and I can tell you some people on my side of the family didn't like it. They feel like it's going to dilute the number of "black" people in America which, in addition to Hispanics becoming the largest minority, could have all sorts of social, economic and political consequences. They felt she should have listed them as black, but they aren't. My sister felt it would be the equivalent of negating their connection to their father and he agreed.
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Maureen Dowd doesn't like Michelle Obama. You know this is all "I wish he was mine" hateration. Or maybe she's just looking for some attention. NY Times Select (if you don't have it, you should get it), has her saying that Michelle should be softer and not come on so strong. Whatevuh!! Not everyone has to sell sexuality to be listened to. She’s Not Buttering Him Up - New York Times

"So why don’t I like it with Michelle and Barack?
I wince a bit when Michelle Obama chides her husband as a mere mortal — a comic routine that rests on the presumption that we see him as a god.
The tweaking takes place at fundraisers, where Michelle wants to lift the veil on their home life a bit and give the folks their money’s worth.
At the big Hollywood fund-raiser for Senator Obama in February, Michelle came on strong."
Get a real job and your own man.
He's getting secret service detail, which I can't believe he didn't have already. I'm sure he's been getting death threats since the moment he began running for Senator. I bet he got some when he was elected the first black(ish) editor of the Harvard Law Review. Obama Gets Secret Service Detail -
He gets the inevitable Isreal question. Obama Pressed About Support for Israel
The Sun picks up Barry's Irish heritage about 3 weeks after everyone else did. Barack O'Bama - The New York Sun

However, the Irish will go over well in his hometown of Chicago. Double bonus. For sure, Obama's South Side Irish :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

A former top Bush supporter is now supporting his Chicago homeboy, Obama. John Canning is a well known rich Red in Chi Town, but I guess Barry is family? Worldwide. Barry is just stealing everyone's game.


Chicago Tribune rights about how Obama's eyes were big from the beginning and a lot of people knew it. Not surprising. He's clearly a man who could probably go wherever he wanted to so I wouldn't have expected him to stay in one place for long. Careful steps, looking ahead Chicago Tribune

Newsweek was given got their hands on some "leaked" Obama talking points where he tells you how to get in with whoever you might want to. For example, if I was on there, it would say, "To get to Angie, just bring a pint of Haagen Dasz choco-choco chip with you." Fineman: Obama's Talking Points - Newsweek -

If NY Politicians start backing Barry, Hillary is going to bypass the voodoo dolls and put a contract out. Seriously, she cannot be happy. You can just picture her turning to her husband saying, "what do I have you around for? Go talk to your people, fool!" Harlem pol is 1st N.Y. Dem to back Barack for prez - NY Daily News

David Brooks tells us about his recent conversation with Barry about the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr. You know who Niebur is, don't you? Yeah, me neither. Obama, Gospel and Verse - New York Times

There is some crazy MySpace battle going on between Obama and some guy who wants to take all his friends, including Tom who is everyone's friend, and leave .Obama Campaign Asks: Is It MySpace or Yours? -
He's got something to say about Bush's veto of the Iraq withdrawal bill. Obama: Iraq veto Bush's latest foolhardy step Chicago Tribune
WAPO says that Obama is doing his best Bill Cosby impression, telling black folks stuff they need to hear, but don't want to. Obama Reaches Out With Tough Love -
Lynn Sweet talks about the campaign machine and how they are gearing up in the primary states. I think he can pretty much hand South Carolina to Edwards, but good luck with the rest. Obama's Ill. workers train to campaign elsewhere :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
The Tribune just loves them some Obama. This article is more about his charitable givings. Once seen as skimping, Obama raises his gifts to charity Chicago Tribune

Oprah says that Barry is her man. We knew that before 2004. She's been a social friend of his from way before he was Senator. She does say that she will not dog Hillary like some Obama faithful are. Has Oprah seen Hill's black speech on YouTube? Oprah Backs Obama, Won't Attack Hillary

Funny bit from former SNLer Tim Meadows on how the only black character on SNL, Kenan Thompson (who I think is hilarious), can pull of Obama. Who Will Play Obama on SNL? The New York Observer
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Is there anything better than former D.C. Mayor Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry is trying to tax folks from Maryland and Virginia in the form of toll booths before they enter the District. Whatevs! This is the same fool man who was just in court for not paying taxes even after he got caught for not paying taxes before.

If it wasn't for his brilliant gasification machine, which he invented but couldn't turn on during the press conference to announce it, I would say this man was nuts.

Marion Barry's Delightful New Crack-Money Scheme Revealed - Wonkette.
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I didn't even know we were going through that hate crime legislation stuff again. The House is debating it as we speak. Who knows if it will pass there or in the Senate, but Bush has pledged to veto it if it does. Someone has gotten a little veto happy, huh? Bush Pledges to Veto 'Hate Crimes' Bill if Congress Passes It.
The argument that it is necessary might be debatable, but the real issue is whether or not it is constitutional. Any legislation that classifies a group of people is going to have to pass either the Bill of Rights(federal) or an equal protection (states) scrutiny. This is true whether it is a bill hurting that class of people or helping them. Race is considered a "suspect" class, so the scrutiny test is "strict," meaning the the legislation has to promote a compelling government interest. The ONLY time this has ever worked on a government level is in non-quota affirmative action programs based on critical mass formulas. This bill is bringing sexual orientation under the umbrellas, which probably requires scrutiny at an intermediate level. This means it has to be persuasively related to an important government interest.
The White House is right when it states that, "State and local criminal laws already provide criminal penalties for the violence addressed by the new federal crime defined in section 7 of H.R. 1592, and many of these laws carry stricter penalties (including mandatory minimums and the death penalty) than the proposed language in H.R. 1592."

The law student in me says no, this isn't and shouldn't be law. Every murder, rape or assault is a hate crime in one sense or the other. We can't say that it's worse to murder someone because you don't like their sexual orientation than it is to murder someone because you just want their wallet. One life doesn't have more value over another.

The realist in me says that I know there is a difference if you come outside your house one morning and see "Go Hoyas!" spray painted on your garage door and if you come outside your house one morning and see "Niggers!" spray painted on your garage door. Both are vandalism, but only one breeds feelings of anger, fear and violence.

What do you think?
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The geek in me is really looking forward to seeing Adult Swim's Robot Chicken Star Wars short. If you watch Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, you know that Robot Chicken is pretty hilarious in a very immature teen aged boy kind of way. Their take on Star Wars in celebration of the 30th anniversary is supposed to be pretty awesome. The link is to a trailer of the episode which will air in June and it looks pretty sweet. Star Wars: Community Robot Chicken: Star Wars Trailer
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There are a ton of articles on how all the GOP contenders wish they could be the second coming of Ronald Reagan. None of them have a chance because today's media is too harsh and intrusive to allow people to only see the side of someone they want to. These guys have no control over their image in the world of the Internet. There will be no more Reagans people. That era is over. I think the closest they have is Fred Thompson.
Reagan's men weigh in on GOP field -
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A bunch of GOP candidates are going to do a debate tonight. I'm trying to think of a good drinking game for those who plan to watch. Fred Thompson isn't going to be there, so I'm not going to bother. It might be fun to see how they avoid the questions about 28% approval rate President Bush because they want to distance themselves from him, but don't want to be obvious about it. Also, there appears to be a bit of a clique going on and outsiders want in. General consensus is that its do or die for Giuliani more than anyone else.

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So China, our favorite favored nation country that ignores human rights, says that their one-child per family rule has reduced global warming. I guess they are counting all the carbon prints those forced-abortion babies would have made. However, I find it hard to believe that those babies would have caused more pollution in the area than all the cars that the country has purchased in the last 5 years. China is overflowing with gas guzzling cars now that their middle class has blown up. Look at that picture! It's mindboggling.
In addition, more people than ever have homes with electricity and/or gas, so China is probably not in a position to brag about the environment. And if they feel they must brag, I would choose something else than forcing abortions on its citizens as their flagship strategy. Poor nations brake greenhouse gas rise: U.N. draft - Yahoo! News
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I love these tops lists. They tend to be so arbitrary and now that these media companies are all so corporate now, you never know how much of this is contracted and how much is independent. People magazine is already getting some flack for naming Drew Barrymore its Most Beautiful Person because its parent also has some projects with Drew out now.

So Time has just released it's list of the 100 most influential people. I love that Elizabeth Edwards is on there and WTF with Justin Timberlake?

Here are the black (or blackish) people on the list. It's nice to see they aren't all entertainers and a good number are Africans. I've noticed that there are very few black financial people on their like Stanley from Merrill Lynch and Chenault from AMEX or Mellody Hobson from Ariel/ABC. (And no, President Bush is not on it). The People Who Shape Our World - The TIME 100 TIME

Youssou N'Dour
Shonda Rhimes
Kara Walker
Archbishop Peter Akinola
Condi Rice
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Wesley Autrey
Tony Dungy (eat it Tampa Bay!)
Tyra Banks
Thierry Henry
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Monty Jones
Cyril Ramaphosa
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You've probably noticed the "Digg This" button on the bottom of all my post. is a shared content news site where the visitors control the news and the top news is based on how many diggs you get. It's also a good traffic tool. My "Imus Apologizes" story ended up getting me over 3,000 diggs and 23,000 hits to my blog in just 3 days.

But when you give the people the power, you have to be careful. Someone posted an article on how to override DVD copyright software and the site blew up. It got 15,000 diggs. Then Digg deleted the article. This made everyone angry, so a slew of digg articles with the code were posted again and Digg kept deleting them. It was an act of civil disobedience from their standpoint and they are still attacking Digg over it. in 'hacking' copyright row -

Obviously this code was illegal, so I'm not sure what they are defending. It's just amazing to me how viral this got. The NYTimes and CNN picked it up and now everyone is talking about it. This might end up becoming a big legal case. We'll stay on top of it.
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Yes, I am actually posting about the Imus controversy again. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Imus calling out Al Sharpton for not apologizing to the defendants in the Duke rape case. It didn't get much traction because these guys are kind of creeps. So although they didn't deserve what happened to them, they aren't innocent like the Rutgers players were.

But now Imus is fighting back by telling CBS they owe him the rest of his $40 million based on the contract. Imus hires attorney, will likely sue CBS - Legally, he has to do this. The procedure is pretty detailed. I took Contract Law last semester and trust me, it will make your head spin. Even if there was a morals clause in his contract, which I'm sure there is not, his actions will probably not meet what generally does to allow CBS to breach. Usually you have to commit a felony or do something morally repulsive. However, Imus' contract specifically calls for him to be controversial. He was a shock jock. And the fact that he has said much worse than "nappy headed hos" and CBS did nothing works in his favor. I'll think he'll get a lot of money out of this.
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This is a total waste of time, but that's what college is for right? The Media Relations folks at Indiana University (I hate them because I went to Illinois) have created extensive data, charts and a full essay on how Bill O'Reilly is a name-caller. Indiana taxpayers should be proud to know their state school is spending their money on important things.

They say he calls people names more than once every seven seconds in his famous Talking Points Memo, which pales in comparison to Stephen Colbert's The Word. Content analysis of O'Reilly's rhetoric finds spin to be a 'factor'. If this hasn't happened already, I'll bet it will be on Countdown on MSNBC today.

I guess in the end it is important since any criticism of O'Reilly brings joy to so many around the world. After thinking about it, maybe it should get a Pulitzer or Peabody or something.
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"Outside In" is a site that list the top blogging neighborhoods and you'd be surprised at some of them. I was surprised to see the Shaw District in D.C. This is a mostly African-American area of D.C. known for its history and culture. Check it out. - Shaw DC

Harlem made the list as well. - Harlem. Harlem is still majority black but that is changing rapidly. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the blogs in this area are not black blogs. Harlem is much like parts of D.C. which were historically black. Driving through SE D.C. to Ben's Chili Blow we saw more white people than black.
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Here's another blog I found while crawling the web, Stereohyped. Check the site out, especially the post about whether or not we need Brown v. Board of Education anymore. Integration Never, Segregation Now? / Stereohyped. What is the state of segregation in America? Is it okay that we are segregated now because it is our choice and the "separate but unequal" obstacle can be overcome? Ultimately I think all children benefit from integrated classrooms more than segregated, but I don't think it's what is most important. Love this pic from the post. Cute kids.
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This headline says enough. Fighting rages in Somali capital as bodies rot in streets -

Nigeria is experiencing more scandal and corruption in its election process. What a surprise! Candidate Back on Ballot in Chaotic Nigeria Vote - New York Times. The death toll from the current election crisis is between 21-40 depending on who you ask.
Another Times Select article trying to find out what the heck is wrong with Africa and politics by analyzing Nigeria's issues. NEWS ANALYSIS; Africa's Crisis Of Democracy - New York Times

More on the misery loves company that is Somalia. In Somalia, Those Who Feed Off Anarchy Fuel It - New York Times

It's sickening to read, but it has to move us to act at some point. UK Telegraph: 'Unimaginable suffering' now gripping Darfur. Or maybe I'm overestimating the American heart.
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Catapult boy is eaten after taunting crocodile in pen-News-World-Asia-China-TimesOnline. Okay, here's the thing. A kid is dead so you can only laugh at this so much, but you kind of can laugh at it a little. He was taunting the croc after all. Seriously, I know that is not justification, but come on. I'm not sure if China has anything related to the "attractive nuisance" law that we have, but if they do that zoo is going to get sued. He was only 9 after all.

China is seriously making moves folks. With Russia, a country that is completely going back to totalitarianism if you ask me, and Africa, which they almost completely own. There are so many issues within the China/Africa relationship that are intriguing. It's about more than oil. It's about a country knowing its future is as the world superpower spreading its umbrella. This is why I think China should take military ownership of Darfur. It's not like they couldn't send half a million soldiers there. They have how many in their army? One million plus last I checked.

China is getting a taste of African tribal madness at one of their oil rigs in Ethiopia. A recent rebel attack killed 70 of their employees there, nine of them Chinese. Ethiopian Rebels Kill 70 at Chinese-Run Oil Field - New York Times. Maybe China will decide to get something done after all.

More on what I think is the most important issue with China, it's government. In China, Talk Of Democracy Is Simply That - New York Times. China was allowed "favored nation" status and allowed in the WTO without making any stipulations in the area of human rights. I think every country should be a democracy, but it doesn't have to be. However, in order to reap all the benefits of the groups they have been invited to join, China should have to give something and it needs to happen before the country is too powerful for anyone to fight; if it isn't there already.


This is a story about how the U.S. knew that China was engaging in missile testing and didn't tell anyone. Wise choice. The idea of China testing weapons would be unsettling to anyone. U.S. Knew of China's Missile Test, but Kept Silent - New York Times. The event has raised a lot of questions including the U.S.'s reluctance to go against China's million man army and all that money they have lying around.

"Three months after the Chinese launching, a new debate has developed as to whether the administration properly handled the episode or missed an opportunity to discourage the Chinese from crossing a new military threshold. The events show that the administration felt constrained in its dealings with China because of its view that it had little leverage to stop an important Chinese military program, and because it did not want to let Beijing know how much the United States knew about its space launching activities."

When I read this story about a town run by women who inflict physical punishment on misbehaving men, I thought every pervert on the Western & Eastern hemisphere is booking his flight to Beijing as we speak. "Women's town" to put men in their place - Yahoo! News "Traditional women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism," the official, surname Li, said by telephone."
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It wasn't my intention to blog about the veto because everyone and their mother is blogging about it, but I couldn't pass up this pic I found at drudgereport. Perfect for the topic, don't you think? Honestly, this is a very serious issue. The system of checks and balances works best when Congress and the White House are in separate parties, but when it comes to the lives of American soldiers we would wish they'd get on the same page. Bush Vetoes Troop Withdrawal Bill

And this House pic from is pretty awesome too.
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I am the last person to defend sex offenders, especially child molesters. I think the registry is a great tool for parents and home buyers. However, a license plate? States may require sex offenders to use special license plates -
The fact that 100,000 offenders have vanished from the registry system is very troubling and that can't be stressed enough. However, if you create a "sex offender license plate" you know that every car with that plate is going to be vandalized and any person in that car is very likely going to be subjected to violence from neighbors, co-workers and the general public. It just doesn't seem to work in my mind. Not that I'm concerned about sex offenders, but I'm concerned about what direction that choice would take us as a society. Besides, people can take license plates off and on as they please. GPS is much more effective and private. I say Tag Em.
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Here's CNN's Lou Dobb's piece on yesterday's illegal immigration rallies. You can guess how he feels about it. He seems to think it was odd that they would choose May 1st which is steep in socialist history in other areas around the world. Dobbs: A peculiar day for immigration rallies - "What a spectacle, what a mess. What a day for thousands and thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters to march through the streets of many of our biggest cities demanding amnesty for illegally entering the country." I agree with Dobbs when he says we should start celebrating May 1st as "Law Day."

I love how they are "demanding" we let them get away with breaking the law. If I ever get arrested, I'm going to "demand" they let me go and see if that works for me. From this talk of "demands" I think we can see what is happening here. They feel they are giving us a chance before they take it away. I've said it before people, they do not want to become part of America. They want America to become Northern Mexico.

Tonight's Lou Dobb special is also about illegal immigration (big surprise), but what is interesting is that he is shooting it from Hazelton, PA. I've blogged about Hazelton several times. This small city has gone hard core on the illegal immigration issue and is experience some very positive and negative affects.

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Possible Republican President candidate Fred Thompson has really got everybody in a tizzy. He's such a talented tease. Even the NYTimes is eager for the Law & Order candidate to formally declare. Ex-Senator Seen as Rehearsing for Prime Time - New York Times. I've already made it clear that I like Fred Thompson. I think of him the same way I think of Obama. Obama is to the left of me and Fred is to the right of me, but there is something genuine and trustworthy about both of them that draws me to them. I think if Thompson got the Republican mantle, neither Obama nor Hillary would have a chance. He may have his own issues (isn't his wife like 12 or something?), but he has none of this adminstration's funk on him.

F. Thompson mulling summer decision -
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The NYTimes does a good job of their usual liberal slant on the issue of illegal immigration. As deportations increase, and by increase it means "actually start happening," families are being split apart and illegals are getting very anxious.

The pic connected to the story is pretty powerful. "What about the baby?" it makes you ask. Expect to be bombarded with pictures of the kids and reminders of Elian Gonzalez hiding in the closet with his uncle. The truth is that the parents are to blame for their child suffering the consequences of their parent's illegal behavior.

As Deportation Pace Rises, Illegal Immigrants Dig In - New York Times.

There is no "happy" solution for everyone. That's why we have to focus on the law. And yes, this is painful, but there should be pain for us to handle this problem. We let it get out of hand, excusing it all by how cheap it is to get someone to put siding on your house or mow your lawn. We have to take the blame for that. Still, it doesn't excuse breaking the laws by entering illegally, stealing social security numbers, overburdening social services without paying payroll taxes to support it and then crying foul because your kids are affected by the consequences.
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I was glad to hear this story about the court backing police cars in car chases that result in the injury to the jerk trying to evade them. Court Backs Police in Chase That Hurt Driver - New York Times. The fact that you could sue the police for injuries that happened as a result of something you created even made it to the SCOTUS is odd to me, but at least the law is set. If you make the police chase you and you get hurt, it's your fault. So now this guy is completely paralyzed and he wanted the city to have to pay for it.

Now, that doesn't mean that its okay for police to chase after people they suspect of running out of the 7-11 without paying for a Slurpee, endangering the lives of bystanders and their own lives for $3.00 worth of stolen gooes. But if this court had ruled the other way, the result would be all anyone had to do was speed up if the cops were after them and they'd get away. And you can't say that all they should do is take down a license plate because the majority of time crooks use stolen cars to commit crimes. Many times they are chasing them because the car has been reported stolen.

The video made all the difference in this case and it's a pretty big deal. The SCOTUS has never used a video in its decisions, but it played a major role in the decision. It showed the danger that the plaintiff put himself, the cops and innocents in. HE started this. None of it would have happened if he had obeyed the law.
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